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Chapter 21 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 21


“Ah?” Qu Di couldn’t react for a moment. Was Wen Gu asking him?


Wen Gu seemed a bit embarrassed, leaning closer and repeating in a hushed tone, “Do you know what type of Omega Tang Xiyan likes?”


Qu Di looked at the inconspicuous blush that appeared on Wen Gu’s usually cool face and belatedly realized that Wen Gu might have taken an interest in their artist.


He was just a young assistant, utterly clueless about how to handle such a situation without making it awkward and stiff.


“Well… you shouldn’t be asking me. I’m just… just his assistant. When it comes to his personal life, perhaps you should ask him directly.”


“But… the only person close to him right now is you. You know, when one Omega asks another about this, it seems quite intentional. I’m afraid he won’t like it.” Qu Di didn’t expect that even the usually prestigious and respected Omega like Wen Gu would be equally cautious in Alpha-Omega relationships, even placing himself in a somewhat inferior position.


He seemed to see a reflection of his past when he was with Yang Ji, carefully trying to please him. It made him feel a twinge of sympathy.


“How did you come to like Xiyu Yan?” Even though he was their artist, the truth be told, in Qu Di’s eyes, Tang Xiyan was like a child who never grew up, always needing someone to take care of him. As an Alpha, he didn’t believe Tang Xiyan could take care of an Omega properly.


Wen Gu shyly smiled and asked, “Don’t you find him interesting?”




“In this industry, I’ve seen too much. Almost everyone here wears a mask and lives a fake life, and I’m no exception…” Wen Gu seemed lost in his own world, appearing to have many things to say, but in the end, he just smiled and said, “He’s interesting, and I think having him in my life would make it equally interesting. Trying something new is never a bad thing.”


“Is that so?” Qu Di wouldn’t interfere with someone else’s choice, so he agreed to help Wen Gu find out. 


Wen Gu’s eyes lit up, and he thanked him, saying, “Thank you.”


“But I can’t guarantee I’ll be successful. After all, I’m just his assistant. Whether the two of you become a couple or not is beyond my concern.”


“Cut! Great job, take a break and let’s shoot the next scene later.”


Qu Di heard the director’s voice and hurried over to Tang Xiyan. Tang Xiyan noticed the drink in his hand and took it from him, saying, “Hey! Where did this drink come from? Did you buy it secretly?”


“Well…” Qu Di glanced back at where Wen Gu had been standing just now, only to find that Wen Gu had left quite quickly. 


“It’s from Wen Gu. He asked his assistant to bring it to you.” This way, it should be fine. It conveyed Wen Gu’s goodwill, but it didn’t seem deliberate.


“Really? Well, please thank him for me.” Tang Xiyan didn’t seem to have any suspicions about why Wen Gu had given it to him and not others.


Watching the person in front of him down half a bottle of the drink in one go, Qu Di replied, “Thanks.”


The morning shoot quickly ended. Qu Di received a call from Qiu Fei, who said that some fans had come to visit the set with a lot of gifts, and he had already coordinated it. Qu Di was asked to go outside to collect them.


“Remember to buy some water for them,” Qiu Fei reminded.


“I know.” Fans had come a long way to this remote location, and they couldn’t leave empty-handed. At the very least, they should show Tang Xiyan’s care for them.


Qu Di told Tang Xiyan to have his meal and went to collect the gifts. However, when Tang Xiyan heard that fans had come, he expressed his desire to go with him.


“Fei-ge said it’s not good for you to go out casually. It might cause chaos, and there are probably paparazzi and stalkers out there,” Qu Di explained.


“It’s fine. It will help our show get more exposure!” Tang Xiyan called out to the director, “Right, Director?”


The director had apparently overheard their conversation and was pleased that the actors were promoting the show in this way. “Go ahead, but come back as soon as possible. You have another scene in the afternoon.”


“Sure!” Tang Xiyan put his arm around Qu Di’s shoulder and didn’t give him a chance to object as he pulled him away.


Red Pear Film and Television City was quite large, and the two of them took a caretaker’s car to the entrance. As expected, there were many people gathered, holding blue banners and support banners in Tang Xiyan’s support colors.


Some of them had professional cameras, apparently planning to take a few photos, but they were blocked at the entrance by security guards.


The sun was scorching, and they didn’t know how long they had been standing. Some people looked a bit lethargic, even though they had brought umbrellas and hats. Many people’s cheeks were still reddened from the sun.


In fact, Qiu Fei had not intended for Tang Xiyan to make an appearance during this event. When he handed over the arrangements, he had only mentioned that his assistant would receive the gifts. However, they came with cameras, and if Tang Xiyan hadn’t decided to come, they would have spent the whole morning with just Qu Di.


Tang Xiyan, who was usually carefree, seemed to be taking it more seriously this time. He adjusted his wig and asked, “Is it weird? Will they think I look ugly?”


He had just finished shooting and was still in his costume, wearing a wig on his head. He had changed into a pair of flip-flops, which didn’t make for an elegant look.


“It’s not weird at all. It’s cute. When you go down there, just don’t talk too much. Just say thank you. Got it?” Qu Di was really afraid that Tang Xiyan would say something outrageous and make it the headline news the next day.


This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. He had heard that once Tang Xiyan wanted to compliment a fan’s makeup, but when he got closer, he found out that the person was wearing double eyelid tape. He kindly tried to help them remove it, saying, “There’s something stuck on your eyes.”


Tang Xiyan just blushed and said with conviction, “I just wanted them to feel my care and tenderness, okay? My double eyelids are so big, who would have thought someone would need to stick them!”


“Okay, okay. You’ve said it hundreds of times already. I almost thought you were going to give me a whole speech.”


Fortunately, things went smoothly, and no major incidents occurred. They successfully received the gifts prepared by the fans. Tang Xiyan also expressed his gratitude and allowed them to take a few photos. Qu Di was on the side, nervous, hoping that no one would


 notice the flip-flops hidden under his clothes.


Everyone left satisfied.


Back at the film set, Wen Gu had changed into regular clothes and was holding a script, rehearsing a scene with Shu Yi.


The two of them returned with two bags of items. Tang Xiyan went through them, found two bottles of drinks with cute cartoon salted fish designs on them, and realized they were gifts from fans, intended for Shu Yi and Wen Gu.


“Here, fan gifts.”


Shu Yi politely declined, saying, “Thank you, but I’m not a big fan of these. You can keep them.”


Wen Gu, on the other hand, accepted the drink and said, “Thanks.”


“No problem. Thanks for the drink this morning.”


It turned out to be just a return gift. Qu Di had over thought it. But then, wasn’t that typical of Tang Xiyan? His words were straightforward and lacked any hidden meaning.


Qu Di looked on, beginning to worry. If Wen Gu did manage to win over Tang Xiyan in the future, those fans would go crazy…


He watched Tang Xiyan, who was sitting under the parasol, seemingly carefree, reading comments with no worries. Then, he observed Wen Gu, who was reading about their rumored relationship, and he also watched Tang Xiyan, who was reading comments and laughing. Qu Di felt a headache coming on.

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21


The face of this puppet appeared as if its features had been smoothed and made indistinct, making it impossible to see clearly. However, its body shape seemed to resemble that of a man.


Suddenly, a deep sigh escaped from within him. “Chong Ying, is this the place where you and your mother once struggled to survive? You must have gone through a lot in the past.”


“…” Haowei.


Seeing that Si Lan had misunderstood, Haowei didn’t explain. He lowered his gaze, surveying the surroundings. He felt an indescribable heaviness in his heart, which seemed to grow stronger the longer he stayed in this place.


He had no memories of his time in the mortal realm during his past lives because that was when he first “fell ill,” his internal energy was in turmoil, and he killed hundreds of thousands of malevolent spirits.


While those malevolent spirits had committed numerous sins, their convictions and punishments should have been decided by the Lord of the Underworld. His actions were a blatant violation of the natural order, which required him to descend to the mortal realm to undergo tribulations as penance.


In this life, he carried the burden of being the Star of Ill Omen, with a lonely and arduous destiny. He couldn’t have what he desired, loved, or cherished, and he would ultimately become detached and unattached.


His heavenly mother, seeing the hardships of his current life, had pity on him and, before his descent, consulted with the Divine Emperor. It was agreed that once he returned from his tribulations, he would forget everything related to the mortal realm.


He only knew that he had lived for twenty years in the mortal realm under the name Chong Ying, and nothing more.


He took the puppet with an indistinct face from Si Lan, and his fingers gently caressed it. In an instant, a picture flashed through his mind, showing two hands intertwined together, as if he were holding someone else’s hand and slowly carving the puppet.


Si Lan manipulated the formation once again, and they appeared in a new illusory world.


Haowei quickly refocused, putting away his previous thoughts, and stared in the direction Si Lan was looking. This time, they were in a bridal chamber.


Two incense burners released fragrant smoke, “Double the Happiness” characters adorned the window, red banners hung at the doorway, and a brown pearl curtain remained still in the absence of wind. On the rosewood table, there was an untouched wine jug.


This was the bridal chamber set up for Si Lan’s third wedding, and from the look of it, it was the scene before his new bride underwent her heavenly tribulation.


Si Lan lightly tapped the table, sighing softly. He hadn’t expected that the bridal chamber, which he thought he would never need, was being used now.


He lay down on the bed, patting the space beside him, inviting Haowei to come up. “We’ve had a tiring day. Rest here for a while.”


Haowei’s expression was peculiar, and he didn’t respond to Si Lan. Instead, he sat on a nearby bench, closed his eyes, and pondered, looking like an old sage.


Si Lan couldn’t help but chuckle. He didn’t force the matter and closed his eyes to rest.


Before long, he fell asleep.


Haowei, however, kept his eyes open. Gazing through the lingering smoke, he looked at Si Lan lying on the bed.


Si Lan took off his jade crown, and his dark hair fell freely. His joyful expression accentuated the pinkish hue of his complexion, making him resemble a charming bride.


Haowei suddenly realized that his thoughts had taken a strange turn. He quickly adjusted his gaze and tried to maintain a composed expression.



In the following days, Si Lan continued to work on the Extremely Melodic Eight Trigrams Formation, seemingly unaware of the impending danger.


Haowei couldn’t help but wonder if Si Lan was overly optimistic or simply accepting of his fate. Instead of focusing on escaping, Si Lan seemed more interested in studying the formation. After three days, he finally mastered the secrets of the Extremely Melodic Eight Trigrams Formation, displaying the excitement of a child who had just acquired new knowledge.


Haowei marveled at how Si Lan, with such a broad-minded heart, had managed to maintain his position as the Demon Lord.


On the third day, Nine Infants arrived as promised.


A colossal serpent head materialized out of thin air, with a pair of crimson, ferocious eyes. Nine Infants regarded Haowei when he suddenly appeared within the formation and raised an eyebrow, scanning him from top to bottom.


After a moment, he spoke half-jokingly and half-seriously, “Could it be that this child is your offspring?”


Si Lan was taken aback and quickly denied, not wanting Nine Infants to discover Haowei’s true identity. He deflected the conversation, “Have you harmed the disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect and the Serpent Charm Clan?”


Nine Infants hissed, and a snake-shaped aura swirled around him. He responded coldly, “If they willingly came to seek their deaths, I had no choice but to oblige.”


Hearing this, it seemed that nothing untoward had happened to the Mystic Spirit Sect and Serpent Charm Clan in the past few days.


Si Lan sighed, “After you took my physical body, could you promise to light incense for my parents every Mid-Autumn Festival?”


Nine Infants looked somewhat displeased, “Are you making demands of me?”


Si Lan quickly clarified, fearing that Nine Infants might discover Haowei’s true form and attempt to take control of his body. He changed the topic, “I promised my parents that I would visit them every Mid-Autumn Festival.”


After hearing this, Nine Infants hesitated for a moment and then gave a curt “yes.”


The Eight Trigrams Formation underwent changes, and the illusory surroundings seemed to merge with new scenes.


Si Lan and Haowei found themselves in a vast cave. The cave’s walls had been eroded by water over the years, leaving behind colorful and eerie marks. The dim light illuminated the cave with a haunting quality.


Within the cave flowed an underground river, its waters trickling gently. On the other side of the river stood Quze, who had been waiting for them. When he saw Si Lan’s arrival, he appeared indifferent. However, upon noticing Haowei standing beside Si Lan, his eyes showed signs of wariness.


Behind Quze, a gigantic serpent head sculpture stood upright, displaying slight differences from the one Si Lan had seen before.


This sculpture had closed snake eyes and retracted fangs, as if it were in a deep slumber.


Si Lan was deeply moved and said, “I never expected that, after living for a thousand years, I would end up nurturing someone else’s body.”


Haowei looked up at Si Lan and, upon seeing the bridegroom on the bed, couldn’t help but feel uneasy. “Have I been misunderstanding something?”



It seemed like he was worrying for no reason.


At this time, he was still thinking about the two of them forming a bond!


Jiuying gradually revealed its appearance, blocking the snake head statue behind it. Its eyes darkened, and a powerful aura instantly surged towards Si Lan, lifting him into the air and bringing him in front of it.


It circled around Si Lan, a satisfied expression on its face.


A race that should have gone extinct in the ancient times unexpectedly still had descendants after ten thousand years.


Tsk tsk.


It couldn’t hide its excitement, transforming into a tiny flower. At this moment, flower had turned into a snake spine, hanging above Si Lan’s head.


The tip of the tonyflower was like a sharp tool, piercing through Si Lan’s nape, causing Si Lan to reveal a pained expression. “Ugh…”


“I’m going to replace your spine with that of a snake.” Jiuying not only intended to restore his humanoid body but also planned to restore its true body, which would undoubtedly require snake bones.


Si Lan was in so much pain that his face turned ashen, cold sweat forming on his temples, and his hands clenched tightly, suppressing the tremors.


Haowei, seeing this, couldn’t help but have a tense expression. He tried to approach Si Lan to help, but was stopped by Quze.




Suddenly, a cry of pain from Si Lan echoed in the air. Haowei raised his head and saw that Jiuying had disappeared. All that was visible was a bright white light that enveloped Si Lan tightly. In the next moment, the light burst forth, and the world in front of them became blindingly white.


“Ugh… Ugh…” Si Lan’s cries of pain grew more urgent, continuously emanating from the light.


Haowei didn’t expect that Si Lan’s path in life was not one due to optimism but rather a lack of fear to face death.


He felt a sense of frustration as if he were trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. However, everything was obscured by the strong light, and he could only rely on Si Lan’s aura to move toward Si Lan’s path, but was stopped by Quze’s iron arm.


This troublesome disciple…


Out of anger, Haowei directly broke Quze’s iron arm.


Quze grunted, but still showed no fear. He used his remaining left hand to draw a long sword and attacked Haowei again.


Haowei evaded the sword energy and instantly appeared in front of Quze. He struck Quze’s chest with a palm.


Quze fell from mid-air and tumbled to the ground, vomiting blood.


In mid-air, the blinding white light gradually dissipated, and Haowei, with red eyes, looked at the figure in mid-air.


The person still wore the same blue clothes and jade belt, but for some reason, he felt that the entire person had changed.


“Si Lan” moved his neck and stretched his body. Slowly descending from mid-air, he had a deep and amused look in his eyes. “I’m very satisfied with this body.”


It had been a hundred thousand years, and he could finally touch himself again.


Thinking about this, Jiuying burst into laughter, with an arrogant and carefree expression. His hands gathered energy and struck the surroundings violently, causing rocks to tumble, and the earth to shake.


In front of him, the originally closed snake head statue slowly opened its eyes, revealing two dark doors. The right eye’s door held the transformed humanoid snake mother, while the left eye’s door held a purple-gold four-cornered box.


That box was none other than the Golden Crescent Immortal Box.


After venting his emotions, Jiuying walked strangely toward the Golden Crescent Immortal Box, holding a corner of it. He muttered, “Don’t worry… I will use the snake mother’s blood to resurrect you…”


After saying that, Jiuying suddenly reached out to the snake mother, and in the next instant, the snake mother was brought directly in front of Jiuying.


Jiuying pinched the snake mother’s neck, her face gradually losing its blood color, and blood spilling from the corners of her mouth. She struggled to hit Jiuying with both hands, but to no avail.


Jiuying’s eyeballs rolled rapidly, his face covered in sinister and terrifying snake patterns, and his nails turned into sharp weapons that pierced the snake mother’s neck.


Seeing that the snake mother’s life was hanging by a thread, an untimely voice suddenly rang out.


“Ah, I look a bit ugly like this, don’t I?”


“I still think that I should possess my own body.”

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Chapter 96 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 96


On the day the elimination rounds began, loyal fans of the Bounty League were already waiting in the live broadcast room. Amid the passionate commentary, the barrage had already begun to heat up.


Yes, commentary.


As the tournament entered its latter half, the official channel had invited the world-renowned StarCraft commentator Brother Douzi to the scene.


The first match of the afternoon was in Group A.


At this moment, Brother Douzi was enthusiastically introducing the players who were about to take the stage.


Because there were many players in this free-for-all mode, and there was still some time before the match, the explanations didn’t seem rushed at all.


In fact, the audience had already seen the player list on the official website. So, while listening to the introductions, they were also chatting in the barrage.


“Why aren’t Bai-Lu teaming up today?”


“Are those in front the shippers of Bai-Lu too? Allies! I was planning to finish this match and then continue waiting for Bai Chen’s game!”


“I suspect the official groupings are intentionally splitting our CP, making a big fuss about it!”


“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Although Bai Chen isn’t in this match, we have Xiao Zou Zou. I feel like Zou Zou and Ning Ning are strangely compatible!”


“Now that you mention it, in the previous matches, they were indeed quite favorably treated…”


“Forget about Lan Yuan, wherever Lu Jingning stands, I think he can match well with anyone!”


“Cultists, retreat! I firmly stand with Bai-Lu for ten thousand years!”


While this discussion was in full swing, a batch of new viewers suddenly flooded into the live broadcast room within a short time.


At first, these newcomers clearly weren’t familiar with the environment and didn’t pay attention to the CP combinations displayed on the interface. After a while, they began to post barrage messages.


“Hey hey hey, where are the Imperial Navy’s big brothers and sisters?”


“Right here! Is everyone ready with our cheering slogans?”


“Wen Xingchen, Lu Jingning, and Yan Hebin, all the way! Imperial Navy, let’s go!”


“Ugh, I’m here to root for the main characters! The Xing-Jing duo is fantastic! You two must stay in love forever!”


“Absolutely insane, the Imperial Navy’s deadly duo! When Xing-Jing appears, who can contend with them? Lu Jingning, Wen Xingchen, charge ahead for us!”


After a series of comments, the original audience members were a bit bewildered, and the CP fans on both sides began to “communicate” through the barrage.


Bai-Lu shippers: Hey hey hey, new comrades, have you got it wrong? It’s clearly Lu-Bai. What’s Xing-Jing?


Xing-Jing shippers: What? What’s this Bali-Lu combination? Our school forum has already exposed the details of the main characters’ relationship, no exaggeration, it’s for real!


Bai-Lu shippers: You big-headed ghost! Where did these cultists come from!


Xing-Jing shippers: You all can just get lost! We’re the real deal here! What’s going on with the Bounty League? Can the Imperial Navy just freely form CP? Who are these bunch of ignorant fans!


This exchange almost escalated into a full-blown argument on the main screen.


The room administrators, realizing that things were getting out of hand, quickly imposed a chat restriction.


After a while, they cautiously reactivated the chat, and someone stylishly posted a link on the main screen: “Tsk tsk tsk, go check it out for yourselves. Inside, you’ll find all the details! Open your eyes and see who is truly Lu Jingning’s official partner!”


The Bali-Lu shippers, who had been infuriated, clicked on the link one by one. They had come to pick a fight but found themselves shrinking back as they read through the detailed relationship revelations.


How could this be? Lu Jingning already had a partner all this time?!


The Bai-Lu shippers felt like they had gone from owning the world to having nothing in an instant. Only they knew what they had been through!


The Imperial Navy’s students, seeing the “cultists” finally quiet down, happily took over the barrage market once more, cheering wholeheartedly.


After a long while, the live broadcast room’s screen finally lit up.


At this point, all the participants in Group A were already on the map.


Using a god’s-eye view, Brother Douzi briefly analyzed the players’ positions, and after a while, the camera switched to the players on the field.


Then, what caught everyone’s attention was not the intense battle they had imagined, but two hands tightly holding each other.


The barrage became unexpectedly quiet for a moment.


All the billions of viewers across the interstellar space: ???


If it weren’t for the title of the live broadcast room flashing prominently in front of them, they might have mistaken this for a romance show.


Even Brother Douzi, who had commented on countless matches, was at a loss for words for a while. Finally, he managed to say, “As we all know, every season of the Bounty League always brings numerous highlights to capture our attention, and this year’s league is no exception. At least, for the first time during a live broadcast, we get to taste something fresh, uh, lovey-dovey? Well… all I can say is that this is indeed a different kind of spectacle.”


The barrage was full of ellipses.


Some things are better left unsaid.


For Lu Jingning, the beginning of this match was exceptionally lucky. Although the spawn points were random, he was not far from Wen Xingchen. After crossing one intersection, they met directly. Now, all that remained was to find Yan Hebin.


However, Lu Jingning didn’t expect Wen Xingchen to make such an intimate gesture during the live broadcast.


In that moment of tightly clasped fingers, he suddenly understood the meaning of their chat conversation from yesterday.


So, the best way to make Wen Ge even happier was to publicly display affection in front of the live broadcast audience?


Lu Jingning subconsciously looked up at the sky, which was clear without a single cloud. However, there might be an invisible camera silently watching them.


He gently touched the tip of his nose and, unusually, felt a bit shy.


The display of affection was quite significant, and even with his thick skin, it was a bit embarrassing. However, after some thought, he decided not to resist it.


They walked hand in hand, and along the way, they encountered other participating players. Wen Xingchen dealt with them effortlessly.


In this process, it felt like they were glued together. Their hands never parted. Every time the camera focused on their tightly clasped hands, the audience felt as though they had been force-fed dog food, choking but unable to deny that Wen Xingchen’s strength was quite intimidating.


After all, the competitors in the same arena had all entered the elimination rounds and were no longer the uneven mix of skills seen in the preliminaries. When it came to elimination, it was like child’s play for Wen Xingchen.


If not for the corpses scattered all around, their stroll through the forest would have resembled a romantic date during the honeymoon period.


The Imperial Navy’s Xing-Jing fans couldn’t help but cheer loudly in the barrage, feeling utterly satisfied with the CP show they were witnessing.


They could keep this going a little longer!


In stark contrast to their excited mood were the Bai Lu CP fans.


Just a moment ago, their CP had been forcefully dismantled, and now, they were faced with what was supposedly the real main couple. Their cheeks felt a burning sensation, and their emotions were complex.


What was even more unbearable for them was that, at this moment, they were strangely starting to see the two people on the screen as a compatible couple?!


If it wasn’t for the exceptionally bright stars in the holographic map or the fact that the Imperial Navy’s fans were exceptionally passionate, they might not have been influenced, but they couldn’t deny that even they were somewhat swayed. It was truly hateful!


The Bai Lu CP fans remained silent, watching the match, determined to hold onto their last bit of stubbornness.


Even if they couldn’t shout cheers for the CP they supported, they had to stay steadfast and unwavering until the very end! What’s wrong with being a cult? Cults have their dignity too!


Just at that moment, in the map of the match, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen finally found Yan Hebin, and the three of them met successfully.


Yan Hebin glanced over at their hands held tightly together but quickly looked away as if he hadn’t seen anything. He asked, “What’s the plan for next?”


Lu Jingning thought for a moment. “Wen Ge has enough points already, and I’m not in a hurry. Let’s help you eliminate some players first. After you secure enough points as a safety net, we’ll decide what to do next.”


Wen Xingchen added, “Sounds good.”


Yan Hebin looked at the three of them and asked, “So, who’s going to go?”


Lu Jingning was just about to consider this question when he faintly heard a sound in the distance. He suddenly turned his head to look and saw a figure emerging not far away.


Seeing that Wen Xingchen was about to take action, Lu Jingning swiftly used his grip to pull the person back to his side and said, “Don’t act, he’s one of us.”


As soon as Lan Yuanzhou’s face appeared, he was immediately labeled as “one of us.” He looked at the three people standing side by side and couldn’t decide whether the situation was a blessing or a curse.


Lu Jingning maintained his friendly attitude, “Lan Yuanzhou, what a coincidence. We meet again.”


Lan Yuanzhou’s mouth twitched involuntarily.


It was indeed quite a coincidence, but they really didn’t need this much coincidence!


Upon seeing Lu Jingning’s name in the same group list, he had prayed all night that he wouldn’t run into this guy. But fate was clearly not on his side.


Lu Jingning remained warmly welcoming, “Are you here to team up with us?”

Lan Yuanzhou choked for a moment and then, after a long pause, nodded heavily, “Yeah, let’s team up.”


“Well, that’s great!” Lu Jingning said happily and pointed at Lan Yuanzhou while addressing Yan Hebin, “He’s the one! Lan Yuanzhou is an excellent catcher!”


Yan Hebin replied, “That’s fine.”


“???” Lan Yuanzhou had a puzzled look on his face. “Catch what?”


“Yan Hebin is my roommate. He’s not very good at close combat, so we need to protect him and ensure he advances. We’ll go catch a few players for him to get some kill points,” Lu Jingning explained and then smirked, “You were so eager to join our team, right? Since we’re not exactly close, it wouldn’t be too much to request a life-and-death pact or something like that, would it?”


His attitude was so friendly, and his tone was so matter-of-fact that Lan Yuanzhou almost coughed up blood. When did he ever want to team up willingly? Wasn’t it all because of that damn coercion?


He had never seen such shamelessness before!


However, given the current situation, just dealing with Lu Jingning alone was challenging enough. Additionally, Wen Xingchen, who was from another region, was clearly a formidable opponent.


In this disadvantageous position, Lan Yuanzhou reluctantly agreed, “Fine, you guys wait here.”


Seeing Lan Yuanzhou’s desolate departure from the screen, Brother Douzi fell silent for a moment and said, “You can tell that Lu Jingning and Lan Yuanzhou have already established a deep friendship during their previous partnership. At least, for someone of Lan Yuanzhou’s caliber, willingly taking on such an errand is a very sincere display.”


The audience fell even quieter.


Willingly? Are you sure???


Brother Douzi intentionally ignored the rapidly scrolling barrage, cleared his throat, and changed the topic, “But I’m curious. If Lan Yuanzhou hadn’t shown up just now, how would they have allocated tasks? Would Lu Jingning have taken matters into his own hands, or would it have been Wen Xingchen?”


This was indeed a profound question, but unfortunately, the audience’s attention was fully focused on the two individuals on the screen.


Since Lan Yuanzhou had departed, they decided to take a rest.


Yan Hebin’s gaze was still fixed in the direction Lan Yuanzhou had gone, and he asked, “Aren’t you worried he won’t come back?”


Lu Jingning replied, “No, he’ll come back.”


Yan Hebin inquired, “Why?”


“Because if he doesn’t come back, at most, we’ll lose one player. But at the same time, he’ll have to face a chase from both me and Wen Ge over a long distance,” Lu Jingning said with a smirk. “It’s a very practical issue. Having one more enemy is not as good as having one more friend, after all. Isn’t it nice to stay alive?”


Yan Hebin simply said, “…”


That made sense.


Wen Xingchen, seeing that Lu Jingning was about to continue talking to Yan Hebin, used a bit of force in his hand to pull him closer.


Lu Jingning, taken by surprise, bumped into a broad chest and momentarily looked puzzled. He raised his head and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Wen Xingchen slightly lowered himself and pressed Lu Jingning against a tree trunk. His voice carried a hint of tempting ambiguity, “Didn’t you say yesterday that you wanted to make me happier? Well, we have some free time now, and since it’s something we agreed on, can we consider fulfilling it?”


Lu Jingning, hearing his suggestive words, blushed slightly, and he tried to push away, but Wen Xingchen’s grip was firm.


He was caught off guard and hesitated, “We’re still in the middle of a match.”


“It’s better to do it during the match,” Wen Xingchen’s voice was low and seductive. His slender fingers gently lifted Lu Jingning’s chin, making their gazes meet. “Besides, I have some questions that need answers. For example, what does ‘tenderly gazing’ look like? Is it something like this?”


His words brushed past Lu Jingning’s ear, and the touch felt so real that it ignited a subtle spark throughout his body.


The gesture was too seductive, and even though they were in a holographic map, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but become a bit distracted. His throat made a faint, involuntary noise.


Wen Xingchen seemed to notice his small reaction, and the curve of his lips became even more pronounced. He leaned in closer and said, “Actually, my boyfriend always has too many admirers, and it’s something that bothers me. So, I thought we should take a chance to assert our dominance. Do you think it’s feasible?”


Although he was asking, his tone sounded more like a statement.


Amid Wen Xingchen’s somewhat forceful attitude, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but smile. He gently placed his hands on Wen Xingchen’s shoulders and hung his body softly against him. Tilting his head, he said, “What can I say? Can I say no?”


Saying that, he raised his head and kissed him deeply.


A long and lingering kiss.


As their tongues entwined, Lu Jingning’s waist softened, and he momentarily lost his balance, but Wen Xingchen’s grip held him steady. The live broadcast froze at this excessively ambiguous moment.


The entire live broadcast room had already fallen into complete silence. After a while, it was completely covered by the sounds of gopher-like squeaks.


Xing-Jing shippers: Ah, we can handle this PDA! Keep it going! Continue! We can totally handle it!!!


Bai-Lu shippers: We were wrong! What’s Bai Chen compared to this? Wen Xingchen is the real deal! He is way too flirtatious!



At this moment, everyone was immersed in this beautiful and unparalleled love… How absurd!


In a remote galaxy, Lu Kongbin, who was secretly watching the game in the corner of the battleship, almost smashed the communication terminal in his hand.


A passing robot asked with great concern: “Sir, your face is dark and your blood is surging. Do you need to arrange medical treatment?”


Lu Kongbin didn’t say a word, he just raised his foot and kicked the blind robot far away.


It’s a pity that he is in a place too remote. Otherwise, he would have wanted to fly directly to the scene and pick out the little bastard named Wen Xingchen and give him a good beating.


Lu Kongbin’s sudden irritable attitude attracted other soldiers on the battleship to look over.


The adjutant came over with concern and asked, “What’s the matter? Is there anything going on?”


Lu Kongbin rubbed his fists fiercely: “Yes! I really want to kill someone!”


Seeing that he was clearly on the verge of going berserk, the adjutant turned around and left without saying a word: “Err…please continue.”


After all, no one has any interest in seeking death.

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Chapter 81 – Who are they betting on?

Chapter 81 -Who are they betting on?


Jian Luo brought back some crayfish.


Today’s harvest was quite abundant, which was really satisfying. Originally, he thought he wouldn’t be able to enjoy many Earth foods, but it turned out to be okay. Every time, he seemed to unexpectedly discover pleasant surprises, which made him very happy.


The resting area was very close, so after returning, he put the crayfish down and went to take a shower. Actually, since he had boarded the warship, he hadn’t been feeling quite comfortable. Perhaps it was because he was a bit seasick. Although it had improved a lot, he still wanted to freshen up and sleep.


After finishing his shower and coming out, Jian Luo pushed open the bathroom door and saw Lu Shifeng waiting outside.


The Marshal sat elegantly on the sofa, raising an eyebrow as he looked at him. “You’re out?”


Jian Luo scratched his head for a moment and nodded. “Yeah.”


The room still had the scent of crayfish. Jian Luo realized this and took a few small steps to sit next to Lu Shifeng.


“Try this crayfish.” Jian Luo opened the food container. “Actually, I made it as an experiment. See if it tastes good.”


To prevent the Marshal from getting his hands dirty, Jian Luo had even brought gloves. Although he himself didn’t always like using gloves. It was mainly because with plastic gloves, the sharp crayfish shells could easily puncture them.


Lu Shifeng watched Jian Luo peeling the crayfish and then started peeling one for himself.


Jian Luo commented, “You don’t actually need to peel them. Our human stomachs might have trouble digesting the shells, but you can just… swallow them whole.”


After Lu Shifeng finished peeling, he handed it to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo hesitated as he looked at the crayfish meat in front of him. “Is this for me?”


Lu Shifeng’s blood-red eyes stared at Jian Luo, and there seemed to be a glint of light in his eyes. He raised an eyebrow, “You’ve been salivating.”




Well, honesty was the best policy. Jian Luo took it with a slightly embarrassed tone. “I’ll just have one.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.


When the Marshal peeled the crayfish, it was much easier than Jian Luo’s efforts. His fingertips had a few scales that seemed sharp. When the crayfish shells touched them, they opened easily. Each of them had one, and they took turns eating.


Finally, Jian Luo wanted to make a comment. “Dragon scales are really nice!”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him. “Did you have concerns about them before?”




Jian Luo wiped his hands, feeling a bit embarrassed. He spoke honestly, “I think the scales are great, especially in the summer. I really like them.”


Lu Shifeng continued to look at him.


“I mean…” Jian Luo’s heart was pounding as he spoke, “they feel so cool. Even though it’s sometimes a bit hot, the scales are really refreshing, colder than hugging an icebox!”


Lu Shifeng said, “So, does that mean you’d find me uncomfortable in winter?”


“I wouldn’t dare,” Jian Luo hurriedly said, “In winter, you can always warm up, right?”



There was a moment of silence in the room.


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng’s stern face. When he didn’t smile, the Marshal’s expression appeared somewhat severe, with a strong presence that was somewhat intimidating.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but hesitate about whether to say more.


After scaring him a bit, Lu Shifeng finally smiled and pointed to the remaining two crayfish on the table. “There are two left, help yourself.”


If people knew that these were the precious dragon scales, coveted by many and capable of protecting against all poisons, being used as a personal air conditioner and portable heater, they would probably be furious.


Jian Luo didn’t feel sleepy at all after eating.


He stretched lazily and took the initiative. “Dragon brother, didn’t you arrange a training mission for me? I want to give it a try.”


Lu Shifeng lounged on the sofa, probably due to his recent return from the battlefield. There was an indelible air of fierceness about this man that made him less refined and more dangerous. He stood up and looked down at Jian Luo. “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo stared at him, looking somewhat clueless. “Where are we going?”


“Aren’t we going to train?” Lu Shifeng said. “I’ll take you for some fun.”


As they walked through the corridor, the soldiers they encountered would salute them.



“Hello, Marshal!”



Then, when it was time for the person to salute Jian Luo, everyone looked at each other. Some of the young soldiers who didn’t know Jian Luo suddenly didn’t know what to call him. Should they address him as “Madam” or by his title? In the end, the more clever ones would call out:


“Hello, Chef!”

“Good day, Cook!”


Jian Luo waved and greeted those who saluted him. For a human, being able to exchange greetings with nobility in this way was quite remarkable.


As they entered the training hall, Jian Luo thought his training area would be private as it was the last time he was here. However, this time, there were quite a few people here.


Normally, he wouldn’t be nervous, but when he saw so many people at once, he felt a bit overwhelmed. Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng and asked, “What are we training for?”


“Aren’t we bored?” Lu Shifeng glanced at him. “We’re here to watch them play.”




The Dragon race was naturally strong and skilled in combat. They spent their lives either fighting or preparing for a fight. When people noticed Jian Luo, they gave him curious looks.


Jian Luo felt a bit nervous, but not overly so. He was used to facing large crowds as a live streamer. Other than some nervousness, he was fine. Surprisingly, the Dragon race did not act as he had feared. Instead, they were quite welcoming.


“Is he the chef who cooks crayfish?”

“He’s so cute!”

“Is he pregnant? I can smell a baby.”

“Lower your voice, what if you startle him?”


The Dragons chattered like this, looking at Jian Luo with pity, as if he were a little kitten. Lu Shifeng stood beside Jian Luo and spoke firmly, “Quiet.”


In an instant, everyone fell silent.


Lu Shifeng led Jian Luo to the front row, and the Dragons watched their Dragon King and a tiny human with curiosity.


Lu Shifeng said, “Continue your group match.”


When there was no fighting to be done, the Dragons often engaged in group battles. The winning team would receive substantial rewards. Others could also bet on which team would win. A brigadier leading a team asked Lu Shifeng, “Marshal, would you like to join in?”


Lu Shifeng shook his head. “You all go ahead.”


The most exciting part of these battles was the betting. People would bet on their favorite teams and win big if they were right. A secretary named Jin asked Jian Luo, “Lolo, would you like to bet?”


Jian Luo nodded. He looked at the teams and suddenly remembered the group he had eaten hotpot with earlier. He said, “I’ll bet on them.”


Jin nodded, “Alright, do you want to place a wager?”


Originally, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Jin’s words caught the interest of the other Dragons. What kind of bet could a human offer that would entice Dragons?


The Dragons looked at Jian Luo expectantly.


With all eyes on him, Jian Luo hesitated for a moment before speaking, “If that team wins, I’ll cook any dish they want, anything they fancy.”


Once he said this, the entire place erupted in excitement. The Dragons had a deep affection for Jian Luo, especially after he had introduced them to crayfish.


The team Jian Luo bet on, the ones he had shared hotpot with, were now incredibly motivated to win. The brigadier asked Lu Shifeng, “My lord, shall we begin?”


Lu Shifeng sat above them, toying with something in his hand. He asked, “What did you ask me before?”


The brigadier was puzzled.


Lu Shifeng reminded him, “The previous question.”


“Uh… would you like to join in, my lord?”


Lu Shifeng stood up. “Yes.”


For a moment, there was silence in the arena. Then, the Dragon soldiers erupted into deafening cheers. Everyone was excited to see the Dragon King join the battle. They all wanted to get guidance from the War God himself and witness his unparalleled skills firsthand.


But there was a problem.


Jin, the secretary, looked at Jian Luo. “Lolo, whom will you bet on? Do you want to change your wager?”


With all eyes on him, Jian Luo hesitated. Not betting on your own man… that wouldn’t be good.


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