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Chapter 18 – Replica

Chapter 18: Mound of Devotion


Xu Huaiming had a good biological clock and woke up at six in the morning.


Perhaps because he had eaten and drunk his fill at the restaurant the day before, Tan Xilu had gone straight to bed and slept without waking up.


Christmas fell on a weekend, and following Tan Xilu’s law of weekends, he wouldn’t wake up before eleven.


After waking up, Xu Huaiming made a simple breakfast in the kitchen and then sat on the couch, reading a book for a while. When the clock pointed to nine, he got up, ready to leave.


He arrived at the entrance of the laboratory by bus at half-past nine. Since one of the lab’s projects had just ended yesterday, the professor had given the students a day off, as it was a weekend. When Xu Huaiming entered the lab, only Professor Bowen and Little A were present.


Professor Bowen was busy making coffee, and the lab was filled with the strong aroma of bitterness. Little A lay on the ground, panting with its tongue out.


Hearing Xu Huaiming’s footsteps, Little A perked up and ran over as soon as it saw him.


Xu Huaiming crouched down and petted Little A’s fur, which had become rough due to not being groomed for a long time. It seemed that it had been a while since it had last been brushed.


Professor Bowen was the kind of person who could easily get lost in his work and forget everything else. There was even one time when he hadn’t left the lab for three days. Xu Huaiming wondered just how long it had been since he last left to make Little A’s fur so rough.


“Isn’t it still less than a month? Why are you here for maintenance again?” Professor Bowen poured himself a cup of coffee, adding milk. He was someone who enjoyed the finer things in life and was quite indulgent. Otherwise, who would install a coffee machine in a laboratory like this?


He stirred the coffee with a spoon and looked up at Xu Huaiming. “Or is there a problem with your emotions again?”


Xu Huaiming hesitated for a moment, seeming a bit regretful. He spoke with uncertainty, “I feel like I’ve been acting strangely lately.”


Looking at Professor Bon, Xu Huaiming confessed, “I saw a video of him with another man, and it hurt me, it made me feel really sad. I know I shouldn’t be angry, he deserves to be happy, but I can’t help feeling reluctant to let go.”


“Do you… do you think I’ve fallen for him?” Xu Huaiming asked, his voice trembling.


Professor Bowen raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “Have you fallen in love with him?”


Xu Huaiming hesitated for a moment, then shook his head with uncertainty.


Seeing Xu Huaiming’s expression, Professor Bowen understood. He smiled and said, “Actually, no. 7 consulted me once. He asked me what to do if he fell in love with a human. I told him it’s difficult because, for an AI, having emotions like love is challenging. If he falls in love with someone, it’s likely due to a programming issue. I made a great effort to restore his program, but unfortunately, maybe that unrequited love in his program was too overwhelming. His program didn’t recover, and as you know, his destiny was destruction.”


“As for you… you’re like a replica of him in terms of emotions. Have you fallen in love with that human? Actually, you can’t be sure of yourself. Why is that? Because no. 7 copied you, and in your system, the senses are the most sensitive. You feel sad when you see him with someone else because your program subtly suggests that you should love him. Regardless of the outcome, whether he falls in love with someone else and you part ways or you stay together for a very long time, it doesn’t matter. Right now, you’re like a human, you have emotions, and you naturally feel pain. But you need to understand, you’re an AI, not a real human.”


In other words, all this pain was just an illusion.


The dog barked twice, and it bit at Xu Huaiming’s pants, as if trying to wake him up.


After pondering for a moment, Xu Huaiming said, “I understand.”


“Good that you’ve figured it out. You have to realize that you can never truly fall in love with a human. Everything you think you feel is fake,” the professor said, taking a sip of his coffee without sugar, giving it a bitter taste.


Xu Huaiming nodded. He had been convinced by the professor. Yes, how could he possibly love Tan Xilu? It was all fake.


After coming to terms with it, Xu Huaiming’s bad mood from the previous night seemed to have dissipated. When he left the laboratory, he felt much better, and in the laboratory’s lobby, he could hear the sound of flowing water from a fountain.


In the center of the lobby, there was a golden toad, and the fountain water flowed from its mouth. Xu Huaiming stopped in his tracks, paused for a moment, and walked toward the fountain.


The fountain pool was filled with coins, although everyone in the research institute believed in science, occasionally they still had some superstitions, thinking that tossing a coin in the fountain would bring wealth.


Xu Huaiming had no desire for wealth. He took a moment to think and then took out a red velvet box from his pocket. The ring that was originally hidden in the cake was probably no longer of use. It had been in the cake for quite some time, and it still carried the sweet scent of cream.


With a “splash,” Xu Huaiming tossed the ring into the pool.


Since Tan Xilu would have better options, there was no need for surprises or anything else.


Xu Huaiming turned to leave, but after a few steps, he seemed to think of something. He sighed, and in the end, he turned back and stepped into the water to retrieve the ring.


He was still somewhat reluctant.


After picking up the ring, Xu Huaiming finally left, perhaps because the water had made his system less sensitive, and he didn’t even notice that someone was watching him from behind.


Tan Xilu was still sleeping when he heard footsteps outside, followed by the sound of a door opening and closing, and then the splashing of water.


He turned over, covering his ears with the blanket, but still found it somewhat annoying. Finally, he shouted, “Xu Huaiming, you’re so noisy.”


Outside, there was some muffled response, which Tan Xilu couldn’t quite make out. Ten minutes later, the bedroom door opened again.


The blanket was pulled away, and Tan Xilu heard Xu Huaiming’s voice, “Aren’t you getting up yet?”


Tan Xilu was feeling a bit grumpy, so he tugged the blanket and grunted.


“It’s almost lunchtime, and you’re still in bed,” Xu Huaiming said, pinching Tan Xilu’s nose.


Xu Huaiming had just taken a shower, and his hands were still slightly damp. Tan Xilu initially felt a chill, and then his nose got blocked. He felt uncomfortable as Xu Huaiming pinched his nose, so he reluctantly opened his eyes.


Tan Xilu had always found Xu Huaiming attractive. The first time he saw him, even though his clothes were stained, he remained composed. Instead of blaming Tan Xilu, he offered to buy him a new one. Such a gentle and considerate man was hard not to like.


Seeing Xu Huaiming right after a shower still made Tan Xilu’s heart skip a beat.


“Why are you showering so early in the morning?” Tan Xilu sat up in bed. “Aren’t you afraid of getting cold?”


“I accidentally stepped in a puddle when I went out, got myself wet, and I was afraid you’d find me dirty. So, I wanted to take a shower when I got back,” Xu Huaiming explained.


“Nonsense, who would find you dirty?” Tan Xilu beckoned to Xu Huaiming, motioning for him to come closer.


Xu Huaiming instinctively leaned closer; he wouldn’t refuse any of Tan Xilu’s requests. Tan Xilu reached out, grabbing the back of Xu Huaiming’s neck, and then straddled him on the bed.


He gazed at Xu Huaiming with a mischievous smile and said, “We owe each other from yesterday, how about we make up for it in broad daylight today?”


Xu Huaiming hesitated for a moment but then met Tan Xilu’s lips with his own.


“Your wish is my command,” he whispered.


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Chapter 17 – Replica

Chapter 17: Bitter Coffee


As soon as Tan Xilu left the house, he received a call from his mother.


His mother seemed to be in a good mood, and her voice on the phone was filled with a smile. “Xiao Lu, today is Christmas Eve.”


Tan Xilu knew that his mother wouldn’t just call to talk about Christmas; there had to be more to it. His mother wasn’t particularly fond of celebrating holidays for no reason.


As expected, in the next moment, his mother said, “Many young couples spend Christmas Eve together. I saw it on my friends’ social media. Some of my students even went to couple’s restaurants. I’ve reserved a table for you and Xiaoli. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship.”


Tan Xilu sighed and said, “Mom, you don’t need to worry about this. Xiaoli and I have only met a few times, and we’re not a good match.”


“At first, your father and I didn’t think we were a good match either, but now we’ve been happily married for decades,” his mother replied. She then turned to his father, who was reading a newspaper on the balcony, and rolled her eyes. “Relationships require compromise.”


Tan Xilu locked the door behind him as he descended the stairs and said, “It’s not about compromise or not. From the beginning, I didn’t really like him.”


Tan Xilu wasn’t just saying this to appease his mother; he genuinely didn’t like Li Zhao. His instincts were usually spot on, and when he first met Li Zhao, he had a bad feeling about him. Li Zhao’s smooth-talking and the disrespectful things he had said on their very first meeting had made Tan Xilu uncomfortable.


“Li Zhao seems nice. Why don’t you like him? Just meet him once, and maybe this time you’ll feel differently,” Tan Xilu’s mother urged.


“Mom… I actually…” Tan Xilu’s words were cut short as he spotted Li Zhao standing at the entrance of the building. Li Zhao was dressed casually today, in a white hoodie paired with black pants. He looked more youthful compared to their first meeting, and this sudden change in appearance reminded Tan Xilu of when he first met Xu Huaiming.


Back then, Tan Xilu had just bought a cake from the shop. Due to holiday promotions, the shop was crowded with customers. As he was leaving the shop, someone accidentally pushed him, and he stumbled forward, expecting to fall to the ground. To his surprise, he fell into warm arms instead.


The other person made a muffled sound, indicating that the collision had not been gentle.


Embarrassed, Tan Xilu looked up to see the person’s face, and he was unexpectedly good-looking. However, the person was frowning and staring at Tan Xilu’s clothes.


Tan Xilu then followed the person’s gaze and realized that the cake had fallen out of its box during the collision. Most of the cream had smudged onto his white hoodie, mixed with fruit pieces.


“Sorry, I’m really sorry,” Tan Xilu blushed immediately.


“It’s okay,” the person helped him up and checked his pockets before asking somewhat awkwardly, “Do you have any paper?”


Tan Xilu responded with an “Ah” and quickly took out some tissues from his pocket.


The person’s voice was also pleasant to the ears, and that was Tan Xilu’s first impression at the time.


Back then, Tan Xilu had never imagined that a few months later, he would hear this person’s breath in bed.


At that time, Xu Huaiming had also been dressed in a white hoodie and black pants. However, his demeanor was completely different from the impression Li Zhao gave. Xu Huaiming always seemed serious and unapproachable, exuding an air of aloofness. Tan Xilu thought that it was because of this that Xu Huaiming had few friends.


But both of them had introverted personalities, which seemed to match well.


On the phone, Tan Xilu’s mother continued, “I’ve already asked Li Zhao to wait downstairs for you. I’ve even reserved a restaurant, and it cost me quite a bit. You must go today.”


At this moment, Li Zhao also saw Tan Xilu coming downstairs and walked over.


When he reached Tan Xilu, he suddenly pulled out a bouquet of flowers from behind his back and said with a smile, “Merry Christmas!”


Tan Xilu frowned at him and responded with an “Hmm” into the phone before saying, “Alright, Mom, I got it.”


Tan Xilu put his phone back into his pocket but didn’t take the bouquet.


“Why are you here?” Tan Xilu’s tone was somewhat unfriendly.


“My aunt asked me to come,” Li Zhao replied, holding the bouquet, walking alongside Tan Xilu. “She called me and said she had reserved a restaurant for us, and she wanted me to take the initiative to invite you for dinner to build our relationship.”


Tan Xilu massaged his temples, feeling a headache coming on. “Don’t you know I have a partner? And yet, you’re here because my mom told you to?”


“What’s the big deal? I’m genuinely interested in you,” Li Zhao said with a smile, glancing at Tan Xilu. “I mean, why don’t you break up with that person and be with me instead?”


Tan Xilu immediately gave him a stern look and said, “Give it up. I won’t break up with him.”


“I was just kidding,” Li Zhao chuckled. “Come on, be a little lenient. Join me for a meal first. I heard the restaurant my aunt booked is quite expensive. We can’t let her money go to waste, can we?”


“Maximum of two hours,” Tan Xilu hesitated and then extended two fingers. “No longer than that.”


“Deal,” Li Zhao agreed with a smile.


When Xu Huaiming called, Li Zhao’s cake had just been delivered to the table. Li Zhao picked up a fork and pushed the cake toward Tan Xilu, who nodded in thanks before answering the phone.


Tan Xilu was worried that Xu Huaiming would jump to conclusions if he knew he was meeting someone for an arranged date, so he quickly made up a lie about being busy with school. Fortunately, Xu Huaiming didn’t seem suspicious, but before he could finish the conversation, the call was abruptly disconnected. Tan Xilu checked his phone and realized it had run out of battery and turned off.


“This cake is the best-selling item at the restaurant. My aunt said you love cakes, so I ordered this for you. Give it a try. How does it taste?” Li Zhao said.


“Thank you,” Tan Xilu replied. He put his phone down and reached for a fork.


The cake was indeed delicious, but Tan Xilu thought that Xu Huaiming’s latest desserts were even more exquisite. He savored the cake while thinking that he would ask Xu Huaiming to make it for him when he got home.


Suddenly, a cup of milk tea appeared in his line of sight. Tan Xilu looked up, and Li Zhao raised an eyebrow. “Cake and milk tea go well together!”


Tan Xilu recalled Xu Huaiming’s warning about consuming high-sugar items and gaining weight. He hesitated.


“Why are you acting like a girl, worrying about calories?” Li Zhao said. “Afraid it’s poisoned or something?”


Tan Xilu bit the straw in response, thinking that he would be a little indulgent this time. After all, Xu Huaiming wouldn’t know.


Tan Xilu had no idea that a student from the restaurant had captured a photo of him and Li Zhao together and posted it on their social media.


The caption mentioned that he was having dinner with Li Zhao, and Tan Xilu’s stomach was indeed filled with food. As they walked out of the restaurant, Tan Xilu even burped somewhat impolitely.


Li Zhao couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Full already?”


Tan Xilu covered his mouth, feeling embarrassed. “Sorry.”


“It’s okay,” Li Zhao smiled. “The food at this restaurant is really good.”


Tan Xilu simply responded with an “Hmm” and didn’t say much more.


Li Zhao offered to give Tan Xilu a ride back, but Tan Xilu declined, saying he had other plans.


Li Zhao quickly figured out that Tan Xilu was probably going to see his partner.


“Indeed, Christmas Eve is like Valentine’s Day for couples,” Li Zhao shrugged and asked, “Have you ever thought about telling your mom that you already have a boyfriend? Or is there some secret about your boyfriend that you can’t reveal?”


“What secret could there be?” Tan Xilu felt uncomfortable with Li Zhao’s questions. “I haven’t told my mom because it’s not the right time.”


“Okay,” Li Zhao said. “It’s your choice.”


“Oh, by the way, you can keep the flowers. They’re quite expensive,” Li Zhao handed the bouquet to him.


“I’d better not. I’m afraid my partner might get the wrong idea,” Tan Xilu shook his head.


There was no need to take his relationship with Li Zhao any further. Perhaps they wouldn’t meet again after today. He should be firm and explain the situation to his mother. He needed to talk to Xu Huaiming later and see if he wanted to meet with his mother.


Li Zhao simply responded with an “Oh” and didn’t say anything else.


Li Zhao ultimately gave Tan Xilu a ride to the bus station and watched him board the bus.


After Tan Xilu got on the bus, he waved to Li Zhao through the window. Li Zhao looked at him for a moment and then smiled.


By six in the evening, the dessert shop had become busier, with more customers and several pre-orders. Arlene watched as Xu Huaiming cut one cake after another, a worried expression on her face.


Earlier, Xu Huaiming had been holding his phone and watching a video, his expression as if he wanted to crush the phone, but a few minutes later, he calmly returned the phone to the girl and thanked her. However, he exuded an intense sense of pressure, and Arlin didn’t dare to talk to him.


The bell chimed as another customer entered the shop. Arlin reflexively greeted them, and when she looked up, she saw that it was Tan Xilu.


She instinctively glanced at Xu Huaiming and noticed that he seemed somewhat surprised when he saw Tan Xilu. “Why are you here? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t come?” Xu Huaiming asked.


“I finished my work early, so I came over,” Tan Xilu replied.


“Really?” Xu Huaiming smiled and gestured to the beautifully packaged cake he had prepared for Tan Xilu’s proposal. “I baked a cake for you. Do you want to have it now?”


Tan Xilu’s stomach was still full, and the sight of the cake made him feel a bit queasy. He immediately shook his head. “I’m not hungry right now. I don’t want to eat.”


“Oh, I see,” Xu Huaiming looked somewhat disappointed. “Then let’s have it tomorrow.”


“Arlene!” Xu Huaiming called her, pushing the blueberry cake towards her. “Table seven, go deliver this.”


Arlene hesitated for a moment, then sighed, taking the cake. “Alright, Xu-ge…”


Meanwhile, Tan Xilu was puzzled by Arlene’s strange behavior. He blinked and asked Xu Huaiming, “Is Arlene upset about something?”


“Yeah,” Xu Huaiming replied. “She had a cake mishap today.”


Tan Xilu shrugged, “Well, mistakes happen. She can just make another one.”


Xu Huaiming pondered for a moment and said, “But can’t she fix it using the original cake?”


Tan Xilu thought about it and said, “Well, she probably can, but it won’t look as good as the one she initially made, and the taste might be different.”


“Is that so? I understand,” Xu Huaiming smiled.


But deep inside, he felt a discomfort he couldn’t explain. This wasn’t like him. His emotions were usually under strict control. It was as if the system had some glitch; he couldn’t fathom why he would feel this way because of a human’s words.


He thought to himself, maybe it was time to visit Professor Bowen for a system check.


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Chapter 2 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 2




“Next reporting on entertainment news: Recently, popular male artist Song Zexu’s studio’s website posted that Song Zexu will stop working indefinitely. The reason is unknown…”


Li Chou picked up the remote control on the tea table and turned off the TV. He looked at Song Zexu who was sitting on the sofa staring at the TV and said, “Don’t look, let’s eat first.”


Song Zexu moved his body and nodded slowly.


Li Chou bit his lip, feeling a little happy that he could really be in the same room with Song Zexu.


Song Zexu was injured so he could only eat some plain porridge specially made by Li Chou.


He filled a bowl of porridge from the pot and then walked up to Song Zexu before squatting down.


“Open your mouth,” he said.


Song Zexu did not react for a moment, before he then opened his mouth.


Li Chou scooped up a spoonful of porridge and put it into his mouth, saying: “I’m not very good at cooking, and a famous celebrity like you may not like it since you’re used to delicacies from all around the world, but for now, you can only eat this so let’s just not be picky.”


Song Zexu let out a muffled “Mm” and didn’t say much.


Li Chou kept squatting on the ground to feed him porridge.


Fortunately, Song Zexu had a good personality. He didn’t have the airs of a big celebrity and he really finished a bowl of porridge without making a fuss. When Li Chou asked him if he wanted  seconds, he shook his head.


“Okay then.” Li Chou said, “The doctor said you shouldn’t eat too much.”


Li Chou put the bowl on the coffee table and pulled out a napkin from the napkin box to wipe Song Zexu’s mouth.


Song Zexu’s lips are full and beautiful. There was a poll on the Internet that counted the most beautiful parts of male artists. Song Zexu’s lips were voted the most and according to reliable professionals in the industry, many female artists also praised Song Zexu’s soft lips, as they were very easy to kiss.


When Li Chou saw the vote at the time, he actually had some doubts about the claims of those female artists, but now he thinks it is true.


Zexu’s lips really looked soft and kissable.


Li Chou stood up and threw the paper towels into the trash can. He was about to go to the kitchen to wash the bowls, when Song Zexu beside him suddenly said his first sentence of the day.


It was probably because he hadn’t spoken for a long time, but his voice was slightly hoarse: “What’s your name?”


Li Chou was stunned for a moment. He then looked back at Song Zexu, his voice a little joyful because Song Zexu actually took the initiative to talk to him. He said excitedly:

“I… My name is Li Chou.” 


In the end, he suddenly realized that his name was ugly[/mfn]Yea, his name is literally ugly 李丑(Lǐ chǒu)[/mfn], so he didn’t dare to say more.


But Song Zexu didn’t seem to notice his embarrassment. He smiled lightly, with a joking tone in his words: “Li Chou?”


Li Chou’s face was slightly red. He lowered his head and his eyelashes flickered, “Because I look like…”


Li Chou thought about it and decided not to use the terrible word “ugly” to describe himself. After hesitating for a while, he continued: “I’m a little hideous.”


After speaking, there was a moment of silence in the air and Li Chou didn’t dare to look at Song Zexu. Even though he knew that Song Zexu was temporarily injured due to brain damage and was blind so he couldn’t see his face now and he doesn’t know what he looks like.


He still didn’t want to lie to Song Zexu.


To his surprise, Song Zexu laughed again.


“How come?” Song Zexu looked in the direction where Li Chou was and he curled his lips, “My intuition tells me that you must be a very good person without looking at you.”


Li Chou was caught off guard.


Even long after Song Zexu had left Yunzhen, Li Chou would always recall his feelings at that time.


Just like the soon-to-expire sparkling water on the counter that was finally bought at a low price, he had bought it, expecting it to have already been out of gas, even if he especially hoped to drink it. After shaking it a few times, he lightly pulled the tab, and the sparkling water popped open with a crisp sound.


Even if it was cheap and about to expire.




Song Zexu didn’t tell Li Chou why he was lying on the beach covered in bruises at that time and Li Chou didn’t ask much.


He knew Song Zexu’s character. If he didn’t say anything, no one would be able to pry his mouth open.


However, Song Zexu made a strange request. He told Li Chou not to tell anyone that other people were there.


At first, Li Chou didn’t understand it very well. Although Song Zexu’s injury was not serious, the ability of the hospital in this small town is limited. If he goes back, he’ll be able to receive better treatment and his sight can be restored earlier.


Song Zexu seemed to sense his doubts, he explained: “Sometimes blindness may not be a bad thing.”


Li Chou then shut up.


Song Zexu lived in Li Chou’s house. Li Chou’s house was a small apartment left by his parents. It was small and had only one bedroom.


It was impossible for him to mistreat Song Zexu, so the bedroom was reserved for him.


When Song Zexu was an artist, he was very busy and he had to get up at four or five in the morning every day to put on makeup. Now this burden was gone, but his body’s biological clock had not gotten used to it, so Li Chou sometimes heard the sound of Song Zexu bumping into heavy objects in the bedroom when he was still sleeping.


Around this time, he would get up from the sofa and go to the bedroom to ask Song Zexu what he needed.


In fact, he did not need anything. Song Zexu just woke up early.


Li Chou is the kind of person who can’t go back to sleep after waking up. After a few times of tossing and turning, Li Chou would wake up and he would go to work in the flower shop in the morning energetically.


When Lin Xiaomin came to pick up flowers that day, Li Chou was lying on the bar and fell asleep. Lin Xiaomin was shocked. She patted the bar and called Li Chou: “Brother Chou! What’s the matter with you? Did you steal a cow last night?”


Li Chou woke up and he rubbed his face and eyes. When he saw Lin Xiaomin. He said “ah”, and asked, “How are you doing today? It’s still so early?”


“How is it early?” Lin Xiaomin had a look of disbelief, “Brother Chou, what are you doing still sleeping now? This is odd.”


You must know that everyone in town knows that Li Chou is a diligent and kind-hearted child, but it is a pity that the heavens does not have eyes for such a good child and made him so ugly.


“Last night, I stayed up late watching a show.” Li Chou lied. He stood up and went to fetch Lin Xiaomin the bouquet he tied together yesterday.


The confession between Lin Xiaomin and the teacher was quite unexpected. Lin Xiaomin said that when she went to confess to the teacher head-on that day, the teacher was very scared.

He would see a bouquet of flowers on the desk every day when he came to school, but it was never signed with the gifter’s name. As such, he always thought it was a gift from a student and he didn’t expect it to be her.


The teacher did not refuse her confession. He said that this kind of thing should always be taken seriously. After all, it is a lifelong event, so one has to think about it and start with dating first.


Lin Xiaomin knew that people in big cities really liked this, so she agreed without saying a word. She then turned around and ordered flowers from Li Chou for the next two weeks.

“It’s called romancing and that’s what people in big cities like,” she said.


She ordered a bouquet of fire roses, dazzling red.


Li Chou handed the flower to Lin Xiaomin. Lin Xiaomin took it and sniffed it with a satisfied expression on her face: “This flower is really fragrant.”


“It should be okay if it doesn’t smell good.” Li Chou smiled. In fact, he has always wanted to ask Lin Xiaomin something. Most men probably didn’t like flowers like this flashy. Was she sure that teacher really likes it?


But he didn’t ask. After all, there are exceptions. For example, doesn’t he like flowers too?


When Li Chou came home that night, he specially brought back a bouquet of roses.

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Chapter 57 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 57


The lightweight warship for the return journey had been waiting at the entrance of Heavy Cloud Gate. When Lu Jingning and the others appeared, Cen Junfeng remained calm, seemingly unfazed by Wen Xingchen’s one-night absence.


It was said that the joint gathering between the two schools turned into a melee involving four schools. As a direct result, almost everyone was carried out horizontally from the private rooms. The scene was quite spectacular.


However, Lu Jingning paid no attention to all of that. His only concern was, “What about Tang Jiaze? Did you guys take him down?”


“It wasn’t necessary. You didn’t see it, but Bing Yunlin single-handedly took care of him,” Kang Hanyun chuckled. “Tang Jiaze acted all arrogant, but he couldn’t hold his alcohol at all. Before it ended, he had already run to the restroom to vomit three or four times. Tsk tsk, despite looking like he was about to die from puking, he insisted on showing off, a typical case of valuing face over life.”


Upon hearing that Tang Jiaze had ultimately been defeated, Lu Jingning felt satisfied. He picked up his luggage and boarded the warship.


Glancing inside, although there were still empty seats, he unhesitatingly sat down next to Wen Xingchen. Cen Junfeng, who had just arrived, witnessed this scene. His eyelids twitched, and he walked past them without looking, finding a separate seat to sit down.


The first rule of survival was not to provoke others unnecessarily.


Lu Jingning had been exhausted from last night’s turmoil, and he fell asleep almost immediately after departing.


Wen Xingchen had been gazing out the window, but suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder. The person beside him had already fallen asleep, resting his head on Wen Xingchen’s shoulder.


His eyes glanced at Lu Jingning’s attractive side profile, and he discreetly adjusted his posture to sit more upright.


By the time they reached the temporary campus of the Imperial Navy University, it was already evening. Feeling the ship’s movement, Lu Jingning drowsily opened his eyes, seeing people bustling around. He stretched lazily and asked, “Ah, we’re here?”


Wen Xingchen stood up, feeling his arm go numb. After a simple stretch, he had to use the other hand to carry his luggage. He looked at Lu Jingning with a half-smile and half-jokingly said, “Wipe off your drool.”


Lu Jingning blinked before realizing what he meant. Reflexively, he rubbed the corners of his mouth with force. “Where’s the drool?”


“That’s because you already wiped it all away,” Wen Xingchen chuckled lightly. “See my coat? It’s your masterpiece.”


Lu Jingning maintained his usual stubbornness and replied, “Do you still remember the reward I gave you? Congratulations, now you can fully enjoy it.”


Wen Xingchen said, “Thank you very much.”



The light warship docked at the entrance of the temporary campus, and the members of the exchange team saw a grand formation waiting at the gate, led by Headmaster Cang and accompanied by teachers and students. As they approached, they all cheered in unison, “Congratulations on the triumphant return of the Imperial Navy University’s exchange team!”


By now, detailed reports on the military academy exchange competition had been circulating widely, and videos of various matches were all over the star network. Undoubtedly, the Imperial Navy University’s exchange team had been the most dazzling presence this year, gaining the spotlight, and, of course, this would not have been possible without the contributions of two new students.


Lu Jingning led the exchange team members in polite exchanges with the welcoming group. Headmaster Cang stood at the forefront and, upon seeing Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, couldn’t help but show an appreciative look, “Impressive, impressive!”


“It’s only natural,” Lu Jingning smiled as always, not the least bit modest. After shaking hands, he moved on to the next person, going through the process one by one.


As the welcoming ceremony came to an end, someone suddenly rushed out from the crowd, shouting, “Brother Lu, you’re amazing!”


Lu Jingning wasn’t surprised that Yu Qingcang came to greet him. However, he glanced at Yan Hebin, who stood not far away, and couldn’t help but lower his voice and ask, “What’s the situation now? It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already conquered my good roommate?”


“How is that possible!” Yu Qingcang was touched that Lu Jingning was the first to inquire about his love life. However, he looked toward Yan Hebin and sighed, “How could someone like Yan Hebin, who’s uninterested in worldly affairs, be so easy to pursue? I used you as an excuse to talk to him several times, but each time our exchanges lasted no more than five minutes. These past few days, I don’t know what he’s been busy with. He’s elusive like a dragon; today, I’m fortunate to have come to pick you up; otherwise, I doubt he’d take a single step out of the dormitory.”


“Thanks for your hard work. I should’ve guessed it.” Lu Jingning, having heard Yu Qingcang’s explanation, abandoned the idea of seeking advice on how to pursue someone. With that, he had nothing more to say. “I’m a bit tired; I’ll go back now. Let’s catch up another day!”


Yu Qingcang muttered, “…Damn.”


Not far away, Jian Luan was also welcoming Wen Xingchen. Lu Jingning glanced at him but quickly looked away. He bid farewell to Yu Qingcang and walked back to the dormitory with Yan Hebin.


Once they returned to their dormitory, Lu Jingning finally understood what Yan Hebin had been up to during his recent seclusion.


It was the first time Lu Jingning had seen such intricately detailed physical mecha models, let alone ones in human size.


At that moment, even the fatigue of the journey was forgotten, and Lu Jingning couldn’t help but walk around the new mecha model several times in awe. He curiously asked, “Did you make this?”


Yan Hebin nodded, “Yes. In a few days, you can join me in the virtual cabin to try out my new mecha and see if there are any adjustments needed.”


“Awesome!” Lu Jingning exclaimed again, looking at Yan Hebin with admiration. “No need to try it; just looking at the completeness of this model, if I didn’t know you, I’d think it was a creation from the Mecha Research Institute. Yan Hebin, are you really just a freshman? With this level of skill, if you were to apply, you could probably become a reserve engineer at the institute.”


One would think that a passionate mecha enthusiast like Yan Hebin would have a strong interest in the Mecha Research Institute. However, instead of being pleased by Lu Jingning’s generous praise, there was no joy on his face. In fact, it seemed as if he hadn’t even heard what Lu Jingning said. In a detached tone, he reminded, “Make some time in the coming days. The Vice President said there will be a university mecha exchange event next month, and he wants us to go together.”


Lu Jingning was puzzled, “Why should we go?”


Yan Hebin replied, “Because the mecha I designed is the best in the club. As for you, well, experience it for yourself.”


“Then, I guess it’s because my strength makes the other club members feel inferior,” Lu Jingning remarked.


“Sure, let’s go with that. As long as you’re happy,” Yan Hebin said.


Lu Jingning thought to himself that he should never boast about anything in front of Yan Hebin. It would only lead to being shut down immediately without any sense of achievement.



Lu Jingning was already famous at the Imperial Navy University, and after this exchange competition, his popularity increased exponentially through various star network media reports. As he walked through the classroom door, he heard Jian Luan call out from a distance, “Look, our Imperial Naval Double Stars have arrived!”


Lu Jingning listened to the crowd’s playful laughter and, after approaching, couldn’t help but ask somewhat speechlessly, “Why are we called the Imperial Navy’s Double Stars?”


Jian Luan handed him a report with an expression that said, “I didn’t make this up.” “This is what the whole star network calls you. We should follow the trend, right?”


Lu Jingning looked at the headline in the report, and his lips pursed tightly. What happened to being called the “Imperial Navy’s Twin Champions”? How did it become “Double Stars”? It made him and Wen Xingchen sound like two jinxes, bringing bad luck wherever they went.


Seeing his speechless expression, Jian Luan laughed and teased, “What’s wrong, Lu Jingning? Don’t like this nickname? I think it’s quite fitting. With the word ‘Stars,’ it perfectly expresses your hobby of causing trouble everywhere. Hahaha!”


Halfway through his laughter, he noticed that Lu Jingning was squinting threateningly. Wisely, Jian Luan cleared his throat and said, “As a person involved, you should find this nickname quite suitable, right, Wen Xingchen?”


Wen Xingchen had been sitting in his chair, observing the banter between the two. He calmly responded, “It’s not bad. Especially the word ‘Double,’ it’s very accurate.”


Lu Jingning felt like he was watching a skit with the way they played off each other. He was about to retort, but when he looked at Wen Xingchen, the words he wanted to say suddenly choked in his throat.


Remembering the mission he was carrying, he forcibly suppressed the urge to burst out and put on a humble front. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he took his focus off the virtual screen at the terminal and said, “Actually, I’m quite studious too. It’s just that the theoretical classes are not very friendly to me. How about this? After helping you with the exams, let me treat you to a meal?”


Wen Xingchen glanced at the terminal, discreetly hidden under the table. He went with the flow, “Sure.”


Although he tried to hide it, with his keen eyesight, Wen Xingchen clearly saw the enormous title in the search bar of the virtual screen: “Top Ten Techniques You Must Know to Woo Someone, Mastered in Seconds!” 


Hmm, Lu Jingning seems like quite the diligent learner.


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