Chapter 50


After clearly understanding the movement routes of Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, the commentator had obviously grasped the intention of the Imperial Navy University. However, upon observing the changes in the upper route, he fell silent for a moment before speaking again: “I can understand the Imperial Navy’s thinking very well. After all, dealing with three A-class pheromone players with the strength of Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen is not a problem. But, at the moment, I’m afraid I can only say… the Imperial Navy’s luck seems a bit too unfortunate.”


The audience in the stands naturally noticed the changes on the field and couldn’t help but feel a mix of complex emotions. “More than just unfortunate, it’s like the Imperial Navy is experiencing a retrograde phase today!”


“Sigh, don’t ask, it’s just uncomfortable. My two cuties are about to face a new wave of slaughter, it’s really distressing.”


“But why do I still have a feeling that a storm is brewing?”


“Don’t be silly, it’s two against six? They are just freshmen, not immortals, you know?!”


“There’s a saying, ‘anything is possible!'”


“Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit insane for the three schools to team up against the Imperial Navy?”


“It does seem a bit…”


“This is the arena and the battlefield is truly cruel.”



In the short time that the teams exchanged members, the trio from another university, Grand War University, also appeared on the upper route and quickly reached a consensus with the other two schools. As a result, the chaotic situation among the four schools turned into a confrontation between two factions.


The commentator felt that his professional career was facing an unprecedented challenge and took a while to organize his words: “I have to say, the Imperial Navy University has demonstrated its strength in a different way. The other three military academies have formed an alliance to eliminate this excessively dominant opponent in advance. Now we can only see how the Imperial Navy plans to deal with this situation. However, regardless of the outcome, they are undoubtedly the protagonists of today’s team match!”


As the protagonist, Lu Jingning couldn’t hear the impassioned commentary from outside, nor could he feel the cold sweat being squeezed by their supporters. He was walking along the battlefield.


As they progressed, they could already see the traces left behind from the previous battles. Feeling the unnaturally quiet atmosphere around them, Lu Jingning furrowed his brows and suddenly stopped.


Wen Xingchen, who had been following him, also stopped and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning shook his head, “Hard to say, but my intuition tells me something’s not quite right ahead.”


Wen Xingchen scanned their surroundings and said, “Oh, you’re right, something’s off.”


“An ambush?” Lu Jingning asked.


Wen Xingchen chuckled lightly, “There’s probably quite a few of them.”


Due to the need for frequent communication during the team match, unlike the previous two days of individual battles, the players’ conversations were broadcasted clearly to the audience. Just as everyone was focused on their progress, the main screen was on them, and they could clearly hear the two’s conversation. Their keen perception caused quite a stir.


The commentator was also amazed, “The intuition of these two players is really keen! Yes! There are currently six people lying in ambush ahead, doubling the previous estimate of three. So, after sensing it, what method will they use to deal with it? Will they retreat immediately or…”


In the rest area, Cen Junfeng found the commentary too noisy and couldn’t help but comment, “Retreat is impossible. What else can they do? Face it head-on!”


As expected, even before he finished speaking, the main screen showed Lu Jingning suddenly taking out a beam gun from his pouch and making a few inexplicable gestures to Wen Xingchen. Then, he accelerated and charged straight towards the ambushing opponents.


Wen Xingchen miraculously understood him completely and quickly dodged to the other side, effectively concealing his figure from the view of the alliance team.


At that moment, Lu Jingning officially clashed with the opponents lying in ambush on the roadside.


His speed was incredibly fast, to the point that when he appeared, the players from the other three military academies were momentarily stunned. Upon realizing that only he had come, they couldn’t help but feel a complicated mood.


Though they had formed an alliance to completely annihilate the Imperial Navy University, besieging one person among them felt like taking advantage of their superior numbers.


Such a video, even if they ultimately won, would probably not receive much praise from the public.


However, the so-called moral struggle was just a brief moment. After all, they were all on the battlefield now and had no time to be distracted.


In an instant, Lu Jingning had already entered the attack range, and the players from the three-school alliance decisively launched an encirclement.


What they didn’t know was that, unlike the “compassion” that appeared out of nowhere, Lu Jingning was inexplicably excited upon seeing them. One, two, three, four, five, six… What a tempting pile of points!


Just now, when he speculated that new military academies might join the alliance, he didn’t flinch at all. His only thought was, “Wow, that’s a lot of people!”


Indeed, without the infighting among the other military academies, from a certain perspective, it was like gathering all their necks together and waiting for the Imperial Navy University to completely demolish them.


Lu Jingning’s footsteps didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he dashed through the rugged mud terrain, like a sharp arrow shooting from its bowstring.


The six ambushers were almost taken aback by his forceful momentum and were instantly filled with anger. How dare he charge towards them alone despite being outnumbered? Who did he think he was underestimating?!


Even the commentator was astonished by Lu Jingning’s direct and almost aggressive approach, his voice involuntarily raising a few notches, “Lu Jingning is actually charging ahead like this! Keep in mind, he’s facing a total of six opponents! His speed is incredibly fast; oh, a beautiful dodge, he evaded the first wave of shots! Counterattack! His shooting is precise! Has the Grand War University player lost their mobility? Could this be the third elimination of the match?!”


However, the subsequent development caught him off guard, and he stammered, “Oh, Lu Jingning didn’t even bother with them… He, he’s charging towards the two players from Silver Star University! It’s evident that he’s skilled in finding the right moments to move. Wonderful! The alliance’s attack has failed again! It’s understandable, after all, it’s a temporary team, and under such repeated disturbances, their coordination is becoming chaotic.”


“He’s closing in! Lu Jingning has successfully closed the distance! He used pheromone enhancement to strengthen his footwork, making his speed astonishing! This move towards the rear is truly beautiful. Is he really going to take on six opponents by himself? Remember, this is a team match!”


“Be careful!” In the perilous situation, the commentator seemed to be inadvertently biased, not realizing it himself, “As everyone’s attention is on Lu Jingning, he has been given a completely open sniping space! Grand War has lost one player, and the next is… oh, it’s Heavy Cloud! Heavy Cloud Defense University has already lost two players so far! But it’s not enough, not enough! Let me correct what I said earlier. It’s not that Lu Jingning is surrounded by the alliance, but rather he and Wen Xingchen have completely surrounded the players from the other three military academies!!”


As he spoke, he stood up from his seat, hands supporting the table, and was so excited that he almost shouted.


However, no matter how vividly and passionately he described the process, it couldn’t fully convey the precarious situation on the battlefield.


In the process of moving, Lu Jingning had already simulated the route in advance, just as he had communicated with Wen Xingchen. His task was to divert everyone’s attention completely and create a perfect output space for Wen Xingchen.


Although opening pheromone suppression might seem like the most direct approach, to achieve long-range intimidation, it required a high level of release intensity, which would consume a lot of energy.


Therefore, after successfully “drawing the monsters” at this moment, a faint smile appeared on his face.


The players from Silver Star University released their pheromones as Lu Jingning closed in.


Two A-class Alpha auras with a conquering taste rushed toward him, tightly enveloping Lu Jingning, attempting to force this Omega player to submit to them.


Alpha pheromones naturally possess aggressiveness, which further disadvantages Omega. Generally, Omegas rarely engage in close combat due to this.


However, Lu Jingning was clearly different.


The players from Silver Star University couldn’t see any impact on him; on the contrary, the next moment, even more imposing pheromones roared in their direction.


Without giving them any time to react, they were effortlessly cleared out.


Those who were at a distance wanted to seize the opportunity while Lu Jingning was engaged to quickly eliminate him, but it seemed like someone was dissatisfied with their hunting tactics.


Several gunshots from the shadows caused several figures to fall in quick succession.


Wen Xingchen held a long-range weapon, and the scene showed him leaning against a tree, leisurely retracting his sniper posture and looking at the fleeing figure in the distance.


In order to avoid his range, the surviving player had to retreat to a farther position. However, in doing so, they unknowingly fell into Lu Jingning’s attack range.


With a portable gun in hand, Lu Jingning played with it for a moment before putting it away without even bothering to release his pheromones. He looked at the approaching player and gently beckoned, “Wanna play?”


There was no shortage of arrogance.


The Grand War student couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth and also clenched his fists.


However, he soon realized that saying “let’s play” was something he couldn’t live up to.


Though he could fully release his pheromone aura, Lu Jingning simply disregarded it and effortlessly sent him out of the match.


On the team match’s scoreboard, the Imperial Navy University’s points skyrocketed from one to seven in an instant.


Two scenes were displayed on the large screen: the one before and the one after. The entire venue fell silent for a moment before exploding into commotion.


If they hadn’t witnessed it themselves, nobody would believe that in just a few minutes, the alliance’s ambush of six people had been effortlessly dismantled like this?


ASDF! What kind of devilish combination was this?!


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