Chapter 58

       It might have something to do with the nature of his job, but it was difficult for Suo Yang to sleep well if he was not at his own home. However, since he met Shen Huiming, he could sleep well even if he stayed at the other party’s home. He also slept very comfortably that night at his parents’ house. He had a dreamless night, and when he woke up, he felt no fatigue.

       When he opened his eyes, Shen Huiming had already woken up and was lying there replying to his assistant’s message.

       “Morning.” Suo Yang greeted him softly.

       Shen Huiming turned to look at him, smiled and kissed him, “Happy birthday.”

       Suo Yang almost forgot that today was his birthday.

       He lay there, looked at Shen Huiming and smiled, “Thank you.”

       After replying to the assistant’s message, Shen Huiming lay down again, hugged Suo Yang and asked, “How was it? Did you sleep well last night?”

       Last night, after Shen Huiming finished showering, Suo Yang was already sitting in the bedroom chair, waiting for him. They chatted for a while, mostly about family matters. Suo Yang mentioned that, if possible, he would like to find time to go back home and visit.

       Actually, he had been thinking about it all along, wanting to return, even if it meant just catching a distant glimpse of his parents and asking the neighbours about their well-being. However, he never had the courage.

       However, he never dared to do so.

       Suo Yang, who often appeared invulnerable, was not truly invulnerable. He had his own worries and fears about things he hesitated to do.

       He used to be afraid, but now, with Shen Huiming in his life, he felt that Shen Huiming and Shen Huiming’s parents had given him new hope and courage.

       Maybe everything wasn’t so irreparable after all.

       After chatting for a while, the two fell asleep, lying on the same bed, covered with a quilt.

       They embraced each other and soon fell asleep, inhaling the scent of each other’s shampoo and shower gel, which was the same as their own.

       “Very good.” Suo Yang kissed Shen Huiming’s forehead, “Especially when I saw you as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt better.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “When did you learn to say such cheesy things?”

       “That cheesy?”

       “A little bit,” Shen Huiming’s fingers lightly brushed his collarbone, “but I like it very much.”

       Suo Yang smiled, grabbed his fingers and kissed him, “Let’s get up? Don’t let Uncles and Auntie wait for us.”

       “Alright, I’ll count three, two, one, and we’ll sit up together.” Shen Huiming said, “Three, one!”

       Then he sat up first.

       Suo Yang looked at him helplessly and smiled, “Very childish.”

       Shen Huiming pulled him up, “Then do you like it?”

       “Quite like it.” Suo Yang sat up and stretched.

       The two got out of bed and left the room. Shen Huiming’s father had already prepared breakfast.

       Like a warm family of four, they sat down together eating buns and porridge.

       After eating and drinking enough, Shen Huiming’s parents were ready to go to work, and the two juniors were also ready to go out.

       Today was Suo Yang’s birthday, and Shen Huiming had come up with a last-minute plan.

       When they came out from Shen Huiming’s parents’ place, Shen Huiming said, “Suo Yang, why don’t we go back to your hometown today?”

       Suo Yang was stunned. He didn’t expect Shen Huiming to say this so suddenly.

       Although Suo Yang asked Shen Huiming to accompany him back when he got up in the morning, he was actually not ready yet, and he was still nervous, worried, and afraid.

       “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to visit today,” Shen Huiming said, “I just thought today is your birthday, we’ll have New Year’s Eve tonight, and tomorrow is New Year’s Day. It’s a perfect day for a family reunion.”

       Suo Yang hesitated.

       When Shen Huiming saw his hesitation, he held his hand and said, “It’s okay, let’s talk about it some other time. Let’s stick to our original plan today.”

       Suo Yang looked at Shen Huiming gratefully.

       “Don’t look at me like that,” Shen Huiming smiled, “This is what I should do.”

       “No,” Suo Yang said, “Even if you are a lover, you don’t have all the obligations to do these things. If you do it, it is due to your affection, and if you don’t do it, it is a matter of course. Your willingness to consider all this shows how well you treat me.”

       Shen Huiming clicked his tongue. There was really nothing to be done about him.

       The two of them went home first, changed their clothes, took a brief rest and then went out.

       Since Suo Yang didn’t want to go back to his hometown now, they should spend this day according to the original plan.

       Before going out, Shen Huiming asked Suo Yang to wear thicker clothes and then drove to the shopping mall to buy thick hats and gloves.

       Suo Yang asked, “Going skiing?”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “It’s more interesting than skiing.”

       Suo Yang was very curious but didn’t ask too many questions. He kept his thoughts to himself and obediently followed Shen Huiming wherever he went.

       Shen Huiming drove him to the small park where the two of them used to row boats. The last time they came was in autumn, but now the lake was frozen, and the boating event had already stopped.

       The boat could no longer be rowed, but there are new ways to play.

       When Suo Yang stood by the frozen lake, his expression was surprised.

       “How is it? Are you afraid?” Shen Huiming asked him with a smile.

       At this time, the lake was covered with thick ice, and many adults and children were playing around on it.

       “When I was young, I used to come here to sledge in the winter.” Shen Huiming said. “At that time, there were no merchants renting sledges here. My little sledges were made by my father himself.”

       Suo Yang never had such childhood memories.

       In his memory, he rarely came out to play. He usually went to school and cram school, and his parents locked him at home when they went out to work during the holidays.

       He had very few friends since he was a child, and he wasn’t very fond of making friends. He didn’t have much interest in these fun things outside and couldn’t understand why so many classmates enjoyed going out to play.

       Later, as he grew a bit older and went to college, he gradually interacted with more people and experienced a lot of things. He suddenly realised that his limited past experiences had left his perspective very narrow. He came to understand that the seemingly dull things in life weren’t really dull; he just hadn’t enjoyed them before, and no one had ever told him how to enjoy them. So, he had simply kept his distance to avoid feeling out of place.

       Shen Huiming said, “It’s very safe, don’t be afraid.”

       Suo Yang used to be afraid of water, but Shen Huiming held his hand and swam in the lake.

       Facts had proved that as long as Shen Huiming was there, everything seemed to be nothing to be afraid of.

       He smiled, “Okay, let me experience the joy of your childhood today.”

       Shen Huiming smiled at him and took him to rent a sledge together.

       Most of the people who came here to play with the sledges were children. They were two adults, or two men, renting the sledges. The boss was a big brother in his forties and jokingly said to them, “You two seem to have a lot of zest for life!”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Yes, my little brother’s birthday is today, so I brought him here to reminisce about his childhood.”

       Standing behind Shen Huiming, Suo Yang suddenly felt that the title ‘my little brother’ was cute.

       He also smiled, “Ge, should we rent a bigger one?”

       Shen Huiming almost reacted when he called him ‘Ge’. He looked back at Suo Yang and happened to bump into his smiling eyes.

       A somewhat less ‘elegant’ thought popped up in his mind, which he suppressed for the time being, but he could bring it up again at night.

       “A bigger one will do,” said the boss, “It looks like both of you have long legs. The shorter one might feel uncomfortable and a bit cramped!”

       The two of them rented a large-sized sledge, the kind where two people could sit together. Typically, double sledges or multi-person sledges have front and back seats, but this place had the ‘luxury edition’ where you could sit side by side, like a double-seat mini sofa, perfect for couples to play together.

       Of course, the boss only thought of them as brothers who had a good relationship but didn’t look alike and didn’t think of them as lovers at all.

       After paying the deposit, the boss reminded them of the precautions and confirmed the time with them. Finally, he said, “Have fun.” and opened the door to let them out.

       After the two went out, Shen Huiming asked Suo Yang to sit down first and then sat beside him.

       Suo Yang was actually a bit afraid. He felt like he might have a tendency towards irrational paranoia. Even while walking on the ice, he subconsciously imagined the ice cracking and them falling into the winter lake.

       Shen Huiming sat down and handed a long stick with a sharp steel drill to Suo Yang, “Use this to stick on the ice, push it backwards, and we can slide forward.”

       Suo Yang, who had never played before, found it novel, so he took it and stuck the sharp point on the ice.

       “Yes, that’s it.” Shen Huiming held Suo Yang with one hand, and with the other hand holding the long stick, he stuck it on the ice, “I’ll count to three, two, one, and we’ll push together. “

       “Wait a minute!” Suo Yang suddenly stopped.

       “What’s wrong?” Shen Huiming asked him suspiciously.

       Suo Yang looked at him and said, “Do you count three, two, one this time or three, one?”

       Shen Huiming remembered his prank from the morning and leaned against him and laughed out loud, “Three to one, it’s three, two, one, this time I will definitely not mess with you.”

       Suo Yang was relieved, nodded solemnly and said, “Okay, then you count.”

       Shen Huiming held back a smile and finished counting ‘three, two, one’. The two of them pushed hard at the same time, and the ice sledge carried them out.

       This feeling was quite different from rowing a boat. When rowing, it was more leisurely, with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. However, sliding on the sledge was faster, and it provided a more thrilling and exciting experience.

       At the very beginning, Suo Yang was a little scared. He held Shen Huiming tightly with his gloved hand, and his muscles were a little tense. He dared not relax at all, and the two of them held hands from beginning to end.

       On his twenty-eighth birthday, Shen Huiming took him back to the time when he was eight years old.

       In the twelfth lunar month of winter, regardless of the cold wind, even if their face was freezing and burning, they still kept laughing.

       People who love each other would not only grow up together and grow old together but also unload all the baggage together to return to a carefree childhood.

       As they glided across the ice, Suo Yang suddenly remembered the feeling of flying as a flight attendant for the first time, very free, very satisfying, carefree and at ease.

       “I love you!” Suo Yang suddenly yelled forward as the ice sledge moved forward quickly.

       Shen Huiming was taken aback for a moment, then turned to look at him in surprise.

       Suo Yang held Shen Huiming’s hand tightly, and he shouted, “Shen Huiming! I love you!”

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