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Chapter 110 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 110


The person speaking is named Feng Pei, a third-year student at the top military academy, Pingchuan Military School, of the Alliance.


If everything goes according to the normal rhythm, he only needs to get through this semester, and he can participate in the recruitment of major military corps. Unexpectedly, there was such a disturbance temporarily, and he felt stifled in his heart.


He is also a scion of a prestigious family who should have had an easy time. Now he has to start from the bottom in this inexplicable Alliance military, along with those ordinary students. Naturally, he is very unwilling.


These things can be tolerated, at least on the point of the so-called elite forces, it somewhat convinces himself.


But now, there are two Omegas from the Empire, which makes him feel even more slighted.

In the vast process of war, every link is crucial.


Omegas can participate in any department, but they are inexplicably placed in this elite team for important missions. What’s the difference from throwing a wrench into the works?


When Feng Pei spoke, the eyes of others turned towards him one after another.


Lu Jingning noticed that since he started dating Wen Xingchen, his temper seemed to have improved.


If it were in the past, in such a situation, he might have directly punched someone. But now, there was no ripple in his heart. He just looked at Wen Xingchen with a half-smile and asked, “Wen ge, what do you think?”


Wen Xingchen responded with a faint smile, “Some people just make noise. Just ignore them.”

Lu Jingning nodded and walked over without glancing sideways.


Feng Pei had never received such a cold treatment when he was at Pingchuan Military School. He was so angry that his nose crooked.


He forcefully bumped into his classmate Ji Xingchao and gritted his teeth, “Are you interested in giving these guys from the Empire a lesson?”


In recent years, the Empire has been advocating a strategy of avoiding battles as much as possible. In the actively war-oriented Federation, many people actually look down on it. Among the high-ranking families, the Feng family is one of them.


Although it is called the Allied Forces, in fact, the leaders of each school have privately hinted that the important positions in the new army should be taken down based on strength. Feng Pei was eager to move, but there was no response for a long time.


He suspiciously turned his head to look, only to see Ji Xingchao’s gaze still falling on the two people who entered the Empire team, but his expression seemed full of incredulous surprise.

Ji Xingchao seemed to suddenly come back to his senses and excitedly grabbed Feng Pei’s arm, “Quick, quick, do you have paper and pen?”


Feng Pei was confused by his question, “What do you need those things for?”


Ji Xingchao almost jumped up in excitement, “Haven’t you recognized them? That’s Morning Scene CP! My god, I’ve been following them for so long, and I actually encountered the real deal here! AWSL, do you know where I can get paper and pen? I want to get their autographs!”

Feng Pei looked at Ji Xingchao’s expression as if he were looking at an idiot, “What the hell is Morning Scene CP?”


Ji Xingchao was almost out of breath from his retort. After calming down a bit, he explained, “You should pay more attention to current events. It’s the Omega you just asked about and the Alpha next to him. They were the co-champions in the recent bounty competition. My newest star-chasing target! Ah ah ah ah, my god, I love the new legion!!!”


Feng Pei’s mouth twitched fiercely, “Bounty competition? Co-champions?”


Is this considered a current event?


From his current expression, it is obvious that he cannot understand Ji Xingchao’s excitement.

When he looked up again, the disdainful expression between his eyebrows and eyes became even heavier.


As a military academy student, how can there be time to participate in such chaotic competitions? Is it really just an idle scion of a prestigious family?



Tang Jiaze obviously did not expect that Lu Jingning would handle this unexpected situation so casually.


Seeing the two approaching, he spoke with a slightly complex expression, “During this time, you’ve changed a lot.”


Compared to the arrogance of stepping on him during the exchange competition at the military academy, it seems that Lu Jingning has learned how to quietly… drive people crazy.


“Hey, thanks for the compliment.” Lu Jingning indeed doesn’t have a good impression of Tang Jiaze. If it weren’t for the fact that the new recruits from the Empire are considered in the same camp, he probably wouldn’t even want to bother. Now he mockingly asked, “What about you? At your age, you ran here to be a rookie. Aren’t you afraid our captain will throw you out for hundreds of streets in the future?”


Tang Jiaze didn’t show the expected anger. He just calmly hooked the corner of his mouth, “I came here to surpass him.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but take a closer look at him.


It is clear that this annoying guy has also changed a lot.

Smoothed out those edges, even the mindset has settled down. Apart from still harboring the delusion of defeating Wen Ye, it has become more pleasing to the eye.


Unconsciously, the final batch of recruits also arrived.


The iron railing emitted a “creak” sound, and when everyone looked up, they saw a man with white skin and black hair walking out from inside.


The man was dressed in military uniform, and because of his overly distinctive appearance, one glance was enough to recognize his identity.


Among the new recruits, many were already excitedly restless.


Jiang Quan, the chief commander of the Third Army Corps of the Federal Military, never expected that such a figure would come to lead these new recruits.


After all, being a military officer from the Federation, excitement aside, there was some unease within the Empire camp.


No matter how noble the words were, people always had selfishness, fearing that there might be some bias in dealing with things.


Everyone quickly assembled and formed a neat formation on the open space, waiting for the first command after entering the military.


Jiang Quan swept his eyes over these youthful faces, his expression somewhat complex.


His task was to turn this new team into top-notch combat elites.


For a seasoned commander like him, this was actually a bit of an underutilization of his abilities, but the biggest problem now was that the time given to him was a bit too short.


To meet the goal on time, he couldn’t even guarantee that these people would survive until the end of training.


Feeling the gaze from everyone, Jiang Quan opened his mouth expressionlessly: “Hello, everyone. I am Jiang Quan, and for the next three months, I will be in charge of your team. I hope that by then, half of you can continue to stay.”


“Today is your first day in the army. Before assigning dormitories, we need to solve a very practical problem, which is to determine the captains of the three squads.” His sharp eyes scanned the crowd, “So, if anyone has ideas for these three captain positions, please step forward.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Jiaze and Feng Pei confidently stepped forward.


Others hesitated for a moment and then walked out one after another from the queue.


Lu Jingning thought for a moment, then joined in the fun and walked out, not forgetting to greet Wen Xingchen: “Wen ge, join me?”


Wen Xingchen shook his head, “You go is enough.”


If he and Lu Jingning were selected as captains at the same time, it would mean that they would inevitably be assigned to different teams.


Compared to that, it’s better to be an ordinary team member.


After everyone walked out, Jiang Quan glanced around, looking at nearly 20 self-nominated people, and his expression softened slightly.


The youth are full of vigor, regardless of the final result, having the courage to give it a try is good.


Jiang Quan waved his hand, indicating others to step aside.


Soon, a clear space was left in the middle.


Jiang Quan briefly explained, “Wheel combat, the rules are very simple. If you can make your opponent unable to stand up, you win.”


Someone asked loudly, “Commander, unable to stand up means… regardless of life or death?”


A hint of cold smile flashed in Jiang Quan’s eyes, “Yes, regardless of life or death!”


As soon as these words came out, there was a sudden gasp around.


Although they knew that few would actually kill in this situation, setting up a life-and-death situation on the first day made everyone break into a cold sweat.


At this moment, they finally realized clearly that they were now in a real military, extremely brutal, not just for fun.


Jiang Quan raised his hand, indicating that the selection officially began.


Tang Jiaze stood up first.


From the Federation side, someone quickly came forward to challenge.


Admittedly, Tang Jiaze was sometimes annoying, but his strength was top-notch.


He won the first round, the second round, and won again in the third round.


After winning the third round, Jiang Quan interrupted, “This soldier, you can take a break temporarily, and someone else will replace you on the field.”


It seemed that to ensure fairness, a winning side would be given a brief rest every three rounds.


Lu Jingning was pondering the rules in his heart and did not notice the person who had just walked onto the field.


Feng Pei still had a lingering concern about the previous incident. Seeing Lu Jingning daydreaming, he felt displeased. Without waiting for others to step onto the field, he raised his voice, “Hey, Omega over there, come up and let me see?”


His voice carried a hint of provocation, showing no trace of embarrassment because the other person was an Omega.


Based on the situation in the first group just now, the goal was, of course, to win as effortlessly as possible. Only in this way could more stamina be preserved.


Coincidentally, this Omega was so arrogant. Feng Pei had long wanted to show some authority and took this opportunity to use him as a stepping stone.


Feng Pei’s wishful thinking rang loud, and he didn’t notice the dumbfounded look that Tang Jiaze cast at him from the rest area, nor did he see the wide-mouthed expression on his classmate Ji Xing, whose mouth could fit an entire egg.


Of all people, why choose him to fight against?!


Although Jiang Quan had no expression on his face when he heard this, there was a hint of scrutiny in his eyes when he looked at Lu Jingning.


Before coming, he had reviewed the information on everyone, including this Omega.


Seemed like quite an interesting individual.


Lu Jingning didn’t react at first. After a moment, he belatedly realized that he seemed to be the only Omega participating in the selection.


He blinked at Feng Pei, feeling a bit melancholic.


Where did this stubborn person come from? Wasn’t it good to live peacefully?

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Chapter 108 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 108


After enduring a beating, everyone thought that Lu Kongbin’s anger had subsided a bit. However, the next morning, right on time, he knocked on Wen Xingchen’s door again.


This kind of day continued for a week.


Just when Wen Xingchen doubted whether he could walk out of Lu’s house alive, the ordeal finally ended.


That afternoon, Lu Kongbin summoned him and Lu Jingning to the study. With the demeanor of an elder, he said, “I’ve talked to Wen Muqiao. This time, he showed some restraint and didn’t argue too much with me. When the time is right, we will arrange a grand engagement ceremony for both of you to settle things once and for all.”


He glanced sternly at Wen Xingchen, emphasizing each word, “Since you’ve already gone through that, if you plan to be irresponsible, I guarantee I’ll snap your neck.”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but feel a chill down his neck and earnestly replied, “I’ll follow Uncle’s arrangements.”


While Lu Kongbin was not entirely pleased with the idea of his son marrying into the Wen family, Wen Xingchen assured him that they would move out after the engagement, so he didn’t say much more and gestured for them to leave.


As they stepped out of the study, Lu Jingning approached with a grin, “Wen Ge, are you happy?”


Wen Xingchen nodded sincerely, “Yes, I am.”


Lu Jingning teased, “If you’re happy, then smile.”


Wen Xingchen looked at him, and a gentle curve appeared on his lips, despite the lingering wounds.


Time passed unknowingly, and the Lunar New Year approached.


On the afternoon Lu Kongbin discussed things with them, Wen Muqiao contacted Wen Xingchen through communication. Normally, Wen Xingchen might have ignored the call, but considering it might be related to his engagement with Lu Jingning, he hesitated before answering.


Wen Muqiao understood his son’s thoughts. After discussing the major aspects of the engagement, he casually asked, “Are you planning to come home for the New Year this year?”


Wen Xingchen originally wanted to refuse, but hearing the anticipation in his father’s voice, he paused for a moment and finally replied, “I’ll go back in a few days.”


Since they didn’t have a formal legal relationship yet, staying for the New Year would be inconvenient for Lu Kongbin. Moreover, many things couldn’t be adequately discussed through communication alone; a face-to-face conversation was necessary.


Although he had grievances with Wen Muqiao, he couldn’t let that affect Lu Jingning.


If possible, on the day of their actual engagement, he wanted to present the best interstellar banquet to Lu Jingning.


Learning that Wen Xingchen would go home for the New Year, Lu Jingning was somewhat surprised. However, he quickly felt happy about the improved relationship between father and son.


Though he never spoke much about the internal matters of the Wen family, deep down, he wanted the best for Wen Xingchen.


A harmonious family would bring a bit more joy.


After a few more days of being affectionate, Lu Jingning saw Wen Xingchen off on a light ship, watching it disappear into the horizon before returning home.


Days without Wen Xingchen became somewhat dull. Besides flattering Lu Kongbin every day, his routine included the scheduled holographic chat sessions every night.


Overall, the days passed peacefully.


Unconsciously, the holiday season came to an end.


As the return to school approached, one night during their usual video chat, Lu Jingning casually asked, “Wen Ge, when are you planning to return to school?”


Wen Xingchen pondered, “Probably a few days in advance.”


Having stayed at home for quite some time, although the relationship between him and Wen Muqiao was not as tense as before, the daily interactions between father and son were still limited. Continuing to stay seemed somewhat meaningless.


“I’ll wait for you at school then! Old Lu won’t let me leave early; he insists on releasing me only on the day of return.” Lu Jingning complained, “He’s so clingy, even at his age. I really can’t do anything about it. I’ll let you know when I buy the ticket, remember to pick me up!”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, “Your uncle’s relationship with you is truly enviable.”


Lu Jingning glanced at the holographic image of Lu Kongbin and laughed, “What’s there to envy? In the future, Old Lu will be your dad too.”


Wen Xingchen thought for a moment and replied, “Yes, he will be my dad too.”


… However, it would have been even better if he didn’t want to punch him the moment they met.



On the day of their return to school, as soon as Lu Jingning stepped out of the secure area, he saw Wen Xingchen standing not far away, waving at him with a smile.


Wen Xingchen was dressed in casual light-colored clothing. His loose-fitting garments casually hung, and after the holiday, his hair had grown slightly longer, giving an indescribable feeling that his overall demeanor had changed since they first met.


Despite the daily video calls, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but want to take a few more glances.


Wen Xingchen naturally took the huge suitcase and walked with Lu Jingning towards the short-distance aircraft waiting outside the gate.


They set off towards the main campus of the Imperial Navy.


When they reached the dormitory building, Wen Xingchen wanted to accompany Lu Jingning upstairs, but he was stopped.


Under Lu Jingning’s inquiring gaze, he cleared his throat and said, “The academic genius spent the whole holiday at school without going home. Now that school has started again, isn’t it a bit too cruel to bombard him with affection on the first day?”


Wen Xingchen thought for a moment and glanced at him, “Seems like it?”


Lu Jingning nodded, thinking that Wen Xingchen understood his thoughtful intentions. He turned to leave but found that the suitcase was still in Wen Xingchen’s hands, and he couldn’t pull it away.


He blinked, reminding, “Wen Ge?”


Wen Xingchen took a few steps forward, looking down at him, and with a faint smile, he said, “Haven’t seen each other for so long. Haven’t you missed me?”


As they were prominent figures on campus, even though they seemed nonchalant on the surface, countless eyes gathered around them without a sound when they stopped. The Bounty League season had nearly depleted all of Lu Jingning’s reserve of embarrassment, and now, in front of their classmates, he was starting to feel a bit awkward.


Under Wen Xingchen’s questioning, he cleared his throat and teased, “Of course, I missed you! Now that school has started again, we can see each other every day. Isn’t that especially exciting?”


“Exciting. But not enough.”


Wen Xingchen spoke with every step forward, almost reaching a close distance with Lu Jingning.


At this moment, the familiar and signature smile appeared on his face. In a low voice, he hinted, “After all, it’s the first day we meet after the break. As a boyfriend, shouldn’t you express something?”


Many people who had been covertly observing couldn’t help but excitedly cover their mouths when they witnessed this interaction. The photos they took covered all possible angles and quickly became the first couple building of the new semester on the campus forum.


As Lu Jingning’s first instinct was to refuse such a public display of affection, under Wen Xingchen’s somewhat expectant gaze, he found it difficult to resist.


After a moment of silence, he suddenly lifted his head and lightly pecked the face that was within reach.


A loud commotion erupted around them, and many people who hadn’t watched their steps stumbled and tumbled with their suitcases.


Listening to the successive sounds, Lu Jingning asked irritably, “Is that enough?”


Suppressing the laughter in his eyes, Wen Xingchen pointed lightly to his own mouth, “What about here?”


“Next time!”


Lu Jingning exerted force, pulling the suitcase away from his hands, and turned to run up the stairs.


In the dorm, Yan Hebin, who were inside, only heard the door being pushed open with a loud crash against the wall.


Turning around, they saw Lu Jingning storming in.


A trace of bewilderment flashed across Yan Hebin’s faces. Yan couldn’t help but look at the date on his terminal, “In such a hurry, do we have class today?”


Lu Jingning casually threw the suitcase on the table and asked, “Do I look like someone in a hurry to go to class?”


Indeed, he did not.


Yan didn’t say anything more, calmly shifting his gaze back to the newly compiled mecha tutorial from the research department.



Soon, all major universities in the empire returned to the normal rhythm of classes.


However, at this time, the high-level military officials were gradually enveloped in a vague sense of unease.


… Perhaps because the restoration work on the toxic night crystals was nearing completion, the long-dormant insect race began to stir again.


First, their traces were discovered on non-living celestial bodies at the edge of the fourth star system. Subsequently, at the junction of the eighth star system, the closest to the insect race, small-scale wars began to occur one after another.


This situation was not limited to the Empire but also included the Federation Republic, a friendly neighbor.


The prolonged tranquility almost made humans forget the years of fighting against the insect race. After the events unfolded, to avoid causing unrest, such news was quickly suppressed by the leadership.


However, whether in the Empire or the Federation, although they could temporarily hide the information from their citizens, the high-ranking generals could not turn a blind eye to these unsettling signs.


They found that the current insect race, both in terms of quantity and combat power, was no longer comparable to the past.


On one side was a defeated race that had been waiting for an opportunity to rise again, and on the other side was the former ruler who had become lax and indulgent during the years of peace.


In such a critical moment where a crisis could erupt at any time, large-scale conscription was not feasible. After nearly ten days of joint discussions between the military leadership of the Empire and the Federation, a series of resolutions were finally made.


Of course, most of these resolutions were matters for the management to handle. However, one of them would have a profound impact on the military academy students of various countries.


To cope with the necessity, the Empire and the Federation had decided to establish a joint alliance army from now on.


For the first batch of troops, apart from those recommended by various units, priority would be given to recruiting from the top military academies.


The Imperial Naval University, being such a top-tier military institution, undoubtedly found itself on the enlistment list.

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Chapter 107 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 107


In the living room on the first floor, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen sat side by side on the sofa. Seated across from them were Lu Kongbin, Ye Ling, and Lu Xuebai.


Except for the bubbling sound of Lulu making tea, the atmosphere was silent. A figure appeared at the doorway. Lu Jiyuan walked in, putting away his communicator while sensing the gazes of everyone. In a calm tone, he said, “I’ve consulted Su Qian, and indeed, the situation is as stated.”


As he spoke, he glanced at Lu Jingning with an uncertain expression. He had been urgently summoned back by Lu Kongbin this morning due to some matters in the nearby star system, leading to this seemingly solemn family meeting.


Although it was said to be the mating season, he hadn’t expected these two individuals to be so audacious as to engage in such activities right under their father’s nose.


Later, Lu Jingning explained the special situation of his pheromones. Initially, Lu Kongbin thought it might be an excuse the two came up with to escape blame. With the intention of exposing them, he had Lu Jiyuan inquire with Su Qian. Surprisingly, the confirmation left his expression even more somber.


While Lu Jingning remained silent, he closely observed Lu Kongbin’s expression. It seemed that, from his father’s appearance, he almost wished to take out the cherished S546 energy gun and shoot Wen Xingchen on the spot.


In the tense atmosphere, Lu Kongbin managed to control his emotions after taking a few deep breaths. When he looked at Lu Jingning again, his expression became somewhat complex.


Lu Kongbin, accustomed to missions in remote star systems, had long become accustomed to it. Initially, he didn’t feel that anything was amiss until now, realizing that he might not have fully fulfilled his responsibilities as the head of the family.


At least, he now learned about the issue with Lu Jingning’s pheromones. Although it wasn’t explicitly explained, given the current level of medical development, Su Qian’s statement about needing Alpha’s temporary marking to calm the mating heat was sufficient to indicate the seriousness of the problem.


Lu Kongbin’s initial rage had faded as time passed. At this point, instead of anger, it seemed more like he was sulking, mixed with a sense of frustration.


Their precious child had unknowingly endured so much, and he hadn’t known at all. If it weren’t for the presence of outsiders, the old father even felt like shedding a tear or two.


Ye Ling, initially surprised by the boldness of the two, thought that the young people’s fiery nature was normal. Admiring their daring attitude, he looked at Wen Xingchen even more appreciatively.


Their child was not an ordinary Omega. The young man’s decisive actions in this regard indicated a promising future in other aspects as well.


Noticing the intense gaze from Lu Jingning, Ye Ling cleared his throat, breaking the silence and playing the role of the peacemaker. “Alright, Ninging has explained everything. Let’s not dwell on it. We are a reasonable family. Since there are reasons for what happened, let’s not be too harsh.”


Beside them, Lu Xuebai chuckled lightly. “Young people, passionate and impulsive. It’s normal to lose control during the mating season. Quite normal.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but glare at her. Blame that poisonous thing Lu Xuebai gave him, the GHS! His second brother was as venomous as he was in childhood!


Lu Xuebai whistled lightly as if completely unaware of the resentment.


Seeing Ye Ling mediate, Lu Kongbin, aware of her attitude, couldn’t discern any emotions on her face. In reality, he couldn’t really chop Wen Xingchen off, considering Su Qian’s explanation. In the future, Lu Jingning would rely on this lad’s pheromones for his mating seasons. Even if it was just to leave a walking marking tool for his Ninging, he had to keep this fellow alive.


However, under the current circumstances, it seemed like their family really couldn’t do without this surnamed Wen.


This made Lu Kongbin feel a constant tightness in his chest, making him uncomfortable.


If eyes could shoot daggers, just by the way he looked at Wen Xingchen, Lu Kongbin could have sliced him into pieces.


No matter what, playing around with an affair right under his nose, it was as if they didn’t regard him, the head of the family, at all!


Lu Kongbin took a deep breath and looked at Lu Jiyuan, asking, “How do you see this matter?”


Lu Jiyuan replied, “I have signed an agreement before, and Wen Xingchen has fulfilled the terms. From a strength perspective, I can approve. Therefore, I don’t oppose it now.”


Lu Jingning secretly praised his big brother’s stance. Now that’s a position! Quite impressive!


Lu Kongbin: “…”


He turned his head to look at his second brother.


Lu Xuebai was playing with Lulu, and upon feeling the gaze, he innocently said, “Dad, although I’m his second brother, this is Ninging’s own matter. I don’t feel right expressing my opinion. You decide, no need to ask me!”


Lu Kongbin felt like his blood pressure had reached its lifetime peak.


Wen Xingchen, who had been silent, seemed to have made up his mind. He suddenly stood up, earnestly saying, “Uncle, please agree to let us be together. I swear I will treat him well for a lifetime.”


Lu Kongbin’s gaze fell on the almost perfect face, even among Alphas, and he coldly asked, “Did I ask you to stand up?”


Lu Jingning quickly pulled Wen Xingchen back, “Yeah, yeah, just talk while sitting. Sit down and talk.”


Caught off guard by another show, Lu Kongbin felt a bit numb.


Seeing that no one else in the family opposed, he sat in his place expressionlessly for a while. He looked up at the hands of the two people opposite, tightly clasped together.


For some reason, he felt like he resembled a malicious stepfather from ancient melodramatic series, beating up a couple in love.


Lu Kongbin took a deep breath and suddenly said, “Didn’t we agree to continue training at the training ground today? Why aren’t you coming with me?”


Standing up under everyone’s gaze, he walked to the door. When he turned around, he saw Wen Xingchen still standing there, seemingly lost under this sudden change of topic. Unpleasantly, he asked, “What, afraid to come? Still expecting me to hand over Ninging to you?”


Ye Ling, watching from the side, chuckled and reminded him in a gentle tone, “Your father-in-law is calling you, what are you still standing there for?”


Lu Kongbin heard his wife undermining him, hummed heavily with a dark face, and the ferocious scar on his face trembled slightly. He secretly clenched his fist.


In a while, he estimated he would have to have a good talk with Wen Muqiao about the engagement of the two families.


But before that, there was one thing he had to do.


Otherwise, it would be difficult to resolve the hatred in his heart!


Seeing his old man finally relent, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but show a smile between his eyebrows. He escorted Wen Xingchen to the door, reassuring him in a very considerate manner, “Brother Wen, you’ve worked hard today. We’ll prepare the best healing medicine for you later. You can rest assured and not worry!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


This sounded really reassuring.



Lu Kongbin, accustomed to long journeys outside, was exceptionally energetic. Skipping lunch was a common occurrence for him, and he didn’t have lunch this afternoon.


Returning from the training ground in the evening, his mood seemed much better than when he left in the morning.


Presumably, the sandbag served him well.


Indeed, in his world, there was no problem that couldn’t be solved with a good beating. If there was, just beat twice.


Lu Jingning waited for Wen Xingchen to return, but he eventually went to the training ground with Lulu.


From a distance, he could see a figure lying in the center of the spacious field.


If it weren’t for the faint rise and fall on the chest, one might suspect that the person had died.


Approaching, Lu Jingning could see that the person’s clothes were in disarray, and his face was unusually pale, as if he had never been so pale before.


It seemed that due to excessive beating, his arm that was lying limp at the side was still trembling slightly.


Previously, Wen Xingchen had only heard that many people in the military were like monsters. Now, for the first time, he associated this term with Lu Kongbin.


Very strong, frighteningly strong.


He had almost no strength left in his whole body now. Even though he vaguely heard the footsteps approaching, he was too tired to even lift his head.


Lulu fully played the role of a versatile robot, placing the medical kit beside him and starting simple medical procedures.


Lu Jingning, who had been beaten by Lu Kongbin from childhood to adulthood, had never experienced such a miserable beating as Wen Xingchen.


Approaching, he couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed, “Why does this old man hit so hard?”

Wen Xingchen lifted his heavy eyelashes upon hearing his voice, tiredly curling his lips, “Feeling sorry for me?”


His throat was extremely dry, and even his voice was unusually hoarse.


Lu Jingning crouched down beside him, watching Lulu busy with his care, carefully assessing his condition, “Wen Ge, are you okay?”




“Where does it hurt?”


“Everywhere hurts.”


Lu Jingning frowned, “What should we do then?”


Wen Xingchen coughed lightly, “There’s a way to make me feel a bit more comfortable.”


Feeling Lu Jingning’s gaze, he laboriously waved at him.


Without much thought, Lu Jingning bent down, and in an instant, he was pulled close by the person in front of him.


The next second, a soft touch appeared on his lips.


Wen Xingchen’s lips were severely chapped, and this kiss had a distinct friction.


Lulu, caught off guard, was fed a dose of dog food. Its mechanical claws symbolically covered its face, “Ah, not suitable for minors! You two have no shame!”


Upon hearing its shout, Lu Jingning instantly realized and, both annoyed and amused, pushed Wen Xingchen away, “There are still people around!”


Wen Xingchen, falling heavily back to the ground, couldn’t help but chuckle, “This little thing, does it count as a person?”


“???” Lulu was angry, “Are you insulting me?!”


The red light on the display bottle blinked warningly, and it angrily hugged the medical kit and ran away.


Humph, how could a robot not be considered a person? PAPA always treated it like his own daughter!


Feeling wronged, Lulu decided not to accompany these shameless two and let them fend for themselves!

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Chapter 106 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 106


After Wen Xingchen finished bathing, he prepared to go to Lu Jingning’s room to find him. However, as soon as he walked through the corridor, he vaguely sensed the scent of pheromones lingering in the air.


His heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, and his footsteps quickened. It seemed like Lu Jingning had been waiting for him. Lu Jingning’s room was not locked, and the omega’s pheromones emanated from the partially open door.


Wen Xingchen briskly pushed the door open and entered. At a glance, he saw Lu Jingning curled up on the bed. Without hesitation, he walked over and scooped him into his arms.


Lu Jingning felt uncomfortable all over, unknowingly covered in a thin layer of sweat. His breathing became somewhat rapid.


Wen Xingchen’s appearance seemed to bring him a unique sense of comfort. The tightly furrowed brow slightly relaxed when he smelled the familiar pheromones, but Lu Jingning complained without reservation, “Took so long to bathe, did you drown in there?”


Wen Xingchen, lost in thoughts about their future, was somewhat absent-minded while bathing, inevitably taking more time.


Hearing Lu Jingning’s complaint, he casually responded, “My bad.”


Lu Jingning’s eyelashes trembled slightly, soft and boneless as he lay in Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


Wen Xingchen touched his cheek, lowered his voice, and asked, “Do you have the suppressant ready? Where is it? I’ll get it for you.”


As Su Qian had explained before, for Lu Jingning, whether it was the suppressant or the temporary marking of pheromones directly injected into the gland, neither could fully suppress the effects. Both had to be used in combination to achieve the desired results.


Since completely relaxing, Lu Jingning’s pheromones had uncontrollably leaked out. Wrapped around Wen Xingchen, it made his heart tighten slightly. His voice, affected by restraint, carried a hint of hoarseness, “Don’t you remember? I’ll go look for it.”


Perhaps sensing Wen Xingchen about to get up, Lu Jingning, instinctively dependent, subconsciously reached out to pull him, “Wen Ge, don’t go…”


In doing so, he lost balance and almost fell off the bed.


“Be careful!”


Wen Xingchen hurriedly turned back and caught him.


In this significant movement, inadvertently touching a switch on the remote control nearby.


Once activated, the blank screen floating in the air suddenly displayed a scene.


When the two entangled figures came into view, Lu Jingning’s somewhat dazed eyes gained a touch of confusion.


Is this the blockbuster his second brother highly recommended?


What’s going on? These two actors aren’t even wearing clothes? Has the production team really become this desperate…


Wen Xingchen, already heavily influenced by Lu Jingning’s pheromones, now unexpectedly faced a holographic adult film, an overly intense reality challenging his last line of defense.


He lowered his head and lightly kissed Lu Jingning’s gland.


Feeling Lu Jingning tremble slightly in his arms, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but bury his head in his neck. After finally regaining control of his composure, he asked in a low, hoarse voice, “Is this the movie you wanted us to watch together?”


As the two figures in his sight finally collided intensely, even though his head was spinning, Lu Jingning realized what kind of extraordinary adult film was unfolding.


However, at this moment, he obviously had no intention of holding Lu Xuebai accountable.


In this scene, he could feel the surge of pheromones within him becoming more intense.


An inexplicable irritability finally pushed him to the limit. Turning over, he pressed Wen Xingchen onto the bed. Then, loosening his collar, he fully exposed the gland at his neck, offering it to Wen Xingchen’s mouth, “Wen Ge… do you want to taste?”


Wen Xingchen’s pheromones had long been provoked. At this moment, they domineeringly surrounded Lu Jingning.


The territorial sense of an alpha was fully demonstrated at this moment, as if declaring its sovereignty, unreservedly enveloping him.


However, even in the face of the intense stimulation of the five senses, Wen Xingchen did not forget the environment he was in.


He forcefully held onto the last strand of rationality, avoiding the gland so close, and reassured, “We’re in your home now. Be good, endure a bit, I’ll go get the suppressant for you, okay?”




Lu Jingning’s whole body seemed to be burning, already restless. Seeing Wen Xingchen unmoved, he took matters into his own hands.


Grabbing Wen Xingchen’s collar, he pulled it forcefully. With a “rip,” the new clothes he had just changed into were torn apart, revealing the man’s alluring chest.


Wen Xingchen hadn’t expected Lu Jingning to be so direct. It seemed that this bout of estrus was even more intense than before.


A faint shadow crossed his eyes, and as Lu Jingning’s kisses descended down his throat, he found himself losing control. Alpha’s pheromones burst out aggressively, causing Lu Jingning to let out a low, muffled moan as he instinctively softened in the warmth of Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


The two figures on the bed slowly merged with the holographic image. The air carried a subtle yet intense aroma of desire, fiery and scorching.


This wasn’t their first time; they were familiar with each other’s habits, mutually accommodating, and the release became even more authentic.


However, just when the passion was reaching its peak, a knock on the door interrupted them.


Lu Kongbin’s voice came from outside, “Ningzi, are you in? Your dad wants to talk to you about something.”


Silence was the only response.


Inside the room, the two hadn’t anticipated Lu Kongbin’s unexpected visit at this moment. Wen Xingchen, still aware of their surroundings, instinctively covered the nearly chaotic Lu Jingning. He had to forcefully suppress the overwhelming desire.


Lu Jingning’s breath was heavy, and the sigh that had reached his lips was blocked by the large hand covering his mouth.


Between Wen Xingchen’s brows, a hint of autumn water seemed to be present. Watching the person in front of him, who was restrained but also struggling to control his desires, a trace of a smile flickered in Lu Jingning’s eyes. Although silent, it didn’t hinder his body from continuing the provocative actions.


Wen Xingchen struggled to contain the sigh that had reached his lips. In this almost clandestine and thrilling scene, his entire body was uncontrollably covered in a thin layer of sweat.


In this silent tableau, the pheromones of both Alpha and Omega intertwined wildly in the air.


Lu Kongbin stood outside the door for a while without any response. He couldn’t help but mutter in confusion, “Is he already asleep? I’ll come back tomorrow.”


Even though he found it strange, he didn’t think much of it. He turned and left.


As his footsteps faded away, the two had reached the pinnacle of their patience and finally found release.


Wen Xingchen flipped Lu Jingning over and pressed him hard against the edge of the bed. The unrestrained teasing from earlier had forced him to endure, resulting in excessive self-control. Now, his eyes were almost involuntarily tinged with redness.


He could no longer continue to restrain himself. His voice tightened to the extreme, “Enjoying this?”


Although Lu Jingning had appeared satisfied with the teasing moments before, he wasn’t faring much better himself. Now, he couldn’t endure it any longer. He directly hooked his arms around Wen Xingchen’s neck, pulling him in forcefully.


The proximity of their bodies, almost colliding, allowed Lu Jingning’s heavy breath to blow over Wen Xingchen’s nose, “Xingchen, mark me…”


Wen Xingchen hadn’t anticipated that Lu Jingning would ask him to watch AO films. When the holographic scene appeared before them, the overly stimulating visual impact quickly evoked a response due to the surrounding pheromones.


At this moment, Lu Jingning’s eyes were slightly misted due to physiological reasons, giving his expression a more intense desire than usual.


Wen Xingchen’s heart warmed. He bent down and lightly kissed Lu Jingning’s gland. Feeling Lu Jingning trembling in his arms, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but bury his head in his neck. After finally regaining control of his composure, he asked in a low, hoarse voice, “Is this the movie you wanted us to watch together?”


At this point, Lu Jingning also realized what was playing on the screen. His body trembled slightly with this kiss, but he didn’t offer an explanation.


He could feel Wen Xingchen’s pheromones being completely drawn out by him. At this moment, they invisibly enveloped him, intensifying the irresistible desire.


In the inexplicable restlessness, Lu Jingning finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He flipped over, pressing Wen Xingchen back, and forcefully pulled at the collar, fully exposing the gland hidden underneath.


A glint appeared in his eyes as he turned Wen Xingchen’s clean neck toward him, “Wen Ge… Do you want…?” 


However, Wen Xingchen still remembered the environment they were in. In the face of such an extreme provocation, he managed to hold onto the last strand of rationality, avoiding the gland so close. He comforted, “We’re in your home now. Be good, endure a bit, I’ll go get the suppressant for you, okay?”




Lu Jingning’s whole body felt like it was on fire, and he had long been restless. Seeing Wen Xingchen unmoved, he took matters into his own hands.

He grabbed Wen Xingchen’s collar and pulled it forcefully. With a “rip” sound, the once neat neckline was instantly torn apart under such absolute force, revealing the seductive curve of his collarbone.


Wen Xingchen hadn’t expected Lu Jingning to be so direct. The expression in his eyes slightly darkened as Lu Jingning’s kisses descended from his Adam’s apple, and eventually, he couldn’t control himself. Gently kneading Lu Jingning’s butterfly bone that protruded slightly, he whispered, “Not so rough.”


Despite the gentle touch, Lu Jingning felt a sensation that made him blush and a tingling warmth surged from within. His initially fierce demeanor instantly softened, and he let out a comfortable moan.


Yet, Lu Jingning’s hands continued their actions, not willing to be outdone. Following the contours of Wen Xingchen’s chest, they gradually moved downward, finally lingering in a certain area.


Wen Xingchen, affected by this move, let out a muffled groan, and the Alpha pheromones erupted ferociously.


Under the overwhelming invasive aura, Lu Jingning seemed to transform into water, suppressing the wild desires surging within. He whispered gently in Wen Xingchen’s ear, “Wen ge, you’re aroused, you want me too.”


His voice, unprecedentedly soft, accompanied by the subtle moans in the holographic video, became the background music arousing desire.


With the hands’ exploration, Wen Xingchen’s breathing became uncontrollably heavy. Unable to resist any longer, he grabbed Lu Jingning’s waist, pressed him down, and playfully kneaded, “In such a hurry?”




At this moment, Lu Jingning was extremely sensitive. Though it was a simple touch, it was enough to make him feel an intense pleasure. As the actions continued, his legs straightened involuntarily, and he subconsciously rubbed against the man in front of him.


In his moments of passion, Lu Jingning displayed none of his usual unrestrained demeanor. Instead, he was like a cat full of desire, breathtakingly captivating.


The pressure applied by Lu Wen Xingchen’s hands gradually intensified. After several encounters, he seemed to understand better how to make his Omega enjoy during intimate moments.


As all the desires unknowingly reached their peak, just when they were about to burst forth, a knock on the door interrupted them.


Obviously, no one expected Lu Kongbin to show up at this moment.


All movements instinctively halted, and the ambiguous atmosphere lingered silently. Lu Jingning’s cheeks were crimson, and his chest, tightly pressed against the other’s, trembled uncontrollably. Despite realizing what had happened, his instinctive reaction made him extremely dissatisfied with this sudden interruption.


He tentatively raised his waist, and the friction of their skin made his moans unconsciously roll to his throat, but Wen Xingchen’s hand covered his mouth tightly.


The sound that was about to reach his lips was completely blocked, but the more restrained he became, the more the desire within him brewed to the extreme.


In this overwhelming silence, the pheromones of Alpha and Omega, like a surging tide, intertwined wildly.


All moans were tightly sealed, excessive restraint made Wen Xingchen lower his eyes, and a hint of crimson, originating from desire, inevitably appeared at the corners of his eyes.


Until the footsteps outside faded away, all restraints and shackles seemed to be completely released, and the suppression swept over like a tide.


Wen Xingchen’s voice came, excessively restrained, “Was it fun?”


In this teasing, Lu Jingning had already fallen into complete chaos. At this moment, he pulled Wen Xingchen towards him, almost colliding with each other in close proximity. His heavy breath passed through Wen Xingchen’s nostrils, “Xingchen, mark me…”


Wen Xingchen didn’t respond.


The next moment, Lu Jingning felt a whirlwind, and he could sense himself flipping over completely under the pull of tremendous force. His entire face was buried in the soft quilt.


Just the friction between the skin and the bedding made his body shiver slightly. He grabbed the sheets with both hands, pulling them tightly into his palms.


In front of Wen Xingchen, this naked body was fully exposed. Now, the overly pale skin showed faint traces of redness from the earlier caresses, from the waist to the buttocks, creating a seductive allure.


As he leaned in, due to the excessively comfortable feeling, this enticing body trembled slightly, as if the wings of a butterfly were faintly stirring. Amid the sudden rush of scorching sensations below, Lu Jingning softly sobbed.

Wen Xingchen slowly pressed him down, listening to the heavy panting in his ears. He gently extended his hand, found the back of the other’s hand, and tightly interlocked their fingers.


The temperature between their fingers was unusually warm, causing Lu Jingning’s initially tense body to subconsciously relax. His waist became limp, completely entrusting himself to this man.


Wen Xingchen half-embraced him from behind, delving in gradually, exploring new territories and swearing absolute ownership.


With complete fusion, the emotions of both reached a climax. The intensity of their connection became more vigorous, and the vigorous movements caused Lu Jingning to groan in pain and bite his lip. Then, a rush of heat surged, and he instinctively tightened his grip, feeling an overwhelming pleasure accompanying it.


The intense desire reached its peak, and finally, they experienced a shared release.


When Wen Xingchen woke up, it was already the next morning. The starlight leaked into the room from the window, and the air still carried the lingering scent of blended pheromones, creating a peaceful atmosphere.


He tried to move but found an unusual heaviness on him. Turning his head, he discovered Lu Jingning, hanging on him like an octopus, in a stubborn sleeping position.


Wen Xingchen gazed at this sleeping face for a long time. A softness flickered in his eyes, and Lu Jingning slept soundly. Each time he fell asleep, he lacked the usual arrogance but remained dazzling, making it hard to look away.


Wen Xingchen lightly touched his face and then checked the time on the terminal. It wasn’t too early, but it was no longer late.


Remembering the training session he had arranged with Lu Kongbin this morning, his sleepiness dissipated by half. Wen Xingchen gently moved Lu Jingning’s hands and feet away from him, not wanting to disturb his sleep. Then, he quietly picked up his outerwear and walked to the door to leave.


The outfit he wore last night was obviously not suitable for wearing again, so he needed to return to his guest room to freshen up and change into a new one.


Since he had just woken up, he hadn’t heard the footsteps outside a while ago.


As he pushed the door open, Wen Xingchen saw Lu Kongbin standing at the door, quietly waiting for his precious son to wake up.


Caught off guard, their eyes met. Wen Xingchen’s opening of the door abruptly stopped, and a profound silence filled the surroundings.


Lu Kongbin’s gaze first lingered on his disheveled clothes, then gradually moved down to the outerwear hanging on him. Finally, he surveyed the surroundings with an expressionless face.


Although he didn’t speak, his actions seemed to confirm whether he had entered the wrong room. And the fact was, he hadn’t. This was indeed his precious son Lu Jingning’s room.


At this moment, everything spoke volumes. Regardless of the perspective, Wen Xingchen’s appearance was not hard to imagine from the previous night’s passion.


Lu Kongbin couldn’t help but feel a bit dizzy. Who was he, where was he, and what happened? From the moment their eyes met, Wen Xingchen maintained the posture of opening the door without moving.


If possible, he even wanted to rewind and close the door again, as if nothing had happened. He could keenly feel Lu Kongbin’s gaze turning increasingly ferocious.


For the first time in his life, Wen Xingchen felt as if a knife were hanging over his neck, sending a chill down his spine.


After a long while, he hesitated and said, “Uncle… Good morning.”


The silence was broken. At this moment, just with this sentence, Lu Kongbin’s near-explosive bomb seemed to have been completely ignited.


Suddenly, a furious roar, the voice soaring to the sky, “Who the hell is your uncle?!”


The commotion was too great, even waking up Lu Jingning. However, still in a daze, he rubbed his eyes.


Upon opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was Wen Xingchen standing at the door. Then, through the half-open door, he saw Lu Kongbin on the opposite side of the corridor, filled with raging fury.


Lu Jingning furrowed his brow, still processing the situation. “Dad, what are you doing here?”


It was like a hundred times more shocking blow. This was their home, and now he was being asked how he got here?!


After Lu Kongbin’s earlier furious shout, he felt a bit short of breath. At this moment, his body involuntarily swayed, almost fainting.


Medicine, medicine… Where was his medicine?

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Chapter 105 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 105


Wen Xingchen felt a chill as he was stared at by Lu Kongbin. Just as he was about to find a topic to break the tension, he suddenly saw someone coming out of the main gate. The person patted Lu Kongbin’s shoulder and reproached him, “Blocking guests at the entrance, is this how you behave? Invite them in!”


Lu Jingning, upon seeing the newcomer, showed a joyful expression, “Mom!”


Ye Ling nodded at him, ignoring the sulking Lu Kongbin, and took charge, “This classmate, come in with us.”


From the facial features, Wen Xingchen could easily tell that Lu Jingning and Ye Ling were mother and son. No wonder he didn’t resemble Lu Kongbin at all; turns out he followed his mother.


Wen Xingchen discreetly glanced at the tense expression on Lu Kongbin’s face and casually responded, “Thank you, Auntie.”


Lu Kongbin opened his mouth to say something, but a glance from Ye Ling made him unwillingly hold back his words. He grunted a couple of times and walked into the house with a stern face.


The family dynamics were evident.


Wen Xingchen’s family never had such harmonious interactions between spouses. He couldn’t help but take a closer look. Yet, upon further thought, once he married Lu Jingning, his position at home might not be much higher than Lu Kongbin’s. He retracted his gaze.


Both were individuals played by fate; no one should mock each other.


Ye Ling asked Lulu to help prepare dinner, and the family sat happily (?) in the dining room to start their meal.


The table was quite large. Lu Jingning asked Wen Xingchen to help him pick up the spare ribs placed in the corner. Wen Xingchen naturally picked the largest piece and put it in his bowl.


Ye Ling observed in secret, and a hint of a smile gradually appeared between her eyebrows.


From childhood to adulthood, she had been worried that Lu Jingning’s difficult temperament might make it challenging to find an Alpha. Now, watching the interaction between the two and considering Wen Xingchen’s appearance, she found herself liking them more and more.


As for the sulking old man at home, who behaved like a child despite being an adult, it was better not to mention.


Considering the family’s food chain, Lu Jingning, foreseeing potential issues, quickly gained Ye Ling’s assistance to “cover” him. In the following days, except for being glared at by Lu Kongbin every day, not a single hair on Wen Xingchen’s body was missing.


To prove his previous statements weren’t just boasting, Lu Jingning took Wen Xingchen to various interesting places in the vicinity.


Every day was like a date for the two, making Lu Kongbin’s eyes ache.


In the afternoon, the happy couple returned from outside, only to find Lu Kongbin standing at the front gate like a door god.


Lu Jingning blinked in confusion, “Dad, what are you doing here?”


Lu Kongbin’s gaze passed him and directly fell on Wen Xingchen. He said with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “It’s been a few days since I exercised. I want to find someone to move my muscles. How about considering becoming my sparring partner?”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Regretting eating vinegar in front of his father-in-law, all he could say was that karma was unavoidable.


Sure enough, no matter how one tried to avoid it, a beating was inevitable.


Seeing Lu Jingning about to speak up in defense, Lu Kongbin waved his hand and said, “Let’s go, come with me to the training ground.”


Lu Jingning was about to follow to support his boyfriend, but Ye Ling appeared at the second-floor window, “Ning, come up and help me with something.”


Seeing Lu Jingning hesitating, Wen Xingchen lightly patted his shoulder, reassuring him, “Go ahead. Don’t worry; everything will be fine.”


If it weren’t for the rare seriousness hidden behind that seemingly calm expression, Lu Jingning might have actually believed his words.


After a moment of hesitation, he turned and went upstairs.


Ye Ling wanted to get a book, but the bookshelf was too high for her to reach. Watching her son absentmindedly help her, she couldn’t help but smile and say, “So fond of him?”


Although she didn’t mention names, she knew who she was referring to.


Lu Jingning immediately replied without hesitation, “Yes, I am.”


Ye Ling looked at him with gentle eyes, gently rubbing his hair as if teasing a little dog, “Don’t worry, your dad is just momentarily upset, feeling a bit jealous. When he comes to terms with it, we’ll set a date for your marriage when he’s ready.”


Lu Jingning listened to her suddenly saying these words, and his face, rarely, showed a hint of warmth. With a strained expression, he couldn’t help but snort, “Dad is not young anymore, why would he be jealous? Isn’t that childish!”


Ye Ling lightly chuckled, “You’re still a child in your own way, aren’t you?”


Deep down, Lu Jingning still had concerns. He wanted to go to the training ground and see, but Ye Ling stopped him, “If you want Dad to accept your relationship, you need to give them some alone time. Men, there’s nothing a fist can’t solve.”


Despite Ye Ling’s gentle appearance, she truly lived up to being an Omega from a military family in certain beliefs.


Lu Jingning was actually afraid that Lu Kongbin wouldn’t hold back, after much internal struggle, he ended up lying on the sofa in the living room, absentmindedly watching the live broadcast.


Time passed, and unnoticed, it was already sunset.


Finally, Wen Xingchen’s figure appeared at the front gate.


Just a glance revealed that he looked much more disheveled than when they parted. His hair was messy, clothes covered in dust, a part of his face scr4p3d, wounds scattered and mottled. But this added a touch of wildness that was not present before.


Somehow, it had a unique charm.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but silently praise his handsomeness in his heart, then felt that Lu Kongbin did indeed not hold back. He hurriedly went up to carefully examine him and asked, “Wen Ge, are you hurt?”


Wen Xingchen shook his head wearily, his voice slightly hoarse from the dry throat, “I’m fine.”


Although he had been rubbed on the ground all afternoon, at least Lu Kongbin had avoided his vital points during the process. It could be considered showing mercy; at least he didn’t beat him to the brink of death.


Lu Kongbin walked in from behind, looking in a better mood than before. He patted Wen Xingchen’s shoulder with a refreshing expression, “Kid, continue tomorrow!”


Wen Xingchen: “……”


Retracting the previous compliment, it might not be showing mercy but rather considering future opportunities for more beatings, part of a sustainable development strategy.


Lu Kongbin seemed to have found a new source of entertainment. Whenever he had time, he would spar with Wen Xingchen, never getting tired of it.


Unbeknownst to them, under such beatings, a week had already passed.


Wen Xingchen gradually got used to this rhythm. To please his father-in-law, he even went to buy several sets of clean clothes and actively cooperated every day, appearing strong and bitter.


Fortunately, heaven helps those who help themselves. He could feel that Lu Kongbin’s gaze seemed less hostile.


This was obviously a significant step in gaining his father-in-law’s approval on the long and arduous journey to become his son-in-law.


It was another day returning from the training ground.


As soon as Wen Xingchen entered the room, he saw Lu Jingning waiting for him at the door.


Judging from the expression, it seemed he wasn’t too happy.


Wen Xingchen walked over, tilted his head, stared at the expressionless face for a while, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“I’ve decided to talk to Dad.” Lu Jingning’s lips were tightly pursed. “I can’t let him torment you like this in front of me.”


He brought Wen Xingchen back initially to let him relax, but it turned into Lu Kongbin’s free punching bag. How could this be allowed?


Wen Xingchen’s eyes flashed with amusement, “Are you worried about me, Ah Ning?”


“Yes, I’m really worried.” Lu Jingning saw his seemingly indifferent attitude and couldn’t help but glare at him, “Seeing you like this, it feels like you’re enjoying it. Are you a masochist?”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow, “Am I a masochist? You should know better than anyone.”


Lu Jingning: “… Be serious.”


Wen Xingchen looked at his expression and couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, I have a plan. Trust me, once this period is over, Uncle should approve of our relationship.”


Recalling Ye Ling’s words and now hearing Wen Xingchen’s assurance, although still skeptical, Lu Jingning relaxed a bit, “Really?”


“Really.” Wen Xingchen whispered, “By the way, didn’t you say there’s a new movie to watch together? Why don’t you go back to the room? I’ll take a shower and join you after.”


Lu Jingning’s expression eased a lot, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


Seeing Wen Xingchen take out a set of clean clothes and walk into the bathroom, his gaze lingered on the door for a moment before turning away.


Back in the room, after importing the content of the new movie that Lu Xuebai gave him into the device, Lu Jingning sat on the edge of the bed, hugging his body, patiently waiting.

The night had fallen, and the starlight outside was mottled, occasionally accompanied by a slightly cool breeze. Lu Jingning, watching the outside through the window, couldn’t help but daydream, and his thin clothes swayed with the wind.


Everyone told him to wait a bit longer, but with Lu Kongbin’s stubborn temperament that even nine oxen couldn’t move, he didn’t know when he would finally agree.


Lu Jingning silently complained in his heart, pondering, when suddenly he felt that the night wind around him seemed to carry an indiscernible warmth.


At first, this feeling was just faint, but gradually, it became more intense.


When his breath also took on a slightly urgent rhythm in this heated sensation, he finally realized.


It was mating season.


Lu Jingning felt his consciousness gradually becoming blurry. He simply lay on the bed in a daze, but because of the heat, he kicked the blanket to the side and curled up with a pillow.


His pheromone concentration was naturally much higher than others, making him more sensitive to the mating season.


However, because of Su Qian’s reminder last time and not daring to use suppressants recklessly, he could only bite the bullet and wait now.


All he could say was that it was fortunate that Wen Xingchen was here. Everything would be fine when he came over later.


Lu Jingning curled up there in a daze. Finally, unable to bear the heat inside, he couldn’t help but curse silently in his heart.


Damn, is he still not coming? Why is he taking such a long shower!

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Chapter 104 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 104


Coming out of the last exam room, Lu Jingning felt like he had come back to life. Unable to restrain himself, he took a deep breath of air and burst into laughter, looking up at the sky.


Jiang Luan, standing beside him, shook his head, saying, “Ah, another person going crazy.”


Emperor Haijun did not have the habit of keeping international students on campus to wait for exam results. On that afternoon, students had already started leaving the school one by one.


Lu Jingning was energetically packing his belongings in the dormitory. When he lifted his head, he saw Yan Hebin sitting calmly at the table and couldn’t help but ask, “Top student, aren’t you going home?”


Yan Hebin responded, “No, I applied to stay on campus.”


Lu Jingning was slightly stunned, only now realizing that Yan Hebin had never mentioned his family.


When it came to staying on campus, Lu Jingning’s movements involuntarily paused. A figure flashed in his mind. He pushed the luggage aside, turned, and ran to the balcony, casually closing the door.


Wen Xingchen didn’t expect Lu Jingning to contact him at this moment. After connecting, he softly said, “Hey, is everything packed?”


“Not yet.” Lu Jingning touched his nose and looked towards the Alpha dormitory building, asking, “When do you plan to go home?”


Wen Xingchen fell silent for a moment and said, “Not determined yet.”


Wen Muqiao was at home recently, and Wen Xingchen didn’t want to go back. Originally, he should have spent this holiday with Yu Zhi, but his mother happened to be touring the interstellar space, experiencing the joy of traveling for the New Year. It seemed she wouldn’t be back for a short time.


In this case, he really didn’t know how to arrange his time. If nothing unexpected happened, he would probably apply to stay on campus.


Lu Jingning sensed something from Wen Xingchen’s tone. After hesitating for a moment, he casually asked, “If you have nothing to do at home, how about considering… coming to my place? My family is not as big as yours, but there are many interesting things nearby, guaranteed to be more fun than your high-profile family.”


There was silence on the other end of the phone for a long time. Lu Jingning waited quietly, hearing only his own breathing, accompanied by a slightly abrupt heartbeat.


This suggestion was completely impromptu, and he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.


Wen Xingchen also didn’t expect Lu Jingning to make such an invitation. According to the original plan, he should have sent his boyfriend to the long-range light cruiser early tomorrow morning and then returned to the dormitory alone. If he felt bored during the holiday, he would visit Jiang Luan’s house.


Then, during the New Year, he would find a suitable time to visit Lu’s house.


Through the communicator, he could feel Lu Jingning’s concern. This softened Wen Xingchen’s heart, and a touch of tenderness appeared in his eyes.


With a gentle smile, he asked, “If you suddenly bring me home like this, will your uncle directly chop me?”


Lu Jingning just thought about not letting his boyfriend spend the long holiday alone. He hadn’t really considered this very realistic issue.


For a moment, he felt a bit stumped by the question.


After thinking seriously for a moment, he said, “It’s okay. Just stick close to me at that time. Even if Uncle Lu really wants to take action, he can’t hit me together with you.”


“That sounds like there’s some reason to it.” Wen Xingchen laughed, “What about the night? We’ll have to separate eventually. We can’t sleep together every night, can we?”


The low voice, with a unique magnetism, made Lu Jingning’s earlobes slightly hot. He almost wished that Wen Xingchen was in front of him now, at least so he could bite his vermilion lips fiercely.


Suppressing the itchy feeling in his heart, Lu Jingning pretended to snort and said, “Do you want to make a commitment? How about that? Can you resist?”


Wen Xingchen responded, “It’s my boyfriend’s invitation, how can I refuse? But since you brought me home, you must remember to take responsibility for me.”


Lu Jingning made a clicking sound, very readily agreeing, “No problem, I’ll take responsibility for you!”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Then, see you at the school gate tomorrow.”


After ending the call, Lu Jingning sighed deeply.


Just as he walked back from the balcony to the room, he happened to meet Yan Hebin’s gaze.

His footsteps slightly paused. Although there was a balcony door between them, at this distance, some information might still leak out.


Lu Jingning inexplicably felt a bit guilty and cleared his throat, politely asking, “Top student, how about you don’t stay on campus either and come back with us?”


Yan Hebin, upon hearing this, quickly withdrew his gaze, not turning his head, and said, “No need. The school is fine. The principal has a project that needs me to follow up on. You guys enjoy yourselves.”


His attitude was clear. Firstly, he wasn’t interested in being a third wheel, and secondly, he didn’t want to be fed dog food every day.


Thanks but no thanks.


Lu Jingning coughed twice, not very sincerely saying, “Ah, that’s a pity.”



Jiang Luan ran into Wen Xingchen packing his bags and felt like he was witnessing the end of the world. After inquiring, he learned that Wen Xingchen was going to Lu Jingning’s house. He suddenly realized and seamlessly switched to gossip mode, “Have you guys met each other’s parents? Round it up, when do you plan to get married?”


Wen Xingchen, busy as he was, looked up at him, thought for a moment, and said, “If you see me come back alive when school starts, then it’s soon.”


Jiang Luan pondered for a moment, finding this statement profound. He concluded, “Should I buy you life insurance in advance?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t answer but kicked him.


The next day, Lu Jingning waited early at the school gate. After meeting Wen Xingchen, the two boarded the long-distance spacecraft heading home together.


By the time they reached their destination, the sky was almost dark.


Lu Jingning’s second brother, Lu Xuebai, came to pick them up. When he saw the two coming out of the security check, a hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes, quickly disappearing. Seeing Wen Xingchen dragging Lu Jingning’s luggage, he calmly took it over.


Lu Jingning introduced them casually, one being his boyfriend and the other his second brother, making the titles clear.


Wen Xingchen politely extended his hand, “Nice to meet you.”


Lu Xuebai’s gaze swept from his hand, paused for a moment, and, under Lu Jingning’s deadly stare, he reluctantly shook hands, saying, “Hello, but it’s not the first time we’ve met.”


The three walked outside, and Lu Jingning curiously asked, “Second Brother, if it’s not the first time, when did you meet before?”


Wen Xingchen also looked puzzled. If they had met, he would definitely remember such a person.


Lu Xuebai, walking ahead, didn’t turn around, just chuckled slightly, “Some time ago, many colleagues were watching videos of the Morning Scenery CP. It’s hard not to know.”




Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen exchanged a silent glance.


Just making a splash in the Bounty League, and unexpectedly, they went viral?


The three boarded the floating aircraft waiting at the gate, heading towards the Lu family’s residence.


Lu Xuebai sat in the front row, glanced sideways, and, with a nonchalant smile, looked at Wen Xingchen, asking Lu Jingning, “Anning, have you told Dad about bringing your ‘classmate’ home?”




Lu Jingning was choked by this sudden and heart-stopping question.


Lu Xuebai instantly understood his expression, and with an ambiguous smile on his face, he said, “Second Brother wishes you both good luck.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


After a moment of silence, he couldn’t help asking, “So, Second Brother, whose side are you on?”


Lu Xuebai seemed to be stumped by his question, tilted his head, and thought for a moment, “Probably neither side. I hate trouble the most. Watching the excitement suits me best.”


Lu Jingning, hearing this, bit his teeth, “That really suits you, especially well! So fitting for you!”


Even now, he still didn’t quite understand. With this guy’s careless personality, how did he become a generation’s scientific genius? Shouldn’t he be a mediocre student like him?


Lu Xuebai felt his gaze and seemed to have a mind-reading device. He sneered and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I’m a genius. You can’t envy me.”


“Why envy you, a scrub? Haha!”


Lu Jingning angrily withdrew his gaze, ignoring him. The two brothers bickered, and Wen Xingchen couldn’t get a word in, just looking out at the rapidly receding scenery.


He still remembered the last time Lu Kongbin said he would chop him up to feed the pigs. Strictly speaking, his current actions were probably considered walking into the trap, or rather, delivering himself?



As they entered the courtyard, the robot Lulu happily approached, passing directly by Lu Jingning and rushing to Lu Xuebai, “PAPA, welcome home!”


Lu Jingning, seeing Wen Xingchen looking interested in this little thing, said sarcastically, “This guy is called Lulu, my second brother made it. So, as long as he’s around, his eyes have no room for others, especially selective. You’ll get used to it.”


Wen Xingchen laughed, “Are you jealous of a robot?”


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth, “You don’t know how much effort I spent to improve the favorability of this ungrateful thing! Now, thinking about it, I might as well have fed it to the dogs!”


Wen Xingchen gently rubbed his head, “In my eyes, there’s no one else but you. Wouldn’t that make you happier?”


After thinking for a moment, Lu Jingning indeed felt much happier, “That’s right! Our Wen Ge is much more likable than this broken robot!”


The “broken robot” Lulu happened to pass by, and its face display screen suddenly showed an angry expression, “How can you talk behind Lulu’s back like that? Joining forces to slander, shameless!”


Lu Jingning barely restrained himself from kicking it directly, “Can’t speak, don’t talk nonsense… Roll, roll, roll, quickly roll!”


Why does this little thing use idioms so infuriatingly?


Lulu, still wanting to retort, suddenly fell silent and the next moment displayed a grievance on its face, adopting a tone of complaint, “Master—!”


Lu Jingning looked up and saw Lu Kongbin standing at the entrance.


Hearing that his son had finally come home for the holidays, Lu Kongbin had been in a very good mood these days. He had tidied up the room several times, eagerly awaiting the heartwarming moment of father and son reunion.


Now, after clearly seeing the person standing next to him, the brilliant smile on Lu Kongbin’s face froze for a moment. A strange atmosphere enveloped them as the wind blew.


Lu Xuebai whistled, took Lulu’s little hand, and headed towards the house, “Come, PAPA will take you to eat delicious energy batteries.”


Lulu instantly became delighted, completely shaking off its previous sad appearance, and happily followed.


With the three of them leaving, it suddenly became quieter.


Lu Jingning remembered the promise he made to Wen Xingchen yesterday. Before Lu Kongbin spoke, he stepped forward and stopped in front of him, saying with a serious expression, “Dad, this is the first time I’ve brought my boyfriend home. Please be gentle with him. Don’t embarrass me, okay?”


Lu Kongbin couldn’t help but clutch his chest tightly. After not seeing his son for so long, the first thing he said was asking him not to embarrass him?


Lu Kongbin raised his head again, and when he looked at Wen Xingchen, there seemed to be a deep resentment as if facing a rival. He silently rubbed his fists.


This little brat, just wait for me!

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Chapter 103 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 103


When the lower grades were immersed in the intense suffering of exam week, the seniors in their final year, facing graduation, appeared much more relaxed.


In fact, Bing Yunlin had wanted to implement the agreed-upon blind date arrangements long ago. However, Wen Ye, being involved in multiple roles, was entangled in various school affairs upon his return.


With Wen Ye’s meticulous nature in everything he does, he had to ensure that each matter was dealt with one by one to feel at ease.


The two of them busily worked for nearly half a month before finally settling down temporarily.


When asked for suggestions on the blind date venue, Wen Ye thought for a moment and simply said, “It’s up to you.”


In the end, Bing Yunlin chose a small asteroid nearby. It wasn’t overly prosperous, but it was picturesque enough.


The dining place was by a large seaside. Looking through the clean glass of the French window, the coastline extended to the end of the field of vision, seemingly endless.


On the day of the blind date, Bing Yunlin wore a white suit, a color that suited him well, accentuating his entire features to be even softer.


Perhaps due to the pleasant mood, a faint layer of sunlight seemed to envelop his expression, making the restaurant’s landlady unable to help but want to smile whenever she saw him.


At the appointed time, a tall figure appeared in Bing Yunlin’s field of vision. Even he, who was usually calm and composed, couldn’t help but feel his heart beat slightly faster.


Unexpectedly, Wen Ye had dressed up carefully today as well.


Although it seemed not much different from his usual attire, Bing Yunlin still noticed the meticulously combed hair, tidier and neater than ever.


His eyes couldn’t help but soften, and his smile became even gentler.


This was the man he liked, always standing in the most dazzling position, occasionally influencing his entire mood with a casual gesture.


Wen Ye had actually seen Bing Yunlin waiting for him at the door long ago. Although his face remained calm, deep down, he was not as calm as he appeared.


Since Bing Yunlin’s confession, although neither of them mentioned it again, he always felt a subtle atmosphere between them.


Strangely enough, he didn’t find this subtle feeling unpleasant.


Maybe it was because he and Bing Yunlin had known each other for too long, so long that he seemed to have completely accustomed to the feeling of having someone accompany him in everything.


Like a shadow, or a beam of light, or more accurately, it had become an indispensable part of his life.


Wen Ye couldn’t deny that he was indeed somewhat unable to imagine the days after Bing Yunlin disappeared from his side.


However, he was an Alpha, and Bing Yunlin was also an Alpha.


Although Alpha-Alpha relationships were not uncommon in military academies, Wen Ye had never thought about it before.


“Here?” Bing Yunlin’s attitude was quite natural. After entering the private room with Wen Ye, he casually took off his coat and hung it on the side. Pulling out a chair for him to sit down, he slightly raised his slender eyebrows, “I spent a long time choosing this restaurant, I hope you like it.”


Although it was a very ordinary tone, it sounded somewhat ambiguous to Wen Ye’s ears. He couldn’t help but pause for a moment before saying, “It’s good.”


Bing Yunlin had already ordered in advance, and the landlady soon brought the dishes to the table one after another.


Wen Ye just glanced at them, and his expression between his eyebrows swayed slightly.


Since childhood, his lifelong goal had been to become an excellent soldier, and he was not picky about food.


After all, there were many times during missions where he had to endure harsh conditions, and being too particular about food would eventually lead to starving oneself.


However, even though he never showed any preferences, Bing Yunlin still accurately seized his dining preferences.


The table was filled with dishes he liked.


Bing Yunlin noticed Wen Ye’s rare distraction and couldn’t help but laugh, asking knowingly, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like the dishes I ordered?”


Wen Ye looked up at him, as if wanting to say something, but in the end, he remained silent.


Bing Yunlin sensed his restraint, smiled gently, poured a glass of red wine for him, and raised his own wine glass in front of him, “Enjoy your meal.”


“Thank you.”


Wen Ye also picked up the wine glass, lightly clinked it with him, and took a small sip.


The red wine rolled slightly in his throat, and Bing Yunlin placed the wine glass back on the table. Slowly, he spoke, “Since today is a blind date, let’s follow the process, shall we?”


Wen Ye had no objections to this.


He was inherently a person who followed rules, and processes, to some extent, provided him with a sense of stability in areas where he wasn’t proficient.


Bing Yunlin watched him with a gentle smile, as if well-prepared. In a soft tone, he said, “I’m Bing Yunlin, a senior at the Imperial Navy Academy, and I’ll officially join the Third Corps for service next year. My favorite color is blue. I usually like to drink tea, and my pheromone level is S-class. I enjoy the taste of lemon black tea. I don’t have any special hobbies; I just like being a perpetual assistant to someone named Wen Ye. I prefer straightforward, rigid, but dedicated types. The ideal type for a future partner is the same. If possible, their nickname should be ‘Ah Ye,’ then it would be perfect.”


At first, it seemed normal, but as Wen Ye listened to the end, his spine subtly straightened. Although his face still maintained that expressionless look, Bing Yunlin was too familiar with him. Beneath this serious facade, Bing Yunlin saw a hint of shyness.


This made him feel somewhat curious. Unable to resist, he looked at Wen Ye a bit more before smiling and casually reminding, “I’ve finished. So, following the process, isn’t it your turn now?”


Wen Ye’s expression became more serious for a moment. While pondering, he said, “Wen Ye, a senior at the Imperial Navy Academy, will also join the Third Corps for service. Likes black, S-class, and…”


At this point, he fell silent for a long time. Finally, as if making a decision, he said, “Although not entirely certain, perhaps I can consider liking an Alpha named Bing Yunlin.”


Bing Yunlin had been listening to him with a smiling face, looking quite interested. He was also curious about how Wen Ye, a veteran, would present their situation.


This expression continued until he heard the last sentence.


In that moment, his thoughts slightly froze.


Like you, give it a try.


Wen Ye’s choice of words was still very precise, fully expressing the intended meaning. However, to Bing Yunlin’s ears, the two words “give it a try” already sounded like the most pleasant words of love.


Over these recent times, Bing Yunlin knew that Wen Ye had actually considered their situation for a long time privately. Now, he finally heard the result after careful consideration.


Wen Ye would never use the approach of half-hearted rejection. Since he decided to give it a try, it meant he had decided to let him into that small world.


The initially soft gaze turned into a pool of spring water in an instant, and the smile completely blended into his eyes.


Bing Yunlin’s eyes shifted, and the corners of his mouth distinctly curled up.


In the joyous atmosphere, the tenderness in the words became even more difficult to conceal.


Following Wen Ye’s words, he lightly responded, “Well, since it’s a blind date, it’s necessary to go through this process of getting to know each other.”


Saying this, Bing Yunlin stood up, reached out his hand to Wen Ye, and seriously said, “So, let’s have a pleasant courtship, my prospective fiancé.”


Listening to Bing Yunlin so naturally establishing his fiancé status, Wen Ye couldn’t help but chuckle at this opportunistic move.


However, despite sometimes blandly grumbling about this person, Wen Ye seemed to have no way to deal with Bing Yunlin.


It seemed that he had been eaten up completely, and Wen Ye, for some reason, only realized this belatedly.


At this moment, he shook his head with a hint of helplessness, and with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, he also stood up and gently shook the hand that Bing Yunlin extended towards him, saying, “Well, let’s have a pleasant relationship.”

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Chapter 102 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 102


After returning to school, everyone submitted the championship prizes they won in the bounty tournament. This made Bing Cang very happy, and he specifically gave them two extra days off to rest. 


Upon hearing that there was no need to rush to class, Lu Jingning’s eyes lit up, and he went straight back to the dormitory and slept like there was no tomorrow. 

In stark contrast, Yan Hebin, after returning to school, went to his own classroom for classes that same afternoon. After classes, he stayed in the library until late at night before returning to the dormitory.


These two days were the same routine. At this point, Lu Jingning had already entered dreamland, watching the figure walking into the dormitory without a care in the world. He yawned and turned to find a comfortable position to sleep again.


Scholars are scholars, and the joy of scholars is something ordinary people like them can never understand. When Lu Jingning comfortably slept for two days, he finally appeared in the classroom again.


After this bounty tournament, his already high popularity within the school skyrocketed once again. If in the past, many senior students only heard his name, now he was an absolute focus wherever he went.


Fortunately, this situation didn’t seem so severe within his own class. After all, they were classmates who knew each other well, and people didn’t dare to approach and watch. However, the gazes between him and Wen Xingchen unavoidably carried a strong sense of gossip.


Jiang Luan, as an insider and the behind-the-scenes promoter of the CP gossip building, couldn’t be too obvious in front of Wen Xingchen. Seeing Lu Jingning appear, he immediately approached, wearing an attitude of hiding his talents and biding his time.


Lu Jingning, feeling dizzy from being shaken by him, couldn’t help but pull him over and ask, “Jiang Luan, what’s wrong with you? Haven’t seen you for a few days, and you’ve developed hyperactivity in children?”


Jiang Luan’s expression almost couldn’t hold back, and his mouth twitched involuntarily. “Don’t you have something to say to me?”


Lu Jingning stared at him for a moment, then pointed to the hair standing on top of his head. “Did you roll in your bed yesterday? The hair on your head is all standing up.”


Jiang Luan quickly reached out and pressed down on the unruly hairstyle. “Damn!”


Wen Xingchen had already heard their conversation. He leaned in, patted Jiang Luan lightly, and said, “Alright, benefactor, consider this my favor to you.”


Jiang Luan finally felt satisfied. “Remember it well!”


Lu Jingning looked at him as he walked away humming a tune and then turned to Wen Xingchen, asking, “What’s going on?”


Wen Xingchen casually pulled a nearby chair and said, “Nothing much, just helped out once in a while. It’s inevitable to feel a bit inflated.”


Lu Jingning suddenly understood and didn’t say anything more. He walked over and sat down naturally.


He took out his unused backpack, flipped through it, and then froze in place. Wen Xingchen looked over, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning cleared his throat. “Uh, what class do we have today?”


Wen Xingchen smiled, and after being stared at by Lu Jingning, quickly replied, “Aerokinesis.”


Finishing his words, he casually handed his own book to Lu Jingning. “If you didn’t bring yours, use mine.”


Lu Jingning hesitated for a moment and came up with a compromise. “How about we read it together?”


For Wen Xingchen, the content of these courses could be understood without textbooks. However, his words circled around his mouth and finally turned into a somewhat ambiguous smile. “Sure.”


Sharing one book inevitably brought them closer, and they could even feel each other’s breath faintly. The professor was earnestly explaining the course content on the podium, but Wen Xingchen seemed a bit absent-minded, unusually distracted.


Lu Jingning, who always got drowsy in class, couldn’t change his habit. Unconsciously, he had already fallen asleep with his arms as a pillow.


His long eyelashes drooped, and at such a close distance, Wen Xingchen could see the faint trembling arc. Compared to his usual bold and unrestrained appearance, there was a unique charm.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze slid across Lu Jingning’s eyebrows, then the nose, and finally, the collarbone revealed in the slightly open shirt. His eyes stopped there silently, without moving away.


Jiang Luan couldn’t remember when he had become accustomed to sitting alone in the front row. As he turned around to borrow some materials, he happened to see Wen Xingchen, who was blatantly… well, affectionately gazing at Lu Jingning. The words he was about to say got stuck in his throat as he choked.


Seems like sensing an external gaze intruding, Wen Xingchen felt his territory was being violated. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and he looked up with a calm expression. Jiang Luan couldn’t help but shiver under such a gaze, hastily gesturing a “please continue” motion, and with an unprecedentedly quick reaction, turned back.


Perhaps because Wen Xingchen’s previous look was too threatening, it took Jiang Luan a while for his heartbeat to slowly calm down. After that, a sense of grievance couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Damn! Wen Xingchen, this guy, is really something. After being brothers for so many years, he still can’t compete with Lu Jingning, the new love? Insane, heartless, and forgetful of friendship!


It seemed he had to end this single period quickly and find a new target. After all, this forcibly declared territory feeling was too damn uncomfortable!


Lu Jingning woke up right on time when the class bell rang, and in a daze, received a resentful look from Jiang Luan. Without waiting for him to speak, Lu Jingning left, leaving only a determined figure.


He opened his mouth, unable to resist asking Wen Xingchen beside him, “What’s wrong with him?”


Wen Xingchen: “Menopause, maybe.”


Lu Jingning: “Oh…”


That explanation seemed acceptable.


Lu Jingning stretched, and as his gaze wandered around, he exclaimed, “What’s going on? Today, Lao Wang surprisingly didn’t give us homework after class.”


“We’re done with all classes after this week, so why assign homework?” Wen Xingchen packed up his things, giving him a strange look. “Have you been sleeping too much recently and got drowsy? After this week, all classes for this semester will be over, and we can prepare for the holiday after the next exam week.”


Lu Jingning’s stretching motion paused in mid-air, and he stiffly turned his head to look, “It’s… the final exams already?”


He tried to recall his study achievements in this semester, but his mind remained blank. With one thing after another happening, having fun and forgetting about the insane existence of final exams, now he could only say, “How am I going to pass this? I’m screwed!”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, then said heavily, “Lu Ge is dead. In case of any problem, burn some prayer papers for myself…”


Wen Xingchen looked at the expression like it was the end of the world and couldn’t help but laugh, ruffling his hair. “Don’t worry, after this week, there are no classes. I’ll help you review. You won’t have to retake anything; I guarantee you’ll pass.”


Lu Jingning opened his arms and sincerely hugged him, “Wen Ge, reborn parents!”


Wen Xingchen’s smile at the corner of his mouth deepened, “Isn’t this title a bit messy?”


Jiang Luan, in a fit of pique, walked out and waited outside for half a day without seeing the two catching up. At this time, he walked back with a disgruntled face.


As soon as he entered, he witnessed this scene that disgraced scholarly manners. He couldn’t help but cover his eyes with his hand and looked through two fingers, asking, “Two of you, hugging so comfortably, still planning to eat?”


“Eat, eat, eat!” Lu Jingning swung his backpack, propped on the table, and jumped out from a pile of desks, displaying a heroic posture. “Haven’t eaten in the school cafeteria for a long time, kind of miss it.”


Following behind, Wen Xingchen carried it, not too light or heavy, and said indifferently, “Listening to you, it seems like it.”


Jiang Luan: “…”


Damn, he actually thought of getting some benefits from these two? How naive!


Just as he was thinking, he saw Wen Xingchen in front suddenly reach out and pull Lu Jingning into his arms. His eyes slightly lowered, and with a smile that was neither a smile nor a laugh, he asked, “By the way, since I helped you review, should you thank me?”


A glint flashed in Lu Jingning’s eyes, and he raised the corners of his mouth, kissing him lightly on the face. “Thanks, Wen Ge!”


Jiang Luan: “……….”


Forget it, it doesn’t matter what to eat; after all, they’re already full.



The last week of the freshman year quickly came to an end.


Wen Xingchen fulfilled his promise. Taking advantage of the week of buffer time before the exam week, he grabbed Lu Jingning and entered the rhythm of devilish review.


In order to better catch the key points for Lu Jingning, who was a professional sleeper in class, he had already listed all the exam contents that needed attention in advance, evidently putting in a lot of effort.


Anyway, the goal of the final exam was not to get a high score. They only needed to pass and get the credits, avoiding retaking the course.


The targeted tutoring proved to be effective, and at least halfway through, Lu Jingning was no longer in a state of “it recognizes me, but I don’t recognize it” while looking at the questions. Of course, this rapid progress was not only due to Lu Jingning’s determined efforts but also closely related to Wen Xingchen’s irreplicable “teaching method.”


In a certain self-study room, two slender figures sat cuddled up in a corner.


Wen Xingchen held Lu Jingning’s hand, calmly gesturing, “Look, if I use my current strength to push you backward, you need to use pheromones to counteract the force. If you exert the force you used just now, the result would be…”


Suddenly, he leaned backward, and with Lu Jingning in a state of complete relaxation, he softly fell into his arms. The familiar scent surrounded them.


Wen Xingchen continued with a light laugh, “The result is that the balance will be completely disrupted. So, now you know which one to choose, right?”


Lu Jingning realized, “Choose option C!”


Wen Xingchen lowered his head, gently rubbing against Lu Jingning’s head with his jaw, “Hmm, our Ah Ning is indeed smart.”


Despite the fact that the two of them shamelessly engaged in public displays of affection, Lu Jingning, for some reason, felt a bit embarrassed when the voice brushed past his ear at this moment.


He subconsciously tried to wriggle out of Wen Xingchen’s embrace but felt a strong pull that tightened the hold.


Lu Jingning whispered, “Let go…”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Not letting go.”


Lu Jingning’s heartbeat, initially a bit erratic, strangely calmed down after hearing this. Then he smiled, “Wen Ge, this doesn’t seem like your style, does it?”


This time, Wen Xingchen remained silent.


After Lu Jingning finished speaking, he realized that he unintentionally gave the other some room to maneuver. In the atmosphere on the verge of eruption, he attempted to break free from Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


However, his view suddenly shifted, and he found himself pressed against the table.


Wen Xingchen leaned down gently, pressing on him. He lifted Lu Jingning’s chin with one hand, his eyelashes drooping slightly, and asked with a smile that was neither a smile nor a laugh, “So, does it resemble more of my style now?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


He could feel the Alpha’s breath enveloping him. His throat tightened involuntarily, and he reached out to stop the approaching body. Unable to resist, he reminded, “This is a classroom.”


Wen Xingchen turned his gaze towards the direction of the surveillance cameras, casually saying, “Hmm, I know.”


Lu Jingning: “……….”


As the breath of the other approached, his eyes closed instinctively.


However, the chaotic and messy scenes he imagined in his mind didn’t happen.


Wen Xingchen just lightly kissed his forehead, and then, as if nothing had happened, he let him go.


When Lu Jingning opened his eyes, he was still a bit dazed. Only when he saw the teasing smile on Wen Xingchen’s face did he realize that he had been played.


“What are you expecting, Ah Ning?”


Lu Jingning rolled up his sleeves and was about to explode.


Wen Xingchen’s deep eyes suddenly softened, “Ah Ning, how about we get engaged?”


Lu Jingning’s heartbeat unexpectedly paused for a moment. After a brief moment of blankness, his mind started working again.


After a while, he murmured, “I don’t have any problems, but… you need to settle things with Lao Lu first.”


Wen Xingchen: “After the break, I’ll visit him.”

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Chapter 101 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 101


Lu Jingning found it challenging to engage in a confrontation with someone for the first time. No matter the angle he tried to attack from, Wen Xingchen seemed to anticipate it as if he could predict it in advance, swiftly formulating corresponding countermeasures. Similarly, when Wen Xingchen made a move, Lu Jingning almost instinctively responded, easily handling each move.


It could only be said that being too familiar with each other might not be such a good thing. For example, in their attempt to fight now, they found it difficult to really engage. However, the rare exchange of mobile numbers kept Lu Jingning on the edge of excitement, trying one tactic after another.


Hey, it’s quite interesting! The audience watched in awe as a variety of clever moves unfolded. Setting aside the feeling of being choked by dog food, it had to be admitted that the seamless duel between these two was a visual delight.


Commentator Brother Bean analyzed enthusiastically in the live broadcast room: “Everyone can see that both of them are indeed evenly matched. Although we don’t know why they chose not to use pheromones, from the current situation, whether it’s Lu Jingning or Wen Xingchen, their mastery of Qi usage has reached an extreme. We must admit that the two appearing on the finals stage today truly represent the highest level of this league. However, who will ultimately claim the title of champion is still something we need to eagerly anticipate!”


The barrage in the live chat rolled rapidly as if injected with adrenaline. Everyone was excitedly cheering, indulging in dog food and passionately supporting their favorites.


Although Lu Jingning gained more fans during the league with a series of impressive moves, Wen Xingchen’s fans still shouted their slogans loudly, creating a fierce competition in terms of momentum.


In the blink of an eye, the intensity on the field reached a fever pitch, even causing the officials in the tournament committee to nervously sweat.


One hour later, the tension escalated once again. Two hours later, the situation on the field intensified. Three hours later… both the audience inside and outside the venue rubbed their tired eyes.


The duration of this match was a bit too long; their throats were hoarse, and no matter how much water they drank, they felt a bit exhausted.


Yet, the two participants in the finals, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, continued each move with remarkable vigor. Such enduring stamina! It was enduring to the point that it became challenging for people to bear.


They knelt to the two “dads” on stage. Commentator Brother Bean put down a bottle of energy drink, watching the two figures passionately fighting on the field, tears almost streaming down his face.


He could feel that his professional career had once again encountered an insurmountable bottleneck. The longest individual match he had encountered before was only 40 minutes. Now, he had used all his expertise, and he was at a loss for words except for “keep it up.”


However, the two on the field continued to excitedly probe each other, continuously emitting the intertwined waves of their deep affection to everyone.


Bean was speechless and choked up, only able to cast a pleading look towards the committee’s viewing platform.


Oh my god! If this endless competition continued, he might actually die on this commentary stage! Someone, please come and take charge!


If Bean had sufficient vision, he might see that the people on the committee’s viewing platform all had serious expressions on their faces.


This match had gone on for too long, far exceeding their official expected time by nearly tenfold. Even if it was close to the match point, the problem was that the two on the field seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. After almost an afternoon, they showed no signs of fatigue. Their faces were full of excitement, as if the match had just begun.


The organizers’ leaders had long lost focus. At this point, they couldn’t remember how many times they had checked the time on the terminal. In their minds, they thought, it should be ending soon; it should be ending soon. After all, this intense endurance battle couldn’t possibly continue into the night, right?


Yet, they underestimated the strength of the two on the field. As night fell, these officials, one by one, wished they could go back and give themselves a few big slaps.


Damn it, served us right! Finally, the chairman of the committee couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up abruptly, gathered all the officials, and headed straight to the reception room for an emergency meeting.


The departure of the committee members didn’t attract much attention from the audience.

At this moment, the thoughts of the audience had shifted from the excited “Oh my god, they are both so strong, a perfect combination made in heaven” to the more practical “Damn, why hasn’t it ended yet? Can we get a result already? I’m starving, I just want to go home!”


Inside the arena, Lu Jingning was oblivious to the strong complaints coming from various quarters. Up until now, he had tried 1001 attacking methods and successfully countered 998 intricate attacks from Wen Xingchen.


As the momentum of the long whip changed, he skillfully altered his approach, aiming for the blind spot below Wen Xingchen’s waist. Unfortunately, Wen Xingchen, with a faint glance, instantly grasped the intention and effortlessly evaded once again.


Lu Jingning clicked his tongue lightly, but his eyes lit up, “Wen ge, you’re so good at dodging. Try this move!”


Saying that, he once again assumed a stance. Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, “Sure.”


As the long whip approached, the lights around the holographic arena suddenly dimmed. The referee’s excited voice interrupted their focused sparring, “The organizing committee has decided to temporarily suspend the match. Both of you, please exit the virtual cabin.”


Lu Jingning: “???”


He exchanged a puzzled look with Wen Xingchen. Although they were not done, upon hearing the referee’s words, they both reluctantly stepped out of the virtual arena.


Back in reality, Lu Jingning realized that the entire sky outside had completely darkened. Glancing around, besides the brilliant lights, only the scattered starlight seeped in through the windows.


Before he could reflect on the fleeting passage of time, a group of people suddenly rushed in, surrounding him and guiding him towards the backstage. Lu Jingning was caught off guard by this sudden commotion. When he regained his senses, he found himself in a reception room, accompanied by Wen Xingchen.


The people in the reception room were all dressed in formal attire, suggesting some level of significance. Among them, he even saw his older brother, Lu Jiyuan.


Lu Jingning instantly understood; these were probably people from the organizing committee. However, why did they interrupt the match and bring them here?


The middle-aged man at the forefront was the chairman of the organizing committee. Clearing his throat, he spoke with a complex expression, “To be frank, the battle between the two of you has taken far longer than we expected. It’s evident that even if it continues, it will be challenging to determine a winner in a short time. Considering this highly unusual situation, we’ve held an emergency meeting, and we have a proposal. We would like to hear your opinions.”


After a moment of hesitation, he continued, “We wonder if… the idea of declaring a tie, having co-champions, is acceptable to both of you?”


This decision was truly a last resort. The league needed to produce a champion, but allowing the two to continue might lead to an indefinitely prolonged match. Considering the significant expenses incurred during the live broadcast, the audience’s viewing experience, and the overall impression of the event, the organizing committee, after intense discussions, reluctantly made this decision.


They could already imagine the backlash once the results were announced; there would likely be a storm of criticism. However, what other choice did they have? They were also distressed about it!


Lu Jingning didn’t expect the situation to take such a dramatic turn. He couldn’t help but laugh and blinked, “So, you mean, co-champions?”


“From the current analysis of various data, your strengths are evenly matched. Even if the match continues, it’s unlikely a result will be determined in a short time. Therefore, we made this proposal. Of course, the co-champion title is just a label; the final reward remains the same. If both of you are dissatisfied…”


The chairman paused, feeling a bit uncomfortable, took a deep breath, and said, “You can return to the arena now. We respect your choice.”


“It doesn’t matter about the prize…” Lu Jingning, who hadn’t felt much after the virtual arena, now felt the exhaustion from the intense battle. His stomach even made a growling sound involuntarily.


He casually stretched his muscles, not in a hurry to answer. He looked towards Lu Jiyuan, suggesting with a meaningful gaze, “I just want to ask Consultant Mr. Lu, if it’s co-champions, does it count as winning the ‘champion’?”


“… “


Lu Jiyuan remained silent for a while before expressionlessly responding, “Agreed.”


Lu Jingning turned to look at Wen Xingchen, “What do you think, Brother Wen?”


Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, “I’ll go with whatever you decide.”


Lu Jingning grinned and shook the chairman of the organizing committee’s hand sincerely, “We don’t want to cause trouble for the organizers. Co-champions it is, we’ll follow the committee’s decision!”


Just after the intense match, Lu Jingning hadn’t controlled his strength well, and the chairman felt a “click” in his hand, but the relief made him show a contented smile, “Thank you for your cooperation.”



The announcement of the organizing committee undoubtedly dropped a bomb, leaving the audience bewildered.


Co-champions? Who knew the Bounty League could be played like this?!


However, the thought of letting the two return to the arena and continue the seemingly endless match made everyone suddenly feel suffocated.


Forget it, this kind of match is just too unbearable; it’s better to end it early for relief!


So, after a momentary uproar upon hearing the news, the audience finally quieted down.


On the commentary desk, Brother Bean, almost trembling with joy, with the help of the staff, descended the stairs, “Quick, take me to the hospital… I… am a bit short of oxygen…”


The host quickly took over his duties.


A podium rose in the center of the arena, and the award ceremony proceeded almost seamlessly.


Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen stood side by side in the center of the stage, blinded by the flashing lights from reporters. Lu Jingning couldn’t help but squint, remembering something, and asked, “Brother Wen, what about our bet from earlier, with the tie and all?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Of course, we both win.”


Lu Jingning blinked, a smile playing on his face. His gaze silently brushed over Wen Xingchen’s lips, “Oh? So, you mean…”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes flickered. Suddenly, he reached out, pulled Lu Jingning towards him, and without avoiding it, they entwined their hands around each other, and then he lifted his head, deeply kissing him.


According to the result of the bet, theoretically, Lu Jingning owed Wen Xingchen a kiss, and Wen Xingchen owed him a kiss. So, combining them resulted in a shared, passionate kiss. The logic was perfect, without any flaws.


After a moment of awkward silence, the whole venue erupted into cheers. The unexpected display of affection from the two champions on stage left the audience nearly blinded by the sudden flash of emotions.


Following the abrupt silence, screams echoed as if fireworks were going off. 


“Ah ah ah ah, luckily, I held on until the end!”


“This is the ultimate benefit of live broadcasting!!!”


“Champions of the league, so high! AWSL!!!”


“I can accept this. The ability runs in the family; let it be.”


“Although it’s a bit theatrical, right now, I just want to say, thanks to the organizing committee, sincere thanks!”


“The final dog food of the Cenjing CP, I recorded it!”


At this point, who was stronger no longer mattered. Under this harmonious scene of life, everyone felt completely fulfilled!



Under the stage, Wen Ye, watching this overly extravagant display, as an older brother, couldn’t help but frown slightly, “Too ostentatious.”


As soon as he finished speaking, his companion, Bing Yunlin, sighed softly, “I think it’s not bad. After all, they are young; it’s good.”


Wen Ye said with a hint of disapproval, “You spoil them too much.”


Bing Yunlin glanced at Wen Ye’s excessively serious expression, gently patted his shoulder, and said, “Don’t mind them. About our bet, what do you think?”


Wen Ye reminded, “But now, they are both champions.”


The implication was clear: since it was a tie, there was no winner or loser in the bet.


Bing Yunlin obviously did not agree with this interpretation and corrected in a calm tone, “You should say, this ending represents that we both won.”


Wen Ye furrowed his brows and fell into silence for a moment, “But it seems I don’t have anyone to introduce to you.”


“You don’t need to worry about that; I’ve already thought about it for you.” Bing Yunlin chuckled softly, speaking unhurriedly, “In a few days, you arrange yourself for a blind date with me, and I’ll arrange myself for a blind date with you. We can sit down together and have a good meal. How about that?”


Wen Ye, unusually stunned, raised his head in surprise, locking eyes with Bing Yunlin’s tender gaze, “You…”


“I’m not joking.” Bing Yunlin sighed lightly, “After all this time, haven’t you noticed?”


His demeanor, in this moment, was somewhat different from usual, as if he had removed a long-worn mask, leaving only a trace of sincerity.


He said, “A Ye, I like you.”


Amidst the bustling surroundings, these words seemed to possess a unique magic, isolating the noise. Each word fell clearly into Wen Ye’s ears.


He opened his mouth but, for the first time, hesitated, unsure of what to say.


Bing Yunlin, observing his reaction, simply smiled and said, “No need to rush to answer me. We haven’t even gone on the blind date yet. We can take things slow when the time comes.”


Wen Ye’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and finally, he softly responded, “Alright…”


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Chapter 30 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 30


Qi Shan suddenly came to Y City. Early in the morning, she called Qu Di, and the two of them arranged to meet at a bubble tea shop in the center of Y City. Qi Shan liked bubble tea very much and had a fondness for beautiful cakes, which could be considered her only somewhat Omega-like hobby.


When Qu Di entered, she stood up. They exchanged smiles, and as he approached, Qi Shan gave him a big hug.


Qu Di sat down and remarked, “It’s been a long time since we last met.”


Qi Shan pushed a cup of kumquat lemon tea that she had ordered towards him, saying, “Here, it’s for you.”


He took a sip and indeed, it was from a popular shop with a great taste.


“Do you still remember that I like this one?”


“Of course, I remember. Every time I took you to the little food street behind the university to have bubble tea, no matter how cold it was, you insisted on having it, and even cold.”


Qu Di also enjoyed the taste of kumquat lemon tea, which had a fresh and refreshing flavor. Throughout their four years in college, this was her favorite.


Qi Shan stirred her signature pearl milk tea and got straight to the point, “I came this time not only to see you and relax but also to talk to you about something.”


With a smile, she continued, “You see, I used to work in an entertainment production crew. Later, my dad introduced me to a director who had appeared on our show. We had a meal together, and then… I showed him your previous works from college.”


“Guess what happened?”


Qi Shan didn’t say anything, but by her expression, Qu Di could tell it was good news. He had some guesses about what it might be from what Qi Shan had said.


“I don’t even need to guess, your face says it all.”


Qi Shan playfully nudged him, “Not fun at all. So, when will you work on a new script? I’d like to show it to him. If it really works out, it’s an opportunity, isn’t it?”


Qu Di shook his head, “Thank you, but I’ve already found someone to help me. Right now, I’m focused on writing a script for a stage play. Once it’s done, he’ll help me submit it. I already promised them over there. Sorry for not telling you earlier. As for your side… well, I’ll just have to thank you in advance if I’m not able to find another way.”


Qi Shan didn’t feel disappointed that her good intentions were declined. There was no need for her and Qu Di to discuss these matters. She thought it was best if Qu Di could find his own path.


“Why are we even talking about this? If you need my help later, just ask. That director is quite good, and if he needs my assistance, feel free to let me know. I can talk to him.”


“What about you? How have you been lately?” Both of them had gotten busy after starting their jobs, and except for the incident with Yang Ji that made the news, Qi Shan had only called him the next day, so their communication had been scarce.


Qi Shan chuckled, “Just about the same. It’s common for fresh graduates to be mistreated and bullied. Initially, I used to get upset, but now I’ve come to terms with it. I plan to apply for a transfer once this show is over.”


Qu Di rarely saw Qi Shan so dejected. She looked tired, and even though she had just celebrated her 22nd birthday, she spoke as if she was already thinking about retirement.


Qi Shan used to be one of the more active students in their school, and although not one of the top few, she was enthusiastic about participating in various activities. She used to lead the group in class gatherings and activities, always looking lively and full of energy, as if she didn’t even know the word “tired.”


Suddenly, he realized how lucky he was. He got a job at Tang Yi, a big company, right after graduating. Although being an assistant involved early mornings and late nights, at least Tang Xiyan was a reasonable artist. She was picky but didn’t intentionally make things difficult for him. After that, he met Shu Yi, and he always felt that he had to do better to prove that Shu Yi made the right choice.


He had always been concerned about the opinions of the outside world. Living in his stepfather’s house, he always felt like a dependent. Even if they didn’t pay much attention to him, he still tried to do his best with everything.


Qu Di noticed that Qi Shan didn’t want to talk about these matters, so he didn’t ask further questions. Qi Shan was returning to work the next day, so Qu Di took her to some famous tourist spots. Since Shu Yi had work and wouldn’t be coming home for dinner that night, they decided to go to a well-known Cantonese restaurant in Y City together.


Qu Di hadn’t reserved a private room, so they got a table by the window in the main dining area.


When it came to ordering, Qi Shan was the expert in the duo, so she took on the task. Qu Di didn’t protest.


“White-cut chicken, steamed fresh fish, sweet and sour pork, roasted squab, stir-fried vegetables…”


Qi Shan was about to order more, but Qu Di quickly stopped her. It wasn’t about the cost; it was just that she used to order a lot when they ate out, and it was wasteful for just the two of them.


“Enough, why do you still have this bad habit? Don’t order so much; we can’t finish it all.”


“Ah, I rarely come to Y City, and I don’t know when we’ll meet again…” She gradually adopted a melancholic look and sighed, using her usual trick, which always worked on Qu Di.


“Alright, you can order. If we can’t finish it, I’ll take the leftovers home.”


Hearing the answer she wanted, she smiled brightly, “Hehe, I told you, Little Di, you’re the best. Let’s have some preserved pork with preserved vegetables and a lotus root and spare rib soup as well. That’s it.”


Tang Chaobai had been having a headache recently because his silly little brother had suddenly become sentimental. He constantly talked about relationship problems but refused to disclose any details. He just sighed all the time, looking completely dispirited, and even mentioned wanting to take a leave to go on a trip.


Of course, Tang Chaobai couldn’t agree to that. He considered it a temporary emotional outbreak and insisted on making him continue with his work. Luckily, Tang Xiyan had a good sense of priorities, and his work had been going well, so today, Tang Chaobai planned to take him to a Cantonese restaurant he liked.


Tang Chaobai had been waiting at the entrance for almost an hour when Tang Xiyan, who had just finished a magazine photoshoot, finally arrived. He was bundled up tightly.


Tang Chaobai got out of the car. “Hurry inside; don’t let anyone see you.”


Tang Xiyan seemed to have caught a cold, his voice slightly hoarse. “There’s no one following us on the way here,” he said as he sniffled.


“You’ve had a cold for a week


 now; why isn’t it getting better?”


Tang Xiyan adjusted his collar and suppressed the urge to cough. He didn’t want to hear his brother nagging. “I’ve been busy lately, five shoots in a day. I don’t have time to see a doctor. Colds get better on their own.”


He certainly didn’t want to see Yu Zhiyuan, that fish-faced doctor.


Tang Chaobai, of course, knew what kind of person Yu Zhiyuan was. Tang Xiyan was simply too lazy to go to the hospital. “Don’t make excuses. It’s just laziness. Can’t you postpone your shoots for a day? How much time would it take to treat a cold? I’ll have Yu Zhiyuan come over tonight.”


Tang Xiyan sneaked a glance at him and didn’t dare to argue. He only spoke softly, so only he could hear, “Why don’t you respect my opinions? I’m an adult…”


Tang Chaobai suddenly stopped and said in a condescending tone, “The day you don’t cause trouble and don’t need me to solve it is the day you can talk to me about respecting your opinions.”




Is there no humanity left…?


The two of them had reserved a room, and the dishes had been ordered in advance. They had frequently dined here in the past, so Tang Chaobai knew what his little brother liked to eat.


The server handed Tang Xiyan a pre-written menu, and Tang Xiyan briefly glanced at it before handing it back, saying, “Just these.”


Then he stood up and told Tang Chaobai, “I’m going to the restroom.”




While the Tang brothers had just sat down, on the other side, Qu Di had finished most of his meal and found there were still plenty of leftovers. He planned to take them home for dinner and supper the next day since Shu Yi hadn’t been coming home lately. It was a way to make do, and it saved him from having to buy groceries.


He requested a few takeaway containers, stood up to pack the leftovers, and that’s when a child ran past, bumping into him and causing him to spill soy sauce from a steamed fish dish all over his clothes. Unfortunately, he was wearing a white T-shirt today, and the spill left a stain and the scent of soy sauce and green onions.


The child immediately disappeared, not even looking back. Qi Shan wanted to chase after and see which child was so inattentive, but Qu Di stopped her.


“Don’t go, kids will be kids. It’s not a big deal.”


Compared to the mild-mannered Qu Di, Qi Shan couldn’t stand such children. It was indeed a minor incident, and an apology would suffice, but these kids who didn’t even look back made her wish she could give them a stern lesson in manners and make them kneel down to apologize.


She frowned and handed him a couple of napkins, saying, “Why do you put up with this? It’s clearly his fault. And your clothes, I don’t know if they can be cleaned.”


Some soy sauce had splashed onto his pants, and he felt his thighs were damp, as if the liquid had run down to his ankles. He quickly headed to the restroom to clean up.


Tang Xiyan sat inside the private room, staring at his phone absentmindedly. The last message left by Qu Di was still the farewell message, and he had read it countless times but still couldn’t muster the courage to contact him first.


He put away his phone and opened the door slowly. To his surprise, he saw a familiar figure, and if it weren’t for the reflection in the mirror, he would have thought he was seeing things. Everyone seemed like Qu Di compared to him.


Qu Di hadn’t noticed the person behind him; he was focused on trying to clean his soiled clothes. He rolled up his pant legs and found that the stains couldn’t be removed, so he intended to go back to the private room to deal with it.


As he turned around, he met Tang Xiyan’s eyes. Tang Xiyan was eating out secretly, like he used to do before. He was wearing layers of clothing, a hat, and had taken off his sunglasses.


Tang Xiyan had been holding back for quite some time, and finally, he managed to say, “Long time no see.”


Qu Di, only then realizing, smiled and asked, “Are you eating out?”


“Yeah.” Tang Xiyan instinctively tugged at his clothes, wondering if he looked okay today… if his hair was too messy.


Thinking like this, Qu Di suddenly approached, reached out to touch his head, and Tang Xiyan’s heart raced. He was almost holding his breath, but Qu Di just lightly patted his hair and withdrew his hand.


“You’ve got some white dust here.”


Tang Xiyan embarrassedly raised his head and patted the spot where Qu Di had touched. “It might be from the photoshoot… There was dust on the set.”


“Last time I went to see you, you weren’t at home. I was planning to treat you to dinner. Thanks for taking care of me during that time.”


Tang Xiyan’s voice was low, “Yeah… I was out, and I got your message later.” In fact, he was at home, hiding and watching Qu Di come and go. He didn’t want to say goodbye to him.


“Why didn’t you reply to me? I thought you were mad at me.”


He was indeed angry, so angry that he couldn’t sleep for several nights, so angry that even a milk tea with whipped cream on top couldn’t cheer him up, and he was always distracted at work.


“I wasn’t. I’m not that petty. It’s just that I was busy with work. The new assistant I hired is doing well, more careful than you, and she handles things properly.”


But I still want to drink the herbal tea and sweet soup you make for me, and the potato chips you locked away in the cabinet, which I didn’t dare eat later, as well as your disciplined daily routine and diet.


Tang Xiyan tried to act like an old friend and said, “Why don’t we meet up another day…”


“Tang Xiyan!”


Tang Chaobai had waited for a long time, and all the food had been served, but Tang Xiyan still hadn’t returned. He was worried that his brother had been stopped by fans or reporters. He went out to look for him but found Tang Xiyan standing near the restroom and talking to someone.

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