Zhan Weiyang's system may have mistaken his target

Content tag: Older Love Interest, Romance, Drama, Shounen Ai
Author: Jin Gang Quan/金刚圈
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 攻略对象出了错

A System suddenly appeared in Zhan Weiyang’s head and issued a task to him, asking him to pursue the first person he met in school at the beginning of the new semester. So he blindly approached one with his eyes closed, only to find himself with an impossible mission.

The older cousin, Pei Qing, who was temporarily staying at his house, discovered that his younger little cousin seemed a bit peculiar in the head. What should he do? It was somewhat amusing.


This story has no System and is just an illusion in Shou’s head. Gong and Shou are cousins ​​who are not related by blood.

Pei Qing is actually 表哥(biao ge), an older male cousin on mom’s side
and Zhan Weiyang is 表弟(biao di), a younger male cousin on mom’s side

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