I'll do a makeover to turn over a new leaf for him (cookies are over)

Content tag: Romance, Comedy, Sentinel-Guide, HE
Author: An incense stick/一炷香
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 相亲对象好温柔

[Let me remind you: Since you’ve come to read this kind of story, let’s not try to study what mirror or doesn’t mirror reality from it, OK?]


Guan Lie x He Qing, Sentinel guide, HE1Happy Ending,  Sweet Romance, Gong First Person POV


Reasons to avoid: This gong is amnesiac, cutely crying in the early period, loyal dog at the end


When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital with bandages all over my body. The friend I made in the hospital comforted me that it was nothing. I heard that there was a man named Guan Lie who had it worst. He was seriously injured and had lost his memory. The doctor said that he would cry every time he lost his memory….


I thought who was this terribly unlucky person, then the doctor came into the room and asked me, “Guan Lie, are you feeling better?”


Me: Wuwuwu, this can’t be true.

Table of Contents