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Chapter 4 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 4


After Li Chou wrapped up the dried flowers to be sent today, he placed a shipping order in the store. He then put the flowers by the bar and waited for the courier to come.


Afraid that the real flowers would not be fresh when sent to the city, Lin Xiaomin changed all the roses she had ordered into dried flowers.


It will take twenty minutes for the courier to arrive. When he was free, Li Chou turned on the TV and took a diary out from the drawer of the bar.


Li Chou’s memory is not very good and he is particularly forgetful. It’s not a disease, he simply can’t remember things well and he suffers particularly because of this.


When he first opened the store, he lost a lot of money because of this and later developed the habit of writing a diary.


Before meeting Song Zexu, the diary was full of how much money he made every day, what flower seeds he wanted to order the next day, or what kind of flowers the customer ordered, but after discovering Song Zexu, it became what commercials Song Zexu made, what interviews he accepted, and what TV dramas he acted in.


But after he rescued Song Zexu back home, the diary became the first day, the second day, and the third day when he was with Song Zexu…


Today is the seventh day.


Li Chou paused, and wrote in his diary:

[Tuesday, June 21, 20××, sunny]


[Song Zexu still got up very early this morning and woke me up again. He said he wanted to go to the bathroom, so I helped him to the bathroom. As he stood in front of the toilet bowl, he seemed a little embarrassed. I asked him what was wrong, and he said don’t look at me. Only then did I realize that he was shy, so I exited the bathroom and after a while I heard the toilet flushing. He came out of the bathroom a minute later, and said to me: “Sorry for bothering you again.”


I looked at his reddish cheeks, and I was a little lost for a while and said, “It’s okay, it’s time for me to go to work too.”


Song Zexu asked me what time it was.


I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was only four o’clock in the morning, but I was afraid that Song Zexu would feel sorry, so I said, “It’s already seven o’clock, and the sun is already out.”


Song Zexu said “Oh” without any doubt, but I saw that his expression was a little absent-minded. He said after a while: “I have been waiting for you for a long time, even after the sun has gone.”


I was startled, and suddenly thought: “Does Song Zexu want to go back?”


That’s right, he didn’t belong here in the first place, he is a popular celebrity and he always wants to shine on the big screen.


Although I was very disappointed, I still smiled and was about to ask him when he was going to leave, but Song Zexu suddenly said: “But sometimes seeing the sun is not necessarily a good thing.”


I always feel that there is some other meaning in Song Zexu’s words, but I am too ashamed to ask. I am afraid that he will find it too offensive and I am entangled in thinking: What is it?

What do you mean?]


In the diary entry of the seventh day with Song Zexu, Li Chou ended the diary with a question mark. He thought about it and didn’t know when he would get the answer.


The moment the diary was closed, the doorbell rang and the courier came in from the outside and took away the flowers wrapped by Li Chou. At the same time, Li Chou stuffed the diary back into the drawer.




Watermelons are cheap in summer. When the store closed at night, Li Chou went to Aunt Wang next door to buy two small ones. It was time for him to go to the sea again today.


He would eat one first and then go back and bring one for Song Zexu.


The summer in Yunzhen is extremely hot, even if the sea breeze is blowing, it can’t take away the sweltering heat. As the wet and salty sea waves hit the beach, one’s ears would be filled with its whistling sound.


Li Chou’s eyes were fixed on a spot on the beach. Just seven days ago, there was a wounded man lying there. Li Chou couldn’t even imagine that.


As for who that person was, he didn’t even dare think that he could’ve spent so much time with him and for as much as an entire week.


Li Chou closed his eyes and fell back on the reef. The stars in the sea at night were always bright at first glance and half a bright moon hung in the sky. He gently let out a sigh as he suddenly remembered the first time he met Song Zexu.


At that time, Song Zexu’s reputation was not as good as it is now. At that time, he was still a person who had to nod and bow all day to audition for a small web drama.


Li Chou has just opened a flower shop and he had to do many things by himself, such as place order for the flowers he buys, decide on the flower seeds and flower pots he wants to buy.


It is said that the flower varieties in Yunzhen were not diverse, so Li Chou went to the city at that time.


He met Song Zexu who was reciting his lines on the side of the road on the way after shopping for flowers.


Song Zexu was good-looking and tall and he was the type of person who stood out and could be spotted at a glance in the crowd.


As such, Li Chou was fascinated by him all at once.


The city has developed well in recent years, and a film and television set has also been built. Many TV dramas will come here to shoot scenes. Song Zexu seemed to be preparing for an audition that day. At noon, under the sun, he was sweating and reciting his lines.


Maybe it was because he didn’t have time to have a good meal at noon. He put a container of white rice next to himself and when he was hungry, he would take two bites without any water at all.


Li Chou knows that some entertainers in the entertainment industry are very hard-working. He heard that some popular ones perform surgery to cut out half their stomachs in order not to feel hungry or else that they won’t be able to make a movie that lasts more than 20 hours.


Closing his eyes, he had never seen Song Zexu on TV, so he didn’t expect that an unknown artist would do such a thing in private.


Song Zexu seemed to have almost finished memorising it, so he stopped and sat casually on the stone steps beside him. He put the script book upside down on the ground, and suddenly sighed.


After taking a breath, he turned his head and saw Li Chou inadvertently. He smiled and said, “Are you here for the audition too?”


Li Chou looked around and was a little surprised after making sure that he was asking him. He touched his face, shook his head violently and said, “I don’t know. I’m just passing by. There’s no way, after all, I’m so ugly.”


“You’re not ugly.” Song Zexu looked at him, his eyes curved, “An actor does not have to be good-looking, right?”


“You are so good-looking, even if I really auditioned, I would be rejected.” Li Chou walked to him and sat down beside him.


In fact, it’s quite strange. Li Chou is a very bad conversationalist. He doesn’t socialize with others when he can to avoid unnecessary trouble, but that day he really wanted to chat with Song Zexu, maybe because he was the only one who did not dislike his appearance


A connection was made for a short time.


Li Chou asked Song Zexu: “You seem to memorize your lines quickly and act well. Are you a rookie actor who just debuted?”


“No.” Song Zexu shook his head, “I’ve been acting for many years and I’m considered a child star, but I’m just not popular.”


When Song Zexu said this, his eyes suddenly dimmed and he looked very depressed. Thinking about it, he has acted for so many years. If no one knew of him yet, it would be really frustrating.


Li Chou couldn’t empathize with him at that time, but he felt that Song Zexu would definitely be popular. He looked so hard-working, and hoped that his hard work would pay off. After all, dedication will always be rewarded, so he patted Song Zexu on the shoulder and said: “You have worked hard. I believe that one day I will see you on the podium, after you become popular all over the country.”


This is the first time Li Chou encouraged a stranger. He used to be the one who needed to be encouraged.


It is not much, but it is precisely because of his prior experiences that he knows that when a person is frustrated, any words of encouragement will surely comfort the other party at that time.


He didn’t really think that Song Zexu would be so popular one day.


Before the audition that day, Song Zexu thanked Li Chou and said he would try his best to let him see him on the podium.


Later, it seemed that he still did not pass the audition. In fact, that web drama had originally decided on a male lead, however, just to maintain the facade of”fairness”, they had gotten some random people to audition for it.


However, many problems broke out after that drama aired and fortunately Song Zexu did not act in it, otherwise it would be a bad record on his history.


The wind and waves at sea became stronger and Li Chou was snapped out of his memories. He thought, fortunately, Song Zexu’s efforts really paid off.


He also got to witness with his own eyes, him standing on the podium.


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Chapter 38 – Foreplay

       Half an hour later, Xu Ye, who had washed himself clean, appeared in the cage as requested.

       The lights were focused on a leather one-seater sofa placed in the centre of the room. Chu Yu stood by the window, a silver metal pointer in his hand and a dark coffee-coloured bathrobe loosely tied around his body, obviously he had also taken a shower. Xu Ye knelt quietly, waiting for his master to give an order.

       “Sit down.” The pointer in the man’s hand tapped on the sofa.

       That was his master’s exclusive seat.

       Xu Ye hesitated for a moment and rose to obey the order.

       “Spread your legs and rest them on the armrests.”

       The moment he heard this order, his face quickly turned red.

       The one-seater sofa wasn’t narrow. When the knees were hooked on both sides of the leather armrests, they were spread wide enough to expose the vulnerable area between his legs. As the legs rose up and his buttocks also slightly separated, Xu Ye’s fair body was flushed with shame. He turned his face sideways in embarrassment as he showed his body unreservedly to his master in a humiliating posture.

       The pointer passed slowly across the body, leaving a trail of coolness. When it unscrupulously came between the legs and teased the semi-hard c0ck, Xu Ye instinctively shrank back. He knew in a split second that he had made a mistake, and before he could utter the word ‘Master’, he received a blow on the inside of his thigh.

       “Since you like to move so much, I’ll help you.” The corner of Chu Yu’s eyes drooped slightly as he pressed the cold tip of the pointer against the entrance of Xu Ye’s asshole and he said in a deep voice, “Expand it with your fingers and show me.”

       Hearing this, Xu Ye opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

       “I’ll give you ten minutes. After ten minutes, I will insert the toys on the table. If you didn’t expand enough…” The man slowly raised the corners of his lips, showing an oppressive smile, “You can try to imagine the consequences.”

       Chu Yu had always been a man of his word, and there was absolutely no room for change after the order was given. Xu Ye turned his head and glanced at the huge rubber di-do as thick as a child’s arm on the small side table, and his face was pale. Even if he expanded the size, the insertion would still be very difficult, and if he didn’t prepare… just by imagining it, he already felt pain all over.

       From the man’s teasing the past few times, Xu Ye roughly knew how the process of expansion went. However, knowing is one thing, but actually doing it is another. At this moment, he had to spread his legs wide in front of the man and play with his asshole with his fingers, which really made him feel ashamed and unsure of what to do. Xu Ye looked at his master helplessly, with a hint of pleading in his eyes. But the man just leaned against the floor-to-ceiling window facing the sofa and looked at him with his arms crossed. He glanced up at the wall clock on the wall and said the time expressionlessly, “You still have nine minutes.”

       Anxiety and embarrassment were intertwined. Xu Ye, who had no way out, closed his eyes resignedly and pushed the middle finger of his right hand into his tight asshole. In an instant, the sunken knuckles were surrounded by the warm and tight tunnel, and the asshole stretched out due to the intrusion of foreign objects. It then instinctively contracted, squeezing the fingers. The feeling of flexing and twitching his fingers in his body was so embarrassing that it was indescribable. Xu Ye’s face was so hot that he was about to burn, and he didn’t dare to look at the other party. He slowly withdrew the middle finger that was submerged and tried to add the index finger.

       A whip struck the inner side of the thigh. Xu Ye hastily raised his head and followed his master’s gaze. He saw several bottles of lubricant already prepared on the nearby table. It was only then that he understood why his master had interrupted him.

       The rectum did not secrete body fluids, and when it was dry, it could be easily injured by friction and collision. Under Chu Yu’s training, after cleaning, Xu Ye used to do simple lubrication after cleaning. It was not difficult to insert a finger, but it was not moist enough to complete the entire expansion work. He had been so nervous and shy since just now that he had forgotten about this step and hastily took the bottle of lubricant with a red face.

       The two fingers slowly stretched the ring sphincter, and the cool lubricating fluid entered the hot body, sending shivers to his body. As his breathing got heavier, Xu Ye tried to relax the tight muscles of his abdomen, adjusting to the sensation of his mucous membranes being pushed open. “Hmn…” His fingers turned and squeezed somewhere, and he shuddered, letting out a low moan, then biting his lips in shame.

       On the black leather sofa, his fair skin glowed reddish under the lamp. Between his widely spread legs, there were fingers that were ordered to play with his holes. The increasingly heavy panting, along with the rise and fall of the chest, filled the silent night with an ambiguous atmosphere, occasionally mixed with short and restrained nasal sounds.

       “Does it feel good to stick your finger in there?” The cool and smooth whip deliberately rubbed the tip of the erect c0ck. The man looked at him playfully and said, “It’s gotten this hard.”

       “Master…” Such erotic and straightforward teasing made Xu Ye feel ashamed and wished he could find a crack in the ground to get in. The intestinal wall that had already accommodated the three fingers contracted violently due to the sense of shame, and his whole body trembled. On his heaving chest, the tender nipples have already stood up.

       “One more minute.” Chu Yu’s deep voice announced the cruel reality that was getting closer and closer.

       Xu Ye hastily added another finger, but his body resisted instinctively. His asshole rejected the intruding foreign objects, and his lower abdomen was tense all over. He panted uncomfortably and tilted his neck back, the corners of his eyes showing traces of moisture. “Master… woo…” The moan was tinged with crying sounds because of anxiety and helplessness, which sounded like the mournful cry of a small animal that had fallen into a trap.

       As a dom, he must have the ability to avoid dangers in time, and Chu Yu certainly won’t let his slave hurt himself during sex. “Relax, spread your legs wider.” He raised his hand and gently rubbed around Xu Ye’s asshole, slowly pulled out the four fingers stuck in it, and then naturally took over all the territory.

       “Hnn…” Xu Ye felt the man’s fingers enter his body, imitating a slight thrusting motion, stirring the lubricating fluid to make a sticky water sound. When the inner wall was gradually stretched, and the moment the finger pressed to a certain place, a strong stimulus exploded and went straight to the brain. “Ah—” He cried out and straightened up, but the moment he was about to ejaculate, he was pinched tightly by the root, blocking all desires tightly. “Master… ah… please, let me cum…”

       “Hush.” Chu Yu leaned into his ear and whispered, “Look at me, slave.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes were full of mist, and he managed to find a trace of clarity from his desire and looked at the man longingly, “It’s so uncomfortable…”

       “Hey, be patient, just a little longer. The night is still young, we can take our time.” The man kissed his forehead comfortingly as his fingers gradually retreated, and then, the thick di-do touched the enlarged asshole. Before Xu Ye could react, he pushed it in.

       Xu Ye took a sharp breath and flinched back desperately. However, his most vulnerable part was still held in Chu Yu’s hands, and the act of retreating caused a painful sensation that he almost burst into tears. At that moment, afraid to move further, they could only plead repeatedly incoherently, “Master, it’s too thick… Please… I don’t want…”

       “If you dare to move again, I’ll change to a thicker one.” Chu Yu’s deep warning sounded like an ultimatum, and Xu Ye’s luck was wiped out.

       There was no escape.

       The slowly entering foreign body stretched Xu Ye’s sphincter forcefully, rubbing against every inch of the intestinal wall. His eyes filled with water, and he leaned weakly on the sofa, forcing himself to relax his body, enduring such a deep and distinct violation.

       Even though he was being treated so roughly, he still felt pleasure. Every time the man touched a certain place, the lust flowing in his body made him lose himself uncontrollably. The nasal groan was like the whimper of a small animal, and the expression on his face as he tried to hold back his orga-m, was indistinguishable from pain or pleasure. The wetness in the corners of the eyes was getting more and more intense, and the fair body drenched in bright red lay horizontally on the sofa, trembling, like an alluring dessert exuding sensuality.

       At this moment, he couldn’t notice that the man who had been watching him all along had those obscure glimmers gradually converging in his eyes, forming a profound and boundless sea.

       A low, slightly husky tone rang in his ears.

       “Slave, I want to use you.”

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