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Chapter 2 (part 2/2) – You don't know too much



Lu Changze became thinner because of his stomach cancer. He couldn’t eat, and vomited after eating. He simply stopped eating and lived on intravenous nutrition every day.


One can no longer see flesh one him. Lu Changze is now living in a single ward, but he can still see the road from the window. Gu Xiu arranged it for him.


From that day on, Gu Xiu came here often, and every time he came, he would bring food for Lu Changze. Unfortunately, Lu Changze can’t eat anymore. It doesn’t feel good to wait to die.


Especially when the person is very weak, Lu Changze’s waking time is gradually decreasing every day, and he is getting quieter and quieter. Sometimes he would sleep for a day and only utter one or two words.


When one is awake, one will always spend their waking hours thinking about some past things. This was especially true when one is dying.


In the third year of high school, Lu Changze liked men, and there was no one in school who did not know about his crush for Gu Xiu.


There were only two people who dared to talk to him and approach him proactively. One was Fang Ming and the other was Gu Xiu. Gu Xiu and Fang Ming were good brothers.


Fang Ming had a good temper and treated his cousin Lu Changze well. Gu Xiu always felt that Lu Changze was holding Fang Ming back, not to mention that this disgusting man liked him


Every time Gu Xiu saw Lu Changze, he would sneer and become sarcastic. In the second semester of his third year of high school, Lu Changze knew about the Fang family’s financial situation and that they can only support one person to go  to college. Lu Changze’s liking for men has already made Fang’s parents feel uncomfortable. Lu Changze is also very self-aware, so starting from the third year of high school, he stopped studying hard. He knew that the place in this university could only be reserved for Fang Ming.


At that time, he was the only one who felt as if he was being cut by a knife. In fact, he liked reading very much. He liked all kinds of books. How much Lu Changze envied others who could go to college and how much he envied others who could study peacefully, the pain in his heart, the more it hurts, the more it didn’t matter.


After the college entrance examination, Gu Xiu and Fang Ming entered the same university with different majors, while Lu Changze found a part-time job in a restaurant near the university.


The students had to live on campus and Gu Xiu was not used to eating in the school cafeteria. After learning about it from Fang Ming, Lu Changze sacrificed his rest and used his salary to buy meals every day.


Sometimes, he would take a detour to buy Gu Xiu’s favorite food and send it to his dormitory.

Gradually, Gu Xia also ate the meals brought by Lu Changze. Lu Changze served as Gu Xiu’s delivery boy and meal tickets for a year, rain or shine.


When he was a sophomore, Gu Xiu and Fang Ming started a business. Gu Xiu was a man with a good head on his shoulders and he had money at home, so he went into real estate.


Afterwards, the two made some appearances. After Lu Changze pestered Fang Ming so he could work together, Gu Xiu disagreed a lot and Fang Ming had no choice but to never bring it up again. However, Lu Changze had a thick skin, so gradually he got into the bottom layer. 


In fact, Lu Changze was not stupid, so Gu Xiu eventually just let him be.


Lu Changze entered Huihua founded by the two of them, but only Lu Changze himself knew how hard he worked in Huihua.


How many nights he has stayed up just because this company belonged to Gu Xiu and Fang Ming.


But Lu Changze is Lu Changze after all, what he lacked most when he was a child was money, so when he grew up, what he couldn’t let go of was money. He was a philistine and was greedy so he cared about everything. It was not like he never had enough to eat, but he has never felt like he would be able to afford the luxuries he wanted, even if they were a pair of sneakers.


People with slightly more expensive sneakers will never realize the importance of money to Lu Changze. He never went out with a lot of money.


He probably didn’t want to buy clothes even if he had money. Even if he does, he will buy the cheapest clothes because he can’t bear it.


But this attitude of his was very despised, especially by Gu Xiu.


Lu Changze woke up faintly. Seeing that Gu Xiu had arrived, sitting on the sofa beside the hospital bed, he wondered what he was thinking. Seeing Lu Changze wake up, he got up and walked over, “Are you awake?” 


Then, there was nothing else, Gu Xiu didn’t know what to say. Although he came often, the two of them rarely said a word.


Lu Changze slowly propped himself up and sat up. Gu Xiu put a pillow behind him and Lu Changze said thank you softly before stretching out his hand


Opening the novel on the side and continuing to read, Gu Xiu felt a little uncomfortable seeing the leisurely and quiet person in front of him. It was difficult to distinguish between the person in front of him and the one in his memory.


The shameless Lu Changze.


“Where did the book come from?”


Lu Changze looked up at him, “I bought it myself.” Lu Changze pointed to the mobile phone on the table, “I asked the nurse to help me pick up the courier.”


Gu Xiu frowned, “You should be less exposed to radiation…”


Lu Changze smiled, “Why did I fall in love with you back then?”


Gu Xiu was annoyed for a while, “What’s the use of talking about it now? Whether you like me or not, soon you will…”


At this point, Gu Xiu suddenly couldn’t continue.


Lu Changze smiled indifferently, lowered his head and continued to read, “Gu Xiu, don’t come here from tomorrow on.”


“Lu Changze, I told you not to think of yourself so highly. Who cares if I come or not?” Gu Xiu was angry.


“I beg you,” Lu Changze said, “I don’t want to see you when I’m about to die.”


Gu Xiu slammed the door and left.


The moment the door closed, Lu Changze rolled on the bed in pain.


Yesterday, Lu Changze saw with his own eyes a patient who had the same disease as him passing away. When that person left, he was in pain…and in a shameful state.


At the very least, Lu Changze didn’t want Gu Xiu to see him haggardly again. Once at the age of twelve was enough.




Gu Xiu never came again and Lu Changze resumed his days in the hospital alone but he could no longer go to the garden. He couldn’t walk anymore.


Lu Changze’s exhausted body is struggling to pick up a book and his day-to-day life has become a burden for Lu Changze’s exhausted body. He is very tired.


He is quiet, even if the pain is so painful that his eyes are out of focus, it is still very quiet. So quiet that he doesn’t seem to be alive.


The day Lu Changze passed, it was sunny. When Gu Xiu entered, he still had the unfinished book in his hand. Gu Xiu stood beside the bed for a long time.


For a long time, he didn’t know what he was thinking with his downcast eyes and he didn’t know that the patient in this room had passed until the doctor who made the rounds entered.


After a busy schedule, Gu Xiu arranged a single room for Lu Changze. He didn’t care about anything else until today.


He understood that before Lu Changze was hospitalized, he had already arranged everything that was to come after his passing. He didn’t know that person quietly arranged everything for himself without telling everyone.


Gu Xiu stood in front of Lu Changze’s tombstone and looked at the photo of the person on the tombstone quietly. The person in the photo smiled very happily. It was pure happiness. Gu Xiu only saw that kind of smile once and it was in the waiting hall of the hospital. That was the first time he saw that smile in the hospital.


God…The photo must’ve been taken by the hospital for his tomb, but the person in the photo was still smiling so happily. Gu Xiu doesn’t know why death is so important to Lu Changze. Was this a happy thing?


Lu Changze even bought his own grave before he was hospitalized. Gu Xiu felt as if he had never understood Lu Changze before. 


He hasn’t been to the hospital since Lu Changze told him not to come here again, but it was all a lie to him. He still went to the hospital every day but he no longer appeared in front of Lu Changze. Those few days, Lu Changze was as quiet as usual, even when he passed, it was silent.


Gu Xiu suddenly felt that Lu Changze was actually such a quiet person that people would easily forget.




Closing: There’s So Much You Don’t Know


Gu Xiu remembered that Lu Changze told him that there were too many things he didn’t know. After Lu Changze passed away, Gu Xiu was always thinking about this problem.


Sometimes it hurts to think about it, so he doesn’t want to continue thinking about it. He is a person of action, so instead of thinking about it, he wants to do something. He wants to understand what he is doing.


In the end, he didn’t know what he was doing.


Gu Xiu has been to the place where Lu Changze lived before. The place is about to be demolished and most of the people have been evacuated. Gu Xiu entered the place where Lu Changze lived before.


The small house was clean except for some dust. When he opened the closet, none of Lu Changze’s clothes were there. Gu Xiu could guess that these things have been kept away by Lu Changze a long time ago. Maybe it was dealt with in a hurry, but Gu Xiu still found something.


He found books at the foot of the bed, some unfinished sketches and a few pencils.


Gu Xiu never knew that Lu Changze could draw, nor did he know that he could draw very well. At least, he drew himself very well.


Looking over the painting, he could feel the tenderness in the eyes of the person who held the pencil. Gu Xiu put the sketch away carefully.


After going to the places where Lu Changze stayed before, Gu Xiu felt that maybe he had never known Lu Changze before.


Among Huihua’s founding employees, Lu Changze will always be the best one and he will always be the most serious one in doing things. After going through Lu Changze’s previous rookie notebooks, he found that his notes were always clear and serious. His handwriting was always clean and neat. Even if it were one of his unreasonable requests in order to make trouble for him.


It’s really distressing. If he hadn’t asked himself, Gu Xiu probably wouldn’t have known that Lu Changze had been away for five years, not two. If he did not come here in person, Gu Xiu would never know that the university was so far away from his favorite restaurant, let alone the fact that he was working part-time at the time.


Lu Changze, who brought food for him, walked a long way for him. If he hadn’t heard it with his own ears, Gu Xiu would never have known that Lu Changze paid for this with his own money and to save money, he bought rice and ate steamed buns and instant noodles all day long. 


He talked to his manager, the manager who Lu Changze once worked for and he said that he was a quiet and diligent child.


If Lu Changze didn’t say anything, Gu Xiu would’ve never known that he doesn’t like coffee. Now, Gu Xiu had no chance to know what Lu Changze liked to drink.


A few years had passed since Gu Xiu went to see Lu Changze again. Except for him, no one knew that Lu Changze had passed.


Gu Xiu stubbornly kept silent, as if stubbornly keeping a secret about Lu Changze that only he knew.


Gu Xiu reached out and lightly touched the cheek of the person in the photo on the tombstone.


“I didn’t know you liked school.”


“I didn’t know you liked reading.”


“I didn’t know you could draw.”


“I didn’t know you were a good employee.”


“I didn’t know that the restaurant was that far away.”


“I didn’t know you didn’t like coffee.”


“I don’t know what you like to drink.”


“But you know what I like.”


“You’re right, I don’t know too much.”


“Lu Changze, I… miss you a lot.”


The voice was a little choked, but no one heard it.


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Chapter 12 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 12 Li Chou’s Confession Letter


On the letter


To Song Zexu:


When you open this letter, I don’t know if you’ll still remember me. My name is Li Chou. I saved you after you were injured in Yunzhen.


It’s quite surprising that I was able to muster up the courage to write you a letter. You have probably forgotten that our first meeting was a long time ago. 


At that time, you were still not popular and were going to an audition. I happened to meet you when I went shopping in the city.


You gave me the feeling that you are the same kind and gentle man everyone could see on TV. This may be a bit exaggerated, but you are really good-looking. Because I look ugly, I have received a lot of disgusted stares since I was a child. Generally, everyone would dislike me when they see me, but you talked to me, we got along well and it was really comfortable talking with you.


Perhaps it is because of this that I will come to like you so much later.


I was actually very pleasantly surprised when I accidentally rescued you. After all, it was you, my favorite person, but then I got a little flustered, because I was wondering what happened to you to end up with sas many bruises as you did. I was worried until you finally woke up.


Then you woke up, you said you couldn’t see. At that moment, I was sweating profusely. What should I do? You were an actor, what would you do if you couldn’t see?


Fortunately, the doctor said it was only temporary blindness. Later, you lived in my apartment and found out that you were my idol.


In fact, I really like you. I want to be the one to be with you, but there is a huge gap between us and I know it’s impossible.


To be honest, I have had a crush on you for a long time and no one can hold their excitement after being alone together in a room with their crush, but I can’t expose myself. Knowing that you hate extreme fans. I really want to be forceful and I really want to push you down, but just thinking about it, I dare not to.


It’s almost early morning now, the summers in Yunzhen are very hot. You must not be used to it. You don’t belong here and will be leaving tomorrow, so my secret crush is going to be buried in my heart again. I don’t know when you will see this letter. You are so busy, maybe you will never see this. Don’t worry, it’s alright. If you see this, I just like you and I will only continue to support you silently instead of being a threat to you.


You have to remember:


I’ll love you forever.


Li Chou


July 3, 20xx


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Chapter 43 – Drunk

      After signing the contract and walking out of Golden Eagle’s building, several project department members instantly got excited as if they had won a jackpot. They lost all their pretence of being reserved and surrounded Xu Ye to ask questions in a variety of ways.

      “I heard that Second Young Master Chu is very picky. But this time, he actually praised our design so favourably, it’s simply too surprising!”

      “Wanhua’s design is definitely not as good as ours.”

      “That’s right, with Golden Eagle investment, I feel more confident.”

      “Mr. Xu, you don’t know. Zhou Wei just said that he planned to sacrifice her looks to seduce General Manager Chu, hahahaha…”

      “Damn it! I was joking!”

      “Aren’t you the one who keeps saying how handsome you are with your eyes straight?”

      “Where is our General Manager Xu?” The female staff member named Zhou Wei turned to him, “By the way, what on earth did Mr. Xu convince him to do?”

      The corner of Xu Ye’s mouth twitched. The feeling of having been penetrated still lingered, and his waist was also sore. This ‘persuasion’ method made him blush when he thought about it, so he changed the subject and said, “Everyone has been working hard lately. Since the contract is signed, let’s celebrate together tonight. My treat.”

      This time, it was a complete explosion, and they all proposed to eat expensive and good food until Mr. Xu’s wallet was empty.

      Xu Ye was also very happy and simply let them make trouble. After drinking some wine during dinner, he planned to leave first but was held back by the group, so he had to follow them to the bar to continue celebrating.

      Zhou Wei, the deputy project manager, was twenty-nine years old. She had been with the White Crane group for three years and had always admired this young master. It was a rare opportunity to be so close to him this time, so she pretended to be drunk and leaned softly on his shoulder. Xu Ye was startled and reached out to help her, but she hooked her arm very naturally. The woman’s long chestnut hair hung on her shoulders, and her every breath was filled with a warm and soft fragrance.

      “Zhou Wei?” He shook her gently. She let out a vague hum and moved her whole body closer to him.

      The rest of the staff were already drunk and staggering around. Young Master Xu, known for his gentlemanly demeanour, would surely personally escort her home. He also drank a lot. If she took the initiative tonight, they might be able to spend a passionate night together. With such thoughts in mind, Zhou Wei was still unwilling to wake up, so she just hugged Xu Ye and pretended to be drunk.

      In the end, after a phone call, it was his secretary Lily who got into the taxi home with her.

      “Okay, stop pretending.” Lily, who was called out temporarily to give him away, sneered with a dark look on her face, “This trick of yours won’t work on him.”

      Zhou Wei was so angry that she turned to look out the window and said, “Mind your own business.”

      Lily sneered and said, “He already has someone in mind. I advise you not to make any trouble.”

      “Who is it?” Zhou Wei’s eyes widened.

      “It’s not you anyway.” Lily glanced at her and said nothing. She knew exactly what to say and what not to say.

      After sending these worried subordinates home, Xu Ye, who came out of the bar, stood on the side of the road and folded his collar. His eyes fell on the black Mercedes parked opposite, and he smiled widely.

      The man had come to pick him up personally.

      After opening the car door and getting in, Chu Yu, in the back seat, turned to look at him.  Xu Ye, who had been drinking, had a vague smile on his face. He hugged the man, rubbed his head against his chest, and said in a daze, “I drank too much.”

      Such a reaction amused Chu Yu, and he asked, “So?”

      “Well…” He tilted his head and thought seriously, then narrowed his eyes and said, “Tonight, you belong to this great me.”

      “Oh?” The man’s thin lips formed a nice curve, “So, what are you going to do to me?”

      Xu Ye grinned, stretched out his fingers to pull at the other person’s clothes buttons, and said, “As long as you are good, this great me will take good care of you tonight.” He had a domineering look on his face.

      Chu Yu chuckled softly and said to the driver, xiao Ou, who was stunned by the conversation, “Drive the car to the river.” Xiao Ou was sharp, so he naturally knew what the second young master wanted to do. He drove the car to a secluded spot by the riverside and discreetly left the vehicle to give them some privacy.

      Xu Ye fumbled for a long time without unbuttoning a single button of his shirt. With a look of displeasure on his face, he tugged hard and pulled the shirt open, causing the buttons to fall off. Chu Yu didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He lay down on the spacious back seat and let him make a mess of it. He even took the initiative to lie down, looking indulgent.

      “You are mine.” On the moonless night, Xu Ye’s eyes looked like magnificent black pearls. He leaned down and kissed the man beneath him, lingeringly and passionately. He kissed until he was almost out of breath before breaking apart. He lowered his head and licked the nipples of the other person’s chest, imitating what Chu Yu had done to him, leaving his own mark on the man’s tight body little by little. Like a gluttonous puppy, he went all the way down, unhooked the man’s belt, took off the inner and outer layers of pants, and kissed all the way to the lush jungle between the other person’s legs. Then he raised his head, showing a confused expression.

      “Have you forgotten what to do next?” Chu Yu stroked his head, straightened his lower body slightly and said, “I’ll teach you. Open your mouth and take it.”

      Xu Ye followed his instructions almost instinctively, taking the slightly ferocious and huge c0ck into his mouth and carefully pleasuring it. After taking it for a while, he realised something was wrong and ducked away angrily, saying, “Not this!”

      The man smiled and sat up, holding him on his lap face to face, binding his hands with a belt, then rummaged for a bottle of lubricant, squeezed it on his fingertips, and inserted it into the small opening that had been warmed at noon. The remaining consciousness in Xu Ye’s head knew what would happen next. He twisted and struggled restlessly, “I want to be on top…”

      “Aren’t you on top now?” The smile in Chu Yu’s eyes was full of danger.

      “No, ngh…” Xu Ye looked aggrieved, like a child who had been robbed of candy.

      “What’s wrong?” After the expansion was completed, the man picked him up and pressed the top of his c0ck against the hole between the two buttocks. Then he relaxed his strength little by little and let him sit down slowly with his weight.

      “Aahh—it hurts…” When the whole thing was inserted, the body’s weight made the giant thing penetrate deeper, and the hole was stretched to the limit. Xu Ye gasped, leaned into Chu Yu’s arms, and sobbed, “It’s uncomfortable… I don’t want this… I want to be on top…”

      “Be good. You’ll be fine in a moment.” The man stroked his back and kissed his lips, suppressing the surging pleasure and waiting for him to adapt.

      Everything happened naturally. Xu Ye’s waist was tightly controlled by strong hands. He was moved up and down, again and again. He was forced to taste the hot and solid iron c0ck with his small mouth below. They had already had a round of sex at noon, and now he was weak and had no strength, so he could only let the man invade him as he wished. After that, he completely sobered up and cried for mercy, “Master… it’s going to break, wooo… I don’t want it anymore… I can suck it in my mouth for you… please… ahh…”

      There were many ways to play in a small space. Xu Ye was forced to change several positions to withstand the man’s fierce attack. When the man’s hot essence shot into his body again, Xu Ye, who had climaxed at the same time, lay helpless on Chu On Yu’s body, his long eyelashes were half-closed, as if he was about to fall asleep. Chu Yu caressed the back of his neck, kissed his tears away, licked his lips like a satiated cat, and said dotingly, “I am yours.”

      The result of provoking Second Young Master Chu was spending the entire morning in bed. Thinking of the ambiguous car sex last night, Xu Ye was so ashamed that he almost wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl into it. He had just had sex at noon and then went to the car to ask for sex at night. This was just…hurting his brain.

      He went downstairs holding his waist and saw the man sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was shocked, “…Why are you here?”

      Chu Yu put down the presentation in his hand and asked in return, “Is it strange for me to be in my own home?”

      “I thought you went to work.” He explained as he blushed, “I really drank too much last night…”

      “Are you using such excuses to intend on abandoning me after starting this?” The man looked at him with a smile, “Last night, you told me in my ears that I was yours.”

      “…” Xu Ye was confused. What did he do yesterday?!

      “Come here.” The man asked him to lie on his lap and gently rubbed his waist. “Your stamina is too low. From now on, swim two evenings a week. That way, when I hold you, both of us can enjoy it more.”

      Xu Ye nodded with a blushing face.

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