Dragon x Pheonix fluffy cute, modern cultivation story!

Content tag: Modern/ Fantasy/ Cultivation
Author: Sir Mandarin duck/若鸯君
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 养了千年的龙蛋终于破壳了

Su Muluo is the last phoenix of the Phoenix clan, and his betrothed is the last dragon of the Dragon clan. However, his dragon has been inside the egg for eighteen hundred years with no sign of hatching. One morning, Su Muluo stared at the dragon egg for a while and finally made up his mind to cook it. With the pot steaming hot and just as he was about to put the dragon egg in, the silent egg, which had been quiet for a thousand years, suddenly made a cracking sound and split open.


A real dragon had appeared, and the supernatural affairs bureau officials cautiously approached them. Then, they saw a small black dragon coiled around the Phoenix’s wrist, fiercely spitting out a fireball at them.


Dragon Ling: Get lost, don’t touch my wife!

Su Muluo: … Who are you?


① Super domineering, possessive, clingy black dragon top with extreme jealousy x very young, beautiful, gentle, and calm Phoenix bottom.

② Lots of personal creativity, fantasy genre, not historically accurate, don’t take it too seriously.

③ Supernatural, sweet, happy ending.

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