Content tag: BDSM, Urban Workplace
Author: Mo Qing Che/墨青城
Artist: Leila Lee/蕾拉
Alt. Name: 臣服Ⅱ-鞭下之愛

The events following Surrender Book 1 by the same author. This is a spinoff story detailing Marvin’s character from Surrender 1

To forcibly bring Zhuo Ye under the control of absolute domination,
The rules they had set themselves back then had been broken.
But how could Fang Mingyan leave Zhuo Yue to struggle on his own?
Only by shattering all morals and rules.
Only by bringing his body and mind into full control
The only way to rebuild his body and spirit, which are on the verge of collapse, is to bring them under control.

In the midst of despair and fear
Fang Mingyan’s embrace became Zhuo Yue’s only support.
He loves acting and is reluctant to let go.
Even more reluctant to let go of the strong tenderness given by this man.
So, the only thing left is to submit and surrender⁠—
Under the domination of the man he loves.

The love between the dominant and the submissive…
The second instalment of “Surrender-Love under the Whip”!

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