Fang Mingyan’s ability to make the usually aloof Zhuo Yue bow his head to ask for advice naturally indicated his skills.

       In terms of family background, Fang Mingyan could be regarded as a true second-generation star. He was the only son of the great director Fang Zihe, and his mother was Xiao Mei, an actress who was very popular at the time. On one hand, he inherited his father’s artistic beauty, and on the other hand, he inherited his mother’s looks. The first movie he directed, ‘Daytime Carnival’, won Asia’s Best New Director Award in one fell swoop and made famous the then-unknown male and female protagonists Wang Chen and Qiu Zining. Then, his second movie, ‘Season of Snowfall’ was released. Although the film missed the Silver Star Award, it earned him widespread acclaim and praise, along with a considerable box office success. Qiu Zining even won the Best Actress award for this work and became a popular actress. Just when his directorial career was flourishing, Fang Mingyan unexpectedly retired from the entertainment industry and started his own entertainment company. With his connections and capital, he signed many A-listers, gradually nurtured new talent, and became a behind-the-scenes boss.

       His movies were known for their delicacy and visually stunning scenes, and he was very talented in grasping the emotions and rhythm of the actors. In ‘Season of Snowfall’, the scene where Qiu Zining dressed in a red dress and ran crying in the white snow garnered praises from netizens such as ‘every frame is as beautiful as a painting’ and ‘watching her tears fall slowly from the camera makes you want to cry’, ‘It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t look like a something from the earth’.

       Zhuo Yue knew his strength, so he asked him for advice.

       Fang Mingyan glanced at the script a few times, threw it aside, and said, “Let’s get started.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned. After all, it was not easy to memorise all the lines in such a short time. He sat down next to the man, adjusted his state slightly, raised his face to look at the other person and said, “Confessing your feelings is not that complicated if you master three key elements. Firstly, sincerity – you have to let the girl see your sincerity. Secondly, confidence – speak without stuttering; you want to move her. The most crucial point is the timing. Seize the opportunity to kiss her, and if she doesn’t reject you, consider it a success.”

       “But if she refuses, I will never have a chance again.” Fang Mingyan frowned, looking worried.

       “If you don’t fight for it, you’ll have no chance. Do you want to watch her being taken away by that man?” Zhuo Yue paused and asked, “100% impossible or 1% possible chance–which one do you choose?”

       “But, I can’t confess… I get nervous when she looks at me, and I can’t speak.” Fang Mingyan’s state of being in the play was very real. He completely shed the handsome and wealthy aura, appearing like a troubled and gloomy figure, much like an introverted individual with a downcast expression.

       “I’ll practice it with you once. That should work, right?” Zhuo Yue grabbed his arm helplessly, “Come on, think of me as her, give it a try and say it.”

       The man took a few deep breaths and said in a serious tone, “I… like you very much. I want… um, to live my whole life with you seriously. I will never cheat on you or bully you… I will…beat up anyone who bullies you… Are you willing to be with me?”

       He really memorised all the lines, and Zhuo Yue was secretly surprised. According to the script, he needed to stretch out his hand and lift Fang Mingyan’s chin, “You don’t even look at other people’s faces when you speak. How would you know their expressions? Look me in the eyes and say it carefully.”

       “I like you very much.” The man’s voice suddenly became low, and his deep black eyes seemed to contain many indescribable emotions, making Zhu Yue lose his mind for a moment. By the time he reacted, the other party had already finished his lines.

       As a professional actor, he actually got distracted during the scene. Zhuo Yue’s face felt hot, and he quickly made up for it: “Much better; the next step is to seize the opportunity to kiss her. You…can pull her into your arms when you see that she is very touched.”

       “Is this so?” Fang Mingyan stretched out his arms and pulled him into his arms.

       The warmth on his solid chest spread through the thin shirt. Zhuo Yue quickly backed away like he was shocked by an electric shock and said, “Why are you acting like you are robbing a peasant girl? Make your moves a bit more charming, natural, and gentle.”

       The man tentatively put his arm around his shoulders and said, “Is this better?”

       “Yes, I think it’s a good idea.” He was a little nervous for some reason and said, “The next step is the crucial step. You must seize the opportunity to kiss her.”

       “Kiss her…” The man approached as if he was determined yet timidly hesitant.

       At this time, according to the plot, Zhuo Yue should take the initiative to kiss the other party, but…

       They were so close to each other.

       The man lowered his eyelids slightly, his gaze seemed to become deeper, and Zhuo Yue could clearly see his reflection in the other person’s eyes.

       Zhuo Yue’s hesitation made everything seem more ambiguous. His throat felt dry. As soon as he closed his eyes, he stretched his neck and pressed his lips against those beautiful thin lips. Originally, he was the one who initiated the scene, but when that strong hand clasped the back of his neck, everything went out of its original direction.

       The hot and wet tongue rolled around in his mouth, easily taking away his breath as if carrying an irresistible desire, drawing in his essence, anticipating his response. Eventually, it retreated in the midst of his bewildered struggles.

       “You…” Zhuo Yue’s breath was confused; his face turned red, and he stared at Fang Mingyan in disbelief.

       The man looked at him calmly and asked, “What’s the difference between when you take the initiative and when I take the initiative?”

       Zhuo Yue was startled, and it took him a moment to realise that the other person was giving guidance. Somewhat embarrassed, he said, “The intensity was different. I was… too hasty just now, and the speed was too fast.”

       Different from his subtle movements, Fang Mingyan’s kiss was rough, yet it carried a restrained tenderness. It seemed eager to delve deeper but stopped short, ultimately pulling away when met with resistance. A careful analysis of that kiss revealed it to be laden with emotions—love, restraint, sadness, and an indescribable hint of despair—completely aligned with the emotional state of the male character.

       “An actor must be fully committed to the role when performing. I shouldn’t need to teach you this. Zhuo Yue, to be honest, your performance disappointed me. This kiss should be your most important role in the play. However, from the performance just now, I didn’t see any of your feelings for me. From the dialogue to the actions, it was stiff, perfunctory, and ridiculous, as if you couldn’t wait to push me away. You didn’t try to integrate yourself into this role but regard it as a task that must be completed.” The man stood up and concluded clearly, “Since you are so resistant to this role, you don’t have to go to the audition tomorrow.”

       These words caused Zhuo Yue’s face to heat up. He knew very well that every criticism from Fang Mingyan was an indication of his failure to do what he wanted. Looking back, the performance just now felt bad even to him. He was about to lose his chance to act, and in a moment of desperation, he shouted in the direction of the staircase, “Chairman Fang!

       Fang Mingyan turned back to look at him.

       “Can I… try again?”

       “Being your boss involves clearing debts, providing room and board, and even practising kissing scenes. Isn’t my sacrifice a bit too significant?” the man retorted.

       Zhuo Yue was thin-skinned and was not used to asking for help, so he immediately retreated in embarrassment, “If you are not willing to do so, then…”

       “Okay, come on.” Fang Mingyan interrupted him neatly, “I’ll give you three minutes. Skip ahead and start directly with the kiss.”

       Zhuo Yue walked up to him and silently brewed his emotions. His black eyes gradually became filled with strong and forbearing emotions, glowing obscurely under the lamp. The man in front of him was about five centimetres taller than him. He reached out and hooked his neck, then raised his face and kissed him without hesitation.

       He took the initiative and took control of the whole area. He kissed the other person’s lips with an open mouth, then reached into the wet and hot mouth to wrap around the unmoved tongue. His movements were enthusiastic but cautious, like a moth flying into a flame and like a devout believer who wanted to risk his life but did not dare to do anything wrong. The slightly frowned eyebrows and tightly closed eyes vividly displayed the ambivalence. The control of emotions was even more delicate than Fang Mingyan’s demonstration just now.

       The kiss lingered, and Zhuo Yue, who was supposed to be pushed away, waited without sensing any movement from the other person. He opened his eyes, feeling a bit perplexed.

       The man’s slightly lowered eyes were filled with some unpredictable emotions. In such close proximity, Zhuo Yue could even feel the rise and fall of the other person’s chest and the feeling of the gradually hardening part of his crotch pressing against his lower abdomen. He stiffened all over and stepped back in a panic. However, there was a sofa behind him. As he leaned backwards, he sat on the armrest of the sofa.

       The man standing in place seemed very straightforward, “I am a homosexual, and if you kiss me like this, I will naturally have a physiological reaction.”

       Zhuo Yue was extremely embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, so he had to apologise, “I’m sorry.”

       “Just because I have a reaction doesn’t mean I will do anything to you. Don’t be so nervous.” Fang Mingyan curled his lips and changed into a frivolous and joking tone, “You are so red. Are you shy?”

       Zhuo Yue’s face flushed even more when Fang Mingyan spoke, and he was speechless.

       The man laughed, “Okay, go to bed early and act well tomorrow.”

       His eyes lit up, and he asked, “Can I go tomorrow?”

       “You’re barely qualified. Don’t embarrass me then.”

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