In the book that Suo Yang and Shen Huiming had been flipping through, there was a sentence—Confession is often more difficult than everyday communication.

       Suo Yang was a very introverted person in emotional expression. Compared with saying ‘I love you’, he was more willing to integrate this emotion into every detail of life to be perceived and discovered by the other party.

       He knew that confession was not something to be ashamed of, but he always had a hard time saying it.

       But at this moment, as they skated on the ice, the accelerated excitement made him feel derailed. He was detached from his original self, and he was desperately in need of conveying his love.

       He shouted loudly, calling his lover’s name and the phrase ‘I love you’ that Shen Huiming rarely heard.

       Shen Huiming actually knew very well that Suo Yang seldom said this sentence, not because the other party didn’t love him; it was all due to his personality. Whether a person loved himself or not, it didn’t matter what the other party said; what mattered was what he had done.

       Love was such a thing; although it sounded vague and elusive, had no substance and couldn’t be touched, in fact, once it really came, both the lover and the loved one could feel it.

       Shen Huiming felt Suo Yang’s love, so he was not obsessed with the phrase ‘I love you’.

       However, at this moment, he unexpectedly received Suo Yang’s confession, loud and clear, a few words thrown into the air, exploding into fireworks in broad daylight.

       When the two left the ice rink, Suo Yang was still in a giddy state. Their arms were tightly pressed together, and the backs of their hands touched each other from time to time.

       Back in the car, Shen Huiming turned around and pulled Suo Yang for a kiss without hesitation. He couldn’t worry so much anymore. Even if he was seen, he didn’t care.

       It had just snowed heavily the night before, and now it was snowing again.

       On the last day of the year, snowflakes silently covered the city, burying all the noise in the clean snow.

       Shen Huiming took Suo Yang to a cake shop, and the two made a birthday cake for Suo Yang with their own hands. After finishing the work, Suo Yang carefully wrote on it: Happy Birthday Shen Huiming’s Boyfriend.

       There were so many words squeezed into the cake that was not too big, and almost everything couldn’t fit in it at the end.

       Suo Yang leaned against Shen Huiming and smiled, “It looks like I’m very greedy.”

       “You can be more greedy,” Shen Huiming said, “after all, you are Shen Huiming’s boyfriend.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “You are a really arrogant person sometimes.”

       “That’s true,” Shen Huiming said again, “After all, I am Suo Yang’s boyfriend.”

       The two looked at each other and smiled, then went home with the cake.

       They went back to Shen Huiming’s house together because it was rumoured that there would be fireworks not far from here during New Year’s Eve, and they could see clearly from the balcony of Shen Huiming’s house without any mishaps.

       In winter, it got dark early, and it was already dark when they arrived home.

       They put down the cake, and they went downstairs to the supermarket to buy ingredients together. Shen Huiming was going to cook a birthday meal for Suo Yang tonight personally.

       When Suo Yang lived alone, he didn’t like to go to the supermarket. He ordered everything online and delivered it directly to his door. But after being with Shen Huiming, he suddenly began to enjoy the feeling of going to the supermarket with him.

       The two people walked into the warm supermarket, one pushing the shopping cart, the other picking the ingredients and turning around from time to time to ask, “How about this? Do you like this?”

       One of the most important things in life was the so-called ‘fireworks’. A strong sense of excitement that could arouse a person’s desire to live a good life.

       In the past, Suo Yang’s life was uneventful, let alone others; even he himself felt it lacked flavour and excitement.

       He was as bland as water1metaphor used to describe something ordinary/mundane, and it seemed that there was a kind of romantic independence from the world, but in fact, after experiencing the gentle world brought to him by Shen Huiming, Suo Yang never wanted to return to the cold and indifferent days before.

       It was like—he had seen the ocean; he couldn’t pretend he hadn’t.

       The two bought a cart full of ingredients, including some snacks.

       None of them liked to eat snacks, but when passing by the shelf, Shen Huiming carefully selected two packs of candies and put them in the shopping cart.

       He said, “In the future when you have a flight, put a candy I bought in your pocket. Consider it as me accompanying you on your journey.”

       Suo Yang laughed at him for being sentimental, but he confidently said, “That’s right, people in love always talk like this.”

       They returned from the supermarket, and the snow fell even more.

       Shen Huiming said, “We should come out and have a snowball fight and build a snowman.”

       He asked Suo Yang, “Did you have snowball fights with people when you were young?”

       Suo Yang’s hometown was only a three-hour high-speed train ride from the city where he currently lives. Both were in the northern region, so the climate and lifestyle were actually quite similar.

       But because of his family’s upbringing and his own personality, he never played anything.

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming into the building door, “No, when I was young, I hardly went out to play after school. Now that I’ve grown up, I can’t afford to play either.”

       “Then you haven’t met me,” Shen Huiming took his hand upstairs, “If you met me when you were a child, I would go to your window every day and ask you to come out to play.”

       Suo Yang imagined that scene and thought it was a bit funny.

       “Then I might get annoyed with you,” Suo Yang said, “You interrupted my study.”

       In the elevator, the two laughed together. Even a little joke between lovers was utterly adorable.

       This year, Suo Yang finally celebrated his birthday properly. His lover accompanied him and carefully cooked a large table of delicacies for him. In the middle of the table was the cake they made together. It didn’t look perfect, but because they made it by themselves, it had infinite added value.

       Shen Huiming put in a candle, and the number ‘28’ was lit.

       Shen Huiming said, “After today, until my birthday, there will be only a two-year age difference between the two of us.”

       “You care about age?”

       “No, what I mean is, even if you’re 28, I’m still your brother.” At this moment, the lights in the room were all turned off, with only the flickering candlelight reflecting on their faces. Both of them looked very gentle. Shen Huiming said, “You were very cooperative with me when we rented the sledges today. Have you been wanting to call me ge all along?”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “It’s just fine.”


       “Well,” Suo Yang paused, looking at him through the candlelight, “You enjoyed hearing it?”

       “You called me quite sexily,” Shen Huiming said. “As nasty as it sounds, it’s true. I almost couldn’t hold back my hard-on when you called me ge at that moment.”

       Suo Yang leaned on the table with both hands and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

       “I can’t believe you’re such a person.”

       “It wasn’t originally,” Shen Huiming said honestly, “After meeting you, maybe I’ve picked up some bad habits.”

       “Did I corrupt you?”

       “No. there are people who unintentionally captivate others, and I lose my composure every time I see you.” Shen Huiming thought for a while, then lowered his head and smiled, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you for your mobile phone number.”

       That was the first time they met. Suo Yang found Shen Huiming’s ticket holder and returned it to him. Seizing the opportunity, Shen Huiming tried to ask for Suo Yang’s contact information but was rejected.

       Shen Huiming always thought that he was a very self-controlled person, but since he met Suo Yang, this good quality of himself had disappeared in front of the other party.

       “Well… there is another nickname. You may like it better.” Suo Yang said, “Although today is my birthday, to thank you for making me so happy, I’ll give you a gift. Do you want me to call you ‘ge’ or choose another nickname?”

       “What could it be?”

       “You choose first, and then I’ll tell you.” Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “Do you want to play safe? Or do you want to take a risk?”

       Shen Huiming looked at him, with a table of delicious food and a birthday cake between them.

       He stretched out his hand, “Touch my hand, let me sense it.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, complaining about his childishness, but still reached out to him.

       Shen Huiming held his hand, rubbed the back of his hand lightly, and said, “I’ll choose another one.”

       “No regrets?”

       “No regrets.”

       Suo Yang went around the dining table and walked to Shen Huiming’s side.

       He approached slowly and put his arms around his neck.

       Their foreheads touched, and Suo Yang’s lips parted slightly, “Husband.”

       His voice was so soft that Shen Huiming couldn’t even tell if it was his hallucination.

       Shen Huiming suddenly put his arms around Suo Yang’s waist and asked him uncertainly, “What did you call me just now?”

       “Husband.” Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, the lips of the two almost touched together “Do you like me to call you this?”

       Suo Yang himself couldn’t explain why he suddenly became so bold today; he confessed loudly outside and broke through his shame when they returned home and called Shen Huiming, his husband.

       Shen Huiming was dazzled by the joy. He never expected Suo Yang to call him that.

       From ‘Mr. Shen’ to ‘Huiming’, it took him a lot of thought and effort. Shen Huiming knew Suo Yang’s character very well, and he never expected to ask for more from the other party.

       He didn’t ask for it, but his Suo Yang took the initiative to give it to him.

       Shen Huiming couldn’t help hugging and kissing him, regardless of whether the burning candle had dripped on the cake or whether the cooked food was getting cold, he pushed Suo Yang against the wall, and the two of them embraced each other in a passionate and lingering kiss.

       The book they read together said—we began the longest and best kiss in human history.

       As for Suo Yang, he also understood another sentence in the book—it is easier to fire Cupid’s arrow than to receive them, and it is easier to give than to receive.

       It turned out that expressing love was such a joyful thing. When he watched Shen Huiming excited and satisfied because of his expression of love, his life seemed to become richer and more worthy of celebration.

       “Why are you so proactive today?” Shen Huiming bit Suo Yang’s lip lightly and asked.

       “Because I love you.” Suo Yang looked straight into his eyes and said, “And I also hope you can know that I love you.”

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