Icy-Cold Heavenly Emperor, dragon Top x Demon Lord, not-exactly-a-phoenix Bottom

Content tag: Fantasy/ ABO/ Xuanhuan
Author: The sound soars, and time accumulates./飞声蓄时
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Alt. Name: 六界第一鳏夫

Si Lan is the great demon king, but he is more known for his ‘wife-exterminating’ reputation than anything else.


The first time he was married, on the way to the wedding reception, a violent storm raged, and the bride was blown away and left dead on a tree, darn it!?


The second time he married, right after drinking his wedding toast, his bride had a severe alcohol allergy, vomiting uncontrollably before rolling her eyes back and passing away, what?!


The third time he married, he was armed with the experience from the previous two marriages and immediately entered the bridal chamber, only to find out that his bride had encountered a heavenly thunder calamity and exploded, what the heck!?


Since then, the demon king’s consecutive ‘wife-death’ incidents have become known throughout the six realms.


Every time the marriage rate in the demon realm plummets and couples are at odds, the demon palace only has to release the news that the demon king is looking for a new consort. As a result, the young eligible demon realm girls will suddenly get engaged one after another. Even widows get a second chance at marriage (not with the demon king of course) and the demon realm becomes peaceful.


As the main character, the demon king, after a hundred years of being single, couldn’t help but go to a fortune teller to divine his marital fate.


The fortune teller, holding a turtle shell, frowned, feeling that the situation was not simple. “You are destined to have only male partners. If you marry a woman, you will certainly doom her to a fate of inescapable death.”


“…,” the demon king thought, “The demon realm is open-minded, and same-sex relationships are not uncommon.”


He had tens of thousands of brave and skilled soldiers, and twelve exceptionally handsome demon generals. Finding a male partner shouldn’t be difficult. As soon as he turned to speak, the brave soldiers and the twelve exceptionally handsome demon generals behind him scattered like birds and beasts.


Fortunately, his loyal but leg-impaired right-hand man didn’t leave.


The demon king, deeply moved, grasped his right-hand man’s hand. “I knew you were the best.”


“No, Your Majesty, you stepped on my clothes.”


“Oh.” The demon king moved his foot, and when he looked up again, he saw his right-hand man, who had been crippled for over a hundred years, carrying his wheelchair and running away on his legs.




Enemies-to-lovers marriage of a: Icy-Cold Heavenly Emperor, dragon Top x Demon Lord, not-exactly-a-phoenix Bottom

The reason why the bottom doesn’t doom their male spouse to a fate of death will be explained in the second volume.

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Jiuying’s Cataclysm · Subduing Demons

Volume 2: The Curse of Dayong · Conquering Demons

Volume 3: Ghost Kui leads by enlightenment · Death of Immortals

Volume 4: Hatred from the remnants of Immortal