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Chapter 23 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 23


Ever since Tang Xiyan felt that Qu Di liked him, he couldn’t help but feel that Qu Di cared about him all the time. Even in his basic assistant duties, he could see infinite affection.


For example, right now, as he sat under the sunshade, watching Shu Yi and Wengu act not too far away, Qu Di sat beside him as usual, fanning him with a fan.


Even though he already had the little fan that she prepared, he still fanned himself. What else could this be if not love!?


Tang Xiyan sneakily glanced at Qu Di and saw him drenched in sweat. Even though he had a hat on, his face was still a bit red from the sun. In contrast to his snowy forehead, it was quite eye-catching. His eyes were fixed on the actors in the distance, and from time to time, he’d use his other hand to adjust his collar for cooling.


As the collar opened and closed, Qu Di bent over with his elbow resting on his thigh. Since Tang Xiyan was already a head taller than him, it was effortless for him to see that small piece of reddish skin. The perspiration was flowing down his neck, leaving shallow marks.


Unconsciously, Tang Xiyan straightened his posture. His throat moved, and Qu Di turned his head, asking, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable sitting? Should I go get that reclining chair?”


As he spoke, he was about to stand up, catching Tang Xiyan off guard. Feeling a bit embarrassed, he coughed and said, “Ahem… It’s nothing. You don’t need to go. Just sit, I’ve been sitting for a while and wanted to move a bit.”




Zheng Siyi was sick and resting at the hotel. Even though Shu Yi claimed that she could manage alone, Zheng Siyi asked Qu Di for help. Naturally, he was willing.


As soon as the director called “cut,” Qu Di, just like when he took care of Tang Xiyan, approached with water and a small fan. Tang Xiyan hadn’t even reacted yet, and his assistant had gone over to be attentive to someone else.


Shu Yi took the water from him, took a sip, and said, “Siyi asked you to help, right?”


Qu Di handed him a pack of tissues to wipe his sweat and replied, “She’s worried, and helping out a bit won’t hurt. Besides, I was originally here to look after Xiyan.”


Finally, Qu Di whispered, “I also want to take care of you.”


Shu Yi took a tissue, reached out, and wiped the sweat from Qu Di’s forehead. He looked both pleased and afraid that someone might see. He quickly took the tissue from Shu Yi and softly said, “I can do it myself.”


“It’s just helping out; no one will make a fuss about it. It’s too hot outside. Remember to drink more water.”


Tang Xiyan squinted at the interactions between the two of them in the distance. He wanted to rush over and separate them for no apparent reason. Why wipe sweat for others? Why stand so close for no reason? His butt had even left the chair, but he still held onto its armrest and didn’t stand up.


He couldn’t hear what they were talking about clearly, but an unnamed anger surged within him. It continued until they separated. When Qu Di returned to his side, his expression was dark, clearly showing his anger.


Qu Di had been around Tang Xiyan for a while, so he easily sensed that Tang Xiyan wasn’t happy. He thought it was because of the heat, so he fanned him a few more times and asked, “Is it too hot? Should I fan you some more?”


“Keep your distance.” With a scowl, Tang Xiyan pushed away Qu Di’s fan and turned his back, leaving only the small fan still blowing. Originally, he wanted to return the small fan to Qu Di, but it felt too petty.


Qu Di was puzzled by his actions. He sat there for a while and then carefully placed his fan down. He didn’t pay any attention to Tang Xiyan, got up, and walked away.




Now Tang Xiyan was even more angry. Didn’t he notice that Tang Xiyan didn’t like him getting too close to other Alphas? Why didn’t he explain? What if I misunderstood and started crying? Can’t he see that I’m upset? What’s the meaning of not comforting me?


He didn’t show any signs of secretly admiring someone.


He felt awkward by himself for quite a while, waiting for Qu Di to return, and he started worrying that maybe he had been too harsh, scaring Qu Di away. He turned his head to look around, but Qu Di was nowhere to be found. He became anxious and quickly stood up, asking several people if they had seen Qu Di. But no one had noticed.


Could he have left?


Was it just because of that one harsh comment? But… was he too harsh? Qu Di was just helping to take care of an artist, why throw a tantrum?


Just as he was about to make a phone call, Qu Di came back with two cups of milk tea. His face was even redder, and his hair was all wet, and the back of his shirt was soaked with sweat. He even seemed a bit out of breath, as if he had run back.


He came to Tang Xiyan’s side with the two cups of milk tea, his voice hoarse, like he was coaxing a child, and said, “Don’t be unhappy. I bought you some milk tea. Try it.”


Tang Xiyan looked at Qu Di, whose originally fair skin was now sunburned, and he even had sweat on his nose. He felt a twinge of pain. On such a hot day, he felt like he was melting after just a few steps. Yet, he had run quite a distance to buy two cups of milk tea just to cheer him up.


I’m really awful.


He reached into his pocket, found a crumpled tissue, and wiped Qu Di’s forehead with a sour expression. “Are you stupid? Why didn’t you take a cab when it’s so far?”


“It’s not that far. It only took about twenty minutes for the round trip. No need to take a cab.” He handed one of the milk teas to Tang Xiyan. “Drink it. It’s your favorite.”


Tang Xiyan took a sip, the familiar slightly sweet taste, without any cream on top. But this time, it tasted sweeter than any other milk tea he had ever had.


But before he could say anything, Shu Yi walked over. Tang Xiyan watched as Qu Di naturally handed the other milk tea to Shu Yi and said, “This is for you.”


Shu Yi seemed a bit surprised. “Why did you buy this?!”


“You mentioned that you wanted to drink it before, so I bought it for Xiyan and just happened to get one for you.”


Tang Xiyan looked at the milk tea in his hand, seriously doubting that this cup was the one bought “just in case.”


Shu Yi asked, “What about yourself? Why aren’t you drinking it?”


“I don’t like this. Only Xiyan likes it.”


Then Shu Yi glanced at Tang Xiyan. “Is that so? A few days ago, I mentioned that I liked it. I didn’t expect you to remember.”


Tang Xiyan noticed a hint of a smile in Shu Yi’s eyes. It was a smug smile with a hint of provocation. It flashed by, but he still caught it. Suddenly, the usually clueless Tang Xiyan’s mind seemed to light up. His love radar was blaring loudly. 1PFt what a narc… -.-


When did these two meet privately? Does Qu Di still have any feelings for me, the god-like man that I am?


“This caramel latte is pretty good.”


“That’s right!” Qu Di smiled and said, “It’s their signature drink, and it seemed good, so I bought it for you.”


Upon hearing this, Tang Xiyan became displeased and tried to regain Qu Di’s attention, saying, “Hey! Why can he have caramel latte while I can only have regular milk tea?” and it was without cream, just slightly sweet.


Before Qu Di could say anything, Shu Yi spoke up, “Because I’m not afraid of gaining weight.”


“…” Tang Xiyan felt like he had been hit in the knees.


Just then, the director called Shu Yi over. After thanking Qu Di, Shu Yi left, leaving Qu Di and Tang Xiyan. Tang Xiyan stared at him, asking, “So, who’s your artist, after all!?”


Qu Di couldn’t understand why he was angry again. He could only say, “Isn’t it Siyi who asked me to take care of Shu Yi? When someone asks for help, I should do it properly.”


This made it sound like Shu Yi was an outsider, and when guests came to your home, you should treat them well so as not to give a bad impression. Tang Xiyan thought he made a lot of sense and instantly felt relieved. He put his arm around Qu Di’s shoulder and told him to sit and rest for a while.


Qu Di took out his phone and received a message from Chou Fei. He read it and said, “Fei-ge reminds you not to forget the program the day after tomorrow.”


Tangyi was hosting a talent show, where they would select the top ten from a hundred girls for a debut group, which was the hottest talent show format at the moment. Tangyi naturally wanted a piece of the pie.


However, Tangyi was a large company with a large business. All the artists participating in the show were unsigned, having been selected through open auditions. If they succeeded, they could sign directly with Tangyi and gain access to the best resources.


The day after tomorrow was the recording of the first episode of the program, and they had invited Tang Xiyan, who was also from Tangyi, to be a guest. His role was to offer words of encouragement, sing a song, and then leave. This would not only increase the show’s visibility but also promote Tang Xiyan’s new song.


Tang Xiyan leaned over to look at the program schedule. He was the last to appear after entering, and after singing a few words, he could leave. He took a sip of milk tea and said, “I understand. Such small programs can end quickly. Don’t be so nervous.”


“I’m just reminding you. Don’t stay up too late. After you finish recording the program, you have to come back here to continue filming. And…”


“Okay, okay! You don’t have to nag.”


After their break, it was Tang Xiyan’s scene. Shu Yi didn’t know when he had returned to Tang Xiyan’s side, still holding the caramel latte, which should have cooled down, as the outer surface of the cup was covered in droplets of water.


“It’s really good.”


“Mmm…” Now when Shu Yi got close to him, Tang Xiyan didn’t automatically try to avoid him. He was just a little nervous. After all, this was all happening in front of an audience, and Shu Yi often did bold things. Tang Xiyan felt that he couldn’t let this go any further.


He pushed Shu Yi’s hand away, looking around cautiously. Fortunately, no one had noticed them. When he looked up, Shu Yi’s eyes were filled with tenderness, quietly gazing at him.


Qu Di blushed again, succumbing once more to his tenderness. He quickly took a sip from the cup Tang Xiyan was offering. It was indeed very sweet, sweet to the heart.


In fact, they had confirmed their relationship a long time ago, just a week after that night when they kissed. Shu Yi had come to his room again, solemnly asking if he would be willing to be with him. Qu Di knew this was a difficult path, but he still nodded.


The feeling of being cared for and cherished, he didn’t want to miss it.


Shu Yi and Yang Ji were different, he knew.


Given their identities, they even had to be careful when chatting in front of others, afraid that someone might catch on. Only at night, Shu Yi would occasionally come over to have dinner with him, and that was their private time.


Shu Yi no longer teased him. He wiped the water stain from the corner of his mouth and asked, “Is your script finished?”


“Not so fast. I’ve only written the beginning for now. Many things need to be carefully verified. And… I don’t have much time right now, so I can only write a little bit when I have the chance.”


“No rush. Just focus on writing it well. Leave the arrangements to me. I believe in your ability.”


“When Xi Yan’s work here is done, I should be able to finish it. But I’ll still need some time to polish it. However, Shu Yi told me that he would help me show it to some drama production teams, and if it fits, we’ll make some revisions and polish it up.”


Shu Yi fell silent for a moment and suddenly said, “Can you come out the day after tomorrow evening?”




“I heard there will be a meteor shower that night…” The meaning behind this was clear.


The two of them had been staying in the drama set, and even if they went out, it was usually just to nearby stores to buy something. They hadn’t had the chance to go far.


Qu Di was moved, but he still had reservations. “But… the work on the set. This side usually doesn’t finish until the evening, and we don’t have time to go out.”


Shu Yi gently held his hand and then let go. “I’ll arrange it.”

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Chapter 23

 Chapter 23


Si Lan witnessed Bian Rang beating Jiuying to a pulp, covered in blood with a swollen face, almost unrecognizable as Jiuying. Si Lan couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s hard to believe that these two will have a romantic entanglement later.”


At this moment, Bian Rang’s attitude towards Jiuying was more like that of a pet owner, showing a hint of indulgence and fondness, but it was only because he still found amusement in it.


Haowei remained silent, his gaze fixed on Bian Rang’s face.


Bian Rang’s appearance bore some resemblance to the spirit with the jade pendant by Si Lan’s side.


Is this a mere coincidence, or is there some hidden connection?


In the dreamland, it was nighttime. Jiuying woke up from his bed, instinctively exclaiming, “It hurts…”


“Hmm? You feel the pain now? Why didn’t you say it hurt in the Beast Arena?” Bian Rang retorted.


Jiuying turned to see Bian Rang applying medicine to his injuries.


Perhaps in the middle of the night, candles were lit in the palace, and the dim light fell on Bian Rang’s silvery hair, giving it a gentle glow.


Bian Rang didn’t look at him, continuing to apply the medicine. “Eleven broken bones, twenty-six abrasions all over your body, yet you can endure it. So, endure a bit more.”


Saying this, Bian Rang suddenly targeted Jiuying’s coccyx, and Jiuying instantly winced in pain, his face turning pale, cold sweat rolling down.


It really hurt. The pain spread rapidly from his spine, spreading throughout his body.


But Jiuying didn’t want to lose face, so he clenched his teeth and didn’t utter a word of pain.


Seeing that Jiuying had buried his head in the covers, shaking and appearing as if he were crying, Bian Rang put aside his playful demeanor and continued applying the medicine.


When he reached Jiuying’s leg, Jiuying tightly closed his body, not allowing Bian Rang to touch him. “Don’t… don’t touch me…”


As he spoke, Jiuying’s voice sounded as if it had been soaked in water, all wet and muffled.


Seeing Jiuying’s unusual reaction, Bian Rang became even more curious and used force to restrain Jiuying, repositioning his body and gently parting his legs.


“You… let me go…” Jiuying’s voice quivered.


After seeing the scene in front of him, Bian Rang was momentarily stunned, then leaned in, raising his eyebrows curiously, “Are you blushing?”


Bian Rang knew that plants had their pollination period, animals had their mating periods, but he had never delved deep into the subject. Today, Jiuying piqued his interest, and he observed carefully.


Jiuying’s face turned crimson, feeling extremely embarrassed.


Why do men act this way? What’s there to see?


Bian Rang suddenly marveled, like a curious child, “Interesting…”


Jiuying buried his face even deeper, his entire body hidden beneath the covers, only his black hair visible.


“So, your coccyx is your sensitive spot…” Bian Rang seemed to have figured something out, nodding.


Jiuying clenched his teeth and said nothing. He didn’t understand why, when his coccyx was pinched just now, it had caused a strange reaction…


He was utterly embarrassed!


After Bian Rang finished treating Jiuying’s injuries, he left when he was summoned by a servant.


Jiuying was immobilized, unable to move. He lay on his back, gazing upwards, his eyes deep in thought as if pondering something.


“He has never been exposed to the sun today. He either sat in the sedan or created a barrier to shield himself from the sunlight. Could it be that he’s afraid of the sun?” Jiuying mumbled suddenly, his eyes gleaming with calculation.


He didn’t know what kind of medicine Bian Rang had used, but a few hours later, his broken bones and injuries were completely healed.


It wasn’t until the early hours of the next day that Bian Rang returned and pushed the door open.

A strong scent of blood mixed with the cold wind rushed towards Jiuying, who was lying on the bed. Jiuying woke up in an instant and vaguely saw a figure approaching him. He instinctively resisted, but the other person forcefully settled down next to him.


The person’s breathing was so shallow that it was almost inaudible.


Jiuying, illuminated by the faint light from the window, quietly observed the person next to him. Bian Rang had a beautiful face, but his nature was cold and ruthless, like a demon concealed behind a beautiful facade.


At this moment, Bian Rang suddenly reached out and embraced Jiuying, pressing his chin against Jiuying’s forehead. Jiuying’s expression instantly became embarrassed. “Wake up… Wake up… Hey…”


He called out several times, but the other person didn’t respond. Jiuying turned his head away and didn’t look at Bian Rang.


Before long, he fell back to sleep again.


Si Lan watched the two of them lying on the bed with a somewhat perplexed expression. He lowered his head to look at Haowei, who had a serious and mature demeanor, resembling a little adult.


Si Lan extended his hand to cover Haowei’s eyes. “No peeking.”


“…,” Haowei.


Perhaps it wasn’t necessary to open his eyes at all, because Si Lan had an inkling that what was happening between Bian Rang and Jiuying was becoming increasingly explicit.


In the afternoon, Jiuying woke up from his slumber, and for some reason, he immediately looked to the other side of the bed, but Bian Rang’s figure was not there.


Just as he wondered, he heard Bian Rang’s voice from in front.


“Since you’re awake, serve me by helping me change.”


Jiuying’s restraints had somehow been removed. Upon hearing this, he sat up on the bed and saw Bian Rang sitting in a chair across from him, supporting his head with one hand. His gaze was filled with a strange mixture of amusement and something else as he looked at Jiuying.


Jiuying straightened up and walked slowly to Bian Rang, reluctantly addressing him as “Master.”


“Yes, fetch the black outfit for me,” Bian Rang said.


“Alright.” Jiuying obediently complied, a departure from his usual demeanor, which seemed to make Bian Rang uncomfortable.


Bian Rang couldn’t help but scrutinize him, his gaze moving up and down Jiuying’s body before pausing in a particular area, as if he had remembered something, a mischievous curve forming on his lips.


Jiuying naturally noticed Bian Rang’s gaze and understood the meaning behind that sudden smirk. Remembering what happened last night, his face turned beet red. He lowered his head to fetch the outfit.


After Bian Rang had changed into the new clothes, he had Jiuying follow him to the main hall to meet the people from Zhonghuang Tribe.


Bian Rang explained that it was all because of Jiuying that he now had to deal with so many matters.


Jiuying furrowed his brow, not understanding how he had caused trouble for Bian Rang.


“I present the Zhonghuang Tribe to Your Majesty,” an attendant announced, and the leader of the Zhonghuang Tribe walked into the hall, bowing before Bian Rang.


“Greetings, Your Majesty.”


“Well, what brings you here?” Bian Rang spoke but didn’t look at the tribe leader. He kept his head turned, his gaze falling on Jiuying’s face.


Jiuying straightened his posture, pretending not to have seen Bian Rang’s gaze.


“Your Majesty, we fear that you have a heavy workload and are exhausted, so we specially selected ten handsome young men from our tribe to present to you.”


As he spoke, the tribe leader gestured to the handsome young men who had entered the hall. They knelt gracefully and greeted Bian Rang.


“Greetings, Your Majesty.”


Jiuying’s face stiffened as he saw these young men. It seemed he now understood what Bian Rang had said earlier — he had caused trouble by being selected by Bian Rang. His selection had apparently inspired others in the tribe to send handsome young men as gifts.


Moreover, these young men’s attire bore a striking resemblance to Jiuying’s.


Bian Rang raised an eyebrow. “Look up.”


The ten young men heard the command and raised their heads, each with a different expression—some were shy, some seductive, all of them handsome with graceful figures.


Bian Rang shook his head, mocking, “Not good-looking, go back.”


The tribe leader heard this and hurriedly bowed, taking the ten handsome young men away.


Later, other tribal leaders also brought young men with them, attempting to cater to Bian Rang’s preferences. However, Bian Rang dismissed them all as not good-looking.


Jiuying couldn’t fathom Bian Rang’s taste. These young men were clearly good-looking, but Bian Rang seemed to enjoy treating them as a jest.


Pitifully, these people thought it would please the emperor.


“I find it very boring,” Bian Rang suddenly spoke. “What if we throw this group of handsome young men into the Beast Arena?”


As he said the last sentence, he looked at Jiuying.


Jiuying knew that this person wasn’t seeking his opinion at all. Whether he said yes or no, it wouldn’t stop Bian Rang from carrying out his intentions.

Unless… they found something that would make Bian Rang more interested.


Jiuying’s mind raced. “Master, whenever I find things boring, I enjoy playing stone chess with my companions.”


“Stone chess?” Bian Rang asked.


Jiuying saw that Bian Rang was intrigued and quickly explained the rules of the game to him.


Bian Rang didn’t pay much attention to the rules but asked, “Do you want to play stone chess with me?”


“Yes.” Jiuying was a bit nervous, unsure if he could persuade Bian Rang.


Bian Rang suddenly smiled, “Alright.”


Jiuying breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He hadn’t expected to convince Bian Rang so easily. If he had failed, it might have been another day of bloodshed in the Beast Arena.


Jiuying swiftly carved the game pieces using magic. The chess pieces represented twelve different animals, with interactions of birth and domination, in black and white.


Jiuying had Bian Rang play as the black side, while he took the white side. He planned to use the game to show Bian Rang his prowess, but to his surprise, Bian Rang, who was playing stone chess for the first time, defeated Jiuying without mercy.


Jiuying even suspected that Bian Rang was cheating!


However, Jiuying soon realized that Bian Rang was not only faster and more powerful than others but also incredibly sharp-minded.


Jiuying felt somewhat discouraged but continued playing with Bian Rang, afraid that Bian Rang would find it “boring.”


They played until evening, and the sunlight was fading. Jiuying felt a sense of urgency. He needed to act quickly.


When Bian Rang was engrossed in the game and not paying attention, Jiuying discreetly cast a spell. He created a black mist that transformed into a wild beast and suddenly grabbed Jiuying, pulling him outside.


“Help me…”


Jiuying pretended to be caught by the monster and grabbed Bian Rang’s clothes. He pulled Bian Rang into the sunlight and watched closely as if expecting him to be harmed by it. However, Bian Rang, standing under the sunlight, showed no signs of injury.


How could this be?


Wasn’t Bian Rang supposed to be afraid of sunlight?


Bian Rang smashed the black mist with a palm, caught Jiuying in his arms, and asked, “Are you okay?”


“I’m… I’m fine,” Jiuying replied after recovering from his shock.


“Why did a demon suddenly appear in the Ninefold Heaven?” Bian Rang pretended not to have noticed that the creature’s aura was identical to Jiuying’s. He looked at Jiuying with concern, stroking his face. “Let me check if you’re injured anywhere.”


“I’m fine, Master. But aren’t you afraid of the sunlight?”


Bian Rang seemed to hesitate for a moment and then said, “Oh, I’m quite afraid of sunlight. It makes me look… ugly.”


Jiuying was left speechless.


He hadn’t expected such a reason. Bian Rang was possibly the only person in the Central Wilderness who would go to great lengths to avoid sunlight due to the fear of looking ugly.


Bian Rang pinched Jiuying’s waist and teasingly said, “Let me see if you got hurt by the monster.”


“I’m not injured,” Jiuying replied, but Bian Rang insisted on checking.


Just as Jiuying was about to resist, Bian Rang used magic to create a barrier, blocking out the sunlight completely.


“Because sunlight makes me look…” Bian Rang paused for effect and noticed Jiuying leaning in to listen, so he continued slowly, “…ugly.”


Jiuying didn’t expect that to be the reason. He looked at Bian Rang in disbelief.


This was probably the only man in the Central Wilderness who would go to such lengths to avoid sunlight due to fear of looking ugly.


Bian Rang held Jiuying’s waist with a playful grin and said, “Did the monster hurt you here?”


Jiuying blushed and bit his lower lip in embarrassment.


Bian Rang gently touched the protruding muscles and teased, “Is this where the monster pinched you?”


Jiuying remained silent.


Seeing Jiuying’s distressed expression, Bian Rang suddenly smiled. In the dim light, his eyes seemed gentle and carried a hint of affection, catching Jiuying off guard.


Jiuying tightly clenched his fingers, as if trying to prevent himself from falling into the depths of emotions. He was on the verge of losing control, and his nails almost pierced his palm, keeping him composed.


Meanwhile, Si Lan was dumbfounded. He had previously thought that Bian Rang had no understanding of love, finding it strange that two people who loved each other were together. However, at this moment, he realized that Bian Rang was quite skilled in teasing.


Although Jiuying hated him, Jiuying was still very young and had a rather immature mentality. Compared to Bian Rang, who had lived for over a hundred thousand years as the Son of Heaven, Jiuying would probably not be able to withstand it for long.


Realizing this, Si Lan looked at Haowei, who was standing nearby. As one of the members of the “older bull, younger grass” club, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of inferiority.


It seemed that he wasn’t good at sweet talk and flirting.


But that was fine. The little white dragon was still young.


Dealing with such children was relatively easy.


With this thought, Si Lan took out a colorful piece of candy from his storage pouch. It was the candy he had confiscated from Xie Li the other day, which he was now using to curry favor.


“Here, have some candy,” Si Lan smiled and handed the candy to Haowei.


Haowei’s face twitched slightly, but Si Lan probably thought he was just shy. Si Lan peeled off a candy and handed it to Haowei, and when his fingertip touched Haowei’s lips, they turned slightly red. He instinctively turned his head, avoiding Si Lan’s gaze.


“You shouldn’t eat too much candy; it can cause cavities. But I can give you three candies every day from now on,” Si Lan added, “I only give Xie Li two candies a day, so you’ll get an extra one.”


Haowei remained silent.


Was he comparing him to that little amulet spirit?


A joke.


Would he care about two or three candies?


In the illusion, Bian Rang continued to playfully tease Jiuying, knowing that he was just a means of relieving boredom for Bian Rang, no different from the warriors in the Beast Arena.


During this time, Tribe Leader Xu Mo visited Jiuying and inquired about his situation in the Ninefold Heaven.

Jiuying was speaking with Tribe Leader Xumo at close range for the first time, and he dared not look Xumo directly in the eyes.


Xumo was the spiritual leader of the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan, and all nine-headed serpents admired him, including Jiuying. However, in the past, Jiuying could only stand quietly in the corner, watching Xumo.


Jiuying told Xumo everything that had happened with Bian Rang. After listening, Xumo furrowed his brows and fell into silence for a moment before saying, “Jiuying, he likes you very much.”


Jiuying clicked his tongue, not understanding how Xumo could sense that Bian Rang had feelings for him. That man was incapable of feeling emotions.


Xumo suddenly stepped closer, coming near Jiuying, and reached out to push aside the stray hair on Jiuying’s forehead. He leaned in close to Jiuying’s ear and whispered, “The fate of our people, and even the fate of the Central Wilderness, rests in your hands. So, you must find a way to earn his trust and extract from him the method to kill him.”


Jiuying nodded vaguely, his ears turning red, realizing that they were too close. He tried to step back, but Xumo held him close.


“When necessary, be willing to sacrifice yourself.”


Jiuying opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.


Xumo inquired, “Do you understand?”


“Understand,” Jiuying replied in a soft voice, almost like a mosquito’s buzz.


Xumo smiled, patted Jiuying’s head, and spoke like an elder, “I’ve noticed your exceptional qualities for a long time. I never imagined that now, the hope of the entire Central Wilderness rests in your hands.”


Jiuying suddenly felt a heavy sense of responsibility. He expressed his sincere determination to Xumo, promising to find a way to kill Bian Rang as soon as possible.


Satisfied, Xumo left.


Jiuying watched Xumo’s departure with admiration.


Si Lan overheard their conversation and shook his head.


Xumo was using Jiuying as a pawn and had even employed some seduction tactics to make Jiuying willingly commit to killing Bian Rang. It was clear that Jiuying was easily manipulated, a trait that went back to ancient times.


The final fate of Jiuying and Bian Rang had already been written in the ancient texts.


The outcome of the binding, the Central Wilderness, and the thirst for killing.


Jiuying, bound, fights back, ultimately succumbs, and dies.


Si Lan couldn’t help but wonder about the significance of the blood bead that Bian Rang had given Jiuying just before his death.


Looking at it now, he couldn’t find any traces of a blood bead on Bian Rang’s person.


Suddenly, Haowei, who had been silent, spoke up. “With the passage of a year, the heavenly retribution will arrive. Jiuying won’t need to act; Bian Rang won’t survive for much longer.”


“So, you mean that Bian Rang’s body should be deteriorating by now?” Si Lan contemplated.




Si Lan sighed, feeling somewhat profound. Most people believed it was a survival-of-the-fittest world, but they didn’t realize that being too weak or too strong was unacceptable to the natural order.


“I never thought you, this kid, would be so knowledgeable.” Si Lan lowered his head and looked at Haowei meaningfully.


Haowei had a stern expression. “I’ve just read many books.”


Si Lan smiled and, having heard Jiuying’s words, walked back to the main hall, tugging at Haowei’s clothes, and followed inside.


At that moment, Bian Rang lay in a rocking chair, his snowy white robe hanging languidly, supported by a single arm as he watched the scenes outside the Ninefold Heaven through the eaves.


Jiuying approached him, and Bian Rang suddenly reached out, gripping Jiuying’s wrist, pulling him to his side.


In the next instant, Bian Rang’s lips met the corner of Jiuying’s mouth.


Jiuying’s eyes widened, but he lost focus and saw only an expanse of white. He couldn’t see anything clearly, and his heart raced, losing its direction.


After a while, Bian Rang released Jiuying’s neck, but Jiuying’s body couldn’t support itself, and he collapsed into Bian Rang’s arms.


Bian Rang chuckled quietly but held Jiuying’s waist securely.


Jiuying tried to get up, but Bian Rang held him firmly.


“Don’t move.”


Remembering Xumo’s advice, Jiuying endured and heard Bian Rang’s breath, shallow and rhythmic, in his ear.


After a while, Bian Rang asked, “What is this?”


Jiuying’s face reddened, thinking that Bian Rang was intentionally humiliating him. He bit his lip and said, “I don’t know.”


“Heh…” Bian Rang suddenly laughed. “Does this mean it can create offspring?”


Jiuying remained silent.


“I wonder what children you would give me. If they have nine heads, would they be as voracious as you?” Bian Rang pulled his hand away and looked into the distance. “If they have nine heads, would they eat just as much as you do?”


Jiuying felt embarrassed and clutched his hands, asking, “Do I eat a lot?”


“Yeah, you’ve almost finished all the elixirs and fruits of my Ninefold Heaven.”




He had been consuming those elixirs and fruits to rapidly increase his cultivation, aiming to kill Bian Rang as soon as possible. Plus, those elixirs and fruits were starting to go bad, so not consuming them would be a waste.


Jiuying didn’t want to continue talking to Bian Rang and pushed him away. He got up from the rocking chair, but his legs felt weak, and he almost stumbled to the ground.


Behind him, he heard a muffled laugh from Bian Rang.


Jiuying’s cheeks burned, and his frustration surged. This person was truly evil!


He didn’t want to stay near him for another moment. He needed to find a way to kill him as soon as possible.


Jiuying didn’t know if Bian Rang drank alcohol, but in his tribe, some men would become more talkative after drinking, so it might be worth a try with Bian Rang.


So, in the evening, Jiuying brought wine


 and some snacks to meet Bian Rang.


However, Bian Rang was not in the main hall. Jiuying sat in a chair and waited for him. The hall was empty, tall and imposing, cold and devoid of any human presence. Had Bian Rang been living here alone all these years?


If he lived here by himself, he would undoubtedly go mad.


No wonder Bian Rang’s character had become so malicious.


Jiuying let his mind wander, leaning back in the chair and falling asleep. At some point, the door to the hall opened, and Bian Rang returned, covered in the scent of blood.


Under the moonlight, with his face obscured by shadows, Bian Rang stood by the door, his white clothes stained with blood, looking like a demon from hell.

Jiuying had grown accustomed to this routine and quickly fetched a clean set of black clothing for Bian Rang.


After each time Bian Rang wore white clothes to commit murder, he would return and change into black attire.


Once Jiuying helped him change, he didn’t know how to broach the subject but was relieved when Bian Rang raised the issue first.


“Why does the room smell like alcohol?”


“Oh… it’s… yes…”


“Do you want to drink?” Bian Rang arched an eyebrow, seemingly a bit surprised.


Jiuying nodded.


Seeing the wine jug and some snacks nearby, Bian Rang’s lips curved slightly. “I’ll accompany you for a drink, then.”


Jiuying felt a rush of joy but kept his expression unchanged. He took the initiative to pour the wine for Bian Rang.


With his nine heads, Jiuying could pretend to drink a lot and secretly expel the wine from another head. So, he pretended to consume a lot of alcohol, acted drunk, and demanded to drink more with Bian Rang, continuously refilling his cup.


Bian Rang smiled throughout the charade and allowed Jiuying to have his fun. After a while, Bian Rang appeared somewhat tipsy and slumped over the table.


Jiuying took the opportunity to ask him several questions. Realizing that Bian Rang was genuinely intoxicated and incoherent, he got straight to the point, “My Lord, what are you most afraid of?”


Bian Rang let out a mumbled reply, and the scent of alcohol filled the air. He said slowly, “I’m most afraid… of the sun.”




Jiuying sighed and then asked, “Are you afraid of the Tai Xu Divine Sword?”


The Tai Xu Divine Sword was the first divine weapon, feared by all in the Six Realms.


Bian Rang shook his head. “I don’t fear something like that. I… I fear the Heavenly Dao…”


Jiuying clenched his head; who wouldn’t fear the Heavenly Dao?


Realizing he couldn’t get any more information, Jiuying stopped asking questions. Instead, he transmitted this information to Xumo, sharing what he had learned from Bian Rang.


Finally, Jiuying furrowed his brow and asked, “Do we really have no way to kill him?”


Xumo remained silent for a moment, his brow furrowed in thought. “No, he actually mentioned a way to kill him.”


“What method?”


“He fears the Heavenly Dao.”


“But he’s the son of the Heavenly Dao, and the Heavenly Dao would never kill him.”


“The Heavenly Dao won’t kill him, but we can use the Heavenly Dao to kill him. It’s rumored that when the Heavenly Dao initially established the Divine Realm, it wasn’t satisfied with the first group of deities. Just a touch from the Heavenly Dao made them vanish into thin air. Later, when the Heavenly Dao reestablished the Divine Realm and adopted the name ‘You,’ it ruled over the deities directly, leading them to govern the cycles of day and night and the reincarnation process. After this, ‘You’ eventually met his demise through tribulation. At that time, ‘You’ left behind a segment of his finger bone in the Divine Realm.”


Jiuying was amazed. “A finger bone segment… could it contain the essence of the Heavenly Dao itself? Could obtaining that segment of finger bone allow us to kill him?”


“It’s worth trying.”




Inside the barrier, Si Lan witnessed this scene and frowned. He realized that Jiuying planned to kill Bian Rang using a segment of the Heavenly Dao’s finger bone. The same principle could potentially be applied to eliminate a Divine Sovereign of the same level as the Divine Emperor.


For some reason, he lightly curled his fingers, his expression growing darker.


Beside him, Haowei noticed the change in his aura and couldn’t help but ponder the relationship between the Heavenly Realm and the Demonic Realm. The two realms had signed a millennium-long truce agreement, and that treaty seemed to have only three years left before expiring.


Si Lan’s strong desire to find a way to kill Bian Rang raised the question: was he preparing to kill him?


He had just given Jiuying candy not long ago, and now, he seemed to be contemplating Bian Rang’s death. It was clear that Si Lan was no less insane than Bian Rang.


As Haowei thought more about it, he felt increasingly stifled, and the candy he hadn’t finished eating suddenly tasted sour and bitter.


Following Xumo’s instructions, Jiuying continued to stay close to Bian Rang, pleasing him in various ways. Bian Rang was delighted with his company and even took Jiuying to hunt Illusion Beasts at the Camel Demon Mountain.


Under the Camel Demon Mountain, there lay a giant shell where insects, ants, snakes, and rats constantly entered and exited. It seemed like the owner of this shell had long since perished.


Bian Rang stood lightly outside the shell, and the moment he appeared, the insects, ants, snakes, and rats sensed something and fled in panic.


“My Lord, is the Illusion Beast here?” Jiuying asked.




Without further words, Bian Rang entered the shell, and a strong, unpleasant odor assaulted Jiuying as he followed inside. The surroundings changed abruptly, and they found themselves in a vast, snowy white world. Jiuying looked around curiously, but when he turned back to find Bian Rang, he had disappeared.


Jiuying remained silent and continued walking forward. When he reached the end, he suddenly saw a shadow of Bian Rang.


At this moment, the real Bian Rang was lying injured on the ground, unable to move. His silver hair hung loose, failing to conceal the fear and despair in his eyes.


“Don’t… don’t kill me…”


“My Lord…”


Jiuying tentatively called his name, but something seemed to have triggered Bian Rang, who kept shaking his head and begging for mercy.


On the ground lay a sword, its tip stained with blood, dripping slowly.


In an instant, Jiuying’s mind was filled with the brutal and bloody scenes of the


 Gladiator Arena. He remembered his brother’s gruesome death, the deaths of his fellow clan members, and the deaths of so many people in the Central Wilderness…


Intense hatred welled up within him. He picked up the sword and slowly approached Bian Rang. Astonishingly fast and simple, he had killed Bian Rang.


He didn’t hesitate, stabbing the sword into Bian Rang. Bian Rang let out a painful scream, writhing on the ground, and then closed his eyes.


Jiuying gazed at Bian Rang’s lifeless body, still holding the sword, unmoving for a long time.


However, when he finally came to his senses and turned around, he found the real Bian Rang standing behind him, staring at him without blinking.


Jiuying was frozen for a moment, then turned his head and saw the Bian Rang he had just killed, now dissolving into mist and gradually disappearing.


“Tsk, so the thing you most wanted to do in your heart was to kill me, huh? I worried about you and immediately entered your dream to save you.”

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Chapter 98 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 98


All the team events have come to a complete end, and the individual battles in the second stage of the knockout rounds are finally about to begin officially.


The rules are simple to the extreme. The two opponents stand on the stage, and the one who lasts till the end advances to the next round, while the defeated one is directly eliminated.


This straightforward rule is undoubtedly something Lu Jingning enjoys, but for Yan Hebin, it seems less friendly.


Lu Jingning contemplated for a long time, then came up with a set of words to comfort Yan Hebin, saying, “Dear fellow student, this isn’t your home turf. Making it this far is already remarkable. Besides, for the principal, you are basically a ‘buy two, get one free’ deal. You don’t need to have too much psychological burden. We’re here for you. Just relax!”


Yan Hebin stared at him with determination and finally uttered one word, “Leave.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


On the second day after both group events ended, the league’s official website efficiently announced the next round’s match arrangements.


Lu Jingning briefly glanced at their next opponents. Those names didn’t ring a bell, so he didn’t think much about it and went to rest peacefully.


The simple rules made the upcoming matches intense and efficient.


After three consecutive days of individual battles, the contestants who had entered the second stage were reduced to the final 20.


Yan Hebin couldn’t hold on and was defeated in the third round. Thus, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen became the last survivors from Emperor Navy to participate in this competition.


As they progressed, their opponents undoubtedly became stronger.


Lu Jingning had a smooth journey so far, with each match being relatively short. Unbeknownst to him, people had started calling him the “Strongest Omega in the Galaxy.” However, considering the Omega from the military, he was undoubtedly subjected to sarcastic remarks from a group of non-supporters.


He didn’t pay much attention to these trivial matters. What concerned him more was his next opponent, who turned out to be Lan Yuanzhou.


Hey, little Zhouzhou, what a coincidence!


Wen Xingchen received the official notice of his match as well. When he saw the names displayed in the communication, his eyelashes drooped slightly, and a faint, enigmatic smile appeared on his lips.


Lu Jingning sent a message to Lan Yuanzhou, something like, “Competition first, friendship second,” and one could easily imagine how furious Lan Yuanzhou would be upon reading that, even from a distance.


After sending the message, Lu Jingning leaned over and asked with a mischievous grin, “Brother Wen, can you guess who I’m matched with tomorrow?”


Wen Xingchen, without a hint of questioning, responded plainly, “Lan Yuanzhou.”


No need for a questioning tone, just a straightforward statement.


Lu Jingning was caught off guard by his directness and lost his playful mood, rolling his eyes and casually asking, “And you, who are you matched with?”


Wen Xingchen, instead of answering directly, asked in return, “Guess?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


This kind of attitude was somewhat suspicious.


Lu Jingning wasn’t adept at interpreting words and expressions, but after staring into Wen Xingchen’s eyes for a while, a name inexplicably came to his mind, “Bai Chen?”


Wen Xingchen looked at him, neither confirming nor denying.


Lu Jingning blinked.


It seemed like it really was Bai Chen!


He thought for a moment and suddenly became excited, “Brother Wen, remember to beat him to a pulp tomorrow!”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Alright, I’ll ensure the mission is completed.”



That night, the league posted the details of the next round’s matches on their official website.


The arrangement felt like a bolt from the blue, leaving the league’s fans in a daze.


First, it was Wen Xingchen against Bai Chen, and then Lu Jingning against Lan Yuanzhou. The knockout stage’s second phase had finally reached its first climax.


This was simply too thrilling!


On that morning, everyone eagerly gathered in the livestream room, unable to contain their excitement.


Before this, the rumors about Lu Jingning had been quite a rollercoaster.


Although everyone has now accepted the official relationship between him and Wen Xingchen, it doesn’t mean that Bai Chen, that ‘old flame’, has been completely forgotten.


Do you remember those performances Wen Xingchen put on during the live broadcasts? They were acid to the point of being out of this universe.


They say rivals turn green when they meet. What’s more, these two absolute powerhouses who are now among the top 20, it’s hard to predict what kind of sparks will fly when they meet on the battlefield.


There’s plenty of hype, and it’s overflowing with drama. The anticipation is building, and it’s making people look forward to it!


No matter who wins, the interstellar media is ready to churn out a lengthy novel filled with love, hate, and drama.


Especially at the competition venue, from a distance, the camera spotted a flamboyant figure.


Lu Jingning and Lan Yuanzhou’s match is in the afternoon, so there’s no need to rush into the right mindset. Instead, they’ve come to the venue to support their boyfriend and look forward to seeing a certain person lose their cool.


At this moment, he’s holding a support sign he somehow got his hands on, and it boldly reads “Wen Xingchen: The Invincible in the Universe.”


Even before the live broadcast begins, the director cuts to his image, and he instantly reaps the rewards as a barrage of comments floods the screen.


No matter where Lu Jingning ends up in this Bounty League, at least in the eyes of all the staff on the official streaming platform, he has left quite an impression. After all, most of the highlights of this league are centered around him. He’s basically feeding hundreds of people single-handedly, it’s like a lifeline!


Lu Jingning inadvertently noticed himself on the big screen, and he wasn’t shy at all. He boldly waved at the camera and struck a stylish pose.


The venue erupted with screams of “so handsome,” and it was continuous, as if they had accidentally entered a concert by some superstar.


This situation continued until Wen Xingchen appeared.


At a glance, he saw Lu Jingning at the front row of the audience. Instead of rushing to prepare in the virtual cabin, he walked over.


The early-risers watching this harmonious scene on the big screen were briefly overwhelmed with happiness.


Please, shower them with love crazily; they can take it! The fans are going crazy!


In the scene, the two said something quietly to each other, and Lu Jingning couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Then he saw Wen Xingchen affectionately ruffle his hair.


By the time they left, the support sign that Lu Jingning held high had a new message, which was as straightforward as it gets: “Wen Ge, I love you.” The entire venue was suddenly bathed in a glow of love.


Seeing the intimate interaction between the two, countless people across the galaxy held their chests, nearly suffocated by the overwhelmingly sweet feeling.


The Morning and Scenery CP is distributing sugar online. The dog food for today has gone way overboard, and it’s worth watching the game even without the competition!


White Chen, who had just passed through the player’s tunnel, happened to see this scene through the big screen. His emerald eyes revealed a hint of coldness. His voice was hoarse as he muttered, “Tsk,” and his originally gloomy aura became even more sinister.


When Wen Xingchen and Bai Chen passed each other at the entrance to the virtual cabin, Wen Xingchen reminded him in a friendly manner, “Be careful today, don’t shake.”


Bai Chen stared at him with a dark expression, and finally, he coldly curled his lips, “Don’t worry, I never shake when it comes to prey.”


Between the two of them, an incredibly heavy atmosphere seemed to have formed, making the staff break out in a cold sweat. They hurriedly reminded them to enter the arena.


Fortunately, Wen Xingchen and Bai Chen had no intention of saying more. Neither of them objected and cooperated well, entering their respective virtual cabins.


The staff breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that they had become soaked with sweat without noticing it.


As the match began, both sides appeared in the holographic projection in the arena.


The second phase of the knockout stage, the individual matches, was referred to as the “Arena Matches” for a reason. It was precisely because, during this period, it truly took the form of an arena. From the current images, even the maps used didn’t have the winding paths and dense thickets from the previous melee period. It was a simple, square duel arena with no buildings in the middle and everything was visible.


There was no room for clever tricks, which meant that the opponents had to rely entirely on their strength to speak for them.


And now, the two on the field had disliked each other for a while. As soon as they met, they both made their move at the same time.


Bai Chen was still using the same sword as before, and his every move was graceful and agile.


Wen Xingchen had not shown any particular proficiency with cold weapons before this, but today, perhaps with a purpose, he provocatively chose a long sword to duel.


As soon as the two swords clashed, there was a sharp “clang!” that made the audience instinctively cover their ears.


The movements of the two in the arena were incredibly fast.


But this was just the beginning.


The crisp sound of the clash of swords continued to ring in their ears, and gradually, even the ground in the holographic map began to show visible, faint cracks.


It should be noted that, according to the program’s settings, the materials used in all the venues on the holographic map were of extremely high strength, making it difficult to leave any marks, let alone shatter them.


In this round, it was a battle of skill and precision.


Before this, although everyone knew that the two on the field today were very powerful, because their previous opponents had such a huge gap in strength, they only had a vague impression. It wasn’t until now that they were truly amazed by this vivid display of strength.


One side is human, the other side is the zerg race. When such a scene unfolds, it inevitably brings to mind the long history of struggle between these two races.


Whether it’s Wen Xingchen or Bai Chen, they are both the hope of their respective camps. Now, fate has brought them together on this stage.


Unconsciously, the initial gossip and excitement faded away, replaced by a tense atmosphere, with everyone holding their breath, fearing to miss any exciting moment.


The whole venue gradually fell into silence.


The match was still ongoing.


This head-to-head situation made Bai Chen feel a strong sense of discomfort. He had always been accustomed to using a long sword, and his swordsmanship was unmatched even in the entire zerg race. However, the human in front of him, also using the same weapon, calmly dismantled all his attacks.


He had thought that he could make the opponent retreat with just a few moves, but now he found that reality was far from his expectations.


As the battle continued, the two had moved from testing each other to a deeper level of confrontation.


The energy form of the zerg race and the pheromones of the human Alpha were colliding fiercely in the invisible realm, causing a chilling wind to blow through the arena, with hair and clothes flying freely.


Bai Chen’s repeated attacks had not succeeded, and the increasing frustration was evident in his expression.


At this point, both of their combat suits were torn by the sharp sword wind, making them look somewhat disheveled.


This made Bai Chen’s expression seem somewhat grotesque, with a hint of morbidity.


The camera in the center of the arena happened to focus on Bai Chen’s face. Just this close-up shot alone sent shivers down the spines of many, and the sound of gasping was heard unconsciously in the audience.


Yan and Bin looked at the intense battle and couldn’t help but furrow their brows. When they looked at Lu Jingning, they saw that he had casually changed to a more comfortable posture, leaning lazily on the nearby railing.


With such a nonchalant attitude, they couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried?”


As if finding the support sign too heavy, Lu Jingning casually lifted it, making it look like he didn’t have a humanoid shape.


In response to the question, he didn’t even lift his eyelids much, but instead smiled, “Joking, does Wen Ge still need me to worry?”


As he spoke, the color in his eyes flashed slightly, and he casually whistled, “Look, it’s starting now, isn’t it?”


As soon as he finished speaking, the arena erupted with screams.


On the large screen in the center, Wen Xingchen had opened a cunning sneak attack against Bai Chen. He then thrust his sword straight at the vital point in front of his opponent.


Although Bai Chen had reacted swiftly and managed to evade, the ruthless strike still left a vicious gash on his chest.


The blue blood of the zerg race gushed out and instantly dyed his clothes with a captivating mandala flower.


Wen Xingchen didn’t show much displeasure at the fact that his opponent had escaped. Instead, he wore a contented smile.


No need to rush; it’s only just begun.


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Chapter 83 – Do you like Lu Shifeng?

Chapter 83 – Do you like Lu Shifeng?


Jian Luo looked at the person in the popup window in front of him, listening to him speak. For some inexplicable reason, he could sense a hint of a northeastern accent in his voice. However, in the presence of this person, he remained cautious. “Do you have something to discuss with me?”


“Do you know who I am?” the masked individual asked him. “I suppose there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of my name.”


Jian Luo fell silent and slightly elongated his tone. “Oh, you are…”


The masked person brightened up. “You’ve heard of me.”


“No,” Jian Luo replied.


The two sat on the couch, and Jian Luo leisurely regarded the masked individual. “So, what brings you to me?”


Initially, the masked person had no particular interest in Jian Luo. However, it didn’t take long for him to find this human quite intriguing. Some people would be terrified upon seeing him, but Jian Luo, though clearly frightened, managed to maintain a facade of composure. He even had the time to crack jokes.


Eventually, the man’s charisma caught the attention of the masked individual. He began a self-introduction that he hadn’t done in a long time. “I am Silver Gray, an interstellar pirate.”


Jian Luo gazed at him in silence. There was a momentary stillness in the air. Silver Gray waited calmly for Jian Luo’s reaction, but it turned out to be a lonely wait.


After a moment, Jian Luo asked, “And then?”


Silence from Silver Gray.


Silver Gray furrowed his brow. The way he looked at Jian Luo was as if he were looking at a fool.


Finally, Silver Gray asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”


Jian Luo scratched his head and sighed, “Fear won’t help. If you had any means to harm me, you wouldn’t be contacting me through a video call like this. If you’re still here, it means you can’t do anything to me, right?”


This time, Silver Gray fell into silence.


The interstellar pirate looked at Jian Luo, observing the seemingly frail human across from him. After a brief silence, he burst into laughter. “You’re quite interesting, little one.”


Jian Luo remained quietly watching him laugh.


The masked individual seemed to glance behind Jian Luo and said, “Your man confiscated some of our cargo. We need to recover something.”


Jian Luo choked, “Crayfish?”


The masked person replied, “He even told you about that? Seems like you’re more than just his pet.”


Not exactly. It’s just that I was the one who initiated eating that crayfish.


Jian Luo hesitated for a moment but ultimately didn’t reveal the truth. He was afraid that if Silver Gray, the pirate, learned the real story, he might want to tear him apart.


Silver Gray scanned Jian Luo for a moment, as if about to speak, but then someone seemed to pass by behind him, saying something that Jian Luo couldn’t hear. In just a few words, Silver Gray turned away, looking back at Jian Luo and sneering, “Your man is really ruthless.”


Jian Luo:?


Before he could say anything, the communication signal on the screen suddenly became unstable, and then a loud crash sounded from the other end. The sheer magnitude of the noise left even Jian Luo, watching through the video call, startled and his heart racing.


Then, from the other end of the video call, there were familiar footsteps.


Jian Luo’s heart unconsciously raced. A faint guess emerged in his mind, and as the footsteps approached, that answer was almost about to come to light.


However, he didn’t see the person he wanted to see on the screen. Just when Jian Luo was about to give up, in a split second, he heard a familiar voice, “Jian Luo.”


Jian Luo froze. “Huh?”


“Take off your communication bracelet and turn it off,” Lu Shifeng said. “Go back to bed.”


“Oh,” Jian Luo replied.


In a second, the entire screen went dark.


Jian Luo stared at the now normal livestream page without immediate action. He wanted to keep this page and see if someone would contact him later, hoping to find some clues.


The soundproofing in this room was quite effective. It seemed that the situation outside had escalated. Jian Luo removed his communication bracelet and walked to the window, pulling back the curtains to look outside. He was taken aback by the scene he witnessed.


The vast cosmic theme was black. His warship was situated within a golden vortex, surrounded by secondary ships, a total of ten, forming a protective formation around the main ship. Not far away, a row of silver warships formed a circle, and there was aerial combat in progress, the battle was intense.


Jian Luo felt a bit worried and closed the curtains. The artillery fire outside was booming, and he sat on the edge of the bed, constantly wondering about the progress of the battle and if anyone was getting hurt.




Another message came in. Jian Luo quickly opened it, and the sender was an unknown number. The message consisted of only four words, yet it exuded a hint of threat: “【We’ll meet again】.”


Jian Luo looked at those four words, feeling an inexplicable chill down his spine. Just as he was staring at it, the entire message suddenly disappeared from his contacts, as if it had never existed.




Who could this person be?


Jian Luo sighed and decided to keep himself occupied. He found a medical book in the bedside cabinet, which he had obtained from a certain someone. It contained descriptions of various herbs and different medical cases. In truth, the people from the Dark Star race rarely got sick, so this book wasn’t of much practical use. However, Jian Luo was genuinely interested in herbal medicine. He enjoyed cooking, and if cooking could also help treat people’s ailments, it was a win-win situation.


As he flipped through the book, Jian Luo made notes and studied. Eventually, with the sound of artillery fire from outside the warship, he fell asleep.


“Thud, thud, thud.”


After an unknown amount of time, there was a knocking sound at the door. Jian Luo woke up from his slumber, sat up, and looked towards the door, hesitating. “Who is it?”


A warm male voice came from outside, “Mr. Jian, I am the marshal’s adjutant. We’ve concluded the previous battle, and the marshal is currently handling post-war matters. I’ve been tasked to bring you some food.”


Jian Luo hesitated for a moment. He remembered what Secretary Jin and Lu Shifeng had told him – not to leave his room, not to go outside. What if this person outside wasn’t the adjutant but a ruse to lure him out?


With these thoughts in mind, he decided to be cautious. Jian Luo took a few small steps towards the table and picked up his communication bracelet. He sent a message to Lu Shifeng, “Is it over?”


There was no response for a while.


Frowning, Jian Luo sent a message to Secretary Jin, “Secretary Jin, is it over on your end?”


Secretary Jin also took a while to reply, “It’s over. What’s wrong, Luo Luo? I recall the marshal asked his adjutant to bring you food.”


Only after confirming did he feel at ease.


Jian Luo walked to the door and opened it. The adjutant stood there, upright. Behind him was a dining table, and upon seeing Jian Luo, he politely bowed and said, “I’ve brought your meal.”


Jian Luo nodded and gestured for him to enter. The meal was placed on the table, including chicken soup and various supplements.


Sitting on the sofa, Jian Luo still felt worried. “How’s the situation in the previous battle? Are there any casualties? How’s the marshal?”


The adjutant answered his questions conservatively and politely, “You don’t need to worry about the situation in the front lines. Take care of yourself.”




Jian Luo watched as the adjutant placed the dishes on the table, unable to help but ask, “What about Secretary Jin? Why did you have to come over?”


The adjutant maintained his respectful demeanor. “Secretary Jin is assisting in compiling the casualty list. I came over since the previous battle has ended. Is there anything wrong, Mr. Jian? Did I do something to displease you?”


Jian Luo shook his head, “No.”


After all the dishes were placed on the table, the adjutant said, “In the next few days, the front lines may be a bit busy. If it’s mealtime, I’ll be responsible for bringing you food.”


Jian Luo was puzzled, “What about the marshal?”


He remembered that Lu Shifeng had said that he would come to see him soon.


The adjutant stood still, and after a brief pause upon hearing the question, he gave a serious response, “It involves military secrets, and I can’t inform you. You don’t need to worry too much. Take care of the child and get some rest. I’m sure the marshal wouldn’t want anything to happen to the child. After he’s done with his work, he will come to see the child. If you’re okay with it, I’ll take my leave now.”




Actually, Jian Luo found it a bit strange. Although this adjutant seemed fine on the surface, there was something odd about how he spoke. Between the lines, it seemed like he was constantly bringing up children, as if he himself wasn’t important at all. It was all about the children, and it seemed like Lu Shifeng also valued the children. While there were no direct barbs in his words, every sentence seemed to carry a sting, as if he were deliberately making Jian Luo think more.


Who was he resenting?


Comparatively, Jian Luo suddenly felt that Lu Shifeng was more adorable.


Regardless of his thoughts, Jian Luo still maintained his composure and spoke politely to the adjutant, “Thank you for making the trip.”


The adjutant smiled, “You’re too kind. This is something I should do.”


On the other side, the adjutant left the room and returned to the front.


Secretary Jin had just returned from the medical area and still had a strong scent of blood on him. He casually asked, “Did Luo Luo say anything?”


The adjutant replied, “He didn’t ask.”


“Ah.” Secretary Jin was a bit surprised and sighed, “There’s no helping it. Luo Luo has been through a lot. I didn’t expect to encounter Silver Gray this time. Marshal’s situation is also uncertain. I just checked, and it doesn’t seem too severe, but we don’t know how long it will take for him to recover.”


The adjutant stood upright, removing his gloves. “Don’t worry, I’ll watch over him outside.”


Secretary Jin had great confidence in this loyal subordinate and nodded, “Please keep an eye on him.”


She left the room and saw the young assistant waiting outside. The assistant asked, “What did he say?”


“He’s just watching outside,” Secretary Jin sighed. “You know how serious Marshal’s condition is. It’s really gotten to him this time.”


No one could forget the terrifying scene back then.


In fact, it was rare to see Lu Shifeng lose his temper. Silver Gray was an interstellar thief, a habitual offender, but he had never dared to be too audacious in Dark Star’s territory because they were both branches of the Dragon Clan. They usually settled things with a fight when they met, and then went their separate ways.


The assistant sighed, “Who would have thought he crossed the line this time.”


Lu Shifeng had no intention of dealing with Silver Gray, but the problem was that Silver Gray’s plan targeted Jian Luo. Unfortunately, Jian Luo’s obsidian bracelet had a low defense rating, and it was easily broken. Silver Gray had managed to approach him.


Everyone knew how strong the Dragon Clan’s control and possessiveness were, especially when it came to Jian Luo, who was like Lu Shifeng’s very eyes. Touching Jian Luo now was like poking a hornet’s nest.


Secretary Jin recalled, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him in his dragon battle form.”


“That’s true,” the assistant agreed. “He rarely uses his dragon form in combat. It’s too terrifying.”


Secretary Jin didn’t want to dwell on it too much. When she had learned about this, Lu Shifeng had exuded a terrifying aura, and the enemy’s ships had practically collided with his on their own. They didn’t need any assistance. Facing an enraged Dragon King left no room for regret.


The smell of blood seemed to thicken the air.


The assistant whispered, “He hasn’t gone on a killing spree in a long time.”


Secretary Jin picked up a plate of food from the cafeteria and sat down at a table. “Yes… I don’t think it’s as severe as before this time.”


The assistant nodded after recalling. “Right, it doesn’t seem as severe as before.”


Lu Shifeng was usually reserved and refined, and his killing intent was not prominent. If anyone thought they could easily approach him, they were gravely mistaken. Lu Shifeng’s most terrifying aspect lay in his dragon battle form’s madness.


Bloodthirsty, the more he killed, the stronger he became.


Secretary Jin whispered, “Right after the war ended, Marshal was in a terrifying state. No one could get close to him, or they would risk being accidentally injured.”


The assistant fervently agreed, “Exactly!”


As they were talking, they heard Jian Luo’s voice from behind, “Sorry, what are you talking about? Can I join in?”




Secretary Jin shivered all over.


The assistant also exclaimed, “Luo Luo, when did you…”


Jian Luo was pushing a food cart behind him and innocently said, “The adjutant brought me some food. After I finished eating, I thought I’d return the dishes to the cafeteria. He didn’t tell me not to leave the room when he left, and Secretary Jin said it was over, so I went out to take a look.”


Secretary Jin peeled a small lobster and replied, “Well, I’ve been quite busy lately, especially with personnel matters. This area is something I can’t entrust to anyone else, so I might not be able to personally take care of you for a while.”


Jian Luo sat nearby and said, “It’s okay, the adjutant is very reliable.”




Silence filled the table.


The assistant sneered, “The adjutant is indeed quite something. He only listens to the Marshal’s orders and is usually difficult to approach.”


Secretary Jin nodded in agreement.


Jian Luo had a good idea of the situation now. He didn’t dwell on it too much since the adjutant wouldn’t harm Lu Shifeng, so he shifted his attention to another matter. “By the way, is the Marshal still around?”


Secretary Jin’s movements paused.


Jian Luo continued to ask, “Is he injured? Is he okay?”


Secretary Jin and the assistant exchanged a quick glance, and finally, the assistant lowered his head and pretended to be busy.


Secretary Jin, with a long road ahead, awkwardly replied, “Well, the Marshal has a lot of matters to attend to right now, Luo Luo, don’t worry, he’ll be here in a couple of days.”


Huh? Is he that busy?


Jian Luo looked around at the faces of Secretary Jin and the assistant, but all he saw were two heads buried in peeling small lobsters, and their expressions were unreadable.




Were they too tired to chat?


Not getting any useful information from here, Jian Luo felt a bit disappointed. Based on Lu Shifeng’s demeanor, he should be fine. After all, he wasn’t the kind of person to be overly dramatic. If someone didn’t come to him, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t live, right?


The Next Day


“This is bubble tea!”


A cheerful voice emanated from the kitchen.


Jian Luo, who had been experimenting with a new product in the kitchen after numerous trials, had finally created a cup of Red Heart Dragon Fruit Bubble Tea. It was sweet and delicious, with an endless flavor.


The cafeteria chef tasted a sip and widened his eyes, giving high praise, “Luo Luo, this is incredible! I tried dragon fruit before, and it was sour and bitter, but after your preparation, it’s sweet and not cloying!”


Jian Luo smiled, patting himself on the back because he had gained some weight due to this. He leaned on the counter and said, “Actually, I stopped liking dragon fruit since June. I drank a lot while making bubble tea, and I even made a sweetened version. You can try it too.”


The chef was incredibly moved, “Luo Luo, you’re truly talented. Dragon fruit used to taste sour and bitter to me, but now it’s sour and sweet, and it’s not cloying!”


Jian Luo scooped some dragon fruit and ate it, saying, “Because I can’t finish it myself. Dragon fruit trees bear fruit quickly, and I wasted a lot that I couldn’t eat. Let’s enjoy it together with bubble tea.”


The chef was touched.


Since Jian Luo joined the cafeteria, the number of soldiers eating there had doubled. Previously, most of them opted for nutrient fluid and only rushed to the cafeteria when it was mealtime. However, aside from that, there was another dish they never grew tired of: small lobsters.


Today, some soldiers saw several cups placed on the counter in front, containing a red drink that looked strange.


One soldier asked, “What’s this?”


The cafeteria chef explained, “This is Red Heart Dragon Fruit Bubble Tea, made from dragon fruit.”


“Dragon fruit?”


The soldiers looked at each other, and it was clear that some of them remembered the fear they had once felt when they were dominated by the sour and bitter taste of dragon fruit:


“That fruit is really hard to eat.”


“It’s even worse than nutrient fluid.”


“Isn’t it still going to be terrible when juiced?”


“A real dragon shouldn’t eat dragon fruit!”


The soldiers began to chatter loudly, expressing their disdain for dragon fruit. Quite a few of them had already picked up their meals and left, leaving the cups of Red Heart Dragon Fruit Bubble Tea untouched.


The cafeteria chef couldn’t help but sigh, jokingly saying, “I didn’t expect that even a new product developed by Luo Luo would have a day when it couldn’t be sold.”


The soldiers waiting for their meals were taken aback.


The chef asked, “What’s wrong?”


The soldiers’ gazes almost instantly became fervent, and one of them said, “Is it developed by Luo Luo?”


Others overheard:


“Is it developed by Jian Luo?”


“Is there a new product?”


“Is it that Red Heart Dragon Fruit?”


The cafeteria chef never expected that just mentioning Jian Luo’s name would be so effective. He said, “Yes, it’s developed by Luo Luo.”


With his words, the nearest soldier decisively took a cup of the drink and paid swiftly. He even ran away as if afraid of being robbed of it.


The soldiers behind him also got excited:


“I want one too.”


“Please get me one too.”


“A true dragon should drink this!”


The bubble tea quickly disappeared, and Jian Luo’s influence on the cafeteria chef was once again refreshed. And this person had only been a chef for a few days; he was truly impressive.


Jian Luo sat at a table in the cafeteria, watching a few soldiers who had bought the bubble tea. He was curious about their reactions, as he was concerned that dragons might not like sweet things. He had adjusted the flavor to strike a balance between sweet and sour.


After sipping the bubble tea, someone exclaimed, “Delicious!”


“Better than nutrient fluid.”


“Is this the real taste of dragon fruit?”


Jian Luo smiled, his heart secretly rejoicing. The most satisfying moment for a chef was being recognized.


Soon, soldiers began approaching him, and most of them had comments about the new product:


“You’re amazing, Luo Luo.”


“I feel happy every time I eat something you make.”


“Yes, it’s very comforting. Is this what happiness feels like?”


“No wonder, I was wondering why the Marshal seemed to be in a different state than before…”


The conversation suddenly came to a halt, and the entire place fell silent.


Jian Luo looked at everyone with suspicion. He was aware of the situation with the Dark Star people. Someone had told him before that the Dark Stars couldn’t generate their own happiness and needed external stimuli. He understood the previous sentences, but he didn’t quite understand the last one.


Jian Luo hesitated and asked, “What happened with the Dragon Brother?”


The soldier realized he had said something wrong and quickly stood up. “I, I just remembered there’s training and a mission. I need to go!”


Others followed suit:


“I have a mission too.”


“So do I.”


“I remembered I have something to do.”




Jian Luo watched them leave faster than anyone else.


Combining what he had heard accidentally from Secretary Jin a few days ago, he had a basic idea that something might not be quite right with Lu Shifeng. However, he didn’t know how severe the situation was. Was it so serious that they needed to keep it a secret from him, and why were they so afraid of him knowing?


After pondering for a while, Jian Luo finally returned to the cafeteria.


The chef was surprised to see him return. “Luo Luo?”


“Uncle,” Jian Luo replied honestly, “Can I make another meal?”


“Of course,” the chef didn’t refuse.


Jian Luo acted swiftly. He used the available ingredients to make some potato cakes, cooked a pot of congee, and stir-fried some eggs. Most of it was vegetarian since he wasn’t sure if Lu Shifeng had any injuries, and some wounds required a light diet. He hadn’t included much meat.


The chef looked at the food on the table and felt a bit conflicted. “…”


Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief and, seeing that the chef had agreed, he thought for a moment. He found a piece of paper and drew three small dragon eggs. Then he wrote, “Dragon Brother, stay strong!” He also added a small smiley face before handing it to the chef.


The chef nodded. “I’ll take it to him.”


“Thank you,” Jian Luo said, relieved.


With this matter resolved, he let out a sigh and went back to his room. He thought it was empty, but he saw Lu Shifeng’s adjutant standing at the door.


Jian Luo’s steps hesitated for a moment before he walked over. “Adjutant.”


The adjutant politely bowed and then stood up straight. “Mr. Jian, I’m here to record your information on the communication bracelet because your obsidian bracelet stopped working.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Okay.”


The two of them sat down on the couch, and the adjutant asked for Jian Luo’s household and court organization information. Jian Luo answered truthfully. Then the adjutant said, “Both of your relatives in the household belong to the Peaceful Haven household. The temporary household registration I applied for you has limitations, and only pure dragon household registrations have full permissions. So, I won’t register the information of your relatives. Is that okay with you?”


Jian Luo furrowed his brows. “Is it the only option?”


“Yes,” the adjutant replied, his gaze behind his glasses carrying a significant meaning. He continued, “Or you can wait until after your child is born, and then you can transfer your household registration to Peaceful Haven.”


Jian Luo didn’t express agreement or disagreement.


The adjutant withdrew his gaze. “I’ll continue organizing your information. Also, considering that you seem to be going out frequently recently, for safety reasons, I suggest you stay in your room. I’ll assist with food delivery. Human bodies are fragile, and I hope you won’t add unnecessary trouble for me.”


Jian Luo leaned against the couch, looked at the adjutant, and smiled, “Adjutant, it seems like you have a lot of opinions about me. Do you want me to stay inside all the time, not going out to receive any news?”


The adjutant’s hands paused for a moment, and he denied it, “You’re overthinking it.”


“Really?” Jian Luo grinned, feeling a bit triumphant. “I thought you liked Marshal Lu Shifeng.”


The adjutant fell silent for a moment. “No.”


Jian Luo tilted his head and looked at him, smiling, “You don’t need to have such concerns about me. You also don’t need to always remind me that I’m a human. You treat it as a treasure, but not everyone thinks that way. I don’t plan to bother myself with it after giving birth to my child. You’ve been worrying too much.”


Since June, he had felt a bit tired. If he had to deal with the adjutant’s strange attitude every day, it was better to have a conversation and clear things up. After waiting for a while, he saw the adjutant looking at him with a deep gaze and asking, “You don’t like him?”


Jian Luo choked.


He inexplicably felt a bit flustered. “Me?”

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