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Chapter 14 – Replica

Chapter 14: Sakura leaves


As Christmas approached, the streets became lively. Arlene had already placed a Christmas tree at the front of the shop, and customers who came to enjoy desserts could receive a small plush toy as a gift.


It was a weekend, and Tan Xilu had also come to the shop in the morning. He was sitting at the bar counter, holding a small reindeer plush toy. Weekends tended to be busier, and the cake that Arlene had improved and turned into a Christmas special was selling quite well.


Xu Huaiming was preparing a hot milk tea for Tan Xilu. Tan Xilu had a sweet tooth, especially for the new cakes that Xu Huaiming had been making recently. Despite their high sugar content, Tan Xilu couldn’t resist them. He had already indulged in them several times, and today he came for more. However, Xu Huaiming refused, saying, “You can’t have more. Eating too much will make you gain weight.”


“Weight gain” was a forbidden term for Tan Xilu. In reality, he was quite thin. Even when Xu Huaiming had first returned and cuddled with him at night, he felt like he was holding onto bones. However, after being nourished by Xu Huaiming over these days, Tan Xilu had indeed gained some weight. But nutrition needed to be balanced, and excessive consumption of sweets could lead to various health issues. So Xu Huaiming controlled Tan Xilu’s dessert intake.


Therefore, to satisfy Tan Xilu’s cravings, Xu Huaiming made him a milk tea with a lower sugar content.


The milk tea still had plenty of pearls in it, served in a bowl. Tan Xilu was eating while looking at messages on his phone.


Although it was a weekend, Tan Xilu wasn’t truly taking a break. The incident with Qin Sizhe had caused some negative effects on the school. He had been caught with someone else in the office, and it happened to be witnessed by a student who had conflicts with him. This student didn’t immediately report to the teacher; instead, he took pictures of them kissing and posted them on the school forum before reporting it to the teacher.


By the time the teacher arrived, the entire school had heard about the incident. Although Tan Xilu wasn’t Qin Sizhe’s academic advisor, he was his mentor, and since Qin Sizhe’s academic advisor was away on a business trip on the day of the incident, the responsibility fell on Tan Xilu.


As Qin Sizhe was still in the hospital, the school had no choice but to mediate the situation with Tan Xilu and Qin Sizhe’s parents. In the end, they received a disciplinary warning, which would be posted on the bulletin board next week.


Qin Sizhe’s grades were already borderline, and he had a basketball tournament scheduled for next month. Winning the tournament would earn him extra credits, but now he was not only facing a disciplinary warning but also a broken leg, rendering him ineligible for the competition. As a result, he was likely to fail the finals. However, if the other person involved in the incident would come forward and speak up, Qin Sizhe might receive a lighter punishment, even if it was just a warning.


What puzzled Tan Xilu was the other key figure in this incident. From start to finish, he had no idea who the person Qin Sizhe had kissed in the office was. He wasn’t even sure if this person was a student at their school.


The student who took the photos was unclear, saying, “I don’t know who it is. I didn’t see their faces. The person had their back to me, but I can tell it was a guy with short hair and a slim waist. They had a pretty nice butt.”


Tan Xilu had asked Qin Sizhe, but Qin Sizhe had avoided answering, seemingly intent on protecting the person involved.


With the other person not coming forward and Qin Sizhe refusing to reveal their identity, the situation became difficult to handle. Qin Sizhe was likely to fail the semester.


However, Qin Sizhe seemed to have given up, saying, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll just go back and inherit the family business.”


Tan Xilu was taken aback by his words.


Tan Xilu wasn’t one to meddle in other people’s business, especially when the person involved didn’t care about it. However, Professor Qin had asked him to help.


Professor Qin was Tan Xilu’s advisor from undergraduate to graduate school. Their relationship was more like friends than teacher and student. Now they were colleagues, and Professor Qin had heard about the incident when he was on a business trip with Qin Sizhe’s academic advisor on the day it happened.


Professor Qin wasn’t biased towards Qin Sizhe; he just wanted to know who the person Qin Sizhe was protecting was. The incident had become quite a scandal, and if the two could be together, Professor Qin at least wanted to see what his supposed future niece-in-law looked like.


The coincidence was that the surveillance cameras in the office building were under maintenance that day, and there was no footage available. With no leads to follow, Professor Qin had given Tan Xilu a challenging task.


Tan Xilu could only start by approaching the students who were close to Qin Sizhe.


“Ding dong!” The doorbell rang, and a girl entered the shop. She looked around and, upon spotting Tan Xilu sitting at the bar, waved with a smile. “Teacher Tan.”


Tan Xilu looked surprised to see her. He hadn’t expected Li Xuandie to arrive so quickly.


Li Xuandie had a good relationship with Qin Sizhe, and Tan Xilu had attended several gatherings organized by their student group. These two seemed to be childhood friends, more like close buddies. Unfortunately, Qin Sizhe was gay; otherwise, their relationship might have turned romantic.


Li Xuandie walked over to the seat opposite Tan Xilu and casually took a seat. She asked, “Teacher Tan, do you need something from me?”


“Yes, there’s something.” Tan Xilu smiled and poked Xu Huaiming, saying, “Do we have any cake left? Give some to my student.”


Xu Huaiming looked at the girl opposite him, nodded silently, and plated a piece of blueberry cake he had just cut. He placed it in front of Li Xuandie.


“Wow.” Li Xuandie looked at the cake and said, “It looks really good.”


She had a gossipy expression on her face and whispered to Tan Xilu, “Teacher Tan, is this your boyfriend?”


Tan Xilu blushed but didn’t deny it.


“I’ve heard Qin Sizhe say that Teacher Tan’s boyfriend often shows affection in front of him. I’ve never had the chance to see him until today. He’s really handsome.” Li Xuandie had a starry-eyed expression. “He can also make desserts, which is amazing.”


Tan Xilu knew Xu Huaiming was good-looking, but hearing Li Xuandie praise him like this made him feel quite pleased. After all, it was a source of pride to have such a handsome man as his partner. However, today was not about compliments; he had business to discuss.


Tan Xilu stirred the pearls in his bowl and asked Li Xuandie, “Has Qin Sizhe been getting closer to anyone recently?”


“Teacher Tan is asking me about this?” Li Xuandie shrugged, nonchalantly picking at her cake with a fork. “You want to know about the incident with Qin Sizhe, right?”


Tan Xilu let out an “Ah” in acknowledgment. Since she already knew, he decided to get straight to the point. “Who was Qin Sizhe with in the office that day?”


Li Xuandie smiled but her expression had changed. Her tone wasn’t as friendly as before. “Teacher, how could I possibly know about something like that? You should ask the people involved.”


Tan Xilu was taken aback. He thought, “If the people involved were willing to speak up, would we need to ask you?”


“This is because Qin Sizhe didn’t tell me. You have a good relationship with him, and I thought you might have some information. If Qin Sizhe fails the semester because of this, Professor Qin will be furious. What if he gives you assignments as payback? Then you’ll be the ones at a disadvantage.” Tan Xilu pursed his lips. He wasn’t a strict teacher. Outside the classroom, he was more like a friendly senior, so even when he was trying to persuade someone, it sounded more like coaxing.


“Teacher Tan, you don’t need to worry about this.” Li Xuandie looked up at Tan Xilu and said, “Qin Sizhe has indeed been acting strange recently. I really don’t know about the office incident. I know he has a crush on someone, but I’m not sure who it is. It’s definitely not the person from the office. I think instead of dwelling on this, you should try to understand Qin Sizhe’s feelings. It’s better not to push him into trouble.”


Tan Xilu furrowed his brow, catching onto her words. “Qin Sizhe has been acting strange recently?”


The girl took a bite of the soft cake, savoring the endless blueberry sweetness. She nodded and said, “It seems like the person he likes has gotten into a relationship with someone else. He hasn’t been attending our gatherings lately, and he even stopped going to the basketball court.”


“In a relationship with someone else!” Tan Xilu’s eyes flashed with surprise, but when he thought about Chi Ye Xing’s appearance that day, he shouldn’t have been surprised. With a face like that, countless people would be attracted to him, and even Qin Sizhe, who used to be a typical basketball player, had fallen for him.


“Oh, and…” Li Xuandie put her fork down, licked her bright pink lips, and smiled with a touch of coldness. “Teacher, the student who took the photos definitely has issues too. I don’t understand why the school chose to protect him. He was the one who blew the incident up on the forum, leading to all the subsequent problems. He seems very determined to ruin Qin Sizhe. It’s quite difficult to fathom. Now he’s taken Qin Sizhe’s place in the team, and I’d like to ask, why?”


Tan Xilu opened his mouth but couldn’t utter a word for a while.


Why would the school protect that student?


It wasn’t protection; it was because the photos he took were evidence.


Because in this world, not everything is fair.


To bury the incident, the school needed to identify the main culprit.


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Chapter 13 – Replica

Chapter 13: The Difficulty of Love


It wasn’t yet time for the central heating to be turned on, so the hospital’s radiators were still cold. The advantage of a multi-bed room was that it wouldn’t be too cold with so many people, but it also meant that it was noisy due to the crowd.


On the side, an elderly man who was ill was using the restroom, and an elderly lady was holding a urine pot for him, emitting a nauseating odor in the air. However, Tan Xilu seemed numb to it all, sipping his porridge as if he couldn’t smell anything.


The rice porridge in the porcelain bowl was still warm. He scooped up a spoonful and put it in his mouth. The porridge had soybeans simmering inside, and when he chewed, there was a soft crunch in his mouth.


Sitting next to him, Tan Xilu was peeling an orange, meticulously removing the white fibers from the orange segments.


After taking the last sip of porridge, Tan Xilu grabbed a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth clean. Then he leaned comfortably against the hospital bed, looking at his elevated leg. He suddenly sighed, “I have to say, that guy is really ruthless.”


Tan Xilu glanced at him and placed the orange he had been peeling into Tan Xilu’s hand. “You, you just won’t give up. Now look, your leg is fractured.”


“Yeah, maybe it’s because he really dislikes me,” Tan Xilu replied, putting a slice of orange into his mouth. The orange was a bit sour, and the juice in his throat was a bit stimulating, but it didn’t make him hoarse. He gritted his teeth and swallowed it. Then he exclaimed, “Tan Lao Shi, where did this orange come from? It’s so sour.”


“It was given to me by the auntie at the entrance just now. It’s free, so don’t be picky,” Tan Xilu said, peeling another orange and placing it by the bedside.


“Oh,” Tan Xilu replied, pursing his lips. He asked, “Hasn’t anyone come to see me since I was admitted to the hospital?”


Tan Xilu shook his head.


Tan Xilu remained silent for a while with lowered eyes, then finally spoke, “I can imagine.”


Tan Xilu could understand why Tan Xilu was feeling so low. The love of a young person was hidden in their eyes. When they saw someone, the stars in their eyes shone brighter than the ones in the sky. However, that person was destined not to be moved, so no matter how bright the stars were, they couldn’t illuminate that person’s heart.


Tan Xilu reached out and gently touched Tan Xilu’s head, comforting him, “Don’t think too much for now. Let’s focus on healing your leg.”


When he was brought to the hospital, his pants had to be pulled down to reveal his knees, which were covered in bruises. Fortunately, Tan Xilu had only suffered a fracture and hadn’t damaged the bones inside, but he would still need several months to recover.


Tan Xilu bit his lip, feeling disheartened. Who didn’t understand the logic behind this? But “liking” was a complicated thing, not something he could control. The heart in his flesh and blood would be moved by someone, and he didn’t want to like him, but he couldn’t help it.


He liked Chi Yexing, and he knew it was impossible.


But he still liked him.


Perhaps it was the sour aftertaste of the oranges, as a sour sensation surged up in his nasal cavity, and his eyes began to tingle. He felt like he was about to cry, but he was a man, how could he cry?


“If you can’t hold it back, just cry. Have a good cry and then sleep, maybe everything will be fine,” Tan Xilu said, feeling a bit sorry for him. In matters of love, unrequited love was the most heartbreaking.


Perhaps because he had touched on Tan Xilu’s innermost feelings, he really couldn’t hold back and began to cry. The big young man might have never cried like this before, and the sound was so unpleasant that the crying child brought by a patient’s family member also started wailing. Suddenly, the entire ward was enveloped in cries.


Tan Xilu: “…”


He wished he hadn’t let him cry.


After crying, came sleep. After seeing Tan Xilu take a shallow breath, Tan Xilu covered him with the blanket and then left the room.


He had been out all day and hadn’t called Xu Huaiming. He didn’t know if Xu Huaiming was worried. He sighed and went to a quieter stairwell to call Xu Huaiming.


Yesterday, Arlene had said she wanted to buy a Christmas tree, and today at noon, she had it moved to the store.


Xu Huaiming was decorating the tree with Arlene. Arlene had bought many star-shaped lights, as well as copper bells and figurines. When they were hung on the tree and the lights were turned on, the tree looked gorgeous.


Arlene hung a Santa Claus figurine on the tree that could sing. It started singing as soon as she pressed the button. Just as Santa Claus had sung only one line, Xu Huaiming’s phone rang. He quickly took out his phone and saw that it was Tan Xilu’s number. He answered the call.


Xu Huaiming asked, “How’s it going? Is everything resolved?”


Tan Xilu replied with an “Hmm,” “It’s resolved, but it was a difficult situation. I’m in the hospital now, so I might be a bit late getting back.”


“In the hospital?” Xu Huaiming’s voice on the other end suddenly changed, and there was a loud clattering noise. Then came Xu Huaiming’s anxious voice, “Are you injured? Which hospital are you in?”


“I’m fine, it’s one of my students who’s injured, and I’m just here to accompany him. You should remember him; he’s the one we saw at the school gate before,” Tan Xilu explained.


“Oh, him.” Xu Huaiming’s voice gradually softened. He was feeling a bit unhappy about the unfamiliar man from yesterday and now this student today. It seemed like Tan Xilu didn’t really lack people around him and didn’t need him.


“Ah, Xu Huaiming, look outside, it’s snowing,” Tan Xilu said as he saw the snow starting to fall. He opened a window slightly and extended his hand. It was the first snowfall of the year, and the white snowflakes fell into his palm. The warmth from the radiator was replaced by the cold of the snowflakes, creating a strange sensation.


Upon hearing Tan Xilu mention the snow, Xu Huaiming had just picked up a plastic bottle that had fallen on the ground. He then walked out of the store. It was indeed snowing, and many pedestrians on the street had stopped to take videos or photos. Xu Huaiming wasn’t particularly interested in snow or anything else, but as long as Tan Xilu liked it, he felt he should like it too. So he said, “Yes, it’s snowing. It’s beautiful.”


A girl nearby was talking on the phone with her boyfriend, probably in a long-distance relationship. She complained, “The first snow should be watched with the person you love the most. You can’t come today, so I have to be alone.”


The boyfriend said, “I’ll definitely come back to be with you on Christmas. Don’t be upset, darling.”


Xu Huaiming didn’t hear what the girl said afterward; he was asking about the hospital where Tan Xilu was.


Without an umbrella, the snow was getting heavier. The streetlights emitted a dim yellow glow, and the falling snowflakes made everything hazy. The road leading to the hospital was lined with pine trees, where green met white, and the world was a blend of black, green, and white.


Xu Huaiming couldn’t wait to see Tan Xilu. On the first snowy night, he wanted to be with the person he loved the most. He thought that Tan Xilu would surely appreciate this little romantic gesture. He ran all the way, grateful for his AI body, which didn’t tire out and was full of energy.


Passersby would probably never understand why the man running happily on the road seemed so ecstatic.


And at that moment, Xu Huaiming didn’t understand either. It would take a long time, much later, for him to realize that what he was feeling was called love. It was the yearning and eagerness to see someone. He had actually fallen for Tan Xilu long ago; he had just been slow to react, and he understood this truth too late.


When he arrived at the hospital, the ground was already covered with a layer of snow. Many children from the hospital had run outside to play with snowballs. As Xu Huaiming passed by them, he got accidentally hit.


Xu Huaiming brushed the snow off his clothes and called Tan Xilu again. He said, “I’m downstairs.”


A few minutes later, a familiar figure rushed out of the building. Tan Xilu looked worried, thinking that Xu Huaiming must be cold since he didn’t know that he had run all the way. He touched Xu Huaiming’s face, which had turned pale from the cold, and said, “Didn’t I say I’d be back later? The parents of my student are coming soon, and once they’re here, I can leave.”


“I know,” Xu Huaiming replied, looking at him, feeling a bit uncertain whether he had misread the situation. Tan Xilu didn’t seem to appreciate this little romantic gesture, and he continued, “Don’t you want to see me?”


“How could that be? I just thought it wasn’t necessary since we’ll be able to see each other soon anyway. But I’m really happy you came,” Tan Xilu said, tilting his head to give Xu Huaiming’s lips a gentle peck. “It’s so cold outside. Did you get cold?”


Xu Huaiming’s hand was pale and felt ice-cold. He was always cold, and his body temperature was consistently low. Sometimes, Tan Xilu would wake up in the middle of the night and touch Xu Huaiming’s hand, which would be so cold that it startled him. He would have to hold it against his own warm body to heat it up before they could sleep again.


Tan Xilu took the opportunity to warm Xu Huaiming’s hand with his own.


Xu Huaiming felt that something was off. Did Tan Xilu really not like this kind of small romantic gesture? He didn’t seem particularly excited, and Xu Huaiming furrowed his brow, feeling puzzled. “When I was on the phone earlier, I overheard a girl nearby saying that on the first snowy night, you should be with the person you like. So, I came here. But you don’t seem to have much of a reaction.”


Tan Xilu was momentarily taken aback, then suddenly burst into laughter.


In his student years, he would have certainly found this romantic, but now that he was approaching thirty, he found it somewhat childish. However, seeing Xu Huaiming, who had come to see him with such innocent and awkward intentions, did warm his heart with a touch of sweetness.


“Who said I didn’t react?” Tan Xilu grabbed the collar of Xu Huaiming’s clothes with both hands, forcing him to lower his head.


Xu Huaiming’s lips were as cold as his hands and feet, but that didn’t matter. Tan Xilu was warm, and he took the initiative to kiss him.


Before coming down, Tan Xilu had eaten oranges, and the sour taste lingered on his lips and teeth.


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Chapter 53

       It was a good thing for everyone in the workplace to have a handsome guy in a dull and monotonous work environment to feast one’s eyes upon and alleviate the tension and fatigue.

       Shen Huiming, the boss, was no exception.

       However, Suo Yang was the only one who could make him find solace in this regard and achieve a state of relaxation.

       “What would you like to drink?” Shen Huiming asked.

       The assistant, aware of Suo Yang’s presence, rushed over from the office and inquired whether he wanted coffee or tea.

       Shen Huiming waved his hand, “I can do it myself.”

       Visitors were always taken care of by the assistants. However, Suo Yang was not a guest and thus would be taken care of by the boss himself.

       Suo Yang smiled, “A glass of water will do.”

       Shen Huiming brought him a glass of water and placed it on the table. He said, “I have a document here, with just one final section left to review. Once we’re done with that, we can have lunch.”

       “Okay, no rush.” Suo Yang liked to watch Shen Huiming work. When this person sat seriously and attentively in front of his computer, he looked incredibly sexy.

       Suo Yang sat there sipping his water, enjoying the cool breeze flowing in through the open window, leisurely admiring the way Mr. Shen diligently worked.

       Shen Huiming actually understood that Suo Yang was reluctant to come to his company, mainly because he was worried about affecting his work. But Shen Huiming was a very dedicated person when it came to work. If there was any effect, it was likely that because Su Yang was waiting for him, his efficiency increased.

       After Suo Yang drank a glass of water, Shen Huiming also finished the work at hand. One tidied up the coffee table, the other tidied up the desk and walked out of the office side by side.

       When they left, it wasn’t Shen Huiming’s company closing time yet, which made Suo Yang a little embarrassed.

       “I feel like I’m the kind of bad student who leads their classmates to skip classes.”

       Hearing this, Shen Huiming couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at him.

       “That means this bad student has charm.” Shen Huiming raised his hand and looked at his watch, “The time is just right. We can go to a movie after dinner.”

       Shen Huiming had been harbouring a bit of a grudge about the movie-watching part. Before the ‘24-hour date’ between the two, they ended up watching a rather absurd domestic horror movie due to his mishap. Although that movie might not be considered a failed date, it always felt like a thorn in his heart.

       He had to show his movie taste in front of Suo Yang. For this, Shen Huiming checked the nearby private theatres, and there would be no mistakes this time.

       However, plans rarely went as expected. Just as they were about to leave the building, they unexpectedly ran into two people Suo Yang never thought he’d encounter.

       At that time, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang walked out side by side, discussing going to a nearby restaurant for dinner instead of driving and just strolling over.

       After they left the office building gate, Shen Huiming let out an “Ah” just as a car stopped by the side of the road.

       Suo Yang looked at him, thinking that there should be someone Shen Huiming knew in that car.

       He was worried for a moment, thinking that the dinner between the two of them might be changed to a working meal in the office again.

       But he didn’t expect that after the car stopped, Shen Huiming looked at the car with a smile, patted Suo Yang lightly and said, “My parents.”

       This sentence made Suo Yang’s nerves tense up.

       The two of them had not been together for very long, and Suo Yang still had no knowledge about Shen Huiming’s family situation or his family’s attitude toward Shen Huiming’s sexual orientation.

       It suddenly dawned on him that he had been a bit careless and should have talked to Shen Huiming about this earlier.

       He looked nervously at Shen Huiming, but the other party seemed relaxed, walked towards the side of the road, and the people in the car also got off.

       The one who got out of the passenger seat was a very elegant aunt, wearing a simple but stylish dress with her hair tied behind her head. She smiled warmly when she saw Shen Huiming.

       “Mom, what brings you here?” Shen Huiming hadn’t been home for a while. He was busy, and his parents were occupied as well. They’d exchange greetings with each other over a phone call every two or three days, not wanting to burden each other.

       “Your dad and I came out for dinner on our wedding anniversary today, and we happened to pass by your place to see if you were there.” Shen Huiming’s mother held his son’s hand, “Have you lost weight again?”

       “It’s alright. Maybe I’ve gained some muscle, so I look leaner,” Shen Huiming replied. He turned to introduce Suo Yang. “This is my friend, Suo Yang.”

       Upon hearing Suo Yang’s name, Shen Huiming’s mother paused for a moment, then suddenly recalled, “Oh, Suo Yang, right? I’ve heard Huiming mention you before.”

       Suo Yang showed his professional smile again and greeted Shen Huiming’s mother politely.

       “What were you two planning to do?” Shen Huiming’s mother asked. “How about joining us for dinner?”

       Suo Yang’s heart was almost in his throat, and he stood beside Shen Huiming, not daring to give any reaction.

       Shen Huiming raised his hand, rubbed his nose thoughtfully, and said to his mother, “We’ll discuss it for a moment.”

       “Okay, you guys discuss it slowly, I just happened to go to the supermarket opposite to buy a lighter for your dad.” Shen Huiming’s mother smiled and glanced at Suo Yang. After closing the car door, she went around to the other side and whispered something to her husband.

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming to the side and licked his lips a little uneasy.

       “Nervous?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile.

       “A little bit.” Suo Yang did not lie.

       “I came out to my parents the year I graduated from college,” Shen Huiming confessed. “My parents are very open-minded. They didn’t give me a hard time about it and even sought counselling themselves to enlighten them.”

       Suo Yang listened and looked at Shen Huiming with a hint of envy.

       “I haven’t been in a relationship for years, so I guess they’ve subconsciously forgotten about it,” Shen Huiming said. “But I did mention you to my parents when we first got together.”

       “You told them?”

       “I did. These things need to be discussed with family. We’re not kids anymore, and if I want to spend my life with you, my family needs to know,” Shen Huiming explained. “I was worried you might feel pressured, so I didn’t bring it up with you earlier.”

       Suo Yang gazed at Shen Huiming, unable to express the emotions stirring within him.

       A responsible lover is probably really a gift of fate.

       “I was planning to find an opportunity for you to meet them sometime down the road, but today, it just happened unexpectedly. If you feel uncomfortable, we can arrange to meet another time,” Shen Huiming suggested. “My parents aren’t the type to nitpick about these things. They simply want to know who their son is with, and they definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

       Suo Yang smiled and couldn’t help but say to him, “Huiming, why are you so nice?”

       He wasn’t seeking an answer; he just wanted to express how lucky and grateful he felt.

       Not only was Shen Huiming good, but even his family was also exceptional.

       Suo Yang suddenly understood why some people say you can tell what kind of parents someone has by looking at the child. The influence of family is very important to a person. Parents who could raise a man like Shen Huiming must also be kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and rational individuals.

       “Why did you suddenly praise me again?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “But since you praised me, then I will accept the praise.”

       Suo Yang was genuinely touched, but he was the type of person who felt a bit awkward expressing sentimental or thankful words.

       “Let’s go together,” Suo Yang said, “I also hope Uncle and Auntie can feel relieved to let you be with me when they see me.”

       He took a deep breath and then asked Shen Huiming, “Do I look handsome right now? Is my hair messy? Is my shirt wrinkled?”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “Don’t worry, you look extremely handsome. You’re the kind of charming young man my mom likes the most, the one she’d like to take home and introduce to her son.”

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Chapter 55 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 55


In the corner of the private room, it was crowded with people, and laughter resonated from there. Peering through the figures, one could see Wen Ye tilting his head back, downing a full glass of red wine. Under the influence of alcohol, he furrowed his brows slightly.


Standing a few steps away, Tang Jiaze looked down on him with a playful expression. “Oh, Wen Ye, you can really hold your liquor! Will you continue? Just don’t blame me if you drink yourself to death; I can’t bear that responsibility.”


Wen Ye used his fingertips to wipe away the wine stain from his lips, showing no sign of annoyance. His tone remained calm as he replied, “Continue.”


Seeing that Wen Ye maintained his indifferent demeanor, Tang Jiaze’s gaze turned slightly cold, and his mocking smile intensified. “You’re the one rushing to your own demise, don’t blame me for not stopping you.”


Kang Hanyun frowned upon hearing this and kicked the table heavily with her long legs. Her icy gaze showed her displeasure. “Enough talk, continue! Today, whoever gives in first is a loser!”


Tang Jiaze’s attitude amused him, and the other members of the Silver Star University’s team followed suit with boisterous shouts. Without warning, the corner of the entertainment venue turned into a battlefield between the two military academies.


The onlookers from Heavy Cloud Defense University and Grand War University wisely stayed on the sidelines without uttering a word.


Kang Hanyun provocatively asked Wen Ye in a low voice, “Captain, why not let me take over? A hero shouldn’t suffer in silence. What do you think?”


Wen Ye had indeed consumed quite a bit of alcohol from before until now, and the noisy atmosphere seemed to fuel his alcohol buzz. Despite this, he shook his head, “You’re a girl, drink less.”


Kang Hanyun retorted, “I might not necessarily lose, but you…”


Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by a sudden arrival.


“The arrogant ones from Silver Star, I advise you not to be too c0cky! What’s so impressive about outnumbering us? Want a fight? Brother Lu is here to play with you!”


Lu Jingning, who had noticed the commotion when he looked up earlier, rushed over without hesitation.


Following behind him was Wen Xingchen, who appeared somewhat displeased, clearly reluctant to join in.


Tang Jiaze refilled his wine glass, almost amused by Lu Jingning’s arrival. “Always resorting to violence. Are you even an Omega?”


Lu Jingning sneered, “Heh, I’m just more Alpha than you. Jealous, are you?”




Tang Jiaze felt that his train of thought and Lu Jingning’s were not on the same level. He impatiently furrowed his brows, “So what? You want to defend your team captain? Sure, it seems there’s quite a camaraderie among you in Emperor Sea’s team!”


“Naturally,” Lu Jingning approached, and someone promptly pushed a chair over. He casually sat down in front of the table, slamming it hard with his hand. “Go ahead, Silver Star. What’s your plan? A brawl or one-on-one? It’s up to you. We’ll give you a chance to challenge us outside of the competition, although the result will be the same. Consider it satisfying your lingering obsession.”


Tang Jiaze gritted his teeth, “Who’s obsessed?”


Lu Jingning responded, “Whoever wants to bite is the one who’s obsessed.”


The already tense atmosphere suddenly became even more charged.


Kang Hanyun was momentarily stunned by this sudden change and couldn’t help but be amazed at Lu Jingning’s impeccable provocation skills. This guy was definitely capable of provoking anyone!


Tang Jiaze, perhaps influenced by the taunting, burst into a sinister laugh. “Alright then! Since Emperor Sea is so eager to throw themselves at us, don’t blame us for being merciless. Tonight, nobody from your team will leave through that door standing!” 


Lu Jingning was pleased to hear the harsh words he wanted, and he arrogantly raised an eyebrow. “Tell me, how are we doing this?”


Tang Jiaze snatched something from a classmate nearby and slammed it heavily on the table. “We’re playing a game of ‘bigger or smaller’!”


“Okay, let’s continue…” Lu Jingning instinctively went along with his provocation, but then he paused and asked, “What do you mean by ‘bigger or smaller’?”


Tang Jiaze looked at him with a smirk. “It’s a game of chance. Your team captain has already lost several rounds. I reckon it’s about time for him to kneel. So, are you up next?”


Lu Jingning’s lips twitched as he was taken aback for a rare moment. He turned to Kang Hanyun with a speechless expression, quietly complaining, “Senior sister, why did you let the captain play ‘bigger or smaller’ with them…”


Considering Wen Ye’s non-conforming nature, why would he engage in such a game with others? It was no different from walking into a trap!


Under his scrutinizing gaze, Kang Hanyun couldn’t help feeling a little guilty and cleared her throat, “Don’t blame me; I only noticed it later.”


Lu Jingning fell into silence.


Who would have thought that they were about to start a brawl, but it turned out to be such a shocking revelation. 


Tang Jiaze, feeling the tension between them, sneered, “Are you scared?”


If it weren’t for the fact that Tang Jiaze’s expression perfectly conveyed his mocking emotions, Lu Jingning would have suspected that this person was insulting his intelligence.


Lu Jingning rolled up his sleeves and filled an empty cup from the side. “Come on, let me show you that no matter the occasion, you’re still under my authority.”


Wen Ye furrowed his brow, about to say something, but Kang Hanyun intervened and pulled him back. “Captain, you should rest for a while. We have Lu Jingning here.”


The alcohol was starting to affect him, and he did feel a bit dizzy, so he didn’t say anything. He leaned heavily on the sofa, watching Lu Jingning and Tang Jiaze play on.


Unexpectedly, during the game, the luck favored the Silver Star University to an extraordinary degree. Tang Jiaze rolled a ‘Leopard’ in the first round, while Lu Jingning rolled three threes, and he downed the newly filled glass of red wine amid cheers.


In the second round, Tang Jiaze’s luck worsened a bit, rolling a ‘Five and two threes,’ which was not a significant number. However, when Lu Jingning finished rolling, he had a ‘straight one, two, and three,’ winning again.


Lu Jingning drank two consecutive cups, frowned displeasedly, and, seeing the arrogance of the Silver Star University’s group, stood up and stomped on the table. “Continue!”


In the third round, Lu Jingning managed to pull one back. But when it was Tang Jiaze’s turn to drink the cup, it seemed that his alcohol tolerance was surprisingly poor.


His drinking capacity was far less impressive than Lu Jingning’s.


Lu Jingning stood there unsteadily, but Tang Jiaze, who seemed on the verge of collapse, laughed happily. “Come on, continue! Let your Dad Lu play with you! I won’t spare you!”


Tang Jiaze’s eyes were somewhat unfocused, but with a strong will, he refused to back down.


With a forceful shake of his head, trying to clear his mind as much as possible, Tang Jiaze gritted his teeth, “Continue!”


“You can keep boasting!” Lu Jingning sneered, reaching for the dice cup. Unexpectedly, his vision blurred, and he missed grabbing it.


He frowned, annoyed, and squinted to aim again, preparing to reach for it. However, someone pulled him back with a strong tug, and he found himself falling into broad arms.


Wen Xingchen’s voice came from above, “Are you done playing? Can I have a turn?”


Lu Jingning’s hazy mind paused for a moment before he reacted. Looking up, he asked, “You want to play?”


Maybe due to the effect of alcohol, his eyes were somewhat hazy, as if shrouded in an indescribable mist, giving off a charm that couldn’t be put into words.


Taken aback by this gaze, Wen Xingchen’s lips curved slightly. “Mhm, I want to play.”


Hearing their conversation, Tang Jiaze mocked, “What’s this? Can’t handle it and need someone’s help?”


Lu Jingning’s thoughts were surprisingly clear at this moment. “How can this be considered getting help? It’s just a war between our two schools. Take a closer look; this is Wen Xingchen, my best comrade-in-arms fighting side by side with me.”


Tang Jiaze: “…Damn it!”


Wen Xingchen pushed Lu Jingning back into his seat, bent down slightly, and said to the person across from them, “If you want, you can switch players.”


Alpha’s hand was indeed larger than Omega’s, and it covered the dice cup entirely, as if embracing it within the palm. The slender fingers and distinct knuckles looked like exquisite pieces of craftsmanship.


Lu Jingning could feel Wen Xingchen’s breath gently brushing against his ear as he spoke. In this position, Lu Jingning felt enveloped in Wen Xingchen’s arms, much like the dice cup before him.


He couldn’t help but fixate on those beautiful fingers, and somehow, under the influence of alcohol’s faint mint and cigarette scent, he felt as if he was burning up, a warmth he couldn’t describe.


Seeing that Tang Jiaze was replaced by a new team member after a while, Lu Jingning suddenly remembered something. He pulled Wen Xingchen’s collar, lowering it slightly, and whispered, “Sensitivity period, no alcohol.”


His slightly hoarse voice carried an indescribable magnetic quality that turned what sounded like a commanding tone into something sensually ambiguous.


At such a close distance, a slight bow of the head would result in a direct kiss.


Wen Xingchen’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and he met the other’s gaze with what seemed like extra seriousness. He chuckled softly, “Got it. I’ll play a couple of rounds.”



As it turned out, Wen Xingchen indeed did as he said, playing a few rounds with just a sip of alcohol. He then pulled the seemingly unconscious Biang Yunlin into the game.


By this time, Lu Jingning had curled up in the chair, looking drunk and almost ready to fall asleep at any moment.


Wen Xingchen glanced at the time, casually dr4p3d his coat over the person, and reached out to scoop him into his arms. “You guys continue; I’ll take him back first.”


Tang Jiaze, who had rested for a while and regained some composure, wasn’t pleased with this. “You’re leaving before finishing? Where are you running off to?”


Lu Jingning, who was still hanging on Wen Xingchen, seemed provoked. He suddenly perked up, “Come on, continue! Are you afraid of your daddy Lu?”


Seeing that he was about to rush over again, Wen Xingchen raised his hand, pressing down on Lu Jingning’s head, and firmly put him back against his chest, patting him lightly. “Behave.”


Lu Jingning tried to struggle, but the alcohol made him feel weak all over. Angrily, he grunted a few times but finally succumbed to the alluring pheromones emanating from Wen Xingchen’s body, obediently calming down.


Wen Xingchen seemed satisfied with his cooperation and kindly reminded Tang Jiaze, “This guy likes to release pheromones when he’s drunk. Are you sure you want him to stay in this kind of situation?” 


Tang Jiaze’s face momentarily froze, as if recalling some unpleasant memories. His expression stiffened.


Seeing his hesitation, Wen Xingchen offered him a way out, “As for me, you can consider me eliminated.”


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