Article 5: We needed to be duty-bound to think about two people getting old together.

       Suo Yang’s proactive expression of love quickly left Shen Huiming lost in such a state. In the blink of an eye, it seemed that any object became an obstacle blocking them from conveying their feelings.

       The two loving people were about to go to the bedroom when Shen Huiming suddenly pulled Suo Yang, “Wait a minute.”

       He hugged the person, turned around and blew out the candle.

       In the darkness, the two looked at each other, smiled, and returned to the room with their fingers clasped.

       The bedroom door was closed tightly, and a table of prepared dishes had to wait for their return quietly. On a winter night, the two of them were sweetly in love, and the wind and snow outside the window did not affect the people inside the house at all.

       Originally he planned to eat first, but because of Suo Yang’s ‘husband’ word, his sanity collapsed, and he went to bed directly. When the fierce lovemaking was over, Suo Yang said with a smile, “The dishes must have cooled down again.”

       Shen Huiming kissed his finger, “It’s all your fault this time.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Yeah, my fault.”

       He leaned over and hugged Shen Huiming, breathing a long sigh of relief.

       “I blew out the birthday candles,” Shen Huiming said, “You haven’t made a wish yet.”

       “Is it still too late to make a wish now?” Suo Yang looked up at him, “But you should be able to make my wish come true for me.”

       “Let’s hear it.”

       “I hope you stay healthy despite being busy.” Suo Yang said, “My wish is still quite easy to fulfil, right?”

       Shen Huiming hugged the person over and kissed the man’s sweat-dampened hair with his eyes closed.

       He was somewhat touched.

       It was a great honour and luck for a person to be willing to share his birthday wishes with others.

       “It’s really not difficult. I’ll apply for a dual card in a while, and you go with me.”

       Suo Yang leaned against him and laughed, “Why did you involve me in it?”

       “In our family, I can’t be healthy alone. You must also be healthy.” Shen Huiming said, “There’s a gym near my company, I’ll explore it tomorrow, and if it’s good, I’ll get a card. It’s also your birthday present.”

       Suo Yang reluctantly bit his shoulder gently and then took him to take a shower.

       Shen Huiming finished showering before Suo Yang, changed the sheets, opened a small gap in the window for ventilation, and then went into the kitchen. When Suo Yang came out, the food had been reheated.

       Suo Yang picked up the clothes they had thrown away and put them into the dirty clothes basket, then went over and kissed Shen Huiming again.

       “Did you have a happy birthday?” Shen Huiming put her arm around his waist and sat down at the dining table, then carefully cleaned the candles on the cake.

       “This is the happiest birthday in my life.” Suo Yang helped him put the chopsticks away. “I didn’t even know that birthdays could be celebrated like this.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him and said jokingly, “Thought we should celebrate it like Zhou Mo’s?”

       Suo Yang leaned against him and laughed.

       It was already late at night, and the two of them didn’t really have much of an appetite left, but they still ate some of each dish. After all, they shouldn’t waste it.

       At almost twelve o’clock, they stood on the balcony of Shen Huiming’s house wrapped in sweaters and coats. The two of them huddled closely together, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the New Year.

       The sound of the countdown came from the small square in the distance, and many young people gathered there to celebrate the New Year.

       Five, four, three, two, one.

       Along with the cheers, there were also fireworks exploding in the sky.

       The heavy snow continued to fall, and fireworks burst amidst the snowflakes. Suo Yang was mesmerized by the scene.

       Shen Huiming raised his hand, put his arm around Suo Yang’s shoulders, and said softly, “Happy New Year, my dear.”

       Suo Yang turned around and hugged him.


       On the first day of the New Year, Suo Yang and Shen Huiming stayed at home for most of the day. In the evening, they set off again to fly to distant countries and cities.

       Shen Huiming drove him to the airport, and the two met Suo Yang’s colleagues as soon as they got out of the car.

       They met He Tian, who used to hitchhike with Suo Yang.

       He Tian met Suo Yang on the airport bus before. She knew that Suo Yang was in a relationship, but Suo Yang didn’t have the habit of revealing all his private life to his colleagues. Almost no one knew that he was not straight.

       “Yang ge!” He Tian just got off the bus and waved to Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang looked over and smiled at her.

       “My colleague.” Suo Yang said softly to Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming understood and followed Suo Yang towards the other party.

       “Are you flying tonight too?” Suo Yang asked politely.

       “Well, flying to New York.” He Tian saw the man next to Suo Yang, “Is this your friend?”

       Shen Huiming was handsome and had a good temperament. He Tian couldn’t help but take a second look at her.

       “Yes, I took his car here.” Suo Yang saw He Tian’s eyes brightening when he looked at Shen Huiming and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

       He turned to Shen Huiming and said, “Then I’ll go in first and contact you when I get back.”

       “Okay.” Shen Huiming originally planned to accompany him in, but since he met his colleague, he couldn’t continue to follow. “Have a safe trip.”

       Suo Yang smiled at him, “Bye.”

       As the two of them walked in, He Tian couldn’t help but look back, “All the handsome guy’s friends are also handsome guys!”

       Suo Yang lowered his head and chuckled, saying nothing.

       Shen Huiming stood there and watched them go in. He didn’t turn around until no one could be seen anymore.

       He returned to the car and looked up at the planes flying overhead with a thunderous roar. In just over three hours, his beloved would be taking off once again.

       The snow was still falling, but it’s not as heavy anymore.

       Shen Huiming kept playing a song on the way back, the same song ‘Berlin’ they listened to all night in Moscow.

       They had just parted ways, and already the longing had begun.

       Shen Huiming didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He couldn’t believe that he had turned into a clingy person.


       Suo Yang, who just celebrated his birthday, was in a good mood and looked happy when he saw everyone.

       This time, the other colleagues on the crew were all old partners, and the only one who was not too familiar with them was the boy who told Suo Yang that he had a crush on him before.

       Suo Yang read the message sent by the flight attendant and then remembered the other person’s name. He didn’t mind who he worked with. He just wanted to minimize communication with the other person because he really didn’t like to discuss his private life with his colleagues.

       More importantly, this man had seen him with Shen Huiming before when they went to Berlin.

       At that time, Suo Yang and Shen Huiming were not together yet, and the other party had already misunderstood their relationship. Suo Yang didn’t say much at that time and didn’t bother to explain because it was unnecessary.

       He went to the meeting as usual and told himself that he could not let these unimportant things and unimportant people affect his work.

       As soon as Suo Yang entered the room, the boy greeted him with a smile.

       “Yang ge, we are together again!”

       Suo Yang smiled politely at him and said nothing.

       “It’s been a while.”

       Suo Yang went over and stood up, and the other party stood next to him, “You became handsome again.”

       “Song Kai, aren’t you too enthusiastic?” A girl came over and slapped Song Kai on the back, “Flirting with everyone! Yang ge, don’t let him do that either!”

       Suo Yang took advantage of their quarrel to go to the other side and waited quietly for the steward chief to come over for the meeting.

       This trip still went to Berlin, with a stopover in Moscow.

       Suo Yang took a special look and found that he and the guy named Song Kai were both in first class this time.

       He calmly continued to look through the information in his hand, and when he looked up, he found that the other party was looking at him again.

       Suo Yang pretended not to see it and followed everyone to prepare for the flight after the meeting.

       While he was busy counting the lunch boxes, Song Kai came over and said, “Yang ge, was it your birthday yesterday?”

       Suo Yang didn’t want to chat with him, but he nodded politely.

       Song Kai smiled and took out a small velvet bag from his pocket, “It’s a birthday present. It’s a little late, I hope you don’t mind.”

       Suo Yang smiled at him, took a half step back and said, “I accept your kindness, so there is no need for the present.”

       “No, I chose it specially for you.” Song Kai said, “I called you yesterday, but you didn’t answer.”

       Suo Yang did have a missed call from an unknown number yesterday, but he never answered numbers he didn’t recognise.

       However, he never expected that the call would come from a person named Song Kai.

       “Is that so?” Suo Yang said perfunctorily while continuing to work, “I didn’t hear it.”

       “So I’m here to give you a present now.” Song Kai looked at him with a smile and put the velvet bag in front of him.

       Suo Yang glanced at the small bag, straightened up and said to Song Kai with a cold face, “I’m sorry, I don’t casually accept gifts from others, and I’m about to serve customers soon. I’m quite busy right now.”

       Song Kai looked at him with a slight smile, “Okay, then you go about your business first.”

       After saying that, Song Kai picked up the present he had carefully prepared and turned around to do his own thing.

       Suo Yang turned back and sighed with his back to the direction Song Kai left. He really didn’t want to have a conflict with others, but Song Kai was obviously not very good at reading people’s eyes.

       Or, he actually could but pretend not to understand.

       Suo Yang couldn’t be bothered with him. There were still many things to be done, and such a trivial matter wasn’t worth his attention, not even as a side note.

       There were very few first-class passengers on this flight. In fact, Suo Yang could handle it by himself, but after all, the route was long, so he had to accept Song Kai and get along with him.

       In the beginning, everything seemed ordinary. Although Song Kai had annoyed Suo Yang a bit before, he behaved professionally after the passengers arrived. There was no sign of any improper behaviour; he greeted customers, conducted safety demonstrations, and everything was carried out step by step.

       While the plane was ascending, Suo Yang and Song Kai were sitting in their respective seats, so close that they could see each other when they raised their heads.

       But Suo Yang didn’t want to look up and kept turning around and looking out the window.

       This flight was really unpleasant, but Suo Yang knew that he must not work with emotions, and he had to adjust himself as soon as possible.

       For him, the most effective way to regulate his emotions was to think about Shen Huiming.

       His Mr. Shen was an elegant and upright person. Whether he was revising the plan with a frown on his face at the company or cooking for him at home wearing an apron, he was particularly charming.

       Suo Yang had never met such a charming man. Shen Huiming was the only one in the world, and he belonged to him.

       As he thought of Shen Huiming, Suo Yang couldn’t help but smile. When he rushed into the clouds, he began to miss his lover.

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