AI love story

Content tag: Futuristic/ Modern-day/ Tragedy/ BE
Author: Plum not fire/李不火
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 复刻品

Xu Huaiming × Tan Xilu


“I don’t know how to love him. Because I’m just AI, I can only prove it in my own way, by destroying myself in the end”


Xu Huaiming developed an AI android before he died. After all, he loved to talk about Xilu, so he couldn’t bear to be sad.


He set a program for the AI to love Tan Xilu, but he didn’t expect the AI program to go wrong after his death, coming to Tan Xilu’s seven years too late.


Tan Xilu regards the AI as the real Xu Huaiming and loves him wholeheartedly.


But the AI program is deviant and he can only pretend to love Xilu by imitating the love of human beings.


When Xilu’s talking about his struggles, he hugged him to comfort him.


He also puts on a smile when Xilu is talking about happy things.


When Xilu’s angry, he’ll coax him not to be angry.


But an android is just an android after all.


He can only rely on the program commands to talk to Xilu.


He has no human emotions.


He really wanted to talk to Xilu.


But he couldn’t even feel real pain.


He understands that he is just AI.


Until one day, when he really felt pain.


But that day was the day Xilu asked him to leave.

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