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Chapter 20 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 20


Qu Di tossed and turned all night, thinking about how, in a moment of impulsiveness, he had ended up with Shu Yi. He felt like he had no self-control.


He licked his lips, even though he had already washed up, he still felt the taste of peach liqueur in his mouth, fresh and sweet, filling his entire being.


He sighed and finally got out of bed. He found his notebook where he recorded his inspirations. It was filled with notes and some quirky drawings.


He had already started preparing his first work after graduation. When he had nothing to do as a child, he liked to daydream and create a world of his own in his mind. That’s why he chose this major in college.


He had already outlined the story and had a rough idea of what he wanted to write. He took out his laptop and typed the first word…


When inspiration struck, time always flew by. Unbeknownst to him, seven hours had passed, and it was time to get up. Qu Di leaned back in his chair and stretched his stiff shoulders and wrists. He was tired but satisfied. If he could, he would continue writing, but for now, he was still Tang Xiyan’s assistant.


Since they were staying on the same floor, after Qu Di finished his morning routine, he planned to call Tang Xiyan to have breakfast. Just as he reached Tang Xiyan’s door, the door next to it opened. Shu Yi was dressed casually, looking sharp and well-groomed from head to toe. He seemed energetic, a stark contrast to Tang Xiyan, who often looked tired in the morning.


It was clear that artists who didn’t need assistants to worry about them were different…


“Good morning,” Shu Yi walked over, greeting Qu Di as if they were old friends. “Are you here to wake Xiyan up?”


Qu Di nodded. “Yes, you’re up quite early. Why didn’t you sleep in a bit?”


Shu Yi had a knowing look. “I was too happy last night and couldn’t sleep, so I woke up early.”


Others might have asked what happened, but Qu Di knew all too well. His cheeks flushed as he said, “I… I need to wake Xiyan up. I won’t say more.”


“Alright, see you later,” Shu Yi seemed to be in a good mood and even walked away with a spring in his step.


Qu Di only snapped out of it after Shu Yi disappeared from his sight. He scolded himself for being so useless, as he always seemed to be teased by Shu Yi every time they met.


He knocked on Tang Xiyan’s door. Tang Xiyan was probably still asleep. After waiting for a while, the door finally opened. Tang Xiyan, with a messy head, stared at him with a displeased expression. “What do you want?”


Qu Di had grown used to Tang Xiyan’s morning grumpiness. At first, he would try to cheer him up, but he had realized that Tang Xiyan was all bark and no bite. As long as he gave him some space to cool down, he would return to normal in no time.


Qu Di pushed him back into the room. “Get up quickly, we’re going to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant.”


At this time of day, Tang Xiyan was usually in a terrible mood when he just woke up. He immediately returned to his bedroom, fell onto the soft bed, motionless. His voice sounded muffled. “I’m so tired… I won’t have breakfast. I’ll sleep a bit more.”


“Today you have morning scenes. You can’t skip breakfast.”


Tang Xiyan fell silent, and Qu Di could tell he was not in the mood to argue. Qu Di tried to pull him up, but Tang Xiyan pushed him with a little force and brought Qu Di down with him. They were now very close, and Qu Di caught a whiff of the distinct scent of Alpha pheromones. He had never quite figured out what this smell was, but it was like the scent of the sea breeze when standing by the shore. Alpha had pulled him down and placed his hand on Qu Di’s waist. He squinted, turning to look at Qu Di, “You should get more sleep.”


Suddenly, he fell silent. The two of them were very close, and he could clearly see the tiny hairs on Qu Di’s smooth face. His eyes were captivating, with pupils slightly larger than usual, giving off an innocent vibe. At this moment, he seemed somewhat angry, with a hint of redness at the corners of his eyes, frowning at Qu Di. Tang Xiyan felt an itch in his heart…


How did he not notice before that Qu Di was quite good-looking, even more so than an Omega?


“Will you please get up for me!” Qu Di pulled Tang Xiyan’s hand and tried to get him up.


Tang Xiyan was annoyed by the disturbance. With a slight force, he pulled Qu Di closer, and Qu Di fell beside him, very close. He could clearly smell the Alpha’s pheromones, and he had never quite figured out what this smell was, but it was like the scent of the sea breeze when standing by the shore.


After pulling Qu Di down, Alpha’s grip on his waist lessened. Seizing the opportunity, Qu Di pushed him away and got up.


“I see you’re awake now. Get up quickly. Today, I’ll allow you to have half a cup of milk tea,” Qu Di said, and added, “Less sugar, no cream, and pearls.”


Normally, Tang Xiyan would have jumped up and complained, but today he was unusually quiet. Qu Di felt something was amiss. He approached and touched Tang Xiyan’s forehead. “You’re not running a fever.”


Tang Xiyan turned away, and his voice suddenly lowered, sounding muffled. “You can leave. I’ll get up right away.”


“I can wait for you here,” Qu Di said. He used to wait in Tang Xiyan’s room when he lived with him, and sometimes he even helped him tidy up the messy room.


“No,” Tang Xiyan’s voice grew louder, and it was clear that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Qu Di didn’t think much of it and eventually left the room, reminding him before closing the door, “I’ll be right outside. Hurry up.”


If he had stayed a little longer, he might have noticed the sudden increase in Alpha pheromones in the room, and that the carefree Alpha had unexpectedly become hard in the presence of a Beta.


His face turned bright red, like a child seeing their crush for the first time, feeling unsure and somewhat scared. He couldn’t believe that he was reacting to a Beta. Was there something wrong with him?


He lay there motionless, his mind finding countless excuses. Perhaps it had been too long since he had relieved his desires… and it was early in the morning, and everyone was full of energy. Qu Di had coincidentally appeared in front of him…


It had nothing to do with him. It was just a physiological response.


Two minutes passed, and he finally convinced himself. The feeling gradually subsided, and he got up to wash, but he realized he couldn’t let Qu Di come to his room early in the morning. A single man shouldn’t behave like this. An assistant should maintain a certain distance from their artist.


But he was carefree, and he soon forgot the incident and behaved as usual. When he went out, he placed his coat on Qu Di’s shoulders, and Qu Di naturally put it into his bag. At breakfast, Tang Xiyan was already full, so Qu Di ate slowly. Tang Xiyan leaned against him like a boneless man, ignoring all thoughts of “maintaining a distance.”


Qu Di shrugged and asked, “Aren’t you going to eat more?”


Tang Xiyan looked at the oatmeal and fruits he had finished and said with some disdain, “I can’t eat that anymore. I’d throw up if I did.”


Qu Di didn’t try to persuade him. He concentrated on his own food. At this point, Shu Yi came over with a small piece of cake and placed it in front of Qu Di. He glanced at Tang Xiyan and said, “I got too much of this. You can have it.”


Tang Xiyan heard Shu Yi’s voice and sat up, stretching lazily. “Isn’t this the limited edition brownie? I’ll take it!”


The hotel’s buffet breakfast, especially the morning pastries, were very popular. Brownies, in particular, were often unavailable if you didn’t come early. At least Tang Xiyan, who loved to sleep in, had never seen them.


Shu Yi lightly pushed his hand away before he could touch it and said with a smile, “Let’s not eat this. It’s high in calories. Let Qu Di have it.”


Tang Xiyan found it strange that Shu Yi was being somewhat passive-aggressive, but he appeared to have a good attitude. Since the artist didn’t want to eat it, he thought Shu Yi was just trying to be friendly with Qu Di.


Today, Tang Xiyan’s scenes were concentrated in the morning and mostly involved acting with Shu Yi. As for Qu Di, he had no scenes but was present. Tang Xiyan brought two bottles of drinks, giving one to Qu Di.


Qu Di was pleasantly surprised; they usually had very little interaction.


“Thank you,” he said.


Wen Gu, the naturally gentle and tender Omega, was very pleased. He hadn’t made a mistake. Qu Di was indeed a very nice person. It seemed like asking for his help wouldn’t be a mistake.


The two fell into a brief silence. Qu Di thought Wen Gu had nothing more to say, but suddenly, Wen Gu asked, “What kind of Omega does Xi Yan like?”

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20




Haowei raised his gaze, his eyes showing surprise.


“The sorcerer said that the Golden Jade Immortal Box was originally used to hold the essence pill of the deceased celestial beings. Later, it somehow ended up in the world of cultivation and was taken by the Xuan Ling Sect. When the first Sect Master of the Xuan Ling Sect passed away, he told his disciples that the Golden Jade Immortal Box contained the Vermilion Jade Pearl, which could protect and nurture the disciples’ cultivation, ensuring the eternal glory of the Xuan Ling Sect.”


“Vermilion Jade Pearl…” Haowei pronounced each word slowly. The Vermilion Jade Pearl was just an ordinary pearl that could gather the essence of heaven and earth, assimilating the essence of the sun and moon. If Nine Infants wanted to advance their cultivation using the Vermilion Jade Pearl, it would be faster to figure out how to unseal its remaining eight heads.


“Wu Dao, please look up ancient texts again to see if there are any records of Nine Infants and Bian Rang.”


Haowei had a feeling that the relationship between Nine Infants and Bian Rang might not be as simple as the scant mentions in the ancient books.


Although Nine Infants were one of the three ancient demon races, for the Son of Heaven, Bian Rang, their cultivation level was nothing more than a drop in the ocean. So, how did Nine Infants manage to kill Bian Rang?


It might have been a swift, fatal sword strike, causing his soul to scatter.


“Understood.” Yu Wudao bowed to accept the order and then glanced past Haowei as if trying to assess the person in the hot spring.


Haowei, noticing this, instinctively blocked Yu Wudao’s line of sight.


Yu Wudao looked puzzled, and Haowei, with a stern expression, explained, “Don’t look. He has a piercing gaze.”


“…” Yu Wudao.


“Wu Dao, have you discovered his true form?” Haowei changed the subject.


“I’m still investigating. After I took a drop of his blood last time, I sensed the aura of a phoenix in his bloodline, so I suspect he might be an ancestor of the phoenix.”


“An ancestor of the phoenix…” Haowei mused slowly, lost in thought. Then he added, “Continue your investigation, and also, ahem… look into his history of having three wives.”


As he mentioned this, Haowei’s eyes flickered slightly, but luckily, Yu Wudao was still looking down, not noticing the anomaly.


“Of course.” Yu Wudao accepted the order and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Your Majesty, aren’t you going to help the Demon Lord break the formation? With your current cultivation, breaking the Extreme Sound Eight Trigrams Formation is child’s play.”


Haowei heard this and narrowed his long eyes, saying coldly, “He doesn’t need it.”


Previously, when he had transformed into a small white dragon, hiding in Si Lan’s arms, he had noticed that when Si Lan was under control and facing Nine Infants’ intimidation and Qu Ze’s betrayal, his heartbeat remained normal. It wasn’t as rapid as it had been last night during the nightmares.


He was curious, wondering how long this calm Demon Lord could maintain his composure and what skills he had for a counterattack in dire situations.


Yu Wudao couldn’t help but feel that Haowei had become somewhat childish. In the past, even when Haowei’s physical form had turned small, his demeanor had remained mature. Yet now, in just a few days, it seemed like all the childishness within Haowei had surfaced.


It was the same face, but he appeared to be a different person.


What had this Demon Lord done?


Yu Wudao was curious but kept a calm expression, acknowledged the order, and then disappeared within the Six-Pointed Star Formation.


Haowei turned around, and through the thin soundproof barrier, he looked at the peacefully sleeping Si Lan.


A few strands of black hair clung to Si Lan’s cheeks, and water droplets slowly trickled down, caressing his fair skin. His long, dense eyelashes glistened in the mist.


His breathing was shallow, and the water’s surface moved gently. The mist enveloped him like a dream, making him appear like an exquisite sculpture of a deity.


Haowei’s gaze lowered slowly to Si Lan’s neck, and he saw the bite marks he had left there the last time.


The central area of the bite mark had scabbed and formed a scar, while the surrounding skin held faint traces of purplish bloodstains, creating an exclusive seal.


Haowei’s throat moved, and, as though guided by some unseen force, he leaned closer to Si Lan. The temperature of the hot spring had softened the surrounding air, enhancing the richness of Si Lan’s scent.


He breathed in Si Lan’s fragrance deeply. Strangely, he had never found anything about Si Lan’s scent off-putting.


His nostrils were filled with the scent of Si Lan, and strangely, he felt an inexplicable closeness to it. He was drawn to it.


Haowei’s lips lightly pressed against Si Lan’s neck, his gaze unwavering, focusing on Si Lan’s profile. When his teeth made contact with the delicate skin, he could even feel the flow of Si Lan’s blood.


He gently bit down, and at that moment, a blinding light suddenly emanated from where his teeth met Si Lan’s skin, adhering his teeth firmly to Si Lan’s neck!


He instinctively tried to pull away but found that instead of separating, his teeth were stuck due to the slippery edge of the pool. In his struggle, he tumbled into the warm spring.


At this moment, a pair of hands supported his body, lifting him out of the water.


Startled, he raised his eyes and, from below, saw Si Lan open his long eyelashes. In the mist, his deep black eyes were clear and captivating. His small, shapely nose and translucent skin made him look like an exquisitely beautiful deity.


Haowei glanced at Si Lan’s neck, and he saw that the bite marks from the previous time were still visible.


The bite mark had scabbed and scarred in the middle, while the edges had a faint purplish tint, with traces of dried blood.


Haowei’s heart suddenly raced, and his expression remained fierce.


Si Lan, seeing this, softened his tone and asked gently, “Why did you drink my blood?”


Haowei paid no attention to Si Lan and reached to place his hand on Si Lan’s chest, intending to break the enchantment forcefully.


However, Si Lan’s gentle voice, combined with his touch, began to work on Haowei’s irritation. He hesitated, then swallowed hard, muffled by his teeth. He spoke unclearly, sounding somewhat cute in his frustration.


Si Lan watched this and softened even further. He lowered his voice and asked, “Are you a mosquito spirit?”


Haowei didn’t respond. Instead, he turned his head away, his voice cold, “Put on your clothes quickly.”


Si Lan looked down and said, “Oh, we’re both boys. Why are you shy?”


“…” Little White Dragon.


A thousand-year-old boy?


A boy who kissed his forehead the first time they met and said he wanted to make a pact with him?


Si Lan, while getting dressed, asked, “Little White Dragon, what’s your name?”


Haowei hesitated and revealed the fake name he had used during his mortal trials, “Chóng Yǐng.”


Si Lan nodded and said, “Chóng Yǐng, a few days ago, I heard someone cursing me in my divine sense. Was that you?”


Haowei replied calmly, “No.”


Si Lan didn’t press further. He always felt a sense of guilt towards the little White Dragon. After all, he had nearly drowned him in wine back then.


Fortunately, he didn’t open the bottle, or his crime would have been much more significant.


“If I had known you could transform into a human form, I wouldn’t have taken you with me. Now you’re stuck with me in this place,” Si Lan remarked while continuing to dress.


Haowei heard this and his expression softened, “I could have escaped on my own, but you held me in your arms.”


Si Lan paused in his actions, realizing that when Haowei had been afraid, he had held the little White Dragon even closer.


“Cough, don’t worry; we can survive for three days… Oh, wait, two days. A day has already passed, and time is passing quickly.”


Haowei’s expression remained neutral.


Once Si Lan finished dressing, he patted Haowei’s head. He was about to comfort him but noticed that Haowei’s two dragon horns had disappeared. So, he knelt down and remarked, “It’s interesting; your two horns can retract and extend freely. When do your dragon horns come out?”


For some reason, the red blush that had faded from Haowei’s ears earlier began to creep back, and he replied coldly, “When I’m angry.”


Si Lan raised an eyebrow, finding this quite fascinating. Were they like the furry creatures of the Long Hair Clan who puffed up when angry? Did the scaled ones raise their ears when they were upset? Perhaps, in the future, he could determine if Haowei was angry based on his horns.


Si Lan thought this was amusing and couldn’t help but gaze at Haowei with a hint of curiosity.


Haowei noticed Si Lan’s gaze, and his eyebrows furrowed.


Si Lan didn’t think much about it, opened a storage pouch, and found only a wild fruit inside. He handed it to Haowei and said, “Let’s fill our stomachs for now.”


Haowei didn’t take the fruit and cautiously inquired, “Now that you’ve lost your cultivation, what’s your plan?”


Si Lan nonchalantly replied, “I’ll study the Eight Trigrams Array first.”


The Extremely Sound Eight Trigrams Array had eight directions and a central point, each sealing one of Nine Infants’ nine heads. The seal in the central position had somehow loosened, allowing one of Nine Infants’ heads to awaken.


This head was conveniently buried in a location where Lóu Yù was in seclusion, so it had set its sights on him.


Nine Infants had used various tactics, beginning with dream manipulation to make Lóu Yù attempt suicide, then using Lóu Yù’s flesh to cultivate the Teng-Ying flower and reforge his spine with Yún Lán. Finally, they involved Qū Zé to deceive Si Lan into breaking his own cultivation.


The planning was intricate and step-by-step.


Inside the Extremely Sound Eight Trigrams Array, there were over ten thousand illusory scenarios. Accidentally triggering a mechanism could lead to random teleportation to another illusion.


Originally, Nine Infants had set up this formation to permanently imprison themselves, but they hadn’t expected it to be used against them after many years.


Si Lan used a small stone to draw a Yin-Yang Eight Trigrams pattern on the ground. When he aligned the black dot in the pattern with the Hexagram of Li, the illusion in front of them suddenly changed, and they found themselves in a large hall.


The spacious hall had nothing but a half-carved dragon on the ceiling. It appeared unfinished, and Nine Infants might have sculpted it themselves.


Were they in the process of restoring something?


Si Lan puzzled, “But didn’t Nine Infants personally kill Bia…

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Chapter 95 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 95


The upcoming elimination matches were divided into two stages. In the first stage, all players who successfully advanced were divided into two groups, A and B, and they would compete within their respective groups to select the last surviving 20 individuals who would advance to the next stage. In the subsequent second stage, a 1-on-1 competition would unfold among these 40 individuals until only the final two remained, entering the decisive grand finals.


In short, the finals to determine the champion of this competition was drawing closer.


After the group results were announced, Lu Jingning eagerly checked the official tournament website and was delighted to find that the three members of their Special Imperial Navy Team could finally meet successfully.


Another reason for joy was that Bai Chen, that pest, was placed in another group, completely out of his sight.


Lu Jingning was overjoyed and couldn’t help but hum a little tune while walking.


As for Yan Hebin, he was naturally very satisfied with these results. Having teammates by his side meant that he no longer needed to rack his brains to figure out how to survive until the end.


One had to admit that clinging to a big shot made things much easier.


What was strange was that, from the moment the results were announced, Wen Xingchen seemed to be in a good mood.


When Wen Ye passed by him, he couldn’t help but stop and examine him, finally coming up with the most likely reason, “Xingchen, did you win the lottery?”


Wen Xingchen controlled the curve of his lips and responded, “…”


Wen Ye was about to say something more but was pulled away by Shang Yunlin, who hooked his shoulder and walked outside, saying as they went, “Young people have their own thoughts, perhaps he’s just excited before the match. Don’t worry too much.”


Wen Ye thought about it and found that what Shang Yunlin said made sense. He was led away for a few steps before he remembered to ask, “Where are you taking me?”


Shang Yunlin smiled faintly, “I found a nice dessert shop nearby, I want to try it together.”


Lu Jingning stared at the two of them as they walked away for a while, unable to help but lean over to Wen Xingchen and ask, “What’s going on with my idol and the president? Is there some secret?”


After waiting for a while and not getting a response from the person beside him, he turned to Wen Xingchen and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”


Wen Xingchen’s lips curved slightly, and the corners of his eyebrows raised, “I’m thinking that, besides your own affairs, you seem to have an unusually keen sense of gossip about other people.”


“…” Lu Jingning couldn’t miss the teasing in his tone, so after a moment of silence, he asked directly, “Wen Ge, have you been holding a grudge against me for a long time?”


Wen Xingchen asked, “What do you mean?”


Lu Jingning said, “Do you know that your tone right now is very much like a jealous and resentful woman?”


Wen Xingchen’s eyelashes lowered slightly, and this time it was his turn to fall silent.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help it when he saw the other person fall silent because of his remark and danced around a bit, “This won’t do! Wen Ge, as an Alpha, shouldn’t you be more generous? The past is the past, and I admit that I did wrong you at that time. But now, I’ve thought deeply about it, and I’ve decided to take responsibility for you for the rest of my life, haven’t I?”


“More generous?” Wen Xingchen leaned forward slightly, looking at him closely from a short distance, and the corner of his lips lightly curved. “Apart from your own affairs, it seems that you have a particularly keen sense of gossip about other people.”


Wen Xingchen leaned in slightly, his gaze locked onto Lu Jingning’s eyes, and his fingers gently played with the ends of his hair, much like teasing a little cat.


His tone was casual, as if he was discussing some everyday matters, “If you have time, could you please help me create a couple’s thread on the school forum? You’re more experienced in hyping things up, so feel free to make it as exciting as you can. Remember to emphasize their relationship.”


Adding to that, seemingly nonchalant under Lu Jingning’s intense gaze, he added, “Tomorrow afternoon is our next match. Don’t forget to get your classmates to support us on the live stream. Sometimes, we need the love and support of our fellow students, don’t you think?”


Jiang Luan, a seasoned player in the game of love, was completely shocked by this unexpected request. It took him a while to regain his composure and respond, “Hold on a second.”


The communication was instantly cut off.


A moment later, a holographic video call invitation appeared from the other side.


After Wen Xingchen confirmed it, he looked at the image of his friend in the virtual space and furrowed his brow, “Is there anything else?”


Jiang Luan, who had originally intended to say something like “blink your eyes if you’ve been kidnapped,” was taken aback when he saw Lu Jingning lying in Wen Xingchen’s arms. He hesitated for a moment and then said, “No! Nothing at all! I’m on my way!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the video call was cut off again.


Wen Xingchen looked at Lu Jingning and asked with a puzzled expression, “What’s wrong with Jiang Luan?”


Lu Jingning nudged him gently with his elbow and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “What’s going on, Wen Ge? You’re possessive to this extent? If something happens next time, do you plan to lock me in a small room, like a gilded cage?”


Wen Xingchen looked at Lu Jingning’s cheeky expression and raised his jaw slightly. He gently kissed him, their breath entwining in the air. “I can’t bear to lock you up, but it might not be a bad idea to lock us together with handcuffs if it’s possible.”


Lu Jingning imagined such a scene and commented sincerely, “It feels… pretty kinky…”


He glanced up at Wen Xingchen’s incredibly handsome features, and in the next moment, his lips involuntarily curled up. “But, if I can be locked with you for a lifetime, it somehow feels a bit thrilling?”


Wen Xingchen gently held Lu Jingning’s back with one hand, and with a little force, he pulled the whole person into his embrace. “Then, let’s lock ourselves together for a lifetime.”



Today, the forum of the Imperial Navy Academy was in a frenzy.


All of it was due to a sudden exposure post that appeared out of nowhere, as if a bolt from the blue, which instantly drew all the lurkers out.


Before this, discussions about Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen’s couple pair had been popular on the forum for a long time. But no one had ever come forward like this anonymous poster, revealing heavy-duty news that they were officially a couple!


One was the absolute genius among the Alphas, while the other was an unprecedented powerhouse among Omegas. While everyone enjoyed shipping the two of them, deep down, they secretly hoped that these two would have a head-on clash someday to determine who was the true No.1 in this new generation.


And now, they were being told that, in a place they had no knowledge of, an Alpha and an Omega were already together?


Before they could even wait for the poster to provide evidence, the comments on the post exploded.


[??? Where did this insider information come from? Don’t spread rumors just because you’re anonymous!]


[Though I do think they’re a perfect match, I’m going to be a rational observer.]


[ I was still debating who between them would be better as my husband. Now they’re telling me they’re together?]


[ Ahhh, veteran couple shipper here to report for duty! I’m so excited!!!]


[ I don’t believe it. How could an Omega like Lu Jingning be taken by an Alpha?]


[ Two S-tier individuals together? Can Wen Xingchen handle it? Lu Jingning is the one, after all, right?!]


[ Upstairs, stop talking… Suddenly I remembered the fear of being controlled by Lu Jingning’s pheromones.]


As the anonymous poster who was busy behind the scenes, Jiang Luan was immersed in sorting through materials and didn’t notice the towering skyscr4p3r of a thread that had risen. 


When he was about to upload the next set of content, he found that the post had already spanned three pages.


On one hand, he was deeply impressed by the overwhelming popularity of these two top players in the Imperial Navy.


On the other hand, he swiftly and decisively uploaded all the photos he had, one after another.


These photos, of course, weren’t privately stored by Jiang Luan; he wouldn’t dare to do that no matter how much courage he had. After all, he wasn’t interested in ending his life prematurely.


These were all photos that Wen Xingchen had just transmitted to him through the terminal, along with extensive segments of their interactions.


To be honest, if Jiang Luan hadn’t experienced this himself, he wouldn’t have been able to comprehend how strong Wen Xingchen’s determination to come out as a couple was.


As the number of photos and the story behind their relationship were uploaded, the entire post exploded once again.


[Ahhh, I’ve actually witnessed this! Sisters, I’ve reached enlightenment!!!]


[So sweet, so sweet, so sweet. What kind of divine love is this?]


[Timidly raising my hand, I was on the mother ship of the Interstellar Pirates at the time, waiting for this for so long, and finally, I can enjoy the sugar directly!]


[What a dreamy soap opera plot! Born with compatible pheromones, when will I meet my true Alpha?]


[Talking about compatibility, my mind suddenly wandered off to the Harmony Light Cruiser?]


[Is the match tomorrow? It’s tomorrow, right? I must go and cheer for them!]


[What kind of insane power couple is this? I can’t even!]


Wen Xingchen, who was in the hotel, calmly looked through the post and found his mood becoming increasingly joyful. Finally, he handed it over to Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning glanced at it and felt like he had gained a new understanding of this person’s level of immaturity. He asked in a speechless tone, “Wen Ge, are you happy?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I’m happy.”


Lu Jingning mimicked the tone Wen Xingchen used to comfort him in the past, saying, “Alright, if you’re happy, I’m happy.”


Wen Xingchen leaned against the head of the bed, looking at him from the corner of his eye, and said, “Would you consider making me even happier?”


Lu Jingning asked sincerely, “How should I do that?”


Wen Xingchen curled the corner of his mouth, revealing a faint smile, and said, “You’ll find out tomorrow.”


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Chapter 80 – Humankind is too generous

Chapter 80 – Humankind is too generous


Uncle decided to save Jian Luo’s aesthetic sense: “Luo Luo… are you sure this really has little meat, and it will taste good when cooked?”


Jian Luo looked at the crayfish inside the box, waving its little pincers. Its two dark eyes seemed even cuter, and he grinned, saying, “Look how cute it is. How can it not be delicious?”




Uncle hesitated for a moment.


But Jian Luo’s cooking skills gave him some confidence, so he said, “Luo Luo, do you want to give it a try?”


Jian Luo wanted to try, and in fact, cooking crayfish wasn’t that difficult. The best part was that you could cook them all in one pot, making it very convenient, especially since the soldiers had just finished their exercise. If they came back and all had some crayfish, wouldn’t it be a delightful meal?


With this in mind, Jian Luo asked the soldier, “How many of these did you confiscate?”


The soldier didn’t treat Jian Luo differently because he was a human but answered honestly, “A lot, there were probably several frozen storage rooms on one warship. These are invasive species, and they tried to transport them to other planets to harm the ecosystem.”


Uncle nodded, “These crayfish not only harm the environment but also have culinary value.”


Jian Luo smiled, “Let me give it a try. How about I prepare this box first and give you a taste? If you like it, I can make more.”


Secretary Jin walked over, “Luo Luo, won’t you be too tired?”


As soon as this was mentioned, everyone looked at Jian Luo’s belly. It was already five or six months old, and his lower abdomen had a noticeable size, like a small hill, but his limbs were very slender, only his belly had grown a bit, making it quite prominent.


In fact, everyone knew that fetuses were fragile, but they couldn’t help but worry if he would tire himself out.


Jian Luo looked at the crayfish, and his attitude began to change dramatically, “No, I’m not tired.”


Uncle said, “Let me help you, Luo Luo.”




Since it seemed like it had been a long time since there was a live broadcast here, Jian Luo thought he could livestream it. After getting Uncle’s permission, he started the livestream.


When he opened the information terminal, he received a private message from Jiang Jiang: “I’m sorry, Luo Luo, that ad might cause you trouble.”


Jian Luo smiled, “It doesn’t matter. I revealed it when I was still in school. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. Besides, this will be exposed sooner or later; it’s just a matter of time.”


Jiang Jiang had messaged him yesterday, so Jian Luo replied to Jiang Jiang’s message promptly.


Jian Luo tidied up a bit and then pressed the livestream button.


The little circle started working diligently. Almost as soon as the livestream started, the viewership began to skyrocket. It had just reached two million, and the numbers were still climbing rapidly.


Jian Luo greeted everyone as usual, “Hello, everyone. I’m Jian Luo, and today we’re going to eat crayfish.”


The viewers didn’t really care about what they were eating:


“Is the host really pregnant?”


“Whose noble offspring are you carrying? Can we see the baby?”


“Can you eat this? Is it safe for a pregnant man to eat?”


“Please take care of your health, host. Don’t overexert yourself.”


The chat was bustling, and gifts and fireworks were constantly exploding on the screen.


Jian Luo was cleaning the crayfish. Uncle and Secretary Jin were helping on the side, so he didn’t need to do much with his hands. He mainly gave instructions, “Handling crayfish requires some skill. First, make sure to clean the tails thoroughly, and then remove the intestinal vein.”


These were all delicate preparations.


While they were cleaning the crayfish, Jian Luo prepared the ingredients on the side. First, there were the chilies; there had to be enough of them since the key to spicy crayfish was spiciness. So, he prepared plenty of seasoning.


“We’ve made shrimp strips before,” Jian Luo said casually. “When we made shrimp strips, I explained the method for handling shrimp. Today, the main focus is on the seasonings.”


Chilies, garlic, salt.


The green onions were chopped, and the chilies were cut as well.


Finally, the audience in the livestream started paying attention to the ingredients:


“Can you eat crayfish?”


“There are articles on the star network about how to eat these creatures.”


“I remember them as invasive species.”


The reason Jian Luo’s livestream had such a following wasn’t just because he was pregnant; it was also because his ideas were always daring and full of energy, always surprising people. Each time, he took a different approach, giving a sense of novelty.


On the other side, the crayfish had already been cleaned by Secretary Jin. She made a gesture to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo said to Uncle, “You can steam them on top of the steamer now.”


“You don’t need to add anything else,” Jian Luo addressed the camera, “Just place them on top to steam.”


Because this method had been tried by the kitchen chefs as well, but the texture wasn’t ideal, there was some suspense as they watched Jian Luo use it, and they looked at him with some concern, but Jian Luo just smiled confidently.


Not only was he curious about it, but the soldiers were too.


The soldier responsible for bringing the food back came back empty-handed, which piqued everyone’s curiosity, “Did you bring back the food?”


The soldier nodded, “Yes, and… Mr. Jian Luo wanted to keep some.”


Lu Shifeng nodded, his voice lazy but unmistakable, “Hmm, have the remaining confiscated items collected and retained.”


The others exchanged glances privately.


In the past, they rarely confiscated anything valuable during operations. Generally, General Lu would dismiss them, or they would be destroyed on-site.


As the top military power in the universe, Darkstar naturally had its strengths. They had an abundance of weapons and equipment, and their technology and weaponry were in a league of their own. They might have confiscated some ingredients in the past, but given General Lu Shifeng’s extremely picky palate, there weren’t many things he took a liking to.


The fact that they were keeping crayfish this time required no further explanation.


Finally, Lu Shifeng turned to his adjutant and said softly, “You personally handle it.”


The adjutant lowered his head and replied, “Yes.”


Inside the kitchen, the crayfish were already prepared, and the crayfish in the pot had gradually matured. They exuded a strong allure in the vibrant red broth. The spicy flavor mixed with the unique deliciousness of the crayfish wafted through the air, making people involuntarily salivate.


Jian Luo was busy eating, deftly peeling crayfish and handing them to Secretary Jin and Uncle.


The viewers in the livestream were enticed by the aroma:


“Host, we want to eat too.”


“Ah, please eat first, we want to taste the flavor.”


“I can’t wait anymore.”


Jian Luo leaned against the stove and asked Secretary Jin and Uncle, “How does it taste?”


Secretary Jin wiped her lips after finishing one and went to wash her hands, “No need to ask me, I’ll peel my own.”


The uncle nodded, “It’s delicious.”


In fact, dragons also knew how to enjoy life, and it was ingrained in their genes to do so. Long ago, dragons enjoyed collecting treasures to make themselves happy. They enjoyed combat and the thrill of the battlefield, so they chose to be soldiers.


Dragons were known for being carefree and knowing how to indulge in pleasures.


Jian Luo said, “If you think the taste is good, we can ask them to bring more crayfish later. The broth can be used again, and I’ve already taught you the method, Uncle.”


Uncle nodded, “Alright, I’ll do it. You shouldn’t tire yourself out; go rest.”


Jian Luo smiled and stood up, packing some crayfish in a box. He said, “Can I take some with me?”


Secretary Jin nodded, “Of course, take it.”


As Jian Luo was packing the box, he heard Secretary Jin ask, “Are you taking it back to eat?”


“I’m full,” Jian Luo said, holding the box. “I’m taking it back for the dragons to taste.”


Secretary Jin agreed wholeheartedly and gave him a thumbs up, “Go for it.”


In fact, General Lu Shifeng had a strong temper. During marches, the entire army would be on edge, and the pressure was immense. But with Jian Luo around, the situation improved. As the saying goes, “When the king is happy, the people enjoy good fortune.” It all depended on the efforts of the king’s beloved concubine!


As time passed, more and more soldiers came to the cafeteria in groups.


“I heard they made crayfish from today’s confiscation.”


“What’s so special about crayfish?”


“Those are things humans like. True dragons should eat potato casserole.”


“It was made by Jian Luo. It seems this tiny human likes things that get stuck in your teeth.”


The crowd entered the cafeteria and were immediately stunned by the delicious aroma of the crayfish. Who could resist the tantalizing scent and mouthwatering taste of the vibrant red broth, mixed with a spicy kick?


For a moment, everyone paused, and the soldiers exchanged glances.


After a while, someone spoke up, “True dragons should eat crayfish.”


“I don’t want potato casserole anymore.”


“These tiny humans are quite cute, I’m sure they’re very tender.”


“Yeah, I’m worried I might accidentally crush her with my dragon form.”



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Also, check out the other series we have on HoH!

If you like cats, check out Revenge of the Garfield

If you like dragons, check out I’m Pregnant with the Hope of the Entire Planet and The Dragon and the ‘Princess’

How about some mystery or showbiz? Check out Morbid Addiction & Perfection

What about the perfect, most non-toxic male lead ever? Laws of Love

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