People, in their lives, all had things they dared not face. Even someone like Suo Yang, who seemed like nothing could make him bend, inevitably also had his own vulnerabilities.

       Shen Huiming gently embraced him and patted his back lightly.

       Suo Yang said, “It’s okay, it’s been so long, I’m used to it.”

       How could one ever get used to it?

       This would always be a knot in life that couldn’t be untied.

       Shen Huiming wanted to do something for him.

       “Alright,” Suo Yang smiled, “Let’s go in and watch a movie.”

       He broke free from Shen Huiming’s embrace and helped the other party straighten his shirt, “One day all problems will be solved. I’m not in a hurry.”

       “Okay.” Shen Huiming gave his shoulder a comforting squeeze, “No rush.”

       The two of them watched the movie. This time, Shen Huiming chose the movie himself and found a masterpiece that he had been watching repeatedly for years.

       Suo Yang had actually seen this movie, but it was when he was very young, probably around seven or eight years old. At that time, he was standing in the living room at home, standing in front of the TV, watching this film broadcast on the movie channel.

       His memory of this movie had become hazy, and he only remembered that the male lead seemed to have scissor-like hands. The only scene he recalled was the male lead standing in the snow, looking back at the female lead.

       At that time, he, who didn’t understand love, only felt that these hands were a little scary.

       Years later, he re-watched this movie with his lover. Although at the beginning, he couldn’t calm down to watch due to lingering melancholy, he gradually got drawn into that virtual world.

       It was only now that he realised that the ‘snow’ he remembered from his childhood was not real snow at all.

       He didn’t know if he hadn’t understood it back then or if his memories had been altered over the years.

       When that line was spoken in the movie—This city can’t see snow, so I’ll make it snow for you. Each snowflake that falls is saying, I love you.

       He sighed and leaned on Shen Huiming’s shoulder.

       Suo Yang didn’t know if he was too greedy. He wanted both snow and rain, desiring both love and the restoration of his family relationship.

       At the end of the movie, Suo Yang said, “You forgot one thing.”

       Shen Huiming turned to look at him, “Huh? What?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “You forgot to kiss me forcefully.”

       The two of them smiled at each other, and all of Suo Yang’s sorrows dissipated in Shen Huiming’s kiss.

       A lover’s kiss was the herb of forgetfulness, the remedy for all sorrows and the antidote to all ailments.


       After the National Day holiday, Shen Huiming became busier than before.

       The last two months of the year were filled with wrapping up projects and planning for the next year’s work.

       Project evaluations and new project bids, as the boss, he had to personally review everything. It was manageable when Suo Yang was around; no matter how late it was, Shen Huiming would go to see him, or Suo Yang would come to the office to keep him company during overtime. However, when Suo Yang wasn’t there, Shen Huiming wished he could simply live at the office.

       Originally, the two were discussing to find an opportunity to have dinner with Shen Huiming’s parents, but due to his busy schedule, the chance never came.

       And so, the two people who had met in early autumn walked hand in hand into the city’s first snowfall. 

       Suo Yang had just got off the plane that day when he heard his colleague say, “It’s snowing.”

       He was still wearing his uniform, standing in the airport lobby, and turned his head to look out the window.

       Almost at the same time, he received a message from Shen Huiming: Have you landed? I’m here to pick you up.

       It had been a while since Shen Huiming had come to pick Suo Yang up and take him home, not that he didn’t want to, but he really didn’t have the time.

       Suo Yang also didn’t want him to come over all the time for no other reason than fearing he’d be too tired. Suo Yang figured that during the time Shen Huiming spent driving, he might as well lie down and get some rest.

       But it was undeniable that Suo Yang was very happy when Shen Huiming came.

       He called directly, “I’m out.”

       “The old place is waiting for you.” Shen Huiming said with a smile, “Do you still remember where the ‘old place’ is?”

       Suo Yang laughed, “Of course I remember. Wait for me, I’ll be right there.”

       Suo Yang swiftly carried his suitcase and hurried to meet Shen Huiming. As he approached the other party, he felt as if his steps had become light, as if love were a cloud carrying him through the bustling streets.

       The ‘old place’ Shen Huiming mentioned was the coffee shop where he had first waited for Suo Yang when picking him up.

       Because of its remote location, this store was always sparsely populated.

       Shen Huiming sat near the door, just like the last time he had waited for Suo Yang, with his book ‘On Love’. This time, however, he had his ‘love’ with him.

       Suo Yang hurried over and spotted Shen Huiming from a distance.

       He enjoyed weaving through the crowd to observe Suo Yang, relishing the feeling that ‘the only special person in the crowd is my lover’.

       He walked over and stood beside Shen Huiming with a smile.

       “Mr. Shen, good evening.” Suo Yang said with a smile in his eyes, “Do you need something to eat?”

       Shen Huiming held back a smile and looked at him, “What do you think?”

       They locked eyes, engaging in a playful exchange of glances.

       “Can we clock out now?” Shen Huiming stood up.

       “Sure, unless you are still reluctant to part with this place.”

       “A little bit, actually.” Shen Huiming followed Suo Yang out, “After all, this place can be regarded as one of our dating places.”

       They had quite a few romantic spots—on the plane, at the coffee shop, and even in a small church in Berlin.

       Like small streams merging into the sea, their bits and pieces of affection were scattered everywhere they passed together and finally converged into this intense and lasting love.

       “I brought you a gift today.” Before today, the two hadn’t seen each other for more than a week.

       Shen Huiming had been busy, and Suo Yang had swapped shifts with a colleague, which had resulted in them not having a chance to meet for over a week.

       For over a week, when they were busy, it seemed manageable as there was no time or energy to think about each other. However, once they had some rest, they couldn’t stop thinking about one another.

       Is Suo Yang on the plane?

       Has Suo Yang eaten yet?

       What time is it over where Suo Yang is?

       Does Suo Yang miss me?

       Shen Huiming felt that he might have been bewitched by Suo Yang, as he couldn’t help but think of him whenever he had a moment to spare.

       Since being together with Suo Yang, Shen Huiming’s phone has accumulated time zones from many different countries. Those who didn’t know it would think that he had a lover in every country.

       Previously, Suo Yang had come by car, and the car was parked in the parking lot specially prepared for their internal personnel.

       Now that Shen Huiming came, he didn’t bother with the car and just followed him.

       Shen Huiming had mentioned bringing a gift earlier, but he had yet to take it out. Suo Yang didn’t inquire further, and he didn’t even ask Shen Huiming where they were headed. He placed his full trust in Shen Huiming, leaning against the passenger seat and eventually drifting off to sleep.

       When Suo Yang woke up, the car had already stopped, and he realised they were parked outside Shen Huiming’s home.

       “Are you awake now?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile.

       “Yeah.” Suo Yang was a bit tired, having flown back for more than ten hours, he desperately needed to catch up on his sleep.

       “In that case, go home and get some sleep first. You can eat when you wake up,” Shen Huiming helped him unbuckle his seatbelt and gave him a kiss. “Get out of the car; I have a gift for you.”

       Only then did Suo Yang remember that Shen Huiming had mentioned gifts before.

       What kind of gift required him to get out of the car to receive it?

       He got out of the car in a daze and then watched Shen Huiming take his suitcase from the trunk and lead him upstairs.

       So, the gift was upstairs?

       The two entered Shen Huiming’s house. Shen Huiming put the suitcase against the wall and said to him, “Are you ready to receive my gift?”

       Suo Yang turned to look at him.

       Shen Huiming gave his ear a kiss and said, “Stay right here, don’t move, and wait for me.”

       After Shen Huiming finished his explanation, he entered the house.

       The house was dark without the lights on, except for the moonlight coming in from the big window on the other side of the living room.

       Suo Yang was obedient and stood still, waiting for Shen Huiming’s gift.

       Soon, Shen Huiming came out, pushing a small cart with a huge bunch of roses on it, surrounded by red candles.

       Suo Yang froze in surprise. This kind of plot probably only appears in idol dramas. Where did Shen Huiming learn this from?

       “The last time I went to your house, I bought you 21 roses.” Shen Huiming said, “It’s not that I’m stingy, it’s just that they didn’t have enough roses at the flower shop to make up the number I wanted. They say 21 roses represent sincere love, so I reluctantly settled for a small bouquet.”

       Suo Yang stood there, looking at him with a smile.

       “How many flowers are there this time?” Suo Yang asked with a smile.

       “101 flowers.” Shen Huiming said, “It might be cliché, but 101 roses represent that you are the one I love the most.”


       Yes, it was pretty cliché.

       But for them, this kind of cliché was romantic and heartwarming.

       Suo Yang walked over and initiated a kiss, wrapping his arms around Shen Huiming’s neck. 

       “What made you decide to give me roses again?”

       “I knew you wouldn’t remember.” Shen Huiming said, “We have been together for 100 days.”

       100 days.

       A little over three months.

       Time seemed to pass both quickly and slowly for them.

       The first meeting between the two seemed like it had just happened, yet Suo Yang couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with Shen Huiming.

       “I’m not very good at preparing surprises,” Shen Huiming said. “While I was planning this, I realized I still know so little about you, I don’t even know what you like.”

       He put his arms around Suo Yang’s waist, “I should reflect on that.”

       His words made Suo Yang’s heart sour and swell. Who could really have a complete grasp of another person’s preferences? Shen Huiming was already meticulous enough.

       Rather than knowing every preference, having this kind of care was already quite rare.

       Suo Yang said, “You do know my favourite thing.”

       “I know?” Shen Huiming furrowed his brow, trying to recall seriously.

       Suo Yang laughed, raising his hand to unbutton his shirt, “It’s you, silly.”

       His ‘silly’ was teasing and somewhat flirtatious, which made Shen Huiming no longer in the mood to be romantic.

       His handsome flight attendant was still wearing his uniform at this time, standing there looking at him with eyes filled with affection.

       “Suo Yang…” Shen Huiming took a deep breath and firmly grasped the hand that was unbuttoning his shirt.

       Suo Yang looked up, thinking he might not want this.

       Unexpectedly, Shen Huiming held onto his hand, turned to blow out the candles, and then suddenly lifted Suo Yang, carrying him into the bedroom.

       Lovemaking was not the only expression of love, but it was indeed one of the ways to express love.

       Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen each other for over a week, or perhaps it was because Suo Yang was touched by Shen Huiming’s romantic gesture the moment he arrived. Suo Yang, for once, took the initiative and led the way for this night.

       That included undressing Shen Huiming.

       That included making the sound of Shen Huiming’s breath.

       And it included Shen Huiming himself.

       He kissed his partner and then said, “Thank you.”

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