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Chapter 92 – Originally, it wasn't significant

Chapter 92 – Originally, it wasn’t significant


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng, his gaze and expression thirsting for knowledge.


Lu Shifeng held him close, and due to the significant difference in their physiques, Jian Luo appeared very much like a small quail. He was petite, with especially innocent, teary eyes that were quite beautiful.


He remembered how these eyes looked when they cried. The eye rims turned red, and his voice became weak, resembling a struggling bunny on the brink of death.


As the two locked eyes, Jian Luo also sensed that something was amiss. He hesitated and said, “Well, I’ve thought it over, perhaps I should have the nutrient solution.”


Lu Shifeng’s crimson eyes darkened, and he asked, “You don’t find it hard to swallow?”


Jian Luo quickly responded, “Of course not, upon careful consideration, I find the nutrient solution quite good. It was my oversight!”


Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze and fed him another spoonful of food. “I’ll have someone deliver the nutrient solution to our room later.”


“…,” Jian Luo got off his lap and sighed deeply. He first went back to the room to take a shower, then came out to look at the delivered nutrient solution. This nutrient solution had no taste, but for some reason, every time he drank it, he could sense a hint of a fishy taste that was oddly addictive.


“Can we try to flavor it somehow?” Jian Luo pondered, scratching his head. “Like making flavored milk tea?”


As this idea took root, he suddenly had an epiphany. It seemed that the nutrient solutions available on the market were somewhat monotonous. They were all green and had a uniform, colorless fishy taste, lacking any other flavors.


Were the Darkstar people lacking creativity? Probably not. Was it just because they got used to it?


If they were to introduce flavored ones, would that create an overlooked market? In the entire Darkstar and possibly throughout the entire universe, it seemed like this market was rather untapped.


Jian Luo fell into contemplation while looking at the nutrient solution.


He opened his personal information interface and began to search for various styles and flavors of nutrient solutions. Compared to his old, slow interface, this temporary one seemed to be turbocharged.


In no time, the search results were displayed.


The AI interface said, “In the universe, the majority of nutrient solution manufacturing and distribution rights are concentrated in the Phoenix Research Institute and the Moonlight Group of Pixius. The sales and transportation of nutrient solutions are handled by the highest security level Dragon Clan Fleet.”


Jian Luo said, “…”


He never expected the Darkstar people to monopolize the nutrient solution business across the entire universe.


How much money did the Darkstar have, exactly?


Jian Luo continued his search, asking, “What about styles?”


The AI initiated a quick search and finally displayed, “Currently, there is only one uniform style available. Nutrient solutions have patents, and unless the Phoenix Research Institute introduces new products, they cannot be sold elsewhere.”


So, that was the case!


Jian Luo finally understood the logic and necessity behind this. His thoughts began to diverge, and the key point of his question lay in why the research institute didn’t introduce flavors. Was it a lack of ideas or simply a lack of motivation?




The door to the room opened as someone entered. Lu Shifeng stood at the entrance, observing Jian Luo lost in thought. The Grand Marshal finally spoke, “What are you thinking?”


Jian Luo shivered, narrowly saving the nutrient solution from spilling. He replied, “I was thinking if I could adjust the flavor of the nutrient solution on my own. That way, I might enjoy drinking it more.”


But didn’t this thing have a patent? Jian Luo wasn’t sure if he should inquire with his teacher. Asking wasn’t a problem, but he dreaded the prospect of being scrutinized and corrected by Zhan Wen Tai.


Lu Shifeng walked over and asked, “What flavor are you planning to adjust it to?”


Jian Luo decisively replied, “How about we adjust it to Red Holy Dragon Fruit Milk Tea? That way, drinking a glass would be equivalent to consuming a Red Holy Dragon Fruit, and we finish the nutrient solution.”


Lu Shifeng gave him a sidelong glance.


Jian Luo smiled, lips rosy and teeth white, and asked, “What do you think?”


Lu Shifeng took the nutrient solution and examined it. “I’ll have a doctor come to discuss this.”


“…,” Jian Luo had to admit this matter required caution, as mixing certain substances could lead to food poisoning.


In the end, he knew he would have to drink the nutrient solution today. With a grimace, Jian Luo pinched his nose and swiftly downed the nutrient solution.


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brows and said, “Slow down, no one’s going to take it from you.”


Jian Luo, wanting to get it over with, said, “If I throw up, it’s not my fault.”


Lu Shifeng casually picked up a parenting book to read, seemingly unconcerned.


As he waited in silence for a while, Jian Luo was surprised to find that he didn’t feel nauseated. It was as if his stomach had just processed a bottle of plain water.


Jian Luo stared in amazement at Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng, as if understanding his astonishment, calmly explained, “The research department found that humans have an adverse reaction to the nutrient solution. After working day and night for two months, they adjusted the nutrient solution’s composition to better suit the human body, making it easier for the body to absorb.”


“…Really?” Jian Luo was speechless.


On one hand, he wanted to complain about how the majority of humans weren’t suitable for the nutrient solution, and the Darkstar people had never bothered to adjust it. Today, thanks to him, this type of nutrient solution might be available in the market. Even the people in the Paradise could enjoy easily digestible nutrient solutions.


Finally, after hesitating for a while, Jian Luo could only say, “Please thank the Research Institute for me.”


“No need for thanks,” Lu Shifeng replied calmly. “It’s also a hope for the whole world, and everyone should be grateful.”


“How should I respond? I actually feel somewhat honored,” Jian Luo thought as he put the nutrient solution aside, preparing to take a nap to calm his nerves. However, just as he was about to get up, he felt a tingling sensation in his legs, a painful, electrifying sensation that was oddly seductive.


“Ah…” Jian Luo couldn’t bear it and sat back down.


Lu Shifeng, beside him, had a change in his expression. “What’s wrong?”


It was precisely because the human body was so fragile that there were always unexpected situations. Lu Shifeng’s expression mirrored Jian Luo’s anxiety.


Jian Luo turned pale and took a deep breath, gritting his teeth. “It feels like my leg is cramping…”


Lu Shifeng held his arm. “Let me take a look.”


The Grand Marshal bent down slightly to examine the leg that had cramped up, and he almost immediately identified the issue. He told Jian Luo, “Relax, don’t tense up.”


Jian Luo winced, feeling the pain. “It hurts…”


“Is it painful here?” Lu Shifeng pinched the cramping area gently. “How about this pressure?”


Jian Luo cried out in pain, trying to pull away. “You’re touching it; I can handle it on my own.”


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brows and seemed to spot a key point. “You’ve had cramps before, right?”


Jian Luo choked up for a moment, and then he answered with some composure, “Well, when I was all alone and couldn’t see anyone every day, what could I do? I had to endure it.”


Lu Shifeng’s expression turned cold.


Jian Luo sensed that he might have said the wrong thing, so he pursed his lips and tried to alleviate the situation. “No, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to bother about it.”


Lu Shifeng grabbed him again and said in a low voice, “I’m not blaming you.”


Jian Luo looked at him with surprise.


He never expected Lu Shifeng to explain himself with such restraint.


Lu Shifeng tried to control his strength as he massaged Jian Luo’s cramping leg. A man’s fingers, each movement, was the kind that could crash the Jinjiang Live Broadcast Network with a single appearance on screen. And right now, these Imperial fingers were massaging his leg.


The scene was somewhat dreamlike.


Mysteriously, the little bit of resentment in Jian Luo dissipated. He pursed his lips and said, “It wasn’t my fault to begin with.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Luo’s smug expression and a faint smile curved on his lips.


Jian Luo sensed the relief and felt that the pain had subsided. He said, “You’re amazing. I couldn’t relieve it myself earlier.”


Lu Shifeng withdrew his hand and replied, “After enduring many injuries, you become familiar with muscle and joint issues.”


“…,” Jian Luo couldn’t help but admire the resilience of the big guy.


Jian Luo had no words to comment on the world of the elites. He moved his legs to test if they felt better and heard Lu Shifeng say, “This is the first time I’ve taken care of someone and also the first time I’ve interacted with a human. I lack experience.”


Jian Luo turned around.


Lu Shifeng continued, “I can’t fully comprehend human pain.”


He sat on the couch, leaning against the cushion, his posture relaxed but his words firm. “Jian Luo, I hope that if you’re in pain, you’ll tell me promptly.”


Jian Luo sat down and suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. He had grown used to Lu Shifeng being strong and reliable all the time, and now, suddenly, they were discussing matters on more equal terms. It felt strange.


Jian Luo scratched his head. “It’s not that painful, just a minor ache. It’s not worth mentioning, and I’m not a child, not so delicate.”


Lu Shifeng extended his long arm to adjust Jian Luo’s collar. “You can be delicate.”


“Uh?” Jian Luo was taken aback.


Lu Shifeng’s voice was deep and magnetic, exuding a calming aura, like a towering mountain that could shield from any storm. “You’re still young, and you can be delicate.”


“…,” Jian Luo had to admit he was indeed.


With a quick “whoosh,” Jian Luo jumped up and changed the subject, “I’ll go to bed now!”


He took a few steps to the bed, lifted the covers, and got under them. He buried his face in the pillow, not wanting anyone to see his face and dreading that Lu Shifeng might notice any irregular heartbeats.


What a dilemma. 


Why couldn’t the Grand Marshal just maintain his high and aloof demeanor? If he turned so gentle, who could resist?


It was all because he was carrying a baby; that’s why he was so gentle. If anyone else had come today, they would have heard this statement, right? After all, Jian Luo encountered Lu Shifeng during his heat period.


The greatest tragedy in life is experiencing the sunshine and then being thrust back into darkness.



The next day.


Today was the day the warship was expected to land. After traveling through space for so long, Jian Luo had experienced many ups and downs.


His secretary said, “This time, we’ll first go to an industrial empire to sign a cooperation agreement. This industrial empire is very safe, and we can go out and explore when we arrive.”


Jian Luo was looking at travel guides on the star network. “This place seems overly commercial.”


The buildings were all cold and lifeless, exuding an overwhelming sense of indifference, even the greenery and landscaping were sparse. The place looked quite oppressive, and it was hard to see how anyone could have fun and be happy here.


The secretary continued, “That’s right, this place has the most advanced industrial street, and many major industrial orders are produced on this planet. Its strength is not to be underestimated.”


Jian Luo was about to say, “What does the industrial street have to do with me…” but stopped in the middle of his sentence.


After careful consideration, he realized that this had a significant connection. Solving these two problems in this small blue planet was crucial for Earth’s protection and safety. If these issues were resolved promptly, everything would be a lot easier.


Jian Luo looked at his secretary gratefully. “You’re right!”


The secretary smiled. “Let’s go.”


She didn’t mention the price of the clothes; he probably wouldn’t buy them anyway.


The warship finally landed.


They arrived at the industrial empire’s capital shipyard. The weather was nice today, with clear skies and not a cloud in sight. As they disembarked from the warship and looked up, they could see the azure sky, a sight that brought great joy.


The leader of the industrial empire, the Head of State, dressed in a black suit, warmly approached them. “Welcome, Grand Marshal, to our capital planet.”


Lu Shifeng shook hands briefly with the leader. The leader glanced at Jian Luo and asked, “Who is this?”


Jian Luo began to rack his brain, trying to remember his title and position. Then, Lu Shifeng said, “My aide.”


The leader hesitated for a moment before saying, “Oh, I see! A truly outstanding individual!”


The people behind them felt like they had just witnessed a crow flying over their heads, speechless. After all, in the towering and mighty Dark Star military, Jian Luo, who appeared as thin as a weakling, naturally stood out, and describing him as “outstanding” was a bit of a stretch. But the leader was quite skilled at praising.


Jian Luo put on a thick-skinned smile. “You’re too kind.”


The leader smiled and waved it off, “Not at all.”


After a brief exchange of pleasantries, they moved on to the formal work process. Lu Shifeng was headed for a meeting, and the others were assigned to their accommodations.


Jian Luo’s secretary told him, “You don’t have to worry about where you’re assigned; you can stay with the Grand Marshal.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Alright.”


After the meeting, it was time for the evening banquet. Lu Shifeng had Jian Luo sit beside him and said, “If you’re not used to the food here, you don’t have to eat.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Thank you.”


Soon, attendants brought in dishes. The food of this industrial empire was as simple as its people. Even the Dark Star people would sometimes barbecue meat and prepare something different to eat, but the cuisine here was even more straightforward. The meat was mostly roasted to be edible, and the vegetables were simply boiled. It could be considered a diet plan.


Lu Shifeng told him, “It’s not as good as back at our place, but we’ll manage.”


Jian Luo sighed and took out a salt packet from his bag. In a low voice, he told Lu Shifeng, “I came prepared.”


Lu Shifeng looked at the salt packet and a chili packet with a hint of amusement in his eyes.


Jian Luo placed a little salt on his meat and then began to eat. 


A meek voice came from the neighboring table. “May I ask what powder you’re sprinkling?”


Jian Luo was taken aback and looked up to find a delicate-looking woman seated at the high table. She was very fragile, with fair skin and a gentle appearance, seemingly more delicate than Jian Luo, a human.


Before he could say anything, Lu Shifeng spoke up, “A condiment carried by our adjutant. He hasn’t been feeling well lately, so please excuse him.”


The woman smiled faintly. “I just thought it looked interesting. Can I try it?”


Jian Luo first looked at Lu Shifeng.


The Grand Marshal didn’t appear displeased and nodded gently. “You can.”


Jian Luo stood up, placed the salt packet on the attendant’s tray, and had it sent up.


Because this banquet was significant, many important figures from the industrial empire attended. People began to discuss quietly when they saw the scene:


“Is this aide a human?”


“It seems so.”


“Not a member of the Dragon Clan?”


“I heard humans are quite frail. I wonder what he’s capable of.”


People whispered in hushed tones and discreetly looked at the high table, wondering what this powder was for.


The princess, who had asked about the powder, tried the same method with her meat as Jian Luo had. After it had marinated for a while, she took a bite and paused for a moment. Then her eyes brightened. “Mmm…”


The leader was very fond of his wife, and he said in a gentle tone, “Be careful if your body isn’t well, take your time eating.”


The other ministers were used to it.


The princess swallowed her meat and said, “It’s very tasty.”


The leader was a bit surprised. He knew his wife well; due to her health issues, she was very selective about food, and most regular dishes failed to meet her standards. They had never considered collaborating with the Dark Star people on food before, for a couple of reasons. First, Dark Star people were known as the originators of nutrient fluids, and second, they had no special talent for cooking because their food was similar to their own.


The leader’s eyes lit up. “Not bad.”


The other ministers below looked at these two individuals, equally baffled. After all, it was just meat, but what difference could sprinkling some powder make?


The princess looked at Lu Shifeng and praised, “Mr. Lu, your aide’s seasoning is truly excellent!”


Lu Shifeng remained modest. “You’re too kind.”


Even though he said that, you could see the satisfaction on the Grand Marshal’s face.


The princess sitting in front, who had previously been coughing, suddenly choked and started coughing again after taking a sip of water. She was trembling while coughing and seemed to be struggling, given her frail condition, which made it appear quite serious.


Other ministers expressed concern:


“Is the princess all right?”


“Your Highness, please take care of your health.”


“Yes, indeed.”


The leader patted the princess on the back. “Are you okay? Should we go back?”


The princess wiped her eyes, which were a little teary from the coughing fit, and forced a smile. “I’m fine today, especially after eating such delicious meat. I’d like to stay a bit longer.”


The leader glanced appreciatively at Jian Luo. 


As Jian Luo enjoyed his meat, he felt a bit bewildered by the joy he had brought simply by contributing a salt packet.


The princess turned to Jian Luo and said, “May I take the liberty to ask if your condiment is still available, Mr. Aide?”


Jian Luo replied, “Of course, I’ll bring some for you when I return.”


The princess expressed her gratitude. “Thank you very much.”


Having nearly finished their meal, Jian Luo decided it was time to investigate further. Based on his observations, he believed the princess might be suffering from asthma, but he needed confirmation.


During his time on the warship, he had read numerous medical books and had realized that life forms in the universe shared many similarities. Diagnosing a human’s health wasn’t so different.


With this in mind, he asked, “May I inquire, Your Highness, do you have a history of respiratory ailments?”


This question was not considered impolite.


The princess smiled gently and replied softly, “It’s an old ailment, not a major illness, just something I’ve had for a long time.”


Jian Luo frowned. “Is it treatable?”


“It’s congenital,” the princess replied in a gentle tone. She wiped her mouth and continued, “We’ve attempted surgery, but my body is fragile, and I can’t take many medicines. So, it cannot be completely cured.”


It seemed like it.


Jian Luo, who found the princess rather amiable, said, “I have some herbal remedies from my side. If you don’t mind, you can try them.”


Chinese herbs were mild and could provide nourishment. He would contact the senior Chinese physician in Paradise later and have them formulate the prescription, tailored to the princess’s condition. With his guidance, it should work well.


The princess appeared surprised and delighted. “Mr. Aide, you have a solution?”


Jian Luo was modest. “It may not necessarily help, but you can give it a try.”


Although he was being humble, the ministers in the audience had their own thoughts. Unlike the princess, who came from humble beginnings, the nobility had their own standards. Allowing a human to provide medical treatment for the princess, especially considering the low status of humans on Dark Star, made them question whether this human had any formal education and if he was qualified to diagnose and treat the princess.


Given the circumstances, someone stood up and said, “Mr. Aide, you are a talented young individual, and we admire your abilities. May I ask where you received your education? Which academy did you graduate from?”


The most prestigious educational institution on Dark Star was the Phoenix Pavilion, which was exclusively for pure-blood nobles. It was impossible for a human to enter it. As for other universities, did they even want to mention those?

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Chapter 2 – Turning Point

       Zhuo Yue hastily wiped away the tears on his face with the back of his hand. He stood up and picked up his clothes in embarrassment. He really couldn’t hold his liquor well, and now he was walking a little unsteadily. He finally managed to put on his clothes, lowered his eyes and apologised, “I’m sorry for bothering you tonight…” After saying that, he was about to run away in a hurry, but his legs were stuck on the low stool beside him. His balance shifted, and he fell toward the coffee table filled with bottles and glasses. Fortunately, Fang Mingyan grabbed his waist in time. Zhuo Yue, who was still in shock, clutched the other person’s arm tightly. It took him a long time to recover and let go of his hand in embarrassment.

       “Okay, I’ll take you back.” Fang Mingyan spoke.

       “No need, I…”

       “If something happens to you tonight, I will not be able to get out of it.” The man interrupted and glanced at him lightly, “Don’t worry, I don’t have a hobby of forcing others to go to bed.”

       It would be unreasonable to refuse at this point, so Zhuo Yue got into Fang Mingyan’s car. He was silent the rest of the journey after telling him the address. With the surge of alcohol, his stomach felt uncomfortable, and his head felt heavy, so he leaned on the back seat and fell asleep in a daze.

       The driver followed the address and drove the car to an old urban area. The government initially wanted to requisition this area, but it had to be put on hold because of the large number of residents and the difficulty of demolition. These houses were quite old, built densely and crowded, and the plaster on many exterior walls had peeled off to reveal the red bricks. A row of hair salons opened along the street, with pink gauze covering the windows. Inside, women with exposed milky-white thighs awaited customers. In the dark and narrow alley, one or two unhappy cats occasionally popped out.

       This area belonged to the Black Eagle Society’s sphere of influence, and the police didn’t have much control over it. There were a lot of people from all sorts of religions, and there had been a murder and dismemberment case a while ago, which had not been solved yet.

       The driver stopped the car on the side of the road and said, “Mr. Fang, the front is too narrow, and we can’t drive in.”

       “Just stop here.” Fang Mingyan looked sideways at Zhuo Yue beside him and said.

       He was sleeping peacefully, his brows furrowed slightly as if he had had a bad dream. Under the light of the street lamp that came in, the eyelashes cast a small shadow under the eyes, and there seemed to be traces of tears remaining in the corners of the eyes. Because of the alcohol, his breathing was slightly heavy.

       Compared with when they met two years ago, he had lost a lot of weight, his chin was sharpened, his face was haggard, and he did not look as bright as he did at that time.

       “Mmmm…” The person who had been asleep jolted awake with a sudden tremor in their throat. He covered his mouth and opened the car door in a panic. He stumbled out and vomited while holding on to a tree on the side of the road.

       Fang Mingyan was stunned by his sudden movement, chuckled to himself, and got out of the car helplessly.

       Zhuo Yue hadn’t had dinner and had nothing in his stomach except alcohol. At this moment, it was the reaction to alcohol intoxication. He vomited thoroughly, almost regurgitating the bitter bile. His body was limp and powerless, and his arms were supported by the person next to him.

       “Open your mouth and rinse your mouth.” A mineral water was handed to his mouth, and Zhuo Yue followed the instructions in a daze.

       Fang Mingyan helped him sit back in the car. After vomiting and regaining consciousness, he said softly, “Thank you…”

       “How long have you lived here?” the man asked.

       He pursed his lips and replied, “Two weeks.” He never appeared on variety shows before, and he was picky about advertisements. He didn’t earn much money. The money from selling the house plus his savings were not enough to pay off his foster father’s debt, so he could only afford to rent a more affordable place in the neighbourhood.

       “How much money does your dad owe?” Fang Mingyan saw Zhuo Yue looking at him in shock and smiled, “It’s not difficult to have someone check your current situation.”

       Zhuo Yue knew that he had many connections and did not hide it from him. He told the truth, “He co-signed a loan for someone, and that person disappeared with the money. The debt fell on him, and fearing his family would find out, he resorted to taking out high-interest loans from a loanshark to settle it. However, the interest kept accumulating, and now, even with all my money and selling the house, I’m still short by over three million yuan. I don’t have a job or any income, and starting this month, I can’t make the payments anymore…”

       “Where is the other person now?”

       “I asked the old couple to go to a relative’s house in the countryside for the time being.”

       “You want to shoulder it alone?”

       Zhuo Yue lowered his eyes and said nothing.

       “I can give you a chance. But what I want you to sign is a contract. For the next ten years, regardless of what I arrange for you, you must comply. This includes taking on roles you’re not good at, participating in variety shows and events you don’t like, and attending social functions. Your scandals, your love life, and all sorts of publicity will be all under my control. You will have no choice or right to oppose. I will control all of your time, and you won’t have personal time without my permission. Can you accept these terms?”

       This sudden turn of events shocked Zhuo Yue, and it took him a long time to react. He pursed his lips and said softly, “I know I am not qualified to make any demands, but…” His eyes trembled, “Is it possible to exclude any involvement in sexual activities?”

       The man chuckled, “The company won’t force you to sleep with me. As for situations like that when socializing, it’s up to you how to deal with them skillfully.”

       He lowered his eyes to hide all the emotions in his eyes and said, “I accept.”

       Fang Mingyan slightly hooked his lips and told the driver, “Chen Li, drive home.” He looked at Zhu Ye’s confused and bewildered expression, and he said, “I won’t allow my artist to live in a place like this. Until we find a suitable apartment for you, you’ll stay temporarily at my place.”

       Fang Mingyan lived in a villa area in the east of the city.

       It was already so late, and he was so groggy that Zhuo Yue was in a daze and couldn’t see the name at the entrance clearly. When the car stopped, the driver came over and opened the door. As soon as he got out, someone hugged him. Zhuo Yue was startled and moved and heard the man say in a deep voice, “Don’t move.”

       The other party was now not only his boss but also his benefactor. Zhuo Yue had no choice but to remain still as he was carried. At a height of 179 centimetres, it was the first time he had been carried like a young lady, and his hands awkwardly didn’t know where to rest, making his whole body tense.

       Fang Mingyan carried him directly into the guest room on the third floor and put him on the bed, “You should rest first and talk about it tomorrow.” After that, he turned and left.

       The room was warm. Zhuo Yue was still drunk; his head was dazed from the alcohol, and he didn’t have much strength. He reluctantly took off his coat, pulled the quilt to wrap himself up, and fell asleep in a short while.

       He had many disorganized dreams one night in which debt collector gangsters came to his door with axes and machetes. He panicked and ran away, but he could not get rid of those people no matter what. With no way to escape, he fell from the tall building and woke up suddenly.

       The quilt was kicked to the ground by him at some point. His throat was dry, and his head was numb, all from the reaction of being hungover. He sat for a while, then stood up and opened the curtains and was suddenly startled.

       Wrapped around the villa was an exquisite courtyard. Snow covered the tall trees with fallen leaves, showing a unique winter beauty. On a distant hillside, there seemed to be other similar single-family houses, obscured by the shadows of the trees, which made it difficult to see them clearly. There was a lake as far as the eye could see. The vast mist on the water gradually dissipated, and the sun poured down from the clouds, casting a sparkling golden light on the lake.

       K City, which had been engulfed by high-rise buildings, still had such a quiet place.

       Sunlight streamed into the room through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The post-modern decoration style revealed a bit of yuppie1Yuppie, short for “young urban professional” or “young upwardly-mobile professional”, is a term coined in the early 1980s for a young professional person working in a city characteristic. The white undulating three-dimensional decorations on the wall formed a wave-like pattern, and a black pendant lamp hung in a simple inverted triangle shape. An exaggerated portrait of a certain country’s leader hung on the wall. The room was predominantly in black and white tones, with minimal red accents on decorative items and embellished by green plants, exuding a bold, lively, yet stable atmosphere.

       Just as Zhuo Yue was looking around, there was a knock on the door.

       He opened the door, and outside was a middle-aged man in a black suit. He handed him the clothes in his hand with a smile, “Mr. Zhuo, my name is Zhou Chi, and I am Young Master Ming’s butler. This is the clean clothes he asked me to prepare for you.”

       “…Thank you.” Zhuo Yue looked down and saw the light grey underwear on the top, and his face turned red.

       “Please come downstairs for breakfast after changing.” Zhou Chi’s attitude was generous and polite, and he didn’t forget to close the door for him before leaving.

       Those clothes were all new, the tags had been cut off, and the price could not be seen. But Zhuo Yue knew this brand. It was a practical, high-end brand that discreetly marked its presence in inconspicuous places like cuffs or the back collar. It was definitely not inexpensive.

       The smell of alcohol still lingered on his body, so he simply went to take a shower and put on his clothes one by one.

       They were the right size, even his underwear and shoes.

       He looked at himself wrapped in new clothes in the standing mirror and felt dazed for a moment. It seems like he had returned to the time two years ago when he was in high spirits, well-dressed and waiting to go to various events. It was a pity that he had long been like a different person, and now he was in such dire straits that even underwear had to be gifted by others.

       The Zhuo Yue in the mirror smiled bitterly.

       In the dining room on the first floor, Fang Mingyan was sitting, browsing and looking at the tablet in his hand. When he saw Zhuo Yue coming down, he took a sip of coffee and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

       “Very good.” Zhuo Yue paused and said, “Thank you for yesterday…”

       “I’m not interested in accepting thanks.” The man interrupted, “I’m a businessman. I don’t accept you to do good things but to gain profits from you. In short, you are my tool to make money.”

       Zhuo Yue’s expression stiffened a little.

       Fang Mingyan swept him a glance, “What, I said it too bluntly, you can’t accept it?”

       “No.” He lowered his head slightly, “You are my boss. No matter what you say, I will accept it.”

       This attitude was a bit out of Fang Mingyan’s expectation, and there was a pleasant smile on his lips, “Eat breakfast first, and then go out with me.”

       Zhou Chi on the side immediately brought hot porridge and placed it in front of Zhu Ye together with several plates of refreshing side dishes. He didn’t know what was put in the porridge, but it smelled good. He had thrown up like that yesterday and was now hungry. He lowered his head and took a bite before remembering to ask, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

       “I have already eaten.”

       “Oh.” He responded, scooped a spoonful of porridge and put it into his mouth. It was probably hot. He swallowed it with difficulty and hurriedly stuck out his tongue to inhale. Seeing Fang Mingyan looking at him with interest, he immediately blushed and covered his mouth with his hands.

       “Do you need me to ask Zhou Chi to cool you down?” The man teased him deliberately.

       “…No need.” Zhuo Yue paused for a while, lowered his head and continued eating. When he looked up, he saw Fang Mingyan sitting opposite, still looking at him with interest, and whispered in embarrassment, “Do you have to watch me eat like this?”

       “How can you be an actor if you are so afraid of being seen?”

       He was stunned by the other person’s rhetorical question, and it was only after a long time that he stifled his frustration and said, “I’m not acting right now.”

       “Are you so shy when you’re not acting?” The man asked with a half-smile, “Or do you get shy so easily when I’m watching you?”

       He was stunned, and his face turned red uncontrollably until even the base of his ears felt hot. He hurriedly lowered his head to avoid the sight, took a few more bites and said, “I’m full.”

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Chapter 8 – Exorcism

       This time of the day was probably the quietest and darkest time of the day in the school.

       Just inside this secluded corner of the Faculty of Pharmacy building, where usually hardly anyone would walk around, Tian Xin’s soul was wondering. She was actually no longer a human being, but even if she was a ghost, she still had clear thoughts, and she could feel fear.

       She knew the man before her was not an ordinary student. He was very powerful and terrifying. She had just seen the true face of this man in the mirror, and it made her hair stand on end.

       Tian Xin couldn’t figure out why she was in the current situation. The mirror was not an ordinary mirror. The female ghost in the mirror bewitched her and killed her. However, the female ghost no longer existed now.

       Xia Hongshen’s fingers were still touching the mirror, and Tian Xin saw a pale yellow light gradually emitting from his fingertips, spreading from a small area at first to a sudden intense light.

       Tian Xin turned her head subconsciously, trying to avoid the intense light.

       However, the next second, the mirror that had originally stood on the ground disappeared, and on Xia Hongshen’s spread palm stood a small leaf-sized, petal-shaped glass fragment.

       The fragments were full of light and colourful.

       Tian Xin suddenly sensed the energy that Xia Hongshen was talking about, and she subconsciously took a step forward, wanting to get closer to the fragment in Xia Hongshen’s hand.

       However, Xia Hongshen held the fragment in his fingers, instantly blocking the spiritual energy leaking from it.

       Tian Xin stopped.

       Xia Hongshen said nothing, turned around and left.

       “Wait!” Tian Xin quickly stopped him.

       Xia Hongshen stopped and looked at Tian Xin.

       Tian Xin asked him, “What will happen to me?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his head and glanced at the semi-enclosed stairwell. He then said, “You gave up your life and died in vain. Your soul is bound in this building and cannot be reborn. You will only repeat the situation of jumping off the building every night, and there will be no end.”

       Tian Xin shook her head in horror.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Since you made your own choice, you should bear the consequences.”

       “No!” Tian Xin shouted, “Please help me.”

       “I can’t save you,” Xia Hongshen said in an emotionless tone.

       Tian Xin reached out to grab Xia Hongshen’s arm but found that she could not touch him at all. She was afraid that Xia Hongshen would leave, so she could only say in a hurry, “Can’t you eat me like that female ghost?”

       Xia Hongshen looked at her and said, “Do you know that the ghosts eaten by me are equivalent to losing their souls and will never be reincarnated?”

       Tian Xin said, “What’s the difference between that and me being stuck here?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “This is not necessarily the case. Everything in the world changes in an orderly manner, and there is no such thing as eternity. You don’t have to be so desperate.”

       Tian Xin knelt down in pain and choked with sobs, “I don’t want to wait any longer. I’m scared. I don’t want to be alone in this empty building, reliving the most painful experiences every night. I’d rather disappear completely from this world.”

       Seeing that she was in inexplicable pain, Xia Hongshen just shook his head slowly, turned and left.

       Tian Xin stopped begging and just squatted down, holding her knees and crying silently.

       When Song Jun woke up, he found himself in Xia Hongshen’s room again, and Xia Hongshen was still not there.

       Sitting on the bed, Song Jun vaguely felt that he still had a slight headache and reached out to press his hand on his forehead.

       The sun was shining brightly outside, and he could clearly hear the birds and cicadas chirping. From time to time, he could hear the voices of people passing by downstairs and the whine of the engines of cars passing by.

       But he didn’t want to do anything. He didn’t want to go to the lab, he didn’t want to go back to his room, and he didn’t even want to get off Xia Hongshen’s small bed.

       After being in a daze for a long time, Song Jun saw a carton of milk and a bag of bread on Xia Hongshen’s desk. He was stunned for a moment and realised that it was the breakfast left for him. He suddenly felt hungry and a little embarrassed at the same time.

       Song Jun got off the bed, walked to the desk, picked up the bread with one hand and opened the curtains with the other. The sun suddenly shone on his face, and he couldn’t help but squint his eyes.

       There was a girl standing on the street downstairs. She was Cheng Ruijing. She was wearing a beautiful blue skirt today and was carrying a small dark green shoulder bag. She was waiting for someone.

       Song Jun was a little scared when she saw Cheng Ruijing and quickly reached out to close the curtains.

       After a while, Bu Hui ran towards Cheng Ruijing.

       Cheng Ruijing took Bu Hui’s hand and said, “Let’s go!”

       The two people walked not far away when a person suddenly blocked them.

       The man was a young monk, wearing grey monk robes and carrying a slung cloth bag. Although he had been shaved, he still had handsome features and a clear appearance.

       His appearance on the university campus was a bit abrupt, yet not too strange.

       Cheng Ruijing thought he was asking for directions and said, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

       Unexpectedly, the monk looked at Cheng Ruijing for a long time and said, “Miss Benefactor1the monk is addressing Cheng Ruijing in a polite and respectful way in Buddhism or traditional Chinese culture, it seems like there are ominous signs as your eyebrows are shrouded in dark aura.”

       Cheng Ruijing was immediately unhappy when she heard this, frowned and said, “Who are you?”

       Before the monk could say anything, Bu Hui asked, “How is it ominous?” Some time ago, Cheng Ruijing behaved a bit strangely. Bu Hui had sensed something but couldn’t quite put it into words. Now, listening to the monk in front of him, he suddenly became more attentive.

       When the monk heard Bu Hui’s questioning, he lowered his voice and said, “It seems to be entangled with something impure.”

       Cheng Ruijing became increasingly unhappy and said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

       Bu Hui, for no apparent reason, felt a sudden jolt in his heart and asked, “What impure thing?”

       The monk looked around Cheng Ruijing and suddenly said, ‘tsk tsk’ twice, “I’m afraid evil spirits haunt her.”

       Bu Hui’s expression changed. Ignoring Cheng Ruijing’s pulling him alongside, he asked the monk, “Is it true? What should we do?”

       The monk stood still, but this time he smiled, reached out from his sleeve and took out a piece of talisman paper folded into the shape of a water chestnut. He then said to Bu Hui, “This talisman wards off evil and avoids calamities, keeping ghosts and spirits at bay. We have some fate between us. For two hundred yuan, take it and bring it back with you.”

       Cheng Ruijing finally lowered her face and cursed, “Nuts!” At the same time, she pulled Bu Hui forward and said, “He is obviously a liar. What are you talking to him about!”

       Upon hearing the monk mention two hundred yuan, Bu Hui’s expression changed. He was pulled away by Cheng Ruijing and didn’t pay any more attention to the monk.

       The monk watched them leave, smiled and shook his head. He held the water chestnut paper and threw it into the air. Then he suddenly flicked his finger and threw it towards Cheng Ruijing.

       Cheng Ruijing felt like something hit her on the back. When she turned around, she saw no one or anything on the ground, so she pulled Bu Hui and left in a hurry.

       The young monk walked forward slowly alone until he reached the Faculty of Pharmacy building and walked straight in.

       The building manager peeked his head out of the window to look at him but did not stop him. Not to mention that there was a religion major in University C. This building was usually crowded with people, so as long as it was not terrorists, there was nothing to be alarmed about.

       The monk walked towards the elevator, entered the elevator with several young students, and had someone help him press the button for the fourteenth floor.

       The elevator rose slowly, and several people inside were secretly looking at him. However, he lowered his head, furrowed his brow, and sighed inwardly, thinking that this was once again an unprofitable deal.

       Song Jun finished breakfast and sat at the table in a daze. He was seriously considering dropping out of school. It was still early, and he hadn’t officially registered anyway. He was preparing to take another postgraduate entrance examination again. He would definitely not go to medical school. If possible, it would be far away from this city.

       When it was almost noon, Xia Hongshen opened the door from the outside.

       Song Jun turned back to look at him. Although he felt embarrassed, he still planned to stay with Xia Hongshen. He called out, “Senior Brother Xia.”

       Xia Hongshen walked in and said, “Get ready and go out for lunch. I will accompany you to the lab in the afternoon.”

       “Huh?” Song Jun was a little surprised.

       Xia Hongshen said nothing more and stood by the door as if waiting.

       Song Jun didn’t have the nerve to refuse, so he had to say, “Wait a moment, I’ll be ready soon.”

       On the way to the lab in the afternoon, Song Jun suddenly felt that he was very spineless. Even though he had been considering dropping out, Xia Hongshen said something so non-negotiable that he couldn’t refuse and followed him obediently.

       As soon as he entered the Forensic Medicine building, Song Jun tensed up so much that even talking to him loudly would scare him.

       Xia Hongshen knew that he was still in shock. Actually, the female ghost would no longer appear to harass him, so he didn’t have to worry so much, but Xia Hongshen had no intention of telling him that as time went by, he would gradually calm down.

       There were many people in the lab in the afternoon, and Song Jun, who had been cautious from the beginning, gradually started to become more normal.

       There were other people doing experiments in the same small lab. Xia Hongshen stayed with him for a while, then took a phone call and left first.

       “Are you leaving?” Song Jun chased to the elevator door and asked Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Something happened. Please call me if you need anything.”

       Xia Hongshen had been with him for so long, and Song Jun was of course embarrassed to ask him to stay here all the time, so he could only nod and say yes.

       After Xia Hongshen left, Song Jun went back to continue his experiment. He had thought about giving up in the morning, but now he couldn’t help but feel nervous about the time limit of the experiment.

       When Xia Hongshen returned to the dormitory, the visitors had also arrived.

       The young monk clasped his hands together and said, “Amitabha, Benefactor Xia, the poor monk is here to collect money.”

       Xia Hongshen opened the door to the room and said to him, “Come in and talk.”

       The monk followed Xia Hongshen into the room and sat directly on the chair in front of his desk. He said, “Don’t go back on your word. I saved the female ghost who jumped off the building to transcend and dealt with the impurity of your friend along the way. Let’s call it 500. Considering our acquaintance, I’ll give you a 20% discount. Let’s settle for 400.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I have no money.”

       The monk heard this and said, “Bullshit.”

       Xia Hongshen looked at him and said, “You are a monk.”

       The monk said, “What’s wrong with being monks? Can’t monks curse people and talk nonsense?”

       Xia Hongshen shook her head and said, “Yun Po, did you send Tian Xin to be reincarnated?”

       The young monk, whose Dharma name was Yun Po, looked a bit more solemn and said, “I went, but it turned out that the female ghost had too many grievances, which affected her to some extent.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “The female ghost had already lost her body. After confusing Tian Xin and jumping off the building, she transformed into her appearance and haunted others.”

       Yun Po held his head with one hand and frowned, not knowing what he was thinking.

       Xia Hongshen said again, “Thank you.”

       Yun Po rolled his eyes and said, “Cut the crap and bring the money.”

       Xia Hongshen shook his head, “I have no money.”

       Seeing that the topic had returned to its original point, Yun Po suddenly stood up and looked out the window.

       Xia Hongshen followed his line of sight and saw Song Jun, who had finished his experiments, walking along the road, probably returning to the dormitory.

       Song Jun was not in good spirits, and his footsteps were weak. When he reached the middle of the road, he suddenly stopped and looked ahead.

       The young man standing not far in front of him, reading an advertisement on a roadside bulletin board, turned out to be Feng Junyuan.

       Song Jun remembered the mark that Feng Junyuan once said. He intuitively felt that it must be related to the strange things he encountered recently, so he took two steps forward and shouted, “Feng Junyuan!”

       Feng Junyuan clearly heard someone calling him, his eyelashes trembled slightly, but he did not turn his head.

       Song Jun shouted “Feng Junyuan!” again and wanted to catch up.

       But he didn’t expect Feng Junyuan to turn around and leave.

       Song Jun was anxious and ran in his direction, but Feng Junyuan, who was about to leave, suddenly stopped at this moment.

       Feng Junyuan turned around, raised his head and looked towards the two-story building next to the road.

       Following his gaze, Song Jun discovered that it was the window of Xia Hongshen’s room. Xia Hongshen was standing in front of the window, and his gaze was also looking downwards, but his gaze did not fall on Song Jun; instead, he kept looking at Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan pursed his beautifully shaped lips, and seemed to turn away with some displeasure.

       Song Jun stood there, suddenly feeling a little confused.

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Chapter 1 – Opportunity

       On a winter night, after a heavy snowfall, a thick layer of white frost was still on the roadside.

       Zhuo Yue gathered up his scarf, put his hands in his pockets and quickly turned around the corner. Because he walked too fast, his face was slightly flushed, and his breath formed a small cloud of warm mist before him.

       This was the most bustling entertainment district in City K, where passionate and lively people scattered in places filled with excitement and extravagance, indulging in a life of luxury. He stopped in front of a gorgeously decorated building and raised his face to gaze at the huge sign above his head. His face, hidden behind a dark collar, was revealed. It was a young and handsome face, and the neon lights reflected a mottled colour in his eyes, which were black and shining. Under the high bridge of the nose, the thin lips softly pronounced the establishment’s name.

       “The Lost City…”

       He pulled out a black card from his pocket, glanced at it, held it tightly, walked up the marble steps to the brightly lit foyer, and calmly handed the membership card to the doorman. However, his slightly curled fingers revealed his uneasiness. The card was borrowed. Memberships for such high-end clubs often cost tens of thousands annually, and now he was simply unable to afford it.

       “Welcome to the Lost City, sir.” The doorman swiped the card through the card reader and handed the card back with both hands. “Can I help you store your coat and scarf?”

       “No need.” He secretly breathed a sigh of relief and pretended to have a bad memory, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been here…Which private room does Chairman Fang of Huasheng Entertainment use?”

       “Please come with me.” The seductive female greeter came forward enthusiastically and guided the way with a smile.

       The elevator went up to the eighth floor, and the greeter stopped in front of a door. She was about to knock on the door when he stopped him.

       “No need for you. I’ll go in by myself.”

       “Okay sir, I wish you a pleasant stay in the Lost City tonight.” She bowed slightly and turned to leave.

       Zhuo Yue stood outside the door, looking at the dark door that blocked sight and sound. He hesitated for a long time and finally grasped the even colder metal door handle with his cold hands. He slowly exhaled and pushed it open.

       A stream of warm air hit his face.

       Inside the private room, the changing lights created an ambiguous atmosphere, the decadent music echoed in the ears, and the vibrating heavy bass seemed to beat at the heart. A young boy was standing in front of the big screen, singing an English rock song with a slightly husky voice. The man bartending at the bar saw him, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s the matter?”

       Zhuo Yue pursed his lips and said, “I’m looking for Chairman Fang.”

       The man turned back and shouted towards the semi-circular sofa area, “Marvin, someone is looking for you.”

       The tall man sitting leisurely in the middle of the sofa was currently holding two handsome MBs1Money Boys or gigolos in his arms and telling some interesting jokes. When he heard that, he looked up at the door. His eyes paused on him, and a playful smile flickered in his eyes as he raised his hand in acknowledgement.

       The singing stopped suddenly. The singer glanced at Zhuo Yue, turned off the music, and sat aside with a calm expression. For a moment, the entire private room was eerily quiet.

       Zhuoyue walked to the sofa and said, “Chairman Fang, I’m here today because…”

       “Mr. Zhuo.” The man interrupted him unceremoniously, “No matter what you want to talk about, isn’t it a bit rude to interrupt my private time uninvited like this?”

       He stiffened, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t make an appointment with your secretary, so I had to…”

       The other party smiled nonchalantly, “You came to me because you are considering changing jobs?”

       Zhuo Yue pursed his lips and lowered his head slightly, “Yes.”

       “You offended the investors with your rudeness, got abandoned by Fenglan, and now, with no other options, you want to turn to Huasheng. You’ve played your cards quite well.” The sarcasm in the smile on the man’s lips became more and more intense, “Do you think I,  Fang Mingyan, is a scrap collection station?”

       These words were merciless, like a pair of hands slamming his self-esteem into the mud. Zhuo Yue’s face turned pale, and his nails were pressed so hard that they almost pierced his palms.

       With exceptional looks and a natural charisma in his eyes, he had enjoyed a smooth sailing career since his debut. Before even graduating, he caught the eye of Shen Haofeng, the boss of Fenlang, and took on the leading role in a historical TV drama, “Conquest of Mountains and Rivers.” This move earned him the Best TV Newcomer Award. Rising to fame at a young age, he didn’t pay much attention to others, displaying a cold and proud demeanour, and was not good at getting along with others.

       New talents were emerging constantly in the entertainment industry, and Zhuo Yue’s acting career had always been fixed on the young man in ancient attire. At the age of twenty-six, he was pushed aside by the young fresh faces. A few months ago, the company won him the leading role in a drama and asked him to accompany the producer. Perhaps due to some inappropriate advances from the producer, Zhuo Yue responded with a slap. Not only did he lose the role, it also caused the company to lose investment. Shen Haofeng, furious at the incident, decided to shelve him. His agents and assistants were all withdrawn, leaving him to fend for himself. The producer was quite powerful in the industry, and many historical drama crews did not dare to invite him again. In the past six months, he had not received a single advertisement, a role, or a notice. If he continued like this, he would soon fade out of people’s sight—it was undoubtedly a fatal blow to an artist. The high-interest loans his foster father had taken out had only worsened his situation, pushing him to a point of no return.

       Zhuo Yue lowered his head, his eyelashes slightly drooped to cover the emotions in his eyes, and spoke with some difficulty, “I was careless with my words. The other party always said a lot of inappropriate things. I apologise…”

       Two years ago, Huasheng extended his goodwill to him, offering a high salary to entice him to switch jobs. The boss, Fang Mingyan, even talked to him once in person. At that time, he was at the height of his popularity, so he refused without any room for manoeuvre, which was quite embarrassing for the other party. Now, he was asking for help because he was really desperate. Huasheng was larger than Fenglan, and Fang Mingyan held a high status in the industry, navigating both legitimate and less savoury circles, and even the producer had to give him some respect. Upon careful consideration, he was the only hope for making a comeback on his own terms.

       “If you want to apologise, just saying it doesn’t seem very sincere.” Fang Mingyan leaned on the sofa, his voice was a bit lazy, “Drink this glass of wine.”

       Zhuo Yue looked at the light cyan liquid in the goblet and tightened his lip. He was a light drinker and gets drunk easily, so he usually avoided drinking, but at this moment, he found himself in a difficult situation and couldn’t easily decline. He picked up the goblet, closed his eyes, tilted his neck back and swallowed. The alcohol was very high in alcohol content, and when he swallowed it, he only felt the flame burning all the way from his oesophagus to his stomach, which was hot and spicy. He forced himself to endure the discomfort and asked, “Does Chairman Fang think I am sincere enough now?”

       “I accept your apology. However, from a business perspective, your range in roles is limited. You’ve stirred up trouble by offending investors, and you have been stuck at the bottom of the box for such a long time without exposure. Why do you think I should invest money in you?”

       Zhuo Yue was silent for a long time, with a layer of cold despair in his eyes, as if his soul had been sucked out, and he said stiffly, “You really have no reason to sign with me.” After saying that, he turned around and walked out.

       “Stop.” came a deep voice.

       He stood still, turned around and said coldly, “What else does Chairman Fang want? Forcing me to have another drink?”

       Fang Mingyan curled his lips.

       This guy’s temper was still the same as two years ago, with a noble and cold arrogance coming from his bones, like a lotus flower in the mud, beautiful and clean. However, in this seething cauldron of industry, such people usually only had two outcomes: they lost power and faded away, or they became tainted. Sure enough, in just two years, he fell from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley and had to bow his head and ask for help. However, even when he was asking for help, his attitude was still so unruly, like a stubborn and untamed wild horse, unwilling to compromise.

       Overall, Zhuo Yue was not bad. Unlike those actors who relied solely on their handsome appearance, his eyes were bright and clear. When focused, it was as if he peered into your soul. Every movement carried a graceful and serene charm as if he had stepped out of an ancient painting, leaving a lasting impression. This was why historical dramas preferred to cast him in leading roles. With proper nurturing, he had great potential. However, the first step was to smooth out those sharp edges he carried.

       Fang Mingyan looked at the man indifferently, “If I give you a chance, what are you going to give in exchange?”

       Zhuo Yue was confused for a moment.

       He stood alone, with many indescribable emotions in his eyes. Finally, as if he had given up something, he lowered his eyes gently, “Everything I have.”

       Hearing this answer, Fang Mingyan smiled and asked playfully, “Including your self-respect, perseverance, and limits?”

       He was silent for a while and replied, “…Yes.”

       “Okay.” The man sat lazily, with his long legs resting on the coffee table. “Since you’ve come here to seek my favour, you must have investigated my preferences. If you can satisfy me tonight, I’ll sign you.”

       Zhuo Yue froze on the spot for a while, then took off his scarf and took off his coat as if he was resigned to his fate. The two MBs beside Fang Mingyan had already stood aside knowingly. Zhuo Yue sat down next to the man, picked up the foreign wine on the table, poured half a glass and brought it to the man. He didn’t say anything and looked at the man nervously with a pair of black eyes. The temperature in the private room was quite high. He had been wrapped in a thick coat and scarf just now, and there was a thin layer of sweat on his body. Moreover, the alcohol he had just consumed slowly came on, and his body also became hot, and his fair face was dyed with a faint red colour.

       He never liked such occasions and never participated. Even at the opening banquet and closing banquet, he would only sit briefly before leaving. He was popular at that time, and Shen Haofeng didn’t force him. So until today, he had never taken the initiative to drink with someone, and he didn’t know what to say at all.

       The man glanced at the small ice bucket on the table and continued to look at him calmly.

       Zhuo Yue guessed that it probably meant adding ice cubes. He was not sure of the quantity, so he only took out two small pieces, put them into the glass, and handed them over again.

       Fang Mingyan curled his lips and said to the two MBs standing aside, “The newcomer doesn’t seem to know how to accompany a drink. You guys can set an example.”

       The two nodded. The taller one poured a glass of wine, took a big sip, and pointed to his bulging mouth, indicating that he didn’t swallow it, gesturing to Zhuo Yue. Then he hooked the short man’s neck, kissed him, and fed him the wine in his mouth. As lips and tongues intertwined, wine dripped from the corner of his mouth, and the sound made Zhuo Yue blush.

       “Have you learnt?” The man sitting on the sofa looked at him leisurely.

       Zhuo Yue felt stiff all over and stood helplessly.

       He needed this opportunity. His acting career had reached an impasse, and the high-interest loans his foster father borrowed were about to come due. If he didn’t repay the money, those underworld gangsters would literally beat him to death…

       He picked up the glass numbly, his mind in chaos.

       There was a voice whispering in his ear over and over again—if you fail today, you will never get ahead again. Aren’t you an actor? Can’t you use your acting skills to put on a good show? The most you can do is sacrifice yourself. You have nothing left, so how much is this body worth? This is just an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry. They all do this, and you are not the only one…

       Anyway, it was a show… He closed his eyes in pain. When he opened it again, his eyes had changed. The confusion was gone, and the dark eyes settled down, glowing with a gloomy light.

       This was his state when he entered the play.

       Zhuo Yue took a sip of wine and held it in his mouth, getting closer to Fang Mingyan, then stretched his neck and leaned in without hesitation. The lips touched each other and slowly opened. When he wanted to put all the wine into the man’s mouth, he was entangled by the tongue that suddenly came out. In the blink of an eye, the other person invaded his wet and hot mouth.

       Zhuo Yue had only a few kissing experiences, so he was no match for him. He was defeated in a matter of minutes, allowing the other party to march in and take away control. After a while, his throat trembled, and he was forced to swallow all the wine. He was so tortured by the pressure between his lips and tongue that he couldn’t breathe. He put his hands on his chest and tried hard but couldn’t push the man above him away. He couldn’t help but make a guttural sound of “Woo…”

       This was the first time he had been kissed by a man and the oppressive feeling of being controlled frightened him. After the kiss finally ended, Zhuo Yue gasped and leaned on the sofa, saying, “Chairman Fang, I’m not good at drinking. I’ll get drunk if I keep drinking like this…” There was a hint of pleading in his words, and his voice was also much softer.

       Fang Mingyan curled his lips, “How much I drink depends on whether you feed me well.”

       Zhuo Yue held the glass in his hand and leaned close to the man. He raised his face, looked at the man with his dark eyes, and said softly, “Does Chairman Fang think I’m stupid?”

       Such a display of coquetry might be an easy flirtatious gesture for others, but for the usually aloof Zhuo Yue, it was pushing the limits. His body was getting closer, but his heart longed to escape immediately. The overly intimate proximity made the hand holding the glass so nervous that he couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

       “It’s okay, I can teach you.” Fang Mingyan held his wrist, brought the glass of wine to his mouth and took a sip. He then lifted his chin and pressed it down. This time, the invasion was more forceful than before. He pinched Zhuo Yue’s chin semi-forcefully to make him open his mouth and even held the back of his neck forcefully. With a push of his tongue, the wine and ice cubes were pushed into Zhuo Yue’s mouth. The man’s tongue acted recklessly in the mouth full of wine, attacking the mouth that had been cooled by the cold wine, teasing the small ice cubes that were gradually melting, entangled with the shy and flustered soft tongue, and examining every inch of the territory that was filled with the cold wine.

       Zhuo Yue, who was already drunk, was a little confused at this time, and the lack of oxygen made his head even more dizzy. He half-closed his eyes helplessly and gave up resistance. The wine in his mouth had already been swallowed by the man’s skillful teasing, and a small amount of wine dripped from the corner of his mouth, adding a bit of lustful feeling. He didn’t come back to his senses until the third button of his shirt was unbuttoned.

       Seeing this situation, the other people in the private room wisely withdrew, leaving only him and Fang Mingyan. At this moment, he was being pressed on the sofa by the other party, being torn open like a package of express mail.

       As long as you obey…it will be over if you endure it for a while…Only by completing this scene well can you please him…

       Zhuo Yue tried his best to self-hypnotize, but his body was resisting, and he was so tense and stiff that he couldn’t make any movements. When the man opened his shirt, his naked upper body felt the coolness and could not help but shiver.

       Fang Mingyan’s warm fingers lingered on the collarbone and then touched the sensitive breasts on his chest. He pinched them tightly with two fingers and pulled them, causing the man under him to gasp unbearably.

       “Ah… don’t…” There was some feeble softness in that voice, which was touching people’s hearts. Zhuo Yue didn’t expect that he would make such a sound, so he covered his mouth with the back of his hand in shame.

       “That’s a beautiful sound.” The man turned to the other bulge without mercy and ravaged it into the same beautiful crimson colour. “It looks like tonight will be a lot of fun.” As he said that, he moved his hand between his legs and kneaded the most vulnerable part through his pants.

       Zhuo Yue shivered and shrank his body, but he couldn’t escape the man’s control. Instead, he was gripped by the suddenly tightened hand, causing him to groan in pain.

       “Behave yourself if you don’t want to be hurt.” Fang Mingyan neatly tore off his outer pants and threw them aside along with his underwear.

       His naked body was completely exposed to sight. Zhuo Yue’s delicate c0ck was very light in colour, like an abstinent boy, looking like he had never been to sex before. The slender legs that were trying to be closed were forcefully stretched to a painful angle, and even his buttocks were spread apart, revealing the tender secret point hidden between them.

       Accepting another man’s inspection in such a shameful posture made Zhuo Yue’s face turn pale. He stiffly endured the other party’s teasing, and when the touch of his finger landed near the opening, he couldn’t help but tremble all over, and tears rolled down from his empty eyes.

       He tried hard. He tried to make himself understand the current situation and try to please the man to gain opportunities. But thinking about what would happen next, the humiliation, fear, helplessness and panic made him completely collapse, and he struggled hard. It was a pity that he was much weaker in terms of strength, and with the alcohol, he couldn’t exert much strength. Not only was he unable to break away at all, but the man tied his hands behind his back with his shirt.

       “No… please…” he cried and begged, “Fang Mingyan… please, let me go…”

       “Can’t continue your act anymore?” The man pinned him down like a lion, his cold voice filled with sarcasm, “Wanting to receive but unwilling to give, aren’t you a bit too greedy, Zhuo Yue?”

       Big tears welled up in his eyes. He choked and said intermittently, “I have no choice…it is clear that there is nothing left, and it is clear that I have made up my mind…but I still can’t do it…”

       In many years, except for acting needs, he had never cried like this in front of others. The pressure and fear drove him to a complete breakdown. At this moment, Zhuo Yue was like a wronged and sad child, exposing all his vulnerability in front of Fang Mingyan.

       The man narrowed his eyes slightly, pondered for a moment and let go of him, letting him cry to his heart’s content. He waited until he gradually calmed down before speaking again, “Have you cried enough?”

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Chapter 128 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 128: Unraveling Together (1)


Regardless of willingness, everyone gradually grew accustomed to days filled with raging battles.


When peace shattered seemed insignificant now. Their sole concern was when these days would come to a definitive end.


Unbeknownst to them, three years had already passed.


At this moment, Wen Xingchen sat in the command cabin, his brow furrowed tightly.


His warship sped through the interstellar space, its journey traced back from the distant third galaxy, as indicated by the navigation records.


Two years prior, after a selection process by the Alliance forces, a few elite squads were reorganized and placed into a new unit.


Both Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning were part of it.


Presently, both held the rank of admiral, a rapid promotion within their peers.


Although they commanded their own fleets, their strategic synergy often led the high command to favor their joint operations.


Over time, whenever their red and blue fleets appeared simultaneously, it instilled fear in the insectoid race.


Their formidable joint achievements, coupled with a widely known special bond, led the troops to secretly dub them “Dual Generals of the Imperial Seas.”


It was rare to retain the military academy’s name after graduation, but what others didn’t know was that Lu Jingning himself coined this title, simply because he liked it!


He remained as unreasonable as ever.


In the normal course, the script of two united husbands thriving together should continue. However, just a month ago, Wen Xingchen received an urgent mission, swiftly dispatched to provide support in the battlefield of the third galaxy. It was pressing.


Because Lu Jingning’s task at that time wasn’t as daunting as before, Wen Xingchen decisively set off.


Even before departure, considering someone’s penchant for mischief, he specifically admonished not to impulsively take risks.


Yet, things went awry in the end.


The communication seeking Wen Xingchen’s attention came from Cen Junfeng, currently serving as Lu Jingning’s deputy. Across billions of light-years, his wails echoed, “Admiral, come back!! Our commander vanished again!”


Days later, recalling the heartbreaking and tear-inducing scene, Wen Xingchen’s previously furrowed brow tightened even more.


Vanished again?!


The use of “again” was a bit too vivid.


Yes, the commander-in-chief Lu Jingning, while encircling the insectoids, just like his past, suddenly disappeared!


As described by Cen Junfeng, they successfully cornered all remnants of the insectoids in the northern region of that desolate star.


However, these resilient insectoids, combined with unfavorable terrain, inadvertently led to a standoff with no progress.


Lu Jingning had sat on the front lines for days, counting time, but eventually couldn’t wait any longer. He casually slung an energy gun over his shoulder and leaped alone into the bottomless ravine.


His audacity remained unchanged, but the magnetic field in the lower region severed all contact with the rear forces in minutes.


As Cen Junfeng reported, teary and sniffling, he attempted reassurance, “The commander has been increasingly formidable lately. He should be fine. We’ve sent several waves down, no news yet, and we’re quite anxious. That’s why I thought to inform you.”


Each sentence seemed casually thrown but precisely hit the mark, implying that Wen Xingchen alone held the authority to determine if they’d rush back.




Lu Jingning vanished without a trace. Could he really not return?!


Years of combat hardened Wen Xingchen’s mind, making him even more composed. Yet, at this moment, he couldn’t help but clench his teeth in frustration.


Fine, he’s gone, so he’ll gallivant as he pleases? Just wait, when I return, I’ll see how to handle him!


The oppressive atmosphere in the command cabin kept the crew in breathless silence. Even under full-speed return in semi-automatic mode, requiring minimal operations, they trembled more than when facing the insectoids on the battlefield.


Everyone felt a cold sweat trickle down their backs, refraining from a single breath, afraid to displease this grim reaper, fearing they’d incur his wrath.


Wen Xingchen, lips tightly pursed, inquired, “How far are we?”


The navigator quickly checked the current route and respectfully replied, “Reporting, sir, at our current speed, we’ll reach the destination within a day at most!”




Wen Xingchen responded expressionlessly, his eyes deep and inscrutable.


Just returning from the battlefield, his clothes faintly dusted, the three-star medal on his shoulder stood out, emitting an unusual shimmer.


Though he calmly gazed ahead, the formidable aura of an Alpha firmly gripped every corner of the fleet, unequivocally exposing his current extremely unpleasant mood.


The crew couldn’t help but lament; if Lu Jingning were present, they’d gladly kneel and call him ‘father’ if it could calm their commander’s fiery temper.


They truly couldn’t bear the wrath of this superior!!!



Meanwhile, the very savior whom everyone inwardly summoned remained utterly unaware of their thoughts.


In the ravine, faint starlight trickled in, illuminating his dazzling golden hair. Except for the scattered corpses around him, any perspective should’ve depicted an incredibly appealing scene.


Lu Jingning’s rare metal rod was smeared with viscous insectoid blood. He casually moved the obstructive bodies aside, glanced into the distance, and proceeded, flexing his muscles as he walked.


The terrain of this wretched planet was excessively treacherous, with countless ravines, compounded by the insectoids’ knack for burrowing. Defending here meant it would be challenging to conquer in a short time unless the entire planet was obliterated.


But he was running out of time.


So, he took matters into his own hands to clean up the remnants.


The terminal lost all function under the magnetic influence, leaving Lu Jingning unaware of how many days had passed.


To avoid missing the special day, he had to hasten as much as possible.


By his reckoning from when he jumped down, their wedding anniversary would arrive in about half a month.


By then, Wen Xingchen should also be back.


The war seemed never-ending, but he didn’t want these annoying bugs to interfere with such a memorable day.


Of course, the sooner he resolved matters here, the sooner they could return to the base and enjoy their private time.


The more Lu Jingning thought about it, the more beautiful the prospect seemed, and before he knew it, a smile curved his eyes.


Noticing faint sounds around him, a sharpness flashed in his eyes, and he stealthily quickened his pace.


Seems like another group of prey delivered to his doorstep.


Little darlings, don’t run away; your Lord Lu is here!

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Chapter 127 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 127: Cycle of a Hundred Years (3)


The historic first battle ended with the insect race fleeing in disarray. 


But evidently, that wasn’t the focal point. 


For a destined lengthy racial war like this, the opening move isn’t crucial. As long as one perseveres, the tide can turn against adversity at any moment. The most crucial aspect remains: who will have the last laugh.


The only fortunate aspect is that both the Empire and the Federation were adequately prepared for this war. 


Despite some turmoil among the populace, such unrest didn’t persist for long. It was swiftly pacified by the decisive methods of those in power.


With the battle already underway, life had to continue as usual. It’s just that perhaps now there’s a bit more anxiety lingering in the air.


However, the most significant impact was on the military personnel. 


Unlike the prolonged era of peace, once war commences, it’s inevitable that they face the stark reality of sacrificing themselves on the battlefield.


It might sound stirring enough to evoke enthusiasm, but when comrades’ cold bodies lay before them, reality poured like a bucket of cold water, waking everyone up thoroughly.


Cruelty, that’s the essence of war. 

To uphold the rousing heroism depicted in history books, first and foremost, one needs to survive.


Among the military, those in the medical departments undoubtedly comprehend life and death most profoundly.


Regardless of whether it’s the Empire or the Federation, once the alliance front forms, the medical elites, who used to reside in laboratories day in and day out, volunteered eagerly to provide medical support at the frontline.


Here, this is one among numerous medical stations. 


If one were to cast their gaze down from the sky, they’d witness stretchers strewn around the camp, densely packed, enough to astonish anyone.


The number of soldiers injured in the war was far too many for the medical station to accommodate, hence they were reluctantly treated outdoors.


Even so, those fortunate enough to be brought back for treatment were considered favored by Lady Luck.


Within Room 3 of Section B, the air was thick with the smell of strong disinfectants.


A slender figure sat by the sickbed, rolling up blood-stained sleeves, revealing a rather ghastly wound on the arm.


Although the bleeding had been stopped, as the disinfectant swab lightly grazed over it with forceps, Yan Hebin couldn’t help but furrow his brow slightly due to the stinging sensation.


Su Qian’s actions were already at their gentlest. Observing his patient’s endurance, he calmly remarked, “Just focus on your duty; there’s no need to play the hero. Feeling pain now?”


Though the doctor’s words sounded like advice to a patient, in this environment, they carried a different undertone.


Yan Hebin glanced at him instinctively. “I can’t just stand by and watch someone die.”


Su Qian continued cleaning the wound, then turned to retrieve a roll of bandage from the cabinet. After a slight pause, he spoke again, “Being too soft-hearted isn’t beneficial for a soldier.”


There was no sense of reproach in his words, yet Yan Hebin lowered his eyelids, silent.


A profound silence enveloped the room.


It wasn’t until Su Qian cut the final piece of bandage that he sighed softly, “I hope I never see you among those people one day.”


Of course, Yan Hebin knew whom “those people” referred to.


Lately, almost every day, transport ships arrived carrying soldiers who died in battle. Some were claimed for their hometowns, but many were laid to rest right here on this desolate, uninhabited nameless planet, where nobody even knew their names.


Su Qian didn’t dwell further on this heavy topic. Suddenly, he pulled out an exquisite box and handed it over, a faint smile playing on his lips. “Like it?”


Yan Hebin looked at him puzzled, reaching out to receive it. Upon opening it, he discovered an exquisite pendant shaped like a water droplet.


A flicker of surprise flashed in his eyes, an unusual expression for him.

Obviously, the appearance of this gift had genuinely caught him off guard.


Su Qian noticed the change in his demeanor; the smile in his eyes softened. “Timing isn’t great, what with the war just beginning. Otherwise, I would have prepared a more decent birthday present for you.”


Yan Hebin shook his head sincerely. “Thank you, I really like it.”


On this historic day, each of them seemed incredibly insignificant. If not for Su Qian, who would remember the birthday of such an inconspicuous ordinary soldier as Yan Hebin?


The material of the pendant remained a mystery. Inside, there seemed to be a liquid-like substance flowing. Occasionally, when a ray of light touched it, one could witness a faintly dazzling color circulating, exquisite yet unique. Obviously, it was meticulously chosen.


Yan Hebin softened and reached out to take it, but any movement pulled at the wound on his arm, instinctively causing a slight frown.


“Let me do it.” Su Qian smiled, taking out the pendant from the box and delicately placing it around Yan Hebin’s neck.


The doctor’s fingers, accustomed to holding surgical tools, were slender and well-shaped, bearing a thin callus layer at the tips. When they grazed against the skin, there was a distinct sensation.


This touch, fleeting by the gland, sent a momentary surge akin to an electric current, causing Yan Hebin, who usually faced enemy forces fearlessly, to unconsciously straighten his back.


He involuntarily lowered his head slightly, hiding the somewhat heated cheeks from view.


At this moment, Yan Hebin was thankful that Su Qian was a Beta, unable to sense the faint Omega pheromones floating in the room. Otherwise, he would have wanted to dig a hole and bury himself from this unexpectedly tantalizing sensation.


From their acquaintance until now, they still lingered in a shallow ambiguity. Both tacitly avoided tearing down that final barrier.


Yan Hebin knew it was his issue.


His father’s disappearance remained a thorn in his heart, urging him to climb higher while subconsciously wanting to distance himself from any distracting emotional ties.


But, at this very moment, he encountered Su Qian, causing an unwanted disturbance within him.


“How is it? Does it look good?”


The man’s gentle voice brought him back to reality.


As Yan Hebin regained focus, he looked up to find Su Qian, who had somehow produced a mirror and placed it in front of him. The pendant hung on his chest, and behind him, the man’s gaze through the mirror rested upon him, brimming with a gentle smile.


Su Qian’s smile was always so gentle and comforting, allowing Yan Hebin to miraculously calm down in his presence.


His gaze didn’t land on the pendant but instead inadvertently fixed on Su Qian’s face. They gazed at each other through the mirror, then saw their own reflections in each other’s eyes.


Su Qian noticed his distraction and couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “What’s wrong?”


Yan Hebin stared at him for a long time, finally breaking the silence as if determined, “After this war ends, would you mind giving me another gift?”


This manner of demanding a gift was clearly not his style; it suited Lu Jingning more. However, Su Qian merely paused for a moment, then agreeably responded, “Of course, what would you like?”


Yan Hebin’s lips tightened slightly, he put away the mirror and turned, saying, “This time, I don’t want a pendant. I want something to wear on my finger.”


Engagement or marriage, as long as they could be bound firmly together, anything would suffice.


He wasn’t accustomed to such audacious behavior as Lu Jingning. After saying this, his face flushed intensely, but he struggled to maintain an expressionless demeanor.


After a while, Su Qian grasped the implication behind these words. Suppressing a smile at the overly conspicuous flush on the man’s ears, he softly replied, “Alright, then I’ll also give myself to you at that time.”


As these words brushed past his burning ears, Yan Hebin finally couldn’t hold back, lowered his head to evade the watery gaze, and stood up from the bedside, “I’ll return to my unit first.”


Watching that figure dart out like a flash, Su Qian couldn’t help but chuckle softly.


Though he had waited for this day for a long time, in such wartime circumstances, this seemed to be the best news he could receive.

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Chapter 126 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 126: Cycle of a Hundred Years (2)


The scene on the planet of Jaha was just a microcosm amidst the clarion call of war, one among numerous planets.


For the commencement of this war, the insect race seemed thoroughly prepared. Just through the spatial-temporal portal, thousands of warships appeared in a grand procession, looming over the skies of several dozen human planets.


However, the human response seemed faster than anticipated by the insect race.


Even before the insect race’s warships could breach the front line, they were already significantly intercepted by the vast alliance fleet at the periphery.


The team Lu Jingning belonged to had received orders from Jiang Quan. At this moment, they were maneuvering along a secluded interstellar route, circling around to the rear of the nearest planet.


On the warship, the members of the Stargaze team were bustling around, occasionally glancing towards the figure standing at the command console. Their expressions hinted at thoughts they hesitated to express.


Just as they received the orders, everyone seemed somewhat bewildered.


They couldn’t fathom how Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, who were just ordinary captains before, had suddenly ascended to the rank of colonels.


Shouldn’t promotions and increments follow a logical progression? This was completely out of the ordinary!


Lu Jingning confirmed the warship had aligned correctly and turned to Yan Hebin, saying, “Double-check the communication systems, make sure not to miss any signal source. We have only one chance, if we fail, everything will be on the line here.”


Yan Hebin nodded, saying, “I’ve got it covered, don’t worry.”


Lu Jingning leisurely took out a mint cigarette, not lighting it, just dangling it between his lips, swaying it up and down. “Let’s fight this battle well, and after it’s over, let’s have Commander Jiang treat us to a big meal!”


The others cheered in agreement.


The “Commander Jiang” in Lu Jingning’s words referred to Jiang Quan. Over the years, while everyone’s psychological shadow concerning Jiang Quan hadn’t lessened, it was only Lu Jingning who could casually say such things. His sheer audacity made him a captain worthy of respect.


When Wen Xingchen walked in from outside, this was the scene he encountered.


He walked over, pinched the cigarette dangling from Lu Jingning’s lips, smiling somewhat enigmatically. “You’re still smoking at this time?”


Lu Jingning glanced at him, swiftly snatching the cigarette back, hinting with his gaze towards the other’s scent gland, muttering, “Can’t I indulge a bit?”


“Of course, you can.” Wen Xingchen brushed aside the slightly longer strands of hair near his face, gently smiling. “Once this battle is over, indulge however you wish.”


Beside them, Cen Junfeng was adjusting the ship’s ammunition system. At the words, his hands trembled slightly, almost firing on the spot. Unable to hold back, he exclaimed, “Can you two keep your suggestive banter appropriate for the occasion? Damn it, are us single folks destined to have no say?”


Lu Jingning glanced indifferently at him, “Isn’t there an available Omega here? If you want comfort, should I release some pheromones for you to sniff?”


Cen Junfeng’s lips twitched, “Are you a spy sent by the insect race? You’re worse than Yan Hebin and Wen Yan in this!”


Yan Hebin, expressionless, added, “I’m out.”


Cen Junfeng: “…”


Lu Jingning nonchalantly tutted, “The view outside is pretty good, do you want me to toss you out to take a stroll and change your mood?”


Cen Junfeng felt a chill down his spine and fell completely silent.


At that moment, several red dots appeared on the console in front of Yan Hebin.


He calmly reminded, “Stop fooling around; we’re not far from the insect race fleet. Judging from the current situation, the nearest should be a small-scale fleet, consisting of seven warships, four patrol ships, and one supply ship. Judging by our current course, we’ll collide head-on soon. If we want to proceed without being detected, the best course of action is to directly take them down.”


Lu Jingning looked up following his words. The playful expression on his face gradually faded, replaced by a calm tone as he directed, “Contact Squad One and Squad Three. It’s time to get ready.”


The Elite Team’s task this time was to perform a rear assault, a highly risky mission even amid intense frontline battles.


They absolutely couldn’t afford any traces to be noticed by the insect race before entering the target area.


After the communication, the three top-notch warships were already fully prepared in the blink of an eye.


All the team members returned to their positions, devoid of the casual demeanor they usually carried, their expressions incredibly serious.


In war, there’s no room for complacency.


Moreover, the success or failure of this mission wasn’t just about their fate but could potentially impact the life or death of billions of humans.


Until today, they had endured countless sleepless nights, tirelessly engaging in various simulated exercises, all in preparation for this day’s arrival.


And now, it was the moment to validate the fruits of their training.


Although there lingered a bit of puzzlement among the members of each elite team—why were the responses of the Empire and the Federation so well-coordinated under such a sudden attack by the insect race? This approach seemed as if they had anticipated the enemy’s moves in advance.


However, regardless of the numerous questions in their minds, now wasn’t the time to delve into them.


Seated in the central command room, watching the approaching insect race warships in the viewport, Lu Jingning’s eyes flashed with a hint of concealed excitement.


As the distance between both sides reached a critical point, at the most precise moment, he decisively issued the command, “Now, commence action!”


The cannons roared.



Confronted with the excessively agile defense lines established by humans, the insect race felt an immense shock. What surprised them more was, in such chaos, the enemy could orchestrate such a fierce rear assault.


Within a short time frame, this seemed impossible.


Though only three relatively small-sized warships, they appeared like three whistling blades, forcibly dispersing the insect race formation, creating a gap in what was initially an impregnable army.


Following that, countless warships seemed to premeditate their appearance, converging from all directions through the spatial portals, encircling the insect race’s fleet tightly.


The confidence once plastered on the face of the insect race commander froze instantly.


Suddenly, a ludicrous thought flashed through his mind, sending shivers down his spine. The premature completion of the Crystal of the Night’s restoration had plunged the insect race momentarily into endless joy. They had thought that with a sudden attack on unprepared humans, they could avenge a century-old disgrace. But now, the situation suggested that their presumptuous assault had made them the trapped ones.


But how could humans know their plans?


It was impossible!


The commander fiercely clenched his teeth, his expression turning somewhat savage. Seeing his fleet’s ships continuously destroyed, his eyes seemed on the verge of bleeding.


The passive insect race reluctantly initiated their counterattack.


In the first battle, flames blazed for seven days and seven nights, completely dyeing the skies above various planets crimson.


Though the ships inevitably suffered tremendous damage, after successfully disrupting the enemy’s formation, the Stargaze team smoothly completed their return journey as per the prearranged route, utilizing the spatial portals.


Before the insect race went completely berserk, they withdrew from the chaotic central war zone, returning safely to the temporary base.


As they disembarked from the ships, everyone appeared drenched in sweat.


Despite the day’s intensity not demanding much physical exertion compared to their usual training routines, the unprecedented tension from being so deeply embroiled in the conflict made their steps involuntarily tremble.


Lu Jingning subconsciously reached for his pocket, only to realize that the hidden pouch of mint cigarettes had vanished amidst the chaos. He could only sigh and pocket the emptiness.


Glancing at their team’s rather dilapidated warship, his eyes carried a tinge of distress. “Damn, this blasted mission! It’s all Commander Jiang’s fault. I’ll make sure he compensates me with a new ship!”


Captain Tang Jiaze, who happened to pass by, halted at the remark, casually adding, “While you’re at it, have him replace our team’s ship too.”


Lu Jingning retorted, “Get lost, deal with it yourself!”


Tang Jiaze remarked, “You have no sense of camaraderie, do you?”


Lu Jingning rolled his eyes, ignoring him, and looked towards the distant horizon where the flames still raged, furrowing his brows.


Despite their mission having been successfully completed according to the plan, for the grand-scale racial war, everything was just beginning.


Humanity’s strategy had ingeniously maneuvered the insect race’s fleet into complete passivity.




Lu Jingning’s gaze flickered amidst the distant flames, reflecting off the colors in intermittent waves. It wasn’t until a hand gently tapped his shoulder that he snapped out of his reverie.


Wen Xingchen’s voice came from beside him, “What are you thinking about?”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, then shrugged slightly, “I was thinking… our contributions back then seemed undervalued.”


His tone carried a tinge of regret.


Regret! This almost historic discovery, which could be said to determine the life or death of humanity, ended up granting only a promotion to Colonel for the two of them?


Thinking back, Jiang Quan probably mocked them privately as a couple of fools after they left?!


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help a small smirk at his words, grabbing his arm and leading him towards the rest area, “Stop thinking about it. Let’s go take a shower. I bet new orders will be coming soon.”


Lu Jingning walked along as Wen Xingchen pulled him, gazing at the figure in front of him for a moment before suddenly smiling and winking, “Bro Wen, care to join me in the shower?”


Wen Xingchen paused, turning to look at him.


“I lost my cigarette,” Lu Jingning said shamelessly, unaffected by his gaze. “Didn’t you say I could indulge however I wanted? Time’s short, let’s make the most of it!”


In the midst of speaking, he subtly moved his nose, perhaps hinting at something.


Wen Xingchen noticed everything, his expression softening a bit, “Alright then, let’s make the most of it.”

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Chapter 125 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 125: Cycle of a Hundred Years (1)


In the eighth star system, the planet of Jaha continued its day of prosperity and thriving.


Being the most remote trading planet in this star system, it boasted top-tier population and technological advancements.


Upon graduating from the Qiang Cang Academy, he was assigned to the Fifth Legion, stationed on the planet of Jaha.


In a way, it could be considered part of the frontier defense force, crucial in safeguarding the Empire’s security.


However, today, he wasn’t on duty at his post. Instead, after requesting a few days off from his superior, he appeared in the bustling and lively market, dressed neatly and presentably.


With the appointed time still ahead, Yu Qingcang held a bouquet of vibrant flowers in his hand, his face adorned with a bright smile.


As he couldn’t help but imagine the scene of their meeting later, a luxurious spacecraft suddenly roared in, initially seeming like it would zoom past, yet unexpectedly coming to a sudden halt.


The strong airflow tousled his hair.


Yu Qingcang lifted his head to glare, about to reprimand, only to see the car door open, revealing a familiar figure stepping out from above.


Ren Jin wore a light blue top paired with black trousers. Although it was a very ordinary attire, Yu Qingcang found it inexplicably adorable.


At this moment, due to his apology, there was a faint blush on his cheeks, resembling the just-ripened apple.


Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but gaze at that face a little longer than intended, preparing to say something, but his attention was diverted by someone behind.


This type of spacecraft cost far more than just millions on the market; driving this model indicated considerable wealth. And the man who accompanied Ren Jin appeared quite young, dressed in a classic, aristocratic style. He sported a pair of glasses, exuding a refined aura.


This scene momentarily caught Yu Qingcang off guard, and a series of thoughts flashed through his mind: “Am I about to be dumped?”, “Has Ren Jin found a new Alpha?”, “Being in the military was a mistake; long-distance relationships never work.” His lips involuntarily tightened with a hint of hostility.


Just as he hesitated about releasing a bit of pheromones to intimidate the seemingly clueless young man, the person opposite, despite his flashy appearance, greeted first: “Hey, old Yu, long time no see. Why do you seem more ferocious now?”


This voice carried a familiar tone.


Before Yu Qingcang could react, the other person playfully pulled down the sunglasses from his nose, revealing an extremely familiar and somewhat arrogant face.


After all these years since graduation, Jiang Luan remained as carefree as during their time in the Imperial Navy.


At this moment, grinning mischievously, “What, should I thank you for bringing your little boyfriend here?” 


Beside them, Ren Jin gently coughed, explaining, “My spacecraft malfunctioned midway, and Jiang Luan happened to be nearby. He heard I was coming to see you and offered to come along.”


Yu Qingcang looked at Ren Jin and then at Jiang Luan, finally remembering his sovereign duty. He pulled the person over in one swift move and thrust the bouquet into his hands, “Here, darling!”


Ren Jin was momentarily stunned, “Ah… thank you.”


The excessively ostentatious spacecraft drew too much attention. The three didn’t linger and found a suitable place to park, settling in a roadside restaurant.


After graduating, Ren Jin failed to be recruited by the military, much like most Omegas. Instead of persistently pursuing a career in the armed forces, he found a job as an ordinary employee.


Because of this, unlike Yu Qingcang, who was immersed in various military training within the army, he managed to maintain more contact with relaxed old friends like Jiang Luan.


As they discussed each other’s lives for a while, the conversation inevitably turned to Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen.


Yu Qingcang evidently had a better grasp of their news than the other two. As he started speaking, his enthusiasm soared, “You guys have no idea. Those two kids might be invincible now! You know, what kind of place the Alliance Army is? It’s a den of wolves! Yet, now, the entire elite team worships them; it’s absolutely amazing!”


Ren Jin listened attentively, eagerly jotting down notes, prompting, “Details? What specific feats? Tell me quickly! Our support group sisters have been relying on internal news!”


Jiang Luan felt momentarily powerless to comment, casually popping a peanut into his mouth and chewing vigorously, “What, your shoddy support group hasn’t disbanded yet?”


“Kidding, how could our Brother Lu’s support group ever disband! He’s forever the Omega’s beacon of light!” As the long-time captain of Lu Jingning’s support group, Ren Jin hadn’t forgotten his duty, emphasizing to Jiang Luan, “Brother Lu will forever be the most admirable man in my life, no one else!”


Seeing his little boyfriend idolizing his childhood friend so fervently, Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but gesture towards himself, “If he’s your most admired man, then what about me?”


Ren Jin pondered for a moment and confirmed, “You can be the second!”


Yu Qingcang’s lips twitched, eventually conceding, “Fine, being second is okay.”


Upon careful consideration, if the first position was his road dad, it didn’t seem like too much of a loss, right?


Jiang Luan, on the side, was already laughing uncontrollably, “Yu Qingcang, what’s up with you? You’re satisfied with this?”


Yu Qingcang shot him a glare, “You, cunning merchant, keep quiet!”


Jiang Luan raised an eyebrow, neither confirming nor denying.


By now, he had essentially taken over the family business entirely. Under his command were not less than ten top-tier companies. He was an absolute winner in life, and he didn’t need to waste words with this brute.


After all, he was a man worth millions in a second, each word he uttered was pure gold!


Glancing at the time on his terminal, Jiang Luan stood up, saying, “Alright, I’ve seen everyone; I’ve got things to do. I’ll take my leave.”


Ren Jin exclaimed, “Huh, leaving so soon?”


Jiang Luan hung his coat on his arm, smiling and winking at Ren Jin, “It’s called being considerate. I came to visit, not to disturb your lovebirds.”


Ren Jin’s face blushed slightly.


Yu Qingcang, with no good temper left, gave Jiang Luan a kick from afar, “Alright, if you’re leaving, leave quickly!”


Though they said that, both stood up and escorted Jiang Luan to the door.


Jiang Luan grinned as he watched the two standing side by side, bidding farewell. Just before leaving, intending to tease a bit more, he suddenly felt the ground tremble slightly under his feet.


Immediately after, screams erupted, chaos ensued.


This scene was all too familiar.


Just as the surroundings dimmed suddenly, the three instinctively looked up. The seemingly clear sky was torn apart as massive warships appeared without warning, completely blocking the starlight.


The entire city plunged into utter panic due to these unexpected visitors.


This operation through the spatial signal gate instantly reminded several recent Imperial Navy graduates of the devastating memories of pirate attacks from years ago.


Yu Qingcang’s communicator buzzed quickly. Simultaneously, several anti-aircraft gates emerged unexpectedly from the ground like mushrooms.


As if anticipating this day, while the alarms blared, personnel on duty swiftly organized the masses to seek refuge in the air-raid shelters.


“Reporting to the commander, I’ll be back at the base immediately!”


After replying, Yu Qingcang looked deeply at Ren Jin, gritting his teeth as he handed him over to Jiang Luan, instructing, “At the second right turn of the next street, there’s an entrance to an air-raid shelter. Hurry there! And remember, don’t run out on your own, understand?”


After saying this, just as he was about to turn around, the edge of his clothes was lightly tugged by Ren Jin.


It was evident that the fear of the unknown had tinged his eyes slightly red. Although his voice trembled, he tried to maintain a calm tone, “Don’t worry about me, but please, ensure your own safety!”


Yu Qingcang paused for a moment, then smiled and ruffled Ren Jin’s hair firmly, “Don’t worry, after this fight, we’ll continue our date!”


Jiang Luan urged, “Go quickly. I’ll take care of your little boyfriend’s safety for you.”




Yu Qingcang saluted him and concentrated the pheromones in his feet, without looking back, rushing towards the direction of his military base.


Explosions echoed incessantly along the way, screams and cries accompanying them.


In the field of vision, numerous ordinary citizens scrambled towards various air-raid shelter entrances, completely disrupting the peaceful scene.


These scenes, involuntarily, overlapped with the pirate attack years ago.


However, this time, compared to back then, it was evidently more devastating.


But for Qingcang, one thing was entirely different now.


He wasn’t the clueless new student anymore; he was a true soldier, carrying the mission of defending the empire!


Qingcang remembered, just a few days ago, jokingly remarking to his superior how extravagant it seemed for the empire to spend so much on constructing numerous air-raid shelters in such a peaceful era.


At that time, his superior only smiled and remained silent.


It’s only now that he suddenly realizes, perhaps long ago, the Empire had anticipated this day’s arrival and had long been in preparation.


Enemy troops on the warships began landing with small aircraft, starting their rampant plunder on the ground.


On the other side, Imperial warships could be seen rapidly approaching from a distance.


Orderly and unafraid.


Although he hadn’t directly encountered the insect race, during Lu Jingning’s participation in the bounty competition, Yu Qingcang had seen the creature called the White Morning Star Female through a live broadcast. Now, as he observed the enemy forces resembling those vertical pupils, even though he was running, he felt his blood momentarily congeal.


Yu Qingcang subconsciously glanced at the dim and darkened sky, quietly clenching his fists.


It had been over a hundred years since the last war between humans and the insect race. He had never imagined he would witness the beginning of a historic war once again.


On that day, peace shattered once more, and the second inter-species war erupted in full force.


A hundred years’ cycle.

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Chapter 124 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 124: Nightfall in Yunlin (3)


Alpha’s onset of sensitivity was aggressive and irregular. This time, they could only be thankful that they had returned to the base. If this had occurred during a mission, it would have been a genuine ordeal.


For ordinary AO partners, the onset of sensitivity would have seemed relatively manageable. However, both Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye were Alphas. This period undoubtedly became one of the most challenging times for them since being together.


During Alpha’s sensitivity period, there were no specific medications available, and Bing Yunlin’s situation couldn’t possibly receive Omega reassurance.


As the scent of pheromones gradually intensified amidst the aroma of tea, a faint crimson tint appeared in his eyes. His entire aura surged, as if an invisible hand imperiously claimed a territory around him.


Wen Ye could sense the overwhelming oppression directed at him.


If it were anyone else, they would likely have been suffocated by the pressure long ago. Even now, Wen Ye had to mobilize his pheromonal energy discreetly to restrain it.


Looking up, he caught a glimpse of an extreme level of restraint in Bing Yunlin’s eyes.


Bing Yunlin typically presented a mild and tranquil demeanor. However, due to the onset of sensitivity, it seemed as though a dormant volcano had erupted, becoming somewhat uncontrollable.


Everyone knew that Captain Wen Ye was a born S-Class pheromone bearer, undoubtedly a prodigy. But very few knew that Bing Yunlin, when he was still in the quasi-S-Class phase, had once completely defeated Wen Ye during a sparring session.


Because Bing Yunlin usually followed Wen Ye casually, content with being in the background, even though they had known each other for years, Wen Ye always remained the center of attention whenever they appeared together.


Yet only Wen Ye knew the sheer power this man possessed, suffocatingly potent.


As both were top-tier Alphas, the eruption of sensitivity and territorial dominance during this period compelled Bing Yunlin, whether willing or not, to harbor intense hostility and vigilance towards Wen Ye.


Bing Yunlin caught sight of Wen Ye slightly curling his lips. Even amidst the danger level of Alpha during sensitivity, Bing Yunlin, while retaining a semblance of rationality, took a deep breath and stood up abruptly, “I’ll go to the room. Remember to lock the door.”


This was their most common way of handling each onset of sensitivity.


To prevent excessively strong attacks against each other due to difficulties in self-control, they often isolated themselves.


Possibly due to the excessive fatigue from the recent mission, the overwhelming onset of sensitivity made Bing Yunlin feel as if countless streams of energy were wildly colliding within him. Before taking two steps forward, his steps involuntarily wavered.


Instinctively reaching out to grasp something nearby, the touch of Alpha skin felt like an electric current to the touchpoint. 


A sense of being offended surged within Bing Yunlin, and almost instinctively, he grabbed the hand, intending to forcefully push the person down.


Fortunately, Wen Ye had been prepared in advance and firmly held him down.


Bing Yunlin didn’t understand why Wen Ye would risk physical contact at this moment. In the tug-of-war between impulse and reason, he, with a head about to explode, glanced sideways.


Utterly different from his usual gentle demeanor, the long and narrow eyes bore a deep melancholy, akin to an unfathomable and dangerous abyss.


With this glance came an intense Alpha’s overpowering presence.


Instinctively, Bing Yunlin, despite knowing the person opposite was Wen Ye, uncontrollably desired to make him submit.


Wen Ye was well aware of the almost torturous nature of Alpha’s sensitivity. Yet, precisely because of this, he didn’t choose to evade under such overwhelming pressure. Instead, he tried to balance it with pheromones as much as possible while simultaneously taking steps, pulling Bing Yunlin along, “Come with me.”


Bing Yunlin knew that they had to isolate themselves completely before the onset of sensitivity fully erupted. However, when his gaze brushed over Wen Ye’s slightly furrowed brow, he managed to control the impulse to shake off that hand, solely relying on the last shred of rationality.


Lowering his eyes, he tried his best to let down his guard and allowed Wen Ye to lead him out.


This choice, apart from trust, was also because Bing Yunlin knew that the current level of pheromones wouldn’t affect Wen Ye in the slightest.


However, they seemed to have forgotten to consider the endurance capacity of others.


Within the Third Legion base, figures in military attire moved back and forth.


Yet, at this moment, many people walking around seemed uncontrollably pale.


Their weak endurance soon became untenable. They barely managed to hold onto nearby railings to prevent themselves from collapsing, expressing a chorus of distress.


Which officer’s sensitivity had come? Not only failing to contain it but also running around everywhere?


Chapter 124: Nightfall in Yunlin (3)


There’s an instinctive rejection between Alphas during their sensitive periods. Yet, such a faint trace of pheromones causing such intense oppression spoke volumes about the person’s strength.


People looked around, hoping for some mercy from that figure. All they saw were two casually dressed figures flashing by in their periphery. Before they could discern their faces, they had disappeared into the training hall.


At this time, the training hall was bustling with soldiers engaged in various exercises. Initially, they paid no attention to the newcomers. But when the overly dominant pheromones surged, everyone’s expression turned unpleasant.


Wen Ye spoke directly and succinctly, “Sorry for the interruption, we’ll use the training hall for a bit.”


Feeling the extreme dominance of pheromones, each soldier, recognizing the remarkably famous face, and glimpsing the evidently sensitized Bing Yunlin, immediately without hesitation, leaned against the walls and laboriously made their way out.


The sensation of being utterly suppressed was suffocating, intolerable.


Previously, they only knew this vice-captain was strong. But now, they realized that a simple ‘strong’ might not be sufficient to describe him.


Once everyone departed, Wen Ye decisively shut the training hall door, sealing all pheromonal traces inside.


Turning around, he glanced at Bing Yunlin, who, in extreme restraint, seemed somewhat crimson at the corners of his eyes. Wen Ye casually stretched his muscles, “Feeling uncomfortable holding it in during the sensitive period? Why not let it all out? I’ll be your opponent.”


Indeed, apart from receiving Omega reassurance, facing this restless and irritable sensation within, there couldn’t have been a more suitable method than letting it all out.


However, Bing Yunlin hadn’t expected Wen Ye, usually so rule-abiding, to choose this course of action for him.


For this person, such an act was quite out of character.


With slightly lowered eyelids, masking the dim expression, Bing Yunlin’s lips curled slightly, “Occupying the training hall without permission doesn’t seem like something you’d do, Aye Ye.”


Wen Ye fell silent for a moment before saying, “Worst-case scenario, it’s a punishment. Still better than you suffering for days.”


“Punishment just for a fight?”


Bing Yunlin murmured this sentence repeatedly, gradually lowering his voice. Suddenly, he took steps toward Wen Ye.


Although the pheromonal outbreak from his Alpha side was increasingly uncontrollable, he walked up to Wen Ye with a calm expression.


With firm and steady eyes fixed on the man in front of him, Bing Yunlin reached out, pulled him closer, and then kissed him recklessly.


The strong rejection between sensitive Alphas caused chaos in the surrounding pheromonal aura. Skin contact triggered a severe discomfort, feeling like countless electric currents wildly darting around. Yet, it didn’t hinder Bing Yunlin’s deep and prolonged kiss.


Countless voices roared in his mind. Only when Bing Yunlin felt he was about to explode did he finally release Wen Ye.


Breathing slightly heavily, his voice husky, he chuckled, “Let’s have a good fight then.”



According to insiders, the scenario that day unfolded as follows—


Colonel Wen Ye and Colonel Bing Yunlin forcibly occupied the training hall and engaged in an intense battle lasting two days and two nights. During this time, anyone passing by could hear thunderous and earth-shaking sounds from inside… um, intense combat. When the doors opened two days later, the exact details of the fierce battle remained unknown. However, both appeared disheveled. Maybe due to their excessive physical exertion, it was Colonel Wen Ye who carried out Colonel Bing Yunlin, and both fell into a coma shortly after reaching the medical team, only awakening several days later.


This entire process was full of twists and turns, so based on the known results, who was stronger between the two?


It seemed the mystery remained unsolved.


But one thing was certain—it became a legendary tale.


From then on, everyone in the Third Legion knew that Colonel Wen Ye violated military rules for his beloved, resulting in both receiving their first disciplinary notice since joining the military.


After a few days of recuperation, Bing Yunlin had slightly recovered. Seeing the disciplinary notice, he didn’t seem the least bit displeased; instead, he seemed quite content.


By now, he no longer exhibited the restless and agitated behavior of the sensitive period. He had returned to his usual amiable self, cheerfully remarking to those around him, “Aye Ye, doesn’t this disciplinary notice hold special commemorative significance?”


Wen Ye: “…”


After contemplating for a moment, Bing Yunlin seemed to recall something particularly enjoyable. His narrow eyes softened, “Next time when you’re in your sensitive period, I’ll help you release. How about that? Then, we’ll collect all the disciplinary notices. Wouldn’t that be quite interesting?”




Wen Ye: “I won’t need the trouble during my sensitive period. No thanks.”


Finding collecting disciplinary notices interesting? Perhaps on this point, he’d never reach an agreement with Bing Yunlin.


Seeing his tense expression, Bing Yunlin smiled and replied, “Alright, I’ll think of some other way then.”

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Chapter 123 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 123: Nightfall in Yunlin (2)


The Third Legion’s spacecraft inspection center.


Under the guidance of the receiving platform, a fleet of warships descended slowly and orderly entered the inspection bay.


Once docked, the hatch opened, and a group of people steadily disembarked from the spacecraft.


The man leading the way wore a straight military uniform, his simple steps still exuding a textbook-like demonstration of precision.


The person behind him, after the long journey, had his hair slightly longer, faintly swaying in the gentle breeze. A hint of a smile lingered in his narrow eyes, his gaze always fixed on the man in front of him. He appeared respectful, yet there was an eerie aura surrounding him.


The news of the successful return of the first search team had already circulated internally. It was said that during this expedition, they had collectively slain nearly a hundred insectoids, once again breaking the Legion’s record.


The personnel at the inspection center, involuntarily, paused their work and subconsciously directed their gaze towards them, eager to catch a glimpse of the true faces of the two rising stars.


Someone couldn’t resist nudging the shoulder of the person beside them, “Huh? Are they Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin?”


The person beside them looked amazed, “This looks… somewhat different from the rumors, doesn’t it?”


According to the internal legends of the Third Legion, these two were like hellish warriors, capable of surpassing even the most extraordinary Alphas. But their current appearances seemed far from matching such descriptions.


A soldier passing by couldn’t help but chuckle at their conversation, “What are you thinking? Lieutenant Colonel Wen Ye and Lieutenant Colonel Bing Yunlin are top-tier even among S-class Alphas! But don’t let their looks deceive you. Once they step onto the battlefield, those bugs hear their names and start trembling in their pants!”


The staff listened with reverence, yet with a hint of regret, sighed, “It’s a pity, though. These two godlike Alphas are in an AA relationship!”


The soldier sneered, teasingly, “Is there a shortage of AA relationships in the military? What, you don’t have the luck, so you’re denying it to others? In my opinion, they are simply meant to be, created for each other!”


The staff member wanted to say something more but suddenly felt a chill down their spine.


Instinctively, they looked up, only to find Bing Yunlin looking directly in their direction.


Whether it was an illusion or not, from such a distance, it felt like he was truly staring at them.


The warmth that should have been in those eyes seemed as icy as a frozen cellar. The person felt frozen in place, unable to speak.


Wen Ye walked halfway and noticed the slowing steps behind him. He turned back and inquired, “Is something wrong?”


“No, nothing,” Bing Yunlin casually withdrew his gaze, gently chuckled, “Just some kittens meowing randomly. Found it amusing, so I took a glance.”


“Wondering where the cats are from within the Third Legion?” Wen Ye raised an eyebrow.



As usual, after reporting all the data from this voyage, the team members finally got a brief period to rest in their quarters.


In this race against time, the search and seizure of energy sources had become the top priority for all search teams. So-called rest lasted only a few days.


The repeated search tasks seemed like an endless patrol. No one knew when it would come to an end.


Or perhaps, precisely because they knew what would happen when this task officially stopped, they preferred to stay busy.


In this era accustomed to prolonged peace, no one wished to engage in a formal war against the insectoids.


After their marriage, Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye applied for a shared suite within the military. Three rooms and a living room, clean and bright.


The intelligent AI, following commands, diligently brewed lemon tea, filling the entire room with a subtle fragrance of tea.


Unnoticed, Wen Ye had grown fond of this familiar scent.


Outside office hours, he had changed into comfortable casual wear, sitting on the sofa flipping through recent military magazines, a slight frown on his forehead.


Though these public-oriented magazines always presented a rosy picture, subtle clues could still be gleaned from their glossed-over content.


Under the Empire’s arrangement, all residents of the Noahs’ system were announced to be relocated from that poverty-stricken system to a habitable planet in the Third System.


It seemed like preferential treatment for the impoverished area, but if memory served, the Noahs’ system happened to be one of the blocks closest to the insectoids’ territory.


Behind such an operation seemed to carry a significant and suggestive implication.


Wen Ye was engrossed in the reading, unaware of the halted sound of water in the bathroom or the quietly opened bedroom door.


Bing Yunlin, wearing a loose bathrobe with a towel hanging casually around his neck, delicately wiped his still damp hair. Water droplets slowly trailed down his face, and the slightly open neckline revealed the distinct contours of his collarbone.


Spotting the serious expression on Wen Ye’s face on the sofa, Bing Yunlin couldn’t help but smile. Circling around, he leaned slightly forward from behind, curiously asking, “What’s on your mind again?”


The use of the word “again” was particularly apt. 


Only someone like Wen Ye, naturally suited to leadership, would take pleasure in worrying about national affairs in his free time.


In this position, the falling hair brushed against the skin, and the sudden coolness made Wen Ye come back to his senses. He lightly smelled the lingering refreshing scent of the bath and replied, “If I’m not mistaken, the war is about to start.”


A rare look of surprise flickered across Bing Yunlin’s brows, “So soon?”


Clearly, this was much earlier than the time he had anticipated.


Wen Ye gently held his wrist, pulling him onto the sofa and handed him the reports he had read multiple times, starting a simple analysis.


This serious demeanor resembled his attitude during weekly team meetings.


After listening for a while, Bing Yunlin’s gaze shifted from the military magazine to Wen Ye’s face, tracing from the eyebrows, the curve of the cheeks, then the tip of the nose, finally settling on those lips that never seemed to lose their appeal.


After several back-and-forths of this observation, Wen Ye noticed the distraction and raised an eyebrow, “Are you even listening?”


Bing Yunlin casually withdrew his gaze, smiling lightly, “Of course.”


After saying that, he smoothly took the military magazine from Wen Ye’s hand and neatly placed it aside. Looking at him with amusement, he said, “Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet? If a war breaks out, deal with it then. Don’t you agree, A Ye?”


Wen Ye fell silent for a moment, unable to find any logical loopholes.


Just as he was about to say something, his nose twitched slightly.


Whether it was an illusion or not, the once subtle tea fragrance in the air seemed to have intensified.


He looked up at Bing Yunlin, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Yunlin, when was your last sensitive period?”


With that question, Bing Yunlin realized that today his possessiveness seemed to be a bit too strong.

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