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Chapter 76 – They’re fighting now

Chapter 76 – They’re fighting now


Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the ground, resting his chin on his hand, “Who should decide?”


Lu Shifeng gently parted his thin lips, “You.”




“This is what you said!”


A smile curled at the corner of Jian Luo’s mouth, “Then let’s go home.”


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brow, clearly not very willing. He said, “No.”



There was a moment of frozen silence in the air.


The smile gradually disappeared from Jian Luo’s lips. He lowered his gaze, his lips slightly parted as if he wanted to say something but ultimately remained silent.


For some reason, he suddenly felt tired and didn’t feel like talking anymore. In fact, he understood one thing ever since he started living temporarily with Lu Shifeng, or rather, ever since he became pregnant with their child. He understood that he and the Dark Star people were not equals.


But, Lu Shifeng had always respected him, treated him well, so in these recent days, he had been feeling somewhat weightless.


It was like being slapped back to reality, like a bucket of cold water poured over him, like someone poking a snail’s shell, making him want to retreat.


After a while, Jian Luo said, “It’s up to you.”


Lu Shifeng turned his face away and looked at him, “Jian Luo.”


“Anywhere’s fine,” Jian Luo tried to stay calm. He smiled, “You decide.”



Lu Shifeng’s bloodshot eyes stared at him. He raised an eyebrow and, in a confident tone, concluded, “You’re angry.”


Unspoken words lingered. People were like this; if you ignored them, they could endure, but if you insisted on comforting them, they couldn’t hold back.


Jian Luo felt inexplicably irritated and said with a stiff expression, “No.”


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes. Despite his extensive experience on the battlefield, he had almost zero experience in dealing with emotions. Even after thoroughly searching through his past, he couldn’t find any experience in soothing others. In the Dragon King’s dictionary, there were definitely no words like “yield” when it came to Jian Luo.


Facing Jian Luo, he found himself at a loss.


So, the Marshal struggled to explain, “They can’t take care of you.”


Jian Luo understood the logic and nodded, “I know.”


Even though it seemed like they had cleared the air, the awkward atmosphere lingered, and no one could dispel it.


Jian Luo stood up and said, “I haven’t learned how to play with these yet. Let me practice a bit more.”


Lu Shifeng watched him get up and start fiddling with these small toys. He didn’t say much, just nodded, “Okay.”



One night, Jian Luo learned how to use a few pieces of exercise equipment.


When he returned home, he started soaking his feet. After five or six months, the medications prescribed by the hospital increased. He and Lu Shifeng developed a certain understanding. Usually, at this time, it was storytelling time.


Today, Lu Shifeng waited for a long time but didn’t hear Jian Luo’s request for a story.


The Marshal couldn’t focus on reading the documents for long and raised an eyebrow, “Do you want to hear a story?”


Jian Luo seemed preoccupied, and he suddenly spoke, “Huh?”


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brow.


It seemed that since he had refused Jian Luo’s request to go home on the training ground, this child had been absent-minded.


Jian Luo took a deep breath, “Tell me a story. How about telling one today?”


Lu Shifeng nodded, “Sure.”


Jian Luo thought for a moment and decided to tell a relatively light story, “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen. She gave birth to a fair-skinned princess and named her Snow White. Unfortunately, the queen passed away…”


This story wasn’t long, and it was soon finished. Afterward, Jian Luo touched his belly and summarized, “This story tells us to be brave and strong, and happiness will come later.”



The room fell into silence.


Jian Luo looked up at Lu Shifeng, his eyes filled with anticipation, “What do you think?”


Lu Shifeng remained expressionless, and his fingertips tapped on the armrest of the chair. After a while, he finally asked the question that had been on his mind for a while, “Is the queen physically impaired?”


“…No,” Jian Luo replied.


“Then why didn’t she take action herself?” Lu Shifeng frowned, showing his confusion. “This hunter is not her kin. Why would she dare to use him?”


Jian Luo’s mouth twitched.


The Marshal continued with reasonable doubts, “And what’s the purpose of the king? Why didn’t he intervene? Has he been controlled by the queen?”


“This…” Jian Luo hesitated.


“If the queen already controls the kingdom, she must have her own power. Why would she think of using a comb to silence him?” Lu Shifeng slowly spoke. “When analyzing the events, the queen’s motive is crucial. It can’t be that simple.”


Jian Luo was caught off guard. “I don’t think she thought that much.”


Lu Shifeng’s bloodshot eyes stared at Jian Luo, making him feel a bit uneasy, as if his own intelligence was in question.


Next, Lu Shifeng, from his professional perspective, helped Jian Luo and the child see the essence behind the events. He analyzed the motives of the characters in the story and filled in the missing logic through their actions, completely overturning their understanding of the story.


After listening, Jian Luo choked up.


Lu Shifeng asked, “Do you want to hear more stories?”


“No,” Jian Luo rubbed his temples. “I’m a bit tired.”


Normally, at this time, Jian Luo would want to play around for a while, but today, he seemed drained and willingly climbed into bed to rest.


Jian Luo lay on the bed with his head buried in the pillow, and the mattress beside him sank a little as Lu Shifeng sat down.


Lu Shifeng asked, “Do you want some water?”


Jian Luo, facing away from him, mumbled, “No need.”



The next day, in the early morning, Secretary Jin noticed that something was very wrong. To put it more precisely, the atmosphere was very wrong. Normally, these two were very close, always teasing each other during meals and chatting endlessly. But today was different; the dining table was unusually quiet.


Lu Shifeng served vegetables to Jian Luo, and Jian Luo simply said, “Thank you.”


Polite and distant.


It wasn’t like this before. Previously, if Jian Luo didn’t like a dish, he would always grumble about not wanting to eat it, and Lu Shifeng would coax him. But today, everything was different. Jian Luo was cold and distant, and it felt like they were in a silent argument.


Secretary Jin’s curiosity about what was happening between the two of them grew, but she didn’t dare to ask too much. She was afraid of becoming a pawn in whatever was going on between them.


After finishing the meal, Lu Shifeng asked, “Are you coming back home to sleep today?”


Jian Luo, without much expression, asked, “Are you coming back to sleep today?”



Secretary Jin pricked up her ears.


Lu Shifeng’s voice remained steady and somewhat serious, “Yes, I’ll be back in two days.”


“Oh,” Jian Luo replied.


The atmosphere became awkward again. It wasn’t intentional; in the past, Lu Shifeng wasn’t too talkative, and Jian Luo was the one who could talk a lot. But now, the talkative one was suddenly quiet, making it feel strangely silent.


The car dropped Jian Luo off at Phoenix Terrace. After saying goodbye, Jian Luo walked inside. These past few days, he had organized a plan for growing watermelons, and now he just needed to go over it with Wang Gang.


Wang Gang saw him come in and couldn’t hide his perplexity. He struggled to find the right words, “Luo Luo?”


Jian Luo looked at him strangely, “What’s wrong?”


“About the things circulating online…” Wang Gang’s gaze flickered towards Jian Luo’s stomach, and he hesitated, “Is it true?”


Jian Luo shrugged, “True and false, false and true. Whether it’s true or false depends on how you want to see it.”


Wang Gang was taken aback, “What do you mean?”


Jian Luo smiled, “You guess.”




Wang Gang couldn’t help but feel that something was off with Jian Luo today.


As the two worked together on the watermelon cultivation, Jian Luo had originally planned to demonstrate himself, but Wang Gang was unusually attentive, several times more so than usual.


“Come here.”

“Don’t move, let me do it.”

“Come on, I’ll handle this.”

“Sit down, why are you standing? Aren’t you tired?!”


Jian Luo sighed.


He hadn’t seen you complain about being tired while working before.


After they completed the process and planned everything, it was already noon, and someone from the altar came to invite Jian Luo.


Jian Luo knew it was time for the test, so he didn’t say anything and went over. He stood at the familiar window, and High Priest Zhan Wentai was sitting on the sofa, reading a book. The High Priest himself was naturally quiet, his flawless side profile shining with an air of sanctity and beauty.


Jian Luo took a few steps forward and bowed, “Teacher.”


Zhan Wentai put down his book and looked at him. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “Please have a seat.”


Jian Luo obediently took a seat.


Zhan Wentai handed him a test paper, “A small test to see where you’re at.”


Jian Luo picked up a pen and began to answer the questions. After he finished one paper, Zhan Wentai glanced at it, made almost no corrections, and put it down, “Do you have something on your mind?”


Jian Luo was singled out, and he met Zhan Wentai’s calm gaze. Feeling a bit like a struggling student, he stammered, “Ah… no, nothing.”


Zhan Wentai’s voice was as clear as spring water, “Why? Is it because of the temporary residence matter?”


Hit the nail on the head.


Jian Luo wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of this minor issue. It was just that matters of the heart were not something he could control. He knew Lu Shifeng was right; he just couldn’t control his emotions.


Zhan Wentai looked at Jian Luo’s conflicted expression, lifted his teacup, took a sip, and then stood up. “Come.”


Jian Luo was puzzled, “Where are we going?”


“With you like this, I doubt you can concentrate on studying,” Zhan Wentai looked down at him from a higher vantage point. “Don’t waste any more time. Let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere.”


Jian Luo was a bit at a loss. He often went places with Lu Shifeng, but he hadn’t explored many places on his own. He didn’t know where the High Priest liked to go in the Phoenix Clan.

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Chapter 16 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 16


This post vividly describes a beta consumed by materialism and vanity. It reveals that Qu Di, while in college, shamelessly pursued an Alpha who eventually became his partner.


The article explains that during their time together, Qu Di constantly compared his boyfriend with others, openly cheated, and often made his boyfriend spend money on luxury items. Their living expenses were also covered by this Alpha.


Three years later, as graduation approached, Qu Di began to consider his future. To secure a life supported by a wealthy Alpha, he decisively broke up with his boyfriend, announced their separation, and later tried to reconcile when he couldn’t find another Alpha. He then applied for a job as Xi Yan’s assistant.


Tang Tang Tang Xiao: This is disgusting. Are all betas like this nowadays? They don’t even consider what they themselves are and yet expect Alphas and Omegas to be interested in them.


Life is Meat: So much gender discrimination, is it interesting? Which industry doesn’t rely on betas nowadays? You folks who only go into heat, even if there were no betas, you noble Alphas and Omegas could live on your own.


Today I Crave Hot Pot: Isn’t anyone curious about who his ex-boyfriend is? This is so miserable.


Three Four Five Is Me: I feel like this gossip will entertain us for a long time. Patiently waiting.


Skeleton Flower: Is this Qu Di a mess? Shamelessly clinging to Alphas whenever he sees one. I’d kick him back to his ancestors with one swift kick and tell him to go dance at his family’s grave. Such a disgrace and he still wants our Xi Yan.


Half Sugar No Ice: Sisters, speak more if you can. We could even publish a book.


Is Qu Di Dead Today: I like you, hot-tempered elder sister.


Reborn Pancake Vendor: A person who’s been thoroughly messed with, really thinks highly of himself.


Milk Macchiato: I recommend the death penalty for people like this. Even if he doesn’t die, we salty fish won’t let him off.


Mao Jing Jing Loves Dancing: Add our Shu Fei Lei to the list. He caused trouble for our Shu Yi before, and while we’re laid-back, we’re not without a temper.


Bring Another Bottle of Wahaha: This time he’s done for. He’s angered Shu Yi, Xi Yan, and Weng Gu’s three fandoms. Spectators, get ready for the fight!


Unicode: Is this even a person? Categorized as harmful waste in waste sorting and it’s an insult to harmful waste.


No Kissing Allowed: He’s mastered this very well.


A Bunch of Short Stories: Don’t you find it strange? They haven’t released the investigation results, but you’re all making a fuss. Pretty impressive to jump to conclusions without evidence.


Mosquito Sucking My Fat: Isn’t the one above a friend of Qu Di’s? He’s been in there for so long, and if there was nothing, they would’ve released him already. Do you see anyone daring to bail him out?



After one night, public opinion had mostly aligned. No one doubted that Qu Di was the culprit.


Videos of people throwing stones at Qu Di’s parents’ house in protest were posted online. Some reported his stepfather for improper conduct. Some of his friends also faced media harassment.


For those many, this was just a topic of conversation, occasionally making a fuss for the sake of justice. For the fans, it was a “battle for their idol.”


Tang Xiyan lay in bed, nearly tearing his hair out as she read the unbearable comments, and there were even fans among them.


He glanced at Qu Fei, who was looking at his phone on the side. He wanted to quietly say something to Qu Di, but found that he couldn’t log into his account.


Qu Fei coldly said, “I changed your password. Give up, I’ll take care of it until this is over.”


Tang Xiyan threw his phone on the bed and confronted him, “Don’t you like him? Do you really believe he did this?”


“Irrelevant if I believe it or not. The key is that the public’s opinion is against him. This won’t end easily. I admired him as an assistant before. You have to remember, he’s just a small assistant, replaceable at any time. I won’t let him ruin you.”


“You…” Tang Xiyan wanted to say something but found herself unable to utter a word. After all these years, he wasn’t the hot-blooded child she used to be; this world was inherently unfair.


“Pack up, and we’ll go back tomorrow.”


Due to the damage to the crew’s morale, Tang Chao decided to postpone the production until this matter was resolved. Everyone knew this wouldn’t last long.


Qu Di spent two days in detention. He was taken out for questioning five times. He went from initially defending himself to later falling silent. They just wanted to find someone to blame, and who it was didn’t matter. They got him involved.


He huddled in a corner of the room, staring blankly at his feet. He hadn’t eaten in two days, his stomach starting to ache. He didn’t know how long he could hold on, worried he might give up.


The door opened again, the same officer came in and said, “Come out.”


Qu Di slowly lifted his head, thinking they were taking him again. He was so tired, but he managed to stand, only to find out they were letting him go.


He stood there, incredulous. “You’re releasing… me?”


“Yes, someone came forward to bail you out. I don’t know who it was, but our chief agreed to it.”




“But it might be better to stay inside.” The officer sympathetically looked at him. There were many fans outside the police station, all demanding justice. They had blocked the entrance, causing a major headache.


To avoid unnecessary commotion, they arranged for Qu Di to leave through the back door. A car was waiting for him there.


Qu Di didn’t expect that someone would bail him out. He stood bewildered at the back door. The car was parked in front of him, and the window rolled down, revealing Zheng Siyi, who gave him a meaningful look. “Get in.”


He got into the car, still feeling dazed. He had been out of sorts for the past few days, and he had barely slept. Now, all he wanted was a good rest. Everything else could wait.


He slept straight through from 11 in the morning until 9 in the evening. He didn’t even realize how he got out of the car.


He stared at the ceiling for a while, then realized he wasn’t at home. He sat up abruptly, but his head throbbed, his temples pounding with an intense urge to vomit. He covered his mouth and rushed to the bathroom, but due to his unfamiliarity with the surroundings, he accidentally kicked the laundry basket at the bathroom door.


He didn’t have time to think about it and went straight to the bathroom to vomit. He hadn’t eaten for two days, so he could only bring up a bit of sour water. His throat was burning from stomach acid. Despite that, he felt much better.


Upstairs, Shu Yi heard the noise, turned on the light, and saw Qu Di sitting by the toilet, his face not looking too good.


“Shu Yi?” Qu Di tried to stand up, but he was so weak from fasting for so long that he stumbled and lunged forward, and Shu Yi took a couple of steps forward to catch him.


“Be careful.”


“Thank you…” Qu Di didn’t know who had bailed him out. He had been so weak and hadn’t eaten for two days, and he couldn’t figure out how he got here.


Shu Yi grabbed a bowl of congee that had been prepared downstairs and brought it to him. He put the bowl and two small dishes on the bedside table and handed him the congee. “Have some. It’ll help settle your stomach. We’ll make something more delicious for you tomorrow.”


Qu Di held the steaming bowl of congee and, after what seemed like an eternity, said, “Was it you… who bailed me out?”


Shu Yi gave him a smile and said, “Yes, I was worried about you in there.”


“But… this matter, if you intervene…” If the outside world found out, they might throw mud at Shu Yi.


“I followed the proper procedure to bail you out. They can’t say anything.”


“But…” Qu Di still had some doubts. He had been so sure that there was no way they would let him out.


However, before he could think further, Shu Yi took his empty bowl and said, “You’re full now, aren’t you? If you’re not, there’s more downstairs.”


“I’m fine, thank you.” Strangely, after not eating for so long, he could barely eat.


“In that case, rest a bit more. We can talk about everything tomorrow.” Shu Yi went to the door but then turned back to remind him, “Your phone is in the top drawer.”


Shu Yi, after tidying everything up, called his brother-in-law, Lu Huayan.


“By the way, how’s it going with the case?”


“It’s been investigated, and I had them disclose the information to the police. We should have results soon.”


“Thanks, we’ll treat you to a meal next time.”


“Thank you, we’ll do it another time.”


“Ah, Yi!” Lu Huayan called him.


Shu Yi leaned against the kitchen refrigerator, looking upstairs at the room where Qu Di was sleeping. There were clearly mixed emotions in his eyes. “I know what you want to say, but you also know my answer.”


“After all, you’re Shu Man’s brother…” He couldn’t just stand by.


Hearing Shu Man’s name, Shu Yi’s eyes turned cold, and his grip on the phone tightened gradually. His tone seemed to restrain his anger. “It’s because I’m her brother that I can’t let him go!”


“If you really want to deal with him, why did you help him this time? Letting this situation unfold, that beta won’t have a good outcome. Ruined reputation and imprisonment isn’t enough?”


Suddenly, Shu Yi smiled, not like his usual warm and gentle smile. It was a cold and mocking smile. “Crushing something that’s within his grasp right in front of him, isn’t that even more despairing? I want him to never have a chance to turn things around. I want him to become a handful of mud underfoot, ready for anyone to step on!”

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Chapter 16 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 16


Generally feeling safe, the two-headed Enchanting Serpent led a group of smaller Enchanting Serpents and stopped not far from Si Lan and the others. It vomited a mouthful of blood and lay gasping for breath on the ground. The other smaller serpents gathered around it, hissing and chattering.


Xuyi drew his longsword, roaring as he lunged towards the two-headed Enchanting Serpent in the middle, “Serpent demon, pay for my master and mistress’s lives!” Until this moment, he believed that his master and mistress had perished, and that the main culprits responsible for the state of Xuanling Mountain were the Enchanting Serpent clan.


Si Lan grabbed Xuyi’s elbow, “Xuyi, they are innocent too.”


“How can they be innocent? I’ve seen them attack Xuanling Mountain repeatedly with my own eyes!”


Si Lan had no choice but to explain truthfully, “Xuyi, in reality, your master and mistress passed away more than a month ago. The person you see now is just a puppet controlled by someone else. The mastermind is holding the Serpent Mother captive deep within Xuanling Mountain, which forced the Enchanting Serpent clan to attack Xuanling Mountain repeatedly.”


Xuyi found it difficult to accept these words, his eyes widened, and his lips moved but no sound came out.


Other disciples of Xuanling Mountain gathered around upon hearing this, unable to accept the revelation.


“Is this true? Master truly passed away a month ago?”


“So, the master who spoke to me over this past month… was a puppet?”


Si Lan’s gaze was heavy, and he nodded.


Xuyi, struggling to contain his grief, asked in a measured tone, “Elder Sī, you’re not lying to me, are you?” He still didn’t want to believe Si Lan’s words, but his instincts told him that Si Lan wasn’t lying.




After hearing this “No,” Xuyi couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. He angrily dropped his longsword and began punching a nearby tree in a fit of rage.


A month ago, Xuyi remembered that his master returned from the Yao Valley not long before announcing he was going into seclusion for cultivation. He had only cultivated for a few days before inexplicably leaving again.


When he returned, his behavior was unusual. However, his master had always been aloof, and Xuanling Mountain’s disciples rarely saw him, so they didn’t think much of it at the time.


If he had been more observant back then, perhaps he would have noticed something was wrong with his master and prevented his body from being controlled by that creature for over a month.


The more Xuyi thought about it, the more he regretted it. His knuckles were bleeding, but he couldn’t feel the pain as he continued to punch the tree.


Seeing this, his fellow disciples quickly intervened, trying to calm him down.


Si Lan also tried to soothe his emotions, “Xuyi, I believe that Lóu Yù in the realm of spirits wouldn’t want you all to grieve excessively. For now, you need to heal your injuries, recover your strength, and rebuild Xuanling Mountain with your fellow disciples.”


Perhaps the mention of rebuilding Xuanling Mountain brought Xuyi back to his senses. He panted and asked, “Elder Sī, do you know who killed my master?”


Si Lan shook his head, “I have no clue, but that person seems to have some connection with the Enchanting Serpent clan.” Téng Yīng Huā was that person’s backbone, cultivated with the blood of the Enchanting Serpent. The mastermind behind all this was either a member of the Enchanting Serpent clan or had blood ties with them.


“Cough…,” the two-headed Enchanting Serpent suddenly coughed and continued, “Within the Enchanting Serpent clan, there is a rumor, though I can’t confirm its authenticity. The ancestors of the Enchanting Serpent clan were the Nine-Headed Snake Deities from ancient times. It’s said that when Heaven’s judgment fell upon the Nine-Headed Snake clan, the members of the clan, in an attempt to appease Heaven, captured the Nine-Headed Snake that had brought calamity upon them. They skinned and dismembered it, cutting off its nine heads and sealed it using secret techniques, thus ending Heaven’s wrath.”


The Nine-Headed Snake clan was one of the Four Great Ancient Demonic Clans, and the large serpents within the clan had nine heads. The Nine-Headed Snake that caused trouble was the most notorious one, known as the Nine Infants.


It killed Biān Ràng, one of the Three Sons of Heaven, which provoked Heaven’s judgment and nearly led to the extinction of the Nine-Headed Snake clan.


Although Heaven’s judgment was later revoked, since then, the young serpents born in the clan had fewer heads, and their magical abilities became weaker. As of now, there hasn’t been a Nine-Headed Snake for tens of thousands of years.


“Do you suspect that the person behind all this is the ancient Nine-Headed Snake?” Si Lan asked.


The two-headed Enchanting Serpent nodded, “Because only the Nine Infants would hate us so much… to the extent of using the blood of our clan to resurrect itself.”


After speaking, the two-headed Enchanting Serpent coughed up more blood and collapsed on the ground.


Si Lan finally noticed that one of the two heads of the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent had been severed, and the wound on its neck was still bleeding profusely, with the lower half of its body covered in blood. It had lost a significant amount of blood and was on the brink of collapse.


The group of smaller Enchanting Serpents anxiously surrounded it, trying to save it, but they were helpless.


Si Lan knelt down, and as the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent saw him approach, it instinctively recoiled slightly but relaxed when it realized that Si Lan was there to help.


Si Lan used his magic to tend to the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent’s neck, quickly stopping the bleeding and aiding in the healing of the wound where one of the heads had been severed. Although the injury wasn’t completely healed, it was enough to keep the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent alive for the time being.


The Two-Headed Serpent felt guilty and said in a hoarse voice, “I should have listened to you.”


“Listened to which part?” Si Lan had said so much earlier, and the Two-Headed Serpent didn’t seem to pay much attention.


The Two-Headed Serpent looked embarrassed and lowered its head.


“Si Lan asked, “Has the Serpent Mother been found since Xuanling Mountain was split in half?”


“That mountain was split by Téng Yīng Huā, and the Serpent Mother… has not been found,” the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent replied, feeling even more embarrassed.


“Is the Serpent Mother’s aura still present?”




Si Lan remembered that Song Guang had mentioned capturing the Serpent Mother to unlock the Golden Jade Immortal Box. Therefore, finding the location of the Golden Jade Immortal Box would also lead to the Serpent Mother.


However, Si Lan had never heard Lóu Yù mention such a treasure in Xuanling Mountain, and he couldn’t understand why Jiǔ Yīng wanted to unlock the Golden Jade Immortal Box.


“Do the Enchanting Serpent clan have any detailed records about Jiǔ Yīng?” Si Lan inquired.


The Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent shook its head, “Perhaps Jiǔ Yīng’s sins were so great that there are no detailed records about him within the clan. We have only heard about Jiǔ Yīng through oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. Over the past tens of thousands of years, these oral traditions have turned into rumors, and it’s unclear which parts are true and which are false.”


Si Lan frowned and asked, “Do you know what the Golden Jade Immortal Box is?”


“I don’t know. The Serpent Mother only mentioned that the person wants to unlock the Golden Jade Immortal Box, and even the Serpent Mother herself may not know what’s inside the box.” After a pause, the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent glanced at the Xuanling Mountain disciples, “But the people of Xuanling Mountain should be aware of this.”


Upon hearing this, Xuyi clenched his teeth and stared at the Two-Headed Enchanting Serpent with a fierce expression. “Don’t spread rumors here. How could we possibly know what the Golden Jade Immortal Box is? Moreover, the successive leaders of Xuanling Mountain have never coveted rare treasures and wouldn’t keep such things hidden!”


The surrounding Enchanting Serpent disciples, in response to Xuyi’s harsh tone, extended their serpentine tongues, hissing and making threatening gestures.


Xuanling Mountain disciples drew their swords, ready to confront the Enchanting Serpents.


Observing this situation, Si Lan couldn’t help but touch his forehead. “Enough for today. Let’s take a rest.”


If they continued, both sides would suffer casualties. Si Lan had expended a significant amount of his internal energy and knew that a tough battle was ahead.


Si Lan sat under a tree and began to meditate, with his two young disciples sitting obediently beside him, following his example.


The disciples of Xuanling Mountain and the Enchanting Serpent clan, realizing that Si Lan had spoken, decided to disengage and rest. Both sides had casualties, and a fight wouldn’t benefit anyone.


Late into the night, Si Lan suddenly felt hungry. He opened his eyes and saw that everyone was asleep. Si Lan rubbed his belly and quietly left, planning to find some wild fruits to satiate his hunger in the forest.


“Little White Dragon, are you hungry?”


Si Lan noticed that the usually talkative Little White Dragon in his pocket was unusually quiet today. He couldn’t resist taking the dragon out of his pocket.


Under the moonlight, Little White Dragon’s silver scales glistened. Its pink horns were particularly adorable, and it was sleeping soundly with its eyes closed.


Si Lan smiled and put Little White Dragon back into his pocket.


This little creature was quite composed, considering all it had been through today. Truly the child of a real dragon.


Si Lan searched in the forest for a while but couldn’t find any edible wild fruits. However, there was a small stream nearby. He crouched by the stream, cupped his hands to collect some clear water, and splashed it on his face.


The continuous pressure of the past few days had left him mentally and physically exhausted. His face seemed a bit haggard.


Staring at his reflection in the stream, he let out a sigh.


The moonlight illuminated the pebbles on the streambed, making them visible, and even the fish resting on the riverbed could be seen.


It had been centuries since he last had grilled fish. Now in the mortal realm, without anyone from the demon world watching him, he thought it should be safe to catch a fish.


Thinking about this, he used his magic to catch two fish. He was about to start a small fire when he heard voices up ahead.


“Senior Brother, do you really believe what that demon said?”


“He was a good friend of our master. He wouldn’t deceive us.”


“But he’s ultimately a person from the demon world. We can’t be sure he won’t harm Xuanling Mountain.”


“Young Junior Sister, I understand your concerns, but what does Xuanling Mountain have that would make Si Lan think about it?”


“Well, you didn’t see how he was healing that demon earlier, right? They looked like they’ve known each other for a long time. And it was from him that we first heard about our master’s death. What if he’s deceiving us? That would be terrifying.”


Xuyi stayed silent, not saying a word.


“Yes, Senior Brother, you can’t lose your judgment just because that demon looks good.”


Xuyi blushed slightly and said, “I’m not saying this because of his appearance. I just feel that people have deep biases against the demon world and have spread many malicious rumors about him.”


“All those things about him are not just rumors; they are real events that happened


 in the past. Have you seen the little demon in the green robe by his side? They say that’s his son.”


“Is it true?”


“Yes, it’s true, but there are two different claims about the mother of that little rascal. One is that the mother is a red blood jade spirit, and the other is that the little rascal was born from the big demon himself.”


“…,” Si Lan almost choked.


In his arms, the little white dragon moved, opening his robe and revealing a pair of cold, golden eyes, glaring at Si Lan.

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Chapter 91 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 91


The second round of the tournament proceeded smoothly. The official website quickly released videos from various arenas. Among them, one group’s video had a click rate that rivaled the highest in the league. Everyone remembered the image of the golden-haired boy who moved through the crowd of thousands with ruthless taunts.


After all, the natural arrogance and mockery that day were truly eye-catching. However, amidst the jubilant atmosphere in the tournament committee’s public relations department, the event’s staff were almost pulling their hair out.


To be honest, they had never encountered such a situation before. Throughout the entire competition, except for the top-ranking team, all other participants scored zero?! Originally, within a single arena, ten groups were supposed to compete, and according to the rules, three groups were to advance. But now, all the points went to Lan Yuanzhou’s group, and the others couldn’t perform a bit better!


When the results came out, the tournament committee immediately held an emergency meeting. They decided to export all the data from the competition process and select the top two groups of players based on the total damage caused by those groups.


During the chaotic situation when Lan Yuanzhou was besieged, there were inevitably many cases of friendly fire. Therefore, with this wise decision, the tournament committee successfully completed the damage statistics and resolved this issue. They also released a detailed statement, explaining that special circumstances called for special treatment.


The resurrected players were filled with gratitude, while those who had been hasty regretted their actions. They should not have heeded that guy’s provocation to provoke Lan Yuanzhou!


But no matter what, Lu Jingning became famous after this battle. Upon returning, he received several contract offers from well-known star-making companies. The content of all these offers was almost identical, expressing a sincere desire to turn him into an interstellar superstar.


However, Lu Jingning, the person at the center of all this attention, felt nothing but gloom. What they say about a single misstep causing eternal regret was true!


So, how should he explain this to Wen Ge now? During this time, he had become more familiar with Wen Xingchen’s real nature, who was not just a simpleton. He had a gut feeling that a storm was brewing.


He had really gone too far this time, and he had no room to make excuses to save his image in front of his boyfriend.


Lu Jingning pondered and decided to take the initiative before Wen Xingchen could confront him.


Wen Xingchen had, of course, watched the classic video of Lu Jingning that had become a sensation in the league. However, when they met in person, before he could say anything, a steaming cup of milk tea appeared in front of him.


The other person smiled sweetly, “Wen Ge, have some tea.”


Wen Xingchen had never seen Lu Jingning trying to please him so conspicuously before. He raised an eyebrow, took the tea, and said, “When did you learn to make tea?”


“Well, people have to grow up gradually,” Lu Jingning said in an “I’m actually very gentle” manner. He continued, seemingly nonchalantly, “Did you watch the game yesterday? I didn’t even make a move. Am I obedient?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Yes, you were quite obedient.”


If he hadn’t been obedient, he probably would have been blown into the sky by now.


Lu Jingning was somewhat anxious under Wen Xingchen’s half-smile. He touched his nose and admitted, “Okay, I went too far this time.”


Wen Xingchen asked, “What should we do now?”


Lu Jingning closed his eyes and adopted an attitude of resignation, “As compensation, let me… kiss you.”


Inevitably, this “punishment” method was all too familiar.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze passed over his lips, and he leaned in without hesitation to kiss Lu Jingning.


As their soft lips met, Lu Jingning felt a sweet, syrupy liquid entering his mouth. He opened his eyes in surprise, almost choking on it. “!!!”


After this reaction, Wen Xingchen let him go with a satisfied smile and casually explained, “The milk tea is really good. I wanted you to taste it.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but cough, his face turning red. He couldn’t help but recall the gr4p3 that had been pushed into his mouth during their previous roleplay. He inwardly cursed, “I can’t believe this guy! Damn, how could he have such a twisted acting talent! He probably had all kinds of ideas about playing different roles already, right?!”


As Lu Jingning was glaring at him in complaint, a hand gently patted his head. Wen Xingchen’s voice entered his ears, “I watched the video. You don’t need to be so nervous. It was just some fun during the game. Do I look like someone who’s that petty?”


Lu Jingning was extremely surprised and thought, “Aren’t you though?”


Then, he heard Wen Xingchen, in a seemingly nonchalant tone, say, “After all, it was during the game, and some high-profile behavior is understandable. We’re all civilized people; I can understand that. But there’s one thing…”


He paused slightly and gave a smile before saying, good-naturedly, “Let’s try to avoid terms like ‘Xiao Zhou Zhou [/mfn]Adding ‘Xiao’ in front of a name is like a term of endearment.[/mfn],’ shall we? If I usually called Yan Hebin ‘Xiao Bin Bin,’ how would you feel?”


Lu Jingning imagined for a moment and instinctively shivered. The image was too beautiful, almost too daring to imagine…


He realized that such terms of endearment might not be suitable and promised sincerely, “I won’t use those terms anymore.”


Wen Xingchen nodded in satisfaction, “Thank you for understanding.”


Wen Xingchen seemed to really enjoy the cup of tea that Lu Jingning had made for him. When he was in a good mood, he sipped it gently, one sip after another.


However, Lu Jingning found himself lost in thought. After a while, he murmured as if talking to himself, “If you hadn’t mentioned it, I actually thought calling you like that was quite endearing. I was even considering coming up with other nicknames, like ‘Little Wen Wen’ or ‘Little Chen Chen’…”


The milk tea that Wen Xingchen had just sipped reached his throat when he heard this, causing him to cough and nearly spitting it out. Lu Jingning said, “…”


Well, it seemed that being addressed in that manner was quite cringeworthy after all.


Lu Jingning was about to say something when he noticed that Wen Xingchen had finally managed to catch his breath. Wen Xingchen’s voice sounded a bit hoarse as he uttered his name, “Xingchen.”


Lu Jingning didn’t react at first and said, “Hmm?”


Wen Xingchen, with deep and starry eyes, gazed at him as if there was a vast galaxy within them. He lowered his gaze and, with a slight smile, said, “Ah Ning, from now on, you can call me Xingchen.”


When their eyes met, there was a unique allure. Lu Jingning unintentionally uttered those two words that seemed to be the most ambiguous in the world to him, “Xingchen…”


In the entire galaxy, Wen Xingchen belonged only to him.



Lu Jingning declined all the invitations from star-making companies. After all, his ultimate goal was to join the military, not to become a dazzling superstar in the spotlight.


Despite this, in the following games, any group he was in received absolute attention. The popularity he enjoyed far surpassed that of Lan Yuanzhou.


But there was something that puzzled him. In the team matches that followed, no one ever sent him a team invitation. Each time, after the team formation time ended, the system randomly assigned him to a team, and the expressions of his teammates upon seeing him were no different from encountering a ghost.


Lu Jingning successfully made it through, but he felt that his reputation in the gaming community was somehow taking a downturn.


He couldn’t help but raise his concerns.


Yan Hebin was frank, “Probably because they don’t want to be associated with a potential death sentence.”


Lu Jingning asked, “???”


In other words, could we still be friends after I rephrase that?


He felt a little hurt by Yan Hebin’s explanation. He turned his head to Wen Xingchen and said, “Xingchen, what do you think?”


With the suddenly overly affectionate address, not only did Wen Xingchen raise his eyebrows, but others like Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye also looked in their direction.


Wen Xingchen, however, didn’t seem to notice their gaze or perhaps relished the intimate feeling. He seriously interpreted, “There’s another interpretation, probably because they think they can’t measure up to your exceptional abilities.”


Lu Jingning found this explanation much more comforting. He suddenly realized, “I understand now! Sometimes, being too outstanding can also be a burden.”


Yan Hebin thought to himself, “…”


He had a new assessment of his roommate’s ability to selectively accept the truth.


Looking at the time, he didn’t want to continue this headache-inducing topic and reminded them, “Get some rest early. There’s another match tomorrow.”


Unknowingly, the preliminary round had reached its final match. Lu Jingning thought about the upcoming match tomorrow, and his smile slowly faded.


He had been lucky so far. He hadn’t encountered that white-haired Zerg on the battlefield, and even managed to avoid Lan Yuanzhou.


But in the last match of the preliminaries, only 50 players from each region would compete for the final 15 slots for the next stage’s elimination matches.


There was no way to avoid it.


Lu Jingning had been quite high-profile recently, and he didn’t expect that the Zerg wouldn’t notice him. He just felt unsure about what to expect. After all, they had made brief eye contact in the hotel on Watcher’s Island. Did that guy remember him, and if he did, would he try to take revenge for disrupting such an important energy collection plan during the upcoming matches?


Sensing Lu Jingning’s sudden silence, Wen Xingchen seemed to understand the hidden emotions and placed his palm on the back of Lu Jingning’s hand, patting it gently, and said, “Don’t worry about the match; I’m here.”


A warmth spread through their touching skin, instantly bringing Lu Jingning back to the present.


He couldn’t help but let a faint smile grace his lips and softly replied, “Mmm.”


After all, the match was taking place in a virtual map. Even if the other player recognized him, he didn’t think they could cause any real trouble.


Furthermore, in Zone C, he had a good comrade-in-arms by his side!


After all, it was just a bug. He was a crowd-pleaser, so who should be afraid of whom?

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