It was a good thing for everyone in the workplace to have a handsome guy in a dull and monotonous work environment to feast one’s eyes upon and alleviate the tension and fatigue.

       Shen Huiming, the boss, was no exception.

       However, Suo Yang was the only one who could make him find solace in this regard and achieve a state of relaxation.

       “What would you like to drink?” Shen Huiming asked.

       The assistant, aware of Suo Yang’s presence, rushed over from the office and inquired whether he wanted coffee or tea.

       Shen Huiming waved his hand, “I can do it myself.”

       Visitors were always taken care of by the assistants. However, Suo Yang was not a guest and thus would be taken care of by the boss himself.

       Suo Yang smiled, “A glass of water will do.”

       Shen Huiming brought him a glass of water and placed it on the table. He said, “I have a document here, with just one final section left to review. Once we’re done with that, we can have lunch.”

       “Okay, no rush.” Suo Yang liked to watch Shen Huiming work. When this person sat seriously and attentively in front of his computer, he looked incredibly sexy.

       Suo Yang sat there sipping his water, enjoying the cool breeze flowing in through the open window, leisurely admiring the way Mr. Shen diligently worked.

       Shen Huiming actually understood that Suo Yang was reluctant to come to his company, mainly because he was worried about affecting his work. But Shen Huiming was a very dedicated person when it came to work. If there was any effect, it was likely that because Su Yang was waiting for him, his efficiency increased.

       After Suo Yang drank a glass of water, Shen Huiming also finished the work at hand. One tidied up the coffee table, the other tidied up the desk and walked out of the office side by side.

       When they left, it wasn’t Shen Huiming’s company closing time yet, which made Suo Yang a little embarrassed.

       “I feel like I’m the kind of bad student who leads their classmates to skip classes.”

       Hearing this, Shen Huiming couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at him.

       “That means this bad student has charm.” Shen Huiming raised his hand and looked at his watch, “The time is just right. We can go to a movie after dinner.”

       Shen Huiming had been harbouring a bit of a grudge about the movie-watching part. Before the ‘24-hour date’ between the two, they ended up watching a rather absurd domestic horror movie due to his mishap. Although that movie might not be considered a failed date, it always felt like a thorn in his heart.

       He had to show his movie taste in front of Suo Yang. For this, Shen Huiming checked the nearby private theatres, and there would be no mistakes this time.

       However, plans rarely went as expected. Just as they were about to leave the building, they unexpectedly ran into two people Suo Yang never thought he’d encounter.

       At that time, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang walked out side by side, discussing going to a nearby restaurant for dinner instead of driving and just strolling over.

       After they left the office building gate, Shen Huiming let out an “Ah” just as a car stopped by the side of the road.

       Suo Yang looked at him, thinking that there should be someone Shen Huiming knew in that car.

       He was worried for a moment, thinking that the dinner between the two of them might be changed to a working meal in the office again.

       But he didn’t expect that after the car stopped, Shen Huiming looked at the car with a smile, patted Suo Yang lightly and said, “My parents.”

       This sentence made Suo Yang’s nerves tense up.

       The two of them had not been together for very long, and Suo Yang still had no knowledge about Shen Huiming’s family situation or his family’s attitude toward Shen Huiming’s sexual orientation.

       It suddenly dawned on him that he had been a bit careless and should have talked to Shen Huiming about this earlier.

       He looked nervously at Shen Huiming, but the other party seemed relaxed, walked towards the side of the road, and the people in the car also got off.

       The one who got out of the passenger seat was a very elegant aunt, wearing a simple but stylish dress with her hair tied behind her head. She smiled warmly when she saw Shen Huiming.

       “Mom, what brings you here?” Shen Huiming hadn’t been home for a while. He was busy, and his parents were occupied as well. They’d exchange greetings with each other over a phone call every two or three days, not wanting to burden each other.

       “Your dad and I came out for dinner on our wedding anniversary today, and we happened to pass by your place to see if you were there.” Shen Huiming’s mother held his son’s hand, “Have you lost weight again?”

       “It’s alright. Maybe I’ve gained some muscle, so I look leaner,” Shen Huiming replied. He turned to introduce Suo Yang. “This is my friend, Suo Yang.”

       Upon hearing Suo Yang’s name, Shen Huiming’s mother paused for a moment, then suddenly recalled, “Oh, Suo Yang, right? I’ve heard Huiming mention you before.”

       Suo Yang showed his professional smile again and greeted Shen Huiming’s mother politely.

       “What were you two planning to do?” Shen Huiming’s mother asked. “How about joining us for dinner?”

       Suo Yang’s heart was almost in his throat, and he stood beside Shen Huiming, not daring to give any reaction.

       Shen Huiming raised his hand, rubbed his nose thoughtfully, and said to his mother, “We’ll discuss it for a moment.”

       “Okay, you guys discuss it slowly, I just happened to go to the supermarket opposite to buy a lighter for your dad.” Shen Huiming’s mother smiled and glanced at Suo Yang. After closing the car door, she went around to the other side and whispered something to her husband.

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming to the side and licked his lips a little uneasy.

       “Nervous?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile.

       “A little bit.” Suo Yang did not lie.

       “I came out to my parents the year I graduated from college,” Shen Huiming confessed. “My parents are very open-minded. They didn’t give me a hard time about it and even sought counselling themselves to enlighten them.”

       Suo Yang listened and looked at Shen Huiming with a hint of envy.

       “I haven’t been in a relationship for years, so I guess they’ve subconsciously forgotten about it,” Shen Huiming said. “But I did mention you to my parents when we first got together.”

       “You told them?”

       “I did. These things need to be discussed with family. We’re not kids anymore, and if I want to spend my life with you, my family needs to know,” Shen Huiming explained. “I was worried you might feel pressured, so I didn’t bring it up with you earlier.”

       Suo Yang gazed at Shen Huiming, unable to express the emotions stirring within him.

       A responsible lover is probably really a gift of fate.

       “I was planning to find an opportunity for you to meet them sometime down the road, but today, it just happened unexpectedly. If you feel uncomfortable, we can arrange to meet another time,” Shen Huiming suggested. “My parents aren’t the type to nitpick about these things. They simply want to know who their son is with, and they definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

       Suo Yang smiled and couldn’t help but say to him, “Huiming, why are you so nice?”

       He wasn’t seeking an answer; he just wanted to express how lucky and grateful he felt.

       Not only was Shen Huiming good, but even his family was also exceptional.

       Suo Yang suddenly understood why some people say you can tell what kind of parents someone has by looking at the child. The influence of family is very important to a person. Parents who could raise a man like Shen Huiming must also be kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and rational individuals.

       “Why did you suddenly praise me again?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “But since you praised me, then I will accept the praise.”

       Suo Yang was genuinely touched, but he was the type of person who felt a bit awkward expressing sentimental or thankful words.

       “Let’s go together,” Suo Yang said, “I also hope Uncle and Auntie can feel relieved to let you be with me when they see me.”

       He took a deep breath and then asked Shen Huiming, “Do I look handsome right now? Is my hair messy? Is my shirt wrinkled?”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “Don’t worry, you look extremely handsome. You’re the kind of charming young man my mom likes the most, the one she’d like to take home and introduce to her son.”

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