You walk alone and depressed, bearing countless scars as you walk on that long road full of thorns.

Lost in desire, wandering in embarrassment.

Indulged in deception and believed in illusions.

One day, I will wear a crown on my head, be clothed in beautiful clothes, and hold glory in my hands.

Until one day, with a crown on your head, adorned in splendour, holding the glory in your hands.

Who will be there to make you, walking under the dazzling lights, involuntarily turn around and look back?

Hey hey~
I’m back with volume 2~~
Volume 2 is somewhat longer than volume 1, and it focuses more on Marvin. He’s not as much of a green flag than Chu Yu, so well… I’ll try to tl it as much as I can but no promises as I still have couple of series I need to release once a week 😀
Also coz basically I have 2 raws that have different chapter numbering… I gotta… do some recheck…
Look forward to it~

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