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Chapter 43

       Zhou Mo suspected he had misread it and sent three question marks in a row, asking: Who are you in love with?

       Suo Yang stood up and stretched, then leaned against the window and replied: Shen Huiming.

       A voice call came in from Zhou Mo.

       “What’s the situation?” Zhou Mo said in surprise, “Why are you two secretly communicating behind my back?”

       Suo Yang smiled softly, “We’ve known each other since before your birthday.”


       “Well, he was on a business trip to New York once and took my flight.”

       Zhou Mo was even more surprised, “And then you saw each other after that? That’s not right! You’re not that kind of person!”

       “It’s not true, but there are always unforeseen things.” Suo Yang briefly told Zhou Mo about the several ‘encounters’ he had with Shen Huiming, and after hearing that, Zhou Mo couldn’t help but feel that fate was really to blame.

       “Ming ge is pretty good,” Zhou Mo said, “but this guy is really… What should I say to him.”

       “Huh? What’s the matter?”

       Zhou Mo sneered, “He’s really good at pretending. Did you know that?”

       “What’s the meaning?”

       “Didn’t I introduce Jiang Tongyan to you on my birthday? I originally wanted to introduce Ming ge to you,” Zhou Mo said. “but then he pretended to say that he had no intention of being in a relationship for the time being and that he should concentrate on his career first. Tsk, what a hypocrite! “

       Suo Yang laughed out loud.

       “Oh, but then again, you two hadn’t met each other yet at that time,” Zhou Mo said, “He’s also good at it too. Is this a case of seeing what you desire?”

       It didn’t matter if it was a fling or anything else. The important thing was that they were together now, and Suo Yang could feel Shen Huiming’s sincerity.

       “Does Jiang Tongyan know about this?” Zhou Mo said, “He’s in deep shit.”

       “Why do you say that?”

       “There is a curse between him and Old Shen. Haven’t you heard of it?” Zhou Mo laughed, “Whenever Jiang Tongyan likes someone, that person is bound to like Shen Huiming!”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud.

       He remembered this incident, but at that time, he didn’t feel that this ‘curse’ would come true to him.

       However, Jiang Tongyan might not really have fallen for him. After all, he hadn’t contacted him since that meeting.

       Zhou Mo was in a good mood as he listened to Suo Yang laugh.

       He had always regarded Suo Yang as his best friend for so many years. When he saw that Suo Yang was finally willing to look for someone and found a good one, Zhou Mo was happy too.

       “Where are you?” Zhou Mo knew he was at the hotel, “Old Shen didn’t fly with you, did he?”

       Back in the days before Zhou Mo changed careers, Cheng Sen chased after him and flew with him at every turn. The two flirted with each other on the plane, and after getting off the plane, they looked for a place to rent a room. Life was so good.

       “I’m in Rio,” Suo Yang said, “Huiming has a lot going on at his company, so he can’t just leave whenever he can.”

       “Yo yo, Huiming!” Zhou Mo said with a gossipy laugh, “Calling so sweetly!”

       Suo Yang laughed and didn’t say much.

       “But it’s true, old Shen is all on his own. It’s very hard work,” Zhou Mo said, “Okay, I won’t bother you anymore. You should take the time to recuperate and come back to make up for your hard-working man.”

       There was nothing Suo Yang could do with him; this man had always spoken immoderately.

       “It’s time to hang up. I have to pack up and get ready to go out.” Zhou Mo muttered at the end, “I’ll have to find a chance to get old Shen to treat me to a big meal!”

       “I’ll treat you.” Suo Yang said with a smile, “I’ll contact you when I get back.”

       After he hung up the phone, Suo Yang smiled and let out a long sigh of relief.

       This was the first time he had heard about Shen Huiming’s refusal to be introduced by Zhou Mo. He didn’t expect that there would be such a story.

       Suo Yang, who had had enough sleep and didn’t want to go out with his colleagues, changed his clothes and wandered alone on the streets of Rio, wanting to see if there was anything he could buy back as a gift for Shen Huiming.

       At this point, Suo Yang suddenly realized that the two of them really didn’t know each other well enough, and they didn’t even know each other’s likes and dislikes. He understood that he could only discover these things slowly in the future and write them down bit by bit.

       He could even imagine that whatever he gave, the other party would accept it like a treasure and then say he liked it.

       But he still hoped to match what he liked and hoped that what he gave to Shen Huiming was what the other party liked and could really use.

       As he was walking along this road, he suddenly smelled the aroma of coffee.

       He suddenly remembered that the last time he went to Shen Huiming’s company, he drank the coffee Jiang Tongyan gave.

       Suo Yang stopped, followed the aroma, and looked around. He then finally found the source of the coffee aroma.

       What he thought when he pushed the door open was: Next time, I want Shen Huiming to say that my lover brought this back from Brazil when he invited people for coffee.

       He smiled self-deprecatingly. Why was he still feeling jealous?


       The night before Suo Yang’s return, Shen Huiming stayed up all night to finish all the work he could handle so that at least he had half a day free to go and pick up Suo Yang.

       He realised that he didn’t tell Suo Yang he would be there, and when he finally contacted the other party, he only said, “It will depend on the situation at that time”.

       Life was always going to be a bit of a surprise!

       Shen Huiming slept for over three hours, got up at seven o’clock, went to the nearby market to buy some ingredients, and left for the airport at almost nine o’clock, waiting to pick up his hard-working boyfriend home.

       This kind of life was too blissful, which made Shen Huiming feel like he and Suo Yang had already lived a married life.

       When he arrived at the airport, Suo Yang hadn’t landed yet, and Shen Huiming was really inexperienced in picking up a flight attendant and didn’t know whether he should wait with everyone at the international arrival exit.

       He pondered for a while, found a coffee shop to sit down, sent a message to Suo Yang, and then waited there quietly.

       This time, Shen Huiming had no urgent work, so he brought out the book with the coffee-stained cover and sat in the coffee shop at the far end of the airport lobby, holding his mobile phone and scrolling through Suo Yang’s Weibo.

       In Rio de Janeiro, Suo Yang said he missed him.

       Shen Huiming smiled and clicked on it, replying: I miss you too.

       Shen Huiming didn’t have a Weibo at first, but when he was in Berlin last time, he knew that Suo Yang was playing Weibo, so he remembered it. In the past few days, on a whim, he also registered one.

       He didn’t even bother changing his avatar and ID; the only person he followed was ‘Sky Mirror’.

       After replying to Suo Yang’s Weibo, Shen Huiming saw Zhou Mo’s comments. Zhou Mo’s profile picture was a photo of him and Cheng Sen, but the photo only showed a part of Zhou Mo leaning on his shoulder. Cheng Sen’s face was not shown.

       The bored Shen Huiming clicked on Zhou Mo’s Weibo, and the first thing he saw was: My best friend has been pigged out, and although the pig is not bad, it feels like a loss!

       Shen Huiming probably guessed what he was talking about, smiled helplessly, and said to himself, Am I a pig?

       From where Shen Huiming was sitting, he could see the blue sky at a glance. He put down his mobile phone, stared at the planes taking off and landing, and guessed which one of the returning planes had his sweetheart on board.

       Suo Yang’s flight landed on time, and after finishing his work, he turned on his phone.

       Shen Huiming said: I’m here, waiting for you.

       “Yang ge, why are you so happy?” A colleague came in to change clothes, saw him standing there with his mobile phone and giggled, and deliberately made fun of him, “A lover?”

       Suo Yang replied with a smile, “Yes.”

       The other party was a little surprised and then congratulated again and again.

       Suo Yang was anxious to see Shen Huiming, and after he changed his uniform, he didn’t chat with his colleagues. He made an excuse and left first.

       After he came out, he called Shen Huiming, “Where are you?”

       Shen Huiming said the location of the coffee shop he was in. He smiled and asked, “Miss me?”

       Suo Yang smiled lightly and did not answer.

       “I know even if you don’t say it.” Shen Huiming said, “You missed me when you were in Rio.”

       Suo Yang was a little surprised, “Did you see my Weibo post?”

       “From now on, just tell me directly if you miss me,” Shen Huiming smiled, “Showing love over the air, wouldn’t it be a loss if I don’t know?”

       Suo Yang dragged his suitcase, passed through the noisy crowd at the airport, and walked quickly towards the coffee shop on the far side.

       Him, “Okay, next time I miss you, I will tell you directly.”

       “Where are you?” Shen Huiming asked, “I’ll go to your side to meet you.”

       “No need, I…”

       “I miss you,” Shen Huiming got up and walked outside, “If I can see you one minute earlier, I will earn an extra minute.”

       The two big men, surprisingly so cringy, Suo Yang smiled so much that his ears burned.

       The two walked towards each other on the phone like this and saw each other’s figures through the people they were passing by.

       “Want to kiss you right here.” As they finally got closer and stood in front of the other party, Shen Huiming stared at Suo Yang, “It’s going to be hard to control myself.”

       “But you still have to control it.” Suo Yang put the phone away and looked at him with a smile, “I’ll let you kiss me when we get back.”

       This was already the most cringe thing that Suo Yang could say.

       Shen Huiming was happy and led the other party out quickly.

       However, although Suo Yang said that he would give him a kiss after they got back, actually, as soon as he sat in the passenger seat, Shen Huiming came over and took the opportunity to kiss him under the pretext of helping him fasten his seat belt.

       “Why am I like this?” Shen Huiming said after kissing him, “Like a bad wolf.”

       “You are aware of that, huh?” Suo Yang took his hand and squeezed it lightly, “Let’s go.”

       Shen Huiming sat back and drove Suo Yang away from the airport.

       He directly took Suo Yang back to his home and hugged him as soon as he entered the door.

       Suo Yang smiled helplessly, letting him cling to himself childishly, and then slowly responded. The two kissed on the sofa for nearly twenty minutes before separating.

       “Why is your face so red?” Shen Huiming asked with a smile.

       “Why do you think?” Suo Yang looked at the other party, leaned forward and kissed him, “I brought you a gift.”

       He patted Shen Huiming lightly, pulled him up from the sofa, and then went to open the suitcase.

       “Coffee?” Shen Huiming took the two packs of coffee beans from him, “Why did you think of buying this?”

       “Keep one pack at home and one pack at work.” Suo Yang said, “You like coffee, and I can buy speciality coffee from various countries for you in the future.”

       Shen Huiming smiled while holding the coffee beans and asked, “Do I smell vinegar1eating vinegar is the way Chinese people say someone is jealous, so in this case, Shen Huiming is teasing Suo Yang by saying he smelled his jealousy?”

       Suo Yang, a little embarrassed, turned away from Shen Huiming, squatted there, and pulled the suitcase back up.

       “Jealous of Jiang Tongyan too?” Shen Huiming went over and hugged him from behind, “Okay, go for it. You are so cute when you are jealous.”

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Chapter 42

       Suo Yang flew to Rio de Janeiro this time, counting the time spent overnight there, the round trip took almost four days.

       It was afternoon when they arrived in Rio de Janeiro, and they didn’t return until the next afternoon, so they could rest there for a day.

       Suo Yang saw off the last passenger, sorted out the cabin affairs, and turned on the phone after everything was done.

       After turning it on, the first message that came in was from Shen Huiming: Saw a plane and instantly missed you.

       In fact, he hadn’t gotten used to this state for the time being—having someone think of him all the time, and thinking of someone else all the time. But it was undeniable that when I saw this sentence, the exhaustion accumulated after more than 30 hours of flying was swept away.

       There was an 11-hour time difference between here and China. Suo Yang replied to Shen Huiming, who had already fallen asleep where the sun was shining brightly in Rio de Janeiro.

       He didn’t say much, just told the other party that he landed safely—Everything is going well, don’t worry.

       Suo Yang went to the hotel with everyone. As usual, two people shared a room. This time, the colleague who lived in the same room with him happened to be in the same group as his girlfriend. After the two arrived, they went to open a separate room and then said to him with some embarrassment, “Yang ge, I won’t come to stay at night.”

       Suo Yang smiled and nodded to express his understanding.

       It was good that she was not coming over, so he was happy to be alone.

       He put away his luggage, tidied up briefly, went to take a shower, then picked up the book he brought with him, and lay down on the bed.

       Suo Yang felt that he might be influenced by Shen Huiming, and even carried that ‘On Love’ book with him when he went out. He sent this book to Shen Huiming anonymously before, and the two met to finish it together. For Suo Yang, it was actually a re-reading, so he didn’t take it too seriously at the time. Every time Shen Huiming sent him the reading progress, he would turn to that page at the same time and scan the pages.

       Today, tired as he was, he actually tried to reread it word by word from the first page.

       [In this world, there is nothing stronger than the desire for love.]

       Seeing the first sentence of the first chapter, Suo Yang laughed.

       When he read this sentence last time, he didn’t think so, but now he nodded.

       Shen Huiming seemed to believe that the relationship between them was influenced by ‘Romantic Fatalism’. He believed that the fate of the two had been tied together long ago. As for Suo Yang, he always thought this matter was mysterious before, and he always tried to get rid of ‘Fate’ every time it was mentioned, but always found that it seemed difficult for human beings to get rid of the so-called “Fate”.

       However, even if “Fate” always haunted them, it only had a small impact on their lives, and it only leads them to meet, and later on, the whole relationship between them still depended on themselves.

       Suo Yang felt that he and Shen Huiming could come together, fate only contributed 30% of the whole development, and the rest should be credited to Shen Huiming.

       It was Shen Huiming who made a person who neither expected nor was optimistic about love, willingly write the word ‘love’ on paper.

       He leaned on the bed, leaning on the soft pillow, and finished reading the encounter between ‘I1the person in the book’ and Chloe in the book.

       He and she, he and him, they all met at thirty thousand feet, on the plane, in the clouds.

       As he closed the book, Suo Yang clearly knew that ‘Romantic Fatalism’ was still just a very metaphysical thing. It could reasonably exist in the book, but it might not really exist in reality.

       But regardless of whether ‘Romantic Fatalism’ existed or not, he had truly fallen in love with that man, and he truly was missing him on this afternoon in a foreign country.

       He glanced at the time. It was 4:30 p.m. Rio de Janeiro time.

       It should be the early morning of the next day at Shen Huiming’s place, and the other party must be in a dream.

       He picked up his phone and sent another message to Shen Huiming: I wish you another wonderful day when you wake up, and I miss you too.


       Suo Yang didn’t sleep for long this time, he woke up around eight o’clock.

       The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to touch his phone and check his messages.

       This was also a new change for him.

       Shen Huiming sent him a photo of his breakfast two hours ago—a bowl of delicious-looking wontons.

       Suo Yang had barely eaten since the morning, and he hadn’t felt hungry at first, but when he saw Shen Huiming’s wontons, his stomach suddenly growled shamelessly.

       He subconsciously rubbed his stomach, turned over with his mobile phone, and replied to Shen Huiming: Good morning, the wontons look delicious.

       Shen Huiming had already finished his coffee when he received the text and was sitting on the sofa with his mobile phone looking through the schedule sent by his assistant yesterday.

       It was another busy day.

       Sometimes Shen Huiming thought, just as employees didn’t want to go to work, the boss didn’t want to go to work either, just like students didn’t want to go to school, and teachers didn’t want to either.

       Who didn’t want to enjoy life and make money at the same time? But the problem was that they were all ordinary people, and if they didn’t work hard, they just couldn’t afford to eat or live.

       He looked at the long list of schedules, and Shen Huiming had a headache, but when Suo Yang’s message came, he was in a good mood.

       Shen Huiming replied to him and asked cautiously: Can we do a video call?

       He wanted to see Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang had never video-called anyone, including his parents.

       Shen Huiming hadn’t received a reply for a long time, and he was a little nervous. Although the two were indeed a couple now, they really didn’t know each other well in many habits. He was still afraid that he will touch Suo Yang’s trigger.

       Just as he was thinking about how to talk, Suo Yang’s video call invitation came through.

       Shen Huiming laughed, thinking that he was being too cautious, while Suo Yang was not so.

       The two were separated by more than 17,000 kilometres. truly separated by mountains and water, and when they saw each other on the video, their longing doubled.

       “It’s already dark over there, isn’t it?”

       “Well, I slept through the evening.”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “Tired?”

       “A little bit,” Suo Yang said, “but there is enough rest time, and we will return to the journey tomorrow night.”

       Shen Huiming made a rough calculation. If Suo Yang returned tomorrow night, he would arrive in the morning of the day after tomorrow. He quickly glanced at the calendar on the table, intending to free up as much of that morning as possible.

       Although Suo Yang said no, he still wanted to pick him up.

       “Your wontons seem to be pretty good.” Suo Yang had already gotten off the bed, sat on the chair by the bed and looked out the window, “I’m hungry.”

       The phrase ‘I’m hungry’ actually seemed a bit coquettish, which made Shen Huiming wish he could go over and cook wontons for him right away.

       “I’ll cook it for you when you come back,” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “What are you going to have later? Authentic Brazilian barbecue?”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “Shall I eat alone?”

       “What? You’re not going out with your colleagues?”

       “No,” Suo Yang said, “I don’t really want to go out.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Then when I have a chance in the future, I will accompany you to go.”

       Suo Yang looked at the video of a fully dressed Shen Huiming and suddenly wanted to help the other party tie their cufflinks.

       “Okay.” Suo Yang looked at him with a slight smile, “Where else do you plan to go with me?”

       “Berlin.” Shen Huiming said, “Let’s go to a wedding later.”

       The two men looked at each other for a moment.

       Shen Huiming didn’t say it explicitly, because to say it now would make him seem a bit impatient and frivolous, but he was really thinking that when the two of them returned to Berlin in the future, it would be their own wedding they would be attending then.

       If Suo Yang agreed.

       “Okay.” Suo Yang replied with a smile.

       Shen Huiming knew that Suo Yang agreed to go back to Berlin together, but he secretly changed the meaning in his heart, which brought him a double good mood.

       “Are you getting ready to go to the company?” Suo Yang asked.

       “Well, it’s almost time.” Shen Huiming didn’t want to go to work in the first place, and now he’s video calling Suo Yang, he didn’t want to go out even more.

       Suo Yang smiled, “Go, I won’t bother you anymore.”

       Shen Huiming sighed and said, “I desperately need a vacation to travel around the world with you.”

       “There will be a chance,” Suo Yang waved to him, “but before that, you still have to work hard to make money.”

       Shen Huiming laughed out loud, and couldn’t help feeling that Suo Yang was being genuine.

       “Okay, I’m ready to go out.” Shen Huiming looked at the person on the other side of the video reluctantly and said, “I miss you very much. When you come back, I will pick you up.”

       Suo Yang smiled and didn’t answer his words, just said to him, “Drive carefully, don’t get too tired.”

       The two said ‘goodbye’ to each other, but it was Suo Yang who hung up the video first.

       The video call cut off and the room became quiet again.

       Suo Yang raised his hand and pinched his face which was a little sore from smiling, and stared at the phone interface in awe.

       After the video ended, Shen Huiming sent another message. He said: Contact me anytime if you have anything to do. You are as important as work.

       Suo Yang stared at the message with a smile and replied after a long time: Okay.

       Shen Huiming put him in the same position as work, which didn’t make Suo Yang unhappy, on the contrary, he thought it was the right thing to do.

       Love and lovers were important, but for a mature and rational adult, one should not be easily carried away by emotions.

       In this world, it was realistic that one must first survive and live, and only then we could have the energy to love others well.

       If Shen Huiming told him today that he was more important than work, Suo Yang might feel disappointed instead.

       The person he had chosen should not be like that.

       He stretched and looked out the window.

       Suo Yang suddenly discovered that he had not only love for Shen Huiming but also admiration.

       He appreciated the other party’s reasoning and his way of dealing with the world.

       His sight fell from the scenery outside the window to himself reflected in the glass window. This man in pyjamas with dishevelled hair was so lucky. He was doing a job he liked and met his ideal lover. All of this was too wonderful to believe.

       He picked up his phone, opened Weibo, and took a picture of the night scene outside the window. When he posted, he added a few rare words.

       He wrote: Missing you on this night in Rio de Janeiro.

       A few minutes later, a message came from Zhou Mo: What’s going on? Who did you miss?

       Suo Yang never thought of hiding it, and admitted openly: I am in love with Shen Huiming.

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Chapter 41

       A healthy relationship is not two people who only have each other in their minds all day long, and only want to be tired of being with each other, but about being in love when they are together and living well when they are apart.

       At three o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Huiming drove Suo Yang home. After that, one of them had to go back to the office and the other had to prepare for a flight to another country.

       Suo Yang fell asleep in the car, hugging the eternal flower bear Shen Huiming had gavin him, sleeping peacefully and a little cutely.

       Shen Huiming followed the navigation and arrived at Suo Yang’s house, parked the car, but was reluctant to wake him up.

       But Suo Yang was not a heavy sleeper and opened his eyes not long after the car stopped.

       “Tired?” Shen Huiming raised his hand to smooth the hair on Suo Yang’s forehead.

       “I’m fine.” Suo Yang took a deep breath, “We’re here…”

       He tilted his head to look upstairs, the apartment on the 17th floor was about to welcome a new guest.

       “Want to come up and sit down?” Suo Yang asked.

       Shen Huiming wanted to go up very much, but he just received a call from his assistant on the way to the office, that someone was visiting.

       He explained to Suo Yang and told him that he had to go back to the company first.

       “Okay,” Suo Yang didn’t care about these things, he shook Shen Huiming’s hand, “Drive safely, go home after work and have a good rest afterwards.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him and smiled, and leaned over to give him a light hug.

       “It’s a wonderful feeling to have a boyfriend who cares.” Before Shen Huiming let go of him, he kissed his ear, “Go back, pack up, rest for a while, and remember to send me a message to report that you are safe when you have free time.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, and imitated his tone and said, “It’s a wonderful feeling to have a boyfriend who cares.”

       The two looked at each other and smiled.

       After Suo Yang got out of the car, Shen Huiming said, “When will you be back? So I can go and pick you up at the airport.”

       “You’re very busy, don’t worry about it.” Suo Yang stood outside the car with the eternal flower bear in his arms and slightly bent over to Shen Huiming, “I’ll contact you when I get back.”

       “Let’s talk about it when the time comes. I’ll go if I’m free.” Shen Huiming actually wanted to pick Suo Yang up, that feeling of picking up his boyfriend from work was probably just as fantastic. However, he really couldn’t be sure that he would have time when the time comes, and it would be bad to let Suo Yang’s expectations fall through.

       Suo Yang smiled at him and said softly, “See you later.”

       Shen Huiming sat in the car and watched him enter the building door before turning the car around and leaving.

       When Suo Yang was standing in the elevator, he suddenly felt that all of this was a bit unbelievable, that he had just started a relationship with someone.

       In the first five minutes after he and Shen Huiming were separated, Suo Yang had completely calmed down. He entered his home, thought for a moment, and placed the red eternal flower bear on the bedside table, replacing the glass vase he had not placed flowers since he bought it before.

       As he packed up his things, he began to carefully trace the development of the relationship between the two. From their first meeting at 30,000 feet to the love that passed through their eyes when they had just parted, everything actually developed quickly and reasonably.

       Shen Huiming was his well-deserved ideal lover.

       At least so far, the other party had not only fulfilled his spiritual fantasies of a lover—rationally understanding and considerate as well as tempting sexually and attractive, but also completely liberated and greatly satisfies his sexual desires.

       Shen Huiming personally demonstrated and explained the ‘body and soul’ that he could not understand in the book.

       He was blushing because of his uncontrolled desire for sex, and at the same time, he was fascinated by Shen Huiming, who had been slow to leave the scene in his mind.

       He had a lover who was both mentally and physically sexy.

       Suo Yang sat on the carpet, looked at the opened suitcase, and laughed softly.


       Suo Yang hesitated for a while before leaving, and in the end, he didn’t take his car. He dragged his suitcase and walked several hundred meters, waited for ten minutes, and got on the airport bus.

       Although he told Shen Huiming to just mind his own work and not to pick up the plane, he still held on to the 100% fantasy of expecting that there would be that one time when he got off the plane and returned home in Shen Huiming’s car.

       Coincidentally, he met a girl from the same group on the bus, He Tian, who was sitting in his car secretly wiping her tears because her boyfriend had cheated on her.

       He Tian saw him as soon as he came up, and immediately sat next to him with a smile and waved her hands.

       “Yang ge is in a good mood today?”

       Suo Yang was a little surprised, “How did you find out?”

       “Obviously, when I usually greet you, your smile doesn’t really reach the eyes.” He Tian said, “You’re so happy today, did you get a boyfriend?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “So obvious?”

       He Tian was surprised, “Really?”

       Suo Yang smiled instead of answering.

       “I didn’t expect it, I really didn’t expect it.” He Tian said, “Judging from this, we don’t even have a chance!”


       “A few days ago when we flew to London, we got together to chat and talk about who could catch you,” He Tian curled her lips and said jokingly, “In the end, before someone could make a move, suddenly you’re in the hands of someone else!”

       Suo Yang recalled the last time He Tian sat in his car and cried. It seemed that she had come out of the shadow of the break-up.

       It’s good, one shouldn’t sink like that because of a failed relationship.

       “Yang ge,” He Tian said, “I was joking with you just now, but I was really surprised.”

       “Surprised by what?”

       “I thought you’d long disregarded the world of mortals.” He Tian smiled, “The last time we chatted, I asked you why you aren’t in a relationship, and you said that fate didn’t come. However, fate is such a mysterious matter. When you answered like that, there is a feeling that the six senses have been severed.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “How is that possible?”

       “Really, I was thinking at the time, it’s a pity for a handsome guy like you.” He Tian looked at him and smiled, “However, seeing that you are really in love now, I am envious and blessed, when will I find a good man…”

       Good man?

       Suo Yang turned his head and looked out the window. The heavy traffic in the evening made him miss Shen Huiming suddenly. He obviously had only been apart for a short time, but he already wanted to know what the other party was doing at this time.

       The feeling of worrying about your boyfriend was also quite amazing.

       “What kind of person is your girlfriend?” He Tian asked gossipingly, “Super pretty, right?!”

       Suo Yang smiled.


       Super pretty?

       He thought for a while and said, “The most suitable person I can imagine.”

       He Tian covered her mouth, “Amazing.”

       Suo Yang looked puzzled.

       “Yang ge is really in love,” He Tian said, “The work machines can talk about love.”

       Suo Yang shook his head helplessly and smiled, he really didn’t understand how he had become such an image in the eyes of his colleagues.

       The two chatted all the way, in fact, most of them were mostly He Tian trying to gossips, and Suo Yang picked and chose to answer.

       In the past, Suo Yang didn’t like to talk about his personal affairs with others, but today he was very happy. Although his answers were always vague, He Tian had already created an image of a peerless gentle beauty in her brain.

       When he arrived at the airport, Suo Yang returned to his usual state.

       Kind and courteous to everything, but appropriately detached.

       It was just that everyone who met him today asked him if there was something good happened to him, saying that he looked different all over.

       It was indeed different.

       Everywhere was different from before.

       Suo Yang changed into his uniform, and there was a note written to him by Shen Huiming in his pocket.

       When he flew, Shen Huiming couldn’t be by his side, so he let this little note he had slipped to him accompany him through the clouds, flying in the blue sky.


       After Shen Huiming sent Suo Yang home, he went directly to the company. He then first received visiting clients and then began to deal with the work that had piled up. After such busy work, a few hours passed in a blink of an eye, and it was already dark when he raised his head and rubbed his sore neck.

       When he looked at the time, he realised that Suo Yang should have been taking off for a while by now.

       He stood up, poured himself a cup of coffee, and walked to the window with the steaming coffee cup in his hand.

       All the employees had already left work, including his assistant, and he was the only one left on the whole floor.

       The world had become very quiet, and the floor-to-ceiling windows with good sound insulation effect isolated him from the outside world, and the sounds of cars and people could not reach his ears.

       He looked up at the night sky, the weather was good. He could see the stars all over the sky, and a bright moon was hanging there, quietly watching the people on the ground.

       Shen Huiming took a sip of coffee, looked at the moon and thought about Suo Yang.

       Sure enough, the two of them were so busy, and neither of them could remember to send a message to the other.

       He smiled, not caring too much about it.

       Isn’t that how life also is? Everyone was busy yet still loves the other, think about each other when taking a break, and then invest in the next round of work.

       He finished drinking a cup of coffee standing by the window, and was about to return to his desk to continue working when he suddenly saw a flashing red dot in the sky.

       It was a plane flying over the city.

       Even though he knew that it couldn’t be the plane carrying Suo Yang, Shen Huiming still stopped his movements and stood there watching until the red dot disappeared from his sight.

       Shen Huiming hesitated for a moment, picked up his phone and sent a message to Suo Yang.

       He texted: Saw a plane and instantly missed you.

       It was a very cringy sentence, and Shen Huiming himself felt embarrassed after sending it.

       But he didn’t back down. It was no big deal to say some cringy things to his boyfriend.

       Shen Huiming knew that Suo Yang was flying and would not reply to him in a short time, so he put down his phone and continued to work while waiting for the time to pass and looking forward to their next meeting.

       Suo Yang’s flight today was to Rio de Janeiro. It was a 30-hour flight and could be said to be a long journey. He still devoted himself to his work as before. The only difference was that when a passenger showed interest in him and tried to stuff his business card into his pocket, he smiled and refused, and changed what he said to the person, “I’m sorry, we have regulations, we can’t accept it” to “I’m sorry, I have a lover.”

       At this time, the stars outside the cabin were shining brightly. When Suo Yang finished the cabin service and walked back, he glanced at the moon in the distance. He knew that although they were not together if Shen Huiming looked up at this time, they would see the same round moon.

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