The man’s kiss was incredibly gentle, with fleeting touches and delicate friction that seemed only to provide comfort. Zhuo Yue gradually calmed down with this sudden kiss. When their lips parted, he called out softly, somewhat perplexed, “Master?”

       “You belong to me.” Fang Mingyan looked at him, his eyes sucking in all the light like black holes, “No matter what I do to you, it is reasonable.”

       Zhuo Yue’s face gradually turned from pale to red, and he pursed his lips nervously.

       “Exactly three minutes.” The man stood up and carried him out of the study as promised. Zhuo Yue was covered in cold sweat, and after drinking some warm water, he finally recovered. Seeing the bloody stains on Fang Mingyan’s neck that he had scratched, he felt very sorry and silently brought alcohol and cotton balls to disinfect him.

       “Do you know what the punishment is for a slave who hurts his master?” The man sat on the sofa in the bedroom raised his eyes and looked at him.

       Zhuo Yue shook his head in embarrassment and said, “I don’t know…”

       “Under normal circumstances, twenty lashes and two days of solitary confinement, with subjective intent doubling the punishment.” After Fang Mingyan finished speaking, he took in the sight of the slave, tense and unwilling to plead, and smirked. “Considering it’s your first offence, I’ll make an exception and give you a chance to make amends.”

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes lit up instantly like the bright moon parting the clouds.

       The man hooked his collar, pulled him into his arms, and then gave the order, “From now on, don’t move around until I am satisfied.”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know what Fang Mingyan was going to do next, but just the fact that he was kneeling naked on the other person’s lap with his legs open at this moment made him extremely ashamed, not to mention that the two of them were facing each other and so close. The man leaned back leisurely on the sofa, squinted his eyes slightly, raised his fingers to caress the side of Zhuo Yue’s cheek as if appreciating a work of art, teased his Adam’s apple downward, passed over the collarbone, and lingered on the bulge on the left side of the chest. At first, it was just a simple touch and caress, and then he pinched it between the fingers and kneaded it gently. Zhuo Yue had always been abstinent, and that sensitive little fruit couldn’t stand such deliberate play. It stood upright at that moment, and its colour was so attractive. Fang Mingyan looked at his shy and helpless look, with a smile in his eyes. He used some strength to pinch the poor chest with his hands. The momentary pain turned into numbness and spread, and Zhuo Yue shivered and couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

       “Tell me your identity.” The man’s hand movement did not stop and turned to the other side of his chest. Zhuo Yue was completely unable to resist such teasing, but he did not dare to move. He only tensed his body, “I am your slave.”

       “Tell me your rights.”

       “All my rights come from…ah──” The man’s fingers traced his tight belly, teasing the exposed genitals between his legs, and lightly scratched the small hole at the front with his fingertips, causing Zhuo Yue to tremble violently. It was difficult even to continue the answer.

       “Who allowed you only to answer half of it, huh?” Fang Mingyan wrapped his palm around the balls and kneaded it wantonly.

       Zhuo Yue’s body flushed, and his breathing became more rapid. He forced himself to say, “Master… all my rights come from your giving…”

       “Tell me your duty.”

       “Ah── to please you…” Desire sprouted and gradually awakened in the body. He leaned back slightly impatiently, his eyes gradually filled with mist.

       The man let go of the little guy who had tilted up, held his waist with one hand, and reached behind him with the other, stroking his buttocks. “Slave, every part of your body belongs to me.” His fingers went deep into the crack of your buttocks, passing through the hole hidden in the secret place, and he said slowly, “‘Belongs’ not only means that I have the right to you. But I also have the right to own you, and the right to use you. When I want to use you, you have no right to refuse.”

       Zhuo Yue was tortured by the swarming passion that lingered painlessly, unable to be vented and suppressed. He was so nervous that his whole body stiffened, and he raised his face and gasped. However, his master controlled the rhythm unhurriedly, slowly but forcefully invading every inch of his skin. When the fingertips touched the hole, he trembled and let out a whimper. He called out shyly with a red face, “Master…”

       Fang Mingyan looked up at him and said with a smirk, “Do you hate me touching you?”

       Zhuo Yue bit his lower lip in embarrassment and hesitated for a moment, then whispered, “I’m just a little…scared.” After saying that, he no longer had the courage to look at the man in front of him and turned his blushing face away.

       Although this sentence was said as loudly as a mosquito, Fang Mingyan still heard it clearly.

       This was the first time Zhuo Yue had expressed his feelings so frankly in front of him.

       His fingers did not go deep, but lightly and gently drew circles on the lower back, asking, “Are you afraid that I will hurt you?”

       “No…” Zhuo Yue felt like the rest of his body had lost all sensation. Only the places touched by those hands were extremely sensitive. Every tiny friction was amplified countless times, letting oneself fall apart completely. His breathing became heavier, and the corners of his eyes were filled with water. He reluctantly said, “I haven’t done it… I, um… don’t know what to do…”

       It was not that he was afraid of hurting himself; he was afraid that he wouldn’t do well.

       The relationship that started out as forced pain finally started to become a willing one. His shy and sensitive slave agrees with this role and approach, which gives him more trust and openness.

       He let go and leaned on the sofa, looking at the confused man in front of him, “Slave, I will let you fully feel and show me your desires. In order to reward your honesty, I give you the right to choose. I will be the one doing it, or you can do it yourself.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment before he realised what he meant. He was immediately embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He blushed and curled up his fingers, and called out shyly, “Master…” There was an element of begging and pleading in his voice, mixed together with some hints of coquettishness. After he said it, he felt even more embarrassed. He wanted to hide but had nowhere to hide, so he lowered his head and said nothing.

       “Don’t like these two options?” The man said leisurely, “You can also use those tools placed in the cage to achieve the same effect.”

       Zhuo Yue froze and shook his head in panic, “No…”

       “Tell me your choice.”

       He hesitated for a moment, then lowered his eyes and said with determination, “I… choose you.”

       Fang Mingyan lowered his gaze and smiled softly, as if a warm wind had arisen out of thin air, blowing the wheat field planted in his heart. He hooked Zhuo Yue’s collar and pulled him into his arms, gently licked his slightly red earlobes, deliberately lowered his voice in his ears, and said word by word, “There will be a price to pay for letting me take action.”

       The hot and moist touch and gentle breath made Zhuo Yue shudder, and he was already turned over, lying on his back on the sofa. The sensitive part between his hind legs was held by the man pressing on him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes shyly. However, the sudden pain in that place forced him to open it again.

       “Look at me.” Fang Mingyan’s eyes looked like a boundless sea.

       Zhuo Yue’s usual life could be described as simple and ascetic. Apart from self-gratification, he had no sexual experience whatsoever. After being molested in that way, he became resistant to desire. In addition, he had been taking drugs before, and almost didn’t even masturbate. Now the suppressed desire in this body had completely awakened under the guidance of another man.

       The delicate sexual organs gradually swelled under skilful teasing, showing a great excitement in the veins. However, Fang Mingyan seemed reluctant to let everything end too soon. With teasing touches that were almost imperceptible, alternating between quick and slow strokes, and a grip that tightened and loosened unpredictably, Zhuo Yue found himself fluctuating between peaks and valleys. Like a small boat in the waves of desire, he was tossed up and down, as if countless tiny currents were coursing through his body. All thoughts in his mind vanished, leaving only the man before him to dominate his world, providing him with all the pleasure and unbearable sensations.

       He tilted his neck back to reveal the beautiful curve of his neck, the muscles on his inner thighs were tense, and his toes were curled up. The glimmering water in his eyes was filled with lust, and his shy and forbearing expression contained an unquenchable desire. Moans and gasps were mixed together, and the pure voice was stained with lust, and there was a special ambiguous sensuality. After a wave of unrequited requests, he finally couldn’t help but tremble and said, “Master, ahh──”

       “I said, there is a price for my actions. You are not allowed to cum without my permission.” Fang Mingyan curled his lips and rubbed the extremely sensitive crown with his fingertips, causing him to tremble repeatedly. The desire kept accumulating, but when it was about to break through, it was tightly imprisoned in the body again. Zhuo Yue felt that he was going crazy. He could no longer care about shame and other things and just murmured, “Let me cum… Let me cum… I can’t stand it anymore…”

       The man raised his eyebrows and tightened his grip, “Who taught you this rule of ordering your master?”

       “I was wrong…” He begged for mercy with a crying voice, “Master, please…”

       “There is no sincerity.” Fang Mingyan was intent on stalling to build up Zhuo Yue’s patience, so he kept the pace under control.

       However, to his surprise, the person below him whimpered and begged for mercy in vain, slightly propped up his upper body with his arms, then raised his face and took the initiative to press his lips.

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