Suo Yang was not thinking about Shen Huiming all the time, just like Shen Huiming would not be distracted and look up at the blue sky when he was busy at work.

       But when one was free, even when they only saw a ray of light or a cloud, they would want to share it with the other person immediately. This was probably the most genuine and simple feeling of liking someone.

       When the plane entered the stratosphere, Suo Yang started working, and everything was as usual, except for Song Kai chatting from time to time.

       Suo Yang was tired of dealing with this and tried his best to pretend that he couldn’t hear it.

       In the past, Suo Yang might have been able to deal with Song Kai patiently until the other party gradually realised that he was not interested in him. This was the best way to deal with it, without a direct conflict and without the need to be too aggressive.

       But it was different now, and Suo Yang also discovered the difference in himself.

       After getting together with Shen Huiming, his personality changed slightly. He began to have no more patience with other people who showed favour to him except Shen Huiming. He was eager to cut off the relationship with them and proved that he only wanted Shen Huiming.

       After nightfall, all the passengers on the plane rested. Suo Yang was sorting out the tableware and calculating how long it would take to arrive in Moscow.

       Song Kai came over, leaned to the side and looked at him with a smile without saying a word.

       Suo Yang felt uncomfortable being looked at by him, but he was too lazy to say anything and could only pretend not to notice.

       “Yang ge,” Song Kai said with a chuckle, “I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to like me much.”

       “…” Suo Yang suddenly realised that it was not that this guy was really unable to read the situation; he was just thicker-skinned than others.

       When he saw Suo Yang didn’t speak, Song Kai sighed, “I feel quite defeated.”

       Suo Yang put away the tableware and turned to continue doing other things. Song Kai suddenly stood in front of him and said with a smile in his eyes, “Yang ge, you really don’t have to pretend in front of me, I’ve seen it all.”

       Suo Yang frowned slightly and asked him in a cold voice, “What did you see?”

       “You and a man were kissing in the car,” Song Kai said. “I saw it in the parking lot. You guys weren’t being discreet at all.”

       Suo Yang recalled that day when Shen Huiming came to pick him up. They couldn’t help but kiss each other in the parking lot.

       “So what?” Suo Yang looked at him openly and took half a step back to keep his distance.

       “That person is the one who followed us to Berlin last time…” Song Kai raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, pretending to think, “What’s his name… I remember his surname is Shen.”

       Suo Yang was not worried about others knowing about his relationship with Shen Huiming. He was not the only gay person in the company. Some people’s sexual orientation had been tacitly known to everyone for a long time, especially after Zhou Mo resigned and married a man. This incident further improved everyone’s acceptance.

       Suo Yang had never thought of deliberately hiding his sexual orientation. No one knew whether he liked men or women just because he never exposed his private life to his colleagues.

       Therefore, he didn’t care what Song Kai said to him and could deal with it calmly. He was just worried that his affairs would affect Shen Huiming.

       “What does his surname have to do with you?” Suo Yang was a little unhappy. Not only did he hope that everyone would stop messing with him, but he also hoped that other people would stay away from Shen Huiming.

       Song Kai smiled and looked at Suo Yang in surprise, “Yang ge, we have known each other for a long time. This is the first time I heard you talk to someone in such a tone.”

       He leaned forward slightly and approached Suo Yang, “So, you also have a temper. Can you also get angry?”

       Suo Yang raised his hand, put a finger on the other person’s shoulder, and pushed the other person away, “Of course, everyone has a temper.”

       He suppressed the anger within him, not wanting to start a conflict with this person. Instead, he took another half step back, leaning against the shelf behind him. “It’s working hours now, and I’m not really in the mood for a chat.”

       Song Kai laughed out loud, “Do you not want to chat with me, or are you afraid I’ll see through your disguise?”

       Suo Yang’s frown deepened.

       “It’s okay, really,” Song Kai said, “I find the way you put down your airs is quite attractive, and you’re quite sexy when you kiss someone.”

       “Song Kai, let me say it again, it is working time now.”

       “Then what you mean is that I can talk to you alone after get off work?” Song Kai deliberately emphasized the word ‘alone’.

       “Sorry, I have no interest in you or the content of your conversation.” Suo Yang said, “I still have work. Please go back to your place.”

       Song Kai looked at him meaningfully, “Yang ge, I really like your energy. Even if you are just pretending, you are more energetic than others.”

       Suo Yang took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

       He was not going to hit anyone, but he would use his own methods to keep the person away from him.

       “Song…” Before Suo Yang could finish speaking, the service bell rang.

       He sighed, “Please step aside. My passenger is calling me.”

       Song Kai obediently stood aside, “I’ll be waiting for you to come back.”

       Suo Yang frowned and walked past him, then put on a professional smile after going out.

       The passenger’s blanket was stained by the drink, so he was asked to change it.

       Suo Yang changed the blanket for the passenger and asked softly if there was anything else he needed help with. After the passenger thanked him and said there was nothing else, he walked back with the dirty blanket.

       Song Kai was still waiting there. As soon as he entered, he was hugged around the waist.

       Suo Yang was not mysophobic, but he really didn’t like to be touched by unfamiliar people, especially those who were unfamiliar and annoying to him.

       He pushed the other person away through the blanket, looked at Song Kai coldly and said, “I hope you can be more respectful.”

       Song Kai smiled, “Yang ge, I don’t have any other intentions. I’m afraid you are not standing firm and fall.”

       Suo Yang put away the dirty blanket, turned to him and said, “Song Kai, we are colleagues, I don’t want to make it too ugly.”

       “How can things be ugly?” Song Kai stared at his waist, “You look good no matter what.”

       Suo Yang wanted to say something but was interrupted by Song Kai, “Yang Ge, you really don’t need to feel embarrassed. We’re not some innocent young boys and girls. But I do want to remind you some people are only familiar on the surface. I’ve heard about what happened with Zhou Mo. He was lucky to hit it off with someone on the plane and enjoyed the benefits. I hear you two have a good relationship, but you can’t replicate his life.”

       Song Kai leaned close to Suo Yang’s ear and lowered his voice as he said, “All those rich folks are just playing around. When they get bored, they move on to the next one. Look at the flight attendants on this plane, all dressed up–which one isn’t a fine piece? Take your pick. There’s every type you can imagine!”

       Suo Yang finally couldn’t help it anymore. He suddenly raised his hand, grabbed Song Kai’s collar, and pushed him into the corner.

       The unsuspecting Song Kai was startled, and before he could react, he was strangled by the neck.

       Suo Yang’s hands were strong, and he had no intention of showing mercy to this person.

       Song Kai’s face instantly turned red after being strangled, and he looked at Suo Yang in disbelief.

       Suo Yang really didn’t expect that one day he would do something to others. When he first started working, Zhou Mo took him to learn a few moves. At that time, Zhou Mo said, “Good-looking people like us have to be a little bit… self-defence technique!”

       Suo Yang didn’t take it seriously at the time and just followed Zhou Mo along. He more or less learned a few moves but never thought he would use them.

       Sometimes you didn’t need many techniques; having just one move was enough.

       Growing up, Suo Yang rarely showed too many emotions in front of outsiders, which made him feel very insecure.

       But today, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

       “Song Kai, I’ve said it nicely, haven’t I? You’re not listening, huh?” Suo Yang’s gaze became somewhat fierce. “I’ll say it again, show some respect.”

       He watched Song Kai being choked until he was breathless, and he had no intention of letting it go, “Firstly, I don’t care for your act. I’ll treat you based on the person you are. Understand?”

       Song Kai tried to pry Suo Yang’s hand away but found that he couldn’t use any strength at all. He could only nod his head, hoping that this brother would let go of him quickly.

       “Secondly, Zhou Mo is not with Cheng Sen to enjoy happiness. He is still working hard. Don’t speculate on others with your dirty thoughts. Do you understand?”

       Song Kai continued to nod frantically.

       “Finally,” Suo Yang took a deep breath. He was gritting his teeth and finally calmed down a little, “The man named ‘Shen’ you mentioned is my serious and long-term boyfriend, the one I want to spend my life with. Even if you get tired of living, he won’t get tired of me. Understand?”

       Song Kai felt that he was about to suffocate. He hadn’t expected that Suo Yang, who appeared gentle and refined, would be so strong. He thought he was a beautiful soft persimmon that he could squeeze, but it turned out to be a dormant volcano that could erupt. You couldn’t see it on the surface, but once it erupted, the lava could be deadly.

       He frowned and nodded, looking at Suo Yang pleadingly, hoping that the other party would let him go.

       “Now you know I’m not to be messed with, right?” Suo Yang increased the force on his hands, “You know you should stay away from me in the future, right?”

       Song Kai regretted it to the core; his face turned purple. If he had known Suo Yang had such a fiery temper, he wouldn’t have provoked him. Now, he could only nod, feeling like he wanted to cry without tears.

       Who would have thought that Suo Yang, who usually looked gentle and docile, would be such a person?

       Suo Yang was silent for a few seconds, staring hard at Song Kai, feeling that he had vented his anger and released his frustration, Suo Yang finally let go of his grip.

       Song Kai, who was finally able to breathe well, leaned there and coughed until his soul came out of his body. He leaned there and slid to the ground.

       Suo Yang ignored him and continued to do his own thing.

       When Song Kai finished coughing, although he felt unhappy, he didn’t even dare to say a single unnecessary word to Suo Yang and left in despair.

       The troublesome person finally left wisely. Suo Yang breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. He suddenly wanted to know how Shen Huiming would evaluate his behaviour if he told Shen Huiming what happened today.

       So, as soon as he arrived in Moscow, Suo Yang turned on his mobile phone and sent a message to Shen Huiming.

       After thinking for a long time, he sent: Today, I confronted a colleague who was bothering me.

       When Shen Huiming saw Suo Yang’s message, he had just come out of the conference room and stared at his phone with a frown for a long time.

       He replied: Did your account get hacked?

       Suo Yang laughed out loud at Shen Huiming’s reply and sent a voice message to him, briefly telling him what happened today.

       Shen Huiming returned to the office and sat in his chair, laughing so hard after hearing this. He really couldn’t imagine Suo Yang doing anything to others.

       In front of him, Suo Yang was always gentle, occasionally deliberately making harmless little jokes and occasionally deliberately using small tricks to tease him.

       He replied: I really want to see you become fierce.

       Suo Yang said: That might be difficult, because when I see you, I just want to laugh, I can’t be fierce at all.

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