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Chapter 19 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 19


Qu Di was still mulling over things when his phone suddenly vibrated. He picked it up and saw that Shu Yi had sent him a message.


Shu Yi: “Are you asleep?”


It was quite clear that Shu Yi was asking knowingly. It was still early, and everyone had just returned to the hotel. How could anyone be asleep already?


Qu Di found a comfortable position, lying on the bed. His fair legs were bent behind him, swaying slightly. The smile on his face revealed his current good mood.


Qu Di: “Not yet.”


Shu Yi: “Open the door, I’m outside your room.”


Qu Di: “?”


He quickly got off the bed and hurried to the door, opening it with some impatience. However, it was eerily quiet outside, with no one in sight.


Qu Di: “Are you playing a joke on me?”


After a while, Shu Yi replied to his message.


Shu Yi: “Why did you move without telling me?”


He had brought a specially ordered dinner to surprise Qu Di, but instead, he found his roommate and was told that Qu Di had moved out.


Qu Di realized that Shu Yi had gone to the room downstairs. He quickly asked if anyone had seen him. It wasn’t surprising that he was a bit paranoid, as these days, even the slightest clue could be turned into a sensational story by the media.


Shu Yi: “It’s okay, no one saw me except your roommate. I told him it was Xi Yan who asked me to bring dinner to you.”


Qu Di: “I’m on the 53rd floor.” He added, “Right across from your room.”


Shu Yi didn’t ask any more questions and simply said, “I’m coming up now.”


Qu Di: “Alright.”


He closed the door and waited quietly, leaning against it. Qu Di seemed to have completely accepted Shu Yi’s affection, and his satisfaction was evident. He couldn’t resist this person, who had quietly entered his life like a spring breeze. Once you realized it, that tiny feeling had taken root and couldn’t be removed.


Not long after, he heard a faint knock on the door. He opened it to let Shu Yi in. The whole process felt like a secret rendezvous.


Qu Di seemed to realize this and felt a bit embarrassed, stumbling over his words, “Why are you here so late?”


Shu Yi put the dinner he had brought on the table and then took off his shoes to put on the disposable slippers at the door. He said, “Originally, I was planning to bring you dinner, but since there’s no one else in your room now, I found an excuse to come in and have dinner with someone I like.”


This statement was quite explicit, and Qu Di couldn’t resist the teasing. He blushed and couldn’t speak, but he didn’t kick Shu Yi out. Instead, he obediently took the things Shu Yi brought and walked inside.


Shu Yi looked around the room, which was clean and tidy, with his suitcase on the floor, untouched. He sat down on the couch in the living room as if he were the owner of the place. Qu Di, on the other hand, followed him like a shy bride, walking quietly and trying not to make a sound.


Shu Yi beckoned to him, “Come here, this is your territory. I’m just here to keep you company. Don’t be nervous.”


Qu Di stammered, “Are you… Are you here for something?”


Shu Yi took the wooden chopsticks from Qu Di’s hand, picked up a piece of eel sushi, and brought it to Qu Di’s lips, saying, “Try it. The eel here is very fresh.”


Qu Di wanted to take the chopsticks back and eat by himself, but Shu Yi held on to them firmly. He had no choice but to eat in this ambiguous manner.


“How is it?”


His mouth was full, and he couldn’t speak, so he just nodded to indicate that it was delicious. That was the truth. The most expensive meal he had ever eaten was at the Western restaurant Yang Ji took him to for his birthday, which cost nine hundred yuan, including the three hundred he paid to the violinist.


The eel was fragrant but not greasy, with a hint of roasted flavor. Even without dipping it in anything, the taste was perfect. He chewed a few times and swallowed reluctantly. Although the sushi box was quite full, there were many varieties, and one flavor only had one or two pieces.


“Next time, don’t buy something so expensive. I don’t understand this stuff, it’s a waste of money.”


“Okay, tell me what you want to eat next time.”


Qu Di felt like he had fallen into a trap…


“You should eat too. I can’t eat much at night, and it would be a waste.”


He handed the chopsticks back to Qu Di, saying, “You eat first, and if you can’t finish it, I’ll eat the rest.”


Qu Di didn’t refuse. He had realized that no matter what he said, it wouldn’t make a difference. Even though Shu Yi was gentle, there was still a hint of alpha dominance in his bones.


In the end, they finished the meal separately, sharing a few drinks. The Japanese sake they had wasn’t very strong; it tasted more like peaches, sweet and juice-like, with a hint of alcohol. Qu Di didn’t realize how many cups he had consumed.


“Don’t drink so fast,” Shu Yi reached out to wipe away a drop of water at the corner of Qu Di’s mouth but then paused. Perhaps it was the perfect atmosphere, or maybe it was his own expectations.


In any case, when Shu Yi kissed him, Qu Di didn’t pull away. He looked at Shu Yi with watery eyes, slightly intoxicated, as Shu Yi got closer. He heard his own heart rate quicken, and his hand, which was placed at his side, clenched into a fist.


In the moment when Shu Yi kissed him, Qu Di’s mind went blank, and he felt a bit dizzy. Shu Yi’s lips, naturally cool, carried a faint taste of peach-flavored sake, which was now quite familiar.


Despite having had quite a few drinks, Qu Di felt that Shu Yi’s taste was stronger.


As Shu Yi wrapped his arm around Qu Di’s waist, he closed his eyes, and his hand unintentionally moved to Shu Yi’s neck. Then, something wet and soft parted his lips, seeking a deeper connection.


Just then, someone knocked on the door, followed by Tang Xiyan’s loud voice, “Qu Di! Qu Di!”


Qu Di snapped out of his daze, pushing Shu Yi away abruptly, and stood up with a rush. He didn’t dare to look at Shu Yi and turned his back, remaining silent.


The knocking on the door grew louder. Shu Yi stood up, his voice somewhat husky, saying, “If you don’t mind, I’ll hide in your room for a while.”


“Uh… Okay, I’ll go and open the door.”


The two of them went their separate ways. Qu Di patted his own face and tried to relax, making himself appear less awkward. He straightened his clothes, took a deep breath, and then opened the door.


“Why didn’t you answer your phone? I filled in the wrong information for the delivery, so he called me, and I came to pick it up.”


Qu Di took the takeaway from him, said thank you, and tried to usher him out.


Tang Xiyan found his behavior strange, blocked the door, and examined his face closely. Finally, he put his hand on Qu Di’s forehead and asked with some concern, “Are you running a fever?”


Qu Di shivered and slapped his hand away, “No… No, it’s nothing. I just fell asleep and the blanket was a bit suffocating.”


“Oh, I see. Well, I’ll leave then. Eat when you’re full and then go to sleep.”




As he turned around, Tang Xiyan seemed rather impatient as he closed the door abruptly. Tang Xiyan, in hindsight, began to ponder. He seemed to have detected the scent of Alpha pheromones… something peach-scented?


Oh well… It must be that he’s just too tired. There couldn’t possibly be an Alpha in Qu Di’s room.


Qu Di looked at the porridge in his hand and felt a bit troubled. He was already full.


At that moment, Shu Yi walked out of Qu Di’s room, and when he saw the food in Qu Di’s hand, he asked, “Is this from Xi Yan?”


Qu Di replied with a nod, “Yes.”


“He seems to be very good to you.”


For some reason, Qu Di felt a hint of jealousy in Shu Yi’s tone, but before he could think it through, Shu Yi approached him and patted his head gently. He then said softly, “I’m going now.”


At that moment, all other thoughts left Qu Di’s mind. He nodded and said, “Okay…”


Once Shu Yi left Qu Di’s room and closed the door, his smile vanished. His expression became blank and somewhat gloomy. He pulled out a handkerchief he carried with him, furrowed his brow as he wiped his hands and lips, and then threw the seemingly clean handkerchief into the trash bin by the door.

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Chapter 19 – The Passion of the Demon Lord

Chapter 19


The great serpent slowly opened its mouth, its voice hoarse and deep, “What a fine vessel.”


Si Lan’s lips twitched, “Exaggerated praise.”


“Heh.” Jiuying sneered, his head unmoving, only shifting his eyeballs, glancing left and right. It was as if he had already regarded Si Lan as his possession, assessing his utility.


Si Lan, on the other hand, remained calm, allowing Jiuying to scrutinize him. Jiuying couldn’t help but feel curious, “Aren’t you surprised to see me?”


“I’ve already learned of your identity from the Enchanting Serpent Clan. If you seek my physical form, you could have come to me directly. Why go through the trouble of harming Lou Yu?”


“I didn’t harm him. Quite the opposite, I fulfilled him. Even if he didn’t take his own life, his cultivation was already destroyed, descending into the demonic path, with little time left.”


Si Lan clenched his fingers tightly, his gaze cold as he looked at Jiuying. He heard Jiuying continue, “I helped him make amends for his guilt. In the Dream-Crafting Art, the Demon King still lives, and they both live well.”


Si Lan had heard about the ancient magical dream-making spell, which could bring a person who had lost his soul back to life, but this person could only live in a dream forever. Because only dreams are not controlled by the six realms, five elements, and the reincarnation of heaven, but such a spell has been lost for a long time, and I didn’t expect Jiuying to still be able to do it.


Si Lan asked suspiciously, “You would be so kind to help Lou Yu?”


“Of course, after all, he and I share the same problem.”


When Si Lan heard this, his eyes fell on Jiuying’s neck. Jiuying’s body was cut off directly from the neck. The wounds that had lasted for more than 100,000 years were scabbed into dark brown scars, which were still shocking. The scales near the scars were as white as blades. , like blades inserted into the neck.


How could Lou Yu and him have sympathy for each other?


Probably sensing Si Lan’s appraising gaze, Jiuying hissed, “When I was checking Lou Yu’s memory, I suddenly discovered your existence. You are simply a body container tailor-made for me.”




Si Lan said expressionlessly, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, I also like my physical body very much.”


“Do you think you have any other choice? Demon King Si Lan…” Jiuying spoke word by word, lowered his head a little, and looked at Si Lan level with his eyes. The huge red pupils were scarlet and terrifying, and they were not meant to intimidate. It goes without saying.


Si Lan’s expression remained motionless, “You just woke up from the confinement. You’ve lost eight heads and your body. Do you think you can beat me with your current cultivation level?”


“I can’t beat you, but what if you lose your cultivation?” Jiuying became angry and asked Si Lan coldly. It was shocked by Si Lan’s words, “Eight heads are gone, and eight bodies are gone.” Angry.


“How can it be?”


“How is it impossible?”


Si Lan’s expression changed slightly, he gripped the whip tightly, and tried to hit Jiuying’s head, but found that he couldn’t move his arm!


He seemed to have been caught by a restraining spell at this moment, unable to move his whole body. Even if he opened his lips and recited the incantation, the spell would not work.


How so?


What happened to his cultivation?


While Si Lan was in shock, a figure gradually appeared in the corner. The figure looked like a young man, not tall but with a slender figure. One hand hung by his side and the other behind his back.


It’s Quze.


Si Lan hurriedly said, “Quze, why are you here? Leave quickly!”


However, Quze was indifferent and walked over slowly, standing on Jiuying’s side, face to face with Si Lan.


Si Lan met Quze’s sinister and deep gaze, and seemed to understand something. He frowned and was speechless for a moment. The only person who could poison him quietly was Quze, and only if Quze handed him something, he would drink it without thinking.


After a long silence, Si Lan asked, “Why?”


Quze said nothing and raised his right arm that had been behind his back.


Although the mechanical arm was made neatly and swiftly, it was still not as good as his own hand. Every time the five iron fingers moved, a clicking sound came from the joints, as if they were about to break.


He has always been treated as a different person because of this arm. No matter how hard he practices, he is still not as good as those with perfect hands.


His cultivation level is now second only to the master of the Twelve Peaks in the Demon Realm. It is self-evident that the hardships involved.


Si Lan explained, “Quze, I did cut off your arm, but it happened for a reason. I didn’t mean to make you like this.”


Quze spoke calmly, “Your Majesty, no matter what the reason was, you still took it away. Now only Jiuying is willing to help me restore my arm, so I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


Si Lan still wanted to explain, but after Quze finished speaking, he turned around and left, his figure gradually disappearing in the darkness. Seeing this, Si Lan could only say to Quze’s back, “Quze, protect Xie Li.”


Quze didn’t respond, and Si Lan couldn’t help but whisper, “Little bastard.”


Realizing that Jiuying was still observing her body, Si Lan grimaced. She had never been looked up and down and looked up and down by someone of the same gender in such a long life.


“I will soak you in a hot spring, starve you for three days, empty out the accumulated food, and then take away your body.”


Si Lan couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.


Took away your body…


Why is this statement so ambiguous?


He suddenly felt a little grateful for the two fish he ate last night. It was because of them that he could live for three more days.


Jiuying changed his formation, and the scene in front of him changed instantly, but in the blink of an eye Si Lan appeared in the hot spring. Now that his cultivation is under control, he is like a bird in a cage or a turtle in an urn, and the Jiuying no longer restrain his hands and feet.


“In three days, I want to see you clean. If you are still a little bit dirty, don’t blame me for digging out your belly and cleaning your internal organs.


“…” Si Lan.


After speaking, Jiuying cast a spell to take off Si Lan’s clothes. Si Lan’s body was suddenly exposed, and he was so frightened that he quickly hid in the hot spring water, seemingly frightened, “Why are you so rude?”


Jiuying didn’t say a word, and the huge head disappeared out of thin air.


The moment Si Lan’s clothes were taken off, the little white dragon was caught off guard and slid down from Si Lan’s arms. It easily grabbed Si Lan’s thighs and stabilized his body. As a result, he raised his head and looked in his eyes before blushing instantly.


Si Lan lowered his head and found something hanging underneath. He couldn’t help laughing and picked up Haowei from the water.


At this moment, all the silver scales on Haowei’s body turned pink. When he was fished out of the water, the water droplets slid across the scales, creating a blush that made Haowei look even more pink.


The two pink dragon horns are crystal clear, like coral in the deep sea.


Si Lan couldn’t help but poke the dragon’s horn. He noticed that Haowei’s body trembled slightly and subconsciously covered his body with his four claws. Si Lan’s lips smiled even more happily.


“We are both men, why are you shy?”


“…” Haowei.


It seems that he was not safe in public either…


After all, how many people will say they want to form a contract upon meeting for the first time?


On the contrary, Si Lan became curious from its overtly vigilant behavior. He remembered that ancient books mentioned dragons as creatures that lay eggs, have two genitalia, and are sexually promiscuous. He didn’t know if it was true…


His gaze wandered downward, passing over the inch by inch scales on Haowei’s belly. Haowei had a vague sense that something was amiss, and a chill ran down its spine. Before it could react, its tail was lifted high.


Haowei tried to shake off Si Lan’s hand, but at that moment, Si Lan caught its tail. A shiver ran through its back, and a tingling sensation spread from the bottom up.


“There’s just one…” Si Lan’s voice was gentle, a look of disappointment on his face. He released Haowei’s tail. “It seems the books aren’t entirely accurate.”


Haowei understood what Si Lan was referring to, and its scales turned a deeper shade of red. It couldn’t help but grind its teeth.


Shameless Demon Lord.


Did he have no shame at all? How could he lift its tail to look?!


“Still a bit small,” Si Lan suddenly said, seemingly without rhyme or reason.


Haowei heard this and was thoroughly enraged. How could it be small? It was currently in its young dragon form, so, naturally, it was smaller!


It had never been called small all its life.


Feeling its true dragon aura slighted, it wanted him to know that it wasn’t small, and there was another one hidden under the scales.


Haowei used its divine sense and spoke in a stern tone, “Demon Lord!”


However, at some point, Si Lan had closed his eyes and leaned against a rock in the pool, peacefully sleeping.


Si Lan had been on edge for quite some time and hadn’t rested properly.


The hot spring had a comfortable temperature and fine water quality, with wisps of water vapor. Immersed in it, he felt his mind relax, and it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.


Haowei’s golden eyes shifted slightly as it gazed deeply at him. “He’s truly audacious.” Even though he was imprisoned, and it seemed his body would be taken from him, he was still able to leisurely take a bath and rest with an air of confidence.


Haowei crawled out of the water, reverting to the appearance of a five or six-year-old child. It glanced around and confirmed the presence of a massive formation here, the Extreme Sound Eight Trigrams Array.


This was the formation used to seal Jiuying ten thousand years ago.


The Xuanling Mountain, the hidden passage, and even the forest at the foot of the Xuanling Mountain were all places used to seal Jiuying’s nine heads. These areas were all covered by the Extreme Sound Eight Trigrams Array, and there should have been no issues. However, somehow, a part of the formation was missing, allowing one of Jiuying’s heads to awaken.


This was what had caused Jiuying to wreak havoc.


The little white dragon cast a spell to block Si Lan’s senses, and then it drew a Hexagram formation in thin air. Soon, a black-robed immortal appeared within the formation.


Upon seeing the little white dragon, Yu Wudao immediately paid his respects. “Your Majesty.”


“How is the investigation into the Golden Pearl Immortal Box proceeding?” The last time Haowei visited the Heavenly Court, it found a brief mention in the ancient texts of the entanglement between Jiuying and Bian Rang, only three lines long.


In the beginning when the world was created, the Three Sons of the Heavenly Dao were placed in the following places; Middle Wilderness, Middle Heaven, and Middle Elegance.


Bian Rang, of the Middle Wilderness, was bloodthirsty.


He subjugated Jiuying, but was ultimately subjugated by Jiuying and met his end.


Combined with what the double-headed Enchanting Serpent had said, Haowei could roughly piece together what had happened ten thousand years ago.


Bian Rang had been ruthless and cruel during his rule in Middle Wilderness, enslaving the Nine-Headed Serpent clan. He was ultimately killed by Jiuying. Afterward, the Nine-Headed Serpent clan faced heavenly punishment due to Jiuying’s transgressions, and Jiuying was brutally killed.


However, it was unclear why Jiuying had sought the Golden Pearl Immortal Box.


So before leaving the Heavenly Court, Haowei had ordered Yu Wudao to investigate the Golden Pearl Immortal Box.


“Your Majesty, I’ve found the craftsman who made the Golden Pearl Immortal Box. He said that it’s actually a kind of secondary coffin.”

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Chapter 94 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 94


Bai Chen obviously didn’t expect Lu Jingning to run so decisively. However, at this moment, he was too excited to react, so he could only watch his prey disappear from his sight.


Bai Chen tightly pursed his lips, a hint of coldness and aggressiveness flashing in his dark eyes, but he suddenly smiled, “You can’t escape.”


This whole process was captured without missing a beat by the viewers in the live broadcast room. After a brief moment of silence, the barrage suddenly exploded.


What just happened? Did they accidentally witness the birth of a tragic and beautiful cross-species love story?


Lu Jingning didn’t know he had suddenly become the protagonist in countless people’s minds until he had run quite a distance and felt the lingering gazes on him completely dissipate. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, “Damn, that was weird.”


Of course, there was no turning back now. He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings and casually chose a path to walk.


After all, this was a completely new map, and no one knew what awaited him ahead.


But this time, Lu Jingning’s luck seemed to be good. He hadn’t walked a few steps before he encountered his longtime comrade-in-arms, Lan Yuanzhou.


Seeing the familiar blue hair enter his field of vision, he quickly rushed over, his tone relaxed and joyful, “Big brother, what a coincidence!”


Lan Yuanzhou had been fighting his way through the challenges and had steadily held the first place in the group on the leaderboard. Just as he had solved three or four opponents and was in a good mood, his smile disappeared completely when he saw the person suddenly appearing in front of him.


His expression seemed to say: Don’t come near me!


Lu Jingning saw him turn to leave and hurriedly reached out to stop him, “We’ve been through life and death together, isn’t it a bit too much to turn your back on me like this?”


Lan Yuanzhou finally turned to look at him, and at last, a few words squeezed out from between his teeth, “Do you want to fight?”


Today’s competition was not a group battle; the two free agents had met face to face on the road. Strictly speaking, if they didn’t exchange a few moves, it would be unfair to the live audience.


Lu Jingning didn’t seem satisfied with his attitude and raised an eyebrow, “Do I have to invite you to do it, my friend?”


Lan Yuanzhou asked, “Invite me to do what?”


Lu Jingning’s lips curved slightly, “Invite you to smell my pheromones.”


For a moment, Lan Yuanzhou’s face twisted with a hint of disbelief.


Although he knew he was quite charming and understood how attractive his extraordinary and handsome face was, he never expected Lu Jingning to use such a shameless method to seduce him in public.


What a shameless Omega!


In his mind, a storm raged for a long time, but he finally managed to suppress it. He cleared his throat and said seriously, “We’re still in the middle of a live broadcast, so please show some restraint.”


However, Lu Jingning didn’t waste any more time talking to him. As soon as he spoke, his Omega pheromones came rushing forward.


Lan Yuanzhou had also faced the crazy adoration of Omega fans before and had confidence in his own self-control. But as the almost imperceptible scent enveloped him, he suddenly felt weak. Then, as his legs began to wobble, he finally realized that something was amiss.


Lan Yuanzhou: What kind of toxin is this?!


Lu Jingning had considered many methods before but hadn’t expected to resort to such a straightforward and ruthless approach to make Lan Yuanzhou yield. However, when he recalled the way Bai Chen had looked at him earlier, he couldn’t help but shiver and felt the need to “persuade” Lan Yuanzhou to stand with him on the same front as quickly as possible. He needed another free bodyguard.


After all, he was Brother Wen’s. Nobody could covet him, not even that bug!


Considering that he would need Lan Yuanzhou to fight for him later, Lu Jingning hadn’t included any oppressive aura in his pheromones this time. It was merely an attitude, a way to let the other know he still had some tricks up his sleeve.


And as it turned out, facing a clever person like Lan Yuanzhou, this attitude was quickly conveyed and received very satisfactory feedback.


Lan Yuanzhou yielded, “I… I’ll join your team…”


He never expected Lu Jingning’s Omega pheromones to be so overbearing. Between being eliminated on the spot and becoming a comrade, he wisely chose the latter.


Preserving a green hill is not afraid of having no firewood to burn. After all, he was at a disadvantage in terms of pheromones, so he had to endure!


Lu Jingning was quite pleased with Lan Yuanzhou’s tactfulness and felt that this guy’s personality suited him. In his heart, he added a small red flower to their friendship.


With a personal bodyguard now, Lu Jingning felt like he was walking on air, even while walking.


The two of them swept through the competition like unstoppable forces, and their scores on the leaderboard skyrocketed, quickly leaving behind Bai Chen, who was in third place.


Surprisingly, Lu Jingning didn’t encounter any further trouble from Bai Chen until the end of the preliminaries.


Perhaps it was because his pheromones had triggered a reaction, but in the latter part of the competition, Bai Chen seemed to have entered a dormant mode. He only occasionally scored one or two points, which didn’t look like active hunting but rather like a few unfortunate souls stumbling into him.


As the number of players on the map dwindled to the final five, the winner was also teleported out of the virtual world.


While Lan Yuanzhou was reluctantly coerced into joining him, Lu Jingning wasn’t entirely unhappy with the situation. Despite his initial reluctance, Lan Yuanzhou had maintained his first-place position in Area C, which brought some comfort to Lu Jingning.


The most direct manifestation of this was when Lu Jingning asked for his contact number, and he didn’t refuse; they exchanged numbers quite straightforwardly.


Lu Jingning got the number he wanted, feeling content, but then he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.


When he turned to look, he met Bai Chen’s cold gaze and became instantly alert.


However, Bai Chen didn’t approach him. Perhaps due to the influence of their encounter on the holographic map a while ago, there was still a faint trace of crimson in his emerald eyes. But as he saw Lu Jingning’s wary expression, he inexplicably burst into a pleased smile and silently mouthed the words, “Looking forward to the next meeting.”




Lu Jingning couldn’t help but raise his middle finger at him. Who the hell is looking forward to you?



The preliminaries had concluded, and five people from each of the twelve regions had advanced smoothly to the knockout stage. Wen Xingchen had undoubtedly secured the first place in his region, and surprisingly, using some unknown means, Yan Hebin had also squeezed into the final five.


The three members of the Imperial Navy Special Detachment all completed their tasks satisfactorily.


Lu Jingning was happy and was about to congratulate his dormmates when he noticed a wrinkle on Yan Hebin’s foreheads. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why, aren’t you happy about advancing?”


Yan Hebin glanced at him deeply, then finally brought up the terminal page, passing it to him.


Lu Jingning saw that it was the official forum of the league and was about to express his surprise that Yan Hebin, who typically had cold personalities, would visit such a place when he was attracted by the title of a post, which read, “Click on this post to experience the beautiful love story that transcends species!”


The post had a red “explosive” icon in front of the title, indicating its popularity.


Lu Jingning fell into a long silence as he stared at the gifs of Bai Chen “affectionately” watching him in the main post.


After a long time, he expressionlessly handed the terminal back to Yan Hebin, casting a discreet glance at someone who was having a meal nearby.


It seemed like that person sensed his gaze. Wen Xingchen turned his head, lightly tugged his lips, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning fixedly examined his expression for a moment, ensuring that nothing seemed amiss, before finally letting out a sigh of relief and responding with a smile, “Nothing.”


Wen Xingchen calmly took the terminal out from behind the corner and opened it. The displayed content was the same post as before.


At this point, dozens of pages of comments had accumulated. His eyelashes lowered slightly as he scrolled down.


“What’s going on? Human-Insect love? Why do I suddenly find it so exciting?”


“This Bounty League finally has a CP to ship! Waaah, they’re such a perfect match. Put their pictures together, and it’s practically a marriage proposal!”


“Wait a second, am I the only one curious about who’s the top and who’s the bottom? One Omega and one female insect?”


“I’m fine with either being the top; both possibilities are too sweet! Mutual, mutual, I’m good with that!”


“Report! According to informed sources, after the match, these two gazed affectionately at each other for a long time!”


“Oh my god! I believe in love again! They are sooooo adorable!”


Wen Xingchen’s lips pressed down slightly, and his face darkened. After a long pause, he turned the corner of the terminal off and posted a comment: “Don’t ship them randomly; Lu Jingning already has someone.”


In just a few seconds after he hit the send button, a series of replies rapidly followed:


“This is the pairing thread for the Bai-Lu duo. Who’s this ignorant person trying to stir things up?”


“I believe Lu Jingning already has a top, my friend.”


“Get out if you’re going to muddy the waters! We’ve inquired with the students from the Imperial Navy, and there’s no word of Lu Jingning having a partner.”


“Ugh, is this a denial? So obsessed with the Bai-Lu pair shipping, we want to see them live!”


“Ah, really a perfect match, too adorable!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


In the end, his reply didn’t cause a stir, as it was swiftly drowned out by a torrent of comments.


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Finally, he suppressed the urge to post another comment, closed the communication terminal, and had a slightly dark expression.


Bai Chen


Hmm, very well then.


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Chapter 79 – Cumbersome crayfish

Chapter 79 – Cumbersome crayfish


Jian Luo stood still, and the evening breeze from outside the window blew in, making him look a little silly.


Lu Shifeng stared at him intently, noticing that Jian Luo remained still, his lord’s blood-red eyes fixed on him.


Just as the atmosphere was becoming tense, Jian Luo spoke up, “Um, how do I get out of here? I can’t fly.”


He looked innocent and somewhat puzzled as he gazed at Lu Shifeng, which seemed amusing in the chilly night’s loneliness.


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow without confirming or denying anything. He had to admit that this aspect had been overlooked. So, the lord marshal corrected his mistake, stepping back. He hung in the air with one foot, and his body gradually became covered in scales. In less than a moment, a massive black dragon appeared before Jian Luo. This black dragon almost blended completely into the darkness, emanating an immense sense of oppression.


Jian Luo, getting used to this, began to climb out of the window at a leisurely pace.


The black dragon, as if concerned he might fall, caught him with its wings. The slight weight of the young human had almost no impact on the powerful body of the dragon. Jian Luo had sat on the dragon’s back many times before, but he still felt nervous and intrigued every time.


Lu Shifeng’s voice came through the wind, “Hold on tight.”


Jian Luo obediently replied, “Okay.”


As it was almost autumn, the weather was still warm. The dragon soared into the sky, offering a panoramic view of the imperial palace below.


Jian Luo diverted his gaze from below and, finally coming to his senses, noticed the dragon horn right in front of him. He remembered that the priest had told him that dragon horns were a very private matter for the dragon race and were generally not meant to be touched. He hadn’t asked at the time because Lu Shifeng had never allowed him to touch it, and he was afraid of getting an answer he didn’t want to know.


The dragon was incredibly fast. It didn’t take long to return to the military base.


Lu Shifeng came to a halt, and Jian Luo disembarked. He returned to his human form and said to Jian Luo, “Wait here.”


The place they were standing was entirely different from where they had passed through earlier. There were several military ships parked here, each surrounded by lights, and soldiers moving about.


Jian Luo asked, “Which one are we supposed to board?”


Lu Shifeng stood by his side and said, “Come with me.”




Jian Luo looked at the largest military ship ahead, sensing a strong aura of war emanating from it.


As they were speaking, someone came down from the military ship, a man and a woman. The woman was Secretary Jin, who changed out of her secretary uniform and was now wearing a military outfit, looking very dignified. The man looked refined but unfamiliar.


Secretary Jin approached with excitement when she saw Jian Luo, “Luo Luo!”


Jian Luo was delighted to see a familiar face, “Secretary Jin.”


The refined man first saluted Lu Shifeng before turning to Jian Luo and said, “Hello, I’m the marshal’s adjutant.”


Jian Luo quickly bowed and greeted, “Hello.”


Their eyes met, and in an instant, the adjutant’s gaze was fixed on Jian Luo’s belly. It was strange, but Jian Luo unconsciously sensed that this look was neither friendly nor joyful.


Jian Luo felt a sinking feeling in his heart. He had a pretty good idea of what was on the adjutant’s mind.


Secretary Jin stood by his side and remained very enthusiastic, “Luo Luo, it’s your first time on a military ship. I’ll take you around.”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng, who clearly had no intention of accompanying him. Lu Shifeng only said, “We’re going up to the command center.”


After saying that, Lu Shifeng looked at Secretary Jin and reminded her, “Take good care of him.”


Secretary Jin saluted, saying, “Yes!”


It was unexpected that they would be parting so soon after just meeting.


Lu Shifeng didn’t leave immediately but stood in front of Jian Luo. He looked down at him from a high vantage point and said in a deep voice, “Send me a message if anything happens.”


Jian Luo nodded, “Okay.”



There was a moment of silence in the air.


After a pause, Jian Luo said slowly, “Then, please remember to rest and not overwork yourself.”


Lu Shifeng responded with a “Hmm.”


Behind them, Secretary Jin and the adjutant exchanged glances. As someone who was used to seeing their affectionate interactions, Secretary Jin was unfazed by this, but the adjutant, who was not yet accustomed to it, couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward.


Seeing Lu Shifeng talking to Jian Luo, the adjutant was somewhat surprised. He had thought that Lu Shifeng was strictly business and unfeeling, but now it seemed that this might not be the case. Apparently, even a war god had moments of tenderness.


After a few more words of advice, Lu Shifeng said, “I’ll leave first.”


Jian Luo waved his hand, saying, “Goodbye!”


After Lu Shifeng and his adjutant left, Jian Luo boarded the military ship with Secretary Jin.


Since it was his first time on a military ship, Jian Luo couldn’t help but feel a sense of novelty. He walked alongside Secretary Jin, unable to control his curiosity as he looked around.


The interior of the military ship was enormous. Upon entering, they had to undergo a physical examination and various assessments before they could proceed. The door at the entrance was carved with a lifelike and imposing dragon, skillfully done and exuding an aura of power.


Along the way, they encountered other soldiers, all of whom were curious and gave them sidelong glances. Although dragons were not known for their curiosity, news of Jian Luo’s pregnancy had already spread, and everyone’s eyes carried a hint of speculation. Even private discussions were taking place:


“Is he really human?”


“Among the Dragon Clan, there are many strong and exceptional ladies. Why does the Marshal prefer humans?”


“Humans are quite fragile.”


“But he’s pregnant! I swear, I smelled dragon scent when I passed by just now.”


“He has a good nose.”


The thoughts of the Dragon Clan soldiers were simpler. On the way, everyone was either openly or secretly observing, while Jian Luo continued to explore the military ship like a country bumpkin.


Secretary Jin led him to a corridor, saying, “These are the rest areas, and the Marshal’s is here.”


Jian Luo followed her inside and remarked, “It’s spacious.”


The size of this resting area exceeded his imagination. It could be described as incredibly spacious, and all the amenities inside were ones he was accustomed to.


Secretary Jin said, “If you need anything, just let me know. I’ll do my best to arrange it for you.”


Jian Luo wasn’t too particular, saying, “It’s okay… you must be busy, right? If you have work to do, you can go ahead. I really don’t need someone to look after me.”


Secretary Jin was momentarily surprised but then chuckled, saying, “Alright, I’ll head back first.”


No one had told Jian Luo about the details of this military ship’s destination or whether there was a war involved, but he guessed it probably wasn’t too dangerous; otherwise, they wouldn’t have brought him, a human, along.


It was already late at night, and his body clock no longer allowed him to stay up.


Inside the rest area was a large bed. Jian Luo climbed onto it by himself, buried his head, and fell asleep.



During this sleep, Jian Luo was in a deep slumber.


When he woke up again, his stomach was growling. He sat up, glanced around the room, and saw that he was still alone. He climbed out of bed, and the room had a window. Outside the window, the scenery had changed. It was a somewhat blue world, and from here, he could see countless stars, with planets of various sizes orbiting in the distance.


Jian Luo stood there and watched for a while. This was the first time he had seen the vastness of space so clearly. It was also the first time he had felt so acutely the insignificance of humanity in the universe. In the grandeur of space, humans seemed utterly inconsequential.


“Ding dong.”


A knocking sound came from outside.


Jian Luo turned around and said, “Come in.”


Outside stood Secretary Jin, smiling. “I heard some noise from your room and thought you might have woken up.”


Strangely, upon seeing her, Jian Luo felt a slight disappointment.


Secretary Jin was considerate. “Our itinerary this time will be a bit tight. Originally, the Marshal was going to come to see you, but during the march, we received reports of an unauthorized fleet in the vicinity, so he had to come and check.”


Jian Luo asked, “Unauthorized?”


“This sector of space belongs to the Dark Star Territory, and any unregistered fleet that enters without permission is considered unauthorized,” Secretary Jin explained. “But in these cases, it’s usually not very dangerous. At most, it’s often just smugglers.”


Jian Luo nodded, trying to understand.


After a good night’s sleep, he was quite hungry. Although he had felt a bit disappointed earlier, he quickly put that aside and became enthusiastic. “Is there food?”


Secretary Jin made a knowing expression. “There’s a kitchen, and the Marshal had me prepare some human-friendly vegetables. I’ll take you there.”




In the kitchen behind the scenes, there were occasional sounds of artillery fire from the military ship, but the corridor was very quiet. No one knew exactly what was happening.


In the dining area of the cafeteria, Jian Luo saw an uncle chef he knew from the military cafeteria.


The uncle chef was delighted to see Jian Luo. “Luo Luo!”


Jian Luo was also surprised and waved. “Uncle!”


“Are you hungry?” The uncle chef brought over a pot of soup he had already stewed. “They say this is good for your body, drink more. There are also vegetables in the pot. Let me serve you.”


Jian Luo quickly realized that these dishes were ones he had taught the uncle chef to make. He took a few bites and found that the uncle chef had done an excellent job.


The uncle chef said, “After you taught us, we tried making these dishes for the other soldiers, and they really liked them. We used to be used to nutrient fluids mostly, but since the cafeteria started promoting these meals, more people come to eat.”


Jian Luo took another bite of food and smiled. “That’s great.”


He sat down with Secretary Jin and started eating. While they were eating, they heard a noise from the front, and some soldiers came in carrying a box. They stood at attention and saluted the uncle chef, saying, “These are creatures we captured from the enemy’s ship. The Marshal asked us to bring them here to determine if they’re edible.”


The cafeteria uncle chef stepped forward, opened the box, and took a look. He shook his head immediately. “I recognize this. It’s too little meat and mostly tough. It’s not edible.”


Jian Luo overheard this and turned his head. He saw a creature inside the box, mostly red in color, still waving its pincers.


“It should belong to an invasive species,” the soldier prepared to close the lid. “Since it’s inedible, we’ll dispose of it.”


The uncle chef had just nodded when Jian Luo stood up abruptly. “Wait!”


Everyone looked over.


“It’s edible, it’s definitely edible,” Jian Luo’s mouth watered as if he saw spicy crayfish waving at him. “Absolutely edible!”

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