Chapter 2




“Next reporting on entertainment news: Recently, popular male artist Song Zexu’s studio’s website posted that Song Zexu will stop working indefinitely. The reason is unknown…”


Li Chou picked up the remote control on the tea table and turned off the TV. He looked at Song Zexu who was sitting on the sofa staring at the TV and said, “Don’t look, let’s eat first.”


Song Zexu moved his body and nodded slowly.


Li Chou bit his lip, feeling a little happy that he could really be in the same room with Song Zexu.


Song Zexu was injured so he could only eat some plain porridge specially made by Li Chou.


He filled a bowl of porridge from the pot and then walked up to Song Zexu before squatting down.


“Open your mouth,” he said.


Song Zexu did not react for a moment, before he then opened his mouth.


Li Chou scooped up a spoonful of porridge and put it into his mouth, saying: “I’m not very good at cooking, and a famous celebrity like you may not like it since you’re used to delicacies from all around the world, but for now, you can only eat this so let’s just not be picky.”


Song Zexu let out a muffled “Mm” and didn’t say much.


Li Chou kept squatting on the ground to feed him porridge.


Fortunately, Song Zexu had a good personality. He didn’t have the airs of a big celebrity and he really finished a bowl of porridge without making a fuss. When Li Chou asked him if he wanted  seconds, he shook his head.


“Okay then.” Li Chou said, “The doctor said you shouldn’t eat too much.”


Li Chou put the bowl on the coffee table and pulled out a napkin from the napkin box to wipe Song Zexu’s mouth.


Song Zexu’s lips are full and beautiful. There was a poll on the Internet that counted the most beautiful parts of male artists. Song Zexu’s lips were voted the most and according to reliable professionals in the industry, many female artists also praised Song Zexu’s soft lips, as they were very easy to kiss.


When Li Chou saw the vote at the time, he actually had some doubts about the claims of those female artists, but now he thinks it is true.


Zexu’s lips really looked soft and kissable.


Li Chou stood up and threw the paper towels into the trash can. He was about to go to the kitchen to wash the bowls, when Song Zexu beside him suddenly said his first sentence of the day.


It was probably because he hadn’t spoken for a long time, but his voice was slightly hoarse: “What’s your name?”


Li Chou was stunned for a moment. He then looked back at Song Zexu, his voice a little joyful because Song Zexu actually took the initiative to talk to him. He said excitedly:

“I… My name is Li Chou.” 


In the end, he suddenly realized that his name was ugly[/mfn]Yea, his name is literally ugly 李丑(Lǐ chǒu)[/mfn], so he didn’t dare to say more.


But Song Zexu didn’t seem to notice his embarrassment. He smiled lightly, with a joking tone in his words: “Li Chou?”


Li Chou’s face was slightly red. He lowered his head and his eyelashes flickered, “Because I look like…”


Li Chou thought about it and decided not to use the terrible word “ugly” to describe himself. After hesitating for a while, he continued: “I’m a little hideous.”


After speaking, there was a moment of silence in the air and Li Chou didn’t dare to look at Song Zexu. Even though he knew that Song Zexu was temporarily injured due to brain damage and was blind so he couldn’t see his face now and he doesn’t know what he looks like.


He still didn’t want to lie to Song Zexu.


To his surprise, Song Zexu laughed again.


“How come?” Song Zexu looked in the direction where Li Chou was and he curled his lips, “My intuition tells me that you must be a very good person without looking at you.”


Li Chou was caught off guard.


Even long after Song Zexu had left Yunzhen, Li Chou would always recall his feelings at that time.


Just like the soon-to-expire sparkling water on the counter that was finally bought at a low price, he had bought it, expecting it to have already been out of gas, even if he especially hoped to drink it. After shaking it a few times, he lightly pulled the tab, and the sparkling water popped open with a crisp sound.


Even if it was cheap and about to expire.




Song Zexu didn’t tell Li Chou why he was lying on the beach covered in bruises at that time and Li Chou didn’t ask much.


He knew Song Zexu’s character. If he didn’t say anything, no one would be able to pry his mouth open.


However, Song Zexu made a strange request. He told Li Chou not to tell anyone that other people were there.


At first, Li Chou didn’t understand it very well. Although Song Zexu’s injury was not serious, the ability of the hospital in this small town is limited. If he goes back, he’ll be able to receive better treatment and his sight can be restored earlier.


Song Zexu seemed to sense his doubts, he explained: “Sometimes blindness may not be a bad thing.”


Li Chou then shut up.


Song Zexu lived in Li Chou’s house. Li Chou’s house was a small apartment left by his parents. It was small and had only one bedroom.


It was impossible for him to mistreat Song Zexu, so the bedroom was reserved for him.


When Song Zexu was an artist, he was very busy and he had to get up at four or five in the morning every day to put on makeup. Now this burden was gone, but his body’s biological clock had not gotten used to it, so Li Chou sometimes heard the sound of Song Zexu bumping into heavy objects in the bedroom when he was still sleeping.


Around this time, he would get up from the sofa and go to the bedroom to ask Song Zexu what he needed.


In fact, he did not need anything. Song Zexu just woke up early.


Li Chou is the kind of person who can’t go back to sleep after waking up. After a few times of tossing and turning, Li Chou would wake up and he would go to work in the flower shop in the morning energetically.


When Lin Xiaomin came to pick up flowers that day, Li Chou was lying on the bar and fell asleep. Lin Xiaomin was shocked. She patted the bar and called Li Chou: “Brother Chou! What’s the matter with you? Did you steal a cow last night?”


Li Chou woke up and he rubbed his face and eyes. When he saw Lin Xiaomin. He said “ah”, and asked, “How are you doing today? It’s still so early?”


“How is it early?” Lin Xiaomin had a look of disbelief, “Brother Chou, what are you doing still sleeping now? This is odd.”


You must know that everyone in town knows that Li Chou is a diligent and kind-hearted child, but it is a pity that the heavens does not have eyes for such a good child and made him so ugly.


“Last night, I stayed up late watching a show.” Li Chou lied. He stood up and went to fetch Lin Xiaomin the bouquet he tied together yesterday.


The confession between Lin Xiaomin and the teacher was quite unexpected. Lin Xiaomin said that when she went to confess to the teacher head-on that day, the teacher was very scared.

He would see a bouquet of flowers on the desk every day when he came to school, but it was never signed with the gifter’s name. As such, he always thought it was a gift from a student and he didn’t expect it to be her.


The teacher did not refuse her confession. He said that this kind of thing should always be taken seriously. After all, it is a lifelong event, so one has to think about it and start with dating first.


Lin Xiaomin knew that people in big cities really liked this, so she agreed without saying a word. She then turned around and ordered flowers from Li Chou for the next two weeks.

“It’s called romancing and that’s what people in big cities like,” she said.


She ordered a bouquet of fire roses, dazzling red.


Li Chou handed the flower to Lin Xiaomin. Lin Xiaomin took it and sniffed it with a satisfied expression on her face: “This flower is really fragrant.”


“It should be okay if it doesn’t smell good.” Li Chou smiled. In fact, he has always wanted to ask Lin Xiaomin something. Most men probably didn’t like flowers like this flashy. Was she sure that teacher really likes it?


But he didn’t ask. After all, there are exceptions. For example, doesn’t he like flowers too?


When Li Chou came home that night, he specially brought back a bouquet of roses.

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