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Chapter 119 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 119


Lu Jingning paused for a moment before recalling, immediately crawling out of the ground, then bending down to pull Wen Xingchen out from behind.


It was only then that Feng Pei realized they hadn’t died, kicking over the half-burnt incense on the ground as he rushed forward.


“Where the hell did you two go?” Cen Junfeng rubbed his eyes repeatedly, confirming it wasn’t an illusion, making the quiver in his voice more pronounced, “Damn it, you had us searching everywhere!”


He did want to rush over for a hug, but both of them were covered head to toe in bloodstains, appearing as if not a single part of them was unscathed, making him instinctively hesitant to touch them, fearing he might cause pain.


Afraid of hurting them.


Lu Jingning finally managed to step back onto the ground, feeling a mix of emotions from the reactions, and said, “I also want to know where we went.”


That experience was quite bizarre; it seemed unbelievable even when spoken about.


Yan Hebin had been standing in the same spot, gazing for a long while. Now, he hid the relief in his eyes and reminded, “Let’s hurry back, the commander is still waiting for us.”


Feng Pei tapped his head, agreeing, “Yes, let’s go back first!”


Lu Jingning didn’t get a chance to say anything before being supported from both sides. Seeing their cautious demeanor, it was as though they were afraid he’d fall apart with just a little force.


Looking back, Wen Xingchen was receiving the exact same treatment.


When their gazes met, both couldn’t help but smile wryly.


Upon hearing the news of Lu Jingning and the others being brought back, Jiang Quan hurriedly rushed to the medical cabin. There, he found the two sitting shirtless on the bed, surrounded by tattered clothes stained with blood.


The medical staff stood still, appearing somewhat perplexed.


Lu Jingning sighed, feeling helpless, “I’ve said it so many times, we really are fine. Why won’t you believe us?”


The medical staff: “…”


Given their disheveled appearance just a while ago, saying they had no injuries at all—who would believe that?!


Yan Hebin had been by their side all this while. Now, after a moment of silence, he said, “I’ll inform Su Qian.”


Lu Jingning watched him leave, feeling a bit surprised.


When did these two become so close?


Jiang Quan stood nearby for a while, realizing no one had noticed him. He coughed lightly.


Lu Jingning turned at the sound, instantly brightening up, “Commander, we have something to report!”


Initially intending to offer some words of comfort, Jiang Quan found the other party more direct, and almost choked on his own saliva after a cough, waving his hand to ask everyone else to leave temporarily.


With only the three of them left in the room, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen exchanged glances and took out the energy stone they had concealed.


The translucent box contained a crystal-clear stone emitting a faint green light.


Jiang Quan initially thought their return alive was a stroke of luck, but he hadn’t expected them to find an energy stone. His surprised expression flickered momentarily, and then he noticed something different, “This stone…”


Wen Xingchen briefly explained their experience and discovery.


Jiang Quan listened quietly, sinking into a prolonged silence. Eventually, he carefully took the energy stone and, with a solemn expression, said, “You two are heroes of all humanity!”


The title seemed a bit too weighty, but Lu Jingning didn’t seem to mind at all, casually saying, “No need for too many compliments. Just mention it to the higher-ups and give us some random military rank. Nothing too high, Colonel sounds good to me.”


Jiang Quan: “…”


He regretted his earlier praise. Why did he have to compliment this cheeky kid?


Seeing the grin on Lu Jingning’s face, Jiang Quan felt a slight ache in his heart. However, before leaving, he gritted his teeth and left a remark, “Just wait!”


Lu Jingning beamed, “Thank you, Commander!”


Wen Xingchen timely held him back, not letting him continue blabbering, fearing Jiang Quan might come back and give them a kick.


After everyone left, the entire ward fell into silence.


Lu Jingning felt a strong wave of drowsiness washing over him. Changing into clean clothes, he yawned, “So tired, finally, I can rest.”


Also, can’t remember how long it’s been since I had a good night’s sleep. Being underground, without daylight—if it weren’t for the timely energy stone restoring their stamina, just digging non-stop day and night, they might’ve truly been buried alive there.


Lu Jingning felt sore all over and was about to lie down for some rest when he noticed Wen Xingchen on the next bed had pulled the covers back a bit, looking at him with a half-smile, “Want to sleep together?”


Lu Jingning blinked, and immediately, a smile twinkled in his eyes. Without hesitation, he jumped straight off the bed, “Of course!”


In an instant, another person appeared in Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


His eyes filled with a deeper smile, Wen Xingchen gently wrapped his arms around Lu Jingning, and they quietly slipped into slumber.


Truly, they were exhausted.



The existence of the healing energy stone was evidently top-secret, and Jiang Quan hadn’t informed anyone else about it.


The Star Gaze Team only knew the two had narrowly escaped death. The next day, in a very humane manner, they waited until nearly noon before waking them up.


However, as soon as they pushed the hospital bed, the first thing they noticed was the empty bed opposite.


Cen Junfeng vaguely remembered Lu Jingning had slept there yesterday. He was wondering if this guy had suddenly stopped sleeping in, but then, he caught sight of the unusually swollen blanket on Wen Xingchen’s bed.


Cen Junfeng: “…”


Damn, did these two return just to save on meal expenses?!


As if hearing some commotion, Lu Jingning’s head popped out from under the covers, rubbing his eyes groggily.


As the Star Gaze Team contemplated whether they should leave to avoid suspicion, Lu Jingning casually greeted, “Morning, everyone!”


The group: “…Morning.”


So, what exactly were they mulling over?


Lu Jingning clearly had no awareness of anything amiss. When he sat up on Wen Xingchen’s bed, he even pinched the person beside him lightly, “Brother Wen, it’s time to get up. The sun’s shining on our butts.”


A lazy response came from under the covers where Wen Xingchen was nestled, “Mmm.”


The Star Gaze Team watched expressionlessly as Lu Jingning tossed the covers aside and got up, rummaging around his bed for a while, finally pulling out a set of military attire. With a yawn, he headed into the adjacent bathroom.


During this process, the conspicuous golden tuft on his head swayed gently with each movement.


Wen Xingchen also sat up from his bed, his face carrying a hint of drowsiness, seemingly displeased at being disturbed.


Noticing the direction of everyone’s gaze, he narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Anything else?”


The tone cut through the air, and a palpable pressure emanated from the Alpha, as if a strong sense of coldness surged up the spine.


Cen Junfeng’s voice raised abruptly, “We’re here to wake you up for breakfast. After eating, we’ll board the ship back to base. Since you’re awake, hurry up, we’re about to leave!”


Almost without pause, he dragged the others away in a hurry, seeking survival instinctively.


It was only after traversing several corridors that they felt the chilling pressure finally dissipate.


The group exchanged looks, hesitantly asking, “Did you guys feel it… Wen Xingchen seems to have become much stronger again?”



Others thought the mission hadn’t been completed, returning to the base with a sense of unease, fearing Jiang Quan’s reproach or intensified training.


Unexpectedly, upon reaching the base, Jiang Quan, this living judge, not only showed no sign of reproach but actually gave them a few days off, insisting they rest properly.


It was truly surprising and felt a bit overwhelming.


To celebrate Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen’s miraculous survival, everyone from the Elite Team took a spacecraft to a nearby asteroid and had a good meal there.


Returning fully fed and with wine in their veins, it was already late at night, and the starry sky became the most beautiful decoration.


No one noticed the disappearance of the two as soon as they disembarked.


In the corridor beside the dormitory building, Lu Jingning cornered Wen Xingchen. In this close proximity, he could feel the scorching breath brushing against his skin.


Partly due to the alcohol, his face was blazing hot. He reached out playfully, lifting Wen Xingchen’s chin, bringing his neck closer, eyes filled with allure, “Come, take a bite, mark me, be a good boy.”


For some reason, he had an impulsive desire, sparked by alcohol, to receive Wen Xingchen’s mark—a yearning to be bound to this person for life.


Wen Xingchen looked at him. 


Under such unrestrained teasing, some distant memories suddenly flashed in his mind. His lips curved involuntarily, “Getting drunk and acting out like this… doesn’t this scene feel familiar to you?”


Lu Jingning squinted, a bit impatient, “Huh? Are you marking me or not?”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, glancing at Lu Jingning’s eager expression with half-lowered eyelashes, “At your service.”


He reached out, pressing Lu Jingning’s slender Omega wrist against the wall, his gaze falling on the gland exposed at the neck, and then he leaned in and bit.


Lu Jingning let out a soft hum, gradually losing himself in the fusion of pheromones, succumbing to the enchantment of that embrace.


The second group, returning to the dormitories, had just arrived nearby. Among them, Feng Pei had drunk the most today. Though his steps seemed unsteady, his vision was surprisingly clear.


Inadvertently catching a glimpse of two vague figures in the corner, he mustered all his strength and shouted, “Who’s there?!”


Cen Junfeng, dizzy and eager to climb into his comfortable bed, jolted at the shout. As he looked in that direction, the alcohol-induced haze cleared a good deal.


Seeing Feng Pei’s slightly widened eyes, about to approach to investigate, Cen Junfeng hastily reached out, subduing the guy with poor observation skills, pressing him firmly to the ground, and firmly covering his almost-sinning mouth.


After a couple of muffled sounds, Feng Pei’s glare seemed to depict someone viewing a traitor to the cause.


Cen Junfeng, his already splitting headache worsening, pleaded, “Stay still, buddy. Trust me, you’ll thank me for saving your life tomorrow…”


Slightly melancholic, he glanced up at the intense night sky, a hint of determination flickering in his eyes.


Seems like it’s time to no longer be single.

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Chapter 118 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 118


The massive explosion was more than ten times greater than the previous one, and even the elite members ambushing in the distant area were affected by the flying rocks and soil.


Covered in dirt, looking quite disheveled.


Tang Jiaze had already found Fanzhou and others, currently hiding in a secluded place, waiting for Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen to join them.


In this situation, his expression became unpleasant.


On this desolate planet, besides Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, he couldn’t come up with a second guess about who would confront the insect race.


Fanzhou coughed repeatedly, and in the end, he coughed up some water in his eyes. “Could it be…”


“Do not draw conclusions without certainty!” Tang Jiaze sternly organized him to refrain from speculating further. However, looking at the scope of this explosion and considering the safety of the remaining people, he could only grit his teeth and say, “Board the ship, return!”


Someone choked, “What about Lu Jingning and the others?”


“This is an order!” Tang Jiaze commanded.


A solemn silence enveloped the surroundings. Finally, people began to move towards the remaining warship.


Just when the last group of elite members was about to evacuate, everyone thought that someone who had sacrificed for the country had opened their eyes in the dimness.


Did someone survive?


The first thought that flashed in Lu Jingning’s mind.


It wasn’t until he tentatively moved his body, feeling the heavy pressure on him, that he realized he wasn’t dead!


Realizing this, he quickly pushed aside the rocks on his body one by one and finally sat up.


Slowly getting used to the dimness around him, he saw the person next to him.


Wen Xingchen lay there motionless, eyes closed, without any sign of breath, as if…


Lu Jingning subconsciously controlled himself not to think further.


In an instant, he felt a bit cold, almost without any thought, he tried to recall the first aid operations he had learned during the special training.


Clearly pressing on Wen Xingchen’s chest over and over again, he felt as if a huge hammer was pounding heavily on his heart.


Lu Jingning felt the blood in his body gradually solidifying with each passing moment. Seeing no effect, he couldn’t stay calm anymore. With crimson eyes wide open, he bent down towards that mouth.


For the first time, he regretted his usual carefree attitude and lack of ambition. Otherwise, at this critical moment, he wouldn’t be helplessly resorting to artificial respiration.


Breath after breath entered, followed by another…


Lu Jingning didn’t know how long it had passed.


The only thought at this moment was that no matter the cost, Wen Xingchen must survive.


Unconsciously, sweat gathered on his forehead and silently dripped down.


Lu Jingning vaguely didn’t notice the slight tremor in the eyes of the person in front of him.


Just as he raised his head to breathe again, a hand suddenly reached from behind, pulling him into an embrace.


The soft touch on his lips felt somewhat unreal at this moment.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but freeze, feeling the dry corners of the lips brushing against a somewhat rough friction.


Wen Xingchen’s voice was low and hoarse, somewhat teasing, “How come I didn’t realize you were so fierce before? You’re almost biting through my lips.”


Lu Jingning raised his eyelashes and met a pair of gentle, somewhat helpless eyes.


His fingertips moved slightly, and the dim environment seemed to brighten at that moment.


He couldn’t help but punch the chest in front of him, not daring to use too much force. “You’re awake and still playing dead!”


Wen Xingchen hooked his mouth. “Just woke up.”


After examining the wounds, Lu Jingning realized that due to Wen Xingchen protecting him, his entire back was affected by the explosion.


It was a gruesome sight of flesh and blood, truly shocking.


This made him feel a pang of heartache, but in the current dim and narrow space, they had already wasted a lot of time. They had to leave here as soon as possible.


The two supported each other and began to grope towards the depths of the cave.


Lu Jingning’s sleeves were soaked in blood, but compared to Wen Xingchen, he felt embarrassed to call himself a casualty.


Every step was agonizingly painful. Wen Xingchen tried to divert their attention: “How did we get here?”


Lu Jingning shook his head, “I don’t know, I woke up here.”


Wen Xingchen furrowed his brow, “The explosion created by Bai Chen was intense, how could it…”


Lu Jingning seemed to recall, “Right, I think I saw the ground glowing at that moment.”


At that angle, he was facing Bai Chen.


At this critical moment, the only thought was to suppress everything with pheromones without holding back.


But before reaching Bai Chen, cracks appeared on the ground around him, and a faint green beam leaked from the earth.


Struggling to remember the scene before his faint, Lu Jingning’s gaze inadvertently caught a glint at the end of the dim cave.


He hesitated slightly, “That light, it’s that one!”



As they approached, the light became clearer.


When they finally emerged from this deep cave and saw the scene before them, both of their faces revealed a hint of astonishment.


According to their earlier assumptions, they had entered the depths of this desolate planet for some reason, but everything before them overturned their understanding once again.


In normal perception, the underground should be dark and silent.


But here, all they saw was lush vegetation, far more vibrant than the desolation above ground.


With colorful petals everywhere, bathed in a mysterious green light, it seemed surreal.


Feeling Wen Xingchen gently holding his hand, Lu Jingning cautiously stepped onto the land, heading towards the source of the green light.


Their presence didn’t disturb the tranquility; it was as if even their breaths blended seamlessly into it.


With each step, Lu Jingning felt the gentle light enveloping him, soothing the irritation from his wounds like an incredibly gentle hand.


Simultaneously, the waves of pain that should have surged began quietly dissipating.


He couldn’t find words to describe this sensation, almost as if it were celestial healing.


Lost in this excessively dreamlike environment, Lu Jingning was brought back by Wen Xingchen’s voice, “The wounds are healing.”


Instinctively, he looked at his arm.


The bloodstains remained outside, but through the torn sleeve, the skin looked smooth, without the gruesome scar of the injury.


At that moment, they finally saw what emitted the light.


A completely green, translucent crystal.


Lu Jingning incredulously looked at the small object in his palm, “This should be the energy stone we were looking for, it saved us.”


Wen Xingchen, gazing at his healed wounds, murmured, “A healing type? I’ve never heard of it before…”


He met Lu Jingning’s gaze, “I think I understand why Bai Chen self-destructed.”


Lu Jingning added, “I think I do too…”


Given Bai Chen’s perverse nature, no matter how one thought of it, choosing self-destruction without a direct fight seemed too eerie.


Now, the only plausible possibility was—before their mission, he had already received a directive to destroy it at any cost if unable to acquire it.


No wonder Bai Chen’s team had so many experts stronger than him. In retrospect, those Zerg soldiers were merely testing their strength, gauging the necessity of self-destruction.


The Zerg clearly didn’t want humans to know about this healing-type energy source.


It wasn’t difficult to comprehend; only this way could they silently repair the toxic night crystals and catch humans off guard.


Despite being usually eccentric, at the critical moment, Bai Chen chose unconditional compliance with orders.


Lu Jingning realized for the first time that Bai Chen was indeed a soldier.


Standing still for a moment, he sighed with some emotion, “It seems surviving a disaster brings unexpected fortune! Do you think we accidentally made an extraordinary military achievement?”


Wen Xingchen lightly smiled, “Yeah, quite remarkable.”


The Zerg obviously inferred what happened upon discovering the explosion on the surface. The warships scattered around the desolate planet were already at a disadvantage under the siege of the Second Legion, and at this point, they no longer persisted, retreating completely. Jiang Quan had been closely monitoring the rescue operations on the desolate planet. However, among the returning personnel, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen were nowhere to be seen. A slight dimness flickered in his eyes, “Well done, go rest.”


As the words fell, someone beside stepped forward, resolute in tone, “Commander, I request permission to return to Kaidos.”


Jiang Quan glanced up.


Feng Pei met his scrutinizing gaze, unconsciously straightening his back, gritting his teeth and speaking again, “Please grant permission, Commander!”


Yan Hebin also stepped forward, “Please grant permission!”


“Please grant permission!”


“Please grant permission!”


In a blink, one after another, the other members of the Starwatch team also stood up.


Jiang Quan looked at these youthful faces, his heart faintly jumping, accustomed as he was to the departures and farewells. Even though he knew it was likely just another disappointment for them, when the words were about to leave his lips, he sighed deeply, “Go, then, go.”


The Second Legion gathered nearby, already conducting a comprehensive search of the desolate planet under Wu Lu’s orders. Seeing the Starwatch team still unwilling to give up and choosing to stay, no one said anything. The legion’s search ships began leaving one after another.


Finally, on the remaining half of Kaidos’ surface, only a lone small spacecraft remained, with a few figures sitting sporadically around a campfire.


Feng Pei planted three incense sticks in the vast soil, looking mournful. The days of searching had left fatigue etched on his face, deep dark circles framing his eyes. His voice was hoarse from the dryness, “Lu Jingning, Wen Xingchen, though I had some grievances against you initially, in reality, you were decent people. Apart from the occasional annoying pretense, you were tolerable. Now that you’re gone, I don’t know what to say. In the future, whenever I have the chance, I’ll come here to burn incense for you. Safe travels.”


Beside him, Cen Jun’s voice choked, nearly crying like a fool.


Yan Hebin’s eyes reddened. Reluctant to believe, the information gathered over the past few days forced him to accept this reality. His lips pressed together slightly, about to say something when, illuminated by the firelight, he suddenly noticed the ground beside them subtly shift.


Feng Pei, annoyed by the others’ silence, said, “You claim to be their good friends, and now that they’re gone, you don’t have anything to say…”


Before he could finish, the ground, previously rolling slightly, suddenly burst open with a thud.


Immediately after, a disheveled head unexpectedly appeared in front of them.


Feng Pei’s heart skipped a beat, almost biting his tongue. As he vaguely recognized the face, his breath involuntarily stopped for a few seconds before he screamed at the top of his lungs, “Ghost—!!!”


Lu Jingning, who had managed to tunnel back to the surface from below, blinked in confusion: “???”

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Chapter 117 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 117


The thought in Lu Jingning’s mind flashed by, and before he could step forward again, a hand had already stopped him.


Wen Xingchen’s face was as calm as water. “Stand behind me.”


For the first time in his life, Lu Jingning enjoyed the treatment of a hero saving the beauty. A hint of laughter flashed in his eyes, and he leisurely stopped his steps, obediently saying, “Sure, Brother Wen.”


The dialogue between the two seemed to stimulate Bai Chen’s nerves. A hint of gorgeous crimson was bitten out at the corner of his lips. His voice was cold, “Attack them all!”


Wen Xingchen responded, “As you wish.”


The pheromones belonging to Alpha exploded, sweeping the surroundings with an unprecedented fierceness. The oppressive force was so strong that even Lu Jingning, standing behind, felt an uncontrollable tingling on his skin.


A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.


Whether it was because of anger or the opponent’s overwhelming strength, in any case, it was the first time he saw Wen Xingchen exerting his full power.


However, such high-intensity outbreak evidently imposed a significant burden on the body itself.


Lu Jingning stood still for a moment, with a furrowed brow, deeply sighing.


The feeling of doing nothing like this was truly uncomfortable, like sitting on pins and needles, like walking on eggshells, like having a fishbone stuck in the throat.


Forget it, being a delicate beauty really doesn’t suit him.


Glancing at the crimson that had been effectively stopped on his arm, he took a step and instantly joined the battle.


Wen Xingchen could feel the familiar breath approaching suddenly. After skillfully avoiding an energy beam from the enemy, he couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t I tell you to stand behind me?”


Lu Jingning gestured to his position, grinning, “Of course, I didn’t run ahead of you.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Seeing his displeasure, Lu Jingning added sincerely, “I just feel safer standing by your side!”


Wen Xingchen’s tone paused slightly, reminding, “Don’t move too much, be careful of your wound.”


If such words were heard on ordinary occasions, Lu Jingning might find them nagging, but because it was Wen Xingchen who spoke, in the current situation, it strangely felt sweet, like honey: “Okay, Captain!”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help it and finally revealed a faint smile on his tense face.


Really, not forgetting to be talkative even in such a situation.


The cooperation between the two was always tacit. At this moment, they assisted each other seamlessly, and there were almost no flaws in the offense and defense.


The insect soldiers tried to launch attacks several times but were overturned one after another.


During the offensive, Lu Jingning casually picked up a knife from a corpse. The material was unknown, probably a rare metal. In his hands, it was like a toy for a child, more lethal than those new high-tech weapons.


In other words, he was a walking humanoid weapon.


Although he didn’t say much before, the fact that he got injured in this situation made him feel extremely frustrated.


Even when he was brawling with Lao Lu, at most, he would just get a scratch. But facing these bugs, why the hell did this happen?


The joint attack of the two was fierce. In a blink of an eye, except for Bai Chen standing in the rear, there were only three insect creatures left on the battlefield.


The one with blue hair was obviously the strongest. After losing several times, his eyes narrowed slightly. He flew forward like a ghost, directly attacking Lu Jingning.


His nails instantly lengthened sharply, extremely sharp, aiming to pierce his neck.


In the moment Lu Jingning swiftly retreated, Wen Xingchen had already lifted his hand to block. The sharp friction sound echoed around.


Lu Jingning, with limited knowledge of the insect creatures, had never heard of such a method of enhancing body parts to the extreme for attack. In surprise, he couldn’t help but hesitate.


The soldier’s attack missed, and he regretfully licked his sharp nails with his tongue. “Ah, what a pity.”


The sticky green liquid passed over his tongue. Obviously, it was the venom commonly used by the insect creatures.


Before the words fell, instead of retreating, he became even more aggressive.


Swinging his claws created a chilling wind, forcing the two to step back repeatedly.


Lu Jingning sidestepped to avoid an incoming claw. Seeing the deep crack on the ground where he had just stood, the corners of his mouth involuntarily lowered.


After such intense fighting, the wounds that had just healed were torn open again. Without looking, one could imagine the blood flowing once more, accompanied by the agonizing pain.


Damn, it really hurts!


He gritted his teeth, no longer retreating. With a forceful step, he suddenly changed the momentum and directly charged towards that damn insect.


Damn it, never-ending annoyance!


At this moment, Wen Xingchen was concentrating half of his physical information energy, and he caught a glimpse of the figure that darted out. It almost disrupted his energy.


The insect, in the midst of an attacking spree, didn’t expect this sudden move. Feeling like the prey had willingly come to him, a smirk appeared on the corner of its mouth.


Just as he was about to viciously attack that beautiful face, he suddenly felt a heavy pressure coming straight at him, crashing into him.


In the moment of being dazed, a rain of intense punches from the opponent mercilessly struck him.


Lu Jingning: “Damn it! Enjoying the fight, huh? Let me give you a real thrill! Want another round of excitement?!”


He had had enough!


Where there is oppression, there is resistance. Concentrating all the pheromones into his fists, Lu Jingning, after avoiding the annoying claws, unleashed a barrage without a second thought.


Today, he won’t stop until the opponent sees stars. Otherwise, they might never understand why flowers are so red!


Lu Jingning’s fists were now incredibly powerful, even smashing into rare metal ores would leave an imprint, let alone the small body of the insect creature.


In no time, the skin burst, flesh became a blur of blood and gore.


If it weren’t for finding this scene too disgusting, Lu Jingning would have wished to turn them into a lump of meat paste.


Only after the lifeless mess on the ground for a long time did he catch his breath, disdainfully wiping his hand stained with green insect blood. “Damn, shouldn’t have been polite to them! Too used to it!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


When Lu Jingning turned around and met his gaze, just as he was about to say something, Wen Xingchen turned expressionlessly away.


Next, almost invisible movements unfolded. In an instant, he had the other two insect creatures pinned to the ground.


After resolving the situation, Wen Xingchen calmed the surging pheromones within him and turned to Lu Jingning, saying casually, “These guys, nothing special.”


This time, it was Lu Jingning’s turn to be silent.


Although there were no unnecessary words, for some reason, he felt that Wen Xingchen seemed to be taking the opportunity to showcase something to him—something like an incredibly strong power.


Before, Ye Ling said Alphas liked to establish a tall image in front of their mates. Now, it seemed to be true.


How extraordinary Wen Ge was, and he always said that Lu Jingning was the flashy one. Look now, obviously, he was the one who enjoyed it the most.


However, such a scene on Wen Xingchen did seem somewhat absurd.


After suppressing the crazy smile that surfaced, Lu Jingning turned to look at Bai Chen.


At this moment, with no soldiers following him, he stood alone, still on the distant mound, looking down at them.


Bai Chen obviously didn’t expect that the elite he brought would be dealt with so cleanly. A fleeting look of surprise flashed in his eyes, but there was no panic as the two approached.


It was Lu Jingning who looked at him, and Bai Chen, with a pleasantly surprised smile, said, “Indeed, the Omega I chose is truly extraordinary.”


His gaze seemed to carry a hint of greed, sticking to Lu Jingning’s body, making him feel intensely uncomfortable from head to toe.


Lu Jingning’s brow involuntarily furrowed. Just as he was about to speak, Wen Xingchen silently blocked him.


Wen Xingchen spoke to Bai Chen, “You have no way out.”


Bai Chen, who had lost to Wen Xingchen in the bounty competition, now standing alone in front of the two, admitted his disadvantage without hesitation, “Yes, no way out.”


Because of being blocked, his gaze was forced to fall on Wen Xingchen. There was disgust all over his eyes, but the smile on his face became even more triumphant. “However, what does it matter? As a warrior, dying on the battlefield is the best ending. Although I regret not being able to make a name for myself, but…”


Pausing slightly, his smile became more sinister, “But, having you two accompany me is also such a delightful thing.”


Lu Jingning stared at him without blinking, suddenly noticing the faintly shining color in that hand. His heart jumped, “Xingchen, be careful!”


However, Wen Xingchen’s reaction was even faster than his.


Almost instinctively, he turned and directly pulled Lu Jingning into his arms, using his entire body to tightly shield him.


Lu Jingning lifted his head and met the deep gaze. In that moment of eye contact, he responded with a soothing smile.


His heart suddenly skipped a beat, and in an instant, all the pheromone energy in his body erupted completely. It felt like an invisible giant hand, a fierce wind, pressing heavily towards the area where Bai Chen was.


At the same time, the light in Bai Chen’s hand unexpectedly exploded.


Centered around it, a massive crimson light burst out like hungry ghosts from hell, wildly spreading around and quickly devouring all the land in the vicinity.


The once silent desolate planet, due to the tremendous explosion, was now tainted with the color of half the sky. Even the warships in the interstellar battle above were attracted by the glaring light.


Jiang Quan, who had been closely monitoring the situation, abruptly stood up from his chair, staring fixedly at the screen.


Looking down from high above, one could see that a portion of the ground on the desolate planet seemed to have been carved out, deeply sunken, surrounded by numerous cracks, a shocking sight.


A slight tremor ran through his heart.


He was, of course, familiar with the means the insect creatures used for mutual destruction, but to push the opponents to this extent in the elite team, could it be…


Jiang Quan’s hand holding the controller trembled slightly.


For a moment, he was hesitant to delve further into his thoughts.

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Chapter 116 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 116


At the same time, Jiang Quan was sitting on the command ship of the Empire’s Second Legion, sipping tea. It was widely known that the people of the Empire were experts at enjoying life; even their tea was much more fragrant than that of the Federation. However, after personally tasting it, Jiang Quan found it to be nothing special. Humans tended to romanticize things they rarely encountered. This might not be a good thing.


Leading the search operation was General Wu Lu of the Empire’s Second Legion. Although he didn’t want to deal with this Federation guy, he briefly explained the current situation out of courtesy and concluded, “So far, we only have a dozen or so planets left to search. If things progress quickly, we should be done within a month.”


The term “progress quickly” naturally referred to the fortunate discovery of new clues. However, judging from the current pace, the Second Legion was not among the lucky ones. Jiang Quan placed his teacup on the table, preparing to say something, when a soldier rushed in, “Report, General! Recon ship 4588 has detected traces of insectoid warships near some celestial bodies!”


The presence of insectoid warships in this area surprised both of them. Nevertheless, as Jiang Quan was not the commander of this legion, he didn’t express much. He only furrowed his brow slightly and appeared nonchalant while listening to Wu Lu inquire about the specifics. It wasn’t until he heard that the location of those warships was near Celestial Body 64 that his heart skipped a beat, and he abruptly stood up. Wasn’t that the area assigned to the elite squad for the search in the Kaidos star cluster?


Seeing Wu Lu still contemplating, his tone became more serious, “What are you hesitating for? Just some bugs, let’s go and fight!” These Empire officers were always so indecisive, making people feel annoyed. If the elite squad he had painstakingly put together were to disband due to wasted time, Jiang Quan guaranteed that he would have unfinished business with these Empire bastards!


Wu Lu, looking at Jiang Quan’s decisive attitude, felt a headache coming on. Just as he was about to say something, another soldier rushed in. Fortunately, this time, the news wasn’t bad; it was about the return of one of the Alliance’s elite fleet.


The members of the Starwatch Team, finally back on their Alliance command ship, still held their breath, not daring to relax, not even thinking about taking a sip of water. Finally, in the anxious wait, two figures walked in.


When they saw the familiar figure of Jiang Quan, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat, almost shedding tears of joy. They had never been so happy to see him before. Yan He and Bin quickly took a step forward, saluted properly, and said confidently, “Enemy forces found in the Kaidos star system, requesting headquarters support!”


Jiang Quan glanced at them, hiding a smile at the corner of his mouth, “Headquarters received the request. You’ve done well.”



People still on the planet were unaware that a major upheaval was imminent outside. Rather than worrying about wars between different races, their immediate concern was how to survive and leave this place alive. The so-called elite squads they encountered earlier were not the insectoid’s elite forces. However, the most annoying aspect of this species was their sheer numbers, thanks to their overly vigorous reproductive capabilities. They seemed to multiply endlessly.


What troubled Lu Jingning the most was that, according to Tang Jiaze, their spacecraft had already been destroyed. So, the last hope rested on the shoulders of Fan Zhou’s Third Squad. Whether they saw Tang Jiaze’s distress signal or not, it was better if they stayed as far away from this troubled place as possible.


Now that they had arrived, they had walked right into a trap. The only good news was that Lu Jingning was relieved to find that their Starwatch Team’s warship was no longer at the docking site. If they could endure until the reinforcements arrived, it would be another way out.


After resting for a while, the group finally recovered from their weakened state. It was dangerous to stay in one place for too long, so they resumed their journey. The hellish devil training they had undergone earlier seemed to have had an effect; at least, in the short term, they could endure within the limits of their physical stamina, even without eating.


Thanks, Commander Jiang!


After walking for a while, Lu Jingning, although unaware of Bai Chen’s presence on the planet, instinctively sensed a hint of danger from the current situation. They had successively eliminated several waves of insectoid scouts during their journey. There was an unexplainable intuition that the person manipulating things behind the scenes was getting closer.


While the elite squad moved in an orderly manner, their size was too conspicuous. After considering for a moment, Lu Jingning proposed, “You go ahead, I’ll cover the rear.”


Tang Jiaze had no objections to the idea of splitting up. For him, there was another consideration – if they encountered a situation that required the use of pheromones again, with Lu Jingning being a special entity that attacked without distinguishing friend from foe, he was afraid that he might be knocked out by his own people before the enemy got to him.


However, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow at the suggestion to stay behind, “What are you doing? Just split into two groups.”


Lu Jingning glanced at him, “The pursuers are getting closer. Splitting into two groups is meaningless. I’ll stay behind to block them, and you hurry to find Fan Zhou. That’s the priority.”


Tang Jiaze was about to say something, but Wen Xingchen beside him spoke, “Hurry up, we won’t have the strength to support you later.”


Tang Jiaze: “Damn!”


He wanted to say more, but looking at the calm attitude of the two in front of him, he felt like an overbearing old mother. In the end, he swallowed his words. Leaving with a “take care of yourself,” he led his team away.


Although he had always longed for heroism, he was now the captain. He had already lost one team member and had to bring the others back unharmed.



After Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen stayed behind, they were in no hurry at all. Since they were waiting for someone, they found a slightly secluded place and sat down side by side.


Lu Jingning casually picked up a dried leaf, holding it at the corner of his mouth, and couldn’t help but tease, “Brother Wen, do you think we look like a pair of mandarin ducks in distress?”


Wen Xingchen: “Not really.”


Lu Jingning: “Why?”


Wen Xingchen glanced at him, lips curved slightly, “Being with you, how can it be considered distress?”


Lu Jingning unexpectedly heard a sweet remark from him and burst into laughter, “Did you go to Jiang Luan to get some love advice or something?”


Wen Xingchen neither confirmed nor denied, “Hmm, you figured it out.”


Such a conversation continued for a while, with one sentence after another, until they heard faint noises, and then they fell silent completely.


When Lu Jingning saw the familiar white hair in his field of vision, he subconsciously exchanged a glance with Wen Xingchen.


Why was Bai Chen here?! 


Associating it with the relentless pursuit and tracking they experienced before, everything seemed to make sense.


Wen Xingchen squinted slightly, a hint of killing intent flashing in his eyes.


During the bounty league, holographic instruments were used, and it was regrettable. Otherwise, they should have dealt with him completely at that time.



Bai Chen was accompanied by a total of more than ten people, not a large number, but obviously incomparable to the insect henchmen encountered earlier.


The blue scout beside him quickly found clues and reported, “Commander, there are new traces here; they should have left not long ago.”


About to continue chasing with the others, Bai Chen stopped them.


Bai Chen stood in place, gently moving his nose, “Something’s not right.”


Although the sense of smell of the insects was hundreds of times more sensitive than that of humans, Lu Jingning didn’t expect to be discovered so quickly.


He slowed down his breathing, feeling Wen Xingchen next to him becoming equally vigilant.


Bai Chen paused slightly, seeming to sense something, and walked towards them.


Just when he was about to reach them, he didn’t enter their attack range but threw an energy bomb from a distance.


Lu Jingning almost cursed out loud. Damn, this damn insect was too cunning!


He moved his feet, and with Wen Xingchen, they both scattered in different directions, narrowly avoiding the exploding debris.


Bai Chen looked at the two familiar figures appearing in his sight, a hint of delight flashing in his expression, “Ah, what a coincidence, we meet again.”


“Coincidence, my ass!”


Lu Jingning couldn’t stand his creepy and unsettling demeanor, like a madman.


He spat at a distance, not even looking back, and directly attacked the nearby insect soldiers.


On the other side, Wen Xingchen also rushed over. The two of them arrived simultaneously, forming a pincer attack.


Bai Chen lightly whistled, “Play with them.”


Lu Jingning sneered, slashing down a few.


But when he was about to deal with the last three, the blue-haired scout skillfully avoided a fatal blow, revealing a sinister smile.


In such a posture, Lu Jingning rarely felt a chill down his spine. The next moment, he felt a sudden pain in his arm, and crimson blood instantly stained the area.


Without further attacks, he quickly stepped back two steps, maintaining a safe distance.


Seemingly aroused by the scent of blood, Bai Chen reminded from afar, “Don’t be too heavy-handed; I want this Omega alive.”


The blue-haired one smiled obsequiously, “Yes, Commander.”


In an instant, Wen Xingchen no longer lingered in battle, standing in front of Lu Jingning.


At this moment, Lu Jingning’s complexion didn’t look good.


What bothered him was not the strength of the remaining three insect soldiers on the field, but something else.


Lu Jingning exerted force on his hand, tearing off a strip of cloth from his sleeve to bind the wound. His gaze, however, once again turned to this desolate planetary terrain.


Individuals of such strength, even among the vast numbers of the insect race, were extremely rare. Yet, they were simultaneously dispatched here. Could it be that, like them, they were searching for an ordinary energy source?


Or perhaps, this so-called energy source was actually far more crucial than humans realized…


All of this, it seemed, was not so simple.

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Chapter 115 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 115


On this planet, communication systems are unusable, so each team has brought very ancient signal devices to prevent the occurrence of such special situations. Due to the long distance, the intensity of the explosion seems quite fierce from this position. Although the blast point is in midair, the ground beneath still shows faint cracks after being affected by the shockwaves.


Lu Jingning’s expression became somewhat serious involuntarily. At least, this situation has indirectly confirmed that the insect race is still on this planet and hasn’t left.


Ji Xingchao condensed energy to his eyes, trying to maximize his vision. However, even so, amidst the billowing smoke and dust, he still couldn’t see the situation inside clearly.


Feng Pei’s face didn’t look good. “There are really enemies!”


Although they had just finished intense training, everyone present was, at best, still new recruits who had not experienced the battlefield. This sudden turn of events made them somewhat disoriented.


Lu Jingning glanced around and saw the anxiety in everyone’s eyes. After some thought, he made a decision. “Wen Ge, take them back to the spacecraft; I’ll go check it out.”


As he was about to take a step, a hand firmly grabbed him. Wen Xingchen said, “I’ll go with you.”


Lu Jingning knew Wen Xingchen was worried about him, but he looked at him and said, “No one can be sure where the enemy will appear. What we need to do now is get the information out as soon as possible. In case anything happens on the way back, with you in the team, it’s at least a bit safer.”


Wen Xingchen understood the reasoning, but he couldn’t convince himself. In a tone without waves, he repeated, “Captain, I request to accompany you.”


Others stood by, watching the two tug of war, and then, continued watching as they persisted in their decision. Finally, Feng Pei couldn’t stand it anymore. “Alright, you two go together! Just return to the battleship; we can take care of ourselves!”


He had had enough. He came to this remote place to be a soldier, and now he had to endure the spectacle of these two every day. What on earth was going on?!


Ji Xingchao also realized and added, “Captain, you go; we have two S-levels here. We’ll ensure the information is safely delivered.”


Fans of the Morning Scenery CP didn’t miss any chance to witness the CP on the scene!


Lu Jingning looked back at Yan and Bin, seeing them nod, he didn’t insist anymore. “Alright, take care of yourselves.”


As the two turned to leave, Feng Pei subconsciously spoke up, stopping them. “Is there anything else?”


Feng Pei remained silent for a moment, then awkwardly said, “Make sure to come back alive. I don’t want to lose the captain just as he enlisted.”


Lu Jingning was stunned, then smiled, “You better worry about yourself more!”


Saying that, he waved to his team, “I’ll treat everyone to a meal when we get back. Let’s go!”


The remaining people watched the two figures swiftly head towards the direction of the mushroom cloud, standing in silence for a moment.


Finally, someone seemed to disdainfully mutter, “Talking like there’s really meat in our base…”


Feng Pei’s expression showed some emotion, he silently tightened his lips, raised his hand, and said, “Let’s get ready too!”


And so, the members of the Star Gaze Team split into two groups, heading in completely different directions.



As Lu Jingning ran towards the incident site, he couldn’t help but tease Wen Xingchen, “After this, they might mock me for being a strict husband. It’s a loss of reputation; should you compensate me?”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow, “I am entirely yours; how would you like compensation?”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “We really need to plan that properly.”


Wen Xingchen neither agreed nor disagreed, “As long as I can go with you, anything is fine.”


Although the two bantered, their movement speed remained unaffected.


In the blink of an eye, they were approaching the target area.


Scattered corpses began to appear in their field of vision, causing them both to fall silent unconsciously, becoming even more cautious.


Lu Jingning quickly scanned the area; for now, he didn’t see the familiar elite team uniforms, easing a bit of tension.


Because of their earlier speculation, they weren’t overly surprised by the appearance of these zerg-insect races.

As the number of corpses on the ground increased, the pace of the two gradually slowed down. Obviously, Tang Jiaze’s team had engaged in intense combat with the insect race here, and the surroundings were in chaos, indicating the fierceness of the battle.


After a moment, not far from a destroyed spacecraft, they saw the first silhouette of a teammate. If memory served right, this Alpha had come from the Federation, a child who usually loved to smile. Unfortunately, now lying on the ground, lifeless and cold, his face still wore a smile, seemingly proud of his heroic deeds before his death.


Lu Jingning walked over and gently closed his eyes. Glancing at the scorched earth around, he seemed to understand how the explosion had occurred just now. This elite member of the Alliance had sacrificed himself by launching the high-energy explosive devices from the insect race’s warship into the air, destroying them all, exchanging his life for a chance for his teammates.


This was war, where one never knew when they would meet their end.


However, it wasn’t suitable to dwell on sentiments now. Lu Jingning didn’t even have time to bury his comrade. He continued forward with Wen Xingchen.


He didn’t want to see another corpse.


With their active and swift search, they finally spotted the figures of the insect race in their field of vision. The opponents seemed to be searching for something. Suddenly seeing the two rushing out, they were momentarily stunned. Then, quickly reaching for their waists.


Lu Jingning abruptly changed direction, succinctly stating, “I’ll take the left.”


“Got it.”


Wen Xingchen understood and almost simultaneously headed to the right.


When the two insect soldiers raised their guns to shoot, all that could be seen was a blank space kicked up by dust. The two figures vanished from sight like ghosts, suddenly disappearing.


Before they could react, they felt a sharp flash of a blade, and a cold sensation on their necks. They barely avoided being cut by the sharp blade.


They had no time to think about when these two had circled behind them.


Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning, in perfect harmony, chose to use cold weapons.


At this moment, both of their daggers were stained with blue blood. Without sparing a second glance, they turned and continued deeper into the area.


They avoided using guns to prevent attracting the attention of other insect races with unfamiliar gunfire. What they needed to do now was to find Tang Jiaze’s team as quietly as possible.


Lu Jingning could be very certain; they were close.


Nearby, insect scouts were everywhere, and their sheer number made him regret not bringing a bottle of insect repellent.


Unconsciously, his body was covered in blue insect blood, sticky and nauseating.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but glance at Wen Xingchen. At this moment, he unexpectedly had a playful thought, “Wen Ge, what should I do? I’m no longer that fragrant Omega.”


Wen Xingchen replied, “It doesn’t matter. Even if you smell like Feng Pei, I only want you.”


A giant durian popped into Lu Jingning’s mind, and he twitched his mouth, “Compared to him, I think I’m quite a fragrant baby.”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, “Well, you’re the most fragrant to me.”


Lu Jingning’s mood improved, and his mentality became more positive.


Finally, near a desolate hill, they found Tang Jiaze and the others surrounded by a group of insect races.


At first glance, Tang Jiaze seemed more disheveled than ever.


Lu Jingning wanted to tease him, but seeing the insect races raising a row of energy guns, he tightened his heart and didn’t hesitate.


He directly exploded his pheromones, pressing heavily on the approaching enemy soldiers. Although unsure if it would trigger the same reaction as with Bai Chen, even if the insects went into estrus, he had his Wen Ge with him now. No worries!


At the same time, Wen Xingchen also took action.


The pheromones of the Omega and Alpha intertwined, as if an invisible hand descended from the sky, ruthlessly suppressing the unsuspecting insect soldiers.


A roaring gale swept through, overturning everything. Some soldiers couldn’t bear the immense pressure and spat out blood, fainting on the spot.


Lu Jingning’s heart fluttered slightly when he smelled the scent of mint smoke, but he quickly regained his composure and swiftly immersed himself in the finishing work. The entire squad of insectoid soldiers was wiped out in the blink of an eye. Lu Jingning dragged Tang Jiaze and others out of the cave. Seeing their pale and unsteady expressions, he couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “It shouldn’t be like this, right? Although they have more people, from what I can see, they haven’t encountered anything formidable. How did you end up in such a half-dead state?”


Tang Jiaze, catching his breath, almost fainted upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words. Suppressing the urge to kneel, he gasped and said, “C… collect your pheromones… collect them!” Although they were exhausted from the confrontation, they weren’t in such a miserable state. In fact, they were about to launch a concentrated attack when they were almost knocked out by Lu Jingning’s pheromones.


Lu Jingning, realizing his mistake, immediately controlled himself and sincerely apologized, “Ah, I’m sorry! I completely forgot!”


The surviving team members: “…………”


Could it be that he’s a spy sent by the enemy to assassinate them?! Despite having numerous complaints, everyone held their tongues at this moment. No one had anticipated encountering the insectoids here. Considering the current situation, it was evident that there was more than one squad on this planet. Before other bugs discovered them, they had to leave as soon as possible.


Gritting their teeth, they supported each other and stood up, their legs feeling weak. Lu Jingning reached out to help, clicking his tongue, “Captain Tang, are you okay?”


Tang Jiaze, infuriated, stumbled at Lu Jingning’s question. Damn, suddenly wanted to strangle himself for sending that distress signal!



Shortly after they left, a squad of insectoids appeared on the hill. A blue-haired scout, after observing the surroundings, reported, “Reporting to the commander, it’s indeed the Second Squad that lost contact before! From the scene, it seems they had a direct confrontation with some force. There are new arrivals on this planet!”


Before the scout finished speaking, the person in front of him slightly lowered his body, and he couldn’t help but feel puzzled, “Commander, is there a problem?”


“No, no problem.” The major with white hair and green pupils picked up a handful of soil from the ground, rubbed it between his fingers, and sniffed it lightly. Between the slightly narrowed brows, there was a sickly and covetous smile, “Truly, such a familiar scent…”

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Chapter 114 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 114


The so-called “a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.” After arduous training for so long, the first mission finally arrived, and everyone was very excited.


Lu Jingning, who knew some inside information, appeared much calmer. He repeatedly studied the mission details and remained on high alert.


It was reported that a new energy source was discovered near the G663 galaxy. The area had been under the responsibility of the Empire’s Second Legion because the surveyed range was too extensive, and their forces were somewhat insufficient. This time, it was an opportunity for the newly formed elite teams of the Alliance Army to assist. Although the task was not particularly difficult, the main purpose was to allow these new recruits to gain valuable experience.


Many people knew that both the Empire and the Federation were actively searching for energy sources recently, but the specific reasons behind it were unclear. However, as soldiers, knowing the mission details was sufficient; everything else was not their concern.


According to the Second Legion’s arrangement, the three elite teams of the Alliance Army were assigned to a life-sustaining celestial body on the edge of the galaxy.


Although it was called a life-sustaining celestial body, it was inhabited by low-intelligence species, and there was no civilization. In a sense, this made it filled with unknown dangers.


Before departure, Lu Jingning carefully inspected the team’s equipment to ensure everything was in order.


According to the itinerary, in the first phase, the three elite teams would simultaneously search on the Kaidos star in the galaxy. Although Jiang Quan did not mention any competition or assessment, the teams were always silently competing. This time, everyone was determined to be the first to discover the whereabouts of the energy source.


Although the legendary energy source might not necessarily exist on this planet.


The next day, Lu Jingning and his team landed on Kaidos star. As they descended from the spacecraft, they could see a desolate landscape around them, as expected. However, it was a bit strange that there were no signs of any low-level life forms, as the legends had suggested.


In the distance were continuous mountain ranges. When the wind blew, the yellow soil around them flew in the air, covering the thin vegetation with a layer of dust.


If not for the dense jungle at the end of the field of vision, one might not see the edge.


Yan Hebin had organized all the information about this planet the night before, quickly confirming their landing position and planning their route.


Considering their main search target was the energy source, although its specific form was unknown, one thing was certain—if it truly existed on this planet, the area around it would undoubtedly be full of vitality.


Lu Jingning didn’t know where the other two teams had landed, but he didn’t pay much attention. Leading the team, they began their survey along the way.


During this process, Wen Xingchen stayed close to him without much communication. However, feeling the familiar aura beside him, Lu Jingning felt reassured.


Their first major search point was the conspicuous forest in the desert.


Soon, Jixing Chao, who was scouting ahead, returned to report: “Captain, no water sources have been found nearby. It seems like something completely drained them.”


Lu Jingning nodded, “Continue to explore.”


After a while, Jixing Chao reported again, “So far, no signs of any life have appeared. Should we consider changing the route?”


Lu Jingning thought for a moment, “No need, continue.”


A moment later, Jixing Chao eagerly ran back, “Captain, wise decision! There seems to be some creatures appearing in the forest ahead. Do you want me to investigate?”


Lu Jingning shook his head, “No need, the situation is unclear, and it’s too dangerous for you to go now.”


Jixing Chao saluted, “Thank you, Captain, for your concern.”


Seemingly unable to bear it any longer, Feng Pei, who had been fishing around behind the team, finally pulled him over when Jixing Chao stopped for a moment, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been in the military for so long; can’t you get rid of your sycophantic behavior?”


Jixing Chao clicked his tongue, “What does my time in the military have to do with this? I’ve sworn to be a lifetime CP dog for Captain Jing!”


Feng Pei: “…………”


To be honest, although the recent interactions had changed his view of Lu Jingning to some extent, looking at this classmate’s situation, he really felt that there was no hope for recovery.


Perhaps the vastness of space affected their judgment, and it took more time than expected to reach the forest. However, it had little impact on the search process.


Due to the natural magnetic field of this planet, all communication devices became completely ineffective the moment we landed. To prevent getting separated, Lu Jingning instructed each team member to pair up, taking care of each other. He emphasized the importance of not straying too far from one another.


Before long, the group led by Jixing Chao and Feng Pei made the first discovery. It had to be acknowledged that Jixing Chao was indeed an excellent reconnaissance soldier with impressive speed and keen observation skills. Despite the leaves covering the ground, he still noticed the dried footprints concealed underneath.


The team gathered around the footprints and fell into silence. Cen Junfeng scratched his head, feeling somewhat uncertain, “I remember this planet only has low-level life forms, right?”


Yan Hebin replied, “Mammals are extremely rare, mostly amphibians and reptiles.”


Cen Junfeng continued, “Then…”


He tentatively extended his small foot, comparing it to the footprints on the ground, “Don’t you think these footprints look like ours?”


Feng Pei said, “Impossible. The General clearly stated that no teams have surveyed this area. No one should have arrived before us.”


Another team member, Tong Yongwang, speculated, “Not necessarily. Maybe the other two teams reached here first?”


Yan Hebin squatted down to examine carefully and denied, “It can’t be them. Judging by the drying time of this soil, it’s been at least three days.”


The group exchanged glances. Who could it be?


Humans inevitably panic in the face of the unknown. The team members subconsciously directed their gaze towards Lu Jingning. He seemed deep in thought, his eyebrows furrowed as if contemplating something.


Feeling Wen Xingchen patting his shoulder, Lu Jingning lightly patted back on the hand. Like Yan Hebin, he also knelt down beside the footprints.


Bending down, he leaned in, bringing his nose close and sniffed lightly.


Combining recent events, he had a speculation. Unfortunately, although faint, even as he approached, he still caught a trace of a distinctive scent in the soil.


This scent was somewhat different from the one on Bai Chen, but without a doubt, it belonged to the insect race.


Lu Jingning stood up expressionlessly. In a slightly solemn tone, he made a decision, “Prepare to return.”


The appearance of the insect race on Kaidos star needed to be reported to Jiang Quan as soon as possible. Due to the planet’s magnetic field, they had to evacuate early from the affected area to perform this effective operation.


The sudden decision left the other team members bewildered. “Return?” Feng Pei didn’t seem to understand the decision, “We just arrived here, and now we’re going back. Are we abandoning the mission?”


Lu Jingning looked at him with narrowed eyes, “Trust me, this mission is beyond your capabilities, recruit.”


According to Yan Hebin’s information, the insect race had been appearing on this planet three days ago. If he wasn’t mistaken, it wasn’t a coincidence. They came here for the same reason—the energy source.


If it were only Lu Jingning alone, it might be different; he could take the risk. But now, he led a team. Although it might be an excellent opportunity for merit, without knowing the exact number of the enemy, excessive confidence was evidently not a good thing.


As Jiang Cang said, they knew more, and they had a duty to safely bring the others back.


In a moment of reflection, Lu Jingning figured out all the steps. However, unfortunately, Feng Pei didn’t understand the situation. When he heard Lu Jingning calling him a recruit, his nose twitched in annoyance.


Damn it, just because you’re a captain, don’t think you’re all that. Aren’t you a newbie yourself?!


Lu Jingning could feel the confusion among the team members but was somewhat troubled about how to explain. Since the formation of the team, Jiang Quan had occasionally hinted at information related to the insect race, but he had not formally delved into deeper aspects.


Although it seemed that the commander did not expect them to encounter the insect race so soon.


Lu Jingning was unsure whether revealing everything at this moment was appropriate. Wen Xingchen glanced at his tightly furrowed brows and calmly stated, “Reporting an unknown target found on the planet to headquarters is necessary.”


Cutting to the chase, going straight to the point, Wen Xingchen’s words were quite eloquent. Feng Pei found this explanation acceptable, but he still had some doubts, “Since it’s an unknown target, it may not necessarily be an enemy. Is it really okay to return without clarifying the situation?”


Lu Jingning looked at him with a half-smile, “If we wait to confirm the identity of the enemy, do you think there will still be a chance to go back alive?”


As he finished speaking, Feng Pei felt a chill down his neck and instinctively shrunk back, choosing not to say anything further. As a young master from a prestigious family, he didn’t have grand ambitions. Survival through each mission was more important than earning merit.


Seeing that others had no objections, Lu Jingning decisively halted their progress and began retracing their steps. According to the plan, they only needed to cross the desert again to return to the warship.


However, just as they exited the forest, a loud explosion captured everyone’s attention. The intense force of the blast caused the entire ground to tremble faintly.


At the moment of the explosion, a mushroom cloud rose into the sky. Simultaneously, colorful smoke trails soared into the air, swirling for a while before dissipating in the cold wind.


Everyone instinctively stopped in their tracks, and a sense of anxiety crept into their eyes.


It was the rescue signal sent by Tang Jiaze’s team.

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Chapter 113 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 113


Lu Jingning has always trusted Su Qian. After handing over Yan Hebin to him, Lu Jingning went to line up to get a sleeping bag with peace of mind. The number of tents is limited, obviously not prepared for these trainees. In fact, distributing outdoor sleeping bags in this temporary camp is already a very generous treatment. It at least means that they, who haven’t had a good night’s sleep for several days, can finally rest peacefully.


At night, if you look down from the sky, you can see scattered sleeping bags on the wasteland, resembling grains of rice casually scattered on the ground. Among them, two grains of rice are exceptionally close, almost squeezing together.


The night and day on Planet SY9989 form a sharp contrast. The scorching heat seems like an illusion for everyone, and as the temperature drops sharply, the biting wind on the face feels like a knife, making people want to curl up entirely in their sleeping bags.


Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen lie side by side, shoulder to shoulder, but they don’t seem to mind the intense cold. Instead, they quietly gaze at the starry sky.


Some planets are far away from them, and some may only require a day’s journey by lightship. However, at this moment, no one knows which one will be the journey they will embark on in the future.


This is probably the first time the two of them have calmly talked about past and future matters.


“Wen Ge, do you know, from childhood to now, I’ve always wanted to be a qualified soldier.” Lu Jingning’s eyes light up when he speaks, almost trying to compare himself with the countless stars in the sky. “Although everyone told me how difficult it is for an Omega to do this, I have never doubted myself. So now I’m especially happy, at least I have proven with facts that I can!”


Wen Xingchen lies quietly beside him, listening to him talk about the past, about how Qiang Cang used his height advantage to show off in front of him, how he would cry and seek comfort from Su Qian every day after being beaten by Lu Kongbin, how his two older brothers would always stand up for him when his father was too heavy-handed, and how his mother, Ye Ling, taught him as an Omega to learn not to care about the opinions of others.


As Lu Jingning talks, there is a long silence from the person beside him. He couldn’t help but turn his head and ask, “Wen Ge, are you asleep?”




Wen Xingchen also turns around, and the two lock eyes.


He gently hooks the corner of his mouth. “I was thinking, you must have been particularly cute when you were little.”


Lu Jingning recalls the image of himself covered in mud in childhood videos and can’t help but laugh. “I must have been the universe’s super-duper cutest!”


Wen Xingchen laughs along. “So, the universe’s super-duper cute you actually became my fiancé. Truly honored.”


Lu Jingning enjoys the compliment but feels a bit embarrassed at the mention of “fiancé.” He reminds, “It’s still a boyfriend for now; the engagement ceremony hasn’t happened yet.”


“When we go back next time, they should have it all prepared.” Wen Xingchen lifts his eyelashes slightly. “This is just a matter of time. Do you want to back out?”


“That’s absolutely impossible!” Lu Jingning replies without hesitation, noticing a hint of tenderness in the other’s eyes. He averts his gaze and looks back at the starry sky, narrowing his eyes. “Wen Ge, when we rise through the ranks in the military and become marshals together, what titles do you think others will give us? The double marshal couple sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?”


Wen Xingchen nods, “Yes, the interstellar twin heroes, unprecedented and unmatched.”


Lu Jingning, hearing him upgrade it directly to “Emperor Sea Twin Heroes,” can’t help but laugh uncontrollably. “No, I prefer the interstellar twin champions; it sounds more domineering.”


Wen Xingchen goes with the flow, “Whatever you say is fine.”


Lu Jingning raises an eyebrow teasingly, “Wen Ge, when did you become so unprincipled?”


Wen Xingchen smiles lightly and says unhurriedly, “This is not being unprincipled.”


Lu Jingning neither agrees nor disagrees and raises his eyebrows, “Isn’t this being unprincipled?”


Wen Xingchen chuckles, “Because you are my principle.”


Lu Jingning is stared at in a way that makes his face inexplicably warm. He immediately retreats into his sleeping bag, mumbling, “Enough, we have to hit the road tomorrow; sleep, sleep!”


This rarely shy appearance in Wen Xingchen’s eyes just seems unexpectedly cute.


If there weren’t so many new recruits around, he would want to dive straight into the curled-up sleeping bag next to him.


However, at this moment, he can only suppress the impulse and gently respond, “Sleep.”


The next morning, all the teams are about to set off again.


Su Qian promptly brings Lu Jingning back.


From the mental state, Yan Hebin seems to be in better shape compared to the previous day. However, it’s unclear what method Su Qian used; there’s always something faintly peculiar about Yan Hebin’s expression when his gaze is about to fall on Su Qian. Although his face still wears the usual indifferent expression, there seems to be an unprecedented sense of shyness in his eyes.


Lu Jingning blinks, using his gaze to ask: What did you guys do yesterday?


Yan Hebin tightens his lips slightly, avoiding Lu Jingning’s gaze as he walks past him without a word: “We’re leaving.”


Lu Jingning, increasingly curious about his overt avoidance, turns to look at Su Qian.


Su Qian smiles faintly, “I injected him with some energy essence beneficial to his body, and the absorption seems to be going well.”


As Yan Hebin, who has walked a distance away, hears the conversation behind him, although his steps don’t stop, a strange blush quickly spreads on his ears. Despite wanting to forget, the sensation of the slender needle penetrating the gland is still vivid. Even with a slight thought, he can feel a warmth uncontrollably rising in his neck.


Su Qian’s delicate fingers move gently, but the touch passing through the skin is an unfamiliar sensation…


Yan Hebin can’t help but recall his own embarrassed moans from the medical room yesterday, feeling the warmth instantly engulfing his entire body. He has never been so embarrassed in his life, especially facing a doctor who kindly treated him.



The medical team’s camp is also moving in conjunction with the progress of the new recruits’ team. With Su Qian’s care all the way, Lu Jingning and his team finally return to the base within the specified time.


At the same time, the Starwatch Team has become the team with the least reduction in personnel among the three teams.


In response to this, Jiang Quan rarely gives affirmation, “Hmm, keep up the good work.”


Lu Jingning: “……….”


Being praised is indeed something very exciting?


After the arrangement is complete, everyone drags their almost disabled bodies back to their dormitories. Only when they touch their soft beds do they finally feel a true sense of being alive.


Unfortunately, this happiness doesn’t last long. Early the next morning, Jiang Quan issues the second training project through the instructors.


Everyone looks up to the sky and howls, “Just let us die!”


The training continues one after another, and in the blink of an eye, the originally large number of new recruits has been cut by more than half.


After another three months, there are only thirty people left.


The team is reorganized, with three captains leading ten people each, forming three elite forces under the Alliance Military. Almost at the same time, new figures begin to appear on Planet SY9989 one after another.


Most of these people are Alphas, with quite a few Betas, but not many Omegas.


These are the recruits recruited by the Empire and the Federation, gradually arriving.


Freshly emerged from hell, the elite team members are eager, feeling extremely excited. Finally, it’s their turn to watch these newbies suffer!


However, just as the ordinary soldiers are preparing to enter the training phase, they receive another order from Jiang Quan. This is the first mission after the establishment of the elite team.

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Chapter 112 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 112


Under Jiang Quan’s arrangement, all the new recruits officially entered the training mode of the army.


The first task on the second day was team formation.


To ensure internal unity within each team, the specific team formation process was straightforward. Three captains took turns selecting their desired team members.


Without a doubt, Lu Jingning first chose Wen Xingchen, followed by Yan Hebin, Cen Junfeng, and others. Surprisingly, in the end, he even selected Feng Pei, who had provoked him yesterday, to join the team.


Feng Pei had been unconscious the entire night and only woke up in the morning. Faced with this situation, he still seemed somewhat confused.


When he realized the situation, he naturally thought that Lu Jingning wanted to have him under his command for personal revenge. His expression turned unpleasant.


In stark contrast to Feng Pei was Ji Xingchao, who voluntarily joined this team.


The moment he was selected, he almost happily flew in place, plus a 780-degree Thomas spin.


Even when looking at Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, his eyes sparkled with brilliant light.


A grand fan meeting for one Omega.


Feng Pei originally wanted to rebuke Lu Jingning for his sinister intentions, but seeing Ji Xingchao’s expression, the words on the tip of his tongue were swallowed back.


This Omega not only had a dark heart but could also bewitch people. Simply detestable!


On average, each team was assigned more than twenty people.


After the safety briefing, everyone began their devilish training.


Planet SY9989 was not large, with no unnecessary resident populations. Jiang Quan had previously conducted tests, and if one walked day and night in one direction at a normal pace, it would take about three months to circumnavigate the planet.


The first training item was straightforward—physical fitness improvement.


Jiang Quan, as the overall leader, remained at the base for remote control. Meanwhile, he assigned several adjutants to supervise the teams.


Everyone set off in teams.


On the desolate star, one could see a group of people carrying large backpacks, striving forward under the blazing light of the star.


Because the three-month timeframe was based on the assessment of ordinary people with better physical fitness, Jiang Quan, for this future elite force, issued a strict order: everyone must complete the circumnavigation task within one month.


During this period, there were daily timed physical training and various rigorous assessments.


Some veterans sent from other units barely coped, but for students who had recently lived comfortably in military school, it was almost indistinguishable from forcing them to death. On the first day of departure, some experienced severe dehydration.


Planet SY9989 was not a habitable planet; its temperature was generally 5 to 10 degrees higher than normal planets. Combined with the current summer time, even sweat dripping on the ground quickly evaporated.


Lu Jingning named their team the “Star Horizon Team,” symbolizing “hope for the entire galaxy.” He was very satisfied, considering it highly meaningful.


At this point, their team was positioned in the middle of the three teams.


Although they couldn’t catch up with the first team led by Tang Jiaze, they weren’t at the bottom either, making it the best position with room for progress or retreat.


Lu Jingning wasn’t in a hurry to travel for a reason.


He wasn’t eager to compete for the first place, allowing Tang Jiaze, this extremely competitive guy, to take the lead. In case of any issues, there would be more time for reaction to find solutions.


For example, on the second day of the journey, many members of the leading first team had already transitioned from dehydration to fainting on the spot.


Those who fainted were dragged away in front of everyone by the instructors. It was unclear where they were taken, but it was rumored that they were directly removed from the unit’s roster.


It was terrifyingly strict.


The team Lu Jingning was in, because they didn’t push too hard on progress, had a relatively good overall situation. In the process, two or three members were also taken away, but considering the team as a whole, the situation was still not bad.


During this process, what he was more concerned about was Yan Hebin.


As the only Omega in this elite team besides him, this kind of challenge was obviously too difficult for Yan Hebin, who only had B-level pheromone intensity.


Lu Jingning looked at the almost completely bloodless face, hesitated for a moment under Yan Hebin’s overly determined gaze, and finally didn’t say much.


Privately, Jiang Cang had talked to him about Yan Hebin’s situation. In fact, he didn’t fully agree with the old principal’s approach this time.


Yan Hebin appeared slender but had an extremely stubborn personality. Once he set his mind on something, he would spare no effort to accomplish it, especially when it involved the insect race.


Since his father went missing in the interstellar due to the insect race, bringing people back seemed to have become his only obsession.


Putting him in a unit destined for the front line at this time seemed a bit too radical.


Lu Jingning was concerned that Yan Hebin’s physical fitness would be overdrawn. When the instructors weren’t paying attention, he would discreetly lend him a helping hand.


Yan Hebin was self-aware. In order not to be forced to stop here, he did not refuse this well-intentioned help.


After a week, everyone finally reached the first supply point with great difficulty.


Medical personnel were already waiting there. Whenever someone’s legs gave out, they swiftly lifted the person and dragged them into the medical tent.


Simple medical checks were necessary in this situation, but what brought tears to the eyes of these new recruits was that after so many days, they could finally have a hot meal!


During these days, there was no hot food or water to drink. Everyone had to rely on the dry and tasteless compressed biscuits to fill their stomachs. Due to the excessively dry throat, tears and snot would often flow uncontrollably with a slight mishap. It was a bitter experience.


However, Jiang Quan, as the rule-maker, was indifferent.


In his words, “In the future, when you go on missions in the interstellar, can you still cook in the wild? Will you not encounter situations where food is scarce? Can you guarantee that the planet you are on has other life forms? If chased by the enemy, there will be no divine favor! As qualified soldiers, these are just the most ordinary situations you must face!”


Listen to that, how resounding and reasonable.


After receiving a boxed meal, Lu Jingning squatted in a corner with Wen Xingchen to eat.


If someone had seen their shiny appearance not long ago, it would be challenging to associate them with these dusty figures.


Wen Xingchen suddenly made a sound, “Ah—”


Lu Jingning instinctively opened his mouth along with the sound and felt a rich aroma in his mouth. Unexpectedly, Wen Xingchen had picked out the only bit of minced meat from the boxed meal and handed it to him.


Lu Jingning enjoyed it with his eyes half-closed, feeling that this bite was more delicious than any delicacy. Playfully, he asked, “Why don’t you eat meat?”


Wen Xingchen said, “Too greasy, I don’t like it.”


Lu Jingning laughed and picked up the only piece of vegetable in his meal, “Come, try this crispy and refreshing bit of green from the desert.”


Wen Xingchen originally wanted to refuse, but seeing him persistently offering it, he finally opened his mouth and took a bite.


Clearly, a very humble meal, but these two turned it into a bubble of pink sweetness.


Cen Junfeng, holding his boxed meal nearby, found it hard to put down his chopsticks.


At this moment, he really wanted to ask, were these two here for training or on their honeymoon?


Even in such a situation, they didn’t forget to throw dog food excessively. This was too much!


After finishing their meal, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen walked out of the tent together.


They were planning to discuss the upcoming travel plan, but as they lifted their heads, they were surprised to find a familiar figure.


The person was wearing a neat white coat, and his hair was still meticulously tied behind as always.


Standing under the star’s light, the curve of his profile paused the gaze unconsciously.


Lu Jingning was slightly stunned. When he turned his head, he happened to meet Wen Xingchen’s gaze, confirming that he wasn’t seeing things.


Who would have thought they would meet Su Qian here.


Lu Jingning walked quickly toward him.


Su Qian heard the footsteps and looked up. When he saw the person clearly, there was a hint of surprise between his brows.


He followed the Empire’s medical team. Just as he arrived, he received a task assigned by his superiors. They said that some new recruits were undergoing physical training here, and the medical team needed to set up a medical station to assist on the way.


After exchanging greetings, Su Qian jokingly said while staring at Lu Jingning’s now distinctly darker face, “If you go back like this, Uncle Lu probably won’t recognize you.”


Lu Jingning waved his hand boldly, “A true man should fight on the battlefield. These are just minor matters.”


Su Qian smiled and turned to look at Wen Xingchen, “I’ve heard about your situation. It seems that you’ve followed my advice quite well.”


Wen Xingchen smiled slightly, “It’s natural.”


Lu Jingning didn’t know exactly what Lu Jiyuan had told Su Qian at that time. Upon hearing this, his old face blushed involuntarily.


Fortunately, under the healthy complexion, there wasn’t too much visible blush. He cleared his throat and said, “By the way, Su Qian, since you’re here, can you do me a favor?”


Su Qian put away the documents in his hand and nodded, “Sure, go ahead.”


Lu Jingning didn’t beat around the bush, “I have an Omega friend here. Considering the short stay tonight, can you try to help him recover as much energy as possible?”


Su Qian straightforwardly replied, “No problem.”


Hearing this assurance, Lu Jingning felt relieved. He immediately went outside and brought Yan Hebin over.


Yan Hebin’s complexion looked a bit unsightly after the long journey. Obviously, his physical strength had almost reached its limit. Even the food he had just eaten had mostly been vomited out.


Seeing the man in the white coat in front of him, he tiredly furrowed his brows, looking somewhat puzzled.


In the next moment, Lu Jingning handed him over to Su Qian, saying, “I’ll leave my scholarly Omega to you.”


Su Qian smiled slightly, “Rest assured.”


Yan Hebin: “???”

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Chapter 111 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 111


In Feng Pei’s plan, he only needed to make a direct attack on the opponent’s vital point at the beginning of the confrontation to finish the enemy with one move. In the blink of an eye, he vividly replayed the scene in his mind. Personally, he felt that such a move was very neat, worthy of being called heroic. However, when he was ready to put his plan into action, he realized that ideals are always beautiful, but reality is quite harsh.


Feng Pei, thinking he was incredibly handsome and intimidating, threw a punch that seemed to hit nothing but air, soft and without any impact. A hint of surprise flashed between his eyebrows, and then, he felt a vague shadow passing by in front of him. Without any time to react, a piercing pain struck his abdomen.


He couldn’t help but cough violently, almost coughing out his entire lung. Everyone on the side looked a bit confused, exchanging glances.


“Did you guys see how this Omega made his move just now?”


“No… Did you see it?”


“… I, didn’t either.”


Feng Pei could hear the whispers around him, and he suddenly felt irritated. Perhaps because of the pain, his face now looked as unpleasant as it could get. Feng Pei, gritting his teeth, tried to stand up again, but as soon as he exerted force, the intense pain spread throughout his body. He staggered and sat back down.


Half-kneeling there, Feng Pei breathed heavily, obviously feeling incredulous about being defeated in one move. Moreover, the opponent was an Omega he hadn’t taken seriously at first.


Lu Jingning rubbed his fist and kindly advised, “It’s pointless to force yourself. How about admitting defeat directly?”


Feng Pei, nose crooked with anger, gritted his teeth, “In your dreams!”


Lu Jingning looked at his current state with amusement, sneering, “Is there any point in pretending to be tough now? Can you even stand up?”


Relying on his pride, Feng Pei intended to stand up and give the opponent a good beating. However, as soon as he exerted force, he shivered, and instead of standing, he ended up sitting back down.


Feng Pei: “…”


Don’t be fooled by Lu Jingning’s seemingly light punch just now; he used hidden strength. With just that move, even if it had hit a mecha, it could have left a hole. Given Feng Pei’s solid physique, he could still talk after such a hit.


Lu Jingning glanced over, showing a hint of approval in his eyes. It seemed that this person followed the tank route. However, in Feng Pei’s eyes, his current performance seemed more like an insult.


Feng Pei felt that his dignity had been trampled. If conditions allowed, he really wanted to rush up and beat this overly arrogant Omega to death.


What’s this? Trying to finish him off with just one punch? Without even using pheromones? Was he looking down on him?!


Gritting his teeth, in an attempt to salvage his dignity, Feng Pei angrily said, “Don’t think you’re all that just because your fists are strong. Let’s compare with pheromones if you dare!”


Lu Jingning’s expression became strange for a moment. “Compare with pheromones? Or… better not?”


Although Tang Jiaze had suffered at Lu Jingning’s hands before, as a bystander now, he found the situation interesting. Suddenly hearing this, he turned pale and involuntarily cursed, “Damn, this idiot!”


During the previous military academy league, at least it was in a virtual map, and the onlookers were just watching for fun. But the current situation was obviously different.


In the open environment, the biting wind made the face sting. If Lu Jingning detonated his pheromones now, before the army even had a chance to enter, the entire field would probably collapse.


Tang Jiaze’s mouth twitched involuntarily. If it weren’t for Jiang Quan being present, he would have wanted to go up and slap Feng Pei to knock some sense into him.


Damn, if you want to die, do it yourself, don’t drag others down!


However, Feng Pei remained firmly immersed in his fantasy of salvaging some of his pride.


Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words, he clearly misunderstood, thinking the other was intimidated and smirked, “Heh, scared now, aren’t you?” Although he was still holding his abdomen and couldn’t stand up, it didn’t affect the operation of pheromones in his body. Without waiting for Lu Jingning’s reaction, he explosively released the energy of his pheromones into the surroundings.


In reality, if it weren’t absolutely necessary, Feng Pei was reluctant to use his pheromones. After all, not many could withstand his wrath. His pheromones had the fragrance of durian. As an S-level Alpha, the overbearing energy exploded, and even though it was somewhat distant, many people still felt a strong sense of oppression. Combined with the double impact of scent, they all stepped back.


The originally open space now created even more room. Lu Jingning, being the closest, and the primary target, undoubtedly felt the strongest impact. Uncharacteristically, he frowned and covered his nose.


It wasn’t because the opponent’s pheromones were too powerful and overwhelming. He genuinely felt that it was just too smelly. At this moment, Lu Jingning felt the other party was somewhat unreasonable, and even the best temperament couldn’t suppress the rising anger.


Kindly suggesting he leave with dignity and not appreciating it was one thing, but to release foul-smelling gas? Unbearable! Lu Jingning adjusted the pheromones within him and released a subtle trace, drifting gently towards Feng Pei.


Feng Pei, still immersed in the fantasy of achieving a suppressing effect, felt something lightly enveloping him. In that instant, a distinct electric shock-like sensation caused his entire body to spasm. Then, without understanding what had happened, his eyes rolled back, and he fainted.


Everything happened so suddenly that everyone was a bit bewildered. Lu Jingning’s released pheromones, though only a small amount, dispersed in the wind, causing many to feel a vague sense of weakness. Shaking, they struggled to stand, avoiding each other.


Tang Jiaze wisely kept a distance and avoided the trouble. Jiang Quan also sensed the unique pheromones, his nose twitching slightly. Although both were S-level, the potential for improvement was infinite. Looking at Lu Jingning, he couldn’t hide the increased interest in his eyes.


As per Jiang Quan’s signal, the captain’s selection continued. In the end, Tang Jiaze and Lu Jingning each became the leaders of the first and second teams with absolute dominance. The third spot went to an old soldier named Fan Zhou, dispatched by the Military Alliance. While not outstanding in ability, his extensive experience was enough for him to shoulder the responsibility.


The tasks for the first day were now complete. Jiang Quan briefly spoke to the group, and without much ado, he instructed them to roll to the dormitory building to get their assigned rooms.


Despite the worn-out appearance of the base from the outside, the dormitory area was surprisingly well-equipped. Although there was no separate accommodation for Alpha and Omega, each person had their own room, clean and tidy.


Lu Jingning, following the group, went to the registration office to get his room number. His next-door neighbors were Yan Hebin, and Wen Xingchen carefully selected a spot opposite his.


After arriving in the allocated dormitory and placing his luggage, Lu Jingning heard a knock on the door. Upon opening it, he saw Wen Xingchen standing there.


The door to the opposite room was also open, and through the gap, one could clearly see the interior. If both opened their doors simultaneously, they could easily see each other.


Lu Jingning blinked and remarked, “Living opposite each other, convenient for door-to-door visits.” Wen Xingchen entered, neatly stacking the bedding on the bed. He glanced at Lu Jingning with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “Isn’t this more like interconnected suites?”


Lu Jingning’s movements of arranging clothes paused slightly at Wen Xingchen’s words, “Interconnected suites?” When he turned around, he happened to see Wen Xingchen suddenly getting closer. Instinctively, he took two steps back, and in a moment of distraction, he ended up sitting on the bed.


Wen Xingchen bent down slightly, and his breath brushed past Lu Jingning’s nose, as if recalling something pleasant. The curve of his lips was gentle, “Anning, have you ever thought that, rounding it up, we could also be considered living together?”


In this position, Lu Jingning’s gaze happened to glide over Wen Xingchen’s gland. Suddenly hearing the words “living together,” his throat rolled unconsciously.


Seeing Wen Xingchen about to approach him, Lu Jingning glanced at the still-open door and gently pushed him away, “We’re still in the military, pay attention to your image!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t move, but instead leaned his face closer, “Indulge me a bit, Anning. I’ll behave today.”


Only today?


Lu Jingning couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless at his shameless appearance but still raised his head and pecked his face forcefully.


A loud “smack” echoed.


Wen Xingchen, satisfied, released him after lightly pinching the gland on his neck. He casually pulled the nearby suitcase over, “Let me help you pack.”


Lu Jingning asked, “What about yours?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “No hurry for mine.”


Watching him in this particularly virtuous appearance, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but smile with a gentle look, “Alright, after I finish here, I’ll come over to help you pack!”


Wen Xingchen smiled slightly, “Okay.”

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Chapter 7 – Partner (1)

       Xi Zhao’s speed was frighteningly fast. For the first time, Qin Yun felt that his mental power was not enough. His face was covered with sweat, and the golden colour that glowed in the whites of his eyes was getting deeper and deeper.

       In order to control the other party’s consciousness cloud, Qin Yun couldn’t afford to be distracted even for a moment. He was too embarrassed to ask Xi Zhao to come over and kiss him at any time. Seeing the other party appear so effortlessly in control, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of defeat.

       “Little chicks.” Xi Zhao killed the last flame crocodile and walked over with a dagger, “Are your bows and arrows for decorations?”

       Qin Yun was panting from exhaustion and muttered, “Do you think it’s so easy to use guiding tendrils? It’s not like with other sentinels, one lick and they’ll be fine…”

       “O-ne-lick?” Xi Zhao said word by word. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, “You actually got licked by another man behind my back?”

       Qin Yun: “…” Where did you get this inexplicable conclusion? Damn it?!


       After the baptism of the Flame Crocodile, Qin Yun had already calmed down when the second batch of Mammoths came out. Compared to the Flame Crocodile, although the Mammoth had more substantial combat power and thicker skin and flesh, it was stupid enough. Even if it was very laborious to kill, they did not have to be afraid of being shaded from behind at any time.

       Xi Zhao was beating a Mammoth mercilessly like a pig butcher in a slaughterhouse as he rode on its back. Qin Yun found it difficult to watch.

       “Calm down…” Qin Yun was still tinkering with his bow. He wanted to try to see if he could condense his mental power into an ‘arrow’ and try to attack, “You have to realise many sanitary pads like us, oh, no, I mean, low-level guides like us generally have to guide numerous low-level sentinels on the battlefield. Occasionally being licked is also a special circumstance…”

       The Mammoth let out a miserable cry. Xi Zhao fiercely pulled out the dagger from its eyeball, then stood on the corpse with a face full of blood and stretched out his tongue to lick the blade with an expressionless expression.

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Xi Zhao: “Say it. Which bastards have licked you.”


       Although sentinels had an unparalleled desire for exclusivity on guides that were linked to them, Qin Yun still found the situation tricky the first time he encountered it

       He tried to use guiding tendrils to calm Xi Zhao’s restless consciousness and patiently explained, “I’m just talking about special circumstances… So far, no one has really licked me…” He looked at the other person’s expression and immediately added, “I will only let you lick me from now on!”

       Xi Zhao seemed to be assessing the credibility of his words. He was silent for a long time before changing the subject and said, “What are you doing?”

       “Oh, this.” Qin Yun raised the bow in his hand, “You can see, this is my mental power. I tried to make an ‘arrow’ that can attack the enemy’s brain from a long distance if I uh… shoot it accurately.”

       Guide’s mental power basically had an offensive effect, but most of them controlled the opponent’s brain at close range, causing confusion and disturbing consciousness. Attacks that could damage the brain’s nervous system from a distance like Qin Yun’s were rare even among high-level guides.

       “You shouldn’t be just a low-level guide.” Xi Zhao suddenly said, “You’re better than a lot of people.”

       Qin Yun was a little flattered by such a straightforward compliment. He touched his nose embarrassedly, “But I don’t have a spiritual link… You should know the strength of a guide’s mental power determines the state of the spiritual link, and there’s no mistake about that.”

       Xi Zhao did not retort. He suddenly stretched out his hand and pressed the top of Qin Yun’s head hard, “Even if you have sanitary pads, you must be at the level of diapers.”

       “…” Qin Yun’s face was distorted as the top of his hair was messed up by Xi Zhao.

       “You can’t be worse than any high-level guide because,” Xi Zhao looked seriously into Qin Yun’s eyes, “I am your sentinel.”


       When Tristana rushed to the military headquarters, Moschery had already finished using the practice room, but he opened a small shooting range for Qin Yun to practice. Because it was fully enclosed and soundproof, the person who was focused on practising didn’t know that his immediate superior had arrived.

       “Your Majesty…” Tristana disagreed, “If I read correctly…he’s just a low-level guide?!”

       Moschery didn’t deny it, and Tristana frowned with emotion, “Your Majesty, low-level guide has no right to bind any individual sentinel, let alone a god-level like you…”

       “Tristana.” Moschery interrupted suddenly. He turned around and faced the female general without a mask for the first time, “Can you suppress my mania?”

       Tristana opened her mouth. She had calmed down and said softly, “No, I can’t, Your Majesty. I don’t have the ability.”

       “But he can.” Moschery looked at Qin Yun’s back in the shooting range, “He is my guide. I need him.”


       Tristana had already left when Qin Yun came out of the shooting range. He was surprised when he saw the appointment letter in Xi Zhao’s hand.

       “Our General was here?!” Qin Yun looked at Xi Zhao from top to bottom, “She didn’t do anything to you, right?”

       Xi Zhao said disdainfully, “She’s just a guide. What can she do to me?” He copied the appointment letter into Qin Yun’s Smart System.

       “Eta secret exploration operation…guide Qin Yun…sentinel…” Qin Yun paused and said in surprise, “Sentinel is you!”

       “Why are you so loud?” Xi Zhao looked at him with disgust, “Who else would want you besides me?”

       Qin Yun didn’t mind the other party’s attitude at all and said excitedly, “Oh my God! I actually have the opportunity to go on a solo mission with Sentinel!”

       Xi Zhao snorted proudly, “You don’t even know who I am…”

       Qin Yun: “Or to a classified mission!”

       Xi Zhao: “…That’s why I said you should work hard these days.”

       Qin Yun: “Do you know how much the bonus is for this kind of mission?!”

       Xi Zhao: “…no”

       Qin Yun: “It must be very high! Oh my God! I can finally buy an apartment within the fifth ring road of the Capital!”

       Xi Zhao: “…”


       When Tristana floated to Skarter’s mansion like a ghost, the young general thought something terrible had happened.

       “Have you been marked?” Skarter poured her a glass of milk, “You look like you just had a bonding heat.”

       “It’s worse than that…” Tristana glanced at him half-dead, “Do you know who the guide His Majesty marked is?”

      Skarter was a little surprised, “Have you seen His Majesty’s little sweetheart?”

       “…” Tristana gritted her teeth, “How dare you hide such a big thing from me?!”

      Skarter raised his hands innocently, “I just don’t want Dongliang to know. You know, he’s always prone to worrying about this and that.”

       Tristana was so angry that she didn’t want to pay attention to him. Skarter quickly comforted her, “It’s not too late to know now. How about it? What is His Majesty’s orders?”

       Tristana hesitated for a while, then sighed and said, “He wants to get that low-level guide involved in the Eta Star operation.”

      Skarter finally put away his cynical expression, frowned and said coldly, “Did His Majesty really say that?”

       Tristana nodded feebly, holding her chin and muttering to herself, “I don’t know what His Majesty is thinking…”

       “What about His Majesty thinks?” Lin Dongliang’s voice suddenly came from outside the door. He was wearing only a pair of pyjamas, barefoot and pinching the bridge of his nose in a somewhat sleep-deprived manner, “What are you guys talking about?”

       Tristana’s mouth opened in horror, and she looked at Skarter, “Since when did you two live together?!”

       “…” Lin Dongliang entered too hastily, and then he realised that his appearance was actually a bit ambiguous. When he was about to explain in embarrassment, Skarter had already picked him up first.

       “Why don’t you wear slippers, Sir?” Skarter hugged Lin Dongliang in his arms. He looked behind Lin Dongliang and asked gently, “Where’s your little panda? It’s been a long time, I really want to hug it.”

       Lin Dongliang: “… Your King Crocodile1it was actually a Sarcosuchus, but I think crocodile is good too always forces it to sit in your mouth… Do you think it dares to come out?”


       For the next month, Qin Yun felt like he was in Nirvana. He was tortured by Xi Zhao in the training room from morning to night, crying and howling. He was so tired that he could fall asleep even after lunch with Sennas.

       “…” Sennas reminded him in a low voice, “Your saliva is drooling.”

       Qin Yun woke up with a gasp. He touched his chin in a daze, “Is there anything else?”

       Sennas: “What are you working for so hard every day?”

       Qin Yun held his head in pain, “It’s not easy to buy a house within the fifth ring road…”

       Sennas said carelessly, “What’s the point of doing it until you are so tired? Might as well sell your kidney.”

       Qin Yun muttered, “Selling a kidney is useless…I am simply selling my life!”

       “Speaking of which.” Sennas frowned and sniffed hard, “The smell of mental marks on your body is getting stronger and stronger. Are you still in contact with that sentinel?”

       “That…” Qin Yun felt guilty, “I am his younger brother now…”

       Sennas: “…Other guides became a wife, but you just become a younger brother… Where is your dignity?! Even sanitary pads have dignity, okay?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       “Dignity?” Xi Zhao cut off the head of the Silver Ring King Snake with a knife, “Are you talking to me about dignity?”

       Qin Yun tried hard to defend, “I also have human rights! Look, I don’t have a spiritual link. You all know this. Where is your spiritual link? Since you let me give you mental guiding, why don’t you show me your spiritual link?”

       Xi Zhao looked at him with a strange expression, “Do you want to see my spiritual link?”

       Qin Yun: “This is the most basic form of mutual honesty, isn’t it…”

       Xi Zhao stopped talking. He killed the last few Silver Ring King Snakes in the practice room. He seemed to have made a lot of determination and said with a face that looked like he was going to die, “I’ll show you my spiritual link.”

       Qin Yun nodded excitedly.

       Xi Zhao wanted to say something else, but seeing Qin Yun’s expectant and stupid face, he finally just moved his mouth and muttered, ‘Forget it’.


       Qin Yun didn’t react when he was urged to get on the aircraft. He opened the door and protested, “Don’t fool me into getting on the aircraft and then throw me down in the middle! I won’t be fooled!”

       Xi Zhao clicked his tongue impatiently, “Shut up! Get in! Otherwise, I will throw you away now!”

       Qin Yun: “…If we’re going, let’s go. Where to?”

       Xi Zhao’s expression froze. He turned his face awkwardly and said stiffly, “Cyprus Galaxy.”


       Qin Yun: “Why do you have to go to a lovers’ sanctuary to see a spiritual link?!”

       Xi Zhao said with a dark face and gritted his teeth, “My spiritual link likes it! Do you have a problem with that?!!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

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