Puppy-dog villain x Shizun

Content tag: Cultivation/ Xianxia/ Xuanhua
Author: Cloud Shanghai/云上海
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 反派向师尊撒娇了吗

Sweet-on-the-surface, but actually dark/ initially-pretend-to-be-innocent puppy-like, but later, possessive and obsessive!Gong 


Strict and cool/ gentle yet reserved Shizun!Shou


To raise a villain well and prevent their fall, you must start early on.


As an unlucky shizun that was killed by his student who turned into the corrupted villain, Gu Ruochen who had transmigrated into this world decided to—


Bring the villain back home while he was still in his harmless kitten form.


Having learned from past mistakes, he patiently guided the villain from a young age, spoiling and coaxing him, not allowing him to suffer any pain. (Well, maybe a little.)


The protagonist has the ultimate core, and the villain can’t steal it? This shizun will give it to him! (He really did.)


The protagonist had some secret techniques, but the villain couldn’t have them? This shizun will give it to him! (Secretly, of course.)


The protagonist has an affectionate relationship with him, and the villain also wants some affection? Shizun:… 


Gu Ruochen: “You can’t be affectionate with me.”


The young man blinked pitifully at him.


Gu Ruochen couldn’t resist, closed his eyes, sighed, took a deep breath.


“…Just a little affection.”


And so, he received a billion kisses.


Finally, as he watched the Demon Lord become a cute and affectionate little thing, cooing for attention and sending flowers every day, Gu Ruochen felt particularly satisfied.


But who knew that this unrepentant disciple had already regained the memories of their previous life?


He acted spoiled but his gaze was filled with love and hatred at the same time.


“Shizun can’t get angry.”


Suddenly, Yu Yang smiled, his voice sweet and sinister.


“No matter what I do, Shizun must always pamper me, obey me, and spoil me.”


“You can never refuse me. Got it?”


Bonus scene: The irritable Demon Lord is a double-standard dog—


After fighting with Shizun, he hugged Gu Ruochen from behind.


“Shizun, don’t ignore me. Your disciple is obedient now.”


After fighting with others, Yu Yang stepped on Fenxi’s face.


“Why didn’t you obey my orders, hmm?”


Everyone in society knew that Yu Yang was ruthless.


Content Advisory:

  1. The top becomes crazy in the late stage; please be aware.
  2. This story has no combat system, focusing on romance. If you’re looking for action, this isn’t it.
  3. Not a sweet, pet-oriented, and uplifting story. Expect dramatic and somewhat bloody plot elements.
  4. The relationship between the two in this life and the story in the original work are related to their past lives.
  5. The teacher is a good person, kind and gentle. You won’t be disappointed.
  6. There is a twist in the later part of this story, but it ends sweetly. We strive for extra sweetness when it’s sweet and profound drama when it’s not.
  7. HE (Happily Ever After) guaranteed; if it’s not HE, I’ll eat poop on live broadcast.
  8. The synopsis includes points of contention, but the rest is fine. Please go easy on me; this isn’t a sweet, pet-oriented story.


Additional Note: In the early stages of this story, you might feel that the top is mistreated, but please believe that the teacher loves his disciple with all his heart.

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