Chapter 28 – Undercurrent

       To Fang Mingyan’s surprise, Zhuo Yue’s camera phobia had improved greatly since the last time. He no longer paid constant attention to the direction of the camera but focused on completing his orders. At the same time, he also noticed that Zhuo Yue no longer stayed with him during his free time. That day when he went upstairs, he found the cage door slightly ajar. Gently pushing it open a crack, he saw the figure in the centre of the room.

       He didn’t know when Zhuo Yue entered or how long he sat there. At that moment, he curled up into a ball, sat on the carpet with his knees in his arms, and whispered repeatedly, “Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. I will get better… Just hold on and everything will be fine…”

       He was actually doing special training for himself.

       Fang Mingyan smiled helplessly and did not go in to interrupt. Instead, he stood outside the door and left quietly before Zhuo Yue came out.

       It went on for several days in a row. Whenever Zhuo Yue entered the cage, the man would accompany him silently outside.

       Before anyone knew it, a month had passed. Zhuo Yue showed improvement in his music lessons. He learned to read music and his pitch was much better than before. The person responsible for teaching him music was Zhang Yi, thirty years old, with a decisive and efficient style. After becoming famous in the music industry, she met her current lover. They fell in love and quit the music industry without hesitation to get married and start a life of two. She grew up with Fang Mingyan, sharing a deep understanding and often reminiscing about their childhood adventures with Zhuo Yue in their leisure time.

       “Why is Mr Mingyan afraid of cats?” Zhuo Yue asked.

       “I know about this.” She smiled, “He must have been seven or eight years old at that time. Uncle Fang went to shoot a movie, and he followed him. One spring, he went to the north, and there was a female cat around in the wild fields nearby. He often fed it as it wandered around. The cat became close with him as time goes by, and once took him to its nest, where there were two newborn kittens. That day, the old cat was killed while filming an explosion scene. He was so sad that he went to the litter and took the two kittens back to raise them. The kittens were not even fully furred, and the conditions on the film set were so poor that he couldn’t raise them, and they both died. After that, he never went near the cats again, thinking that she wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t lured the mother cat to the film set by feeding her.”

       “It’s not because of fear, but because of sadness.” Zhuo Yue imagined Fang Mingyan’s guilt and self-blame when he was seven or eight years old, and gently curved the corners of his lips, “Sir has been very gentle since he was a child.”

       “Pfft.” Zhang Yi laughed out loud, “He is very ruthless with other people. Look at the celebrities in Huasheng. They are all showing off their power, but when they see him, they are as quiet as a mouse when it sees a cat. His parents were too dazzling, which put a lot of pressure on him. He left home early when he was a teenager and worked alone in this circle. He stumbled and was subjected to numerous calculations and betrayals. At that time, it seemed like he was surrounded by many friends and allies, but in reality, he found it difficult to accept and trust others. I fear that even a sincere friend could only be counted with two hands. If he is gentle with you, it means that you are important to him.”

       Zhuo Yue pursed his lips, lowered his head, and said, “Many people… think that Sir is very gentle.”

       “You mean those Sub bed partners he has?” Seeing the other party looking at him in surprise, Zhang Yi said with a smile, “I am his childhood friend after all, so of course I know his hobbies. I have also seen a few of his subs. His attitude towards them is not so much gentleness, but rather the demeanor that a dom should have. As for you…” She paused, a hint of slyness flashing in her eyes, “After you live here, has he ever called other Subs?”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned, and his face instantly turned red.

       “Gentleness is rare, enjoy it.” Zhang Yi patted his shoulder meaningfully, “Come on, learn to sing this song to him.”

       Zhuo Yue took the score and after seeing the title clearly, he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even utter a word.

       It was the most popular recent new song— ‘I Would Like to Give You Everything I Have to Repay Your Tenderness’.


       At the end of the class, Zhuo Yue accompanied the teacher away and looked up at the wall clock.

       It was forty minutes past ten.

       Fang Mingyan hadn’t come back yet; obviously, he had some social engagement. The room seemed empty. Zhuo Yue read for a while and did some cleaning. He sat on the sofa and watched an extremely boring football match on TV. Both sides were overly defensive. After halftime, the score was still the same. When the hour hand passed twelve o’clock, he went upstairs, had his bath, and then lay down on the rug beside his bed.

       He couldn’t sleep for a long time. After tossing and turning many times, he climbed onto the big bed and lay down. There seemed to be the man’s breath lingering on it, which made him feel at ease in the dark night, and he fell asleep in a short while. He slept lightly and woke up when there was a slight noise in the room. However, before he could get up, he felt the bed move and a tall body covered the top.

       In the darkness, Fang Mingyan was like a lion trapping his prey under his body. There was an unpredictable depth in his bright eyes.

       “Master.” Zhuo Yue called softly.

       “Climbing into bed while the master is away.” The man narrowed his eyes slightly, “Who taught you this?”

       “Master, I… um─” Before he could admit his mistake, Zhuo Yue felt his feet and ankles being grabbed and then forcefully pulled away. The strong body pressed down, and the strong smell of alcohol came towards him. Fang Mingyan’s slightly hoarse voice was tinged with undercurrents of lust, “Slave, you are seducing me.”

       The warm and drunken breath blew in Zhuo Yue’s ears, causing a slight shiver to appear all over his body. He tilted his head impatiently, and the hand that lightly reached under his body gave a punishing pinch to his sac, causing him to gasp. Then the man rolled his earlobe into his mouth with his wet and hot tongue, ground it gently with the tips of his teeth, and then slowly licked his earlobe in a playful manner. Zhuo Yue, who was already sensitive, completely lost control under such stimulation, and his breathing easily lost its rhythm.

       A slightly rough kiss went down the side of his neck, stopping at the bulge on his chest, sucking, licking and biting, teasing him in every possible way. The painful and numb feeling spread throughout his body like an electric shock. Zhuo Yue could no longer bear it and trembled and moaned, “Ah─ Master…”

       This moan contained the shyness of a virgin, but it was also tainted with lust. It was like a catalyst, filling the whole room with an ambiguous and lustful atmosphere.

       “Have you taken a shower? You smell good.” Fang Mingyan sniffed Zhuo Yue’s skin like a giant cat, greedily ingesting the faint aroma of the shower gel on his skin, slowly going down his chest, licking the flat belly of the person under him.

       “I-I did…” This short answer made Zhuo Yue use up all his strength, and the aroused passion was fully awakened. He tensed his body, and his hands tightly grasped the clothes under him as if looking for support from the sheet underneath him.

       The man spread his knees further, completely exposing the most private area between his legs, and then gave the order, “Keep this position, don’t move.”

       When the lights gradually brightened, Zhuo Yue trembled with shame. At this moment, he spread his legs wide, like a shameless sex slave, waiting for the other man to violate him.

       However, the other party did not make a move for a long time. He just held his bent knees and looked at the scenery between his legs with interest. That gaze seemed to carry a scorching temperature, burning every inch of skin it touched. In this posture, the changes in the body cannot be hidden at all. The sleeping genitals between the legs wake up little by little, facing the viewer with a high-spirited attitude.

       A low laugh lingered in his ears, and Fang Mingyan’s curved eyebrows were full of ambiguity, “Just looking at it makes you so excited. If so…” Without finishing the second half of the sentence, he leaned closer and moved toward the erect c0ck and blew lightly.

       The hot breath blew on the sensitive area, teasing Zhuo Yue’s already uncontrollable desire. The genitals showed a more stretched posture, and its owner gasped and made a pleading voice, “Master, hng… please…”

       “What are you asking me to do?” The man didn’t touch the poor little thing with his hands but kept blowing on it.

       “Please…please, it feels so uncomfortable…” Zhuo Yue was lifted up into the air by the wave of desire and stuck, unable to release or escape. His mind was muddled as if it had been stirred up. His eyes were already watery and wet, adding a bit of sultry aura. He didn’t dare to move, so he kept asking his master for help.

       “Slave, you should beg me to satisfy you.” Fang Mingyan continued to tease the sensitive little brother in a playful manner.

       Zhuo Yue had almost lost the ability to think, and the remaining shame was covered up by desire. He repeated with a crying voice, “Please, please satisfy me…”

       “You’re very good, I’ll give you a reward.” The man held down his thigh, lowered his head, and slowly licked the top of the high-spirited c0ck. The hot and moist friction of his tongue with a slightly rough texture caused the top of the c0ck to ooze out transparent liquid instantly. Zhuo Yue, who was about to lose control, gasped and begged for mercy, “Master… Don’t, ugh, I can’t bear it…” He curled up his toes, his naked body became reddish, and his chest heaved violently.

       However, it was not over yet. When Fang Mingyan opened his mouth to hold the tip of his c0ck, Zhuo Yue, who could no longer bear the stimulation, raised his neck, arched his body like a fish on the verge of suffocation, and ejaculated tremblingly. The sound of crying echoed in the room, full of obscene meaning.

       When Zhuo Yue gradually sobered up from his climax and realised what had just happened, he was ashamed and frightened and said stiffly, “I was wrong, Master, I didn’t mean it… I couldn’t control it just now…”

       He surrendered too quickly just now. Before the man could completely avoid it, a lot of white liquid was splashed on one side of his face. He wiped it off with his fingers, then hung his semen-stained fingers above Zhuo Yue’s mouth and gave a brief command, “Lick it clean.”

       Zhuo Yue blushed and timidly stuck out his tongue, half-closed his eyes, and raised his head to lick the man’s fingers. The hand hovering above slowly went up, and he had to slowly support his body. At this moment, he was like a hungry little animal, following the food and being lured to an unknown place.

       After he sat up completely, Fang Mingyan inserted his index finger into his mouth and played with his innocent lips. However, the finger deep into the base of the tongue soon caused Zhuo Yue to react violently and continuously retching.

       “I’m sorry…Master.” After he calmed down, he apologised in frustration.

       The man knew very well that he had this reaction because he had been forced to give oral sex to others before, so he took out his fingers, raised his eyebrows and said, “If the upper part doesn’t work, I have to use the lower part.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment, and before he could react, he was pushed down again and then turned over into a sprawling position. The cold lubricating fluid dripped from high places and flowed down along the seam of the buttocks, soaking the tight areas and soaking them. He lay tightly on the bed and called out uneasily, “Master…?”

       “It’s your turn to satisfy me, slave.” The man’s slender fingers penetrated between the legs, spreading the butt crack, completely exposing the hidden hole. The lubricating fluid warmed by the body slowly flowed through the pale rose-coloured tender meat at the entrance of the tight hole. Every subtle feeling was amplified, and the itchy and greasy feeling made Zhuo Yue unable to help but tremble all over. There was a sound of fabric scraping behind him, and then some clothes were thrown under the bed. One hand held his lower back, and the other hand reached down between his legs, gently and sometimes heavily kneading the sac that was soaked in lubricant. The pain and pleasure were intertwined, causing the genitals that had just ejaculated to stand up again.

       Fang Mingyan pulled a pillow and put it under his waist and abdomen. As if it was not enough, he put another pillow down, forcing him to raise his hips. Then, the strong body pressed down, and the lower bodies fit together more closely. The thick and hot hard object rubbed back and forth slowly in the slit moistened with lubricant. It touched the hole several times and then slowly moved away—each time it made Zhuo Yue tremble.

       Although he had not experienced it in reality, he vaguely knew what would happen next. The obscene gold chain man had done something similar to him before. During that indecent assault, the other party used his fingers and a vibrator to forcefully open his back hole, which made him extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, in the end, his lower body was not seriously injured. Later, he went to check some relevant information and understood the way men have sex. Because the back point was not a natural place for sexual intercourse, it couldn’t loosen and secrete body fluids on its own, so it must be lubricated and expanded, otherwise, the recipient would be easily injured.

       However, at this moment, the man had no intention of expanding for him. Zhuo Yue could roughly feel how big he was just by touch. If he forced his way in with such a size… He felt scared, but he didn’t make any resistance. He just tensed his body, bit his lower lip and lay silently, letting the other party control everything. When the scorching huge thing pressed against the hole again and tried to invade with a little force, he trembled and clutched the sheets tightly and closed his eyes.

       The expected tearing pain did not come. The man above him stopped moving, put his palms on his trembling body, and said, “Why don’t you reject me if you are afraid of this?”

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes were a little wet, “I have no right to refuse you…”

       “You have been very obedient today. Aren’t you afraid that I might hurt you if I drink too much?”

       He remained silent for a while and then said softly, “You said you wouldn’t let me get hurt.”

       The determination in that tone made Fang Mingyan pause slightly, with a faint smile in his eyes. He patted Zhuo Yue’s side buttocks and ordered, “Lift your buttocks and tighten your legs.”

       Zhuo Yue complied without knowing why. Immediately afterwards, the slightly ferocious c0ck was inserted from behind along the base of his thigh, thrusting back and forth into the perineum area between his legs, mimicking intercourse. Every invasion would rub against Zhuo Yue’s sac, stirring the slippery liquid and making an ambiguous sound that made people blush.

       This intercourse position simulated real sexual intercourse without actually entering the back hole. Zhuo Yue was trembling from the powerful impact of the man again and again. There was a wet patch between his legs, and the front end of his c0ck was constantly rubbing against the pillow, arousing pleasure.

       He couldn’t see himself, nor could he see Fang Mingyan behind him, but he could completely imagine the current situation.

       He raised his buttocks high and allowed the other man to continue to invade his legs. But he shamefully got pleasure from such a violation and kept craving for more. This kind of imagination made the stimulation more fierce, and he called out tremblingly, “Master… Uhn…”

       The man behind him lifted up his waist and forced him into a kneeling position. His deep voice was husky with lust, “Clamp your legs.” Before he could kneel down firmly, he thrust his c0ck roughly into the between legs again, at the same time, the emptied c0ck in front of Zhuo Yue was also held in Fang Mingyan’s hand and started to move with the frequency of thrusting.

       The excessive stimulation almost caused Zhuo Yue to collapse, and the short moans, one after another, were like aphrodisiacs, intensifying the man’s movements.

       “Master…ahhh──” He wanted to cum but was restrained by the sudden tightening of the man’s palms, causing him to arch his back unbearably.

       “This is your punishment for ejaculating without permission just now.” Fang Mingyan held the base of his c0ck and breathed slightly, “I’m going to train your tolerance today.”

       “Please… no, I can’t bear it anymore…” Before he could finish his words, he received a slap on his ass. The sudden pain soon merged with the wave of desire, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other. Zhuo Yue’s eyes were full of mist, and he couldn’t help but gasp, “Master, I was wrong… Ah, please forgive me…”

       “Hold it yourself.” The man said solemnly, “If you cum before I give you permission, I will tie you up, fill you with toys and throw you into the cage.”

       Hearing this command, Zhuo Yue almost cried. He did not dare to disobey his master, so he could only hold the base of his erect c0ck tightly and endure the climax that was about to come.

       When Fang Mingyan gave him permission, he cried and ejaculated, then fell limply on the bed. All the man’s semen ejaculated between Zhuo Yue’s buttocks. His lower body was dripping with liquids and he didn’t even have the strength to stand up. Fang Mingyan held him in his arms and helped him took a bath. He fell asleep halfway through. When he woke up the next day, he found himself on the bed in the guest room, with the man’s peaceful sleeping face next to him.

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