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Extra 3

       In the evening, Ning Junyan worked overtime. Chen Yuncheng and Guan Anlin had dinner together and then went home alone.

       It was reasonable to say that he felt that Guan Anlin had a point, but when he thought about how Ning Junyan was with his junior brother from morning to night and had endless common topics to talk about, Chen Yuncheng felt uncomfortable.

       He finished his shower and brushed his teeth in the bathroom in front of the mirror, thinking that he couldn’t continue to think like this, it was completely pointless. The fact that Ning Junyan liked him was probably the least questionable thing in the world.

       Before he had finished brushing his teeth, Chen Yuncheng heard the sound of the door opening, and he knew that it was Ning Junyan who had returned. So he hurriedly rinsed his mouth, cleaned the toothbrush and put it in the cup. He then opened the mirror door and put the cup into the small cabinet behind.

       When he closed the cabinet door, he suddenly saw Ning Junyan standing behind him in the mirror set in the door.

       He didn’t know when Ning Junyan came in, there was no sound of footsteps. Chen Yuncheng was startled and was about to say something when Ning Junyan reached out and grabbed his waist, and picked him up without warning.


       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Troublesome surgery today?”

       “Not bad,” Ning Junyan’s voice was a little hoarse.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “So you are just excited to come back, huh?”

       Ning Junyan raised his head slightly with his hands and looked at him, “I’m in a good mood.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “Why are you in a good mood all of a sudden?”

       Ning Junyan looked calm, “The operation in the afternoon was with Huo Xiao.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him for a while, “So? What do you want to say?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You don’t want to say anything?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Isn’t it for work? That’s normal. It’s not like I can accompany you to the operating table.”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “Well, you can only sleep with me.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while, “I don’t feel very comfortable when you say that.”

       Ning Junyan said again, “You are the only one who can sleep with me.” He straightened up and bumped Chen Yuncheng, “I can only be hard with you.”

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to blush a little bit, “Knock it off.”

       Ning Junyan hugged him and said, “Say my name.”

       Chen Yuncheng called him by name, “Ning Junyan.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Not that one.”

       Chen Yuncheng then changed the way he called him, “Do you want me to call you Yanyan?”

       Ning Junyan coaxed him, “Change another one.”

       Chen Yuncheng pretended not to understand, “I don’t know what you want to hear.”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “I love you, wife.”

       Chen Yuncheng said slowly, “I love you too.” He buried his face on the sofa, raised his arm to cover it, and called out in a dull and reluctant voice, “Husband.”

       Because of this word, Ning Junyan went to the bathroom to shower, got back to bed and pressed Chen Yuncheng for another session.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know where Ning Junyan got all his energy from, but he himself could barely even lift his hands.

       As they lay on the bed, Chen Yuncheng stared at the ceiling and said, “Let’s go see the house.”

       Ning Junyan hugged him and replied, “Okay.”

       Right now they were still living in the house Chen Yuncheng had rented, and although there was nothing inconvenient about it, Chen Yuncheng still wanted more than anything to buy a house that belonged to him and Ning Junyan.

       “How big is it?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Ning Junyan said, “A little smaller.”

       They would not have children anyway, and there was no need to have rooms for guests in the house. In addition to the bedroom, an extra study room was enough. Ning Junyan wanted Chen Yuncheng’s life to be his alone.

       However, Chen Yuncheng was considering, “If we want a study, we can still have an extra guest room, so the next time Guan Anlin and the others come over for dinner, they can have a place to stay when they’ve had too much to drink.”

       Ning Junyan didn’t speak.

       Chen Yuncheng somewhat understood his thoughts and deliberately teased him, “Don’t you have any guests?”

       “Who is it?” Ning Junyan said in a low voice, “My junior?”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help turning his head to look at him.

       Ning Junyan looked calm. His beautiful eyes were dark and did not reveal any emotion. He just said lightly, “Yes, next time, let’s invite him to come as a guest and let him sleep in the room next to us at night.”

       Chen Yuncheng tried hard to turn over, lay on the bed facing Ning Junyan, and asked him, “What’s the point of sleeping next door to us?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll fvck you hard until you say his name.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and didn’t speak.

       After a while, a slight smile appeared in Ning Junyan’s eyes, and he reached out his hand to touch Chen Yuncheng’s face and said, “Don’t say his name. You can only say my name.”

       Chen Yuncheng almost couldn’t help biting his hand.

       Ning Junyan told him, “I told him about our relationship.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t think it was strange. If he hadn’t stopped him this morning, Ning Junyan would have already said it. He stared at Ning Junyan for a while and asked, “Is your junior brother very good?”

       Ning Junyan’s tone was a little dissatisfied, “Why do you pay so much attention to him?”

       Chen Yuncheng put his face on Ning Junyan’s chest, “You are together daily. Don’t you guys have a lot of common topics? Unlike me, who doesn’t know anything.”

       Ning Junyan pinched his chin with his fingers and raised his face, “Are you jealous?”

       Chen Yuncheng simply admitted, “A little bit.”

       Ning Junyan said in a somber tone, “Although I am very happy that you are jealous, I don’t understand why you are jealous. If it’s only about having a common topic when we are together daily, shouldn’t you be jealous of our director?”

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly thought of the director with unruly hair and a kind face in Ning Junyan’s department.

       Ning Junyan said, “I have been with him longer, and we have more in common.”

       Chen Yuncheng had nothing to say for a while. If he insisted on saying that because Huo Xiao was good-looking, it would make it look like Ning Junyan was shallow, but obviously he didn’t see that in his eyes.

       It was as if everyone in this world had simple logical thinking, and only Chen Yuncheng himself was thinking too complicatedly.

       Ning Junyan rubbed his face with his fingers and said, “I’ve known Huo Xiao since college, and I never thought of him that way.”

       Chen Yuncheng held his hand.

       Ning Junyan said again, “I only love you.”

       His world was indeed very simple. It was enough to only love one person and then love them for the rest of his life.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and stretched out his arms to hug Ning Junyan.

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Chapter 47 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 47


The concentration of pheromones emitted by Xingchen was already high, but with this uncontrollable outbreak, a sudden gust of wind stirred up in the room, causing the surrounding decorations to be thrown into disarray. Even the glass on the table appeared to have cracks and fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.


If there were other Alphas present at this moment, they would likely be knocked down by the force he exerted.


Lu Jingning still had Xingchen’s temporary mark on him, and his adaptability was relatively good. However, he hadn’t expected the loss of control to happen so suddenly. Instinctively, he grasped Xingchen’s hand, attentively observing his condition. “How do you feel now? Do you need my pheromones, like this?”


As he spoke, he cautiously released a small amount of his own pheromones as a trial.


The Omega’s pheromones carried a faint scent of green plums, like a gentle hand, soothing the turmoil within Xingchen’s body.


He could feel that his own pheromones were becoming increasingly uncontrollable, but they managed to restore a bit of reason to Xingchen. Frowning, Xingchen suddenly grabbed Lu Jingning and pulled him into his embrace.


Caught off guard, Lu Jingning found himself colliding with a broad chest.


The impact was so strong that he was enveloped in the scent of mint and couldn’t help but be dazed. Then, a low, hoarse voice brushed against his skin, “Not enough.”


The Alpha’s pheromones carried a strong possessiveness, firmly locking Lu Jingning in place, like a declaration of ownership.


This was the first time Lu Jingning had seen Xingchen like this, completely different from his usual indifference. Even the breath that brushed against his ear was imbued with an unprecedented heat.


For a few seconds, his mind inexplicably went blank before regaining its composure. Carefully, he released his pheromones in small amounts, asking, “Is it better like this? Do you feel more comfortable?”


Xingchen buried his head in Lu Jingning’s neck, seemingly too weak to speak. He only made a low, “Mmm.”


Lu Jingning’s tense heart finally eased a bit.


It seemed that his pheromones indeed helped alleviate Xingchen’s discomfort to some extent.


Feeling a bit parched in the throat, Lu Jingning glanced at the fragments of glass on the ground, then shifted his gaze to the scattered strands of hair on the side. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued to release his pheromones steadily. After hesitating for a moment, he reached out and gently patted Xingchen’s back as he pulled him closer.


Lu Jingning had never been the nurturing type, and it was his first time encountering this kind of situation with an Alpha. He wasn’t sure if what he was doing was right.


Xingchen’s body stiffened imperceptibly under his touch, as if fighting an invisible battle. He lowered his head, but Lu Jingning’s comforting touch also seemed to draw him in deeper.


Because they were so tightly held together, Lu Jingning could feel the faint trembling emanating from Xingchen’s body. Suppression, restraint—it felt like if they let go even a little, things might get out of control.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but recall something Qiangcang had mentioned before, that Alphas during their estrus periods were like time bombs. Even they themselves couldn’t accurately predict when they would explode.


He had said, “During my estrus period, I feel like I could blow up the entire planet at any moment.”


It showed how severe these explosive tendencies could be.


And now, even with the comfort of his pheromones, Xingchen’s body was still filled with impatience and unease.


Lu Jingning had never known that an Alpha’s estrus period could be so difficult to endure. It seemed to be even more challenging to control than their rutting period. At least Omegas had specialized suppressants to manage their urges, while Alphas had to rely solely on their willpower.


The scent of mint and green plums had already filled every corner of the room, just like the ambiguous and lingering atmosphere between the two at this moment.


Wen Xingchen held Lu Jingning even tighter, as if he wanted to merge him completely into his body. Fortunately, the one he was currently holding was Lu Jingning. If it were any other Omega, their bones might have been crushed entirely.


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth and didn’t say a word, but he heard a faint murmur from Xingchen. Finally realizing where the sound was coming from, he was about to get up to take a look when Xingchen’s voice sounded, low and terrifying, “Don’t move.”


Unable to see Xingchen’s expression, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but feel a little agitated. He scratched his own hairline, feeling a bit anxious. “This can’t go on! If my pheromones aren’t enough, how about you bite me?”


Even with the soothing effect of the Omega’s pheromones, Xingchen could still feel the restlessness surging inside him, leaving his mind in an overly tense state. It seemed that the smallest trigger could make him lose control and vent his violent emotions.


At this moment, the person he was tightly holding onto was like a lifeline, allowing him to hold on to the last bit of composure.


And it was at this moment that this lifeline suggested that he bite him.


Xingchen’s head slowly lifted, and his deep eyes were terrifyingly dark. It was as if he was a wild beast eyeing its prey. Even Lu Jingning, who was never afraid of anything, felt his heart skip a beat.


He could feel Xingchen’s hand gently brushing over his gland in his neck, causing his back to tense up involuntarily. His throat made a gulping sound, and he subconsciously replied, “If biting isn’t enough, then…”


Wen Xingchen didn’t wait for further words; suddenly, he tightly embraced Lu Jingning’s waist and lifted him up effortlessly. Caught off guard, Lu Jingning landed heavily on the bed without any response, as a deep and lingering kiss had already descended upon him, carrying a strong scent of mint, almost stealing away his breath.


Lu Jingning was slightly dazed by this intimate gesture, feeling suffocated by the intensity of it. After what seemed like an eternity, Wen Xingchen finally released his lips but continued to place soft kisses down his neck, eventually reaching the sensitive glands that had already begun to tingle with a burning sensation.


Every previous marking by Wen Xingchen had taken place amidst chaos, but this time, Lu Jingning clearly felt an electric current surging from his glands, spreading throughout his body, causing him to subconsciously groan.


Wen Xingchen’s breath also grew heavy, and noticing Lu Jingning’s slight tremor, he said with deep and profound eyes, “Bear with it; it might be a bit painful.”


Lu Jingning hadn’t expected Wen Xingchen to proceed with marking just like that and retorted with some annoyance, “Joke’s on you! I, Luo Ge, am not one to be afraid… Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Can’t you be gentler?!”


Damn, he hadn’t realized it could be this intense before!


Wen Xingchen’s craving for pheromones had long been pushed to its limits, and at this point, biting into the glands nearly overwhelmed him with a strong urge to possess and plunder. However, considering Lu Jingning’s feelings, he managed to restrain his instincts, suppressing the violent aggression to the minimum.


Even so, Lu Jingning could still sense the overpowering possessive pheromones of an Alpha almost suffocating him entirely. Normally, he would have fought back with his own pheromones, but as his gaze swept over the beads of sweat on Wen Xingchen’s face, his eyes flickered, and he eventually relaxed his whole body.


Clutching the bedsheets tightly, he silently indulged in the other’s excessively domineering presence.


After what felt like a long time, the strong scent of mint in the air gradually began to dissipate. Lu Jingning felt Wen Xingchen’s lips finally leaving his glands, but the excessive intake left him feeling somewhat exhausted. His eyelids drooped slightly, and he realized that the fingers tightly clasping the sheets were starting to ache.


Wen Xingchen, too, seemed tired, holding him motionlessly with heavy and lingering breaths. Lu Jingning could clearly sense him gradually calming down, and he didn’t push Wen Xingchen away, just lying there, responding, “Feeling better now?”


Wen Xingchen replied with fatigue and hoarseness, “Mhm.”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment before asking, “Are you going back now?”


Wen Xingchen’s voice sounded weary and husky as he replied, “Can I sleep here?”


That was quite a presumptuous request.


Lu Jingning’s lips twitched, and he was about to refuse when he heard Wen Xingchen say again, “I want to be closer to you.”


Seeing Wen Xingchen in such a different state from his usual cold and aloof self, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but find it somewhat cute.


He was really clingy.


Unable to harden his heart, Lu Jingning replied, “Then go to sleep early; we have a competition tomorrow.”


“Alright,” Wen Xingchen responded dully, finally moving away from him.


With some relief, Lu Jingning sighed and was about to get up when his wrist was grabbed again.


Wen Xingchen asked, “Where are you going?”


The sight of Wen Xingchen’s gaze carried a hint of obstinate attachment, and Lu Jingning, looking at this usually aloof person acting so differently, couldn’t help but find him somewhat adorable.


He shook his head and playfully asked, “Going to take a shower, care to join?”


Wen Xingchen met his eyes for a moment, didn’t answer, and simply turned away, burying himself under the covers.


Lu Jingning finally couldn’t help but chuckle. The exhaustion from earlier seemed to have vanished, and in a content mood, he walked into the bathroom.


By the time he came out after his shower, the person on the bed was already asleep.


It was evident that the estrus period could really exhaust any Alpha, even someone as strong as Wen Xingchen.


Even in his sleep, his beautiful eyebrows remained tightly furrowed, as if he were locked in an unsolvable puzzle.


Lu Jingning lay on the other side of the bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze for a long time, but he couldn’t fall asleep. Finally, he turned over, unable to resist, and slowly moved closer, wrapping his arms around the person.


Being surrounded by Omega’s pheromones at such close proximity, Wen Xingchen relaxed his furrowed eyebrows.


In the end, only the sound of steady breathing remained.


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Chapter 46 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 46


When Lu Jingning returned, the mecha duel competition had already come to an end. Wen Xingchen had just returned from the battle zone, and for some unknown reason, perhaps due to a good mood, he stood in place, accepting the enthusiastic hugs from his teammates without kicking them away.


As if sensing something, before Lu Jingning approached, Wen Xingchen suddenly looked up and asked, “Back already?”


Lu Jingning was about to respond, but the passionate voice from the commentator’s booth echoed throughout the venue, marking the end of today’s competition, causing the entire stadium to erupt in excitement. As he had anticipated, Wen Xingchen had effortlessly taken on three opponents in the match after stepping into the arena.


In general, his performance today surpassed yesterday’s, leaving no doubt that he would soon become the focus of major media headlines.


With a satisfied smile, Lu Jingning felt that the coveted title of “Imperial Navy’s Twin Champions” was within his grasp, just a step away. He walked over to pat Wen Xingchen on the shoulder, giving him a thumbs-up. “Impressive, LaoWen, you truly live up to your reputation!”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow at Lu Jingning’s attitude and casually glanced at his empty hands, asking in a calm tone, “Weren’t you supposed to prepare a reward?”


Lu Jingning turned to look at Cen Junfeng upon hearing this. Under the sharp gaze, Cen Junfeng instinctively shrank his neck, wearing an expression of innocence before humming a tune and fleeing the scene.


Lu Jingning made a mental note to educate the big-mouthed Cen Junfeng properly in the future.


Seeing Lu Jingning focused on firing off imaginary death rays, Wen Xingchen asked with a slow and calm tone, “So, where’s the reward?”


Lu Jingning replied, “What’s the rush? It’s too big, so I left it at your room’s door. You’ll see it when you get back.”


Wen Xingchen had expected Lu Jingning to hand him a handful of candies, but upon hearing his response, he was surprised to find out it was something big. A trace of curiosity flashed through his eyes.


With an air of mystery, Lu Jingning stimulated his curiosity further, saying, “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely like it!”


Looking at Lu Jingning’s confident expression, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but sense a hint of malicious intent lurking behind his harmless smile.


Oh, it couldn’t be anything good.


With two consecutive days of successful competitions, everyone was in high spirits. John treated the whole team to a meal at a famous restaurant near Heavy Cloud Defense Academy.


Learning from Lu Jingning’s previous experience, in order to be in top shape for the final day of the team competition, he ordered everyone to abstain from consuming any alcoholic beverages during the meal.


Everyone understood the importance and didn’t raise any objections. After a satisfying meal, they returned to their rooms to rest.


Lu Jingning wasted no time and quickly disappeared from the rest area’s entrance.


Back in his room, Wen Xingchen looked at the massive cardboard box piled up at his doorstep, lowering his eyelashes with an unclear expression.


Cen Junfeng, who was staying in the same room, curiously approached him, “Is this the legendary reward prepared by Brother Lu?”


Wen Xingchen neither confirmed nor denied it.


With a questioning look, Cen Junfeng sought his approval before promptly opening the box.


To his surprise, he was taken aback when he saw its contents, which seemed to have raised his already high expectations. “Are these… laundry detergents?”


The box was filled with various brands of green-packaged laundry detergents, all green plum sauce scented, exuding a sharp and sour smell when opened.


Cen Junfeng stared at Wen Xingchen in confusion, “Winning the competition gets you laundry detergents? What’s the meaning behind this?”


The scent seemed to stir some distant memory buried deep within him.


Wen Xingchen stood in silence for a moment, without giving a definite answer. His face showed little emotion, but there was an inexplicable and peculiar feeling in his expression.


He didn’t know how long he stood there before he ambiguously replied, “Quite a lot, very considerate.”


Then, he casually picked up one bag from the box and turned to leave, saying from a distance, “Could you help me bring these into the room? Thanks.”


Cen Junfeng watched Wen Xingchen’s gradually retreating figure, and despite the lack of much expression on his face, he felt an indescribable sensation.


Amidst the lingering smell of laundry detergent, there seemed to be a faint trace of minty smoke, a subtle touch that sent a chill down his spine.


Alphas were inherently competitive and antagonistic, and though the gesture wasn’t aimed at him, Cen Junfeng could sense the underlying aggression. He hoped that the interaction between Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning tonight wouldn’t escalate into a fight before the team competition tomorrow.


Speaking of which, he wondered who would come out on top if they did fight. Maybe he should go check it out, just to satisfy his curiosity.



At the same time, back in his room, Lu Jingning lay on his bed humming a little tune, in a surprisingly good mood. He could almost imagine Wen Xingchen’s expression upon seeing the “surprise,” which made him want to burst into laughter.


However, his smile didn’t last long as he heard a knock on his room door.


The soft knock on the door cut through the atmosphere like a hand playfully tickling Lu Jingning’s heart. His initial response to the sound painted a picture of a tall and slender figure.


He hesitated for a moment, adopting a drowsy tone, “Who’s there? It’s late, if you need something, let’s talk tomorrow.”


Wen Xingchen’s voice came from behind the door, “Oh, you’re already asleep? Then who was chatting so cheerfully on the school group chat?”


Lu Jingning glanced at the screen, where Yu Qingcang and a few others were having a lively conversation, and sighed inwardly.


He had been careless!


But then again, Wen Xingchen himself had said that he liked the green plum sauce-flavored laundry detergent. Lu Jingning merely catered to his preferences. What was there to be guilty about?


With that thought in mind, Lu Jingning opened the door without any psychological burden. He leaned lazily against the doorframe, raising an eyebrow, “So, what’s up? What do you want?”


Wen Xingchen, somewhat unexpectedly, noticed that Lu Jingning was already in bed. His expression flickered briefly.


Lu Jingning had just finished showering, wearing an oversized nightshirt with the buttons casually undone at the neckline. A hint of skin peeked out, accompanied by damp strands of hair, giving him a softer look than usual, yet adding an allure that was normally hidden.


It made him even more irresistible.


Chaos ensued in Wen Xingchen’s mind as he observed this alluring sight. His gaze casually swept from Lu Jingning’s neckline to his neck, and he saw the other’s slight frown. He tossed the item he had brought, saying, “It’s inconvenient outside; let’s talk inside.”


Without waiting for Lu Jingning’s response, Wen Xingchen stepped inside.


Lu Jingning hadn’t expected Wen Xingchen to be so at ease, so he glanced at the bag of laundry detergent in his arms, closed the door with a bang, and rolled up his sleeves as if preparing for a battle.


Wen Xingchen sat down on a chair, raising his head to look at Lu Jingning with a surprisingly gentle smile. “I received your reward and was very happy. I came here to say thank you and discuss what motivated you to give me such a precious gift.”


The more he smiled, the more uneasy Lu Jingning felt, but he couldn’t help but laugh at the teasing tone, “Well, isn’t this according to your logical deduction?”


As the laughter continued, he added a touch of arrogance to his tone, “How is it? Do you really like this fragrance? Not only is it the green plum sauce flavor you love, but there’s also plenty of it. It’s much more sincere than your peppermints, right?”


Indeed, he felt quite displeased about Wen Xingchen’s dismissive gesture when he received the candies.


It seemed that Wen Xingchen heard his inner thoughts because he suddenly leaned in closer.


Instinctively, Lu Jingning pushed back slightly, leaning against the back of the chair. Wen Xingchen stopped right in front of him, his eyelashes lowered, and his tone impossible to decipher, “I do like the green plum sauce flavor, indeed.”


Lu Jingning’s gaze wandered over this perfectly crafted face, and his throat unconsciously tightened. He swallowed hard, then Wen Xingchen asked in an inexplicable mood, “Since you’re so keen on pleasing me, why not just give me your pheromones?”


Caught off guard by Wen Xingchen’s unexpected request, Lu Jingning was momentarily stunned.


Rationally, he knew that it was probably just a joke, but Wen Xingchen’s demeanor was slightly different from usual. His dark eyes shone with a surprisingly intense emotion, as if struggling to break free, resembling a wild beast eyeing its prey.


Moreover, since Wen Xingchen entered the room, a faint scent of peppermint had been lingering around him, growing stronger by the second.


No, it was more accurate to say that this scent had been there since Wen Xingchen stepped into the room, but it was so faint that he hadn’t paid much attention until now.


Frowning slightly, Lu Jingning’s playful expression also subsided, “Wen Xingchen, are you feeling unwell?”


Alphas were quite adept at controlling their pheromones, unlike Omegas. Especially someone like Wen Xingchen, who wouldn’t unconsciously leak pheromones unless he intended to.


Lu Jingning’s first reaction was not that Wen Xingchen was trying to use his pheromones to influence him, but rather, he was concerned that Wen Xingchen might not be feeling well.


Recalling the dinner table where Wen Xingchen seemed quieter than usual, Lu Jingning regretted that he had intentionally avoided engaging in a conversation at that time, as he was preoccupied with the laundry detergent situation.


He asked again, “What’s wrong? Did you get injured during the competition this afternoon?”


Amused by Lu Jingning’s concern, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but smile, “No injuries, just that… I’m in the receptive period.”


Lu Jingning was taken aback by the revelation of Wen Xingchen’s receptive period. It was entirely random for Alphas, unlike Omegas’ heat, which had a predictable frequency. To think that Wen Xingchen’s receptive period coincided with the team competition was truly a coincidence.


As Wen Xingchen’s pheromones grew stronger and stronger around him, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but say, “Is it because of the laundry detergent I gave you?”


Wen Xingchen managed to laugh amidst his chaotic feelings, “No, it’s not.”


He sat back down heavily, rubbing his temples with force, “Usually, there would be some signs beforehand, but this time it seems I was already close, and using the pheromones intensively in the afternoon caused it to erupt prematurely.”


Lu Jingning observed Wen Xingchen’s appearance but couldn’t quite tell how he was feeling at the moment. Unable to resist his concern, he asked, “How do you feel now? Are you uncomfortable?”


As someone who wasn’t an Alpha, Lu Jingning wasn’t familiar with the sensations during an Alpha’s estrus period, but he couldn’t help but think that it couldn’t be pleasant, much like an Omega’s heat.


“It’s very uncomfortable,” Wen Xingchen replied frankly, raising his head to look deeply into Lu Jingning’s eyes. “And even though I’m trying hard to suppress it, it’s highly likely that I won’t be able to control my pheromones soon.”


Pausing for a moment, he continued in a calm tone, “In fact, I might not even be able to control my actions next. So, before I completely enter the receptive period, do you want to consider kicking me out?”


Upon hearing this, Lu Jingning tightly pursed his lips and responded bluntly, “Tell me, what should I do?”


Wen Xingchen’s profound gaze remained fixed on him, a faint smile appearing on his lips. “Are you willing to help me?”


Lu Jingning chuckled, seeing through everything, “Lao Wen, you came to me at a time like this. Isn’t it because you think I can help you?”


Wen Xingchen remained silent.


During the receptive period, Alphas not only lose control of their pheromones but also experience heightened possessiveness, irritability, and sensitivity, along with a stronger dependence on Omega’s pheromones.


In fact, he had already sensed something was amiss during dinner. After returning to the rest area, he should have found a place to lock himself away temporarily, but the scent of green plum sauce on the laundry detergent had awakened the restless desire within him, making it uncontrollable.


Marked Alphas would have a stronger possessiveness towards the Omega they had marked, even if it was a temporary marking.


He couldn’t ignore the intense desire urging him deep inside. It seemed that only by being by this person’s side could he have a sense of belonging.


It was terrifyingly fragile.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze brushed over Lu Jingning’s smooth neck, and his deep eyes flickered slightly. “So, will you help me?”


Lu Jingning remembered their previous experiences; there was no way he could refuse now. Without hesitation, he nodded, “Tell me, how can I make you feel more comfortable?”


Wen Xingchen’s expression wavered slightly, completely devoid of his usual calm restraint. He only knew that his pheromones were becoming increasingly uncontrollable, and his voice unintentionally turned husky, “As I said earlier, give me your pheromones.” 


The intense scent of peppermint exploded as he finished speaking, filling the entire room.


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Chapter 45 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 45


On the first day, they secured the top spot on the leaderboard, and everyone was clearly delighted.


To prepare for the mech combat on the second day, they all returned to our rooms after having dinner and went to sleep.


Lying comfortably on his spacious bed, Lu Jingning accessed the Star Network through his terminal with great interest.


As expected, the annual military academy exchange competition between the Empire’s top military institutions garnered immense attention from the media. By the end of today’s event, headlines on various major platforms were already filled with related reports. “Imperial Navy Tops the List,” “Silver Star’s Tang Jiaze Takes on Three Opponents Solo,” “Heavy Cloud Defense Upsets Grand War Academy”… A series of hot topics circulated, but undoubtedly, the most attention was drawn to the emergence of the new Omega this year.


Anyone capable of making a remarkable performance in the exchange competition was undoubtedly a genius. Judging from Lu Jingning’s dominating display today, it was evident that his pheromone level was at least of A-class caliber.


But what if it was higher than A-class? An S-class Omega?! Such an occurrence had never happened before in the entire interstellar realm! This news was trendy beyond imagination.


Lu Jingning lazily browsed through the frenzy of discussions on various online forums and finally revealed a satisfied smile. “Well, the response isn’t bad.”


However, “not bad” was only the beginning. It was still far from what he desired.


After a night of rest, everyone gathered in the rest area downstairs early the next day. Obviously, everyone had checked the Star Network after returning, and upon seeing Lu Jingning coming down, they looked at him with envy and admiration. “Impressive, buddy, you’ve stolen the limelight.”


Lu Jingning, acting as if he had experienced countless trials and tribulations, waved his hand nonchalantly. “To all my brothers and sisters participating in the mech competition today, give it your best shot. The front page headlines are waiting for you!”


Others couldn’t help but laugh, but they didn’t take his words to heart. After all, they knew that his extraordinary popularity was not only due to his exceptional strength but also his unique Omega constitution—a path to success that was beyond replication.


Jihan led the team from the Imperial Navy to the venue’s rest area. From a distance, they could see that the central area had been rearranged with a new set of equipment for the mech combat.


To ensure fair competition, just like in previous years, this year’s mechs were of the same model, with their main data sponsored by the military department as a friendly gesture.


After the audience took their seats, it was time for the drawing of lots.


Having learned from yesterday’s lesson, Lu Jingning was smart enough to follow Wen Ye’s example and stood quietly in a corner.


Seeing this, Bing Yunlin couldn’t help but chuckle and volunteered, “I’ll go this time.”


No one expressed any objections.


As it turned out, Bing Yunlin’s luck had indeed improved. Although he didn’t draw Group D, he managed to bring back a Group C team. In front was Grand War Academy, followed by Heavy Cloud Defense University. Though there were no weak teams in the exchange competition, at least in the initial stages, they wouldn’t need to engage in a life-and-death struggle with Silver Star University like yesterday, which was a clear sign of heaven’s favor.


Bing Yunlin was content. “Not bad.”


After confirming the groups, it was time to decide the lineup for today.


Jihan looked through the list and, after a moment of contemplation, made his decision. “Kang Hanyun, you’ll be the first.”


Kang Hanyun flicked her flowing hair and smiled coquettishly. “No problem.”


In the Imperial Navy Patrol team, Kang Hanyun held the position of the main mech operator. Even with Bing Yunlin, the captain of the mech society, facing this female Alpha, he still needed to be cautious. She was undoubtedly one of the top talents in the Imperial Navy this year.


In the entire Imperial Navy team this year, Kang Hanyun was the only female member. Although she had the demeanor of a mature Alpha, she still deserved recognition and applause. The people around her immediately teased her, “Yun Jie, show us a perfect score of six in a row!”


It was clear that they were just joking, as even against the weakest opponents, maintaining peak performance for six consecutive matches would deplete the pheromone energy.


Kang Hanyun cooperated playfully, saying, “Just wait, I’ll give you all a series of twelve!”


Everyone exclaimed, “Wow… Wait, hold on, there aren’t even twelve matches in the entire event, right?”


Kang Hanyun replied casually, “We’re just joking. Don’t take it too seriously.”


The crowd was speechless.


As Lu Jingning listened to their banter, he suddenly remembered something and leaned in closer to the person next to him, asking, “Wen Xingchen, is your name on today’s list?”


Wen Xingchen glanced at him and said, “The coach didn’t say, and I didn’t ask.”


Lu Jingning lightly nudged him, suggesting, “Why don’t you go and ask?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t move but instead slightly curved his lips and said, “Why, do you want to see me in action?”


Originally, he was just teasing Lu Jingning based on his attitude, but unexpectedly, Lu Jingning nodded directly and said, “Of course, I do!”


Without waiting for him to say anything, Lu Jingning continued on his own, “You see, after yesterday’s performance, I’ve already gained enough attention, but whenever they talk about it, they always mention ‘Omega newcomer,’ which lacks a certain grandeur. Today, if you can step up and crush the competition, then the headlines will mention both of us, the new stars of the Imperial Navy. How does ‘Imperial Navy’s Twin Heroes’ sound? It’s powerful, right?”


“Powerful, perhaps not,” Wen Xingchen said casually, as if he didn’t care, “but the idea of being a pair sounds pretty good.”


Lu Jingning didn’t catch on; he had already walked towards Jihan.


From afar, no one knew what they discussed, but after a while, Wen Xingchen returned and pointed towards Kang Hanyun, saying in a calm tone, “It’s my turn after Senior Sister finishes.”


Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, asking, “Happy?”


Lu Jingning hadn’t even had a chance to assess his emotions, but upon meeting the pair of eyes with a faint smile before him, he inadvertently blurted out, “Happy…”


Wen Xingchen seemed quite satisfied and sat down on a nearby chair with a flourish. He even saved a spot for Lu Jingning beside him, saying, “You haven’t played yet, take your time to enjoy it. Let’s watch the matches first.”


Lu Jingning finally realized that something was amiss.


Although this was a matter of great collective honor, on Wen Xingchen’s side, it seemed like him stepping onto the field was more about fulfilling his personal interest rather than being part of the team. It was as if he were putting on a personal show.


He furrowed his eyebrows, wanting to correct it, but when he saw Wen Xingchen’s nonchalant expression, the words stuck in his throat. He settled for sitting down beside him.


Just then, the referee’s voice rang out clearly, announcing the official start of the mech combat.


In the first round, Silver Star University clashed with Grand War Academy, a team from Group B, and took the first point.


Subsequently, Grand War’s second player was defeated by Kang Hanyun, representing the Imperial Navy, causing them to lose two members consecutively.


The next two rounds saw Kang Hanyun first securing another point for the Imperial Navy by defeating Heavy Cloud, and then Heavy Cloud’s second player making a close victory against Silver Star University, breaking their zero points.


Thus, after this round, the Imperial Navy temporarily took the lead with two points.


The next four matches were filled with excitement, and many people silently pitied Grand War. Their luck seemed too unfortunate, and by now, they were still at zero points on the leaderboard.


However, as the second round started, Grand War finally seemed to enter a counterattack mode. Their third player exhibited skilled maneuvers, defeating both Silver Star University and the Imperial Navy in quick succession, claiming two consecutive wins.


By the time Kang Hanyun emerged from the virtual control room, she was drenched in sweat, seemingly not remembering the promise she made earlier. She shook her head slightly, a bit regretful, and asked, “Who’s up next?”


Wen Xingchen stood up from his position and replied, “It’s my turn.”


Having previously worked together during a pirate attack, Kang Hanyun was familiar with Wen Xingchen’s mech operating skills and trusted him, especially since he was Wen Ye’s brother. She felt reassured and patted his shoulder with a smile, “Good luck, avenge us, won’t you?”


Wen Xingchen lightly acknowledged, then turned to look at Lu Jingning. Seeing his indifferent expression, he asked, “Don’t have anything to say?”


Lu Jingning vaguely felt this scene was familiar. He stared at Wen Xingchen for a moment and couldn’t help but chuckle.


It seemed like the tides had turned.


Suddenly, he stood up and opened his arms, giving Wen Xingchen an exceedingly warm hug. “Go on, the Imperial Navy’s second hero!”


Wen Xingchen was slightly stunned.


After a quick sniff of Wen Xingchen’s pheromone scent, Lu Jingning swiftly released him, standing there with a cheerful smile, “Do your best, and when you come back after crushing the competition, I’ll reward you.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Lu Jingning had adapted quickly to this role, quite capable indeed.


But a reward… now that’s something to look forward to.


After contemplating for a moment, he didn’t say anything more and turned to walk towards the arena.


With the appearance of another new face representing the Imperial Navy, all eyes were on them once again.


After witnessing Lu Jingning’s performance yesterday, the members of the Heavy Cloud team were cautious. Unfortunately, some things weren’t determined solely by caution.


As it turned out, every newcomer who made it to the exchange competition platform was a formidable opponent.


Wen Xingchen’s mech operation was precise, akin to being measured by instruments. Whether it was evading or moving, there was not a single superfluous action.


However, if one were to say that he pursued stability to the extreme, it contrasted sharply when he decisively counterattacked when he noticed the tiniest imperceptible flaw in the Heavy Cloud player. The stark contrast between his ruthless actions during the confrontation and his caution in other situations was apparent.


His opponent didn’t stand a chance for a counterattack, and Wen Xingchen ended the match quickly and cleanly.


As the opponent’s mech collapsed on the arena, the second member of the Heavy Cloud team was eliminated, and the entire audience erupted into cheers.


It was well known that in the process of mech combat, the seemingly small movements actually demanded a high level of control from the operator, thus consuming a considerable amount of pheromone energy.


A newcomer like Wen Xingchen, coming after Lu Jingning, made the lineup of the Imperial Navy’s newcomers appear incredibly powerful.


As the third round began amid lively discussions, all attention was once again drawn to the matches.


In the opening match, the last member of the Heavy Cloud team couldn’t withstand the pressure and lost to Silver Star University, becoming the first to drop out. Silver Star University seemed to take advantage of the momentum, but during the duel with Grand War’s third player, they made a mistake and suffered another defeat.


At this point, Grand War’s third player had already secured three points and showed a burst of triumph.


However, having fought three rounds in succession, the operator’s energy consumption was considerable. Facing the Imperial Navy team about to go on stage, they were already nearly depleted.


Even though the outcome was no longer in doubt, when Wen Xingchen finally stood up from his position, the entire audience couldn’t help but burst into enthusiastic applause.


Lu Jingning felt the different kind of enthusiasm and glanced at the audience.


On the stage, the faces of all the Omega spectators were flushed with excitement, and they were practically sending out flirtatious glances. He couldn’t help but disdainfully scoff.


Tsk, all superficial shows!


Watching Wen Xingchen’s match, Lu Jingning showed dissatisfaction, getting up from his chair and casually putting his hands in his pockets. He raised his leg and was about to leave.


Beside him, Cen Junfeng noticed his movements and couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you going during the match?”


Lu Jingning glanced coldly at him, “What? Do I need to report to you before going somewhere?”


Cen Junfeng shivered, “No, of course not.”


Lu Jingning glanced at the handsome side profile displayed on the big screen, listening to the constant screams of the Omega crowd, and said expressionlessly, “There’s nothing interesting to watch anyway. We’ve already won.”


After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the area, his voice faintly echoing, “I’ll go prepare the reward for him.”


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Chapter 44 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 44


The strange turn of events inside the arena left the audience stunned. How could it be that the Omega was not the one pinned down, but rather it was Tang Jiaze, an Alpha, who kneeled first?


If it weren’t for the knowledge that the Imperial Navy University and Silver Star University were arch-enemies, one might suspect that these two individuals had some undisclosed clandestine dealings.


Tang Jiaze couldn’t hear the commotion from outside, but he could fairly guess the spectators’ reactions, causing his expression to darken considerably.


Under the watchful gaze of Lu Jingning from a high vantage point, Tang Jiaze’s anger rose, and in a fit of rage, he stood up despite his tense state.


Caught off guard, he raised his hand and swung fiercely at that eye-catching, beautiful face.


Lu Jingning didn’t anticipate Tang Jiaze’s sudden outburst, but instead of showing any panic, a hint of amusement flashed through his eyes.


Sometimes, a little resistance makes things more interesting.


Lu Jingning casually evaded the attack, reaching out and grabbing Tang Jiaze’s collar, lifting him up as if handling a pet dog, and then forcefully flung him towards the edge of the arena.


A loud “bang” echoed as Tang Jiaze was firmly thrown to the edge, his chest heaving heavily. If it weren’t for the virtual equipment, he might have spewed blood on the spot.


This forceful throw was brutal, and onlookers couldn’t help but gasp at the visible pain.


Seeing that Tang Jiaze still seemed inclined to retaliate, Lu Jingning had already reached him, landing a precise kick at his backside.


Again, he flew through the air and crashed heavily against the nearby virtual barrier.


After a few seconds, he fell to the ground, slowly recovering.


Audience: “…”


This was absolutely brutal!


The resting area of Silver Star University fell into silence, the previous laughter and confidence completely gone.


Tang Jiaze had already managed to defeat three opponents single-handedly, and even if he lost due to exhaustion now, he would still be the MVP of today’s match.


But no one had expected that he would be displayed before the audience in such a completely beaten state.


No, it couldn’t even be called a defeat; this one-sided crushing almost resembled disciplining a child.


At this point, Tang Jiaze was on the verge of fainting, whether from anger or the beating.


Seeing his condition, the teacher leading Silver Star University finally stood up from his chair and requested a forfeit from the referee.


Regardless of whether there was a chance to win, continuing the match in this state would not only impact Tang Jiaze personally but also reflect poorly on the reputation of Silver Star University.


They couldn’t afford to lose face.


When the referee signaled the end of the match, Lu Jingning’s fist was poised just inches away from Tang Jiaze’s face.


With the flash of a signal light, his fist halted, showing exceptional restraint.


Even so, the excessively fierce wind from the punch still brushed against Tang Jiaze’s face, scattering his hair in a disheveled mess.


Tang Jiaze, who had already prepared himself to take the hit, was momentarily taken aback, panting heavily as he asked, “Why didn’t you strike back?”


Lu Jingning withdrew his fist indifferently, his expression disdainful. “My eyes and ears are sharp. When it’s over, it’s over. Unlike someone who needs to rely on despicable tricks to assert themselves.”


Tang Jiaze knew he was being taunted for using pheromones to suppress Wen Ye after the match. His expression stiffened momentarily, and he wearily slumped to the ground, a wry smile crossing his lips.


Indeed, he didn’t need such tactics.


Up until this point, in the short span of this match, all of his previous accomplishments had been completely negated.


After today, no one would remember how he defeated Wen Ye with such efficiency or his impressive feat of taking on three opponents. Whenever Tang Jiaze’s name was mentioned, everyone would only recall that he, in this year’s exchange competition, was thoroughly crushed by an Omega player.


When Tang Jiaze had used information pheromones to resist Wen Ye, he had already depleted all his energy. When his teammates helped him out of the virtual c0ckpit, he could hardly muster any strength, and they had to support him in silence.


Lu Jingning stood at the door of the cabin, watching from afar. He couldn’t help but smile in delight and confidently returned to the resting area of his own school.


Upon his return, everyone warmly welcomed him with enthusiastic cheers. Lu Jingning didn’t show any false modesty and proudly asked, “So, do you think your bro, Lu, is impressive or not?”


Cen Junfeng praised him greatly, “Impressive! Incredibly impressive! I suddenly feel that being thrown next to a trash bin was nothing at all back then!”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “Still looking down on Omegas?”


“I never…” Cen Junfeng began but was cut off by a sharp glare from Lu Jingning. He immediately corrected himself, “I never dare to, absolutely not!”


Satisfied with their responses, Lu Jingning walked over and sat beside Wen Xingchen, asking, “What about you? Won’t you say anything?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Say what?”


Lu Jingning’s expression turned sour, “You tell me.”


After pondering for a moment, Wen Xingchen fetched a bottle of water and handed it to him, saying, “How about rehydrating?”


Despite Lu Jingning’s display of dominance on stage, the heavy expenditure of pheromones to overpower Tang Jiaze took a toll on his body, leaving his throat dry.


Although Lu Jingning was dissatisfied with Wen Xingchen’s response, his body was honestly in need of hydration. He reached out and accepted the water, guzzling it down.


Seeing his unhappy expression, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but chuckle, “There’s one more round. I’ll reward you if we win.”


Lu Jingning’s eyes brightened at the mention of “reward,” “You said it.”


Wen Xingchen looked at him for a moment, a faint smile on his lips, “Yes, I said it.”


Meanwhile, on the other side, after eliminating Tang Jiaze, only one spot remained for Silver Star University. The new team member, along with the last member of Heavy Cloud Defense University, stepped onto the battlefield.


The third member of Heavy Cloud Defense University had already exhausted a significant amount of energy fighting against Grand War. As expected, they quickly lost to Silver Ying’s newly arrived third member.


Thus, the final showdown of the day’s combat took place between Imperial Navy University and Silver Star University.


Lu Jingning was the second participant from Imperial Navy University. Overall, their team had an advantage, but he wasn’t the type to settle for less. Before going up, he declared confidently, “Watch and see, I’ll settle this within five minutes. If I can’t, I’ll take care of all your laundry for the next few days!”


All the team members cheered, “We wish you an early triumphant return!”


Before heading to the match, Lu Jingning reminded Wen Xingchen, “Don’t forget about the reward.”


Wen Xingchen assured him, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget.”


With that, Lu Jingning went on stage confidently. Five minutes later, Silver Star University’s last team member admitted defeat.


Compared to Tang Jiaze’s match, Lu Jingning’s performance in this one was even more direct. The continuous release of pheromones was a very draining task, and he didn’t even bother to use it at the start, feeling the opponent’s weak aura.


Without a hint of small talk, he immediately engaged in a fierce confrontation. Blow after blow, there was no rest, and in the end, he managed to knock down the opponent directly.


The scene once again fell into an eerie silence, even longer than the previous match. If Lu Jingning had displayed dominant pheromone suppression against Tang Jiaze, this time he showed absolute power.


His strength was so overwhelming that he didn’t even need to showcase much of his combat skills. He simply ended the match quickly.


Everyone was left dumbfounded, with a sense of bewilderment in their minds. The silence continued until the referee announced the official end of all the confrontational matches for the day, and then the crowd erupted.


Damn, can this Lu Jingning still be considered an Omega?


Isn’t this Omega from Imperial Navy University a total anomaly?!


Lu Jingning, triumphantly returning from the battlefield, seemed oblivious to the awe-struck gazes from all directions. He simply said with a nonchalant grin, “Ah, finally done.”


Others rushed over, excitedly congratulating him, wanting to shower him with praise, “Lu Jingning, you’re truly amazing! This match was crucial, and you won beautifully!!!”


Originally, Silver Star University had scored a total of 4 points based on their victories, while Imperial Navy University only had 3 points. If Lu Jingning had lost this match, regardless of whether Zhan She, the third participant, could win, Silver Star University with 5 points would have secured the top spot in today’s rankings.


But now, thanks to Lu Jingning’s consecutive victories, they obtained the crucial 1-point win and an additional point for an unplayed match, adding up to 5 points. This put Imperial Navy University ahead of Silver Ying, taking the first place on the leaderboard.


If we talk about contributors, Wen Ye was undoubtedly one, but Lu Jingning was unquestionably the number one hero.


Finally breaking free from his teammates’ excited embrace, Lu Jingning approached Wen Xingchen with a beaming smile and asked eagerly, “Old Wen, where’s my reward?”

Because of the anticipation, a hint of unusual brilliance shimmered in his eyes. Wen Xingchen was taken aback by the way he was being looked at and subconsciously looked down for a moment. Then, he gently brushed his lips against the proximity of Lu Jingning’s lips and suddenly exclaimed, “Ah–!”


Lu Jingning: “???”


Though he didn’t know why, he couldn’t help but mimic the action and open his mouth slightly.


Wen Xingchen pulled out a candy from somewhere, and in the blink of an eye, it was already in Lu Jingning’s mouth.


Lu Jingning could feel the sweet taste of peppermint instantly spreading in his mouth, diluting the dry bitterness. Unable to resist, he smacked his lips a couple of times. But then, out of dissatisfaction, he furrowed his entire brow and said, “Is this your idea of a reward?!”


Wen Xingchen asked, “Isn’t it enough?”


Saying that, he reached into his pocket and seemingly performed magic, pulling out a handful of candies and stuffing them all into Lu Jingning’s hand, “Here, take them all.”


Lu Jingning: “…………”


He stared at the colorful array of candy wrappers in his hand, and couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “You think you can just dismiss me with a handful of candies? Am I a child?”


Wen Xingchen looked at him and chuckled lightly, “I thought you would really like this taste.”


Lu Jingning paused for a moment, then realized that Wen Xingchen’s pheromones also carried a faint minty scent. He couldn’t help but feel speechless and couldn’t hold back a heartfelt comment, “You’re so narcissistic!”


Truly, despite his usual indifference, he turned out to be even more narcissistic than Lu Jingning!


Cen Junfeng happened to pass by at that moment and noticed the peppermint candy in Lu Jingning’s hand. He immediately approached, “Oh, where did you get that? Can I have one too?”


Seeing him about to grab some, Lu Jingning swiftly stuffed all the candies back into his pocket and disdainfully said, “Get lost! If you like them so much, buy your own!”


Cen Junfeng: “……”


Wasn’t it just a piece of candy? Was it necessary to be so possessive about it? Truly stingy to the extreme!


Just then, the loud and exuberant voice from the commentator’s booth resounded, “Today’s combat matches have officially ended. The current points standings are as follows: Imperial Navy University with 5 points, Silver Star University with 4 points, Heavy Cloud Defense University with 2 points, and Grand War University yet to score. Congratulations to Imperial Navy University for their victorious start, currently leading in the points ranking!”


Cen Junfeng immediately forgot about Lu Jingning’s candies and cheered loudly, joining the jubilant celebration of Imperial Navy University.


Lu Jingning breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Cen Junfeng leave. When he lifted his head, he happened to meet Wen Xingchen’s ambiguous gaze.


Amidst the noisy background, Wen Xingchen’s barely audible chuckle reached his ears, “You hid them so quickly. I thought you didn’t like sweets.”


Lu Jingning pursed his lips, adopting a cold and aloof expression as he turned his eyes away.


Tsk, not only is he stingy, but now he’s even being stingy with his sense of superiority!


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Extra 2

       One morning, two or three days later, Ning Junyan forgot a report at home when he went to work, so Chen Yuncheng took the subway to the hospital to deliver it to him.

       When he arrived at the hospital, Ning Junyan’s departments started ward rounds.

       Chen Yuncheng stood in the corridor and saw the department head leading a group of doctors in white coats out of the ward and then into the next ward.

       Ning Junyan did not walk behind the department head and came out after most people had left the ward. Beside Ning Junyan was his junior, whom Chen Yuncheng saw once during their dinner party that night.

       What could the two men talk about? Ning Junyan’s face was devoid of emotion as usual, but his junior brother smiled slightly when Ning Junyan spoke, and his eyes curved behind his lenses.

       After listening to his junior, Ning Junyan lowered his head and said a few words to him with a serious expression. As soon as he raised his head, he saw Chen Yuncheng.

       He immediately strode towards Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled at him and handed him the report in his hand, “Is this it?”

       Ning Jun stretched out his hand to take it and said “En” before looking at Chen Yuncheng again, “Have you had breakfast?”

       When the alarm clock rang this morning, Ning Junyan hugged Chen Yuncheng and refused to get up. In the end, he left in a hurry, so neither of them had time to eat breakfast.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Not yet. Let’s go outside and buy something later.”

       At this time, Ning Junyan’s junior came over. He obviously still remembered Chen Yuncheng and said with a smile, “Are you not going to introduce your friend, Senior Ning?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at the young man in a white coat opposite him and took the initiative to extend a hand, “Chen Yuncheng.”

       “Huo Xiao,” the other party quickly shook his hand and introduced himself in a friendly manner.

       Ning Junyan’s eyes fell on the hands that were holding each other, and he said slowly, “This is my old1Junyan was going to call him lao po (wife). The lao in lao po also means old—”

       Chen Yuncheng raised his hand, grabbed Ning Junyan’s arm, pulled it, interrupting his words, and then said to Huo Xiao, “I’m his old friend.”

       Although Huo Xiao felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, he still nodded and said, “I was in the same major as Senior Ning in undergraduate studies and afterwards stayed in the same laboratory together.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at Ning Junyan, “Then it seems you guys are busy. I will go first.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll see you off.”

       “Don’t you still have to do ward rounds?” Chen Yuncheng glanced in the direction of the ward.

       Ning Junyan put his arms around Chen Yuncheng’s shoulders and walked towards the elevator, “We haven’t reached the bed I’m in charge of yet.”

       After walking all the way to the elevator, Chen Yuncheng noticed that Ning Junyan’s expression was a bit cold and asked, “What’s wrong?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Why can’t we talk about our relationship?”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little helpless, “Then can you say it properly? Change to a suitable title.”

       “Are you not my wife anymore? You even agreed to be called that in bed.” Ning Junyan’s tone was cold.

       At this moment, the elevator door opened, and two people came out. Chen Yuncheng stepped aside in embarrassment, and when everyone had left, he lowered his voice and said to Ning Junyan, “You also said about being on the bed. Isn’t it awkward to say it out here?” After that, he suddenly lowered his head uncomfortably and said, “Besides, I haven’t asked you what you and your junior were sneaking around back there talking about.”

       Chen Yuncheng had never been a person who was too fussy. After saying this, he himself felt that he was quite unreasonable and felt a little embarrassed.

       However, Ning Junyan asked, “What?”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that he was too baffled, reached out, pressed the elevator button hard, and said, “It’s nothing. I’ll go first.”

       Ning Junyan grabbed his wrist, “No, you’re not allowed to leave. You have to explain clearly first.”

       “What?” Chen Yuncheng didn’t look at him at all.

       Ning Junyan leaned into his ear and asked softly, “Are you jealous?”

       Chen Yuncheng said without thinking, “I’m not.”

       Ning Junyan looked at him and said nothing.

       Chen Yuncheng pushed him, “Go back and do your ward round.”

       Ning Junyan said, “He was telling me about the patient he admitted yesterday and was going to operate today.”

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to say that the junior was so happy even when they were only talking about a patient, but after thinking about it, he waved his hand and said, “Got it.”

       At the end of the ward round, Ning Junyan saw Huo Xiao walking in front and suddenly called him to a halt.

       Huo Xiao turned around and asked, “What’s the matter, Senior?”

       Ning Junyan said, “That’s my boyfriend.” He still remembered that Chen Yuncheng didn’t want him to say that he was his wife outside.

       Huo Xiao was stunned for a moment, “What?” After a while, he reacted and opened his eyes wide, “Boyfriend? You mean that Mr—Chen just now?”

       Ning Junyan responded indifferently, passed by Huo Xiao, and walked straight forward without saying anything.

       Chen Yuncheng went back to the trade market after having breakfast. There was an old customer in the store who directly told Guan Anlin what he wanted to pick up the goods. Chen Yuncheng greeted him, then sat at the door and stared at the big tree outside in a daze.

       After finishing his work, Guan Anlin walked over to Chen Yuncheng and sat down, asking him what he was thinking.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Do you think Ning Junyan and I have something in common?”

       “I think?” Guan Anlin was baffled, “How do I know if you have anything in common?”

       Chen Yuncheng’s tone was a little sad, “I just suddenly feel that there is a big gap with him. Even if I make money, there is still a gap.”

       “In what way? Academic qualifications?” Guan Anlin asked.

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t describe it for a while, “It’s not just that, right?”

       Guan Anlin thought for a while and said, “There’s a bit of a gap, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re any worse than him, isn’t your social experience richer than his? Just like me, I also spent two years in jail. This kind of experience would not be available to ordinary people.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him coldly, “That’s really something to be proud of.”

       Guan Anlin didn’t seem to understand the sarcasm in his words and continued seriously, “Besides, if you don’t work with him as a colleague, it’s enough if your personality and that aspect are compatible. How much more do you need to have in common? You can’t exchange medical knowledge while having sex at the same time, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t say anything, mainly because he didn’t want to go along with his nonsense.

       Guan Anlin was very concerned about him, “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

       Chen Yuncheng said slowly, “He recently had a junior working with him, and I saw that they were chatting quite happily.”

       He actually knew that it was a bit unfair to say that to Ning Junyan. When Ning Junyan talked to Huo Xiao, his attitude was not the least bit ambiguous, nor could he say if Ning Junyan was happy or not. But it was because Chen Yuncheng looked at Huo Xiao too brightly, and it was the first time that such a person suddenly appeared beside Ning Junyan, which made Chen Yuncheng feel a little uneasy.

       He didn’t want to be jealous, nor did he have any reason to be, but there were times when his own mind was out of control. He could only try his best to keep himself from showing it before Ning Junyan.

       “Junior?” Guan Anlin’s thinking was very simple, “A man?”

       “What else?”

       Guan Anlin looked at him strangely, “Then what are you afraid of? How many men don’t like women and only like another big man? Do you think they are all like you? No matter how handsome Ning Junyan is, even if he stood naked in front of me, I won’t be turned on at all, okay?”

       The image of Ning Junyan taking off his clothes unconsciously appeared in Chen Yuncheng’s mind, and he gritted his teeth and said to Guan Anlin, “Thank you for your comfort.”

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Chen Yuncheng was asked ‘what else’ because the raw indicated the junior was male instead of just a neutral gender junior, and he found it weird that Guan Anlin still needed to ask whether the junior was male or not.

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Chapter 43 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 43


Tang Jiaze, after defeating Wen Ye, remained on the field and continued to face the challenge from Heavy Cloud Defense University. After two battles, it was evident that his energy had been significantly depleted, but Heavy Cloud Defense University was not willing to let go of such a good opportunity.


The second contestant from Heavy Cloud Defense University immediately entered the combat area, leaving no time for Tang Jiaze to catch his breath. As the match resumed, everyone’s attention was once again focused on the field.


The members of Imperial Navy University naturally hoped that the people from Heavy Cloud would crush Tang Jiaze ruthlessly, but things didn’t go as they wished. The battle ended in another victory for Silver Star University.


With this win, Silver Star’s Tang Jiaze had already scored 3 points, surpassing Wen Ye’s record of 2 points, taking the lead in the overall score rankings.


Kang Hanyun sighed, “Cheap tactics look unpleasant.”


Cen Junfeng added, “Petty people have their moments.”


Wen Ye, who had rested for a while and recovered some strength, interrupted their grumbling with a calm tone, “Tang Jiaze officially entered the S-class in the first half of the semester. I have to admit, his strength is indeed formidable.”


Kang Hanyun almost choked on his own words, feeling unable to argue further. He reluctantly mumbled, “Alright, I got it, okay?”


Standing nearby, Lu Jingning overheard their conversation and rubbed his fists together, smiling brightly, “Why rush? We want Silver Star to win! If they don’t, how can I have fun with Tang Jiaze?”


Others couldn’t help but think, “That actually makes a lot of sense! We’ve been too narrow-minded!”


After coming to this realization, their discontent with Tang Jiaze’s winning streak vanished, and when they turned to look at Silver Star’s rest area, their expressions carried playful grins.


The members of Silver Star felt a sudden chill running down their spines as they saw the beaming faces of Imperial Navy University. “What’s going on? Did they go crazy after our main player’s defeat?”


Meanwhile, the matches continued with the confrontations of Groups C and D. Both Heavy Cloud Defense University and Grand War University had lost two members, leaving them on the edge of defeat with no room for retreat. The victory of one point was crucial.


But it was only the first day of the competition, and each school had to consider the matches they would face in the following two days. After intense discussions, both teams finally sent their next contestants into the battlefield.


The importance both sides attached to this match was evident, and the two fighters put up an intense and spectacular performance for the audience.


In the end, Heavy Cloud Defense University secured a narrow victory.


The whole venue erupted into thunderous applause after a brief silence, shaking the roof.


Not just the home audience, even students from other schools were surprised by the outcome. After all, Heavy Cloud Defense University excelled in mecha battles, but their performance in actual combat had been lackluster in previous years. Winning two consecutive battles against Grand War University, which had the advantage, was a major upset on the first day and filled everyone with anticipation for the following matches.


Jihan looked at the jubilant Heavy Cloud team and couldn’t help but feel emotional, “It seems Heavy Cloud prepared thoroughly for this exchange competition.”


Lu Jingning, on the other hand, didn’t have time to dwell on others’ joy or sorrow. He slapped his thigh, stood up from his chair, and declared, “It’s my turn now!”


After Heavy Cloud’s victory, Grand War University’s three contestants were all eliminated, making them the first team to be knocked out among the four schools.


According to the competition rules, Heavy Cloud, having just completed two consecutive matches, could rest temporarily, and the third round would commence between Group A’s Imperial Navy University and Group B’s Silver Star University.


Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words, others suddenly reacted. They offered him water, helped him stretch his joints, and encouraged him, “Go get them, Lu!”


“It’s a must! Is there anything that Brother Lu can’t handle?” Lu Jingning laughed heartily, then noticed Wen Xingchen still sitting there motionless. He squinted and asked, “Lao Wen, don’t you have anything to say to the upcoming hero on the battlefield?”


Wen Xingchen was suddenly called out, and he glanced up at Lu Jingning, replying, “Does an encouragement matter when facing someone half-dead and crippled?”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “Of course it does!”


Wen Xingchen smiled faintly and stood up suddenly, “Alright then.”


Lu Jingning hadn’t expected such a response and found Wen Xingchen drawing closer, until the next moment, he was wrapped in a warm embrace.


With Wen Xingchen’s arms around him, Lu Jingning felt a faint minty aroma as he heard Wen Xingchen’s calm voice near his ear, “You’ve heard enough encouragement, so let me offer something more substantial.”


Lu Jingning’s body stiffened for a moment, but he couldn’t help being drawn to the subtle scent of mint in the air. He resisted the impulse to hold onto him a little longer and shot him a resentful glance before decisively turning around and heading to the battlefield.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze followed Lu Jingning’s figure, his lips curling up slightly in response to the faint blush at the corner of Lu Jingning’s ear.


Meanwhile, as Silver Star University prepared for the match, they were taken aback when they saw the contestant chosen by Imperial Navy University.


One of the team members rubbed his eyes unconsciously, doubting what he saw, “What’s going on with Imperial Navy University? In such an important round, they sent that Omega to the field?”


Another team member expressed disbelief, “Are they giving up on actual combat? Are they planning to focus their fighting power on the upcoming mecha and team battles?”


Tang Jiaze had prepared various strategies before the match, expecting Imperial Navy University to send someone like Zhang She, a senior team member, to fight. But the actual lineup exceeded his expectations.


His gaze lingered on Lu Jingning for a long time, and he didn’t feel as optimistic as others.


An obscure sense of disharmony crept up, and he unconsciously furrowed his brow. Without saying anything, he walked towards the field.


As of now, Imperial Navy University and Silver Star University were the top favorites to secure the first place in the standings. All eyes were fixated on the battlefield, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of this crucial match.


Once the virtual pod was ready, two figures appeared on the battlefield.


As soon as the crowd saw the people from Imperial Navy University, the whole venue fell into a strange silence for a moment.


The next moment, chaos ensued.


What was Imperial Navy University playing at, sending an Omega student to the field?! Could it be that they brought him as a mascot?


The unexpected choice of combatant left everyone shocked. Alphas were eagerly looking forward to seeing what this Omega could do to impress them, while the Omegas in the stands looked at him with admiration, seeing him as an absolute superstar among their ranks.


On the field, Lu Jingning faced Tang Jiaze with a playful smile and greeted him, “Hey, senior, please guide me.”


Tang Jiaze had been feeling uneasy from the moment he learned about Lu Jingning’s participation, but he couldn’t pinpoint what exactly felt wrong. Confronted with Lu Jingning’s cheerful attitude, he furrowed his brows and retorted, “This is the battlefield, don’t think that sending an Omega will make me spare you.”


“Spare me? How could it be? With your outstanding character, that’s something I dare not even think about,” Lu Jingning sarcastically replied, the curve of his lips becoming even more pronounced. “I’m here to give you an experience like never before.”


Tang Jiaze struggled to grasp the meaning of his words and almost burst out laughing, “Confidence is good, but excessive confidence can turn into arrogance, kid.”


“Oh?” Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow in a nonchalant manner. “We’ll find out soon enough if it’s confidence or arrogance.”


Those outside couldn’t hear their conversation, and by just looking at Lu Jingning’s amiable smile, they assumed the two were having a friendly exchange. But seeing Tang Jiaze’s apparent displeasure, they couldn’t quite tell what was going on.


Perhaps he felt embarrassed that Imperial Navy University had sent an Omega to face him. After all, it was generally assumed that Omega pheromones were weaker compared to Alphas’.


At this moment, the referee signaled the start of the match.


Tang Jiaze had been itching to teach Lu Jingning a lesson, and any mercy he may have felt earlier vanished as he released his pheromones, rushing fiercely toward Lu Jingning, intending to make him submit and obey.


Simultaneously, Lu Jingning also released his pheromones without hesitation.


Omega pheromones carried a hint of intense sourness, and their normally gentle scent turned ferocious, instantly swallowing Tang Jiaze’s pheromones entirely.


It was a complete suppression, akin to a starving beast pouncing on its prey.


Tang Jiaze’s own pheromones were already restless, but he had never imagined encountering someone even more wild and uncontrollable. To his disbelief, it was an Omega!


The overwhelming surge of Omega pheromones felt like electric currents running across his skin, causing his whole body to tingle, and he was left struggling to maintain his standing, his feet almost buckling beneath him.


But with sheer willpower, he managed to regain some consciousness, barely keeping himself on his feet and not collapsing immediately.


Despite Tang Jiaze’s heroic effort, Lu Jingning was a bit surprised. He had expected Tang Jiaze, who had already expended a considerable amount of pheromones, to fall to his knees within seconds. However, he was proving to be quite resilient.


Regardless of his strength, Lu Jingning couldn’t ignore the Alpha’s unpleasantly aggressive behavior.


Lowering his eyes, Lu Jingning looked down at the sweating Tang Jiaze, a faint smile on his lips as he said, “Oh, you’re really making an effort.”


Before his words had even faded, the pheromones around them erupted once more, even more aggressive than before, pressing toward Tang Jiaze with increased intensity.


Tang Jiaze was already struggling to stand, and this onslaught made him feel as if he was carrying a heavy load on his shoulders. The oppressive force seemed to compel him to surrender, and even his strong willpower could hardly resist it.


His legs eventually gave in, and he knelt on the ground.


The overwhelming pressure made it difficult for him to lift his head, but his wounded pride wouldn’t allow him to fully submit. Clenching his teeth, he managed to stay conscious and gazed at Lu Jingning with incredulity. He asked, his voice hoarse, “What… did you do?”


Lu Jingning casually continued to release his pheromones as he approached Tang Jiaze, speaking lazily, “Isn’t it obvious? I proved that my pheromones are stronger than yours.”


Lu Jingning seldom used his pheromones aggressively, and in the past, he had only done so reluctantly during class at the teacher’s request. But that time, he had merely released a small amount, enough to make the A-class students weak in the knees. Now, he was unleashing his pheromones without restraint, and the intensity was on an entirely different level.


As he walked closer to Tang Jiaze, his tone grew more playful, “Hey, senior, didn’t you like to use pheromones to suppress others? Come then, keep pressing on!”


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Chapter 42 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 42


The Silver Star University won the final match against the Heavy Cloud Defense University, and their victory was resolute and decisive.


It was evident that Heavy Cloud deliberately chose to avoid a direct confrontation with the formidable Silver Star, focusing their main fighting force on the next match against Grand War University.


Upon his triumphant return, Tang Jiaze still exuded vitality, presenting a sharp contrast to the heavily depleted Wen Ye.


Learning about the opponent’s tactical approach, the members of Team Imperial Navy  appeared infuriated. At this moment, Cen Junfeng couldn’t help but snort disdainfully, “Deceptive scoundrels, they are too pleased with themselves!”


Bing Yunlin patted his shoulder, saying, “The competition is like a battlefield. We failed to conduct a comprehensive tactical analysis, so we can’t blame others.”


Although Cen Junfeng felt unconvinced, he knew that what Bing Yunlin said was true and had to suppress the rest of his comments.


In no time, the match between Heavy Cloud and Grand War concluded, and Heavy Cloud, having already lost one member, finally managed to secure a victory, earning their first point in this exchange competition.


Being on their home turf, the enthusiastic cheers erupted from the audience in the stands. However, for the people of Team Imperial Navy, it wasn’t necessarily a cause for joy.


This meant that Grand War would field a well-conditioned new member to face Wen Ye in the upcoming match. Given the situation of already losing one member, they were determined to stabilize the situation and avoid a consecutive loss.


The second player to compete would undoubtedly be formidable.


Amid the somewhat oppressive atmosphere, Wen Ye simply stood up with a calm demeanor and said, “I’ll get ready. I’ll bring back the second point.”


His serene statement seemed to be an invisible hand, gently soothing the tense nerves of the onlookers, quietly erasing the anxious emotions.


Watching Wen Ye walking toward the competition area, Lu Jingning lightly nudged Wen Xingchen with his elbow, expressing with admiration, “Old Wen, your brother is quite handsome, huh?”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow and paused for a moment before responding ambiguously, “Oh? Interested? Need help pursuing him?”


Lu Jingning shook his head, “Just appreciate him, no need to pursue.”


Before Wen Xingchen’s indifferent expression could fade, he heard Lu Jingning continue, “Captain doesn’t seem to like my type anyway; he freezes me with a single glance whenever I crack a joke. A person should know their limits. Such an excellent man is better appreciated from a distance. I won’t harbor any impure thoughts.”


“You’ve thought this through.” Wen Xingchen chuckled with an inexplicable lightness, “If you understand Big Brother so well, then…”


He watched Lu Jingning closely, and after a momentary pause, he asked, his tone ambiguous, “Then what about me?”


Just then, the competitors from both sides took the stage, and enthusiastic applause erupted all around, as if a burst of fireworks exploded in their minds.


The topic had shifted too quickly, and Lu Jingning was momentarily caught off guard.


The confident manner he had when discussing Wen Ye suddenly faltered, and under Wen Xingchen’s gaze, which seemed to carry a hint of anticipation, he struggled for a while before blurting out unintentionally, “Wen, you’re a good person.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Caught off guard by being labeled a “good person,” he couldn’t help but feel his mood was inexplicably unbecoming.


Just as he was about to say something in response, Cen Junfeng suddenly rushed over in an excited state, heavily patting their shoulders and exclaiming enthusiastically, “My goodness! The captain is really too handsome!! We won again! Another point!!!”


Lu Jingning followed his gaze toward the competition area and realized that the match had already ended in a short amount of time. He couldn’t help but agree, “Indeed, he’s handsome!”


Even Grand War University hadn’t expected their main player to be defeated so effortlessly.


The actual combat was supposed to be their specialty in this exchange competition. Yet, after this match, they were practically conceding defeat and the atmosphere became utterly dejected.


In stark contrast, the Imperial Navy University was brimming with confidence.


They were worried about Wen Ye’s potential energy loss after this match, but the current situation reignited their faith for the next confrontation against the Silver Star University.


With their captain being so powerful, who could say they were destined to lose?!


The team members felt incredibly invigorated. Meanwhile, at the back, Jihan glanced at the figure on the screen, then turned and quietly instructed Zhan She, “Get ready for the warm-up.”


Zhan She received the order with a serious expression and nodded.


As the match with the Silver Star University was up next, Imperial Navy didn’t need to withdraw, and Wen Ye remained on the field, waiting for the next game to start.

On the Silver Star University side, Tang Jiaze had already entered the virtual cabin and, after a moment, his figure appeared on the competition field.


As the onlookers couldn’t hear their conversation, they could only observe the two seemingly engaged in a discussion from their lip movements.


Kang Hanyun sat with one leg crossed, displaying a disdainful expression, “Tang Jiaze always boasts about being a tactical master, but in reality, he’s just a mediocre talker. However, if he thinks he can influence our captain’s emotions with trash talk, he’s sorely mistaken. The person on the field is our captain, and even if he talks until he’s blue in the face, it won’t have any effect.”


Other team members glanced at Wen Ye’s expression from a distance and indeed found no ripples on his face.


As the referee announced, the battle officially began.


Tang Jiaze seemed eager not to give Wen Ye even a second of rest and launched an attack without hesitation from the very beginning.


As it was a virtual battle, external observers couldn’t feel the impact of the released pheromones, but they could tell from the disheveled hair of the two participants that the air inside the field was filled with intense energy.


Watching the two figures collide at high speed, Jihan’s face slightly darkened, “This is not good. Tang Jiaze is fully exploiting Wen Ye’s disadvantage in energy.”


Kang Hanyun sneered, “He’s underestimating our captain. Sustaining this explosive pace won’t be advantageous for him either.”


However, Bing Yunlin was less optimistic. He furrowed his eyebrows, “But if it continues like this, Wen Ye will eventually deplete all his pheromone energy.”


Just then, a loud crashing sound echoed from the field, accompanied by gasps from the surrounding audience, as both participants stumbled back two steps.


Cen Junfeng was momentarily stunned by the intense battle, but when he saw Tang Jiaze’s somewhat dispirited expression on the screen, excitement filled him, “It’s getting interesting! Perhaps our captain can really win!”


In the previous moment, Tang Jiaze attempted to release another wave of pheromones to create an absolute energy field, but Wen Ye saw through his strategy.


With an incredibly powerful countermove, both energy fields collided violently, causing harm to both sides.


To onlookers, Wen Ye, who managed to overpower the opponent’s intent, seemed to have the upper hand.


However, Jihan’s face turned serious as he stood up from his seat and decisively said to the nearby referee, “We forfeit.”


Cen Junfeng couldn’t understand, “We had the advantage, why surrender, teacher?”


Jihan didn’t answer, just looked sternly at the field.


At this moment, the screen showed Wen Ye attempting to stand up again, but he seemed unsteady, swaying a couple of times.


It was evident that his pheromone energy was severely depleted, and the situation was not optimistic. Continuously battling like this could be detrimental.


Such an outcome was least desired in this exchange competition.


The referee promptly signaled the end of the match.


Tang Jiaze, looking slightly disheveled compared to before, didn’t rush to finish. Instead, he squinted and suddenly released another wave of pheromones.


With his energy depleted, Wen Ye had to support himself against the wall to maintain his balance. When he raised his head, he met Tang Jiaze’s scornful gaze, filled with mockery.


This still image was displayed on the central screen, and the entire venue fell silent for a moment.


The members of Team Imperial Navy couldn’t sit still and stood up from their chairs.


Bing Yunlin narrowed his eyes and solemnly spoke to the referee, “The match has already ended. The way the captain of the Silver Star behaves now, isn’t it a bit disrespectful to the rules of the competition?”


The referee was jolted from Bing Yunlin’s reminder and promptly issued a warning.


At this point, Tang Jiaze finally, unhurriedly, retracted the overwhelming pheromones. With a disdainful expression, he watched Wen Ye leave the holographic arena.


The members of Team Imperial Navy rushed to the virtual cabin to assist Wen Ye, whose pheromone energy was evidently overtaxed.


Kang Hanyun watched Tang Jiaze on the screen and clenched his teeth, “This guy seems to have been waiting for this opportunity since three years ago!”


Lu Jingning didn’t know the history between Tang Jiaze and Wen Ye, but what had just happened left him deeply annoyed. He stood up without a word.


Wen Xingchen’s face didn’t look any better. Seeing Lu Jingning’s sudden action, he tried to retain some rationality, “What are you planning to do?”


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth inwardly, “I’m going to avenge my idol!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Wasn’t he just a captain? Now he’s upgraded so quickly?


In this moment, Lu Jingning felt a surge of frustration. He quickly walked up to Jihan and straightforwardly said, “Teacher, I request to be the second player to compete!”


Zhan She, who was warming up, looked over upon hearing their conversation.


Jihan furrowed his eyebrows, “You want to compete?”


“Yes!” Lu Jingning replied confidently, “If you don’t let me compete, I’m afraid I’ll end up going directly to the Silver Star University after the match to challenge someone one-on-one. I believe, teacher, that you don’t want any violent incidents during the competition, right?”


Jihan: “…”


With such a conversation, it seemed like he had no room to refuse him.


After all, Jihan was Lu Jingning’s teacher for pheromone application class, and he had a better understanding of this unique student’s pheromone situation. He remained silent for a moment before solemnly asking, “Do you know what it means to be the second player?”


“Of course!” Lu Jingning laughed arrogantly and brimming with confidence, “It means that today, I will lead the team to the final victory!”


Jihan gazed at the pair of eyes seemingly flickering with flames and, if properly utilized, the only Omega player might indeed be the key to turning the tide today.


Jihan had made his judgment and finally exhaled slowly, “Then, show us.”


Lu Jingning’s lips immediately lifted into a smile, and he gave a formal military salute, “I promise to complete the mission!”


Zhan She patted Lu Jingning’s shoulder with force as if he wanted to inject his own strength into him.


Zhan She said, “Go for it!”


Afterward, he returned to his seat in the rest area.


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Chapter 41 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 41


Lu Jingning was delighted by the cheer and turned around, walking towards the stage. The sudden change in his attitude left others a bit stunned, and it took them a moment to shout, “Brother Lu, D group! We must draw a D!”


Lu Jingning didn’t respond but raised his clenched fist towards them from a distance, slowly extending two fingers to make a peace sign. His departing figure exuded an air of wildness and freedom.


Meanwhile, representatives from other schools’ exchange teams had also taken the stage. Without surprises, they were all team captains, dressed in their respective school uniforms, exuding a commanding presence.


The commentator introduced the exchange teams from other schools to the audience, and when the last figure appeared on the screen, the focus shifted to the lineup of the Imperial Navy University’s team for this year.


“This year’s captain for Imperial Navy University should be familiar to everyone, as he has been highly regarded in recent years. He entered the Imperial Military University with the highest score in the Empire’s military exam and is one of the few junior-level S-class pheromone holders. It’s no surprise that he’s leading the team. However, the recent upheaval at Imperial Navy might have had some impact on their team, and the list of other team members seems a bit unexpected.”


“In addition to several members who participated in the exchange competition last year, there are many new faces in the Imperial Navy’s team this year. Based on our current statistics, there are three freshmen, among whom one is an Omega player, Lu Jingning. We don’t have much information about this student, and we wonder if his appearance will completely change the dominance of Alphas in military competitions. Let’s wait and see!”


Hearing the commentator’s enthusiastic introduction, the team captains on the stage exchanged glances.




Fine, sometimes this kind of competition indeed needs some unrelated gimmicks.


At that moment, the commentator’s tone suddenly rose, “Oh, Imperial Navy University has sent this Omega player directly to represent the team for the pre-match draw!”


All eyes turned to the stage.


Lu Jingning enjoyed the attention, smiling as he waved to the surrounding crowd and then stood next to the captain of the Silver Star team, Tang Jiaze.


After a moment of silence, Tang Jiaze asked, “Where is your captain?”


Lu Jingning replied, “He’s in a bad mood, so I’m here to draw the lot instead.”


Tang Jiaze: “…”


The excuse was too straightforward; there was no room for counterattack.


The representatives of the other teams took their positions on the stage, and the audience in the stands looked somewhat puzzled.


An Omega? An Omega was actually participating in the military academy exchange competition?!


Most people’s first reaction was that Imperial Navy University had given up on winning this year, opting for a cute and attention-grabbing route. Or perhaps they simply included an Omega to fill the roster and create a distraction for other teams?


After all, most teams had a few substitutes who often had little chance of playing in the end. Maybe Lu Jingning was just there as a mascot, making an appearance to complete the team.


But even as a substitute, he was still an unprecedented presence in the history of the joint competition.


Therefore, when Lu Jingning appeared, the other Omega participants in the audience were instantly excited. Their eyes sparkled with admiration and adoration.


Wow, this Omega can actually participate in the exchange competition! He’s so cool!


Backstage, the team from Imperial Navy observed the reactions of the crowd with meaningful smiles.


Cen Junfeng shook his head as if reminiscing, “Oh, look at those Alphas. I feel sorry for them. Looking down on Lu Jingning, they might end up getting their faces swollen.”


Wen Xingchen glanced at him casually, “Are you speaking from experience?”


Cen Junfeng choked for a moment, recalling the scene where he was humiliated by Lu Jingning near the trash can. He looked at the ceiling with complex feelings, “Don’t bring up the past, okay? It was a painful realization… I’ve already learned my lesson!”


Lü Shen reminded, “Pay attention, it’s time for the draw.”


All eyes turned to the stage.


In the midst of all the attention, Lu Jingning appeared calm. When the virtual screen was presented before him, he lightly pressed the draw button without hesitation.


In the next moment, a letter appeared behind Imperial Navy University’s emblem on the large screen.


Lu Jingning heard a faint stir around him and couldn’t help but turn around, smiling confidently. But when he saw the letter, his smile froze.


He didn’t draw the most favorable D group, nor the relatively easier B or C groups. Instead, he ended up with the group no one wanted to draw, the dreaded A group.


The other team captains couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.


Lu Jingning could feel the eyes of his teammates on his back. He cleared his throat, maintaining a calm demeanor even though he was secretly nervous.


This can’t be right. This doesn’t feel like the draw I made. Could it be that I accidentally absorbed some of Tang Jiaze’s bad luck when I toasted with him yesterday?


Beside him, Tang Jiaze pressed the draw button while smiling mockingly, “Overwhelming bad luck?”


Lu Jingning’s expression remained placid as he turned to look at the groups revealed behind the Silver Star’s emblem. He smiled slightly, “Being able to directly crush all of you at the beginning of the match, would you call that overwhelming bad luck?”


Taken aback by his harsh words, Tang Jiaze’s face turned dark, “You talk a big game, but don’t you think you’re too overconfident?”


Lu Jingning blinked, “Is it overconfidence, or is it strength? You’ll find out when we meet on the field.”


Tang Jiaze sneered, “We’ll see on the battlefield, then.”


In an instant, the other schools completed their draws, and the commentator announced the final groupings: Group A – Imperial Navy University, Group B – Silver Star University, Group C – Heavy Cloud Defense University, Group D – Grand War University.


With Group A being the worst draw, being followed by Silver Star in Group B, the situation for Imperial Navy University seemed even more challenging.


Although Lu Jingning appeared calm on stage, he was adaptable and knew when to yield. After coming down from the stage, he proactively apologized to his teammates, “It’s my fault, I drew the death group.”


And he was right; both Silver Star in Group B and Grand War in Group D were formidable opponents in combat. Being sandwiched between them indeed increased the difficulty significantly.


No doubt, being Group A was the most tragic.


Bing Yunlin patted Lu Jingning’s shoulder gently and reassured him with a senior’s love, “Don’t worry about it; with Wen Ye as the captain, it was almost destined for us not to get a good draw.”


Wen Ye: “…”


He didn’t even draw the lot, so why is it about him again?


Hearing this, Lu Jingning could feel the gazes of his teammates on his back. He cleared his throat and said in an apologetic tone, although his face was calm and slightly arrogant, “It’s okay; we got the death group.”


What he said was true.


With Wen Ye as the captain, it was destined for them to get a challenging draw.


The final lineups for the first match were set. As the team leader, Jihan quickly made the last adjustments to the lineup. “For the first match against Silver Star, Zhang She, you will go first.”


Hearing this, Wen Ye slightly furrowed his brows and suggested, “Teacher, let me go first.”


The first match often significantly impacted the team’s morale. Since they were facing Silver Star and didn’t know their opponent’s lineup yet, he felt that as the captain, it was necessary for him to lead the team to ensure a better outcome.


However, Jihan shook his head, “No, if you go first, who will be the anchor?”


“As long as I can secure as many victories as possible, it doesn’t matter who the anchor is,” Wen Ye replied calmly, his tone exuding a sense of extreme arrogance.


Though his words sounded calm, they carried an overwhelming arrogance.


Hearing his words, Jihan fell silent for a moment but finally agreed, “Alright, you’ll go first then.”


Lu Jingning, who was listening nearby, couldn’t help but glance at Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen sensed his gaze, lowered his eyes, and lightly hooked the corner of his mouth, “Why are you staring at me? Am I that good looking?”


Lu Jingning sighed, “I was thinking, you and the captain are indeed real brothers. Just a few words, and both of you have that annoying vibe.”


Wen Xingchen wanted to smile but held it back, “Thanks for the compliment.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


How did you hear that as a compliment???


After the starting lineup was determined, the Imperial Navy team headed to the rest area to prepare for the match. The remaining players for subsequent matches would be adjusted according to the situation.


Half an hour later, the first match of the military academy exchange competition finally began.


To avoid casualties, the matches were conducted using virtual battle technology. The players from Imperial Navy and Silver Star entered their respective virtual cabins under the guidance of the staff.


Once the virtual simulation started, after a moment, the holographic images were projected onto the center of the arena, appearing incredibly lifelike. This battle simulation technology could fully reproduce all the real battle effects, including pheromone interactions, making it almost indistinguishable from actual combat. It was currently the most sophisticated combat application system in the entire interstellar community.


The members of Imperial Navy turned their attention to the field.


As they saw the lineup of Silver Star University, Jihan furrowed his brow slightly, “I haven’t seen this person from Silver Star before.”


Cen Junfeng looked optimistic, “A newcomer? He’ll probably be crushed by the captain.”


Bing Yunlin turned back to look at Silver Star’s rest area and happened to meet Tang Jiaze’s smiling eyes. Under a vague bad feeling, he couldn’t muster his usual smile, “I hope so.”


As the match started, all eyes were drawn to the field. However, the expectation of a competitive match was quickly shattered by the completely one-sided situation.


Wasn’t Silver Star supposed to be strong? Why were they suppressed from the very beginning?


It was evident that Silver Star’s team members were no match for Wen Ye. Throughout the entire match, aside from intense pheromone clashes, they were constantly on the defensive, with hardly any counterattacks.


They were resilient, but the situation continued until the end, with no surprises or excitement.


Imperial Navy easily secured victory in the first match.


Cen Junfeng couldn’t help but smile, “See? The captain won, just as I said!”


With their first victory, the team’s morale soared.


However, what surprised them was that the atmosphere in Silver Star’s rest area wasn’t at all low. Instead, it was filled with a cheerful ambiance.


Lu Jingning didn’t join in the celebration but exchanged a glance with Wen Xingchen in silence.


They won, but it took them a rather long half-hour.


Wen Xingchen waited for Wen Ye to return and handed him a bottle of water. Wen Ye drank a few sips, wiped the sweat off his face with a towel, and his chest heaved with some heaviness.


Wen Xingchen watched him and furrowed his brows slightly.


He rarely saw Wen Ye like this, and this level of physical exhaustion seemed worrisome in these rules.



After Silver Star’s first loss, according to the rules, they needed to send their second player to continue the match against Heavy Cloud Defense University from Group C.


At this moment, an unexpected figure slowly stood up from Silver Star’s rest area.


Tang Jiaze.


According to the usual order, a player of his caliber should have been in the starting lineup or the anchor position, and it seemed rather unusual for him to go second. However, no matter how you looked at it, it didn’t fit the usual pattern.


As Tang Jiaze passed by Imperial Navy’s rest area, he suddenly stopped in front of Wen Ye. Looking at his fatigued appearance, he smiled insincerely, “Wen Ye, do you like the newcomer we specially prepared for you? We put a lot of thought into it just to make sure you enjoy this exchange competition.”


His words caused a momentary silence among the surrounding people.


However, Tang Jiaze seemed not to sense the clear hostility and casually waved his hand, “Well, I’ll go now. Looking forward to meeting you on the battlefield in the second round.”


With that, he turned and headed towards the combat zone.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but find his figure annoying, and his expression seemed a bit profound. He spoke with a cool tone, “Oh, it looks like he’s trying to play some tricks.”


Wen Xingchen didn’t say anything, but from his expression, he didn’t seem to be in a good mood either.


After Tang Jiaze’s provocation, they finally understood where that sense of unease had come from earlier.


Silver Star had undoubtedly made targeted arrangements for their lineup.


In the first round, they used the special physique of the newcomer to exhaust Wen Ye’s stamina to the maximum. If they managed to win against Grand War University from Group D in the second round, they would then have to face Tang Jiaze, the formidable opponent.


Although Tang Jiaze’s personality was extremely unpleasant, they had to admit that he was indeed very powerful. Unless he lost to Heavy Cloud Defense University in the first round, otherwise, given Wen Ye’s current state, facing Tang Jiaze would undoubtedly lead to a tough battle.


If Wen Ye lost in the second round, then the situation for Imperial Navy would become incredibly difficult.


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Chapter 40 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 40


The joint exchange competition at the military academy is divided into three parts. Following the usual procedure, the first day of the competition consists of practical combat, followed by mecha warfare and team confrontation. Finally, the ranking is determined based on the total points earned by each school.


On the evening they arrived at Heavy Cloud Defense University, Jihan took everyone out for dinner, claiming it was to relax before the competition, but it was also a final mobilization.


Everyone’s spirits were high, especially after the provocation they received from the students of Silver Star Interstellar University during the day; they were eager to defeat them.


Although Lu Jingning was not on the predetermined list for the practical combat, he was itching to participate. He could only pat Cen Junfeng on the shoulder and instruct him, “Cen Junfeng, make sure to smash the heads of those Silver Star guys when you’re in the arena, no mercy!”


Cen Junfeng, unfamiliar with being so close to an Omega, awkwardly freed himself from Lu Jingning’s arm and said with a hint of frustration, “You don’t need to tell me. I know!”


Lu Jingning was dissatisfied with his attitude. “Hey, why are you acting like a sissy? What are you afraid of, scared I’ll eat you?”


Cen Junfeng almost spat out blood. “Can’t you be more reserved about our relationship as an Alpha and Omega? Can’t an Omega like you be more restrained?!”


Lu Jingning immediately knew that Cen Junfeng’s straightforwardness was acting up again. Annoyed, he got even closer, hooking his hand around Cen Junfeng’s neck, almost breathing directly onto his face, and half-jokingly said, “It’s the modern era, what’s the point of being reserved? Are you so shy? Are you afraid I’ll devour you?”


The people around burst into laughter at his words.


Cen Junfeng could feel his heart almost bursting out of his chest. Dazed by the smell of alcohol, he was feeling a bit dizzy. He sought help in a somewhat frightened tone, “Could someone please control him? I think he might be drunk!”


“Who says I’m drunk? I’m perfectly fine!” Lu Jingning, unhappy with his words, was about to teach this straightforward Alpha a lesson in real Alpha and Omega dynamics when he suddenly felt his body being lifted by someone from behind without a sound.


With this unexpected force, he naturally fell back into a wide embrace, and a soft voice came from above, “Stop making a fuss.”


Looking up, he met the deep black eyes of Wen Xingchen. Lu Jingning squinted slightly, realizing a bit too late what was happening, and then he smiled, “Lao Wen, when did you learn shadow clone jutsu? Hey, how come one clone turned into three?”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Bing Yunlin looked over, “He’s definitely drunk. You should take him back to rest.”


Wen Ye reminded, “Tomorrow is the practical combat competition. Lu Jingning doesn’t need to participate, but the rest of you should be careful not to drink too much.”


The others protested, “We didn’t drink that much!”


Knowing Lu Jingning’s drinking habits, it would be a miracle if he didn’t get drunk!


Cen Junfeng watched Lu Jingning and relaxed, unbuttoning a few buttons of his shirt. It was just too hot!


Lu Jingning continued to act up on the way back, halfway through he suddenly reached out and hugged Wen Xingchen’s neck, and his hot breath almost brushed against his skin.


He sniffed gently, sincerely saying, “Wen Xingchen, your scent is really nice.”


Then he added, “Much better than that guy, Cen Junfeng.”


Wen Xingchen coldly smiled, “I thought you liked him.”


Lu Jingning shook his head almost without hesitation, “He’s just a straight-Alpha cancer with an ass for a brain. Liking him is impossible, completely impossible. Not beating him is already me being considerate.”


Wen Xingchen stared at the face in front of him for a moment, his mocking gaze softened slightly.


Fortunately, the scent of information hormones was still stable this time, and although Lu Jingning was drunk, the masking effect prevented it from spilling out uncontrollably like last time.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze stayed on Lu Jingning’s face for a while before he reached out and pulled him back into position, firmly holding him down, “Walk properly, don’t move around.”


Lu Jingning was about to rub against Wen Xingchen when he heard his displeased tone and reluctantly murmured, feeling the warmth coming through their clothes, “Fine, fine, I won’t move.”


The faint scent of mint smoke lingered in the air, making him comfortable, and he just wanted to sleep well.


The rest area’s rooms were arranged for two people, but because Lu Jingning was the only Omega on the team, they made an exception and gave him a separate room.


Wen Xingchen assisted Lu Jingning into the room and unceremoniously threw him onto the bed.


Lu Jingning let out a soft hum but showed no response, naturally turning over and hugging the sheets tightly to his chest.


In this position, it seemed as if he wanted to bury himself entirely inside.


Wen Xingchen stood silently at the bedside for a moment before walking over and lightly patting Lu Jingning’s back, “Don’t sleep yet, take a shower first.”


Lu Jingning’s muffled voice came from inside the sheets, “Don’t wanna, sleep, stop bothering me.”


“…” Wen Xingchen paused for a moment, then lifted the covers without ceremony, “Wash up before you sleep. Do you plan to go to the competition venue tomorrow reeking of alcohol?”


Lu Jingning, blinded by the sudden brightness, covered his face with his hand, showing that he had no intention of dealing with the situation, “Go away!”


Wen Xingchen, noticing the lingering scent of another Alpha on Lu Jingning, could not help but feel a bit annoyed. Although the scent was very faint, with his acute senses, he could still clearly perceive the smell of Cen Junfeng.


Perhaps due to the temporary bonding mark, even such casual contact still made him feel like his territory was being invaded. Claiming to wash away the smell of alcohol was just an excuse; it was this other Alpha’s scent that truly bothered him.


Without saying anything, Wen Xingchen reached out and pulled Lu Jingning up from the bed, half-smiling, half-sarcastic, “If you really don’t want to move, I have a suggestion.”


Lu Jingning subconsciously grabbed his hand and gently rubbed it twice before blurting out in a daze, “Hmm? Tell me.”


Wen Xingchen paused for a moment, then leaned in slightly, smiling faintly, “How about I help you wash up?” 


Lu Jingning: “…”


He fell silent for a moment, then nodded happily, “Okay, you wash me up!” 


Wen Xingchen: “…”


After that, he lifted Lu Jingning and carried him into the bathroom.


Opening the glass door of the shower room, Wen Xingchen promptly placed Lu Jingning on the floor and turned on the showerhead. As the warm water cascaded down from above, he turned around and walked out.


A calm voice came through from behind the bathroom door, “I can only help you up to this point. From here on, you’re on your own.”


Lu Jingning was suddenly drenched by the water, dispersing a good deal of the hazy drunkenness. Despite feeling a bit dazed, he realized that in this situation, he had no choice but to wash up; he even considered storming out to find someone to fight with. 


“Darn it, what kind of lousy room service is this? Absolutely terrible!”



The next day, Lu Jingning arrived at the competition venue almost with a face full of dissatisfaction. His expression turned even worse when he saw Wen Xingchen. He walked past without even acknowledging him or saying hello.


Wen Ye noticed the difference in their attitudes and couldn’t help glancing at Wen Xingchen, who appeared unfazed. He asked, “Did you have a fight?”


In his mind, after what happened on the mothership, he considered Lu Jingning half a part of the Wen family. With this understanding of his younger brother, he rarely paid much attention to these things.


Wen Xingchen replied calmly, “Nothing much, the kid is just in a bad mood.”


Wen Ye glanced at Lu Jingning’s expression and thought, “Looks like he’s really angry.”


After confirming that everyone had gathered, Jihan led the exchange team into the Heavy Cloud Sports Arena, where today’s event was the practical combat, which was still a team competition in strict terms.


According to the rules, each school could select three participants. The draw would decide the order of matches, with A facing B, B facing C, C facing D, and D facing A, proceeding with two-on-two battles. The winners would keep their spots and wait for the next round, while the losers would be directly eliminated. Each victory would earn one point, and a school whose three participants were all eliminated would be knocked out. The practical combat competition would only officially end after the final round determined the ultimate winner.


Under such rules, both individual strength and team composition were severe tests, and luck in the draw significantly influenced the final result. As a result, all schools attached tremendous importance to this aspect.


As per the initial discussion, the most favorable position was to be the last to participate in Group D. If lucky, they could preserve their strength better in this round-robin format.


After the two commentators on the platform finished explaining the specific rules, the much-awaited draw was about to begin.


Normally, the team captains would participate in this process, but Wen Ye proposed, “Let someone else do it.”


Seeing that Wen Ye was not going up, and considering the importance of the matter, no one volunteered right away.


Finally, Cen Junfeng spoke up first, “How about we let Lu Jingning do it?”


This suggestion was met with approval from others, thinking it was a good idea.


However, today, Lu Jingning, who usually loved attention, seemed disinterested. He nonchalantly said, “Not interested, I won’t go. Let whoever wants to go, go.”


Cen Junfeng looked at him strangely, “Didn’t you say you wanted to be the most dazzling Omega on the field? Why don’t you want to go now? Tell me honestly, are you doing this on purpose against me?”


Lu Jingning retorted, “Rest assured, you’re not important enough to be the target of my actions. But if you insist on thinking that way, I don’t mind.”


Cen Junfeng was so exasperated that his nose twitched, “You’re definitely doing this to oppose me!”


Bing Yunlin looked at their dispute and smiled as he turned to Wen Xingchen, “Don’t you have anything to say?”


Wen Xingchen initially had no intention of participating but, under Bing Yunlin’s gaze, he spoke calmly, “The draw ceremony is often the time to boost morale. As a crucial member of our exchange team, it would be regrettable not to let everyone admire the grand appearance of an amazing Omega at this moment. Don’t you think so?”


Originally determined, Lu Jingning suddenly turned around and glanced at him, “Are you serious?”


Cen Junfeng: “…”


Is that even a question? No matter how you interpret those words, they sound like a joke!


Yet, Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, “From the bottom of my heart.”


Lu Jingning was lightly flattered by his flattery, and some of the dissatisfaction from being randomly drenched the night before dissipated.


After some thought, he nodded in agreement, “You make a lot of sense. I suddenly feel that only I can shoulder this heavy responsibility!”


Cen Junfeng: “…”


He never imagined that this bullshit method would work. He had gained some knowledge today!


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