What Zhuo Yue didn’t expect was that he would soon have the opportunity to have close contact with BDSM.

       That night, he was watching TV downstairs, and Fang Mingyan went back to the room to take a shower after working out. The phone rang for a while, and Zhuo Yue picked it up. It was the doorman who called, saying that a guest came to see Mr. Fang in Building No.15. Zhuo Yue didn’t recognise the man on the screen, and he was afraid the man was an important visitor, so he asked the guard to send him in first.

       Soon, a man of about twenty-five years old appeared at the door. He had chestnut hair and a slightly boyish appearance. The silver earring on his right ear shimmered under the lamp. The coat on his body was very thin, and his body was slightly hunched up. When he saw Zhuo Yue opening the door, his eyes showed deep disappointment after the initial surprise.

       “He is taking a bath. Please come in and sit for a while.” Zhuo Yue said.

       The man bit his lip and didn’t move.

       Zhuo Yue felt strange and wanted to say something, but he heard a low and cold voice from behind, “Why are you here?” He turned around and saw Fang Mingyan coming down from upstairs. The water on his hair was not yet dry, and there was a bit of chill in his slightly squinted eyes.

       When the young man standing outside the door saw him, his eyes suddenly brightened a little, and he spoke with some restraint, “Sir… I’m here because… I want to see you…”

       The deliberate use of honorifics in the conversation made Zhuo Yue feel a bit uncomfortable. He stepped aside from the door and explained to Fang Mingyan, “The phone rang just now, and the doorman said he was your guest. I was afraid you had an important appointment, so I asked them to send him in first.”

       “Okay.” The man responded with a faint look at the person outside the door and said, “I don’t recall allowing you to come over today, Nick.”

       “I wanted to see you, I miss you so much…” The man named Nick had a pleading look in his eyes, and his voice trembled a little from the cold.

       “Since when is my time at your mercy?” Fang Mingyan’s voice was low and icy, and the slowed pace brought a strong sense of oppression. Even Zhuo Yue, who was standing beside him, could feel it.

       “Sir…” Nick’s eyes were full of panic. He knelt down on the steps outside the door and begged, “I was wrong… Please, please don’t be angry…”

       Zhuo Yue opened his eyes wide and looked at everything in front of him in disbelief. He vaguely guessed the relationship between the two, but he didn’t expect Nick to kneel down.

       The man, however, was not moved at all. He said, “Go back” coldly and closed the door, leaving Nick outside.

       This kind of Fang Mingyan made Zhuo Yue a little uncomfortable. To be fair, although the man’s words were sometimes frivolous, his attitude towards him had always been gentle and tolerant. The current icy and dominant aura, the cold and almost ruthless rejection, made Zhuo Yue feel unfamiliar.

       Seeing Zhuo Yue standing awkwardly, the man said, “Do you think I’m being unreasonable?”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know what to say for a moment and glanced out the window worriedly. As expected, Nick was still kneeling outside.

       Fang Mingyan took out a carton of milk from the refrigerator and heated it in the microwave. “He is my slave, and correspondingly, I am his master. These two roles are derivatives of Dom and Sub. After the master-slave relationship is established, the slave is completely obedient to the master. Behaviours like intruding into the master’s home without consent are not allowed.”

       Zhuo Yue felt that these words were completely beyond his understanding and asked in confusion, “Does the slave have to obey all the master’s demands completely?”

       “In principle, yes. However, it is the master’s task to ensure the safety of the slave. The master will not give orders to the slave that will cause physical or psychological harm to him.” Fang Mingyan explained patiently, “There are many Sub that like a certain degree of humiliation and pain, which will make them feel owned and arouse their desires, but too strong physical stimulation will cause harm to the body. Moreover, if a Dom insults a Sub’s personality without skill, it may lead to the Sub doubting and denying themselves, resulting in a psychological breakdown. Therefore, as a master, it’s important to understand the physical acceptance and psychological endurance of the slave and ensure their safety during interactions.”

       After this explanation, he seemed to understand a little bit and said, “Dom requires strong control.”

       The man put on anti-scalding gloves and took out the heated milk cup, “Dom is like a director, designing the script, controlling the interaction, controlling the behaviour of the Sub, and getting feedback from the Sub.”

       “It’s in line with your profession.” Zhuo Yue said, glancing out the window with some reluctance, “He’s still kneeling…”

       There was a hint of a smile in Fang Mingyan’s eyes, “You want him to come in?”

       He looked away in embarrassment and said, “…Didn’t you say you would ensure the slave’s safety? On such a cold day, with him dressed so lightly, kneeling down like that will surely make him freeze.”

       The man smiled, turned up the temperature of the room and opened the door.

       “Sir…” The voice of the man kneeling at the door trembled as he looked at him sadly.

       “Come in.” He said in a commanding tone.

       Nick got up and went into the house, where the warm environment helped him relax. His eyes glanced at Zhuo Yue in the kitchen; he hesitated for a moment, then lowered his head and quickly unbuttoned his coat. The clothes were taken off one by one, followed by the pants. After he took off all his clothes, he quietly knelt down at the entrance. His knees were slightly open, his waist straight, his hands behind his back, and he looked up at his master.

       This situation caught Zhuo Yue off guard, and he was completely frozen. He turned away, not knowing where to look.

       “Slave, because you appeared on your own initiative, you caused inconvenience to my guests.” Fang Mingyan looked at Nick condescendingly, “I ask you to apologise to him.”

       “I’m sorry, Mr. Guest.” Nick said softly, lowering his head.

       “…It’s okay.” Zhuo Yue responded uncomfortably.

       “Come and drink the milk on the table, and then go and stay in the cage.” Fang Mingyan’s order was concise and clear.

       “Yes, Master.” Nick changed the way he addressed him. He acted very obediently, perhaps because of his shyness, and his naked body had a slightly reddish colour.

       Zhuo Yue turned completely away from the window. After Nick finished drinking the milk and went upstairs, he was still staring at the trees in the yard in a daze.

       “You’re the one who let him in, and now you find it awkward?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       He glared at the man in embarrassment, “You didn’t say he would take off his clothes.”

       “What, are you shy about seeing him naked?”

       Zhuo Yue’s face turned red, and he said stiffly, “What do I have to be shy of?”

       Fang Mingyan said with a chuckle, “I will train him on the fourth floor. You can use the area below as you like. Of course, if you are interested, you can come up and observe. Nick is fine with a third person being present.”

       “…I’m not interested.” Zhuo Yue’s face was hot, and he went upstairs to his room.

       He was in the room reading the script that had been passed to him. The title of the play was ‘The Goddess Strategy’. As a romantic light comedy that was intended for Valentine’s Day, the name was appropriately cheesy.

       The plot was also the usual cliché. The spare wheel, Lin Xiu had been secretly in love with the goddess Dong Xue for many years, but he never dared to confess his feelings. When he saw that the goddess was about to be seduced by the rich and handsome Li Haofeng, he was anxious and asked his friend Hua Zhan to help him plan how to catch the goddess. After making a lot of jokes, he finally got his wish and got the beauty back in his arms. This drama would have been a flop at the box office if it were in anyone else’s hands, but the combination of A-list actor Lu Chenyang, popular queen Jiang Yan and gold medal director Xie Anqing still had great box office appeal.

       Hua Zhan was the role Zhuo Yue was going to play—a gay who had been secretly in love with Lin Xiu for many years. As Fang Mingyan expected, among the few scenes he had, the kiss scene was the most important. Zhuo Yue looked at the script and suddenly remembered the kiss between him and Fang Mingyan, and his face gradually turned red. He shook his head and tried to concentrate on reciting the lines, but he couldn’t calm down for some reason. He remembered a short dialogue in bits and pieces and finally lay on his back on the bed and stared at the ceiling in frustration.

       What were they doing in that room upstairs?

       Although he said he was not interested, his curiosity still drove him to step onto the stairs. The black door on the fourth floor was wide open, and the bright light was enough for him standing far away at the top of the stairs to see everything inside clearly.

       Nick was being hung on a metal execution rack. The wrists that were fastened to the horizontal bar of the rack could not bear the weight of the body for a long time, but the height was cunningly controlled at a distance where it was difficult for the feet to touch the ground normally. Only by trying to stand on tiptoe could the ground be barely touched. His whole body was glowing with a faint blush, and he was trembling slightly. The high-spirited genitals between the legs were tightly wrapped with a bright red ribbon and tied with a bow in a playful manner. Nick gasped and begged, “Master… Ngh… Please…”

       Fang Mingyan, who was sitting on the sofa directly opposite, ignored him and pressed the thing in his hand. He then heard the other party scream in surprise, and the other party’s body shook even harder. The moans in his mouth turned into vague whimpering. After struggling a few times, a short vibrator from between the buttocks fell to the ground, buzzing in the carpet, rotating and twisting.

       After that moment, Nick turned pale, looked at his master in panic, and begged, “Master, I didn’t mean it… Please forgive me…”

       “Don’t want this? Okay.” Fang Mingyan stood up, took another electric toy from the cabinet, and put it against Nick’s lips, “Lick it wet.”

       The di-do was thick and long, and its shaft was covered with many protrusions. Nick’s eyes were full of panic; he shrank back and said, “Master… please, I can’t stand this… uh──” Before he could finish his words, the thing had roughly invaded his mouth.

       The man raised his chin to force him to swallow the shaft deeper, with a cold look on his face, “Slave, I don’t remember giving you the right to refuse.”

       The thick and long foreign object occupied his mouth, and Nick’s eyes were watery. He resignedly tried his best to swallow and lick the thing that was about to make him want to die and occasionally made a vague guttural sound. After the surface of the di-do was thoroughly wet, Fang Mingyan took it out, moved it around to the back, and inserted it into the empty asshole bit by bit.

       The sphincter and mucous membrane were completely stretched. Nick tried his best to relax, but he still felt the discomfort of being expanded to the limit. He did not dare to move, so he could only freeze his body and let the man handle him as he moaned with a crying sound, “Uh-ngh… it’s too much… It’s so big, ah──Master…” After being completely thrust in, Fang Mingyan pressed the mouth of the hole, causing him to shiver.

       “Clamp it tightly. If it falls out again, I will replace it with a thicker one.” The man took a red soft whip, stood in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “Tonight, I will give you twelve lashes as punishment for your unauthorised appearance. Slave, during the punishment, I want you to clearly state each number and admit your mistake. If you struggle or dodge, the count of twelve lashes starts over. Do you understand?”

       “…Understood, Master.” Nick looked at him in awe and responded softly.

       “Very well.” Fang Mingyan took a few steps back, raised his hand and swung the whip. The slender red whip tail broke through the air and struck Nick’s naked chest.

       Zhuo Yue, who was standing in the darkness of the stairs, did not expect that he would take action without warning. He took a breath in surprise. Fortunately, his voice was very soft and did not attract the attention of the two people in the room.

       Nick was whipped hard and suppressed a muffled grunt, then endured the pain and said, “One. Master, I was wrong. Please forgive me…”

       Then came the second lash, the third lash… After finishing the four lashes on the chest, the man untied the red ribbon that bound his genitals, then turned on the vibrating di-do in his back hole and gave the order, “The remaining eight lashes will fall on the back, no cumming until it’s over or you’ll have to do it all over again.”

       Nick tensed up, struggling to suppress the desire surging in his body. When he received the tenth lash, the tears in his eyes couldn’t help but fall down. He cried and counted, then admitted his mistake, like a lost child who was afraid but did not dare to leave the place.

       The moment the twelfth whip was finished, he cried and ejaculated. His whole body lost strength and slid down, and he was held tightly in Fang Mingyan’s arms. Bright red marks appeared on his fair body. It was as if the red on the whip had dyed the body, was engraved on it, and became a gorgeous totem. Nick, who was gradually recovering from the afterglow of his orga-m, gasped for air, his hoarse voice full of sorrow, and cried over and over again, “Master, I don’t dare anymore, I don’t dare anymore…”

       “Look at me, slave.” The man untied his restraints and held him in his arms. There was a calming gentleness in his voice, “Good boy, look at me and relax.”

       After a while, Nick finally stopped crying and became quiet.

       Fang Mingyan wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his fingers and asked, “You know what we just did, right?”

       Nick was stunned and nodded.

       “Very good.” The man stroked his naked back, “Our interaction is built on the foundation of equality. My rights as a master come from your trust and consent, and I won’t harm you. During the training process, you are safe, and after the training is over, you are free.”

       “I’m sorry, I was too nervous just now…” Nick blushed and whispered.

       “It is my responsibility to ensure your safety.” Fang Mingyan chuckled, “I will guide your psychological fluctuations back on track. Next time you feel overly panicked, you can use a safe word.”

       Nick nodded and put his head on his shoulder, like a bird returning to its nest, full of attachment. He asked softly, “Master, can you forgive me?”

       “Just this once. This kind of uninvited visit will not be allowed to happen again, do you understand?”

       “Yes, Master.”

       Zhuo Yue stood stiffly in the shadow on the side of the stairs, looking at the two people in the room, feeling hot all over his body. He tiptoed downstairs and slipped back into his room quietly, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. All he could think of was the image of Nick, who had just been bound, crying and ejaculating.

       He lay on his back and discovered, to his horror and shame in the darkness, that he had an erection.

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