In a damp and stuffy basement in the northern part of the city, a dim yellow light flickered from the hanging light bulb above.

       Huang Renbiao squatted in the corner, huddled nervously. He was thrown here in a sack and thrown in the trunk, still naked.

       There was finally movement at the door that had been silent all this time. After the sound of the key turning, the iron door was opened.

       A man wearing a long black woollen coat walked in, followed by a slightly shorter fat man and four black-clad bodyguards.

       Huang Renbiao saw the fat man’s eyes suddenly light up, crawled over and hugged his legs, crying, “Mao ge, help me, Mao ge…”

       The short fat man known as Mao ge was a newly promoted cadre of the Black Eagles and was responsible for looking after the casinos in this area. Not long after he took office, there was such chaos in the jurisdiction. He was almost skinned alive in the office by Tang Can, the head of the punishment hall, and his back was still sore after being whipped. Seeing this troubled Huang Renbiao, he was furious and kicked him far away. He bowed to the man next to him and said, “Young Master Ming, Manager Tang said whatever you decide to do with the people we caught today, just go ahead. After you handle it, I’ll take care of the aftermath.” After saying that, he shouted sharply at the golden chain man who had been kicked before, “Come here!”

       Huang Renbiao’s face turned pale when he saw Mao ge not helping him. He struggled to crawl over again, kneeling and shaking.

       Fang Mingyan sat on the chair placed by the security guard with a faint smile on his face and said leisurely, “Huang Renbiao… Biao ge, right?”

       The gold chain around Huang Renbiao’s neck was still hanging, and he trembled along with his body. He begged loudly, “Young Master Ming, in your presence, I’m nothing but a dog… I was as blind as a dog1he’s kinda saying he’s been very naive and let that kid Zhuo Hai deceive me, which led to us taking action against your people… Please spare my worthless life. I’ll serve you like an ox or a horse…”

       Fang Mingyan chuckled, looked at him with interest and said, “It’s a dog, a cow and a horse. What kind of animal are you?”

       “I…I…I am whatever Young Master Ming said I am…” At this moment, he just wanted to save his life, and his dignity had long been forgotten.

       “It seems that you are very obedient.” The man’s tone was like teasing a child.

       “Yes, I am obedient…I will listen to whatever you say…”

       “Very good.” Fang Mingyan whispered something to a man in black. Soon, the two thugs who were in the room at the time were brought in along with Zhuo Hai. Their hands and feet were shackled, and no one dared to make a sound with their heads lowered.

       Fang Mingyan took out the black camera, opened the photo gallery and said, “Chairman Huang, next, we’re going to play a game called ‘Recreate the Original Scene’. I want you to replicate everything you’ve done to him, one by one, on yourself.” He turned to the two thugs and smiled, “You two are responsible for helping him complete it. This camera has recorded a lot of things that I can use as a reference. What I want is a complete reproduction of the original scene, and if there are any mistakes or omissions, I will take one finger at a time. The three of you have a lot of fingers combined, so there are many opportunities for mistakes.”

       The two thugs fell to their knees with their legs weak, begging for mercy together with Huang Renbiao.

       The man raised his wrist and looked at his watch, “I have to go back for dinner. Don’t waste time; let’s get started.” After saying that, he leaned on the back of the chair, crossed his long legs, and waited leisurely.

       In the basement, screams and wails could be heard endlessly.

       Huang Renbiao’s complete set of SM equipment left in the hotel room was delivered, except for the lubricant. As he screamed in agony, using his hand with two severed fingers to forcefully insert the di-do into his own asshole, Zhuo Hai, who was forced to watch nearby, trembled and closed his eyes.

       “Don’t want to watch it?” Fang Mingyan’s curved lips had a mocking smile, “It seems that our actors are not working hard enough. Otherwise, we can cut off another finger to encourage them.”

       As soon as he spoke, a man in black stepped forward to take action. Huang Renbiao, who had his third finger cut off, rolled his eyes and passed out. He was woken up by a bucket of cold water.

       “You’re wasting my time by fainting like that,” the man said casually.

       Then, some guards in black forcibly injected him with some medicine. Everything continued, with miserable cries. Huang Renbiao, who was covered in blood, was caught and gave oral sex to one of the thugs.

       The increasingly thick smell of blood in the room made Zhuo Hai suffocate, and everything in front of him made his stomach churn. As soon as he looked away, he was kicked hard on the crook of his knee by a bodyguard in black. His knees bent forward, and he knelt heavily on the cold cement floor, which hurt.

       “You don’t want to watch? Do you want to go up and participate in the performance?” Fang Mingyan looked at him coldly.

       “No…no.” He shook his head in horror.

       The man said in a cold voice, “Open your eyes and watch carefully. If you dare to look away again, I will let you eat the cut fingers on the ground.”

       Zhuo Hai knelt down stiffly, staring straight ahead without daring to move.

       At this moment, he felt as if he was in hell.

       And the person sitting on the chair was the Shura2God of destruction who dominated everything.

       Unlike the fear he felt after causing trouble in the past, this time, he experienced a suffocating terror. Everything before his eyes made him realise one thing: if he fell into the hands of this person… it would be worse than death. This terror from the depths of his heart, like maggots gnawing at his bones, made him tremble uncontrollably.

       When Zhuo Hai was taken out of the basement, he was so frightened that he lost control of himself, and his body had an unpleasant stench. He didn’t know what happened to Huang Renbiao and the two thugs. He didn’t even have the courage to look back. He just knelt in front of Fang Mingyan, begging for mercy and admitting his mistake.

       “I kept you alive because of Zhuo Yue.” Fang Mingyan looked at him condescendingly, his voice cold, “From today on, unless he takes the initiative to find you, you are not allowed to appear in front of him again. If you dare to do anything that offends him, I will remove the small parts of your body one by one. Do you understand?”

       “Understood…I understand…” He lay on the ground and nodded frantically, not daring to stand up until the man left.

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