Fang Mingyan lowered his gaze and smiled. In fact, the entire day had been torture for him. He had violated the BDSM code that he himself had been involved in creating and forced Zhuo Yue to become a slave. He forced Zhuo Yue to stay in that hell-like room and watched him collapse. Seeing Zhuo Yue trembling with fear, he even began to wonder whether what he did was right or wrong. Just as Zhuo Yue secretly went downstairs, he used the remote control to unlock the door and called a car.

       He thought Zhuo Yue would leave, so he made up his mind to let him go.

       However, when Zhuo Yue reappeared in front of him, there seemed to be a crack in his heart, letting in the wind and moonlight. He stared into the eyes wet with tears, held the helpless man in his arms, gently stroked his back, and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

       Zhuo Yue buried his head on his shoulder, nodded and said, “It hurts.”

       “Be a good boy, and you won’t be punished.”

       They were close to each other, and the warmth in the embrace made Zhuo Yue feel a little enlightened. His long eyelashes trembled, and he gently rested his chin on the man’s shoulder and closed his eyes tiredly, “I understand, Master.”

       It was the first time he took the initiative to use that title.

       That night, the exhausted Zhuo Yue lay on the carpet beside the bed and fell into a vague dream little by little with the even breathing of the person on the bed. When he woke up, the bed was empty.

       It had been too long since he had slept so naturally, and when he woke up, he found everything very relaxing. He stood up and opened the curtains, and the slightly dazzling sunlight shone in, coating his naked body with a layer of fluorescent light. He touched the leather collar around his neck. What happened yesterday was not an illusion. There was a new set of utensils placed in the bathroom. After washing, he took two deep breaths in front of the mirror to calm down and then went downstairs.

       The tall trees outside the floor-to-ceiling window of the living room had lost all their leaves, and the empty branches had a different kind of beauty in winter. The man was sitting on the single sofa by the window, reading a book. The slender legs were crossed casually, the posture was upright, and the black shirt had a somewhat solemn aura. Hearing the sound on the stairs, he raised his eyes and looked over.

       Zhuo Yue felt a little nervous, pursed his lips, and called out in a low voice, “Master.”

       “Come here.” Fang Mingyan put down the book in his hand and said.

       He walked over, hesitated, knelt down next to the sofa, and tried to straighten his upper body as taught yesterday.

       There was a gentle smile on the man’s lips. He touched Zhuo Yue’s head and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

       He replied with some embarrassment, “I was sleeping so deeply that I didn’t even notice you were up.”

       “From today on, any medication you take will require my prior approval. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue knew that the man would never let himself take sleeping pills and psychotropic drugs again, so he pursed his lips and said, “I understand.”

       “Until I make other arrangements, you can use the master bedroom to rest for the time being. From today on, you will cook three meals. Write down the ingredients you need in the kitchen book a day in advance, and I will have them prepared.” Fang Mingyan handed him a piece of paper on the small table, “This is your schedule, it details what you need to do.”

       Zhuo Yue reached out to pick it up, but the other party didn’t let go. He raised his head in surprise and saw the man looking at him lightly with raised eyes. He was stunned for a moment before he realised what he was doing and took it with both hands. The other man then let go of his hand. The form planned out a week’s schedule for him in great detail, including what time to get up to prepare breakfast and what time to go to bed. There was also fixed time for exercise, reading, and watching movies and TV shows, and he was required to complete assignments to record his experiences. He even included two music training classes per week.

       “Your sense of music is so bad, I hired a teacher to give you lessons. I allow you to wear home clothes during class.” He paused, “Slave, whether I am here or not, follow these requirements and manage your time well. There will be consequences if mistakes are made.”

       Zhuo Yue shuddered, feeling as if his back was starting to hurt again, and said in a muffled voice, “Yes.”

       “In addition, there are some rules that need to be taught to you.” Fang Mingyan patted the outside of his thigh. “The command of this action is to call you and ask you to return to me quickly and kneel down. When I extend my palms flat, it means I ask you to stop where you are, kneel down and wait. Understood?”

       He moved his lips but didn’t say what he wanted to say. He replied silently: “Understood, Master.”

       “I give you the right to ask questions, just tell me.” The other party saw what he was thinking.

       Zhuo Yue asked, “If I didn’t see your gesture and missed the order, will I also be punished?”

       The man curled his lips and said, “As a slave, everything about you belongs to me, including your attention. Do you think you should be punished for being distracted and ignoring instructions?”

       He was choked by this rhetorical question and could only answer with a blush, “Yes.”

       “If you don’t want to be whipped, then focus your attention.” Fang Mingyan glanced at him, “Go and eat the breakfast on the table, and then wash the dishes.”

       Breakfast was left for him on the table. The lean meat and preserved egg porridge were probably cooked by the man himself and kept warm carefully. There were still traces of cooking on the cutting board. Zhuo Yue’s heart felt warm, and he looked towards the window and pursed his lips when he met the other person’s gaze.

       “What, you don’t want to eat?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       Zhuo Yue smiled, “I want to eat.”

       This was the first heartfelt smile he had suppressed for a long time. The upturned corners of his mouth showed joy, unabashedly expressing his emotions to another person, as clear and bright as crystal in the sunlight.

       As if infected by his smile, the man reading the book unconsciously slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

       The conversation last night made Zhuo Yue give up his resistance and try to accept BDSM. This acceptance was based on trust in Fang Mingyan. Fang Mingyan himself knew this very well. Therefore, even though he had always claimed that he had no patience for educating newcomers, he still took a step-by-step approach with Zhuo Yue. He tried his best to create a relatively relaxed environment for this nervous and shy slave so that Zhuo Yue could gradually adapt to his control.

       At this moment, Zhuo Yue, who had finished washing the dishes, knelt quietly on the carpet in the living room and ‘waited’. After only about ten minutes, his eyes unconsciously turned from the man sitting on the sofa reading a book to the window. The weather has been getting warmer in the past few days, and a brightly coloured bird flew out of nowhere, swaying its tail feathers and jumping around on the bare branches.

       Zhuo Yue’s attention was completely taken away by the bird. It took him a while to come back to his senses. When he met his master’s gaze, he was startled and froze in embarrassment and uneasiness.

       “Does it look good?” the man asked with a smirk.

       “…It doesn’t look good.” He replied dryly.

       “That bird interests you more than looking at me. So I’m less good-looking than it, huh.”

       “No, I just…” He wanted to explain, but when he saw the danger hidden in those slightly narrowed slender eyes, he became panicked and tentatively called, “Master…” In this voice, there was a hint of begging for mercy, soft, like the feathers of a young bird. Unfortunately, his master was unmoved and said calmly, “Come here.”

       The unknown was unsettling. Zhuo Yue didn’t know how the man would punish him, so he was cautious when he stepped forward.

       “Face outward, stand by the window.”

       Upon hearing this order, Zhuo Yue froze immediately. Each courtyard of Hanguan was cleaned daily by dedicated personnel. At this time, three uniformed cleaners were working in the courtyard. They were very close to the house, almost right outside the window. And Zhuo Yue was naked except for the collar, without any covering.

       “Master…” He looked at Fang Mingyan at a loss, wanting to redeem the order, so he took the initiative to admit his mistake, “I was wrong.”

       “Do you need me to say it a second time?” The man’s voice gradually became colder.

       Zhuo Yue turned pale and slowly approached the floor-to-ceiling window. When he saw the worker dragging the broom looking his way, he instinctively turned back and bumped into Fang Mingyan who was standing behind him.

       The man grabbed both shoulders and turned Zhuo Yue back to the window. He whispered in his ear, “If you move again, I will throw you straight outside.”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t dare to move anymore, but at such a close distance, completely nudie, and a situation where there was no escape made all the sense of shame swarm over him. A male star who finally became famous again was naked in someone else’s house, wearing a collar, being trained and played like a pet… He didn’t even dare to think about what kind of headlines would appear on the Internet and in the media when people found out about such an act. He wanted to run away, but the person behind him wouldn’t let him.

       His fair body suddenly turned a light blush, his handsome face was even stained with red clouds, and a cold sweat broke out on his back. When the cleaner looked here, he was so nervous that he stopped breathing and could hardly stand still. It wasn’t until the three workers walked past the window, talking and laughing without noticing anything at all, that he breathed a sigh of relief as if he had survived the disaster.

       Obviously, there was no way to see it from the outside.

       It was all a false alarm.

       “Have you learned to concentrate now?” the man behind him asked.

       This kind of punishment was more painful than being whipped. The high tension just now made Zhuo Yue almost collapse. After a while, he recovered and said in a muffled voice, “Yes.”

       “Kneel down.” After waiting for Zhuo Yue to kneel down obediently, Fang Mingyan raised his chin, adjusted his sight angle to the treetops he was staring at just now, and said lightly, “I am a very tolerant master, and since you want to look at the scenery, I will let you see enough. From now on, keep this position until I agree to your change. Be forewarned, there will be penalties for moving about.” His hand slowly rubbed along Zhuo Yue’s Adam’s apple, “Among those small props, some of the clips are very interesting and will release low-voltage current from time to time. Some body parts are susceptible and will not feel comfortable when being punished.”

       Just imagining it made Zhuo Yue feel stiff all over. He was kneeling with his face raised, not daring to move. He just stared up at the branch with concentration, cursing that innocent bird countless times in his heart. Nearly forty minutes had passed by the time the man allowed him to stand up. His neck, which he had been raising, was stiff, and his back was very sore.

       Seeing his stifled look, Fang Mingyan found it funny. He patted his leg, asked him to kneel next to him, and touched his cheek, “When I touch you like this, it means I allow you to lean on me.”

       Zhuo Yue’s face turned red. He hesitated for a moment before slowly placing his head on the other person’s thigh. A big hand covered the back of his neck, massaging it slowly. He was stunned for a moment, then relaxed his body and leaned down more naturally.

       The slanting sunlight lengthened the shadows of the trees. In the quiet room, Zhuo Yue lay obediently on the man’s lap, with soft bangs covering his eyebrows. He suddenly found that he didn’t hate this feeling. He even liked it a little bit.

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