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Chapter 35 – You Can Only Have Me in Your Eyes

       The radiant city lights obscured the stars on the autumn night. In the unremarkable-looking small bar, the discreet yet splendid three-level venue was brightly lit. The central area where the piano was originally placed was surrounded by curtains, forming a small white stage illuminated by focused lights. Club members dressed in lavish attire scattered around the venue, either sipping wine or engaged in conversations. If not for the kneeling slaves, one might mistake it for a live scene of a new season’s clothing launch.

       Xu Ye followed Chu Yu step by step with his head down. Before entering the venue, a 1,3-meter long black leash was fastened around his collar.

       As the owner of the club, every of the Earl’s appearances was closely watched, and naturally, his slave became the centre of attention. Despite his many traction exercises, this was the first time Xu Ye had formally appeared at the club as the ‘Earl’s slave’, and he was almost swallowed up by overwhelming shyness and tension. He anxiously followed the man in front of him, lowering his head to avoid the curious gazes that gathered. Unable to concentrate fully due to the combined effects of external distractions and internal pressure, he inadvertently collided with Chu Yu’s back when he halted to greet someone. The man’s glass of red wine shook, causing a few drops to splash onto the dress of a nearby lady.

       “I’m sorry, I…” Xu Ye instinctively apologized, but his words slipped out before he realized he was adding another mistake to his mistakes.

       In public places, a slave was not allowed to converse with others without the master’s permission. This wasn’t just considered disrespectful towards the owner, but it also carried the suspicion of seducing others.

       It was a major taboo.

       Xu Ye, who had hastily closed his mouth, looked at his master with fear and anxiety in his eyes.

       “Apologies for dirtying your dress. Tomorrow, I will have someone deliver a new one to you as compensation,” Chu Yu spoke with a courteous demeanour in his words and actions.

       “No thanks. Besides, it’s red anyway, so no one can tell.” The woman’s bright red lips curled into a playful smile, “It’s been a long time since I saw you, Mr. Earl. Your taste had changed, bringing along such a fresh and green fruit.”

       “I hope my mistake didn’t affect your mood tonight.”

       The woman smiled charmingly, “You’re being too serious, Earl. I have a performance later; I’ll go prepare.”

       “Okay.” Chu Yu watched her depart and walked towards the window.

       Xu Ye dared not speak and simply followed quietly. When the man made a gesture for him to stop, he obediently knelt down and bit onto one end of the traction rope handed to him.

       “Stay here until I return.” The man said only one sentence before turning away.

       Xu Ye knelt alone by the window, watching the excitement in the room that had nothing to do with him, and a wave of regret welled up in his heart.

       He shouldn’t have come here. If he hadn’t come, the incident just now wouldn’t have happened. His master wouldn’t have to apologize, and he wouldn’t have ended up being abandoned in this corner because of a mistake…

       The more he thought about it, the more despondent he felt. He sighed and looked down at the floor in dejection.

       “Interesting.” A male voice sounded beside him, “You’re the first among the slaves brought by the Earl to be left aside.”

       This mocking tone made Xu Ye even more depressed. He looked up at the other party, and it was a man wearing a V-neck long-sleeved T-shirt and ripped jeans. His hair was a light shade of brown, and beneath his swept bangs was a slightly sinister face. He sized up Xu Ye shamelessly and said to himself, “That’s right, instead of embarrassing himself with an untrained slave, it’s safer to leave the slave here. Being disliked by your master, your existence is meaningless to him. If I were you, I wouldn’t be so shameless as to stay by his side.”

       This person was clearly trying to provoke him. 

       Although he understood that the other party’s motives were impure, each of these almost venomous words pierced Xu Ye’s heart. He bit the leash and knelt silently, his hands hanging on both sides of his body tightly clenched into fists.

       “Have you heard how everyone describes you? Just one word—unworthy.” The man shook the cup in his hand and looked at him contemptuously, “Every slave that the Earl brought to the club in the past was the centre of attention, well-mannered, respectful, and courteous. But look at you, cowering and not even daring to lift your head, like a filthy thief caught in the act. It’s laughable.”

       His fingernails dug so hard that they were about to pierce the palm, Xu Ye tensed his body and forced himself not to care about those words but found that it was impossible to do so. He suddenly lifted his head, glaring at the man.

       “Don’t you understand? The Earl just took you as a slave to pass the time. He would never really like someone like you.” He leaned close to Xu Ye’s ear, and the man lowered his voice and sneered, “I heard he hasn’t even touched you yet. How pathetic.”

       Xu Ye was shocked and couldn’t hold it any longer. He tore off the leash from his mouth with his hands and said angrily, “Go away!”

       The man curled his lips into a smile, let go of his hand and let the cup fall to the ground with a crisp sound of fragments.

       The gazes of the people around them all turned towards them. Even Lion and Pharaoh, who were engaged in conversation nearby, looked over. Xu Ye’s gaze bypassed the crowd and met his master’s eyes. His eyes trembled, carrying a sense of grievance and helplessness.

       “An Xia.” Dressed in a black military uniform, Chu Yu walked over slowly, glanced at the broken cup on the ground and the traction rope that fell at Xu Ye’s feet, and said calmly, “What’s wrong?”

       “Sir, I just wanted to come to the window to look at the moonlight,” the man who had been so aggressive just moments ago now appeared innocent, stumbling over his words, “I don’t know how I provoked your slave. He yelled at me to get lost, and I was startled and accidentally dropped the glass.”

       “You’re the one who’s been provoking me!” Xu Ye was infuriated by the man’s blatant lies, his teeth gritted as he retorted. He turned to look at the man standing in front of him, and his body stiffened. Chu Yu’s eyes seemed to emanate a cold mist that chilled the room to a freezing point. And the person being stared at by those eyes was him. The silent oppressive force engulfed everything, making it difficult for Xu Ye to even breathe. He lowered his head, his clenched hand trembling slightly.

       “Sir, I admit that I approached him out of curiosity about your new slave, but I haven’t done anything to provoke him. He’s lying to you. Disregarding decorum, defying orders—someone like him is utterly unworthy of staying by your side.” The man called An Xia knelt down and looked up at Chu Yu, “Master, I’ve been missing you all this time, yearning for the days when you allowed me to accompany you. As long as you agree, I can be an even better replacement for him…”

       Xu Ye looked at the man in disbelief; he now understood the man’s intentions. He realized how easily he had been provoked, stepping into the trap set by the man’s words—it was foolish and laughable. He knelt quietly and looked at his master. The obsidian-like eyes shimmered with a faint, delicate glimmer akin to the shattered glass that held a fragile and transparent sadness.

       He silently pleaded for trust.

       I did not lie. Please trust me.

       At some point, this had ceased to be just a game. He began to be insecure, dependent and began to be afraid of losing. At this moment, Xu Ye felt that he was standing on the edge of the world, swaying in the strong wind. And the man standing in front of him became his only support. As if, when that man let go, he would plummet straight down from a towering cliff, broken to pieces.

       Silence spread, and the waiting turned into torment.

       When the man’s deep voice sounded in Xu Ye’s ears, Xu Ye couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

       “Mr. An, since the contract was terminated, there is no longer a master-slave relationship between us, so you don’t need to kneel before me.” Chu Yu’s words made An Xia’s face turn very ugly in an instant. He thought he would succeed with one move, but he didn’t expect that the other party would reject him so straightforwardly, making him lose face. He bit his lip tightly, stood up, and looked at the man in front of him with resentment.

       “According to what you just said, my slave has offended you, is that right?” Second Young Master Chu exuded a certain inherent authority in his words and actions, and the black military uniform added a touch of coldness and sharpness.

       An Xia glared at Xu Ye fiercely and raised his chin, saying, “Yes, Mr. Earl. And I think you should teach him a good lesson.”

       “First of all, I formally apologize to you.” Chu Yu said unhurriedly, “He belongs to me; regardless of what he has done, I will take full responsibility for all consequences. Secondly, giving him guidance and punishment is my responsibility, and there’s no need for others to bother.” He looked at An Xia with eyes as dark as night and smiled faintly, “Because this minor incident has disturbed everyone’s interest, how about I offer compensation?” After he finished speaking, he spread his right hand.

       Xu Ye picked up the leash and handed his hands to him. By now, he had settled down. When his master said the words ‘He belongs to me’, Xu Ye felt as if a certain door was pushed open, and the light that shone from inside made everything bright. He quietly followed Chu Yu onto the small stage in the centre of the arena.

       The man untied the leash from his collar and gave his first command, “Take off your coat and get down on your knees.”

       Xu Ye obediently followed suit, unfastening the leather belt worn on the outside, taking off the white military uniform, and kneeling in place with his hands behind his back.

       “The warm-up program has changed, and next is Earl’s showtime!” Lion took the host’s microphone and announced the scene with enthusiasm. Suddenly, everyone gathered around, staring intently at the two people on the stage. It’s worth noting that the Earl’s personal demonstration of training techniques is a rare occurrence, with very few instances.

       As Chu Yu approached Xu Ye, the previously noisy conversations completely quieted down, and the large venue fell silent to the point where you could hear a pin drop.

       “Tell me who you are.” The man in uniform raised his fingers, raised Xu Ye’s jaw, and said.

       “I am your slave.” Xu Ye, who was wearing a white shirt, looked up at him.

       “Tell me about your rights.”

       “All my rights come from your giving.”

       “Tell me about your obligations.”

       “To make you happy is the sole purpose of my existence.”

       This kind of question and answer was an effective way to strengthen identity recognition and a common way for Dom to train newcomers. Chu Yu looked down from above and said, “Considering that your performance today didn’t please me, I will punish you with a whip next. A total of ten lashes. After each lash, I’ll expect you to state the number and admit your mistake to me. Do you understand?”

       Xu Ye tensed his spine and responded softly, “Yes, Master.”

       The man removed his gloves and took a soft golden whip from the Pharaoh. After testing the toughness and length, he swung the whip towards the standing mannequin placed on the edge of the stage. He struck and broke its neck with ease, causing the white head to roll onto the ground, revealing a section of the wooden bracket.

       Many people let out a gasp of surprise, then hurriedly covered their mouths and quieted down. Being whipped with such force would undoubtedly cause the skin to split and possibly even injure the bones.

       “When using a whip, it’s important to fully understand its material and weight in order to control direction, speed, and force. The whip’s softness, hardness, and length affect the ease of manipulation. Usually, the softer and longer the whip, the harder it is to control. Developing a sense of touch requires extensive practice, and mistakes can have serious consequences. Therefore, caution is essential when using a soft whip.”

       Chu Yu flicked the whip in his hand as he explained. He visually measured the distance between him and Xu Ye, tried again in the air, and continued, “Sometimes the damage caused by whipping can be very astonishing. Thus, a dom who lacks sufficient skill might limit their striking to areas like the buttocks and the back, which are relatively safer. In order to make the punishment more theatrical, tonight, I will demonstrate frontal whipping.”

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Chapter 6 – Replica

Chapter 6: The Beautiful Lady Yu


As winter approached, the weather in Lincheng became very dry. The trees outside the residential area had bare branches, and the fallen leaves covered the ground. The property management had already sent someone to sweep the roads early in the morning. While still half-asleep, the sounds of sweeping outside were already echoing. Tan Xilu was awakened by the noise, and he stared at the ceiling for a while before fully waking up.


Outside, Xu Huaiming had already started preparing breakfast. When the toast was done, he entered the room and called for Tan Xilu to get up.


On weekends when there was no work, Tan Xilu was exceptionally lazy and loved the warmth of his blanket. But every time, Xu Huaiming would ruthlessly pull him out of bed, and today was no exception. Xu Huaiming pulled back the covers, gently rubbed Tan Xilu’s face, and spoke in a soft voice, “Wake up quickly.”


“No,” Tan Xilu grabbed Xu Huaiming’s hand. “I don’t want to move.”


“You don’t have a say,” Xu Huaiming rubbed his nose against Tan Xilu’s face and lightly bit his lips. “Skipping breakfast can lead to various illnesses. Eat first, and then you can stay in bed.”


“The same old routine,” Tan Xilu lazily stretched and, with both hands, hooked around Xu Huaiming’s neck. He clung to him and coquettishly said, “Carry me to brush my teeth.”


“Okay,” Xu Huaiming hugged Tan Xilu tightly around the waist and carried him to the bathroom.


Tan Xilu didn’t even bother putting on shoes; he stepped on Xu Huaiming’s feet. Xu Huaiming squeezed the toothpaste for him and gave his earlobe a pinch. “Brush by yourself.”


“I know.” Tan Xilu put the toothbrush in his mouth.


In the mirror, Xu Huaiming hugged Tan Xilu, resting his chin on his shoulder. His gaze was deeply affectionate, and his eyes were fixed on Tan Xilu. In fact, Tan Xilu found it quite mysterious. The Xu Huaiming from seven years ago wasn’t like this; he was always cautious, as if afraid of being discovered. Even when they went out, he wouldn’t openly hold hands. The most daring thing they did was perhaps sharing a brief kiss in a movie theater. Even at home, they lived like an ordinary couple, kissing and going to bed, but being this affectionate was simply impossible back then.


The Xu Huaiming from seven years ago and the one from now were so different, which made Tan Xilu really wonder what had happened to Xu Huaiming during these seven years. However, every time he broached this topic, Xu Huaiming would skillfully change the subject. Later, Tan Xilu stopped asking. He thought as long as Xu Huaiming was by his side and didn’t disappear, that was enough.


Thinking this, Tan Xilu rinsed his mouth and couldn’t resist giving Xu Huaiming a minty kiss.


Xu Huaiming was indeed a skilled cook, even their regular breakfast had a variety of styles. He cooked lean meat and century egg congee because Tan Xilu liked to have some stir-fried vegetables in the morning. He also prepared stir-fried greens, fried eggs, and toasted bread.


Tan Xilu placed the fried egg between slices of bread, mixed it with a forkful of vegetables, and ate it together. Tan Xilu wasn’t picky about food; he could combine anything and eat it together. His mother used to say that he looked shy and polite, but secretly, he could mix stir-fried shredded potatoes directly into his congee, much like feeding pigs. In other words, he was easy to please.


Halfway through the meal, there was suddenly a commotion outside. It sounded like someone was banging on the door, and there were angry voices, occasionally mixed with female cursing.


Xu Huaiming had just stood up, but Tan Xilu pressed his hand and shook his head, saying, “Don’t get involved. Let’s eat first.”


Xu Huaiming glanced at him and sat back down.


After a while, it became quiet outside, and only then did Tan Xilu put down his spoon and stand up.


He opened the door, and outside, it was a mess. Various fruits and vegetables were scattered on the ground. Lin Xiaozhi was squatting down, picking them up. Lin Changyu leaned against the door. He had initially had his eyes closed, but when he heard the sound of the opposite door opening, he slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Tan Xilu, suddenly laughed, said nothing, and turned back into the house.


Tan Xilu and the behind-him Xu Huaiming exchanged a glance, sighed, and began picking up the fallen items.


There were still many things scattered under the stairs. Lin Xiaozhi ran to pick them up, panting, and then carried them upstairs. His forehead was covered in sweat.


“Thank you, Teacher Tan,” Lin Xiaozhi took the fruits from Tan Xilu’s hand, then looked at Xu Huaiming and said, “And thank you, Uncle Xu.”


Out of the blue, hearing the word “uncle,” Xu Huaiming’s face turned pale, but it brought a smile to Tan Xilu’s lips. “Call me Uncle Xu.”


Seeing Tan Xilu smile, Xu Huaiming didn’t argue with Lin Xiaozhi. He enjoyed seeing Tan Xilu smile. Tan Xilu actually looked quite gentle; his hair was always a bit messy, and even though he was a teacher now, he appeared younger than some of his students. At first glance, one would think he was well-behaved. In fact, he rarely got angry. When Xu Huaiming left the laboratory, he had wondered what it would be like for someone who had lost their lover for seven years to see them again.


His programming told him they might quarrel, they might go crazy, but Tan Xilu didn’t do any of that. It was like he had forgotten everything, just cried for a while. But Xu Huaiming was an intelligent AI, much more sensitive than humans. He could sense Tan Xilu’s emotions very keenly. Tan Xilu was generally not the type to smile much. This was partly because of his compliant personality. He never refused anyone, no matter how troublesome or unpleasant it was, because of social etiquette and obligations. Xu Huaiming didn’t like that about him.


His Tan Xilu should be carefree, argue, be spoiled, like a typical couple.


So, when they were together, Xu Huaiming preferred to be the compliant one.


“Well, I am Uncle Xu,” Xu Huaiming pinched the back of Tan Xilu’s neck.


Tan Xilu was momentarily ticklish and gave Xu Huaiming a sideways glance. He was about to say something when they heard a crashing sound.


Lin Xiaozhi was startled by the noise, but the child quickly reacted and rushed into the house.


Tan Xilu and Xu Huaiming exchanged a tense look and followed him.


Inside the bedroom, Lin Changyu sat on the wet floor, clutching a handful of glass shards. Bright red blood was slowly dripping from his fingers, forming a sharp contrast with the white pills scattered on the ground.


“Bro…ther,” Lin Xiaozhi ran over in panic, trying to pry Lin Changyu’s hand open. “Let go, let go!”


“Get the first aid kit, Xu Huaiming,” Tan Xilu remained calm in this situation.


Cooperating seamlessly, Xu Huaiming turned and went to get the first aid kit.


Lin Changyu seemed slow to react, and it was only after Lin Xiaozhi forcibly opened his hand that he moved.


At first, his impulse was stronger when he clenched the glass shards, but as he regained his senses, the pain intensified. The glass shards embedded in his palm were painful, scattered across the surface but not too deep, stuck in the skin and flesh. But it hurt.


Xu Huaiming quickly brought the first aid kit, and Tan Xilu squatted down, took out a pair of tweezers, and began carefully extracting the glass shards one by one.


At this moment, Lin Changyu behaved unusually compliant, quite different from his usual carefree personality.


Xu Huaiming frowned as he watched Tan Xilu tend to Lin Changyu’s wound, removing the bloody glass shards and disinfecting the area with alcohol. The stinging sensation from the alcohol made Lin Changyu break into a sweat.


Xu Huaiming found humans to be quite strange. He knew that such behavior resembled self-harm, but his impression of Lin Changyu was that of a cheerful gamer who often came over for leftovers and enjoyed a carefree atmosphere. Xu Huaiming never thought he would resort to self-harm. However, upon closer inspection, he noticed that Lin Changyu’s wrists had many fresh scars, indicating recent healing.


It was already ten minutes later when they finished bandaging Lin Changyu’s hand. White bandages were wrapped neatly around his palm, and Tan Xilu tied a knot, saying, “Fortunately, the wounds weren’t too deep. If the glass had penetrated deeper into the flesh, we would have had to go to the hospital.”


“Thank you, Teacher Tan. I’m sorry for troubling you again this time,” Lin Changyu forced a smile, but the pain made it difficult for him to smile genuinely.


“It was quite troublesome,” Tan Xilu sighed. “Once you can completely recover, I won’t have to be bothered anymore.”


Hanging his head, Lin Changyu muttered an apology after a while.


Tan Xilu rubbed his head and said, “You don’t need to apologize to me. Alright, let’s not talk about it anymore. Get some rest.”


With that, he pinched Lin Xiaozhi’s cheek. “Take good care of your brother. If anything happens, come and find me.”


“Thank you, Teacher Tan,” Lin Xiaozhi said.


After leaving Lin Changyu’s home, Tan Xilu helped close their door. When he turned around, he saw the confusion in Xu Huaiming’s eyes. He held Xu Huaiming’s hand and said, “I’ll tell you when we get back.”


The situation with Lin Changyu was actually quite complex. People who had met him couldn’t imagine that such a cheerful young man could suffer from depression. Tan Xilu hadn’t thought so the first time he met him either.


Tan Xilu and Xu Huaiming had rented this apartment together when they first got together. Later, when Xu Huaiming went missing, Tan Xilu bought the apartment directly. In the third year of owning the apartment, a family moved into the unit next door, which had been vacant for a long time.


Tan Xilu wasn’t good at socializing with people, but due to his job, he had to interact with teachers and students every day. When he returned home, he would turn off his phone to avoid outside distractions and enjoy a quiet and solitary environment. However, that day, as soon as he returned home, someone knocked on his door.


“Changyu was holding a basin of strawberries and said to me, ‘Hello, this is the extra strawberries I bought. I can’t store them at home because I don’t have a refrigerator, so I’m giving them to you.’ ” Tan Xilu recalled that time. He thought of Lin Changyu, who used to be so cheerful, wearing red in-ear headphones around his neck, and even had dimples when he smiled. Tan Xilu looked at him and, for a moment, thought of the serious-faced Xu Huaiming when he was in his teens.


Tan Xilu couldn’t remember whether he had eaten those strawberries or put them in the refrigerator and returned them to Lin Changyu the next day. He only remembered that Lin Changyu would occasionally bring fruits, and not long after, Lin Xiaozhi came to live with them.


The two brothers were lively and playful, but this was before that woman arrived.


One day, as Tan Xilu was leaving work, he encountered a woman in a white dress. She was quite attractive with pale lips, but her beauty was no less than that of a TV actress. She wore a pair of high heels but behaved in a manner completely incongruent with her appearance.


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Chapter 5 – Replica

Chapter 5: Lover’s Quarrel


At the time, Tan Xilu had thought too simplistically. He genuinely believed that Xu Huaiming was nervous and didn’t want to meet his parents so soon. It was only later, when he realized that Xu Huaiming had no intention of associating with people related to him, that their conflicts escalated to such an extreme.


The incident occurred during a club-building activity at Tan Xilu’s university. In his freshman year, Tan Xilu was forced to join a club because his advisor noticed he was quiet and didn’t participate in any social activities. Eventually, he joined the Literary Society, or so it was called. In reality, aside from the president and a few members who enjoyed writing, the rest were just there to make up the numbers. Tan Xilu was one of those who attended occasionally, and he was one of the few who bothered to come for every event, unlike some who made excuses not to attend.


At that time, it was the end of the year, and the club president organized a club-building activity. By that time, Tan Xilu and Xu Huaiming had been together for a while, and Tan Xilu had intended to introduce Xu Huaiming to his club friends. So, they decided to hold the event at Xu Huaiming’s dessert shop.


When Xu Huaiming brought out the desserts and drinks, Tan Xilu stood up and took Xu Huaiming’s arm, taking the initiative to introduce him, saying, “This is my boyfriend, Xu Huaiming.”


“Oh, you have a boyfriend? That’s why Xiao Lu hasn’t been participating in activities lately,” the club president said, surprised but not shocked. He looked at Xu Huaiming and said with a smile, “Your boyfriend is really handsome.”


“Yeah, very handsome. Why didn’t you introduce him earlier?” the vice-president chimed in.


Tan Xilu felt a bit shy. “We weren’t stable before, so I’m telling you now.”


“Fair enough, fair enough,” the club president said, gesturing toward the cakes and drinks on the table. “Your boyfriend’s desserts look really good, too. He’s quite the domestic type.”


“What do you mean ‘domestic’? Are you using the right word?” one of the club members playfully slapped the club president. Then, he looked at Tan Xilu and said, “But it’s not entirely wrong. I remember Xiao Tan loves desserts. Are you with the boss just to get free desserts?”


“No,” Xu Huaiming spoke up. His face showed no expression, and his tone was somewhat cold. “It’s because Ah Lu likes desserts that I opened this shop for him.”


“I see,” the club member said, smiling and casting an envious glance. “That’s nice.”


Tan Xilu glanced at Xu Huaiming, sensing a bit of tension. They didn’t realize Xu Huaiming’s emotional turmoil, but Tan Xilu knew him too well. He knew that Xu Huaiming was angry.


But Tan Xilu couldn’t understand why Xu Huaiming was angry. All he wanted was to introduce him to his friends, to let everyone get to know him.


After serving all the club members, Xu Huaiming went to the kitchen and didn’t come out until the club activity was over. He even sent off the club president and the others alone.


Tan Xilu was also holding in his frustration. After seeing the club members off one by one, he came back inside. Xu Huaiming was in the back room, whipping cream. The sound of him mixing the cream was quite loud, almost to the point of being ear-piercing. Tan Xilu wasn’t stupid; he knew that Xu Huaiming was venting his frustration in an extremely childish way. He was trying to tell Tan Xilu that he was angry.


But Tan Xilu didn’t understand. He couldn’t comprehend why Xu Huaiming was so resistant to letting his friends know about them. Even though they were in a relationship, Tan Xilu hoped that their love would be blessed by others.


“Can you tell me why?” Tan Xilu looked at Xu Huaiming, his tone calm. “Why don’t you want others to know that we’re in a relationship?”


“No reason, I just don’t want to,” Xu Huaiming replied indifferently.


Tan Xilu clenched his fists secretly. He remembered what his mother had said: Maybe he doesn’t want to marry you at all.


Tan Xilu took a deep breath and clumsily tried to find an excuse for Xu Huaiming. He said, “Are you nervous? Afraid they won’t like you? That won’t happen. You’re so outstanding. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the one who’s lucky to have you. You can make cakes, and you’re so smart, unlike me, so clumsy. I can’t do anything well except loving you…”


As Tan Xilu continued to defend Xu Huaiming, he began to speak incoherently. When he looked up, he suddenly saw Xu Huaiming’s indifferent expression, just for a moment. But in that instant, Tan Xilu knew that he had been deluding himself.


Tan Xilu was a clumsy person. Ever since he was young, his teachers had taught him the phrase “clumsy birds have to start flying early.” So, while his peers enjoyed joyful summer vacations at swimming pools, amusement parks, and on trips, Tan Xilu replaced their enjoyment with a series of math problems. Even so, in his first year of junior high school, due to carelessness, he ranked at the bottom of his class. His teacher had a conversation with him, saying that if he wasn’t good at anything else, he should put in more effort. After that talk, Tan Xilu’s grades remained consistently in the top three.


Because clumsy birds have to start flying early, he was clumsy, so he had to put in more effort. But this principle didn’t seem to apply to Xu Huaiming.


Tan Xilu never refused Xu Huaiming for anything. Xu Huaiming’s confession was not romantic; it was more like a joke. He just stood in front of Tan Xilu, without even a bouquet of flowers, only pale words, “I quite like you. Do you want to give it a try with me?”


Just give it a try, without even specifying what they were trying. But Tan Xilu agreed like that. The first time they kissed, when Xu Huaiming leaned in to kiss him, Tan Xilu didn’t refuse. Afterward, when they went to bed, drenched in sweat, Tan Xilu finally asked, “Are we dating like this?”


Xu Huaiming didn’t give a direct answer. He thought for a moment and said somewhat uncertainly, “I guess.”


That meant they were dating. Tan Xilu thought that he should cherish this person. In fact, he loved Xu Huaiming very much. He had already regarded him as a part of his life, wanting to introduce him to his parents, introduce him to his friends, and even spend the rest of his life with him in their twilight years, watching the sunset together.


He used to believe that Xu Huaiming must love him too. But now, Tan Xilu was uncertain. Xu Huaiming refused to meet his friends, and he began to wonder, “Does he really love me?”


From that day on, Tan Xilu and Xu Huaiming began a silent battle. Tan Xilu gradually stopped going back to the apartment they shared with Xu Huaiming and chose to stay in the school dormitory instead.


He used the excuse of nearing graduation and having to rush his thesis. Xu Huaiming actually believed him and didn’t contact him for many days. Tan Xilu stared at the blank chat screen on his phone every night. He knew he was being unreasonable, but he couldn’t help but wonder, “Does this person really care about me?”


Why didn’t he come to the school to see him? He said he had to work on his thesis, but was that really what he was doing? Weren’t they in a relationship? Why did something as simple as introducing him to his friends lead to such a situation?


Later, after Xu Huaiming disappeared, Tan Xilu learned from his roommate that Xu Huaiming had actually come to see him. He had thought Tan Xilu didn’t want to see him, so he watched him from a distance at the school every day, occasionally waiting downstairs near the dormitory building. His roommate had bumped into him several times, but Xu Huaiming had asked him not to tell Tan Xilu.


Both of them were clumsy in love, two people who didn’t know how to express their feelings. It wasn’t until they lost each other that they understood their regrets.


Tan Xilu thought that Xu Huaiming still didn’t want others to know about their relationship. So, he didn’t expect that today, at the school gate, Xu Huaiming would take the initiative to hold his hand and tell his students, “I’m Ah Lu’s boyfriend.”


Inside the noisy bus, only Tan Xilu and Xu Huaiming were quiet. It was so quiet that Tan Xilu could clearly hear his own heartbeat.


No one could understand the beauty of regaining something thought to be lost. The person he thought would never return was now with him, giving him a strong sense of security. Tan Xilu felt that he really loved this person.


The bitterness of love during their dating days, the anger during lover’s quarrels, and the frustration of not being able to find each other had all turned into sweet threads entwined around Tan Xilu’s heart. 


“Xu Huaiming, did you just say you’re my boyfriend?” Tan Xilu gently hooked his fingers with Xu Huaiming’s.


Xu Huaiming turned his head and met Tan Xilu’s eyes. Perhaps it was the setting sun’s light, but his eyes looked excessively beautiful, filled with himself. Xu Huaiming knew that he should be like the male lead in a romance drama, gently curving his lips and answering Tan Xilu tenderly, “Yes.”


And that’s exactly what Xu Huaiming did. His words were even more gentle, and he tightly clasped Tan Xilu’s hand. “I’m your boyfriend, forever.”


“Good, forever,” Tan Xilu’s eyes curved, an unmistakable happiness, like a child’s. 


As Xu Huaiming looked at Tan Xilu’s profile, he recalled memories from his database. There were few memories of no. 7 accompanying Tan Xilu on a bus ride like this. no. 7’s love was restrained, as he was afraid of being discovered by his creator. His love was hidden carefully during the early stages.


For example, when Tan Xilu was tired on the bus, his head would unconsciously lean towards the window side, and no. 7 would carefully pull him closer, letting him rest on his shoulder. They never held hands in public places like buses, at most, their palms would touch each other’s backhand. This kind of love was difficult, but Xu Huaiming felt fortunate. He had obtained a Tan Xilu who had been hurt before. At this moment, Tan Xilu cherished him immensely. So much so that Xu Huaiming even believed that if he suggested kissing now, Tan Xilu probably wouldn’t refuse.


However, Xu Huaiming wouldn’t act so impulsively. He possessed a rationality programmed clearer than that of a human.


Ten minutes later, the bus arrived at the station, and they got off together.


Things they couldn’t do on the bus, they thought about doing once they got home.


The passion of young love blazed fiercely. Right at their doorstep, the two couldn’t bear to part, and before Tan Xilu’s fingertips even touched the door lock screen, Xu Huaiming was already kissing him, holding his slender waist.


Xu Huaiming seemed to find this position uncomfortable, so he turned Tan Xilu forcefully, and they faced each other. Tan Xilu leaned against the door, his hands reaching for Xu Huaiming’s neck.


Tan Xilu noticed that Xu Huaiming, after returning home, seemed unusually fond of kissing. They didn’t go to bed again, but they would kiss, whether it was a morning kiss or a goodnight kiss. Sometimes, when Xu Huaiming passed by Tan Xilu while getting something, he would peck his lips, like an affectionate big dog.


But Tan Xilu enjoyed it. He never thought that love would deteriorate over time. On the contrary, just like the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” he believed he loved the current Xu Huaiming more because he only realized his significance after losing him. He believed Xu Huaiming felt the same way.


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Chapter 4 – Replica

Chapter 4: Every Day


Tan Xilu absentmindedly drank the now cold water that had been left sitting for a while. His lips, which hadn’t fully healed, stung as the water touched them. He took a sip, maintaining his composure as he watched Xu Huaiming cooking in the kitchen.


It had been a week since Xu Huaiming returned, and Tan Xilu still found it hard to believe that he was here in the flesh.


He couldn’t help but pinch his palm. It hurt.


After a few seconds, he couldn’t help but chuckle. Xu Huaiming had really come back; this wasn’t a dream.


With that thought in mind, Tan Xilu lifted his lips slightly and stood up from the sofa. He walked to the kitchen door, leaning against the frame as he said to Xu Huaiming, “Don’t overcook the noodles, okay?”


The boiling pot of noodles rolled and frothed, spilling white foam. Xu Huaiming gently stirred the noodles, sprinkled some fine salt, and covered the pot with a lid, reducing the heat.


“Sure,” Xu Huaiming replied. He continued to prepare the broth on the side. This was a clear noodle soup that he had learned from a short video platform today. Tan Xilu was still recovering from his illness and couldn’t eat overly spicy food, so Xu Huaiming had started making some milder dishes.


Perhaps due to his intelligent AI nature, Xu Huaiming quickly picked up various skills. He could remember everything like a program after just one run-through, much like the saying, “photographic memory.”


Xu Huaiming poured some vinegar into the bottom of the bowls and then lifted the lid of the noodle pot. The noodles were cooked perfectly, breaking with a light touch. To maintain their chewiness, he rinsed them in cold water briefly before placing them in the bowls. Finally, he sprinkled chopped green onions and a fried egg on top of the noodles.


Two bowls of clear noodle soup were placed on the dining table.


After observing for a week, Xu Huaiming noticed that Tan Xilu had a particular fondness for noodles. Whether it was knife-cut noodles, hot dry noodles, or dan dan noodles, he enjoyed them all. So, Xu Huaiming made various noodle dishes to cater to his preferences.


Xu Huaiming handed a pair of freshly rinsed chopsticks to Tan Xilu and said, “I lost track of time just now, and I’m not sure if the noodles are overcooked.”


Tan Xilu took the chopsticks and picked up a strand of noodles, bringing it to his mouth and tasting it before answering Xu Huaiming’s question. “It’s not bad, quite delicious, and not too soft.”


“That’s good,” Xu Huaiming replied, and he began to eat his own noodles.


Xu Huaiming’s bodily functions were similar to humans, and he had his own digestive system. However, unlike humans, he only needed to excrete waste once a month. In other words, he could eat for a month before needing to eliminate waste. But Xu Huaiming didn’t like the process of digestion. His method of waste elimination was different from humans, requiring him to go to a specialized waste disposal room at the lab, where he would connect to a professional waste disposal system through his mouth and expel the waste, similar to human vomiting.


Xu Huaiming had more sensitive senses than humans. The discomfort in his throat when he vomited made him uncomfortable for half a day. During this time, he couldn’t drink water because it would make him feel even more uncomfortable. Therefore, in the lab, he usually chose to eat liquid food. However, in front of Tan Xilu, this was not an option. He was supposed to be a “human,” and he couldn’t live like an AI. As a result, he ate very little.

The taste of the noodles was indeed good, and the fried egg was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. When you took a bite and dipped it in the soup, it was very flavorful. However, Xu Huaiming didn’t particularly like eating eggs; he always found such food to be somewhat fishy. The only exception was food where you couldn’t see the eggs, like cakes. But Tan Xilu loved this type of food, and sometimes in the morning, he would eat a fried egg along with a boiled one.


So, Xu Huaiming placed the fried egg from his own bowl into Tan Xilu’s bowl and said, “You can have mine too.”


“Thanks,” Tan Xilu replied without looking up, as if it was a common occurrence.


Because in the past, Xu Huaiming had always taken good care of Tan Xilu, he was well aware of Tan Xilu’s preferences, and he would avoid foods that Tan Xilu didn’t like when cooking. He had taken care of Tan Xilu so well that Tan Xilu couldn’t handle his sudden absence.


— How could the person who loved me and took care of me so much just disappear like that?


Fortunately, Xu Huaiming was back now, and Tan Xilu would be well taken care of again.


The meal didn’t take long. Tan Xilu had another class in the afternoon, and he needed to prepare his lecture materials in advance. This public class was important because a professor would be attending, and there were also other students from the department who were interested in the topic.


After the meal, Xu Huaiming washed the dishes and changed his clothes before driving Tan Xilu to the university. After dropping him off, he headed to the dessert shop that used to be run by no. 7 at the university.


The dessert shop had been closed ever since no. 7 returned to the lab. It had been closed for seven years, during which time the city had changed a lot, but the shop’s front remained dusty.


Tan Xilu wanted Xu Huaiming to reopen the shop, and Xu Huaiming couldn’t refuse. However, he had no previous experience making desserts; it would take him some time to learn. The shop’s renovation would coincide with his learning period.


When Xu Huaiming arrived at the shop, the renovation workers had already started installing the counter. The renovation was not very complicated, so it progressed quickly. A few days ago, the shop had just been repainted, and today, with the counter in place, they only needed to purchase some equipment.


Inside the shop, the workers were busy, while Xu Huaiming sat outside and opened his laptop to watch dessert tutorials. He had been doing this for the past few days. He and Tan Xilu would come to the university together, and then Tan Xilu would attend classes while Xu Huaiming watched tutorials outside the dessert shop. When Tan Xilu finished his classes and returned home, they would go back together.


Tan Xilu’s public class lasted for two hours. Xu Huaiming had drained his laptop’s battery by the time he finished watching tutorials. However, he had learned quite a bit today, mastering the techniques for at least five different desserts. Now he just needed to put them into practice.


When Xu Huaiming reached the university’s entrance, Tan Xilu had just come out of the school building. He was accompanied by a tall and seemingly cheerful guy who was talking to him. The guy said something that made Tan Xilu smile, and in response, the guy also smiled.


Tan Xilu had originally been smiling, but when he raised his head and saw Xu Huaiming across the street, he suddenly became serious. He turned to the guy and said, “Someone’s here to pick me up. About what you mentioned, I’ll consider it. Don’t stay out too late tonight, and don’t drink too much. I don’t want to have to come and rescue you guys like before.”


“I got it, Teacher Tan,” the guy said, wearing a slightly teasing expression. “Does Teacher Tan have a girlfriend now? Lately, you’re not working overtime at all. You leave right on time.”


Tan Xilu didn’t deny the first question, but he had an explanation for the second one. “It’s not that I’m getting old, it’s just that as soon as I’m at school, you guys drag me into having fun. I’m not as young as you all anymore.”


In reality, part of it was because he wanted to spend more time alone with Xu Huaiming.


“What do you mean you’re not young anymore, Teacher Tan? You’re not even thirty yet. Don’t call yourself old,” the guy said playfully. As he finished speaking, he noticed someone blocking their path. He was about to step aside, but then he realized that Tan Xilu, who was beside him, had stopped moving. He followed Tan Xilu’s gaze and saw a tall man standing in front of them. The man had an expressionless face, possibly because he was wearing golden wire-framed glasses, giving him a distant look.


He stood in front of Tan Xilu and looked at him without saying a word.


“Teacher Tan, is this your friend?” the guy asked tentatively.


Tan Xilu made an “ah” sound, seemingly considering how to explain his relationship with Xu Huaiming.


Before he could say anything, Xu Huaiming took the initiative to hold Tan Xilu’s hand. His voice had a distinct metallic quality as he said to the guy, “I’m Ah Lu’s boyfriend. My name is Xu Huaiming.”


The bus moved slowly, and it was around four or five in the afternoon, which was the time when schools let out. The bus was crowded, and at every stop, many students in blue and white uniforms got on.


Tan Xilu and Xu Huaiming sat in the last row of seats. The twilight sun shone through the windows, casting their figures in a warm glow. Both of them had no particular expressions on their faces, but their hands were intertwined on their laps.


It was unclear who looked at the other first, but both of them broke into smiles.


Xu Huaiming was looking at Tan Xilu when he smiled, and Tan Xilu smiled back, sweetly.


Since Xu Huaiming’s return, Tan Xilu had refrained from asking where he had been all these years, not because he didn’t want to know, but because he didn’t dare to ask.


Their first major argument back then had been about whether or not to publicly acknowledge their relationship.


Although same-sex marriage had been legal for several years, it was still unacceptable to many people. Tan Xilu claimed that he had no such concerns. His parents had received a higher education, and when Tan Xilu had just started dating, they had expressed the hope that he would bring his boyfriend home to meet them. At first, Tan Xilu thought that their relationship wasn’t stable enough for that, but later, after he and Xu Huaiming had solidified their relationship, he decided to introduce Xu Huaiming to his parents. However, what caught Tan Xilu off guard was Xu Huaiming’s strong resistance.


Xu Huaiming appeared quite unhappy, his brows furrowed. He asked, “Did you tell your parents about us?”


Tan Xilu was taken aback by Xu Huaiming’s reaction, freezing in place. He stammered, “Uh, is that not allowed?”


Xu Huaiming didn’t say it was not allowed; he simply shook his head.


Tan Xilu forced a smile, tugging at Xu Huaiming’s arm awkwardly. He said, “It’s okay; my parents will really like you.”


Xu Huaiming still shook his head, and this time, he spoke, “Ah Lu, I don’t need others to like me. It’s enough for me if you do.”


Tan Xilu didn’t insist further, and that night, the two of them lay on the same bed in silence.


The next morning, Tan’s mother called, asking when Tan Xilu and his boyfriend would be coming home. Tan Xilu looked at Xu Huaiming, who was tending to plants on the balcony, and said to his mother, “Mom, he’s been busy these past few days. We’ll come home when we have some free time.”


Tan’s mother seemed disappointed but didn’t say much.


The excuse of being busy was quite weak, and it only took two times for Tan’s mother to suspect that something was amiss. Perhaps it was because she had watched too many soap operas, making her quite astute. She said to Tan Xilu, “Don’t tell me your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you, so he doesn’t want to meet your parents. Why else wouldn’t he want to come with you?”


“How could that be, Mom? Don’t make wild assumptions. He really likes me,” Tan Xilu replied.


“Then why doesn’t he come with you? What’s the matter? Would it hurt to be with you for a while?” Tan’s mother said, “I think he simply doesn’t care about you.”



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Chapter 52 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 52

At this moment, Lu Jingning was standing on the wreckage of an old mecha, holding a thick metal stick he somehow found. With a slender wrist raised, he nonchalantly rested the broken blade on his shoulder, as if it symbolized the bloodshed and battles he had just experienced.


After concluding his communication with Wen Ye, Lu Jingning glanced at Wen Xingchen and said, “The captain told us to speed up.”


Wen Xingchen nodded without hesitation, “Then let’s directly break through the crystal.”


Meanwhile, as the Three Schools Alliance was still assembling, the big screen displayed their actions. Upon hearing their conversation, everyone’s expressions became complex.


“Do they think the energy crystal is as easy as picking cabbage? Are they planning to break through just like that?!”


However, when they looked at the Three Schools Alliance, which was gradually gathering, they had to admit that apart from rapidly annihilating the enemy base, there seemed to be no other feasible option for them.


Speed and decisiveness were essential!


The Imperial Navy University had indeed displayed overwhelming strength in this military academy exchange competition. Sometimes, they were not only inexperienced but also too powerful, making it a kind of original sin.


As the source of all evil on the battlefield, Lu Jingning, after a brief exchange with Wen Xingchen, began moving swiftly once again.


If others thought their words were merely due to their lack of experience in the league, they were proven wrong when they saw the two charging straight towards Grand War’s main base. They were not even attempting to take a detour.


There were confused faces all around.


What kind of divine operation was this?!


Their aggressive approach bewildered even the viewers from the god’s-eye perspective, let alone the defenders of Grand War’s base.


Seeing the sudden appearance of the two in their field of view, Luojingchen hesitated for a moment and immediately sought instructions from the frontline captain.


While the Three Schools Alliance had almost completed their assembly and was preparing to launch an attack, Grand War’s captain was somewhat startled by the inquiry. “Are you saying those two want to break through our base?! Do your best to intercept them; we’ll also step up our defenses.”


After ending the communication, the captain glanced at the others and couldn’t help but chuckle, “The Imperial Navy University hasn’t called their people back for defense even at this moment. They’re becoming overly arrogant.”


Someone from the Heavy Cloud Defense University frowned, “It’s been three years, and it seems like Wen Ye has become even more aggressive.”


“This must be due to their recent smooth sailing; they’ve become too complacent. They seem to have forgotten how they lost the previous exchange competition. We thought Wen Ye would have learned from that experience, but apparently, they haven’t.”


Listening to their discussion, the commentator couldn’t help but feel amused, “It’s evident that the Three Schools Alliance is determined to win this time! However, their optimism might be a bit too much. As of now, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen have already initiated their attack. Can Grand War’s defense hold them outside the base?”


The tone of the commentator seemed somewhat delighted, leaving the audience feeling a bit speechless. However, when the camera returned to Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, they were stunned by the intense battle on the screen.


“It’s just too explosive! The first shot shows a huge rock shattering under the beam, and two figures are darting around like phantoms, avoiding continuous strafing. Regardless of the dense firepower, they aren’t hindered in the slightest. Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen are demonstrating incredible agility and swift movements!”


The commentator’s voice changed as he got more excited, “They have evaded a wave of mini-trackers’ self-destruct attacks, and now they’re facing the drone group’s strafing interception. Can they avoid it? Oh, they did it again! A beautiful side flip and a quick turn combined with the use of cover have bewildered the drones. Where should they fly now? But it’s no surprise; Lu Jingning’s movements are just too clever. Even with a god’s premonition, it will still feel like being fully wrapped up in his trick. This positioning will undoubtedly make it into the top 10 highlights of this year!”


The commentator was nearly banging his head on the table with excitement, “Another perfect blast! Wen Xingchen is skillfully utilizing the terrain conditions! This is the third heavy mechanical depot destroyed at Grand War’s base!”


“But that’s not all; they continue to advance! It’s hard to believe that this level of destruction is caused by two freshmen! They’re like mobile explosive machines! Up to this point, nearly two-thirds of Grand War’s base has been destroyed. Can they hold on until the Three Schools Alliance completes its operation?!”


At this point, no one cared about the commentator maintaining neutrality.


Everyone watching witnessed the successive explosions that looked like fireworks, not only happening in the sky above Grand War’s base but also sparking in the minds of the audience.


Are these two really ordinary military academy students? Placed in any war setting, even among the top military personnel, there would be no sense of incongruity with their actions.


Feeling a bit dizzy, they were allowed a moment to catch their breath.


Meanwhile, Grand War’s defenders had no time for respite. Their operator’s hands were constantly at work, and even in the virtual space, the overwhelming tension made them feel chills down their spines.


Though they had received orders from their captain, seeing those two figures approach at a speed surpassing ordinary humans, the operator couldn’t help but open the communicator again and desperately seek support, “Defend the base! Request rapid reinforcement! The base is on the verge of collapse! Request reinforcements!”


As the communication reached its end, the operator’s gaze met with a pair of smiling eyes.


Lu Jingning had gone through many obstacles to arrive here, and his appearance seemed a bit disheveled. However, when he curved his eyes, an overly brilliant light seemed to shine through, causing a faint pang in the viewer’s eyes.


He stood before the last giant mecha of the base, and even in the serious situation of both armies facing each other, he politely greeted, “Hey, it’s been quite a journey. We finally meet!”


The defender’s mouth twitched slightly, and on the other side, Grand War’s captain heard the sudden silence over the communicator. An anxious voice came through, “What’s the situation at the base? Please respond! Do you need reinforcements? Give us a clear message!”


The defender remained silent for a moment and sighed softly, “It’s already… not needed.”


Clearly, even if they returned at that moment, it would be too late.



As Lu Jingning was engaged in the confrontation, the camera suddenly switched to the middle lane.


This abrupt change made the audience, who were eagerly waiting for the final showdown, erupt in frustration.


What’s going on? This is a historic moment!


However, the organizers had to be fair, as the Three Schools Alliance was launching an attack together. Without switching the camera, they feared that Grand War’s team would be completely eliminated.


Compared to the reactions of others, the commentator’s response was much quicker. He quickly took a sip of tea and cleared his throat before speaking, “Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen have been making impressive progress, and the Three Schools Alliance is also moving fast. Within a short period, they’ve already overturned the peripheral defenses. But can they make it in time? After all, Wen Ye and Kang Hanyun successfully returned to defend. Besides, Bing Yunlin, the recognized best operator among the military academies, is holding the fort. Judging from the current situation, their progress doesn’t seem to be going smoothly. If they continue like this, those two overlooked freshmen might just surprise them.”


The intensity of the middle lane battle was evident, but compared to the previously shown top lane, despite the significantly larger number of people, the visual impact was somewhat underwhelming.


Lu Jingning carried an air of wildness that was rarely seen among other military academy students. While most people would consider energy allocation during team matches, he seemed not to bother with it. He simply detonated and destroyed, seemingly driven by a pure mischievous spirit.


However, this very demeanor ignited unparalleled excitement among the audience.


This led to a balanced atmosphere on the battlefield between the top and middle lanes.


But with this balance, the tempo on the middle lane appeared slower than the other side.


At this moment, Grand War’s captain, upon hearing “not needed,” although sensing something amiss in the tone, subconsciously leaned towards a positive interpretation. His first reaction was that their defender had successfully dealt with the two from the Imperial Navy University.


Yet, when he looked up at the team score, there was no change. It seemed like it wasn’t the case.


But if it wasn’t…


He finally felt a sense of unease in his heart, which was soon confirmed.


In the chaotic scene, Tang Jiaze saw Grand War’s captain still standing there dazed. He couldn’t help but call out from a distance, “Grand War, don’t stay behind. We’re launching the next wave of attacks!”


Then he saw the opponent’s silhouette strangely flicker around, and before the captain could say anything, he vanished into thin air.


All Grand War team members were immediately ejected from the system, leaving behind their equipment scattered on the ground, adding an eerie backdrop to the previously roaring battlefield.


This sudden turn of events left everyone momentarily stunned, and then they realized what had happened. Their expressions couldn’t help but twist in a bizarre manner.


Subconsciously, they looked up at the scoreboard and, as expected, saw the Imperial Navy University’s score jump from 7 to 10.


Crushing the enemy’s base crystal directly earned them 3 points.


The audience: … 


Damn it! They still didn’t get to see the scene where the energy crystal was taken down. Who switched the camera to the top lane?! Get your ass out here and face the consequences! Kill him! Ahhh!


The commentator chimed in, “Congratulations to the Imperial Navy University. Finally, the moment has come when the Three Schools Alliance starts to crumble. Hahaha!”



Lu Jingning had no idea about the near-riot that almost happened outside due to the lack of appreciation for his magnificent performance.


At this moment, he sat on the Grand War base’s energy crystal, sounding somewhat regretful, “It’s a shame there’s no communicator in the virtual map. Otherwise, I’d take a selfie now. How cool would that be?”


Wen Xingchen, who was busy swapping some equipment, looked up at him for a moment and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Whether you take a selfie or not, you’re still pretty cool.”


Lu Jingning genuinely felt that Wen Xingchen was very skilled in his speech. Even though he delivered a rather subtle compliment, it seemed to dissipate much of his regret.


Looking back at the pile of ruins behind him, Lu Jingning became increasingly satisfied with his masterpiece, “Of course, how can I not be cool? With such thorough demolition skills, who else but me could do it!”


Wen Xingchen naturally reached out and grabbed his collar, pulling him off the crystal, reminding him, “Enough boasting. Don’t forget, your idol is still waiting for you to save him.”


Lu Jingning immediately snapped back to attention, and with a serious expression, he said, “That’s right. We can’t forget this daunting mission!”


Wen Xingchen asked, “Where to next?”


Without hesitation, Lu Jingning took action, “Silver Star!”


Wen Xingchen quickly caught him by the collar and said, “You’re running in the wrong direction; it’s this way.”


“Cough, cough.” Lu Jingning cleared his throat and pretended as if nothing had happened, then turned around and ran, “Hurry, catch up!”


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