Zhuo Yue, tormented by fear for so long, was now near collapse. He leaned quietly against Fang Mingyan’s shoulder with half-closed eyes, like a beautiful and obedient doll. Fang Mingyan carried him into the bathroom and placed him on a specially arranged chair. After removing his shirt, he gently stroked his cheek and asked, “Can you stand up?”

       Zhuo Yue stood up with some difficulty. Fang Mingyan held his waist and unfastened his belt with one hand. After taking off his outer pants, he stiffly held down the other person’s hand that touched the underwear. Their gazes overlapped, and there was an obvious warning in the man’s dark eyes. He lowered his head, awkwardly dropped his hands to his side, and said softly, “I’m not used to it…”

       “Start getting used to it from now on.” Fang Mingyan’s hand hooked the edge of the underwear along the waistline and pulled it down little by little.

       The slowed-down movement was clearly intentional. Zhuo Yue’s face felt hot, and his body moved back unconsciously. At this time, the man tightened the other arm around him and put a slight force on his hand on his lower back, forcing this shy body to get closer to him.

       “From the moment the contract is signed, you no longer belong to yourself.” Fang Mingyan’s timbre was as low as the wind that swept across the sea. “Your body, your actions, all your attention and emotions belong to me. Bringing me joy is your only purpose for existence, and obeying my orders is the only thing you need to do.”

       “You said that this kind of game…should be voluntary.” Zhuo Yue said awkwardly.

       “You just voluntarily agreed to the master-slave contract I proposed.” The man let go and let his underwear, which had reached his thighs, fall to the ground and then turned on the shower head.

       Being tied up and tortured in that way can be considered voluntary consent?

       There was a powerless bitter smile on Zhuo Yue’s lips. Dense water droplets poured down like heavy rain, moistening Zhuo Yue’s hair and body, and the fine water droplets stuck to the slightly drooping eyelashes. His voice was barely audible over the sound of water, “Aren’t you afraid… that I will sue you?”

       “That’s for when you can get out of here, and as for now…” The man paused, frowned and said in a deep voice, “You must abide by my game rules. I usually don’t have much patience when it comes to teaching novices, so you’d better learn as soon as you can, otherwise I will use some special methods to help you improve your memory, like putting you back in a cage full of cameras.” He looked at the terrified Zhuo Yue and continued, “The first thing that needs to be adjusted is how you address me. You will always call me ‘Master’ and use honorifics when you are not specifically asked to do so. In the presence of a third person, I allow you to call me ‘Sir’. When I call your name, it signifies that I grant you an equal status. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue tightened his lip lines and nodded in embarrassment.

       There was a coolness in Fang Mingyan’s gaze, and he looked at him without making a sound.

       Zhuo Yue was stunned by the sight; his face flushed, and he whispered, “Understood…” and then moved his lips but made no sound.

       “Can’t bring yourself to say it, huh?” The man suddenly grabbed his arm and pressed him against the bathroom wall. Before Zhuo Yue could react, that hand had already grasped the delicate shaft between his legs. Zhuo Yue gasped unexpectedly. In terms of strength, he was completely at a disadvantage. He was imprisoned between the wall and the body by the other party. His back was pressed against the cold and wet tiles. His body could not help but shrink, and he uttered a cry of mercy, “Don’t…”

       Such terminology obviously does not comply with Fang Mingyan’s language standards. He narrowed his eyes slightly, closed his palms, and used his strength punitively.

       “Ah──” Zhuo Yue trembled in pain and instinctively wanted to push him away, but the prospect of a more painful punishment sent shivers down his spine. The one inflicting pain upon him asserted dominance with a firm attitude, leaving him no room for refusal.

       “You can try your best to run away, resist, or not cooperate, if you are not afraid of pain.” The man said coldly.

       “Why are you doing this to me…” Zhuo Yue looked at Fang Mingyan sadly. Before he finished speaking, the strength on that hand became a little stronger, making him gasp in pain.

       “Slave, I just taught you how to talk to me.”

       There was a thin layer of mist in his eyes, and he tremblingly uttered the word that he was ashamed to say with a cry, “…Master.”

       The man released him and said, “Repeat.”


       “Repeat again.”

       “Master.” Tears welled up in his eyes, mixing with the water drops that wet him like raindrops. At this moment, Zhuo Yue had nothing; even the clothes he used to cover his body had been stripped off like a soulless doll waiting to be manipulated by the person holding the strings.

       Fang Mingyan reached out and raised his face slightly, letting him look at him. The moment the man’s hand touched his body, one could clearly feel the sudden tension in his body. This was a reaction of resistance and the reason Zhuo Yue didn’t hide was because he was afraid.

       Afraid of the room with the camera, afraid of pain, afraid of punishment, afraid of  his own self in front of the man.

       There was an inexplicable suffocation surged in the man’s heart, but his face remained calm and expressionless. “The second rule is to answer my questions truthfully. I need to understand your condition, so you are not allowed to hide anything from me. When you answer, you must look at me and make your statement as clearly as possible. Do you understand?”

       “…Understood, Master.” He said these few words in an awkward manner.

       Either obey or be punished. As a Dom, Fang Mingyan used such a cold and rough method to set rules for him, forcing him to recognise his absolute authority. This rule was deeply imprinted in Zhuo Yue’s heart, making him obediently hand over his autonomy to the other party little by little.

       “The third rule is that I have one-way sole ownership of you, and all your rights come from my giving.” Fang Mingyan’s hand gently teased the genitals between his legs, arousing his instinctive stiffness. “Everything about you belongs to me, including your body.” His fingertips caressed the top of Zhuo Yue’s genitals, causing him to tremble. “It is my freedom to decide how to use it, and you do not have the right to refuse. You are not to let anyone touch you without my permission, and you’re also not allowed to masturbate. Understood?”

       After hearing the words ‘no masturbation’, Zhuo Yue’s face suddenly turned red as he recalled the time when he was caught. He responded in a very soft voice, “…Understood, Master.”

       “Very good.” The man took off his soaked clothes, revealing his muscular body. The two of them were naked, facing each other in the thick wet hot air. Zhuo Yue’s breathing was stagnant. He didn’t know where to look and turned his eyes to one side in embarrassment.

       After the command, ‘No movement allowed’, Fang Mingyan began to give him a bath.

       This was the first time since his mother passed away that someone else had done this for him. The memories of his childhood were fuzzy, and now that another man was doing it for him, it was so awkward that he was at a loss for words.

       To his surprise, Fang Mingyan’s movements were gentle and meticulous, unlike his coldness when giving orders. There was no erotic element in touching or caressing, and his attitude was as serious as carving a precious handicraft. When rinsing his hair, he even thoughtfully covers the foam that runs down above his eyes.

       The light fragrance of the shower gel lingered in his nose, and his anxiety was washed away bit by bit by the water of just the right temperature, and his body gradually relaxed from the initial stiffness. He stood quietly with a slight blush on his face, letting the other person’s hands roam around his body, touching every part of his body. When the man’s fingers slowly slid along his spine into the crevice between his buttocks, Zhuo Yue could not help but tremble slightly.

       A secret and vulnerable part of him was unreservedly examined and touched by another man with nothing to hide.

       Along with the shame, there was also a sense of belonging, as if this body really belonged to the man in front of him.

       After washing, Fang Mingyan wiped the water off his body and gave the order.

       “Go wait outside.”

       Just outside the bathroom was the master bedroom. Although Zhuo Yue had lived here for a while, this was the first time he had entered the man’s bedroom.

       The slightly dull light grey tone was neutralised by the white fabric. The overhead lamp had a branch-like design, casting a fluorescent glow throughout the room. Zhuo Yue looked around, and his gaze settled on the standing birch wood coat rack. Two identical silk robes hung there. Feeling awkward being naked, he hesitated for a moment before picking one of them and putting it on.

       There were several photos on the side cabinet, including group photos and landscapes. In one of them, Fang Mingyan was wearing a black formal suit, holding a silver trophy in his hand, and an uninhibited smile on his handsome face. This photo was probably taken when he received the award for Asia’s Best New Director Award. His black eyes were shining with pride.

       Zhuo Yue was looking at the photo when there was a noise behind him. He put the photo down and turned around to meet the man’s cold gaze. This gaze made him very uneasy, and he stood in place at a loss for words.

       “Did I give you an order to get dressed?” Fang Mingyan put on another nightgown and asked in a cold tone.

       “Because there are two hanging items, I thought…”

       “The question I just asked was, ‘Did I give you an order to get dressed?'” The repetition made him feel even more oppressed. Zhuo Yue froze and said, “No…”

       “Take it off.”

      Zhuo Yue pursed his lips, took off his clothes, and hung them back up.

      Fang Mingyan sat down on the single sofa and said, “Face me and kneel down.”

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