Pure pwp with some semblance of a plot added as an after-thought \(*w*)/


Ahaha, those 2 cats look so cute. The bottom text reads: “is this how people live?”

Content tag: Modern/ Drama/ r4p3/ Non-consensual sex/ ABO/ Bitching/ Forced sex-change/ Alpha-to-Omega/ Family
Author: A Piece of Sashimi/ 一片生鱼片
Alt. Name: 酒心巧克力

Whisky-scented Alpha (Zheng Tianyi) x Chocolate-scented Alpha (Zhong Lan)

Zhong Lan never thought this would ever happen to him as an alpha, but what made it even more unbelievable to him was that he would continue to receive such treatment for three whole years. Zheng Tianyi was his classmate in college, his partner, the father of his child, as well as his living nightmare.

Fair warning, the top is a little unhinged and possessive. Meanwhile, the bottom was originally an alpha, but appears as an omega in the story due to some past circumstances. Also contains shadier topics that may be triggering.

Table of Contents

*chapters marked w asterisks contains NSFW content