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Chapter 9 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 9




At the beginning of August, Li Chou saw Song Zexu again on TV. The Song Zexu that appeared on the new drama launch conference was much better than the one who was stuck in the apartment every day.


Yes, he seems to be born to be on the big screens, shining brightly in front of the cameras.


His complexion looked much better, but Li Chou noticed that he would subconsciously try to avoid flashes while he was being photographed. Li Chou thought that it probably still hurt and that it was too early for him to return to work. What should he do if something were to happen to his eyes? He regrets that he didn’t let Song Zexu get his eyes fixed earlier, but this was not something for him to decide.


He can’t help it either.


Lin Xiaomin took the time to go back to Yunzhen at the end of the month. She and that teacher have registered for marriage. The girl who used to be hot and passionate was now gentle. When she came to see Li Chou, she was wearing a white canvas dress and Li Chou almost didn’t recognize her.


Lin Xiaomin walked into the shop with a bouquet of dried flowers at the entrance of the flower shop and asked, “Boss, how much is this?”


Li Chou subconsciously raised his head to look at the bouquet of flowers. He was stunned for a moment when he saw Lin Xiaomin holding the flowers after quoting the price. 


Laughing, he said, “I’ll give it to you for free.”


“Yo, that’s great.” Lin Xiaomin smiled.


“What else?” Li Chou helped her wrap the bouquet of dried flowers with star lights, “Long time no see. Why did you suddenly want to come back?”


“I came back to tell you.” Lin Xiaomin approached Li Chou and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to be a mother soon.”


Li Chou froze in place at first. His heart then jumped out of his body. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth and looked at Lin Xiaomin’s lower abdomen.


There is already a little life in it.


“Can I touch it?” Li Chou looked at Lin Xiaomin and asked cautiously.


“Okay, you will be their godfather in the future.” Lin Xiaomin said.


“I can’t be a godfather. I’m so ugly, I’ll scare them away.” Li Chou squatted down and gently touched Lin Xiaomin’s stomach. 


There was something really moving. What a wonderful feeling.


“You always say such self-deprecating words every day. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful. My child will not despise you. He will like you very much.” Lin Xiaomin said.


“Then… I hope so too.” Li Chou moved his lips.


It’s a pity. No one expected Li Chou’s time to be so short that he didn’t even have time to see this child.


During the National Day in October, many tourists came to Yunzhen. The tourism sector of Yunzhen is developing very well. Sunset Sea was reopened in September.


More patrolmen were added at night, and they were always paying attention to avoid any accidents from happening.


On the 4th night, the son of the Lin family was supposed to be on patrol, but he drank with his friends at noon. He lay down at home and fell asleep. His mother thought he wouldn’t be able to patrol so she changed the shift for Li Chou, who was supposed to be on patrol on the 5th.


Li Chou had to get up early to go to Song Zexu’s fan meeting the next day. He managed to get the tickets, so he didn’t want to change shifts at first. However, he was too embarrassed to say no to the old man, so he bit the tongue and agreed.


After Song Zexu left, Li Chou seldom wrote diaries about Song Zexu. Perhaps because he was going to see Song Zexu the next day, Li Chou worked hard and brought the diary to the patrol room.


It was the third month after Song Zexu left and Li Chou started writing again.


[Tuesday, October 4, 20xx, overcast]


[I’m going to Song Zexu’s fan meeting tomorrow. I almost did not get a ticket, fortunately my friend Lin Xiaomin managed to get one. Her relatives are so amazing,


Thinking about it, I’m still a little excited. I don’t know if Song Zexu still remembers me. That letter… I don’t know if he ever saw it? Even if he saw it should, he wouldn’t care, right? There are so many people who like him, how could he notice me who is ugly?


Song Zexu seems to be a little thinner. I saw his interview yesterday and his face was a lot smaller. He must not be eating well. When he was at home, he never ate much too, so the company should treat him better. It’s not good to be too thin and he won’t be able to keep up with his nutritional needs.]


At this point, Li Chou stopped writing. The sea tonight seems to be a bit frighteningly angry. The waves were getting higher and higher and they were roaring. Li Chou looked out of the window and found nothing unusual, so he lowered his head and continued writing.


[In fact, I really want Song Zexu to come to Yunzhen again to see the setting sun under the afterglow of it all as the golden sea is rippling, or to sit in Grandpa’s fishing boat and go to have fun in the deep sea, but let’s forget it. He won’t come and he will definitely hate my face when he sees my appearance.


I can only imagine a little…]


Before the diary was finished, Li Chou suddenly heard a cry for help outside. He immediately put down his pen, stood up and walked out of the patrol room. There was a man on the beach.

A woman was running and she was at a loss. When she saw Li Chou, she ran over with tears in her eyes and said to Li Chou, “Please, save my daughter. She seems to have been swept into the sea. I just saw her coat float away at sea.”


Hearing this, Li Chou’s expression became serious. The night was too dark and the chances for  a child who’s fallen into the sea at rising tide was now very good. But if the girl has just been swept away, maybe she hasn’t drifted away, so as long as he swims fast and is lucky, maybe he’ll be able to save her.


Li Chou quickly took protective measures for himself. While doing this, he said to the woman that he will go to the sea to find her first and told her to go to the wall of the patrol room and dial the emergency number above now.


After saying that, Li Chou walked towards the beach. He had to find the little girl quickly or he would really lose her.


“Hurry up, don’t be stunned.” Li Chou looked at the woman who was already a little scared, “Don’t worry too much, I will definitely rescue your daughter.”


“Thank you.” The woman cried and ran to the patrol room.


It was the first time Li Chou swam into the sea at night. The sea water was cold at night, but it was okay in Yunzhen, which was like summer all year round. The sea water was turbulent and

he couldn’t see clearly at night. Li Chou swam nearly 100 meters and didn’t find a trace of the little girl. Seeing that the moonlight was about to be hidden under the clouds, Li Chou felt a little desperate in his heart. He felt that he might really not find the little girl.


The woman hurried into the rescue room, but just after pressing the phone number, she heard her daughter calling her. She looked out the window and saw her daughter standing behind the reef.


She hurried out to hug her daughter and scolded her: “Where did you go, child? I thought you fell into the sea.”


“I accidentally threw the coat mummy bought into the sea. I was afraid that mummy would scold me so I didn’t dare to say it, but I couldn’t find my mother just now so I was scared.”The little girl said pitifully.


“You are mad at mom? Do you know how worried mom was just now?” After the woman finished speaking, she suddenly remembered that she had sent a patrolman to go looking for her daughter.


She looked into the sea. The tide was so strong now, could the patrolman come back? What if he dies, the woman feels a little scared and ran into the patrol room and dialed for the emergency services.


Li Chou felt that he couldn’t exert all his strength. He didn’t know how long he had been swimming and he didn’t know where he had swam to. He was gradually panting hard. The soles of his feet were as heavy as lead and the sea water was pouring into his mouth. Li Chou struggled to open his eyes and the moon seemed to be gone.


He suddenly wondered if he would never see Song Zexu again. He seemed a little regretful. He finally bought a ticket, but he couldn’t go.


He won’t be able to see Lin Xiaomin’s baby anymore. She is due four months later, so he won’t be able to hear her call him her godfather. As for the little girl in the sea, he didn’t manage to save her. If the little girl is alone at the sea, how scared she must be.


However, he was also tired and he couldn’t swim anymore.


Li Chou closed his eyes slowly, letting his body sink into the cold seabed.


Then he died in the sea he loved most.


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Chapter 28 – Replica

Chapter 28: The Shadow Speaks


This winter seemed colder than previous ones, even though Tan Xilu was dressed warmly. As he walked through the school corridor, he still felt a chill in his limbs. He rubbed his arms and entered the classroom sluggishly.


Recently, Tan Xilu’s open classes had been very successful. He was handsome, his teaching logic was clear, and he spoke gently. Some students recorded his classes and shared them online, which gained quite a bit of attention. Today, the usually empty classroom was unusually crowded.


It was the first time since he started teaching that Tan Xilu had so many students attending his class. He looked at them in slight surprise and finally chuckled, asking, “So many people today?”


A girl sitting in the front row replied first, “Because it’s Teacher Tan’s class, who could refuse Teacher Tan?”


Tan Xilu looked at the unfamiliar girl seriously and asked, “I don’t think I’ve seen you before, have I?”


Another girl next to her eagerly chimed in, “Because she likes you, Teacher Tan. Do you have a girlfriend?”


Tan Xilu was momentarily taken aback, then he realized and looked at the girl, saying, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”


The girl’s eyes brightened, but before she could say anything more, Tan Xilu continued, “But I do have a boyfriend.”


The girl looked a bit disappointed, said, “Ah,” and fell silent.


“All right, let’s not waste time discussing my personal life in the classroom. Let’s focus on the lesson,” Tan Xilu said, opening his textbook and beginning the class.


Perhaps because the classroom was full today, everyone was more active in participating. Although many students were unfamiliar faces, possibly friends from other departments, they were all attentive. Tan Xilu occasionally asked questions, and they responded well. He was quite satisfied with the class.


At the end of the class, he assigned a small assignment for everyone to write a summary of the lecture for the next class.


Tan Xilu paid attention to feedback from his students, as he believed that not every teaching method suited every student. He would adjust his teaching methods based on the students’ summaries. As a result, he consistently received excellent evaluations from his students.


After class, as usual, Tan Xilu slowly packed his belongings at the front of the classroom. He usually stayed in the classroom for five to ten minutes after class to answer any questions students might have. However, no students approached him today, which suggested that everyone had understood the lecture well. He picked up his laptop bag and started to leave. Just as he reached the classroom door, someone called out to him.


Tan Xilu stopped and turned around to see the girl who had expressed her liking for him before class.


“What’s up? Did you have trouble understanding the class?” Tan Xilu asked.


The girl shook her head, looked at Tan Xilu with a puzzled expression, and after a few seconds, she spoke, “Teacher Tan, is your boyfriend the pastry chef named Li from ‘West Essence’ Dessert Shop?”


Tan Xilu was taken aback, guessing that she meant Li Zhao. He replied, “No, why would you ask that?”


The girl seemed surprised, “Isn’t it?”


She picked up her phone, found the video she had saved, and showed it to Tan Xilu. “This was constantly being shared on my social media, and everyone said you were dating that pastry chef.”


Tan Xilu watched the video, unsure if the person who recorded it was trying to make fun of him or genuinely believed he was dating Li Zhao. The video had filters and effects that made it look romantic, and if he hadn’t known better, he might have thought the same. Tan Xilu shook his head and replied, “We’re just friends, not dating.”


“Really?” The girl looked disappointed and said, “But please don’t date him. My friend met him at a party yesterday, and he shamelessly asked her out. I used to have a good impression of him, but now I think he’s really cheap. You mustn’t date him.”


The girl emphasized her point by saying “mustn’t” twice.


Tan Xilu couldn’t help but smile wryly and said, “Don’t worry, my boyfriend isn’t him.”


Suddenly, Tan Xilu remembered this morning when he woke up, and Xu Huaiming was standing with his back to him, holding his clothes. Tan Xilu lazily reached out and pulled Xu Huaiming’s shirt. Xu Huaiming turned around and looked at him. He leaned down slightly, touched Tan Xilu’s face, and there was a faint scent of lemon on him, which Tan Xilu had recently come to love. For this reason, Xu Huaiming had replaced most of their home items with this scent.


Xu Huaiming asked, “What’s wrong?”


Tan Xilu raised his lips and said, “Nothing.”


He grabbed Xu Huaiming’s tie, pulled him closer, and then hugged him around the neck and kissed him.


Tan Xilu said, “Xu Huaiming, I love you.”


Xu Huaiming looked at him, smiled, and nodded, saying, “I love you too.”


His boyfriend was perfect, he loved him deeply, so how could he be Li Zhao? His boyfriend’s name was Xu Huaiming, unique and deeply in love with him.


Suddenly, Tan Xilu remembered something else and asked the girl, “You mentioned that many people shared this video. How many people, approximately? Does everyone in the school know about it?”


The girl replied truthfully, “Not everyone. The video was sent to Tan Sinzhe at that time, and he asked everyone to delete it…”


The girl suddenly realized she had said too much and quickly explained, “I wanted to confirm with you if this was really your boyfriend, so I didn’t delete it. Now that I’m sure, I’ll delete it right away.” She pressed the delete button.


Tan Xilu didn’t mind this too much, but he wondered if the video had reached Xu Huaiming. Although they had talked it out the night before, it was still not good to have a controversial video like that circulating, and he blamed himself for his indulgence. He didn’t even know who had recorded it, and it had spread so wildly within the school. Fortunately, Tan Sinzhe knew about his relationship with Xu Huaiming and had asked them to delete the video. Otherwise, they might have been married by now according to the rumors.


Thinking of Tan Sinzhe, Tan Xilu realized that he hadn’t seen the young man in a long time. He wondered how Tan Sinzhe would react to the news of Chi Yexing’s upcoming wedding.


Tan Xilu sighed, hoping that Tan Sinzhe wouldn’t be too upset.


In the evening, Tan Xilu went to the dessert shop as usual. After the New Year’s celebration, business had slowed down a bit. However, because Xu Huaiming was busy with inventory, he couldn’t come to pick Tan Xilu up. Tan Xilu went to the shop alone. When he arrived, there were only a few customers left. Arlene was tidying up, and for some reason, Tan Xilu felt that Arlene


 seemed a bit annoyed with him. Usually, when he came in, she would greet him with a smile and call him Teacher Tan, but today she didn’t even look at him.


Tan Xilu felt puzzled but didn’t dwell on it. Perhaps Arlene had dealt with difficult customers today and didn’t feel like talking. He sat down at the counter, and Xu Huaiming, who had just finished working in the back, hadn’t come out yet. She had prepared a glass of lemon water for Tan Xilu, and it was still slightly warm. Tan Xilu took a sip, enjoying the sweet and sour taste that eased the fatigue of the day.


With some free time on his hands, Tan Xilu picked up his phone and tried calling his mother again, but as expected, the call was still in progress. He also sent her a message asking if she had eaten, but it still showed a red exclamation mark, indicating that the message hadn’t been delivered.


Tan Xilu found his father’s WeChat and asked, “How is Mom doing?”


His father replied after a while, “She hasn’t eaten anything for a day, just staying in her room.”


Tan Xilu sighed. His mother had always had a good temper, but this time, it seemed she was really upset. He thought, “Well, I’ll visit home this weekend and talk to her myself.”


So he sent a message to his father, “Dad, try to comfort Mom and get her to eat something. I’ll be home in a couple of days to see her.”


His father sent a sad emoticon and then asked, “Son, is that guy really the only one for you?”


When his father sent this message, Xu Huaiming had just come out of the back room. He must have had an accident with one of the packaging bags, as he had white powder on his clothes and cocoa powder on his face. He looked comical, and although he had originally looked a bit unhappy, he immediately put on a smile when he saw Tan Xilu. “Alu, you’re here!”


Xu Huaiming’s smile was pure, filled with joy. Even from a distance, Tan Xilu could see that his eyes were filled with him.


When Tan Xilu was a child, he had raised a little cat named Ah Miao. It had round, shiny eyes and was a stray cat he had picked up. It was very well-behaved. When it saw Tan Xilu holding a little fish snack, its eyes would widen with excitement. It would lick Tan Xilu’s palm first, and at that moment, he would pet Ah Miao’s head. It was as if Ah Miao sought his approval before finally eating the fish snack.


Once, Tan Xilu had a high fever, lying in bed, seemingly on the brink of death. Ah Miao thought he was going to die and snuggled in his arms. It extended its tongue and licked Tan Xilu’s face, as if begging him not to leave.


Two days later, when Tan Xilu’s fever broke, he was full of energy again. Ah Miao jumped onto him and looked at him, meowing. Tan Xilu could see his own face reflected in Ah Miao’s black pupils.


Tan Xilu felt that Xu Huaiming looked at him in the same way as Ah Miao did back then. He was very happy and a little excited.


So Tan Xilu replied, “Hmm, it has to be him.”


Unfortunately, not long after that, Ah Miao went missing. Tan Xilu thought, “But Xu Huaiming must not leave him.”


He couldn’t bear the pain of losing his loved one again.


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Chapter 27 – Replica

Chapter 27: Nine Thousand Mistakes


When Tan Xilu learned from the police that Xu Huaiming had gone missing, his whole being went blank. He stood in the police station, enveloped in an unreal, ethereal sensation.


He couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of the word “missing.” What did it mean? How could someone go missing?


Seeing that Tan Xilu’s reaction was off, the police officer poured him a cup of hot water and comforted him, saying, “Mr. Tan, don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a temporary disappearance. We’ve been actively searching, so you don’t need to worry too much.”


Tan Xilu held the cup of scalding hot water, his palm burning from the heat, but he seemed numb to everything. He moved his lips, struggling to focus his pupils, and asked the police, “Did he go missing because the truck overturned and fell off a cliff?”


Before the police could respond, he asked again, “Have you searched every place? How could someone go missing? As long as he’s in the car, he must be there, right? It’s just because you didn’t search properly. I’ll go look, and I’m sure I can find him.” With that, Tan Xilu set down the cup and tried to rush out.


The police officer, seeing his overly emotional state, quickly restrained him, saying, “Mr. Tan, please calm down. The rescue team is actively searching. It rained heavily last night, and the road is slippery in that area. Even if you go, it won’t be easy to find him. If we have any news, we’ll definitely notify you.”


Upon hearing this, Tan Xilu, who had been so agitated a moment ago, suddenly covered his face and crouched down. His shoulders trembled, and tears the size of beans streamed down from his eyes, falling to the floor one by one. His sobbing was quiet but conveyed profound sadness.


Tan Xilu had come to the police station as a friend. Not far from where the truck had overturned, a broken phone was found with Tan Xilu’s contact information on the back of the phone case. When the police asked about the relationship between Tan Xilu and the owner of the phone, Tan Xilu, still in a fit of pique, said they were just friends. However, when he heard about the truck overturning and the owner going missing, he was stunned.


At that moment, same-sex marriage was not yet legal, and although being gay didn’t make one a pariah, it was far from socially acceptable. To avoid unnecessary trouble, Tan Xilu had not admitted to their relationship when questioned by the police.


But even a blind person could see that the tearful Tan Xilu and the missing Xu Huaiming had a relationship that was far from ordinary.


In fact, just the day before, Xu Huaiming had sent a message to Tan Xilu, saying that he was going with the elderly man from the neighboring fruit shop to the neighboring city for some shopping. He promised to make a new cake for Tan Xilu when he returned. Tan Xilu was easy to please. Even after their prolonged cold war, he couldn’t resist the allure of good food. Moreover, Xu Huaiming had made the first move to reconcile. However, Tan Xilu, feeling a bit proud, hadn’t replied to Xu Huaiming’s message, planning to make up when they met later. But he hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t get that chance.


Tan Xilu’s emotional breakdown continued until his mother came to the police station to pick him up. She apologized to the police for the trouble.


The police waved it off, saying, “We understand, Mr. Tan. As soon as we have any news about Mr. Xu, we will notify you.”


Tan Xilu, in a dazed state, was led out of the police station by his mother. On the way home, they encountered a traffic light intersection. She stopped the car, looked at Tan Xilu in the rearview mirror, and called out to him, “Xiaolu.”


She called his name three or four times, but Tan Xilu didn’t respond. He seemed lost in thought.


His mother sighed. She knew that this incident had hit Tan Xilu hard. Tan Xilu hadn’t had much experience in love, and this was his first major setback. She would have preferred it if Xu Huaiming had been a heartless scoundrel who played with his feelings, rather than the sudden disappearance that left Tan Xilu bewildered.


His mother had never been fond of Xu Huaiming. She had seen many types of relationships in her profession as a teacher, and she knew that meeting the parents was a serious matter. When parents agreed to meet someone, it meant they saw that person as a potential family member. But Xu Huaiming had repeatedly evaded it. Why wouldn’t he meet the parents? She couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he had no intention of staying with her son.


Because of this, his mother had become less enthusiastic about the relationship, and she had stopped mentioning Xu Huaiming. But to be honest, Tan Xilu had changed after starting his relationship. Sometimes, he would post pictures of delicious food on social media. She couldn’t remember the last time she had seen him cook. Whenever she came home, she noticed that he had gained some weight and looked well-fed. She had come to terms with it and thought that if Xu Huaiming was willing to be in a good relationship with Tan Xilu, it was fine. Even if they broke up in the end, she could introduce him to someone else. Love was supposed to go through ups and downs.


But now, they were facing more than just ups and downs.


Tan Xilu’s emotional breakdown persisted until he finally told his parents that he wanted to live a better life.


And he did exactly that. He quickly obtained various qualifications and began working at a pace that surprised his mother. His mother was always afraid that he had been through something traumatic again. But when he first accepted her suggestion to go on a blind date, she realized that he had finally come to his senses and was ready to move on.


He was truly prepared to continue living.


She thought things were gradually getting better. Despite meeting so many men, Tan Xilu didn’t find anyone he liked, but that was okay. There was plenty of time, and you couldn’t just settle with anyone for the rest of your life. However, now Tan Xilu said that Xu Huaiming, who had been missing for so long, had returned, and they had reconciled.


His mother couldn’t possibly agree to that. She didn’t want this man who had disrupted their family to come and disturb their lives again.


So, before Tan Xilu could explain, she hung up the phone decisively to show her stance.


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Chapter 42 – The Office Is Also a Good Place

       Xu Ye had been busy all weekend. He had been working with the company and project department staff to prepare relevant information for the upcoming development project in Donglin. After the cooperation between Xu Ting and Song Wanhua broke down, the two parties went their separate ways and produced their own design plans. The Golden Eagle Group’s stance remained ambiguous, as they had recently reviewed Song Wannian’s proposal and sent an official letter to arrange a meeting with the White Crane Group.

       Xu Ye was always diligent in his work and kept his personal and professional life separate. Although he had a close relationship with Chu Yu, he never considered taking advantage of it. He carefully planned and prepared negotiation materials, maintaining a strictly business-like attitude. Chu Yu appreciated this about him and was looking forward to his proposal, allowing Xu Ye to do what he wanted.

       However, when Xu Ye finally sat down at the negotiation table, he couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous. His gaze met Chu Yu’s, who was sitting across from him. He persisted for a few seconds before losing the battle and avoiding him as if running away.

       This wouldn’t do.

       Xu Ye took a sip of tea to calm his nerves and took a few deep breaths. When he looked up again, he appeared much more composed. The White Crane Group’s design was completely based on Xu Ye’s vision, and every detail was discussed in detail with the design unit. This was his first time planning a resort. Although he was not completely sure that he could impress the other party, he had given it his all.

       In the 35th floor conference room of Golden Eagle Group Headquarters, sunlight poured in through the parallel gaps in the blinds. Xu Ye sat at the table and spoke confidently, appearing calm and collected. He wore a dark suit, and his every gesture reflected his good personal manners. His young and clean-cut face displayed a serious expression, unknowingly capturing the attention of everyone in the room.

       “…The above represents our entire concept for the Donglin Resort project. There may be some immature aspects, and if it doesn’t meet your requirements, we are open to further modifications.” Xu Ye made every effort to appear more professional and composed.

       Golden Eagle’s project specialist asked some questions, and Xu Ye answered them swiftly, clearly well-prepared. Chu Yu said leisurely, “As it stands, your plan is more appealing than Wanhua’s, but the investment required is also substantial. How does White Crane Group plan to secure the necessary funding?”

       “We have partnerships with several banks that are willing to provide loans for this project. Additionally, we have reliable partners on board.”

       “You should understand that if this project fails to make a profit, it will significantly impact White Crane Group.”

       “Yes, that’s why I’m going to make it work,” Xu Ye replied, looking at the other person directly with his black and bright eyes.

       “Your sincerity is commendable.” The man smiled lightly, “But purely in terms of income, the land price offered by Wanhua is five percentage points higher than yours.”

       Xu Ye’s eyebrows skipped a beat, and he pursed his lips and said, “With Golden Eagle’s financial resources, five percentage points are a drop in the ocean. Your company has held onto this land for many years without development; it must not be for money. The location of this land is exceptional, and only a good project can optimize its use. So, I believe haggling over the land price isn’t very meaningful.”

       A hint of amusement flickered in Chu Yu’s eyes, “So, you are not willing to increase the offer?”

       Xu Ye hadn’t expected him to be so persistent and replied, somewhat reluctantly, “On this point, we can discuss it later.”

       “It’s getting late.” Second Young Master Chu glanced at the clock on the wall and ordered, “David, take everyone from White Crane Group to lunch first. We can discuss the specific details later.”

       Xu Ye was just about to stand up when he heard the other party’s invitation, “Mr. Xu, I have some good project plans in my office. Do you want to take a look?”

       Of course he couldn’t refuse Chu Yu’s invitation. So, Xu Ye obediently followed the man into the office on the 40th floor of the building.

       This was his first time coming to the place where Chu Yu works. The entire office was twice the size of his. The white sofa in the reception area was soft, the floor-to-ceiling plants on the side were lush, and various tropical fish of different colours were in the wall-mounted fish tank. Golden Eagle’s headquarters building was located in the prime downtown area, and the bustling city could be seen outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. Looking down from a high place, all living beings seemed as tiny as dust particles.

       “What do you think?” The man asked, standing next to him.

       “It’s a great view.” He looked at the traffic flow below and felt the gaze beside him. He raised his face and met Chu Yu’s ink-coloured eyes. It was like a sea with scattered twinkling stars, deep and vast.

       “Do you know why I asked you to come up?” The man reached out and raised his chin.

       Xu Ye shook his head.

       “Give you a chance to convince me.” Chu Yu’s lips came up and gently crushed his. When Xu Ye opened his mouth to respond, the man invaded inch by inch, entangled the shy soft tongue, and used his breath to mark the other person’s lips and teeth as his territory. Such a deep kiss easily disturbed Xu Ye’s breath. He put his arms around the man’s waist and allowed the other man to press him against the floor-to-ceiling window and enjoy the taste.

       “Master…” Xu Ye felt like he lacked oxygen, and his head was muddled. There was no strength left in his body, and he was helplessly trapped between the man and the floor-to-ceiling window.

       The man leaned over and licked his earlobe, and his fingers neatly unbuttoned his suit and shirt one by one. When the man caressed the small silver-black ring on his chest, Xu Ye trembled slightly and made a sound like a cat meowing. The wound from the piercing had healed, and the tugging of the nipple ring on the sensitive nipple sent tiny electric shocks of stimulation. With Xu Ye’s messy breathing, the buds on his chest became more and more erect. He didn’t dare to grab the hand that was causing trouble on him, so he only gasped and begged for mercy, “Master… uhm…”

       After the top was completely stripped off, the trousers came, and Chu Yu gently peeled off the fabric wrapped around him like opening a beautifully wrapped gift. The naked Xu Ye pressed his back against the cold floor-to-ceiling window, a small shiver running through his body.

       “Cold?” Chu Yu gazed at him with eyes like a tranquil pool and gave a light chuckle, “I’ll warm you up soon…”

       “Hmm…” Xu Ye was trembling slightly as his desire was gradually aroused. He wanted more, but he tried his best to endure it. He looked a bit pitiful.

       “Convince me to give up the five percent. Now is the time with the highest success rate.” The man’s hand passed across his inner thigh, caressing the genitals between Xu Ye’s legs, and deliberately scratched the delicate and sensitive bell at the top with his nails.

       Xu Ye gasped and begged, “Master… I… I can’t do this…”

       “Think it over. After giving up this chance, I won’t give you another one.” Chu Yu buried his head and left a bright red kiss on the edge of Xu Ye’s collarbone. The movements of his hands did not stop, and he continued to constantly tease the poor little brother between Xu Ye’s legs.

       “Uh-hu…” Xu Ye was on the verge of crying but barely managed to find a trace of reason amidst the steaming passion, and said, “As far as I know…ahn, there is a similar type of land south of K City, the transaction price a month ago was 3 million per acre… Ah—” Chu Yu closed his palms and wrapped Xu Ye’s balls in it. He gently closed it, slowly twisted it and then picked it up again, making Xu Ye gasp. It took him a long time to remember the next sentence, “Donglin’s geographical location is a little bit off… ah… the terrain is also more complicated, and some places are difficult to use… ah, Master—” He couldn’t help but cry out as he felt more and more pleasure, The muscles on the inner thighs also tightened.

       Chu Yu let go of the c0ck to collapse between Xu Ye’s legs, pulled one of his legs up, and let him hook it around his waist. His fingers went deep into the crack of his buttocks, teasing the soft entrance to his back hole. “Keep talking, Mr. Xu, I’m listening.”

       “Hmm…” He couldn’t help but moan at the feeling of his tunnel being stretched by his fingers. “The price we gave is reasonable, ahn… Wanhua deliberately raised the price because they were not confident in the design…” He talked about the most serious business in such a s/utty posture. Xu Ye’s body was completely lost under the man’s dominance, and a hazy mist was forced out of his eyes.

       “You’ve even learned to analyze the enemy’s situation. You’ve made progress.” Chu Yu chuckled, “You almost convinced me.”

       The body ignited by lust was coated with a layer of yellow under the sunlight, like a beautiful treasure, with a touching beauty. His white chest rose and fell, and Xu Ye’s eyes were filled with helplessness as his body was completely softened by all the teasing, “Master…”

       “The only thing left is to let Mr. Xu personally satisfy me.” the man’s voice lowered. The man’s lowered voice had a different kind of sensuality in it. He carried Xu Ye from the window to the spacious desk, then grabbed Xu Ye’s hand and pressed it to his belt, his voice with a bewitching voice, “Undo it.”

       “…You’re using your power for personal gain!” Xu Ye finally came to his senses, his face was red as he protested

       “Mr. Xu, there are many unspoken rules in this business circle. Today, I will personally teach you the simplest of them—to adapt to someone’s preference.” Chu Yu, like a well-behaved big cat, gently licked his Adam’s apple, “It’s a rare opportunity, learn it well.”

       Xu Ye didn’t have a chance to resist, blushing as he reached down to undo the belt and then clumsily unzipped the man’s underwear slightly. The man’s thick c0ck popped out and made him shrink back.

       Chu Yu pressed him on the table. His fingers brought cold liquid into the narrow hole at the back and slowly expanded it. His lips were close to his ear, and he chuckled, “The way you elaborated your plan was very seductive. From the beginning to the end, I just wanted to strip you naked, press you down on the table, and take you hard. Mr. Xu, you have been seducing me all along.”

       “I didn’t… uhn…” The confused and bewildered Xu Ye bloomed like a passionate flower in the hands of the man, shyly unfolding. As for why there ‘happened’ to be lubricant in this office, he no longer had the energy to think about it.

       Chu Yu’s eyes gradually deepened, and the hot and thick c0ck under pressed against the tender hole, grinding and turning until Xu Ye completely relaxed before he straightened up and slowly inserted it.

       “Ah—” Xu Ye tilted his neck back, whimpering as he endured the man’s thrusts, “Master, it’s too deep… ugh…” The tunnel was stretched to the maximum, and he felt as if he was about to be cut through by that c0ck. It was like a blade piercing through, and the pain was mixed with indescribable joy. His legs unconsciously hooked up the man’s strong waist, and he slightly raised his lower body to bring the two of them met closer together.

       Just then, there was a knock on the door.

       Xu Ye was startled and looked at the door in panic. The wall contracted due to tension, tightening the burning desire inside even more. It was like a small mouth sucking the c0ck hard, bringing ultimate pleasure. Chu Yu panted, raised his lips and said in his ear, “What do you think other people’s expressions will be when they see White Crane’s vice president under me with such a s/utty look?”

       Xu Ye grabbed him in panic and shook his head desperately, begging in a low voice, “Master… please…”

       “What are you begging me for, to let him in?” The man thrust while deliberately misinterpreting his meaning. Seeing the man trembling slightly with shame beneath him, with even more force, he mercilessly targeted his sensitive spots.

       “Ahn… don’t let anyone else in, please…” He begged in panic, his eyes wet.

       There was another knock on the door. Xu Ye turned pale and covered his mouth with the back of his hand, trying to hold back the moans that were about to overflow his lips.

       “It’s okay if you don’t want to be seen.” Chu Yu’s eyes were filled with a narrow smile, “Lie on the table, lift your butt up, and twist your waist to match me.”

       Xu Ye bit his lip, stood obediently at the table and leaned down, burying his face in his arms in shame.

       Chu Yu picked up the phone and told his secretary, “I’m in the middle of a conversation now. No one is allowed to disturb me for an hour.” Then he straightened his waist and pushed his c0ck into the secret hole between the snow-white buttocks as if he wanted to squeeze his full flesh into the narrow hole. He used enough force to make Xu Ye whimper. Such ferocious thrusting forced the recipient to soften his body to cooperate. Xu Ye’s legs gradually lost strength and were swaying to the point of collapse. The top of his c0ck kept rubbing against the edge of the table, but the man used his tie to tie the base of his pen-s. The man tightened it tightly, and he couldn’t ejaculate at all; only the front end kept secreting clear mucus.

       “Master, I can’t stand it anymore…Ah—” The wall behind was rubbed until it seemed to be on fire. He couldn’t tell whether it was because of himself or the thick weapon that was burning inside his body. The feeling of wanting to ejaculate but not being able to ejaculate made him finally cry out, “Spare me… Woo… Master…”

       The business elite, who was calm and collected at the negotiation table, was crying and begging under him with his white buttocks tilted up, which ignited all Chu Yu’s desires. The frequency of thrusting continued to increase, and each deliberately squeezed his glands. Xu Ye was trembling all over from being topped, and he couldn’t even speak complete words, and even his cries were intermittent. When he was allowed to ejaculate, he felt the hot liquid filling his body. His mind went blank, and he collapsed on the desk, not even having the strength to get up.

       Chu Yu’s office was connected to a fully functional bathroom, which was convenient for use during long overtime work. The single-person bathtub, which was not too big, accommodated two men at this time, which seemed a bit crowded. Xu Ye, who was gradually recovering, leaned his head on the chest of the man behind him and asked in a low voice, “Can you let go of the five percent?”

       The man chuckled, “Money lover.”

       “If I had such a big industry, I wouldn’t care about the five percent.”

       “Are you beating around the bush and calling me a cheapskate?” Chu Yu rubbed his waist, “It seems like you want more conversation?”

       “Don’t…I was wrong…” Xu Ye escaped from the bathtub on his hands and feet, but the man grabbed his wrist.

       “You can forget about the land payment. Golden Eagle will invest in the resort as part of its fixed assets, with a stake not exceeding fifteen percent. On one hand, it can alleviate your loan pressure; on the other hand, the situation in Donglin is quite complex. Having the Golden Eagle brand there will make your future endeavours much smoother.”

       He was stunned and asked softly, “You have already thought about it, haven’t you?” Chu Yu’s proposal was so detailed and thoughtful that he had no way to refuse.

       “This is a decision I made after reviewing your proposal.” The man looked at him, his dark eyes full of gentle light, “Both of us are businessmen. Today, you’ve demonstrated your professionalism to me, and in the same vein, I’ve given my cooperation proposal after weighing the pros and cons. If you had played the emotional card, I might have been willing to offer more favourable terms because that’s the value I’m willing to pay for this relationship. Since you didn’t, I respect your choice. These conditions are set because I see potential in this project and believe you can excel at it, bringing good returns to my company.”

       “Thank you.” Xu Ye said with a lot of gratitude in his eyes, “I will definitely do my best to make this project a success.”

       Chu Yu smiled, saying, “I look forward to it.”

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Chapter 62 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 62


At a high-end restaurant.


Two individuals sat facing each other beside the spotless french windows, surrounded by the melodious background of a violin, creating a harmonious atmosphere. However, one of them seemed somewhat absent-minded.


The Omega sitting across from Wen Xingchen was named Zhang Ruo. His fair face exuded an exquisite and noble aura, revealing his high upbringing. Noticing the distraction of the person opposite, he put down his cutlery and asked, “Is something bothering you?”


Wen Xingchen brought his thoughts back and replied, “Ah, it’s nothing.”


Zhang Ruo appeared apologetic, “I’m sorry for troubling you to accompany me all these days.”


Wen Xingchen smiled slightly, “It’s okay; after all, I came here of my own volition.”


The Omega sitting in front of him was the young master of the Zhang family, according to Wen Muqiao’s plan. The original idea was to arrange Wen Ye to try and get in touch with Zhang Ruo, essentially acting as a matchmaker. Zhang Ruo seemed quite smitten when he first saw Wen Ye, but unfortunately, Wen Ye was focused on other matters and didn’t show much interest in this overly gentle and submissive Omega. As a result, Wen Xingchen, as Wen Ye’s younger brother, had to take on the role of “entertainer” in his place to convey his brother’s intentions.


Zhang Ruo was a clever person and more or less understood Wen Ye’s intentions. Feeling frustrated, he reluctantly accepted the arrangement. Thus, over the past few days, he spent time with Wen Xingchen in the city without complaining.


Both coming from prominent families, they maintained their dignity on the surface, regardless of whether they were truly satisfied with the situation.


Wen Xingchen never liked getting involved in his family’s complicated affairs, but this time, Wen Ye seemed genuinely troubled. Moreover, seeing Borra City brought to mind the high school mecha exchange meeting that a certain person attended here. Thus, Wen Xingchen reluctantly agreed to help.


Just a while ago, he had sent a few messages to Lu Jingning, but there was no response yet. He didn’t know what Lu Jingning was busy with and decided to wait until tomorrow to find him.


Wen Xingchen raised his wine glass and took a sip, just as he received a message.


[Lu Jingning: Ah Wen-ge, is something wrong? I just fell asleep and saw your message.]


[Wen Xingchen: It’s nothing. You can continue sleeping.]


After quickly replying, Wen Xingchen’s expression softened slightly compared to before. Today was the first day of the exchange meeting, and it was already quite late, so he decided to find Lu Jingning when he had some free time tomorrow.


Zhang Ruo sitting across from him noticed the change in his expression and couldn’t help but ask with a hint of gossip, “What’s the matter? Is it about the Omega you like?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t deny it and smiled, “Hmm.”


Zhang Ruo was somewhat surprised by his straightforward admission, then hesitated and asked, “What about Wen Ye? Does he have someone he likes too?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I’m not sure.”


Zhang Ruo’s eyes brightened slightly, “Does that mean I still have a chance?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t want to hurt this Omega’s feelings too much, so he replied vaguely, “Perhaps…”


However, the chance for Zhang Ruo was indeed quite slim. Wen Xingchen understood Wen Ye well enough to know that Zhang Ruo wasn’t the type he would be interested in.



Lu Jingning slept heavily for a whole night. The next morning, he relied on his extraordinary willpower to reluctantly leave the soft embrace of his bed.


Today was the highlight of the high school mecha exchange meeting. Each participating team would carefully select a newly developed mecha for public demonstration. The demonstration would consist of three aspects: attack, defense, and agility, each tested at different levels in a virtual space.


For the Imperial Navy University, Yan Hebin would be on stage to introduce the mecha’s data, while Lu Jingning would perform the live demonstration.


When they gathered in the hall, You Zeyang’s face showed no sign of what happened last night. However, seeing Lu Jingning’s lackluster state, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows, “Didn’t sleep well last night?”


Lu Jingning yawned, “No, I slept well.”


“…,” You Zeyang fell silent for a moment, then suddenly slapped his back, “You’re going up to pilot the mecha soon, so pull yourself together!”


He didn’t hold back with that slap, and Lu Jingning took a sharp breath, instantly waking up completely. He almost rolled up his sleeves on the spot, “Damn, are you trying to kill me!?”


Satisfied with the effect, You Zeyang grinned, “Now you look energetic.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


You’re crazy!!!



According to the schedule, the Imperial Navy University was placed last on stage, just after Thunder Research University.


As a leading institution in research and development, Thunder Research University was highly anticipated, and its newly developed mecha received tremendous applause as soon as it was showcased.


Clearly, from every angle, this mecha represented the pinnacle of university-class technology.


Listening to Wen Han’s unceasing speech on stage, Lu Jingning lightly nudged An Huo beside him and asked, “Senior, what level of challenge did they say they were prepared for?”


An Huo recalled for a moment, “I think it was the eighth level.”


Lu Jingning nodded, “Then we’ll challenge the ninth level.”


An Huo’s entire eyes widened, “Are you serious?!”


This exhibition has a total of nine levels, using the same standard of mech approval as the military, which means that the existence of the ninth level itself is an absolute proof of strength. And now, it is obvious that Lu Jingning made this decision temporarily to boost the morale of Thunder Research University. Isn’t that just reckless?


Seeing that she seemed skeptical, Lu Jingning pulled Yan Hebin, who was beside him, over, “Yan, the academic prodigy, tell Senior Sister, isn’t your mech much more awesome, cool, and spectacular than this Thunder-whatever thing?”


Yan Hebin never lacked confidence in his own mech, and he nodded in response, “Yes.”


Lu Jingning continued, “Then tell Senior Sister, breaking through the ninth level difficulty is just a piece of cake for your mech, right?”


Yan Hebin hesitated for a moment before answering, not because he was unsure of the mech’s capabilities, but due to some worries about a controlling hand about to enter a heat cycle, “Yes.”


After receiving consecutive affirmations, Lu Jingning was satisfied, “You hear that, Senior Sister? We are the most powerful mech duo in this exchange competition!”


An Huo saw him almost bursting with pride and immediately pulled him back to his seat before the attention of others around them shifted, “Yes, yes, you’re the best, the most formidable! I’ll be waiting for you to bring back the strongest mech title for our club.”


Lu Jingning smiled confidently, “That’s a given!”


At that moment, the mech showcase of Thunder Research University had completely ended. Facing the eighth level difficulty, their mech successfully completed all tests, earning an S-class system evaluation in all three categories. The whole arena erupted with excitement.


An S-class on the eighth level difficulty already indicated that this mech was close to the advanced military standard. It’s worth noting that even many of the mechs currently in service with the military could only achieve three A-classes at best.


As for a mech capable of completing the ninth level difficulty, most of them were already extensively used in interstellar warfare.


As this was only an intercollegiate mech exchange competition, no one expected Thunder Research University to present a finished product with such high completion. Numerous mech companies immediately started bidding to acquire the licensing rights for this incredible mech.


Even representatives from the Mech Pilots Association seemed intrigued. After an intense discussion, one person stood up and formally extended an invitation to Wen Han to join the association.


This declaration caused quite a stir. Everyone knew the status of the Mech Pilots Association in the empire, and Wen Han, currently only a senior student, was being invited to join. His future prospects would be limitless.


The bidding frenzy escalated even further due to this development. Journalists and media personnel who were initially bystanders joined in the excitement. The headlines for the next day’s newspaper were already being planned.


Amidst all the commotion, the delegation from the Imperial Navy remained silently seated, feeling somewhat ignored. The atmosphere seemed to snub them, and it was evident that the spotlight was on someone else.


Lu Jingning couldn’t hold back any longer and asked, “Hey, hey, hey, don’t you think they forgot something?”


An Huo wore a similarly expressionless face, “Yes, the competition isn’t over yet! We haven’t even showcased our mechs. Isn’t this a bit too much?”


Yan Hebin didn’t speak but pursed his lips, clearly displeased with the dismissive treatment.


Fortunately, after the commotion subsided, the event host finally remembered the last delegation that hadn’t showcased their mech and reluctantly brought the focus back to them, “Now, let’s invite the last team to showcase their mech, the Imperial Navy University Mech Club!”


Unfortunately, due to the awe-inspiring display from Thunder Research University just moments ago, most of the audience didn’t pay much attention to the introduction. But when they lifted their heads and saw the prominent number displayed on the screen, their jaws dropped.


Amidst the stunned silence, Yan Hebin calmly adjusted his headset and, without a hint of haste, pressed the difficulty selection button. The next second, the indicator light representing the difficulty level lit up.


Most people in the audience couldn’t grasp what had just happened. When they looked up, they saw the conspicuous number displayed on the large screen.


The Ninth level?!!!


Yan Hebin calmly said, “Hello, everyone. We are the representatives of the Imperial Navy University Mech Club. Today, we bring you a challenge mech of the ninth level difficulty. I named it the Crimson Star.”


Lu Jingning had just opened the virtual cabin door when he heard this and stopped mid-step. As everyone stared at Yan Hebin like he was a madman, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “Indeed, our academic prodigy Yan. You are cool and composed at crucial moments. You really nailed it!”


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