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Chapter 75 – Who are you going with?

Chapter 75 – Who are you going with?


Secretary Jin found herself in a bit of a dilemma. She felt that it was still too early to bring up these matters, especially since the Marshal was still not back. However, she began thinking about handling his affairs after his absence.


Considering this, as a considerate secretary, she said, “Lu Luo, I think you have the key point of this issue.”


Jian Luo was someone willing to make corrections promptly and humbly asked, “What is it?”


Secretary Jin emphasized, “Of course, the key point is that the Marshal is not here. Where do you want to go?”


There was a moment of silence in the room. 


As a weak, helpless human, Jian Luo always had his own thoughts. His current thought was, “Why can’t I stay here and wait for him to return?”


Secretary Jin shook her head, “That’s not possible. Because you and the Marshal are not in a partner relationship, and you’re pregnant, which is a critical and dangerous time. So, your care is essential. Whether the Marshal is here or not, the responsibility for your care will naturally fall to someone else.”


Jian Luo seemed to understand. But soon, he grasped the point, “Um, I want to know how many choices I have.”


Secretary Jin responded quickly, listing them one by one, “I think, performing rituals for the Lord is a possibility. Nie Xian also has the right. Of course, there’s a high possibility of the imperial palace. But in the end…”


Jian Luo’s lips twitched, “Don’t sell lawsuits.”


“The Marshal will probably let you choose,” Secretary Jin confidently flipped her hair and smiled, “because he definitely wants you to be happy.”


Jian Luo felt she had a point. 


As they were discussing, the door on the other side opened, and Lu Shifeng stood in the doorway, seemingly enveloped in an invisible aura of bloodshed. He looked serious and imposing, sending shivers down one’s spine. However, when his gaze moved away from Secretary Jin’s face and landed on Jian Luo, it softened considerably.


Secretary Jin: “…”


Fortunately, she was a professional and skilled at reading people’s moods. So, Secretary Jin tactfully excused herself, “Well, then, I’ll leave first.”


As they passed each other, Lu Shifeng turned his face slightly, “Go and pack his luggage.”


Secretary Jin nodded, “Yes.”


Once Secretary Jin left, the room was left with only Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng. Jian Luo hesitated, “Um…”


Lu Shifeng walked over to him, “Come.”


A question mark seemed to float above Jian Luo’s head, but he obediently stood up. Lu Shifeng walked ahead, and Jian Luo followed. Although he didn’t know where Lu Shifeng was taking him, it seemed to involve official matters.


Lu Shifeng led Jian Luo through several light walls, getting closer to the interior of the military base. This was a field that Jian Luo had never been involved in before. Surveillance stars periodically shimmered on the walls, ensuring full monitoring coverage in this area.


Occasionally, passing soldiers stopped and saluted, saying:


“Marshal, greetings!”


“Lord, greetings!”


“Marshal, greetings!”


Perhaps it was Jian Luo’s own misconception, but he felt that many people’s gazes were on him, and these looks were not easily ignored. Fortunately, these soldiers were very discreet; they would generally retract their gazes after a few glances. Under this kind of pressure, he had to get a bit closer to Lu Shifeng.


Marshal Lu had long, slender legs, and his strides were quite wide. Even at a normal walking pace, it was a bit challenging for Jian Luo to keep up. He followed with some difficulty, and the gap gradually widened until he was left far behind.


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng with some helplessness, “Um…”


Almost as soon as he spoke, Lu Shifeng’s steps came to a halt. He seemed to have excellent hearing.


The Marshal turned around and saw Jian Luo quite far away, furrowing his brows, “Why aren’t you walking?”


“I’m not not walking,” Jian Luo gritted his teeth, “I just can’t keep up with you.”




There was a brief awkward silence.


After a while, Lu Shifeng said, “Come on, this time I’ll wait for you.”


Jian Luo wasn’t an overly sensitive person. If someone said they would wait, he would naturally pick up his little short legs and hurry to catch up.


When he reached Lu Shifeng’s side, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Dragon Clan members have excellent stamina.”


Lu Shifeng slowed his pace, casting a sidelong glance at him, “Your stamina is very poor.”




Silence spoke volumes.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but sigh, “Do we have to go through this again?”


They had just arrived at their destination. The smart light gate scan was complete, revealing a massive training ground. What was most surprising was that the roof of the training ground was open to the sky.


How can one describe its size? Based on Jian Luo’s estimate, even with Lu Shifeng’s dragon-sized body, this training ground had more than enough space.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but ask, “So, Long ge, why did you bring me here?”


Lu Shifeng gestured with a swipe, and a holographic screen appeared out of thin air. He entered some commands on it, and a door on the other side of the venue opened. An assistant pushed a cart loaded with customized fitness equipment.


When the cart reached Jian Luo, the assistant respectfully stepped aside and stood straight.


Lu Shifeng walked over to the cart and casually picked up an item, handing it to Jian Luo, “Can you use this?”


It was a seemingly small rod, but when Jian Luo received it, it suddenly became incredibly heavy, almost as if it weighed a thousand pounds. He was nearly overwhelmed and almost dropped it.


In disbelief, he looked at Lu Shifeng, “Why is it so heavy?”


Lu Shifeng stood in front of him, “You can’t just hold it; you need to swing it.”




Isn’t that the same as doing pull-ups?


Jian Luo sighed, “So, I have to exercise with this in the future?”


There was a whole cart of equipment behind him, all small, cute-looking, seemingly harmless weapons. But Jian Luo didn’t dare to underestimate them after the experience with the rod. It seemed like he was in for a tough training regimen.


Lu Shifeng said, “If you suddenly arrange training for yourself, your body might not keep up. Start with these.”


Jian Luo asked, “Do I have to train to a certain level?”


Lu Shifeng was quite relaxed about this, “I’ve already created a corresponding schedule for you. Just follow that. If you feel tired, you can take breaks. No need to overexert yourself.”




Jian Luo had thought about the idea of exercising his body, especially considering that his physical fitness was probably a bit lower compared to the An Xing people. It would put him at a disadvantage, so improving his physical condition was a path he was willing to take. But before that, he had to learn how to use these tools.


Jian Luo picked up a cute rabbit-shaped tool and asked, “How do I use this?”


Lu Shifeng stood by his side, explaining in detail. The assistant standing nearby was dumbfounded. Who would have thought that someone of Lu Shifeng’s status would personally teach someone how to exercise? 


They remembered when the B101 star tried to invite Lu Shifeng to train there for a few days. The material conditions offered were enough to make a poor planet instantly wealthy. Even then, Lu Shifeng had refused.


Someone asked at the time, “Why?”


Lu Shifeng’s answer was, “Their food is terrible.”


Regardless, Lu Shifeng wouldn’t interfere in dragon training matters on this side. Except when he was in the mood, he would train the young dragons.


But it could be incredibly brutal!


Who among them hadn’t experienced being beaten by Lu Shifeng to the point of self-reflection!


During training, even one mistake meant punishment, and everyone knew that Lu Shifeng had little patience. If a mistake occurred, the Marshal would be furious, like a child crying in the night.


After learning for a while, Jian Luo looked up at Lu Shifeng with a pitiful expression, “I still don’t know how to do it.”


The assistant secretly glanced and felt a sense of satisfaction. Finally, they had encountered someone even clumsier than themselves. If this person couldn’t learn this, they would soon discover how brutal Lu Shifeng could be!


After waiting for a while, Lu Shifeng’s voice was calm and gentle, “Okay, do it one more time.”


The assistant’s eyes widened in astonishment.


Jian Luo gasped, “I’m a bit tired. Can I take a break?”


“Sure,” Lu Shifeng turned to the dumbfounded assistant, “Get some water.”


The assistant snapped out of their shock and saluted, “Yes!”


It turns out the Marshal was a double-standard dragon! They were like a storm, cruel, while his little wife was as gentle as a breeze!


Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the ground, thinking about Secretary Jin. He hesitated to speak.


Lu Shifeng saw through his thoughts, “Go on.”


“Well,” Jian Luo asked with restraint, “If you’re not here, where do you plan to make me go?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t deny it but instead turned the question back to Jian Luo, “Who do you want to stay with?”

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Chapter 15 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 15


None of the three of them knew what had happened. The leading officer gave a signal to the others behind him, saying, “You go and take statements from Shu Yi and Xiyan.”


Then, he turned to Qu Di and said, “Sir, I’m afraid we’ll need you to come with us.”


Shu Yi pulled the man behind him and furrowed his brow, saying, “We need evidence for everything. Are you taking someone away without saying anything?”


The officer chuckled and said, “I forgot to clarify. This person here is an employee of the hotel, responsible for servicing the rooms on the upper floors. She told us that on the day of the incident, she saw a person coming out of Mr. Wen Gu’s room, and that person is this gentleman.”


After he said this, Qu Di finally remembered where he had seen this lady before…


Shu Yi looked back at Qu Di and Qu Di quickly explained, “I didn’t go inside… I just happened to pass by Mr. Wen Gu’s room, and I noticed that he forgot to close the door, so I helped him close it.”


The officer said, “The hotel’s surveillance system happened to be under maintenance during that time frame, so we can’t confirm the truth of what you’re saying. However, this is the only lead we have, and we’re just bringing you back to assist in the investigation. You don’t need to panic.”


Then he gestured, and the people behind him moved forward to take Qu Di away. Tang Xiyan naturally couldn’t stand by and watch them take Qu Di away like this. He was protective and couldn’t let them take Qu Di away. Just as he was about to go and argue with them, Qu Di held him back.


Tang Xiyan turned around, and Qu Di shook his head, saying, “Stay calm. You don’t want to become a target for speculation.”


He still remembered his job, and now this matter had become a nationwide sensation. It was not just news in the entertainment industry; hurting an Omega was a serious criminal case. Tang Xiyan needed to distance himself from this matter as much as possible.


Then he said to the officer, “I’ll go with you.”


“Hey!” Tang Xiyan was not convinced, and he couldn’t just watch them take Qu Di away. Shu Yi said to him, “Don’t go. Qu Di is right. The situation is still unclear. We can figure out a plan later.”


The police had promised not to make Qu Di’s situation public until the case was solved, but at noon that day, a post appeared on the internet, instantly igniting public outrage.


“Wen Gu Case Suspect Apprehended, Allegedly the Personal Assistant of a Famous Singer”


Combining the Wen Gu incident with a well-known singer, the post quickly rose to the top of the homepage and became the number one trending topic.


The post was written by someone claiming to be a hotel employee who had witnessed the suspect being taken away. The post didn’t mention any names, but everyone could guess who the “famous singer” was.


As a result, Tang Xiyan’s name also appeared in the trending topics, attracting a lot of negative comments.


Bululu: Xiyan is no saint either. Back in the day, he beat up Zhou Zhou and sent him to the hospital, forcing him to leave the industry. Now he’s involved in another scandal. I wonder if he had his eye on Wen Gu and sent his assistant to do this. He’s trying to shift all the blame onto his assistant.


Yanyan, Mom Loves You: Can the people upstairs stop talking? Zhou Zhou already apologized for the past incident, okay? Xiyan is just a boy who loves music. He doesn’t have the background to make someone disappear. On the other hand, Zhou Zhou’s father is a big shot in politics, and he still ran away. Clearly, he’s guilty.


Skinny Tiger Fan: Right! The assistant’s actions are his own, what does it have to do with Xiyan? Let’s look forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


LINDA-: Why is a singer going to act in a TV drama? I think he has ulterior motives. I get annoyed just seeing him. Lots of nonsense.


Pie Crumbs Rule: You guys are so good at making up stories, why don’t you become screenwriters? If you can’t prove anything before the facts are out, I’ll always believe in Xiyan. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


I’m Waiting at the Station to See You Off: Some people are just bitter. Xiyan is innocent. Don’t spread baseless accusations. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Little Fox is So Cute: Why would Xiyan want an Omega when he’s so talented? Do you really think he needs to scheme to find an Omega? This is just nonsense. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Nostrils Eating Dinner: Hey, can the person above not re-victimize the victim? Are you trying to blame the victim again? We salted fish are rational. Stop attacking others. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Hot Hands: Oh no, the assistant was the one who saved Xiyan from sasaeng fans before, right? I’m starting to suspect that he orchestrated this himself, just to stay by Xiyan’s side. Xiyan is definitely innocent. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Heartless Killer: So toxic! Stop speculating. How can an assistant do such things without Xiyan’s involvement?


Shushu Loves Eating Noodles: Why is everyone focusing on Xiyan? The one who caused the trouble is clearly the assistant.


Easy Eight Pulls: I think I know this person; he’s a Beta.


POT: This Beta must be trying to take advantage. He knows he can’t find an Omega by his own merits, so he’s resorting to such methods. Beta is disgusting, always trying to find an Omega. But does he even know what kind of person he is?


My Headphones Broke Again: Why are you discriminating by gender? Do some people still live in the last century? The current mayor of Y City is also a Beta. What kind of fool are you?


You Exploded: Speaking the truth, map cannons are all trash.


Flowers Scattered All Over: Before the evidence is out, don’t accept any mudslinging. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Carrying a Bomb to School: Before the evidence is out, don’t accept any mudslinging. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


^-^: Before the evidence is out, don’t accept any mudslinging. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.



“Brother, can you think of a way? What’s going on here? Qu Di is definitely innocent. Just get him out for now.”


Tang Chaobai scolded, “Whoever gets involved in this matter will be finished. Do you want to ruin your reputation? I won’t get involved in this matter, and the company will issue a statement later, clarifying that you have no connection to this incident. Outside, you need to watch your words.”


“What about Qu Di?”


“He is just an assistant. Whatever the police say, that’s how it is. Don’t go out casually in the near future. I’ve already asked Qiu Fei to come find you.”




“Shut up. I won’t let you ruin your reputation to protect an assistant. Don’t do anything foolish.” After saying that, Tang Chaobai hung up the phone. When Tang Xiyan called back, he only received an ‘unable to reach’ notification.


Tang Xiyan knew that there was no use in saying anything more. His older brother was a businessman who always put his interests first. Not getting his assistant implicated and having the company issue a statement to protect his own reputation was already the best he could hope for.


After being taken to the police station, Qu Di sat in a room with white walls on all sides, with only two surveillance cameras on the ceiling, their red lights blinking. He could only sit on the floor.


He didn’t know how long he had been here. They had taken away all his belongings and told him to wait. He had been waiting for a day.


He sat in a corner, burying his face in his arms, not knowing how the investigation was going.


After what felt like a long time, someone finally entered from outside. The person had an expressionless face and spoke coldly, “Come out.”


Qu Di swallowed hard. He was hungry and thirsty now, and his throat was dry and sore.


He followed the officer into another room, also with white walls on all sides. In the middle, there was a table and three chairs. Two officers were already waiting inside.


“Are you thirsty? Have some water.”


Qu Di didn’t hesitate, he said thank you and quickly drank the water in front of him. It instantly made him feel better.




“Qu Di.”




“Male Beta.”










“On August 6th, at 10:23 AM, where were you?”


“I… I was on the 53rd floor of the hotel.”


“At this time, the crew was shooting. Why did you go back?”


“My artist got injured, but he forgot to apply medicine that day. I went back to get the ointment for him.”


“Why did a witness say you came out of room 5315, which is the victim’s room? If you’re not his assistant, how did you get in?”


This question was filled with accusations, and even the tone became harsh, as if he was the criminal. Qu Di was getting anxious, and he said, “I was just passing by and saw that Mr. Wen Gu’s room door was not closed. I called inside to check if anyone was there, but there was no response. I thought he had forgotten to close the door, so I just helped him close it.”


“Did you see a room keycard at the door?”


Qu Di was stunned, “What keycard?”


“If, as you say, you should have seen a keycard at the door. The victim said he didn’t realize he had lost his keycard, but when he went back, he saw his lost keycard at his room door. If you didn’t see it, it’s because you placed it there afterward, right?”


“I didn’t!”


The other officer interjected at this point, “I advise you to confess. A good attitude can lead to a reduced sentence.”


“I didn’t do it. Why should I confess?”


The two officers looked at him with furrowed brows, as if they were dealing with a disobedient child. One of them said, “If you don’t cooperate with our investigation, we’ll have to detain you for now. Let us know when you’re ready to talk.”


Qu Di was locked back into the same small room. He leaned against the wall, feeling powerless for the first time. He also realized that in this society, true justice wasn’t always needed. All they needed was a scapegoat to suppress public opinion and maintain the facade of a harmonious society. In that context, his sacrifice was considered “worth it.”


His stomach grumbled, protesting after a day without food. He pressed his hand against his stomach, trying to suppress the hunger. There wouldn’t be anything to eat today.


That night, all the information about the “culprit” Qu Di, including his family, school, and current address, was exposed on the internet. A post titled “The Culprit of the Wen Gu Case, Qu Di, Is a Shameless Scumbag” was trending.

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Chapter 15 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

 Chapter 15


The group of cultivators and Xuanling Sect disciples who woke up from the illusion were initially shocked by the scene before them, instantly thrown into confusion.


“This… how can there be so much blood here?”


“The ground beneath our feet is collapsing!”


The ground trembled, cracking open in several places, and everyone fell into it unprepared. At the same time, rocks tumbled down from the mountain, and numerous strange lights resembling arrows rushed toward the cultivators.


Subconsciously, Si Lan extended his wings and blocked the rocks and lights, silently reciting an incantation to rescue the fallen people from the cracks.


After everyone reached the shore, the more powerful spellcasters immediately flew away on their swords, while those with weaker skills couldn’t even stabilize their footing.


Si Lan had to use a teleportation spell to move all the less skilled spellcasters to the foot of the mountain.


“Quze, take Xie Li and wait for me at the foot of the mountain!” Si Lan retracted his wings. The incident had caught him off guard, and he had momentarily forgotten to conceal his identity, revealing his pitch-black feathered wings. He hoped no one had noticed his true form.


Quze’s expression remained unclear, “Understood.”


After ensuring the safety of the cultivators, Si Lan cast a spell and flew to Songqing Pavilion. He pushed open the door and saw the bride, adorned with a phoenix crown and dr4p3d in rosy attire, sitting calmly at the dressing table, seemingly oblivious to everything happening outside.


Si Lan approached the bride’s side, grabbed her wrist, and urgently said, “Miss Yunlan, forgive me for the intrusion, but Xuanling Mountain is in trouble. Please, follow me and leave.”


However, Yunlan pushed his hand away and calmly replied, “No, I will wait for Senior Brother.”


“Miss Yunlan, he is already dead,” Si Lan hesitated for a moment but decided to reveal the truth.


Yet, Yunlan’s expression remained unchanged. “I know he’s already dead.”


Si Lan was puzzled by her reaction.


At that moment, the ground beneath them suddenly shook, causing everything on the dressing table to scatter. Si Lan didn’t have time to worry about that. He grabbed Yunlan’s arm again. “Please, come with me for now.”


“Sorry,” Yunlan suddenly said with no apparent context, pushing Si Lan’s hand away. “Bringing you here was my only choice. However, I have only one wish in my life, and that is to marry Senior Brother.”


So even though she knew Lou Yu was a living corpse, she didn’t care.


Yunlan smiled absentmindedly.


Si Lan suddenly realized something, unable to comprehend it. “You were aware of the plan to capture the Snake Mother and lure the Enchanting Serpent for the Tengying Flower’s sacrifice?”


“That was my doing,” Yunlan said as she noticed the incense had gone out. She ignited it with a flick of her fingertip. In the wafting blue smoke, her face appeared pale, her lips a vibrant and bewitching crimson. “I promised to help that person capture the Snake Mother and lure the Enchanting Serpent, and in return, he promised to help me fulfill my dream of marrying Senior Brother.”


“I don’t know who he is; I only know that he can make my wish come true.” Yunlan turned to look at herself in the bronze mirror, whispering, “I genuinely love Senior Brother. I’ve loved him for over two hundred years. I don’t crave immortality or eternal youth; I only wish to marry Senior Brother, even if it’s just for one day as his bride. So, Lord Si Lan, please grant my wish.”


As she spoke, Yunlan gazed at Si Lan through the bronze mirror, her eyes filled with sorrow and tears, each drop of blood staining her fair and jade-like face, creating a haunting and heart-wrenching sight.


Si Lan was stunned, unable to find the words to respond, memories of what Lou Yu had said about Yunlan flashing through his mind.


“My junior sisters and I have been practicing together since childhood, and our relationship is quite good.”


“My junior sister is gentle and intelligent, but unfortunately, I have embraced the path of ruthlessness, detached from worldly affairs.”


“In this lifetime, I will ultimately let down my junior sister.”


Si Lan hadn’t expected Yunlan’s obsession to run so deep. While he had married three wives, his emotional attachments were almost non-existent.


When they passed away, he felt sadness, but it was nothing like this. He couldn’t comprehend how deep one’s emotions had to be to become so obsessed, to the point of disregarding even one’s life.


“Lou Yu probably wouldn’t agree to what you’re doing.”


“In his entire life, everything depends on me, except for his feelings. Let him rely on me one last time.”


Si Lan sighed, “Miss Yunlan, it would be better if Lou Yu’s body is laid to rest as soon as possible.”


“After today, I will let Senior Brother rest.”


After her words, Yunlan smiled absentmindedly and put on a red veil. The earth shook, but she seemed unaffected as she walked towards the door with an ethereal step.


Si Lan turned to follow her gaze and saw that the fake Lou Yu had appeared at the door.


The fake Lou Yu walked slowly towards Yunlan, smiled at her, and had warm features, but his complexion gradually turned pale, revealing scars. The bloodstains on his neck slowly became visible.


The black aura controlling him departed.


In the next moment, he fell into Yunlan’s arms. She held the already cold body, and tears of blood flowed down her cheeks through the red veil, dropping onto his face.


“I want to be buried with Senior Brother at Xuanling Mountain…”


Born at Xuanling Mountain, raised at Xuanling Mountain, being buried together at Xuanling Mountain was her greatest extravagance.


Si Lan had initially intended to forcibly take Yunlan away, but at this moment, he changed his mind.


Perhaps, for Yunlan, being Senior Brother’s bride for a day and being buried together with him was her final plea.


Taking away that last hope would likely make her unable to go on.


Xuyi and a group of disciples arrived, witnessing the scene of Lou Yu lying in Yunlan’s arms. Their faces changed.


“What happened to our Master?”


Xuyi was about to rush into the room, but Si Lan quickly stopped him. “Xuanling Mountain is collapsing. You need to lead others to safety.” The disciples had already suffered severe injuries from the illusion and couldn’t stay any longer, or they might perish.


“Is Master… is he alright?” Xuyi’s voice trembled slightly. When he woke up from the illusion, he saw Xuanling Mountain collapsing and his Master unconscious. His heart couldn’t bear the weight of these events.


Si Lan didn’t answer his question but said, “Xuyi, you need to shoulder the responsibility now. Lead your junior brothers and sisters to safety.”


“Are Master and Mistress not leaving?” After asking this question, Xuyi suddenly understood what was happening and tears welled up in his eyes.


He knelt down and led a group of disciples to kowtow three times in the direction of Lou Yu and Yunlan.


“Master and Mistress, your disciples will surely seek vengeance for you and revitalize Xuanling Sect.”


In the distance, the Enchanting Serpent Clan was still fighting the Tengying Flower, and faint cries of pain could be heard. At this moment, dark clouds covered the sky, thunder rolled, and Xuanling Mountain looked like a boat in a turbulent sea, swaying dangerously.


Si Lan created a massive barrier, protecting the injured disciples, and used magic to fly them away from Xuanling Mountain. They had barely left when the mountain split in two with a deafening crash.




The left side of the mountain suddenly exploded, sending countless fragments flying. Faint cries of the Enchanting Serpent’s pain could be heard.


Si Lan turned to look but couldn’t bear to watch anymore. He turned away with a heavy heart.


Fortunately, there was a forest at the foot of Xuanling Mountain. Si Lan and Xuyi settled the injured disciples there.


Quze and Xie Li were already waiting there.


Upon seeing Si Lan, Quze and Xie Li rushed forward.


“My Lord, are you alright?”


Si Lan shook his head.


Several other cultivators also approached. They didn’t know Si Lan’s true identity, but from what had just happened, they could tell he was no ordinary person.


“What’s going on with Xuanling Sect? Where is Master Lou Yu?”


Si Lan chose his words carefully. “Xuanling Sect will handle today’s events properly. Please focus on recovering from your injuries.”


His response was vague, leaving them feeling uncertain.


Frustrated with Xuanling Sect, the disciples from Tianji Sect expressed their displeasure.


“We came to attend a wedding, and we almost lost our lives. What kind of place is Xuanling Sect?”


“I guess they’ve accumulated too much bad karma, and those demons specifically chose a ‘good day’ to seek revenge.”


“Even now, Master Lou Yu hasn’t given us an explanation. It seems like they don’t need our help, so I suggest we leave and not disrupt Master Lou Yu’s demon-slaying efforts.”


Upon hearing the sarcastic words from the Tianji Sect disciples, Xuyi couldn’t help but clench his fists, wanting to confront them. Si Lan, however, reached out and stopped him, shaking his head.


Xuyi sighed with frustration, turning away to hide his crimson eyes. He couldn’t accept everything that was happening and wondered if this was all just a nightmare, a false illusion woven by the Enchanting Serpent.


Why else would Xuanling Mountain be collapsing?


And how could his noble Master suddenly depart from this world?


All these events were causing great distress to Xuyi and the other Xuanling Sect disciples, who sat despondently on the ground.


“Where’s Senior Brother Song Guang?”


“I don’t know. I haven’t seen Senior Brother Song Guang all day.”


“Let’s forget about it. We’ll go back to Tianji Sect and wait for Senior Brother Song Guang.”


Under the influence of Tianji Sect’s disciples, other cultivators also revealed their dissatisfaction with Xuanling Sect and departed.


Xuyi couldn’t help but sneer, “Weren’t they showing a different attitude just a while ago?”

Earlier at the banquet, they all spoke eloquently about the Immortal Jade Wine, using honeyed words to captivate their audience. But now that trouble had arisen, they not only refused to help but also taunted and ridiculed.


Having lived in the realm of magic for over a thousand years, Si Lan was no stranger to such situations. As the foremost sect in the cultivation world, Xuanling Sect had enjoyed admiration in the open, but they had undoubtedly faced slander in the shadows.


That’s why Si Lan hadn’t immediately informed them of Lou Yu’s passing, fearing they might use the situation of Lou Yu’s body being manipulated to discredit Xuanling Sect.


“Xuyi, how are the injuries of our disciples?”


“They are not in mortal danger, but… Master and Mistress…”


Xuyi raised his head, gazing into the distance. Xuanling Mountain now only had half of its body left, and the red banners fluttering in the rolling dark smoke were struggling in despair, emitting mournful cries.


The once heavenly realm had now become a hell on earth.


Xuyi couldn’t help but wipe away a tear.


Si Lan stood with his hands behind his back, his brows furrowed, his expression grave.


Tengying Flower was created by the mastermind to rebuild their spine, but besides the spine, they needed a physical body to fully reconstruct their true form.


So, whose body had that person set their sights on?


Si Lan lost in thought. At that moment, he saw the double-headed Enchanting Serpent leading a group of little Enchanting Serpents as they fled towards them.

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Chapter 67

       Making the decision to go home was far easier than actually doing it. Although Suo Yang tried his best to appear as relaxed as possible, his anxiety could not escape Shen Huiming’s eyes.

       Shen Huiming arranged all his work, urgent matters were resolved as soon as possible, and those important but not urgent matters were waiting for him to return.

       After they bought high-speed rail tickets and booked a hotel, at six o’clock in the morning, the two of them set off for the station, finally taking the step to untie Suo Yang’s long-standing knot.

       During the four-hour high-speed train ride, Suo Yang talked very little.

       When he was in college, he used to go back and forth on this route many times a year, but later, it became less and less, and the less often he came back, the less he dared to come back.

       Although Shen Huiming could not truly empathize with him, he tried his best to think about it from Suo Yang’s perspective. He could understand Suo Yang’s worries and uneasiness, and the only thing he could do was to accompany him.

       He hoped that this trip would have an outcome, good or bad, at least give Suo Yang a response and not let him continue to drift aimlessly in such uncertainty.

       Shen Huiming gripped Suo Yang’s hand tightly, and the other party turned to look at him and smiled reluctantly.

       “Would you like to take a nap?” Shen Huiming looked at the time, “We still have more than an hour to go.”

       Suo Yang hesitated for a moment, then sighed, leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes.

       In fact, he couldn’t sleep. Shen Huiming also knew that he couldn’t sleep, but it was good to close his eyes and rest for a while. Suo Yang hadn’t slept much since last night, and Shen Huiming was really distressed.

       Suo Yang said softly, “I suddenly feel it’s fortunate I don’t have to face this matter alone.”

       Shen Huiming turned to him.

       Suo Yang did not open his eyes. This was the first time Shen Huiming took a serious look at his eyelashes and the bridge of his nose.

       “When I left home on New Year’s Eve, I didn’t even dare to tell them that I would definitely meet a lover who could stay with me until we grow old.” Suo Yang said, “In our family, even if we quarrel, we will leave a way out for ourselves, trying our best not to give the other person a handle to grasp.”

       “At that time, even though I reluctantly came out, and even though I had a falling out with my parents over this matter, I still couldn’t confidently tell them that, even as a gay, I could still have an excellent and long-lasting partner.” Suo Yang paused and sighed, “In the end, I’m not confident in anything.”

       Suo Yang slowly leaned on Shen Huiming’s shoulder and breathed a long sigh of relief, “Tell me, my parents don’t think I took you back to protest, right?”

       He laughed, “After all, they shouldn’t have thought that I would really find such a good lover.”

       Shen Huiming raised his hand and gently placed it on his forehead.

       The palm of my hand was pressed against Suo Yang’s cold forehead, which felt very comfortable.

       Shen Huiming looked out the car window. It had snowed heavily a while ago, and it was so white outside, stretching as far as the eye could see.

       “It’s almost the Chinese New Year again,” Shen Huiming said, “You won’t be alone this New Year’s Eve.”


       Not really.

       The only time Suo Yang had a falling out with his parents was on the high-speed train alone. But that night, the train staff served dumplings to all passengers, and he quietly cried while eating.

       He did not tell Shen Huiming about the incident in detail. The past grievances and sorrows were all over, and there was no need to bring them up again to make his lover feel sad for his past self.

       Later, Suo Yang took the initiative to apply for flight arrangements every New Year’s Eve. He would never let himself fall into endless loneliness. He did not feel that such self-torture was suitable for him.

       However, if he could celebrate the New Year in a down-to-earth manner this year, it would probably become his most memorable Spring Festival in recent years.

       No matter how high you fly or how far you run, you will not be as happy as being with your lover and family.

       As the high-speed train entered the station, Suo Yang said, “For so many years, this place has remained just the same.”

       Shen Huiming walked behind him and got out of the car with him.

       The train stations in every place were probably equally noisy, and the people that arrived here mostly wore expressions of hurry or confusion.

       Everyone started or ended their journey here and wrote the beginning or ending of a story here.

       Shen Huiming and Suo Yang were walking in the crowd, and as everyone walked towards the exit of the station, Suo Yang said, “When I was in college, my dad would come to pick me up every winter and summer vacation. When he drove his car, he would always say the car needed to be replaced but never did.”

       On the way out, Suo Yang calmly told Shen Huiming about his family affairs.

       Suo Yang and Shen Huiming, neither themselves nor their families, were actually the kind of legendary stories worth special recording. They were just ordinary people in the city, doing ordinary jobs and busy with life.

       They all knew very well that people like them could be found in large numbers in such a city, and the rich and powerful families full of grudges and entanglements in novels or movies did not exist around them at all.

       They were just ordinary people entangled in the troubles that ordinary people have.

       Suo Yang said, “I have secretly come back several times in the past few years, always hiding and watching from a distance and politely asking supermarket owners how they are doing.”

       Shen Huiming said, “Perhaps they also know you have returned.”

       You should know.

       Suo Yang thought, they should know.

       The owner of the supermarket was a chatty grandma. With her personality, it was impossible not to tell his parents after meeting him.

       But so what?

       Sometimes, it was better not to know.

       Suo Yang felt even more disappointed when he thought that they knew he had gone back but still did nothing.

       The two took a taxi and went to the hotel first.

       Originally, Suo Yang planned to go back and forth on the same day because he didn’t think he would stay too long on such a trip.

       In the end, he was still pessimistic and did not have any expectations for this meeting.

       However, it was not so much that he didn’t want to have expectations, but rather that he didn’t dare. If he didn’t have too high expectations, he wouldn’t be too disappointed. Right now, he knew very well how to make his life better.

       But Shen Huiming said, “Let’s stay one night. The four-hour high-speed train ride is quite tiring. Let’s go to your house first, and you can take me shopping in the evening.”

       He said he wanted to see the city where Suo Yang grew up, go to the school where Suo Yang studied, and try the restaurants where Suo Yang ate.

       Suo Yang remembered that on that previous date, he retraced the path that Shen Huiming had once lived on, and even if it was a courtesy, he should say yes.

       So, the two booked a hotel not far from Suo Yang’s home.

       It was already noon when they settled in.

       Suo Yang said he would go there after dinner, but Shen Huiming suggested going during lunchtime.

       “If we go at this time, we will catch them eating,” Shen Huiming laughed. “Maybe we can get a meal.”

       Suo Yang was embarrassed to tell Shen Huiming that his parents were truly not the kind of people who would invite others over for a meal. Growing up, he rarely saw his parents socializing or doing anything with friends. His parents kept a low profile, maintaining a polite distance even with outsiders. He had never seen them have close friends or much interaction with relatives.

       They lived a very “private” life as a family.

       However, Suo Yang still did not refute Shen Huiming’s proposal and led the people back home.

       At noon on Saturday, the neighbourhood was very lively.

       Old people, children, delivery guys…

       It had been more than ten years since Suo Yang’s family moved here. Suo Yang was still in elementary school at that time.

       It was considered a very nice building then, but over the past ten years, it became an ‘old house’.

       Suo Yang became nervous when he entered the neighbourhood. He couldn’t even chat with Shen Huiming calmly.

       The two had already agreed on a plan before they came out of the hotel. They asked Suo Yang to go up alone while Shen Huiming waited on the stairs below. Otherwise, as Suo Yang put it, bringing a boyfriend home abruptly might give the impression of a protest.

       When going upstairs, Suo Yang walked slower and slower.

       His family lived on the fourth floor, and when he reached the second floor, he no longer dared to go up.

       One time in the past two years, he came back secretly and was already standing at the door of his house. But when he heard something moving inside, he immediately ran upstairs and hid.

       That time, his mother went out to take out the trash. She came out and went straight downstairs. She didn’t see Suo Yang, who was hiding on the steps above and peeking at her.

       After two years, walking up these steps again felt like stepping on Suo Yang’s heart.

       “Are you okay?” Shen Huiming was a little worried about him.

       Suo Yang was a little distracted at first, with his brows furrowed as he was stuck in memories. When he heard Shen Huiming’s voice, he was brought back to reality, shook his head and said, “I’m okay.”

       They continued to walk up, and Shen Huiming stayed on the third floor.

       “Is everything okay?” Shen Huiming asked, feeling a bit concerned for him.

       Suo Yang was a bit lost in thought, and his brow furrowed as he got caught up in memories. Hearing Shen Huiming’s voice snapped him back to reality, and he shook his head, saying, “It’s fine.”

       Further up, he counted the steps and walked up.

       It was an old house, not very tall, and there weren’t many steps on each floor.

       He just counted and then arrived at the door of his house.

       He had not been back to this home for several years.

       In fact, Suo Yang’s definition of home was often vague. What exactly was home? A house, a couple, maybe a child? These were just the appearance of ‘home’.

       Home should be warm and full of love.

       Home should also exist like the blue sky, giving people freedom and tolerance.

       So, what about his home?

       Suo Yang stood at the door of his home and looked back toward the stairs. He couldn’t see Shen Huiming hiding, but he knew that the other person was waiting for him there.

       Facing it alone.

       Waiting alone.

       And then, will there be a satisfying conclusion?

       Suo Yang raised his hand, and when he knocked on the door, he suddenly found that his palms were all sweaty.

       His heartbeat had never been so fast, not even when he learned that the plane was malfunctioning.

       He stood there and heard his mother’s voice coming from inside, “Who is it?”

       Although he hadn’t heard it in several years, it was still familiar.

       Home was something you couldn’t let go of no matter what happened later.

       Suo Yang suddenly understood.

       He listened to the footsteps inside getting closer and closer, and the sound of slippers scraping against the floor tiles became very familiar to him. He opened his mouth, but for the first time, he failed to make a sound.

       The second time, he replied, “Mom, it’s me.”

       The sound of walking inside suddenly stopped, and Suo Yang stood outside the door like a defendant waiting for sentencing.

       Will he be acquitted?

       Will this family grant him freedom and acceptance?

       Suo Yang said, “Mom, I come back to see you.”

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Chapter 90 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 90


Undoubtedly, Lan Yuanzhou was the most eye-catching presence in the entire arena before, but after Lu Jingning outperformed such a star player in the first preliminary round, securing their group’s first place, he naturally attracted a significant amount of attention too.


As they saw the two of them teaming up, the other participants couldn’t help but envy the last spot in their team.


In the end, under the pressure of multiple opinions, the team leader randomly scanned a participant code and completed the team formation.


The lucky person shed tears of joy, while the others were mentally exhausted and continued their search for teammates.


As the final preparation time counted down, those who hadn’t found a team were randomly assigned to incomplete teams by the system. At the same time, everyone was transported into the map for the current match.


Lu Jingning checked the newly refreshed specific rules and couldn’t help but feel delighted.


Oh, isn’t this just about farming monsters for points?


No strongholds, no final destination to reach; it was purely a last-team-standing mode.


As it was a brand-new map, nobody knew their exact location, making decision-making even more crucial.


The team leader himself was a mediocre player and subconsciously turned to Lan Yuanzhou, asking, “What do we do now?”


Lan Yuanzhou was an experienced veteran and familiar with various competition rules. However, he didn’t rush to speak at this moment; instead, he turned to Lu Jingning with a half-smile and asked, “What do you think, Ningning?”


Lu Jingning seemed to have already made up his mind. He replied calmly, “You all stay here and wait. I’ll handle the rest.”


Lan Yuanzhou doubted his confidence but was also curious about how he planned to accomplish such a challenging task. So, he lazily leaned against a nearby large rock and nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait here for your triumphant return.”


Lu Jingning waved to them, “Stay in touch on the voice channel~!”


At this moment, the livestream director focused the camera on their team.


Seeing Lu Jingning leave the others and head out alone, the barrage of comments on the screen immediately became active:


“What kind of plot is this?”


“Isn’t this a team competition? Are they already fighting at the start?”


“Let me take a wild guess, is Lu Jingning really running so fast? Is he serious? Damn!”


“Isn’t this Omega the one who snatched Lan Yuanzhou’s first place in the last match? Weren’t they supposed to have a revenge plot? Why did they end up teaming together?”


“Wow, Lu Jingning is about to encounter the other team, and it’s a five-member team! Will we witness the first blood explosion?”


“What? He’s not running away? Why is he charging forward?”


“What’s going on???”



In the meantime, Lan Yuanzhou, who remained in place, was unaware of what was happening on the other side. He simply waited for news as Lu Jingning had promised.


Time passed minute by minute, and after who knows how long, a joyful voice finally sounded on the voice channel, “Cheer up, my teammates! Get ready to collect the first wave of points in this match!”


From his tone, it seemed like he was in a good mood. The background noise sounded like a chaotic battle, as if he was indeed fighting. However, there was also a subtle feeling that something wasn’t quite right.


Lu Jingning said, “Xiao Zhouzhou, did you hear that? These points are dedicated to you, amidst the excitement of cheers!”


Whether they heard his extremely arrogant words or not, someone gasped for breath and shouted, “You, this Omega, don’t be too arrogant!”


Lu Jingning didn’t forget to argue with them, “Arrogant? Do you know who’s in my team? Lan Yuanzhou! And you still call me arrogant? If you don’t want to die without knowing how, keep up and don’t run away, tsk tsk.”


Those people went completely wild, “Kill him!!!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “…”


He was just about to say something when the voice channel was abruptly cut off by Lu Jingning.


Watching the peaceful scene around him, Lan Yuanzhou had a bad feeling growing stronger within him.


They couldn’t see it, but the audience in the livestream was witnessing everything.


At this moment, amidst the tranquil image, they couldn’t help but light virtual candles for Lan Yuanzhou and his teammates.


Take care, everyone!


Driven by his instincts as a bounty hunter, Lan Yuanzhou couldn’t hold back any longer. He stood up from the rock.


However, before he could take further action, he saw a rolling cloud of dust in the distance, accompanied by faint ground vibrations.


The others panicked, “What’s happening? What’s going on? Are there other monster groups in this map?”


Lan Yuanzhou didn’t answer but couldn’t help his lips twitching harshly.


With his keen eyesight, even from afar, he could clearly see the figure sprinting ahead of that large group.


It was too familiar.


This feeling of wanting to beat someone up was just like the last match when he abandoned them and rushed towards the stronghold.


Lu Jingning’s voice echoed through the voice channel once again, “Your vanguard, carrying a luxurious points package, has returned! Xiao Zhouzhou, get ready to deal with the monsters!”


Lan Yuanzhou felt his “Buddha-like” attitude completely crumbling at this moment, and he almost had the impulse to turn around and leave. What the hell was this? He was supposed to stay in place and wait for Lu Jingning to handle everything? Handle what? Was he supposed to solve the problem of taking too long to find targets in this match?!


However, it seemed like Lu Jingning had anticipated him possibly abandoning the team, so he confidently showed up, proudly announcing to the chasing teams behind, “See that guy with blue hair! The unquestionable MVP of this match! He’s the man you all will kneel down and call ‘Daddy’! Scared? Afraid? Better bow down and apologize now. Who knows, our Big Brother Zhou might forgive you little scoundrels!”


The others roared in anger, “Apologize your 4ss! Brothers, let’s team up and kill this team first, and then we’ll settle scores with each other!!!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “???”


To be honest, after traversing the stars for so many years, this was the first time he had seen someone stirring up so much animosity with just their words.


To make so many teams unite against a common enemy with only his mouth, how the hell did this guy achieve it?!


But there was obviously no time for him to explore this further. In the blink of an eye, the massive enemy forces were already charging towards them.


Seeing the other three teammates frozen in fear, Lan Yuanzhou took a deep breath and unsheathed the weapon he brought for this match.


A whip of astonishing length.


Thankfully, this match allowed everyone to choose a suitable cold weapon. Otherwise, he might really abandon his teammates and run for his life.


With the weapon in hand, he had to admit that facing so many mobile points did give him an uncontrollable itch to start fighting.


In the next moment, Lu Jingning had already reached him, and his footsteps were barely stopping as he struggled to regain his footing in the mud.


Lu Jingning patted Lan Yuanzhou’s shoulder, smiling heartily, “I’ll officially take over!”


Lan Yuanzhou almost wanted to whip that face in front of him.


But considering that Lu Jingning was skilled enough to fight alongside him and might save him a lot of effort, he managed to control himself.


Lan Yuanzhou gritted his teeth, “No time to waste, let’s settle this quickly!”


Lu Jingning replied with an affirmative “hmm,” and then said, “You go for it!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “???”


And what about you?


Feeling that something was off in his response, Lan Yuanzhou looked up.


Only to see Lu Jingning stepping forward again, passing right by his side without looking back, and just… ran away.


Through the voice channel, Lu Jingning’s words of advice came, “Xiao Zhouzhou, finish them quickly, I’ll bring the next wave!”


Lan Yuanzhou almost stumbled when he had just finished off the last enemy and struck a dashing pose towards the virtual camera upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words.


Damn it! You’re not done yet?!



In the livestream chat, the audience didn’t know how to describe what they were witnessing today.


Seeing wave after wave of monsters appear, um, the players were attracted by Lu Jingning, but in the end, they all fell under Lan Yuanzhou’s whip. Their hearts were left with only one exclamation.


Is it really possible to play the game like this???

Author’s note: Lan Yuanzhou: Who am I, where am I, what am I doing?


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Chapter 74 – In case I become a widow

Chapter 74 – In case I become a widow


Jian Luo couldn’t find the right words to say, “Are you telling me I don’t need to worry? Are you saying they really didn’t reveal my face?”


Lu Shifeng neither confirmed nor denied, “What about you? Do you have that video? They only captured your figure, not your face.”


This was unbearable for Jian Luo. He hesitated, “But what if, I mean, what if someone recognizes me?”


Lu Shifeng smirked, “Then you can tell them you’re my partner.”


Jian Luo choked up and hesitated, “Forget it, forget it.”


Lu Shifeng’s expression wasn’t too pleased, and his sharp eyes narrowed as he lightly parted his lips, “Why? Does saying it out loud make you feel embarrassed?”


Jian Luo quickly shook his head. He didn’t dare to be so ungrateful. “No, it’s just that I’m afraid it will be more complicated to explain later.”


After a pause, Lu Shifeng straightforwardly said, “Then don’t explain.”


Jian Luo replied hastily, “Alright, then… huh? Don’t explain?”


“They’ll figure out the explanation themselves,” Lu Shifeng said languidly as he led Jian Luo forward. “No need for you to worry.”


Well, okay.


The people at Moonlight welcomed Jian Luo’s arrival with enthusiasm. Firstly, because Jian Luo was well-acquainted with everyone, and secondly, because he was currently at the center of gossip.


Everyone wanted to chat with the person involved in the gossip. However, as soon as they were about to speak, Lu Shifeng, who was following behind Jian Luo, silenced them all with his imposing presence.


Kazuki asked, “Luo Luo, what would you like to eat?”


Jian Luo rubbed his chin and thought for a moment before honestly saying, “Hmm… I’ll cook something myself.” Since he had signed a contract with Jiang Jiang to livestream at least once a week, he thought it would be best to find a place to do the livestream now that he was here.


Kazuki decisively said, “I’ll find a place for you to livestream.”


Jian Luo smiled, “Alright, thanks.”


“No problem,” Kazuki replied.


Kazuki glanced at Lu Shifeng, who was following behind Jian Luo, and felt that the imposing presence of the General following him made it difficult to speak. 


In the kitchen, Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng, “You can wait for me outside; I’ll be done quickly.”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him and asked, “Are you sure?”


Jian Luo made a gesture, “No problem!”


It was a small kitchen with all the necessary facilities, and most importantly, no one else to disturb them. Jian Luo expressed his satisfaction, “This place is perfect.”


Kazuki smiled, “As long as you’re happy.”


After finding a suitable spot, Jian Luo began setting up his livestream equipment. Kazuki, who was behind him, tentatively asked, “Hey, that video online, it looks like you, right? I recognized you instantly.”


Jian Luo’s movements paused as he contemplated whether or not to admit it. Although it seemed like it didn’t matter whether he admitted it or not, since people had already recognized him, he still hesitated.


Seeing Jian Luo’s hesitation, Kazuki leaned against the countertop and whispered, “Luo Luo, are you the Marshal’s illegitimate child?”



Jian Luo remembered that Lu Shifeng had told him not to explain, so he chose to remain silent.


Kazuki didn’t press the issue. Instead, she moved closer and caught a faint whiff of the dragon scent on Jian Luo, a very subtle and weak dragon scent that made people feel pity.


After some thought, Kazuki asked, “Or maybe, you’re carrying a little dragon cub in your belly?”


Jian Luo’s movements froze, and he turned his face away. Kazuki smiled and didn’t press further. It was neither confirmation nor denial, allowing him to stand quietly.


Kazuki waited for a response but didn’t get one. Her eyes gradually widened, and she couldn’t believe it. She covered her mouth and her gaze kept shifting to Jian Luo’s belly. Her eyes began to tear up as she whispered, “Is it true? Did I guess right?”


Jian Luo patted her shoulder as a gesture of comfort, assuring the young girl that there was no need to cry.


“That’s amazing!” Kazuki sniffled, “Humans are truly incredible. How did you end up pregnant? Can we really have children?”


Jian Luo didn’t expect such an intense reaction from Kazuki.


After hesitating for a moment, Kazuki tentatively asked, “Can I touch it?”


Jian Luo thought for a moment and didn’t object. Instead, he nodded and said, “Sure.”


The new aunt cautiously extended her hand, trembling slightly, and placed it nervously on Jian Luo’s belly, feeling it gently.


Just when Jian Luo was about to say that they didn’t usually move, he suddenly felt movement in his abdomen. He could clearly feel the dragon cub kicking forcefully. Kazuki’s hand happened to be on his belly, and she widened her eyes in disbelief.


Jian Luo chuckled, “Seems a bit mischievous.”


After waiting for a response and not receiving one, Kazuki lowered her head, wiped her eyes, and said, “This is wonderful. I hope they’ll be safe.”


Jian Luo couldn’t quite understand the emotions of the Darkstar people towards the cubs. Even an ordinary person, not the child’s parent, could shed tears because of the child.


Kazuki sighed, “It’s just a bit of a shame.”


Jian Luo was curious, “What’s a shame?”


“Why isn’t it our boss’s cub, but a dragon cub?” Kazuki lamented, patting Jian Luo’s belly, “It’s a pity.”



That’s enough.


After ushering Kazuki out, Jian Luo began preparing spicy and sour noodles. He had been craving them for a long time.


Before going live, he habitually prepared the ingredients. While sweet potato noodles were typically used for this dish, and he had considered using them, but since sweet potato noodles weren’t available at the moment, he decided to use potato starch noodles as a substitute.


Fortunately, Moonlight had all the necessary ingredients, and Jian Luo didn’t have to do much himself. He pressed the live button, ready to greet his audience.




The little circle indicated that everything was ready.


Jian Luo habitually started talking, “Hi, everyone. I’m streamer Jian Luo, and today, we’re going to make spicy and sour noodles.”


At the start of his broadcasts, Jian Luo usually glanced at the viewership count. Normally, when he first went live, the viewership would be around several tens of thousands. After about ten minutes, it would start to soar, sometimes reaching around a million, depending on the time.


However, today, when Jian Luo casually glanced at the viewership count, his eyes gradually widened, “One million five hundred thousand?”


Before, he hadn’t opened the live chat, but now, it was flooded with messages:


“Is the streamer the Marshal’s illegitimate child?”


“The figure and voice match perfectly; it’s you.”


“What’s the relationship between the streamer and the Marshal?”


“Streamer, please, are you pregnant?”


The weather was finally turning towards autumn, and he couldn’t wear oversized clothing anymore. Since April, Jian Luo’s pregnancy had become increasingly noticeable. Although he was relatively slim, his expanding belly couldn’t be hidden. His waistline had become rounder, and although it wasn’t very conspicuous, a close look would reveal the bulge.


Seeing the enthusiastic chat, Jian Luo hesitated, not sure how to respond. As he was still pondering what to do, suddenly, the entire livestream page froze and then crashed. Error 460.


The page instantly turned black and white, and Jian Luo was forcefully disconnected from the livestream mode.


Due to the overwhelming number of viewers and messages, the active user count had increased dramatically, causing Jian Luo’s livestream to crash. In no time, a hot trending topic appeared on StarNet: #JinjiangIsCrashing#.


#Jinjiang Streamer Jian Luo Goes Live#


The platform crash incident left Jian Luo with a wry smile. Fortunately, Jiang Jiang called him and assured that they would have it fixed overnight.


With all the commotion, Jian Luo decided not to continue the livestream. He made a simple dish of noodles, mixing in chili and vinegar to his heart’s content, and enjoyed his meal. After finishing, Lu Shifeng took him back.


Instead of going directly to the rest area, they went to Lu Shifeng’s office. The Marshal instructed Jian Luo to wait on the couch while he headed out for a meeting.


Jian Luo chatted with himself for a while, and Secretary Jin, came in first. “Luoluo, are you tired? Shall I take you back to rest?”


Jian Luo wasn’t tired; he was engrossed in the online gossip. “Not at all, it’s just a little past eight.”


“That’s good,” Secretary Jin poured a glass of water for Jian Luo. “There’s been a sudden emergency over there, and the Marshal has gone to a meeting. Don’t worry too much.”


Jian Luo shook his head. “He’s so capable; I have nothing to worry about.”


Secretary Jin smiled.


After some thought, this might be a good opportunity, so she decided to bring it up herself. “Luo Luo, this situation might not be easy to handle. Based on my experience over the years, if I’m not mistaken, the Marshal might have to leave for a while.”


Business trip?


Jian Luo froze.


Thinking about it, he had indeed been sticking with Lu Shifeng all this time. Because they had been together for so long, he had forgotten that Lu Shifeng was the Marshal, who could be in danger at any time and might need to lead troops into battle.


Jian Luo hesitated. “Is it going to be dangerous?”


Secretary Jin didn’t lie, “It might be a little bit dangerous. Are you worried?”


Without hesitation, Jian Luo said, “Of course, I’ll be worried!”


Secretary Jin was touched. Luoluo was really loyal. If the Marshal could hear this, he would be delighted.


“Well, if anything happens to him and he leaves us as orphans, what will we do? This dragon cub eats so much, and I can’t afford to raise it,” Jian Luo sighed, “He absolutely can’t have any accidents.”




Secretary Jin choked up.


But she comforted Jian Luo, “Luoluo, don’t think like that. The Marshal should be fine, and even if something happens to him, the Darkstar people won’t leave the child unprotected. Your child is very important, and a prominent noble family might even adopt him.”


Jian Luo was puzzled. “Like who?”

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Chapter 14 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 14


Tang Xiyan stirred the tomato hot pot in front of him and remarked, “Eating hot pot without spiciness just doesn’t feel right.”


Qu Di handed him a piece of tripe and reminded, “Dr. Yu said you shouldn’t eat too spicy lately.”


Shu Yi smiled and said, “Qu Di is looking out for your well-being. Just ease up on the spice. I think the tomato base is pretty good.”


“I didn’t say I wouldn’t listen to him.” He tossed the meat from his bowl into Qu Di’s, as if he had done it countless times before. “I overcooked this meat by accident. You have it.”


Qu Di, used to this, wasn’t as picky as Tang Xiyan. He was about to eat the meat, but at that moment, Shu Yi used his chopsticks to take the overcooked meat from his bowl. “I like overcooked meat, it’s chewy. Give it to me.”


Tang Xiyan said, “Your preferences are quite unique.”


Shu Yi didn’t say anything but looked at Qu Di and then served him a piece of beef tripe, saying softly, “I noticed you seem to like this.”


“Th-thank you.” He promptly stuffed it into his mouth. The beef tripe he had just picked up was quite hot, so he opened his mouth and exhaled heavily. Shu Yi handed him a glass of cola, and Qu Di took several sips.


Tang Xiyan handed him a napkin to wipe his mouth and said, “If you like it, you can have it; no need to rush.”


“Thank you.”


At this point, Shu Yi seemed a bit uneasy and said, “Uh… I think I accidentally gave you my cup…”


Qu Di: …


Seeing his reaction, Shu Yi quickly reassured him, “It’s fine, I haven’t used it.”


Qu Di got up and said, “I’ll find a new cup for you.” Then he hurriedly left as if he was escaping.


He went to the lounge area and looked for a clean cup, but at that moment, there was a knock on the door.


“Is anyone there? Is anyone there?”


Qu Di turned to the others and said, “I’ll go open the door first.”


Tang Xiyan had a big bite of beef and murmured, “Does Wen Gu smell the hot pot and want to eat it?”


“Xiao Xiao?” Wen Gu’s assistant was named Qin Xiao Xiao, a beta girl who usually didn’t talk much.


At this moment, the quiet and composed girl’s eyes were moist, as if she was about to cry. She turned to Qu Di for help, speaking incoherently, “Qu Di, please help me! I’ve already called an ambulance, but Wen Gu… Wen Gu doesn’t seem to be well. What should I do? What should I do?”


Hearing her crying, the three of them in the room walked out, but as soon as Qin Xiao Xiao saw Shu Yi and the others, she shouted at them, “Don’t come over!”


The three of them were puzzled but stopped in their tracks. At this point, Shu Yi suddenly covered his nose and said, “Do you smell the scent of omega pheromones on her?”


Shu Yi’s comment made Tang Xiyan notice the faint scent as well. For those with sensitive olfactory senses like Alphas, this scent had significant implications.


Qu Di got up and said, “I’ll go and find a new cup for you.” Then he quickly left the room.


As he approached the room, even with the door closed, Qu Di, a beta, could still catch a faint whiff of the scent. It was easy to imagine what this meant for the highly sensitive Alphas.


Qin Xiao Xiao wiped her tears and tried to collect her thoughts. She choked out, “I don’t know exactly what happened. After we returned to the hotel, we each went to our own rooms. But he suddenly called me just now, and he couldn’t explain clearly over the phone.


“I only heard him gasping on the other end, and I was afraid something had happened, so I came up. I asked the hotel for a spare key card and then entered the room. I saw him lying on the floor, and there was a used suppressant nearby…”


She didn’t want to ask the hotel staff for help right away to avoid any negative publicity. She called an ambulance and then informed Wen Gu’s manager.


Wen Gu woke up, still in a daze. The numb sensation surged through his body once again, and his throat felt like it was on fire. He couldn’t speak. The deep-seated desire emanating from his body was eroding his nerves. Right now, he needed an Alpha… anyone would do.


He had already taken a suppressant… so why was he feeling like this again? This was the last thought he had before his rationality vanished.


The ambulance arrived quickly. Medical personnel entered the room, provided some basic care for Wen Gu, and then took him away. Qu Di had initially thought of accompanying them but was stopped by Qin Xiao Xiao.


“You can go back; I’ll go with them.”


Qu Di didn’t insist, understanding that artists’ matters often shouldn’t be intervened in by someone unfamiliar.


“Alright, if you need any help, you can reach out to me.”


After Wen Gu was taken away, the corridor was still filled with the strong scent of pheromones. Any Alpha passing by would likely be overwhelmed by this lingering scent. Hotel staff quickly arrived to disperse the pheromones.


When Qu Di knocked on the door, the three people sitting on the sofa in the lounge quickly reacted. Shu Yi was closer to the door, and he said, “I’ll go and open it.”


Upon opening the door, Shu Yi’s first question was, “Are you okay?”


What trouble could a beta get into?


Qu Di shook his head and replied, “I’m fine, but Wen Gu went to the hospital. It’s a temporary judgment that he’s in heat, and his pheromones are out of control.”


Hearing this, everyone felt relieved. Sudden heats were not uncommon, especially for mature Omegas like Wen Gu who hadn’t found an Alpha. They were prone to irregular heat cycles.


But going to the hospital was a first, as with advanced technology, even when a heat came on suddenly, a single injection would usually provide relief without the need for medical intervention.


However, it seemed that Wen Gu’s situation was different. Due to this unexpected turn of events, no one felt like eating any longer. Shu Yi and Zheng Siyi left, but Tang Xiyan couldn’t bear to leave a table full of food and urged Qu Di to help finish it.


“Didn’t you just say you weren’t hungry?”


“Well, this is in front of outsiders! If Wen Gu is in trouble, I have to show my concern, isn’t that what you guys taught me? Come on, help me finish everything; I treat you like family.”


Tang Xiyan served him a piece of tripe and said, “Adding the collateral fee for this hot pot, it’s one thousand five! Wasting food is a sin!”


In the end, Qu Di couldn’t refuse and helped finish the food on the table. Both of them were stuffed, and Qu Di intended to clean up, but Tang Xiyan stopped him, saying, “The person said there’s no need to clean up. He’ll come to collect it himself tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.”


“Are you really going to sleep with all this food tonight?”


Tang Xiyan considered it and said, “It does have a strong smell. You go take a shower, I’ll tidy up a bit, and then I’ll come to help you apply the medicine before I go back.”


Tang Xiyan stood up and stretched lazily. “One of the lead actors is in the hospital. I wonder if we’ll have the day off tomorrow.”


The cast and crew had a sleepless night due to the recent events. Tang Xiyan, however, slept soundly, and the next day he was curious why everyone seemed like they hadn’t slept well.


The director took out a cigarette but didn’t light it. He looked somewhat troubled and said, “We’ve only been shooting for a few days, and one of the leads is already in the hospital. Today, there will surely be a lot of media waiting for us. Please be cautious.”


As expected, when Tang Xiyan stepped outside, a horde of cameras and microphones were thrust in his face. Even those who had been interviewing passersby rushed over. The presence of the cast added more spice to the story.


“Tang Xiyan, we are from Huayan Entertainment. We’d like to ask for your thoughts on Wen Gu being hospitalized.”


“Some sources claim he had a rendezvous with an Alpha in the hotel. Can you confirm if this is true?”


“It’s been revealed by insiders that he lost control of his pheromones due to excessive use of aphrodisiacs. Is this accurate?”


“We’ve heard that the person he was with was the male lead of the same drama, Shu Yi. Do you have any information on this?”


“Tang Xiyan, please answer our questions!”


The security guards hired by the production company stood in front of him and pushed these people away.


Qu Di raised his voice and said, “Tang Xiyan has work to do today. Please make way for us.”


However, the media showed no sign of backing down. Until the situation was clarified, it was best for anyone to remain silent and avoid disclosing any information to the press, even if they knew anything. Everything should be left for the company to handle. Tang Xiyan kept his head down and, escorted by security, got into the nanny car.


It was said that Shu Yi’s situation was even more serious when he came out. After all, he was one of the main characters in the rumored heat incident involving Wen Gu.


Fortunately, the set location; Red Pear Film and Television City wasn’t a place reporters could enter, or they would have to halt production altogether.


Yang Jisheng didn’t come yesterday, and now Wen Gu is missing today. Just as the two had some conflicts, it seemed they wouldn’t have to see each other for a while.


Everyone received news that Wen Gu’s situation wasn’t extremely severe but not a minor issue either. He had been forced into a heat out of season, and the drug dosage wasn’t small. It might take him half a month to recover.


With this revelation, the incident was no longer a simple accident.


The director approached and whispered, “The police are already at the hotel, investigating the matter. They want to speak to those who knew about it last night. They’ll be here soon. The four of you wait.”


Then he turned to Yang Jisheng and said, “Come on, Yang Jisheng, let’s shoot scene 22 first. Go change your clothes, and the other actors should get ready as well. Stay focused!”


Shu Yi and the others waited for almost an hour. Tang Xiyan seemed impatient, frequently checking the time on his phone. Finally, a group of police officers wearing uniforms, along with a hotel cleaner, approached. There were six officers in total.


They first displayed their credentials, and Qu Di kept watching the cleaner, feeling that she looked familiar.


The cleaner also kept staring at Qu Di, which made him somewhat uneasy. Just as he thought he might be imagining things, the police asked the cleaner to come forward.


“Take a look and see if you recognize anyone you saw that day.”


The cleaner didn’t say a word but straightforwardly pointed her finger at Qu Di, saying, “It’s him!”

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Chapter 14 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 14


At the banquet, everyone was busy exchanging pleasantries, tasting the exquisite Immortal Wine, and completely ignoring the little incident on Si Lan’s side.


After the Immortal Wine feast, it was time for the Immortal Cranes to perform their dance.


In the realm of cultivation, the higher the cultivation level of the couple getting married, the more Immortal Cranes would participate in the dance.


As Lou Yu, the number one cultivator in the cultivation world, a total of eighty-one Immortal Cranes gathered on Xuanling Mountain.


In the sky, the Immortal Cranes gracefully glided through the white clouds, their white feathers simple and pure, their postures elegant and graceful. They danced freely, sometimes flapping their wings in a carefree manner, sometimes stretching their necks and singing high in the sky.


The gazes of the crowd involuntarily turned to the sky, enjoying the dance of the Immortal Cranes.


The disciples of the Xuanling Sect also joined in, performing sword dances and playing the flute in harmony with the cranes. Their robes fluttered, and the entire Xuanling Mountain was enveloped in the joyful and festive sounds, resembling a paradise on earth.


However, Si Lan alone had a solemn expression. Although his eyes were fixed on the Immortal Cranes, his thoughts were still dwelling on something he hadn’t fully contemplated yet.


“Wow, Master, what formation is that?” Xie Li suddenly reached out and pointed to the sky.


Si Lan’s thoughts were interrupted, and he listened to Xie Li’s soft voice. He couldn’t help but smile. “That’s the Immortal Crane Play Cymbals Formation.”


“Oh…” Xie Li pretended to understand and nodded.


Behind them, Quze noticed that their attention was completely focused on the Immortal Cranes, so he quietly left and went to the end of the courtyard.


He glanced around to make sure no one was following him before cautiously pushed the door open and entered.


The shadow of the window coffin cast on Quze’s face, making his slightly immature face appear somewhat sinister.


A huge snake head gradually emerged behind Quze. Its black scales gleamed with silver light, and its brown eyes seemed to almost bleed. Its voice seemed to come from a distant underground cave, silent and ominous, creating an invisible sense of pressure.


“He refused to drink that wine; perhaps he has discovered something. Mix a drug in it and serve it to him in person. It will ease his vigilance significantly.”




Quze responded expressionlessly.


The snake head gave its orders and then disappeared into thin air.


Quze walked out of the room and saw Si Lan and Xie Li still enjoying the dance of the Immortal Cranes on the open terrace.


The midday sun was scorching, leaving everyone feeling parched. Quze requested a pot of tea and, after placing it nearby, poured a cup of tea for Si Lan.


“Your Excellency, it’s quite hot today. Have some cold tea.”


“Thank you.” Si Lan took the teacup, and as he was about to bring it to his lips, his eyes suddenly flickered. He looked at Quze and curved his lips, revealing a smile that was neither a smile nor a smirk. “The tea is quite good.”


Quze’s heart raced. Meeting Si Lan’s gaze, he thought Si Lan had discovered something. However, Si Lan downed the tea in one gulp. Quze cleared his throat. “I’m glad Your Excellency likes it.”


“You foolish Demon Lord.”


After finishing the tea, Si Lan suddenly heard a mocking voice in his spiritual consciousness. He couldn’t help but pause and asked, “What?”




Si Lan listened to the sound of “hehe” and confirmed that it wasn’t his imagination; someone was truly communicating with him through his spiritual consciousness.


“Who are you?” He responded through his spiritual consciousness, but the other person remained silent.


Si Lan furrowed his brows and asked Quze to prepare another cup of tea.


Seeing this, the small white dragon closed his eyes, giving up all resistance.


There was no hope left.


Why should he worry about the Demon Lord? He was only staying by his side to suck his blood.


If he died, well… at most, they would have some less fresh blood to drink.


Thinking of this, the little white dragon realized that he hadn’t had blood for most of the day.


Si Lan was defenseless against him; his collarbone and chest were exposed to him, and he could see the veins and even the blood vessels under Si Lan’s skin. Perhaps it was his imagination, but he always felt a faint fragrance emanating from Si Lan’s embrace, very pleasant.


At present, it wasn’t a good time to drink blood, but he could certainly enjoy the fragrance.


The little white dragon lowered his head to Si Lan’s collarbone, about to close his eyes and inhale the scent when he caught Xie Li sneakily glancing at him again, curiosity filling his big eyes.


The little white dragon suddenly turned around, let out a furious roar in his spiritual consciousness, scaring Xie Li, who shivered and quickly averted his gaze, standing up straight.


The little white dragon arrogantly turned his head, and his gaze fell on Si Lan’s other disciple, Quze. Quze was currently watching Si Lan’s nape, his expression neutral, and his emotions hidden.


The little white dragon suddenly felt some pity for Si Lan.


His two disciples, one was a fool, and the other was getting ideas.


Tsk tsk.


“What’s that?” Suddenly, an exclamation echoed.


The gazes of the crowd subconsciously followed the sound, only to see countless small snakes rapidly crawling up from the forest towards Xuanling Mountain. They came in a dense, unstoppable mass.


“Snakes… why are there so many snakes?”


They were sister snake clan!


Si Lan stood up abruptly, his eyebrows furrowing. He didn’t expect them to attack Xuanling Sect again. He had already warned that little sister snake to advise their people not to act recklessly. Why didn’t they listen?


“Quick, set up the barrier!”


However, before the cultivators could set up the barrier, a huge two-headed sister snake roared, raising its heads from the forest. Its massive, terrifying blood-red eyes almost darkened the sky as it stared fixedly at the people on Xuanling Mountain.


In the next instant, all the cultivators who met the gaze of those blood-red eyes fell into an illusion.


Si Lan had been affected before and quickly shouted, “Don’t look into the snake’s eyes!”


Quze and Xie Li immediately closed their eyes.


Unfortunately, most of the people were still ensnared in the illusion, and only a few remained clear-headed, albeit shocked by the scenes before them.


Si Lan immediately set up a barrier that enveloped the entire Xuanling Mountain, keeping the sister snakes out. However, the sister snakes, unable to break through, relentlessly slammed into the barrier as if they were willing to die.


The two-headed sister snake, which had used the illusion technique, retracted its blood-red eyes and turned its gaze toward Si Lan, testing the waters. It asked, “Are you Demon Lord Si Lan?”


“Yes,” Si Lan replied, his expression cold. “You’re no match for Xuanling Sect at all. Why attack recklessly?”


“The Snake Queen is running out of vitality. If we don’t act now, we’ll be beyond redemption.” Knowing this was a trap, they had no choice but to make their final stand.


“Where is the Snake Queen? I’ll help you save her.”


The two-headed sister snake fell silent, assessing Si Lan, as if pondering if he was worth trusting. Soon, it retrieved a pill from its pocket. “This pill can roughly indicate the direction of the Snake Queen.”


“Which direction?”


The Tóu Pill emitted a green glow, floating in mid-air. The two-headed sister snake was about to speak when a vine that had been lurking on Xuanling Mountain suddenly shot countless tendrils toward it.


It dodged hastily but was still pierced by one tendril.


At the foot of the mountain, the root-like tendrils of the vine seemed like tentacles, breaking through the barrier and quickly advancing toward the little sister snakes. The sister snakes were not as lucky as the two-headed one and were caught. Their insides were crushed.


Brown snake blood gushed like a waterfall, staining Xuanling Mountain, and a pungent snake odor filled the air.


Si Lan drew his Xuan Heart Whip and, in an instant, appeared above the vine. He struck the main stem of the vine.


The vine, as if it had a soul, sensed Si Lan’s intentions and quickly extended several tendrils toward him. However, the tendrils were cut off by the Xuan Heart Whip before they could get close to Si Lan. They fell to the ground, and the tendrils on the ground continued wriggling toward Si Lan.


Si Lan cast a spell, turning the tendrils into ashes.


At this moment, the barrier surrounding Xuanling Mountain was suddenly broken by a sword qi. Si Lan looked up and saw Purple-robed Immortal Monarch, who held a long sword and stared coldly at everything happening at the foot of the mountain.


As the barrier shattered, the small sister snakes went mad, rushing toward Xuanling Mountain. Si Lan tried to stop them, but they seemed out of control. They climbed up the mountain like a frenzy, attacking the vine.


The vine was dense with branches and leaves, wrapping around the sister snakes, leaving only crimson blood flowing out.


Saturated with fresh blood, the vine grew even more vigorous, extending its roots in a way that resembled human veins.


“What on earth is this?” Si Lan asked.


“It’s sister snake bones.”


That familiar voice suddenly echoed in Si Lan’s consciousness again.


Si Lan suddenly understood. This vine was not a plant or a demon, but a spinal column. The person behind all this had painstakingly used the blood of the sister snake clan to nourish the vine, aiming to reconstruct a flesh and bone spinal column.


What a sinister method.


“Quick, order the sister snakes not to attack the vines,” Si Lan immediately conveyed to the two-headed sister snake.


The two-headed sister snake also realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately conveyed the message to the other sister snakes.


“Stop attacking Xuanling Mountain!”


The sister snakes stopped their attacks. However, the vine, now resembling a bloodthirsty monster, refused to relent and actively attacked the sister snakes.


The sister snakes tried to escape, but a massive purple barrier suddenly enveloped them, trapping them inside. In an instant, the sister snakes within the barrier seemed to be hit by a powerful force, emitting screams.


Si Lan and the two-headed sister snake, seeing this, immediately flew toward the vine, attempting to stop it.


At this moment, the vine extended a huge tendril toward the group


 of cultivators who were still trapped in the illusion. Si Lan had to deal with the tendril, but he turned to Quze and said, “Quze, protect the others!”


“Yes,” Quze replied, drawing his sword and pulling Xie Li behind him.


Xie Li, with a pale face, stood dumbfounded, watching the scene before him. He had only come to the banquet, and yet, he was inexplicably dragged into a fight.


“Hiss… Whoa…”


Inside the barrier, the sister snakes subjected to the formation attack burst one by one, and their blood gathered into a river, flowing toward the vine’s roots.


The two-headed sister snake, witnessing this, was filled with anger and desperately attempted to attack the barrier to rescue their people. However, their cultivation level was inadequate, and they were rebounded by the barrier, leaving them severely injured on the ground.


Si Lan didn’t have time to think about anything else. He gently shook the whip handle, transforming it into a longsword.


Holding the longsword, he struck the barrier, creating an opening. The sister snakes still clinging to life quickly crawled out of the crack.


But the vine ceased its attack on the sister snakes. It appeared sated, quickly retracting its tendrils.


Under the sunlight, the vine emitted a brown halo, akin to the spread of a bloodstain. The roots shook, causing clusters of petals to fall, revealing an intact network of roots. Or, more accurately, a complete, pale spinal column.


It was the spinal column of a snake.


At first glance, it resembled a centipede clinging to Xuanling Mountain.


The two-headed snake, lying on the ground, looked at the snake bones and seemed to recall something, and its face suddenly changed.


In the next moment, the snake bones coiled around Xuanling Mountain, shook violently with great force, and the sky spun while the ground trembled. Rocks tumbled from the mountaintop, and streams at the base of the valley reversed their flow. Birds in the forest screeched as if the world was about to shatter, and it felt like the onset of an apocalyptic scenario.


A strange screeching sound echoed over Xuanling Mountain, and the people trapped in the illusion suddenly trembled, their bodies in pain, blood oozing from their seven orifices.


“Double-Head, quickly release them from the illusion,” Si Lan said, trying to shield the people inside the illusion from the falling rocks and the haunting sounds.


However, the two-headed sister snake coldly stated, “The lives and deaths of humans are of no concern to me. Our purpose here is to rescue the Snake Queen.”


Hearing this, Si Lan didn’t hold back any longer. His longsword instantly transformed into a whip that coiled around the two-headed sister snake’s neck, choking it, causing the sister snake’s face to distort and its eye sockets to bulge.


“Don’t make me say it a second time,” Si Lan warned with a stern gaze.


The two-headed sister snake displayed a hint of fear on its face. Reluctantly, it took out a horn and blew it gently, instantly releasing the illusion.

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Chapter 89 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 89


The second round of preliminaries revealed the team match rules in advance, which excited all the participants. If forming teams in the first round was merely for self-preservation, this time it was about true honor and disgrace. 


Unfortunately, due to the randomized groupings, even the participants who successfully advanced had little acquaintance with each other. Therefore, without each other’s communication codes, almost everyone chose to enter the arena early to find teammates. In this team-based competition, personal strength was no match for the lack of teamwork. If they encountered other teams with strong cooperation, they would likely face a crushing defeat.


On the day of the match, Lu Jingning surprisingly woke up early and saw Wen Xingchen sitting at the dining table. He smiled and greeted him, “Good morning, Wen-ge.”


For Lu Jingning to say “good morning” was as difficult as passing the imperial navy’s all-subject exam with a perfect score. Wen Xingchen saw his fresh and cheerful appearance, and his gaze paused for a moment before he replied, “Morning.”


Lu Jingning didn’t hesitate to pull up a chair and sat down casually, picking up a breakfast bun and taking a bite. While munching, he asked, “So, have you picked your teammate yet?”


Wen Xingchen had already checked the list of participants in his group yesterday but didn’t find anyone who seemed strong enough. He casually replied, “I’ll decide after we enter the map.”


Lu Jingning gave him a thumbs-up and praised, “As expected of you!”


Wen Xingchen chuckled and asked teasingly, “Have you become the master of flattery today?”


Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow, “Why not? Isn’t it normal to praise one’s boyfriend? Don’t you like it?”


“I like it,” Wen Xingchen said, leaning toward him, “Continue, flatter me some more.”


Lu Jingning playfully pushed him away, saying, “I’ve used up today’s rainbow farts. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”


Wen Xingchen laughed lightly, “Tomorrow is fine. I wonder if someone can get up early enough.”


For someone who had difficulty waking up, that seemed to be a problem. Wen Xingchen looked at him with a faint smile and said, “If you can’t get up, I can come to your room and wake you up.”




Lu Jingning couldn’t maintain his composure under Wen Xingchen’s direct gaze. He glanced outside, pretending to be indifferent, and mumbled, “Alright, come find me tomorrow. I promise not to hit you. Satisfied?”


Wen Xingchen pondered for a moment and said, “Should I be grateful for not being killed?”


“That sounds reasonable,” Lu Jingning chuckled. Just as he was about to say something else, he glanced at the time inadvertently and exclaimed, “Oh no!” He jumped up from the chair with the bread in his mouth and dashed out, “I’m late! I have to go!”


Without waiting for Wen Xingchen’s response, he hurriedly rushed out.


Wen Xingchen watched his departing figure thoughtfully for a while, then picked up his coat from the back of the chair and followed.


Standing at the staircase, Bing Yunlin couldn’t help but look back at the man behind him, smiling with some emotion, “Young people are full of vitality, aren’t they?”


“…” Wen Ye was confused, “Hmm?”


When he raised his head again, Bing Yunlin had already walked downstairs. He didn’t mention his random comment from earlier and instead stood at the staircase, smiling as he looked at him and asked, “What breakfast do you want today?”


Wen Ye thought for a moment and smiled back, “Anything is fine, you decide.”



When Lu Jingning entered the competition map, it was already bustling with people. Many participants had already formed teams, and others were actively shouting, trying to sell themselves to higher-ranked players.


After all, everyone wanted to secure their position by getting the support of a strong teammate.


As the first-ranked player in his group, Lu Jingning naturally attracted a lot of attention. Once he entered, several people immediately approached him, surrounding him.


A burly man took the lead and showed off his perfect biceps, saying with a smile, “Looking for a teammate? Look at my physique; action speaks louder than words!”


Lu Jingning gave an objective assessment, “A bit oily.”


The burly man’s face twitched, and before he could say anything, another person nearby pushed him away, “Get out of here! This isn’t a beauty pageant. What’s so impressive about a few muscles?”


The burly man glared at him, “You’re so arrogant with those small arms and legs. What can you do?”


The other person smiled lightly, “I’m nothing special, just got third place in the first round of the preliminaries. It’s a humble achievement, pardon my showing off.”


The burly man rolled up his sleeves, “Third place? Let me see what you’re made of!”


Since the preparatory stage of the map didn’t have a damage system, they could brawl without causing any harm to each other. Lu Jingning couldn’t help but feel speechless. These people were so energetic; the match hadn’t even started yet, and they were already so enthusiastic.


However, while these two were fighting, the others took the opportunity to gather around Lu Jingning and started promoting themselves:


“Hey, friend, check me out! I’m good at long-range attacks, excellent positioning, and I won’t drag you down!”


“I have excellent defensive skills, a must-have for home and travel! You won’t regret teaming up with me!”


“Ignore them, come join our team! We already have four people, all ranked in the top ten of the first round. One more and we’ll secure our advancement!”


“There’s also a spot in our team, not just a four-one setup, but a four-support-one super strong team. You deserve to be a part of it, my friend!”



Each person’s pitch was more enticing than the last. If Lu Jingning hadn’t already made up his mind, he might have been genuinely tempted. However, in their current group, there was only one star player, which couldn’t be ignored.


Considering the overall game experience, Lu Jingning felt responsible for himself and wanted to avoid any impulsive decisions.


So, he directly declined the invitations of the others. After scanning the surroundings, his eyes landed on the eye-catching blue-haired figure.


His lips curved into a friendly smile, and he approached Lan Yuanzhou with a cheerful tone, “Xiao Zhouzhou, want to team up?”


If someone unfamiliar saw this scene, they would think these two had been close friends for many years.


Lan Yuanzhou had been called “Xiao Zhouzhou” by people online, but he hadn’t been addressed so intimately in the competition before. Hearing the voice, he turned around with a somewhat perplexed expression, “Are you sure you haven’t mistaken me for someone else?”


Lu Jingning opened the current team lineup and blinked, “Of course not! Absolutely no mistake! Look, your team still has a spot, and it’s missing me!”


Lan Yuanzhou’s current team indeed only had three members. He had joined because the team leader happened to be one of his die-hard fans. Now, looking at Lu Jingning’s calm and composed demeanor, Lan Yuanzhou’s eyelids twitched. He reminded him, “Have you forgotten something? I seem to have told you that if I ever met you again, I wouldn’t let you escape!”


“We’re teammates now, and we’re all aiming to advance. What’s the point of talking about escaping? It’s so awkward!” Lu Jingning walked up to the team leader of Lan Yuanzhou’s team with a smile and handed him his participant code, encouraging him, “Come on, scan it, and you’ll have the me that countless teams are yearning for!”


The other teams that desperately wanted him watched this scene and couldn’t help but clutch their chests, almost spewing blood.


People truly live tough lives, my friend!


The team leader of Lan Yuanzhou’s team was his loyal fan. He had noticed their interaction earlier, and although he felt they were indeed familiar with each other, something still seemed off. He looked up at Lan Yuanzhou, seeking confirmation.


Seeing the hesitancy in the team leader’s eyes, Lu Jingning also glanced at Lan Yuanzhou, “Your team still needs one more member, right? This is an important round for advancement. How can you act impulsively now? Aren’t you still an alpha?!”


Lan Yuanzhou sighed, “Fine, add him.”


He had a hunch that if Lu Jingning continued, he might end up not just losing his alpha status, but he might even lose his identity as a human being.


Forget it. For a laid-back life, it is not worth holding grudges.


As a free-spirited bounty hunter, since the other party had voluntarily given in, why bother making a fuss about a newcomer like this?


Seeing his name appear on the team list, Lu Jingning smiled contentedly and sincerely extended his hand, “Let’s get to know each other again. I’m Lu Jingning, your most reliable teammate for this round.”


Lan Yuanzhou said calmly, “I’m Lan Yuanzhou.”


Lu Jingning beamed, “I know, Xiao Zhouzhou!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “…”


The team leader and Lan Yuanzhou’s fan clenched their teeth.


Damn, they also wanted to call their idol so affectionately! Envy!!!


After shaking hands, following his bounty hunter instincts, Lan Yuanzhou suddenly shivered without warning.


He looked around the empty waiting area of the virtual map with a puzzled expression, frowning.


Was there a temperature system added to the virtual map? Why did he suddenly feel a little cold?


Author’s note: Teaming up with Lu Jingning is such a delightful thing. If you feel cold, then that’s just right!


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Chapter 3 – G Star (3)

       “…What should I do with this person?” Although Qin Yun has never encountered this before, he also understands how painful this situation is for the guide, “Can’t you deal with it? He’ll get burnt out if he goes on like this…”

       The man stared at him with an expression of ‘Are you stupid?’

       Was this man’s brain damaged from the crash? Hasn’t he learned the ‘Universal Guide Protection Law’?!


       “…” Qin Yun felt embarrassed halfway through and suddenly reacted, “Don’t you have a dedicated guide?!”

       The other party’s expression froze as if a sore spot had been poked, and there was a hint of impatience in his stiff tone, “No.”

       “Thought so…” Qin Yun muttered. Once a Sentinel had a dedicated guide, how could it be possible for them to act alone? They would have to be completely bound all day, 24 hours a day.


       The antelope-type high-level guide was completely burnt out, and his spiritual link was not much better, with eyes filled with confusion and uneasiness.

       The ‘Universal Guide Protection Law’ was shared by the entire galaxy. Of course, Qin Yun couldn’t just watch the other party being tossed silly, but naturally, there were no suppressants in his low-level guide’s medical bag.

       “Do you have a stabilizer with you?” Qin Yun rummaged through the pile of ruins in the driver’s seat, “Don’t you have a dedicated guide… How can you go to the battlefield without some stabilizer?”

       The Sentinel took a long time before lazily ‘hmph’ and said, “There is a box under the seat.”

       “You should have said so earlier.” Qin Yun complained. He lowered his head for a long time before pulling out a half-damaged freezer case with several labels on it. Among them, a broken stabilizer had a name written on it, “Blah blah blah… Xizhao… blah blah…”

       “Xi Zhao?” Qin Yun climbed up from the ruins holding the box. He shook the syringe fragment in his hand towards the sentinel, “Your name is Xi Zhao? What’s your full name?”

       The sentinel, who was called Xi Zhao, gave him a cold look.

       Qin Yun shrugged his shoulder. He put on an expression that said, ‘Okay, I won’t force you’. He quickly prepared four tubes of stabilizer and timed the injections into the enemy guide’s veins with precision.

       The other party’s body temperature was gradually dropping, exhausting all the high-level guide energy, and the person fell asleep soon after.

       “Alright.” Qin Yun finally breathed a sigh of relief. He laid the person down on the spot and did not intend to take him away. Although it was possible to capture or injure a guide on the battlefield, all parties generally cherished the high-level guide, so Qin Yun was not worried at all that the other party’s life would be in danger. This had become the default rule on the battlefield.


       “Let’s go back to the logistics.” Qin Yun suggested while sorting out the medical bag, “El… Major General El shouldn’t be in direct conflict with the other side. The rescue from the logistics side should be faster…” Having said this, he paused, then asked somewhat uncertainly, “Are you…the reinforcement?”

       Xi Zhao didn’t answer. He looked into the distance, suddenly grabbed Qin Yun’s collar, pressed his head and stretched forward, “Give me the direction. Where are those 500 sentinels.”

       Qin Yun’s neck almost broke, grabbed by him. He subconsciously stretched out his guiding tendrils as per the other party’s order, “A-at 12 o’clock… what are you going to do?!”

       Qin Yun yelled and grabbed Xi Zhao’s back tightly, and the sentinel actually carried him on his shoulders.

       “You had the wrong idea.” Xi Zhao freed up a hand and casually wiped the blood on half of his face. Only then did Qin Yun see the other person’s left eye clearly.

       The golden eyes were set on the dark red sclera like fake ones, and Qin Yun watched in awe as his pupil slowly stood up into a thin line.

       “I’m not here as reinforcement.” Xi Zhao looked at Qin Yun calmly with his normal black eyes, “I’m here to fight.”


       “I don’t want it! I will die!” Qin Yun’s whole body was completely hung upside down on Xi Zhao’s shoulders. His stomach hurt so much that he almost burst into tears, “You psychopath aaaaa—– !!!”

       The next second, he was thrown into the sky with great force. Xi Zhao pulled out a nearly two-meter black giant sword from nowhere and chopped off the heads of the two sentinels in front of him.

       “I! Am! Gonna! Fall! Dow—oof!” Xi Zhao grabbed the medical bag strap from mid-air. Qin Yun had the illusion that his lungs were strangled…

       “Argh…psycho…” Qin Yun gritted his teeth intermittently, “I’m gonna curse you…”


       Qin Yun wisely shut up…but it wasn’t long before he couldn’t help it anymore.

       “You can’t do this… You’re completely losing control of your emotions, and your consciousness is so messed up.” He glanced at the other person’s expression secretly and tentatively stretched out his guiding tendrils, “I have been professionally treating mania for 20 years… I’m definitely a master at massaging neurons…fvck!!”

       Xi Zhao hugged the person tightly at the waist. Behind him were two enemy mid-level sentinels, one with a giant python spiritual link, and its attack speed was frighteningly fast.

       “Calm down! Calm down!” Qin Yun felt that his waist was about to be broken. He did not hesitate to put his guiding tendrils into Xi Zhao’s consciousness cloud, trying to appease the other party’s rage. Xi Zhao stepped on his feet and turned around. With the sword, the giant python was cut into two pieces in an instant.

       “…” Qin Yun laughed dryly, “Ahaha… I have good massage skills, right?”

       Xi Zhao’s expression was a little strange. He pursed his lips and quickly dealt with another sentinel who was chasing him. Then he carried Qin Yun in his arms.

       “Huh…” Qin Yun was so moved that he almost cried, “This position is good…”

       Xi Zhao glanced coldly, and Qin Yun quickly controlled the guiding tendrils to diligently guide the other party’s consciousness cloud.


       Unlike any Sentinel he had come into contact with before. Xi Zhao’s consciousness cloud was so powerful that it was unfathomable. Qin Yun had only heard that S-class sentinels and high-level guide could hide their spiritual links freely. He did not expect that he would really encounter one in his life.

       Xi Zhao’s consciousness did not reject him. On the contrary, it was unexpectedly gentle. Qin Yun’s tendrils reached the deepest level. Because there were too many places to be guided, his eyes gradually turned golden.

       [That’s enough.] Xi Zhao’s voice reached his head [Stop, you’re going to faint.]

       “Ha…ha…” Qin Yun violently retracted the tendrils, his field uniform soaked with sweat, and his whole body was shaking so much that he could hardly breathe.

       Xi Zhao frowned and ‘tsk’ impatiently. He then reached out and grabbed his chin.


       Qin Yun didn’t react for a long time when his mouth was covered.


       The initial spiritual mark.


       Xi Zhao’s pheromones gently probed Qin Yun’s consciousness cloud, and the latter’s guiding tendrils slowly stretched out…

       “…” Xi Zhao’s face darkened, “I told you it’s enough. Do you want to die?!”

       Qin Yun withdrew the guiding tendrils that had penetrated the other party’s consciousness for a long time and complained, “…My guiding is obviously very comfortable. Why should I stop…”

       Xi Zhao: “…”

       Qin Yun: “I was wrong, I was wrong! Argh!!!!”


       For a low-level guide, being marked, even if it was just a mental mark, was a very novel thing. Qin Yun lowered his head and searched near his collar for a long time. A little discouraged, he said, “Isn’t it said that being marked would leave a spiritual mark? Where is your spiritual mark?”

       Xi Zhao wiped his black giant sword, not bothering to explain to him.

       Not long after the two of them established their mental marks, the enemy’s 500 sentinels were completely wiped out by Xi Zhao, who was well-nourished. His face almost seemed to be inscribed with the words ‘kill in all directions’, as he did a thorough annihilation.

       He put away the giant sword, pulled Qin Yun, who was still chattering and forced him to raise his head.

       Qin Yun licked his lips, and it sure tasted like rust, “…It’s all bitten.”

       Xi Zhao didn’t speak. He squatted down with his back to Qin Yun and said calmly, “Come up. I will carry you back.”

       Qin Yun was not polite either. He lay on Xi Zhao’s back and could see Xi Zhao’s left eye from one side. Although the colour had not changed, the pupil had returned to a round shape.

       “Do you really not have a spiritual link?” Qin Yun felt a little regretful, “You are obviously so strong.”

       Xi Zhao walked on in silence, but Qin Yun didn’t mind. He said to himself, “But you have a bad temper… Don’t be so irritable all the time. You might end up with a mental illness, you know.”

       Xi Zhao: “…”

       Qin Yun: “Woaa—! You are not crazy! I am! I am!! Don’t carry me on your shoulders!!! I’m going to vomit—Oh no!”


       In the year 532 of the Galactic Calendar, the Imperial Army successfully occupied G-Star, which represented the Issa royal family’s silent declaration of war against the Olympus Alliance. In the next hundred years, G-Star would become the most important defensive fortress of the Empire, impregnable and unbreakable.

       When the huge Empire Starship landed on the swirling hills of G-Star, Qin Yun had already returned to the logistics camp, but as soon as he turned around, he couldn’t find Xi Zhao.

       Sennas rushed over with his face full of snot and tears: “Wuwuwu, I thought you were dead! General El searched for you for half a day… You!” Suddenly, Sennas’ face changed as he flew over and sniffed at Qin Yun’s neck, shocked, “You’re marked? Damn! Which son of a bitch did this?!”

       Qin Yun: “…It’s just a mental mark, don’t be nervous.”

       Sennas didn’t buy it, “Come on! You don’t know how strong this sentinel’s pheromones are!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       The guide’s five senses were not as sensitive as sentinel, but even Sennas could feel it. Qin Yun finally felt that the matter might be more serious than he imagined.

       Elberna subconsciously stepped back a meter before she got close to him. His artic fox spiritual link whimpered and drooped his ears, lying on the ground shivering.

       Qin Yun raised his hands in embarrassment, “Hey buddy, is it really that bad…?”

       Elberna’s expression was not pleasant; it was the instinctive dominance of a stronger individual over a weaker one. Just a hint of pheromones easily marked territory, “Definitely worse than you think… Who did you encounter, exactly?”

       Qin Yun scratched the top of his head helplessly and muttered, “I wish I knew who it was…”


       The Emperor Starship navigation lights projected from a distance. Qin Yun looked at the swirling hills. Elberna led the soldiers in a uniform military salute. When he put down his hands, he could only faintly see the exhaust of the Emperor Starship in the night sky.

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