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Chapter 78 – Pregnant with a phoenix instead

Chapter 78 – Pregnant with a phoenix instead


Jian Luo had not looked at his contacts for a while. It wasn’t until Zhan Wentai said to him, “It’s time to take a break.”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo returned from his books, raised his hand to glance at his wrist, and realized time had passed quickly. “How did it get so late?”


Zhan Wentai asked, “Didn’t you finish reading?”


Jian Luo was holding a document that recorded the history of Earth’s changes over thousands of years, something he had never experienced. Originally, he had a sense of detachment from this era. Subconsciously, he still thought of himself as belonging to the 21st century, part of a different world, a different group, unconnected to this era. But as he slowly read through the history of this era’s changes over the years, watching it rise and thrive, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of belonging.


Jian Luo held the book and said, “I think… can I come again next time?”


Zhan Wentai reached out and placed the book in Jian Luo’s arms, nodding, “Of course.”


Yay! Jian Luo cheered inwardly, hugging the book as if it were a precious treasure. “Thank you!”


“You’re welcome,” Zhan Wentai said casually, glancing at the tall bookshelves nearby. “There are plenty more here. If you ever need them, feel free to come anytime.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Alright! Thanks, teacher!”


Zhan Wentai escorted him out, and on the way, he discussed some rare characters with Jian Luo. He said, “A good dictionary is essential. If the information is not well-researched, the text may not flow smoothly. Ancient characters and modern characters are quite different.”


Jian Luo was an expert in ancient characters and knew little about modern ones. “I’d like to borrow one to study.”


Zhan Wentai nodded.


On the way back, Jian Luo noticed an unread message on his communication bracelet. He felt a slight pang of anxiety and quickly tried to call back to his secretary. However, the call didn’t connect, and Zhan Wentai, walking alongside him, stopped in his tracks.


Jian Luo looked up, feeling puzzled, and saw Lu Shifeng, the Grand Marshal, standing in the hall not far away. Lu Shifeng was dressed in a crisp military uniform, and the lighting was dim, making it difficult to discern his expression.


Zhan Wentai said, “Grand Marshal Lu, you’ve come to welcome us.”


Lu Shifeng stood in place, lazily raising his eyes to glance at Jian Luo, speaking slowly, “Not at all, Professor. Jian Luo is here, and he’s caused you trouble.”


Zhan Wentai cast a sidelong glance at Jian Luo, “Grand Marshal Lu is being too polite. Jian Luo is my student, and it’s my responsibility to teach him.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow, “Teaching is fine, but Professor, you must remember to exercise moderation.”


As they exchanged words, a tension began to emanate in the air, something even someone as clueless as Jian Luo could sense.


Jian Luo swallowed nervously, quickly walked up to Lu Shifeng, and bowed to Zhan Wentai, “Thank you, Professor. I’ll be leaving with Brother Long now.”


Zhan Wentai nodded, “Hmm, remember to read the book.”


Jian Luo held the book, “Sure!”


After exchanging greetings with Grand Marshal Lu, Jian Luo followed Lu Shifeng out. He asked, “Wasn’t Secretary Jin supposed to pick me up?”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him condescendingly, “Are you disappointed to see me?”




Jian Luo began to speak. Since that day, he had changed. In general, he was not a particularly sensitive person. However, after becoming pregnant, he had become a bit sentimental at times, which was quite unlike his usual self. But these emotional ups and downs always came and went quickly. By now, he had completely moved on and didn’t feel anything wrong about the situation. After all, their relationship had always been a business one, and Lu Shifeng hadn’t done anything wrong. Instead, Jian Luo felt like he was the one being immature.


Jian Luo said, “I’m not disappointed. When did you decide to leave? I can make you a farewell meal when we get back.”


Lu Shifeng heard the excitement in his tone, seemingly hoping for him to leave, and unconsciously furrowed his brows.


Jian Luo got into the car, looked at the book in his hand, and added, “I’ve thought about it. This side of Phoenix Terrace is the best for me. It’s close to where I work, and the Professor takes good care of me.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow and looked at Jian Luo, “Have you decided?”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo tilted his head, feeling that something was off in Lu Shifeng’s tone but nodded decisively, “Yes, don’t worry. I’ll get along well with Professor.”




Silence filled the car. Lu Shifeng had originally not worried, but seeing Jian Luo’s previous interaction with Zhan Wentai, he suddenly felt uneasy. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand Zhan Wentai; anyone who had reached this position was far from simple and had desires and ambitions beneath their calm exterior.


Jian Luo asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Shifeng snapped out of his thoughts, looking at Jian Luo, “Have you made your decision?”


“Yes,” Jian Luo said a bit nervously. “You’re the one who asked me to choose. Are you changing your mind?”


Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze. “If you’re comfortable being with him, then stay with him for now. We can move in a couple of days.”


“Okay,” Jian Luo replied.


Even though neither of them had said anything they shouldn’t have, even the most obtuse driver could sense that there was tension between these two. It felt like they had argued, and the atmosphere was no longer as relaxed as usual.


The next day, Jian Luo returned to the seed planting base for work. On the way, at the central square, he unexpectedly saw an advertisement he had filmed on a large screen.


It was a promotional ad for Jinjiang Livestream, and what shocked him the most was that this ad was displayed in high definition. Even a side profile of him was clearly visible.


The central square was an area with high Dark Star traffic, and almost every Dark Star saw it. Jian Luo couldn’t believe that Jinjiang had invested so heavily in advertising here; it was as if the whole platform had suddenly changed its strategy.


The driver said, “You did really well.”


Jian Luo smiled shyly, “Thank you.”


While he didn’t have much of a reaction to the ad being displayed, as he knew it was only a matter of time before it happened, something unexpected occurred during his lunch break at the seed planting base.


Wang Gang suddenly rushed in, asking, “Did you film an advertisement?”


“Yes,” Jian Luo replied, puzzled. “What’s wrong?”


Wang Gang shivered slightly and pointed outside, “It’s outside, and there are a lot of people. Check the Interstella web; it’s trending like crazy.”


Jian Luo felt puzzled. He opened his information terminal, checked the trending topics, and saw the first one hanging prominently:






Jian Luo was aware of the situation. At that time, he had been suspected, but there was no evidence, just speculation. However, why had this topic resurfaced today?


Perplexed, Jian Luo clicked on the comments beneath the trending topics:


“It’s definitely him; the silhouette matches!”


“He rarely showed his back during the livestreams; it’s hard to compare.”


“It’s really him.”


“Is he pregnant, and whose child is it?”


“It’s gotta be someone from the nobility; the soulstone turned to smoke.”


The online community was buzzing with excitement. Jian Luo read through it from beginning to end and sighed. It seemed he couldn’t live a normal life even if the child was born.


Oh right.


Jian Luo turned to Wang Gang and asked, “What did you say was happening outside?”


Wang Gang pointed outside, “A commotion. There are reporters and even fans. Some fans brought food and games. They’re all here to see you. Reporters want to interview you, and they’ve surrounded Phoenix Terrace. If it weren’t for the fact that we don’t allow anyone inside, I’d think they’d break down the walls.”




This was too much.


Jian Luo felt a little panicky. He didn’t know how to deal with these fans who cared about his offspring’s life. He hadn’t been taught what to do in such a situation. Just as he was thinking about it, there was commotion outside the tent.


Jian Luo and Wang Gang both nervously looked outside.


The curtain was lifted, revealing a maid who bowed to Jian Luo and spoke warmly, “Your Highness, His Majesty has sent me to pick you up. You’ve been startled.”


Jian Luo stood up, “His Majesty sent you?”


The maid nodded.


Jian Luo recognized her. She was someone who had always followed the young emperor. He exchanged a few words with Wang Gang and was about to leave. Before leaving, Wang Gang said, “Jian Luo.”


Jian Luo stopped in his tracks.


“Don’t be afraid,” Wang Gang, in his straightforward way of comforting, said, “They don’t have any ill intentions. They’re just excited. Don’t worry.”


Jian Luo paused for a moment, then smiled. He nodded, “I understand.”


Following the maid outside, there was a car waiting. Jian Luo quickly arrived at the palace. When the flying car soared into the sky, Jian Luo saw the crowd outside the palace walls. Wang Gang’s description of the situation being contained to one circle was far too restrained; it was clear that there were multiple layers of people gathered outside, densely packed and numbering in the thousands.


On his way back to the palace, Jian Luo tried to contact Xiu Liang several times but couldn’t get through. When he arrived at the palace, he met with the young emperor, who gave him a warm hug. “Luo Luo, are you okay?”


Jian Luo shook his head.


“Because everywhere else is surrounded,” the young emperor said with a cheeky smile, his small tiger teeth showing. “It’s very relaxing in the palace, so I came to pick you up.”


Jian Luo smiled and replied, “Thank you.”


The young emperor patted his hand. “You’re welcome. Let me take you to your room to rest.”


Jian Luo couldn’t help but worry about his home. Even after returning to the palace, he couldn’t calm down. Discussions about him were flooding the internet, and even within the palace, people constantly wanted to see him. Some were curious if he was really pregnant, and others were just curious about the hope he represented.


The palace remained restless for half the night, and Jian Luo hadn’t seen Lu Shifeng at all. While he didn’t particularly mind, it felt strange to be without him. The room felt too empty, and the emptiness made him uncomfortable. But he supposed he would have to get used to it; Lu Shifeng was leaving sooner or later, even if not today, then tomorrow, or maybe the next year.


Simple things like home-cooked meals, conversations, and warmth would be missed, Jian Luo realized as he leaned against the window. He sighed deeply and, in a moment of distraction, heard a tapping on the glass.


Startled, Jian Luo looked outside, and there was Lu Shifeng, standing on the rocky ledge by the window, gesturing for him to open it.


Jian Luo opened the window. “Long-ge? What are you doing here?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t come inside but kept looking at him with his crimson eyes, unblinking. He spoke in a deep voice, “I’ve come to pick you up.”


Jian Luo was puzzled. “Pick me up? Where are we going?”


“Perhaps…” Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Would you like to visit another planet?”

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Chapter 18 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 18


Qiu Fei threw the newspaper to Tang Xiyan and, in passing, gave this person who sat without any posture a kick. “Return to the set tomorrow and resume filming.”


Tang Xiyan didn’t pay him any attention, continuing to lie on the sofa bonelessly, holding a phone and not sure whom to message next. “Understood.”


The news of Yang Ji’s arrest had already caused quite a stir on the internet. Although he wasn’t famous, he had a position in the “Mountains and Rivers” launch ceremony. Everyone thought that Tangyi Entertainment was going to promote new talents, but they didn’t expect him to lose popularity so quickly. There were many people on the internet making sarcastic remarks, some even implicating the company.


He frowned as he looked at the messages he sent three hours and two hours ago. He felt a bit anxious. Why hadn’t Qu Di replied to his messages yet? He learned about Yang Ji’s arrest and was ecstatic. He had gone to pick him up yesterday, only to be told that he had already been released on bail.


He thought for a moment and decided to send a few more messages.


Xiyan: 【When are you coming back to work? Qiu Fei said he tried to contact you, but you haven’t returned his call.】


Xiyan: 【Why don’t you come over tonight? I’ll treat you to a big meal.】


Xiyan: 【The production is resuming tomorrow; make sure to be there.】


He stared at the messages for half an hour until the other person finally sent him a reply.


Qu Di: 【Mm.】


Just one word, followed by a period. Tang Xiyan seriously examined the message for a long time, not sure if this “Mm” meant Qu Di would come back to work or if it was about coming over for dinner tonight.


He agonized for a while and then decided to call the person. In truth, he had been feeling quite guilty. During the time when Qu Di was falsely accused, he had done nothing. He was afraid that Qu Di would be disheartened, resign, and disappear, so he hadn’t dared to call him.


At this moment, Qu Di was lost in thought at home. He had made a bowl of noodles for himself, but even after the noodles had gone soft, he hadn’t touched them. He seemed to still be intoxicated by that kiss from yesterday, an Alpha’s kiss with a hint of minty pheromones. It had been just a moment, but Qu Di remembered that soft touch vividly.


“Qu Di, I’m pursuing you.” Those were the last words Shu Yi had left him.


With just that kiss and that statement, he had a restless night. Today, he had been in a daze, even forgetting to respond to Tang Xiyan’s messages.


Suddenly, his phone rang, startling Qu Di, who had been lost in thought. Even though he wasn’t consciously aware of it, there was an underlying anticipation in his heart.


It was Tang Xiyan.


He breathed a sigh of relief but felt a slight twinge of disappointment.


“Hello? Qu Di?”


“Is something the matter?”


“Why did it take you so long to reply to my messages? How about I treat you to dinner tonight, or you can come to my place, and we can order takeout.” Tang Xiyan looked at the notebook in front of him filled with the names of various takeout restaurants. He was ready to fulfill any request.


“No, it’s okay. I’ll just eat something at home. You go ahead and eat.”


“Don’t say that! We’re celebrating your release. Those places are bad luck. Consider it a welcome-back treat from me.”


Qu Di, however, wasn’t swayed at all and rather bluntly revealed, “Have you forgotten? You need to eat moderately these days. You had hotpot the other day, and even if I come over, we can only eat light. So, let’s forget it.”


What was with this contemptuous tone?




“I’m tired. I’ll come to pick you up in the morning tomorrow. I’ll go by myself now, so you don’t need to wait for me.”




Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Tang Xiyan was engulfed in deep guilt and unease. It was clear that there was some resentment brewing.


The next day, except for Wengu, who was still in the hospital, the rest of the cast and crew were in place. As for Yang Ji’s role, it had been assigned to a beta actor named Wei Xuan, who belonged to Tangyi Entertainment. Wei Xuan wasn’t exactly a newcomer; he had been acting in TV dramas for several years but had never achieved much fame, usually playing minor roles.


Wei Xuan appeared to be easygoing, speaking softly and gently. He had a comforting familiarity about him, but compared to Shu Yi, he lacked some of the arrogance and confidence.


Qu Di arrived early in the morning, learning that Tang Xiyan hadn’t arrived yet. He stood by the makeup room door and kept texting him in case he overslept, fearing he might miss his call. Surprisingly, Tang Xiyan arrived shortly after him.


Tang Xiyan spotted his assistant leaning against the door, engrossed in his phone, and his face lit up. He approached, taking three steps in two.


With a tone filled with excitement, he exclaimed, “Qu Di!”


Qu Di looked up and smiled at him, saying, “You came early, but why didn’t you respond to my messages?”


Tang Xiyan hurriedly took out his phone and realized it was on silent. He chuckled and said, “I forgot to check my phone.”


“Go inside, the makeup artist is waiting. Later, Wei Xuan will be here. Remember to be friendly to him and not give him a hard time.”


Qu Di usually found these instructions annoying, but today he obediently agreed, saying, “I’ll follow your lead.”


With this issue resolved, the atmosphere on the set became livelier again. However, whenever people saw Qu Di, they couldn’t help but show sympathy and pity, which made him uncomfortable. Wengu was absent today, and the scenes being shot involved Tang Xiyan and Wei Xuan.


Qu Di continued to watch idly from the side, occasionally going to pass water when needed. Shu Yi arrived later and was changing his clothes behind. The moment Shu Yi appeared, Qu Di, as if with telepathy, turned to look at him. Shu Yi smiled at him, and Qu Di quickly turned away, his heart racing.


He felt a warmth approaching from the side and realized that someone was standing beside him. He tried to retract his hand but found it firmly held by the other person. Shu Yi’s hand was cool, dispersing the warmth from Qu Di’s hand.


“Shu… Shu Yi…” Qu Di whispered. “People might see.”


A deep, rich voice responded, “My sleeves are long enough. Just for a little while, it’s okay.”


He had never known Shu Yi could be so bold.


Shu Yi was wearing a long-sleeved robe with layers upon layers of fabric. Their hands hung down and weren’t visible to others. It looked like they were standing closer, which would obscure Qu Di’s hand.


Qu Di, blushing and not daring to look up, held a water bottle that had started to sweat. He couldn’t help but focus on the hand that was slowly warming his own.


Shu Yi subtly turned his head to look at the pale neck of the person beside him. He secretly held the entire hand in his own. Qu Di was quick-witted and glanced at Shu Yi with a fearful look. He was anxious but didn’t dare to move. This “secretive encounter” in front of everyone made him very nervous.


“Qu Di!”


When the scene was over, Tang Xiyan loosened his clothes and fanned himself with his hand. He didn’t notice the small assistant in his team and Shu Yi’s subtle actions.


Shu Yi didn’t make things difficult for him and naturally let go of his hand. Qu Di watched Shu Yi with unease for a moment, then hurried over to hand Tang Xiyan the salad he had ordered. Shu Yi, acting nonchalant, walked over to chat with the director as if nothing had happened, without even sparing a glance for Qu Di.


“Why do you keep staring at the director?”


“I didn’t…” Qu Di snapped back to reality, took out a small fan from his bag, and began to fan Tang Xiyan.


Tang Xiyan didn’t ask any further and continued working after drinking some water.


After that, Qu Di avoided getting close to Shu Yi. Whenever he approached, Qu Di found an excuse to move away. Fortunately, they hadn’t interacted much in the past, so no one noticed anything unusual.


Shu Yi, on the other hand, noticed that Qu Di was avoiding him. After a few unsuccessful attempts to approach, he gave up. There was no rush; they had all the time in the world.


That night, he was informed that Tang Xiyan had personally paid for him to switch to a larger room on the same floor as his. He had even arranged for his luggage to be moved for him. The photographer sharing the room with him was quite envious of him having such a good boss.


Qu Di went to pick up the room key, and Tang Xiyan suddenly realized he hadn’t given it to him yet. He bit into the salad that Qu Di had ordered for him and searched his room for a while before finally finding it. “It’s the one right across from Shu Yi’s room. Take it.”


“I told you not to waste money. Staying downstairs is fine.”


Tang Xiyan was determined to make amends for his guilt and insisted that he stay in the room. He handed the room key to Qu Di, impatiently saying, “Stop talking! If I say you should stay, you stay. Besides, you’ve already paid for it. Don’t worry; your artist isn’t that poor. Staying in a hotel won’t bankrupt me.”


In reality, this was a hotel under Tangyi’s management. He had used his connections to arrange it, and Qu Di didn’t have to pay for it.


Qu Di, with no other choice, took the room key and reminded Tang Xiyan to inform him about everything. Tang Xiyan readily agreed, promising to keep him updated. He had no intention of mentioning that he had ordered an almost one hundred yuan takeout for him.


After taking the room key, Qu Di went into his room. The layout was similar to Tang Xiyan’s room, but it was much more comfortable. It seemed that having money really made a difference. Even though it was just a bed, this one was much more comfortable than the one downstairs. He even detected a faint scent of incense in the air.


He flopped onto the bed, exhausted, and felt as though he had been thrown onto a soft cloud. Rich people really knew how to live. It was the same bed, but this one was much more comfortable. He thought he could smell a subtle hint of incense.


He lay on the bed, staring at the bedside lamp and drifting into daydreams. Suddenly, Shu Yi’s face appeared in his mind, and the hand that he had held today seemed to start tingling. The warm breath of both of them seemed to intertwine secretly in the air…


He raised his hand and looked at it against the light, and suddenly, he started smiling like a fool.


This was terrible… He had started to develop feelings.


It was just a tiny gesture, but it was as if he had been deprived of oxygen. He was nervous and feeling out of control. But he knew deep down that Shu Yi wasn’t someone he could keep.


What should he do?

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Chapter 18 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

 Chapter 18


Si Lan slept deeply this time, but he had another nightmare.


In the dream, he couldn’t perform any magic, couldn’t make a sound, and was chased by a sinister and terrifying snake-headed creature. No matter how hard he tried to escape, he couldn’t get away. In the end, he was devoured by the creature, his body slowly corroding, turning into a pool of blood.


He was awakened by the small white dragon in his arms, his head filled with momentary confusion. Si Lan looked around, and the disciples of the Profound Spirit Sect and the Enchanting Serpent Clan were still resting. His two disciples were quietly meditating nearby.


He touched his sore left cheek and looked at the small white dragon in confusion. “Why did you suddenly hit me?”


The small white dragon gave him a disdainful look.


Initially, it had intended to drink Si Lan’s blood, but it noticed Si Lan’s abnormally fast heartbeat, as if he was having a nightmare. Seeing him in distress, it used its claw to wake him up.


Sometimes kindness goes unappreciated.


“My Lord, is everything alright?” Quze heard Si Lan’s voice and opened his eyes, asking.


Si Lan touched the dragon horn. “It’s nothing.”


Dragons, aside from having impenetrable scales, generally did not allow people to touch their horns. But this Si Lan repeatedly touched Haowei’s dragon horn.


Haowei was about to explode with anger.


Enduring humiliation for just a sip of blood was truly a heavy burden.


Quze got up, went to the stream to fetch some water, and came back to give some to Si Lan and Xie Li to drink.


The small white dragon observed Quze, who was busy, and narrowed its golden eyes slightly. It was quite interesting to see how this person, who seemingly had sinister intentions, took care of Si Lan so meticulously. He even did a better job than a servant, which explained why Si Lan didn’t suspect him.


The disciples of the Profound Spirit Sect and the Enchanting Serpent Clan woke up one after the other. Despite a peaceful night, they now faced each other in a renewed state of confrontation in the morning.


Seeing that they were about to engage in a dispute again, Si Lan spoke first, “If everyone’s injuries are mostly healed, let’s return to the Profound Spirit Mountain today to assess the situation.”


“Lord Si Lan, we of the Profound Spirit Sect can go back on our own. There’s no need for them to accompany us,” Xu Yi said, casting a cold glance at the two-headed snake.


Before Si Lan could respond, the two-headed serpent sneered and said, “If it weren’t for finding the Snake Mother, do you think we’d bother going to that wretched place?”




Upon hearing such insolent words, the disciples of the Profound Spirit Sect immediately drew their longswords, intimidating the two-headed serpent. The small serpentlings extended their forked tongues, their eyes filled with anger.


Si Lan shook his head with a hint of helplessness and said, “I see you’re all in good spirits. Let’s set out now.”


After speaking, he paid no further attention to them and directly used magic to fly towards the Profound Spirit Mountain. Quze and Xie Li followed by his side.


At this moment, Xie Li felt a bit scared and thought that the human realm was too dangerous. He wanted to return to the demon realm. However, Quze and his master chose to stay, so he reluctantly clung to a piece of Si Lan’s robe with a mournful expression.


When Si Lan landed on the Profound Spirit Mountain, he saw that the mountain had been split in half. One half had been shattered into pieces, with huge rocks crushing the Qiong Lou Jade Pavilion, turning its once vibrant beauty into smoke and dust. The other half of the mountain was stained with the fresh blood of the Enchanting Serpent Clan, and the crimson stains had long since dried, resembling brown scars etched on the surface of the rocks.


The air around was filled with the pungent smell of snake blood mixed with debris, creating an eerie and unpleasant atmosphere.


In this world, there were countless complexities and karmic entanglements, making it challenging for people to navigate.


Si Lan couldn’t help but feel a sense of contemplation. The Immortal who once saved the common people ended up succumbing to his own darkness.


He wondered if Lou Yu thought about his Profound Spirit Sect and his path in the final moments. Perhaps he did but ultimately chose to abandon them.


“Master, Master, they are here!”


A sudden scream interrupted Si Lan’s thoughts. He immediately flew towards the direction of the voice and found a corner of a red wedding dress exposed under a pile of rocks.


Si Lan used magic to move the rocks, gradually revealing the faces of Lou Yu and Yun Lan. Their bodies were protected by an array, preventing them from being disfigured by the impact.


At this moment, Lou Yu and Yun Lan were wearing wedding attire, with Yun Lan leaning against Lou Yu’s chest. They appeared peaceful, like a pair of lovers who had embraced their fate.


Si Lan had previously speculated that Nine Infants might want Lou Yu’s body, but he didn’t expect Lou Yu’s body to still be here. Whose body did Nine Infants want?


Suddenly, a sentence Yun Lan had said echoed in Si Lan’s mind, “I’m sorry for bringing you here; I had no other choice. My only wish in this life is to marry my senior brother.”


At that time, he was in a hurry to take Yun Lan away and didn’t think about the meaning of her words. Now, upon careful consideration, it seemed he understood why Yun Lan had apologized.


Perhaps the body Nine Infants wanted wasn’t Lou Yu’s but his own.


For a moment, Si Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He never expected his original form, the “wild chicken,” to be so popular.


Xu Yi and the other disciples knelt beside the bodies of Lou Yu and Yun Lan, their eyes red and teary.


As the sky gradually darkened, dark clouds rolled and thunder and lightning appeared in the distance, indicating an impending rainstorm.


In a solemn tone, Si Lan said, “Xu Yi, please bury Lou Yu and Miss Yun Lan as soon as possible.”


Xu Yi nodded with teary eyes and made a solemn vow by their bodies, “Master, I will seek vengeance for you!”


Heavy rain poured down, transforming the world into a misty gray.


The disciples of the Profound Spirit Sect, enduring the rain, carried out a joint burial for Lou Yu and Yun Lan.


Lou Yu’s soul was given to the Moth King, while his body stayed with Yun Lan, fulfilling their karmic debt in this lifetime.


However, his ordeal was not successfully transcended.


On the other side, the Enchanting Serpent Clan, braving the rain, searched for the Snake Mother’s aura. They scoured the entire Profound Spirit Mountain but found no trace of her.


The Tong Dan bead indicated that the Snake Mother’s aura was nearly imperceptible, hanging by a thread of life.


The two-headed serpent held the Tong Dan bead tightly, sitting dejectedly on a pile of rubble. They couldn’t save the Snake Mother, and living no longer seemed meaningful. The small serpentlings lay limp beside the two-headed serpent, seemingly feeling that snake life had lost its meaning, drooping their heads.


After Si Lan had handled Lou Yu’s affairs, he returned to see a group of snakes, both large and small, looking disheartened.


“Is there any trace of the Snake Mother?” Si Lan inquired.


The two-headed serpent shook its heads.


Even though they had used the blood of the Enchanting Serpent Clan to forge the Tong Ying, why hadn’t Nine Infants released the Snake Mother yet?


Si Lan contemplated, “I know where the Snake Mother was previously kept. Let’s go there and see if we can find any clues.”


Upon hearing this, the two-headed serpent’s eyes lit up. “Good.”


Si Lan beckoned his two young disciples to follow him. He didn’t know what Nine Infants planned to do, but he had a feeling that the enemy might come to them, so he needed to ensure the safety of his two young disciples.


The waterfall on the Profound Spirit Mountain had also been split in two, with the water flow diverted. The creek bed was now filled with bare, smooth pebbles. Si Lan used magic to move a massive stone, revealing a dim, hidden passage in front of everyone.


The disciples of the Profound Spirit Sect exchanged bewildered glances, surprised to discover such a hidden passage despite having lived on the Profound Spirit Mountain for so long.


“How can there be such a passage?”


“Could our master have really captured the Snake Mother and kept her here?”


“It wasn’t our master who did it; someone controlled him,” Xu Yi coldly interrupted the discussions of his junior disciples.


The junior disciples lowered their heads, and the atmosphere remained silent.


At this moment, a harsh, mocking laughter broke the silence.




Xu Yi turned around in anger and saw a young man among the small Enchanting Serpent Clan members. His neck was wrapped in gauze, and he stared coldly at Xu Yi.


Xu Yi frowned and examined the young man before realizing the familiar, unpleasant aura emanating from him. He recognized the black-robed youth as the two-headed enchanting serpent.


The two-headed serpent wanted to descend into the underground passage, but its true form was too massive, so it assumed a human-like appearance.


Xu Yi wryly warned his junior disciples, “Be careful, don’t break your necks down there; after all, we don’t have two heads like someone else.”


“…” the black-robed youth.


As they proceeded deeper into the tunnel, the light grew dimmer. Si Lan conjured a small flame to illuminate the way and cautioned everyone, “Watch your step.”


The sound of dripping water became increasingly distinct in the confined space, like it was suspended above each person’s ears, causing them to hold their breath and heightening their anxiety.


At the end of the stone path, the first thing they saw was a massive circular platform. Above the platform hung an iron cage covered in runes, but the cage was empty, with no sign of the Snake Mother.


Si Lan remembered that when Song Guang had touched the iron cage last time, the circular platform beneath his feet had instantly opened, revealing a secret chamber that concealed the Snake Mother. He wondered whether the Snake Mother was still in that secret chamber.


He instructed everyone to step back and then used magic to blast the circular platform open, revealing the hidden chamber inside.


Although the secret chamber was large, it was completely empty. They searched the area but found no clues, leaving them with no progress.


Si Lan couldn’t comprehend why the Golden Jade Immortal Box, which was a treasure of the Profound Spirit Sect, was supposed to be somewhere near the Profound Spirit Mountain, yet they hadn’t found any traces in these places.


As he pondered this in the front, he suddenly noticed a dark shadow pass by. He immediately chased after it. Not forgetting to instruct Quze, “Quze, protect everyone!”


“Yes,” Quze replied as he pulled Xie Li behind him.


“What’s happening?”


“What’s going on?”


While the group was still puzzled, another dark shadow suddenly flashed by. It resembled a snake head.


The disciples of the Profound Spirit Sect and the Enchanting Serpent Clan chased after this shadow together.


Si Lan followed the shadow, but as he moved further, he saw a massive stone wall covered with moss and brown stains at the end. The moss seemed to move on its own, and the stains appeared and disappeared, creating an eerie and quiet atmosphere that exuded a sense of strangeness.


“Master… help…” Xie Li’s voice suddenly came from behind Si Lan. Without thinking much, he turned around and walked back toward the sound.


But in the next instant, the path in front of him changed. The passage suddenly veered in a different direction, and a wooden door engraved with snake patterns appeared out of nowhere.


Si Lan examined his surroundings, and his gaze finally fell to the ground beneath his feet. He realized he was standing on the central point of the Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams. He understood that this stone path wasn’t just a path; it was a formation. Touching different restrictions would open different doors leading to different worlds.


The door in front of him seemed to be deliberately luring him.


Si Lan concealed his aura and extended his hand to push the door open. Inside, he saw a stone wall carved with a giant snake head. Its eyes were blood-red, and its fangs were fierce and lifelike, exuding a sense of fear. This snake head resembled the one in his dream, which had devoured him.


In the corner, the Snake Mother was bound by iron chains, lying on the ground, barely conscious.


Seeing Si Lan’s arrival, she slowly raised her head and moved her lips.


However, her voice was too faint for Si Lan to hear. But by observing her lip movements, it seemed she was trying to convey a message, perhaps urging him to escape.


Nevertheless, he thought, “No risk, no reward.”


Si Lan drew his Xuanxin whip and continued to step forward.


At that moment, the stone statue of the snake head suddenly came to life. The snake head swayed slowly, with thin, long eyes, fiery-red pupils that gleamed, and scales between the brows that resembled snow. It extended its snake tongue, which was like a venomous thread, toward Si Lan, approaching him. An immense pressure filled the entire stone cavern, accompanied by the strong hostility exuding from the giant snake, sending chills down one’s spine.


Si Lan couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that this was the last of the Nine-Headed Serpents from ancient times.


The small white dragon in his arms suddenly moved. Si Lan thought it was scared and gently stroked its head to comfort it, saying, “Don’t be afraid; I’m here.”


However, the small white dragon had no fear. It just wanted to go along and see what Nine Infants looked like. Plus, it had sensed a familiar aura of malevolence emanating from Nine Infants, reminiscent of the person who had disrupted its tribulation. This made it curious about the connection between Nine Infants and that person.

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Chapter 93 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 93


Just one minute before the competition started, the system officially announced the rules of the game.


It was very simple, all you need to do is eliminate all the other players, and the last five survivors will qualify for the breakthrough round.


An extremely simple and brutal elimination rule.


Of course, to prevent anyone from exploiting loopholes, the organizing committee made a special note: the qualifiers must accumulate at least 5 kill points. If one of the final five does not meet this condition, the spot will be transferred to the deceased player with the highest number of kills, and so on.


When the countdown ended, Lu Jingning’s vision blurred, and the scene suddenly changed as he was randomly teleported to a corner of the map.


It’s hard to say whether he was lucky or not, but as he walked for a while and hadn’t seen anyone yet, the headcount on the scoreboard had already begun to soar rapidly.


Casually glancing at it, he found that the people from Lanyuan Island had the fastest increase in headcount, followed by Baichen.


The corners of Lu Jingning’s mouth couldn’t help but drop slightly, not too pleased. What’s going on? Just when he wanted kills, he couldn’t get any. What’s with this bad luck?


Although he didn’t particularly like working, he still had to meet his performance targets, right?


I wonder if he heard his inner protest, but in the end, Heaven gave him a chance. After walking a bit further, he finally saw a group of people in his field of vision.


It looked more like a brawl than a fight.


Lu Jingning’s eyes lit up, he adjusted the stick in his hand, and with a swift step, he rushed over like a hungry tiger.


To survive, these two teams of players had put in a lot of effort before the game even started, but they hadn’t counted on encountering Lu Jingning, a roadblock bandit.


At this moment, they were fighting fiercely, and various pheromones filled the air, creating an intense atmosphere of battle. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the crowd.


Before anyone could react, a massive metal rod swung ferociously, and there was a series of “clang, clang, clang” sounds as heads were struck. Suddenly, everything went black, and they all fell to the ground.


In the later stages of the preliminaries, players were allowed to carry a melee weapon. Lu Jingning didn’t have a favorite, so he chose the most effective one.


With the large rare metal rod on his shoulder, he appeared incredibly at ease. He swept through the crowd like a whirlwind, eliminating everyone in his path, feeling satisfied as he touched his nose. “Comfortable, performance targets achieved!”


On the scoreboard, his name suddenly shot up by more than ten points in an instant, and he jumped to third place.


Players in other parts of the arena were left a little bewildered, even the commentator was shocked by his overly efficient pace.


“Hey, classmate from the Imperial Navy, could you please consider our feelings a bit? We haven’t even had a chance to switch the camera to you, and you’re already going full throttle?!”



Baichen had just eliminated a poor soul who tried to ambush him with a single strike. At this moment, he looked at the name that had just appeared on the scoreboard and narrowed his eyes slightly. His face showed a smile that was not quite a smile, looking somewhat pleased and a little displeased.


He had already killed more than 20 people, which didn’t seem like a lot on a map with 200 players, but it was quite a number for the short time since the game started.


However, these cannon fodder players had little meaning to him. He just wanted to meet a human named Lu Jingning.


As an Alpha, Baichen had encountered the scent of Omega from his insect clan, and perhaps it was because of their mutual repulsion, but he loathed that sickening sweetness and softness, as if they were constantly trying to please the Alphas.


In his impression, human Omegas were like delicate, repugnant beings, unlike the female insects of their clan who had perfect looks and fought at the forefront of battles.


Baichen followed the current path for a while and quickly spotted a pile of “corpses” at the end of his vision.


From the looks of it, they had all been eliminated.


As he approached, the scene indicated that they had just gone through a fierce battle, but for some reason, they had all been wiped out in an instant.


Thinking of the sudden jump in the scoreboard earlier, Baichen’s emerald eyes showed no emotion as they flickered slightly, revealing a hint of excitement at the discovery of prey.


He made a sudden, unannounced move and began to move swiftly through the map.


The insect clan, known for their extreme ferocity, had a bad reputation outside, but despite that, Baichen, who was participating for the first time, had accumulated quite a few fans in a short time due to his eye-catching appearance.


At this moment, the cameraman happened to focus on him, and with such swift movement, the barrage of comments flew by.


“Ah, my husband is so handsome!”


“What husband? Clearly, it’s a female. If you have to call, call them ‘wife’!”


“Today’s Chen Chen is still enchanting me. I wonder which poor guy he’s targeted again.”


“Look at that side profile, I can’t handle it, please help me!”


“Are all these people masochists, picking an insect clan member? Look at the info, this Baichen is from the mantis clan. They’re calling each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’ Aren’t they afraid of being dissected if they’re captured?”


“I see someone! Wait… this hair color, isn’t it…”







The barrage of comments ended with a sea of question marks and exclamation points.


It’s not surprising that the viewers were excited. After all, Lu Jingning and Baichen were both top contenders for the championship in Zone C. As emerging bounty hunters, both of them had gained a substantial fanbase in the short preliminary period. No one expected them to face each other so soon.


Lu Jingning, after securing a batch of points, was in a good mood. He had already achieved the minimum performance, so he was thinking of finding a place to rest.


Due to his keen sense of danger, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine and instinctively turned to look back.


At the same time, he leaped swiftly backward, and in the next moment, a sword aura passed over his previous position, leaving a visible dent on the ground.


“Oh?” Baichen’s voice rang out gently, showing some surprise that Lu Jingning had managed to evade his attack.


Baichen’s emerald pupils shrank slightly. He retracted his long sword and examined the person in front of him with interest.


Lu Jingning had not wanted to engage this somewhat peculiar individual in combat, but since they had crossed paths, running away wasn’t his style. He waved his stick in hand and flexed his muscles, saying, “I’m giving you a chance now. Come on.”


It had been a long time since Baichen had faced such a direct and arrogant challenge. His voice was slightly husky, giving off an eerie, almost provocative feeling. “I actually wanted to spar with you last time, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance.”


Lu Jingning had already created some distance between them, and now, feeling the intense scrutiny, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow.


Although he knew he would eventually cross paths with this insect, he didn’t expect it to happen so soon. He sighed a bit with regret in his heart. He hadn’t even had a chance to seduce Xiao Zhouzhou yet.


“Actually, humans were educated that Alphas are natural warriors, the biggest obstacle on the path to supremacy. Although I haven’t used my full strength yet, I didn’t expect to be entangled with an Omega for so long.”


At the same time, Lu Jingning’s mind was filled with suspicion. While he maintained a calm exterior, he was inwardly cursing.


“Damn, what’s wrong with this insect? He looks fragile, but his strength is no joke. My hand is hurting from the vibrations!”


Although he really didn’t want to use pheromones prematurely during the preliminary rounds, at this moment, with no other options and seeing that a direct confrontation wasn’t giving him any advantage, he decided to concentrate on releasing his pheromones.


However, he didn’t anticipate that at the same time, Baichen would make the same choice. He activated his energy body, and in an instant, a faint white light surrounded him.


The two tremendous energies collided head-on.


The overwhelming force pushed both of them back a short distance before coming to a halt.


But the surrounding trees were not so lucky. It was as if they had experienced an intense explosion, and in the midst of settling dust, everything in the vicinity was destroyed.


Baichen’s longsword resounded with a sharp clang. The overwhelming strength displayed by his opponent intensified the excitement in his expression. He was about to engage in the battle once more when a faint, almost imperceptible scent wafted through the air.


His movements momentarily froze.


Baichen had encountered the scents of human pheromones before—Alpha’s being intensely aggressive and Omega’s nauseatingly sweet. But never had he experienced a scent so… tempting. It was an irresistibly alluring fragrance.


In that moment, Baichen’s throat tightened uncontrollably. He unconsciously licked his lips, and when he looked up again, his eyes shimmered with a hint of fervor.


Even when facing the most elite males of his own kind, he had never felt this desire to possess someone.


Despite the distance between them, Lu Jingning could clearly feel the inexplicable surge of excitement from the insect on the other side. If there were conditions to meet, he could almost sense that the creature might pounce on him at any moment.


Lu Jingning had never thought his pheromones would have the same oppressive effect on the insect clan. But even more unexpectedly, it had an overwhelmingly unpredictable impact.


Watching the other’s eyes turning somewhat crimson and feeling the lingering gaze directed at him, Lu Jingning had to make an absurd hypothesis.


After smelling his pheromones, did Baichen… go into heat? This was just absurd!


At this point, Baichen approached step by step, carrying his sword. With each step, his breathing grew heavier, as if he was struggling to restrain something. “Come here. Let’s… talk.”


“Talk my foot!”


Lu Jingning, who had been stiffly standing in place, didn’t hesitate anymore. He bolted away. While he wasn’t afraid of fighting people, looking at the current state of this insect, it was as if his life was on the line.


Now was the perfect time to run, he didn’t want to broadcast explicit content in front of the entire interstellar audience.


After every live broadcast, there would be recordings, and what if Wen Ge saw it? He was done for!

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Chapter 68

       Suo Yang rang the doorbell with a sense of impending failure. He was prepared for the worst, but he was still inevitably nervous.

       Even if he was prepared, even if he told himself over and over again that failure was expected, it was still undeniable that there was a glimmer of expectation sprouting that he couldn’t hold back.

       Suo Yang stood upright at the door. This reminded him of a time when he failed an exam when he was in middle school. When he arrived at the door of his house, holding the paper in his hand, he was frozen and did not dare to enter. Later, his father came back from outside and took him back to the house with him.

       At that time, he was worried about being scolded by his parents because he failed the exam, but in fact, the scolding he thought did not come, and his parents just told him to work hard next time.

       Suo Yang knew that sometimes he liked to scare himself, and he prayed silently, hoping that this time would be just like that.

       During the few seconds he waited, he didn’t even dare to breathe hard.

       Finally, the sound of walking inside the door sounded again. He could hear that the other party was walking very slowly but still came to the door.

       He listened to the sound of the door lock being opened, and he trembled involuntarily. He didn’t want to appear so worthless at all. He wished he could straighten his back and stand in front of his parents and tell them that he was living a good life and had a good job, that he had a great boyfriend, and that he missed them.

       However, his throat seemed to be choked by something, and his lips were trembling.

       The door was finally opened, and Suo Yang stepped back a little.

       Inside and outside the door, the two were less than one meter apart. The mother and son had not seen each other face to face for many years.

       Suo Yang originally thought he could greet this moment calmly, but when the moment finally arrived, he understood that no matter what kind of quarrels had occurred in this family, he was still looking forward to returning.

       He had never been a person who cared much about others. Before meeting Shen Huiming, he felt that the only thing he could not let go of was his parents and this family.

       He hadn’t taken a good look at the woman in front of me in a few years. At first glance, she didn’t seem to have changed much. But if he looked closely, he could see that there was fatigue in her eyebrows.

       Suo Yang knew his mother very well. No matter whether she was outside or at home, she would always take care of herself cleanly and neatly, without even a trace of her hair being messy. Their whole family was like this. In their minds, No matter how they were, they should not expose their flaws to outsiders. Even if they were completely defeated internally, one must pretend that nothing happened.

       They had long been accustomed to disguise.

       However, just as Shen Huiming could discover Suo Yang’s true heart, Suo Yang could also see the changes in his mother over the past few years.

       That feeling of exhaustion not only comes from the body but also from the heart.

       Suo Yang could guess why.

       The two people stood at the door, and neither of them spoke at first.

       Suo Yang didn’t know why his mother just looked at him and said nothing. As for himself, he couldn’t speak.

       He was afraid that he would cry as soon as he opened his mouth.

       He had been taught since he was a child not to cry, not to cry when anything happened. One time, his father even told him, “Even if your mother and I die in the future, you can’t cry at the funeral. Do you understand?”

       But Suo Yang had already made an exception.

       On that New Year’s Eve a few years ago, he left home crying.

       On that evening a few days ago, he hugged Shen Huiming at the airport and cried silently.

       He didn’t understand it before, but now he understood that tears were just the truest expression of emotion and many times, he couldn’t control it at all. But in front of his parents, he still hoped that he would show what they wanted to see as much as possible, so he endured it, trying to hold back the tears.

       Suo Yang took a few seconds to calm down and look normal.

       He said, “Mom.”

       The woman standing inside the door looked at him as if she was looking at someone she had known before but hadn’t seen for many years.

       Not cold, but not warm either.

       However, this was similar to the scene Suo Yang expected.

       “Why are you back?” The question was also very calm, as if Suo Yang had just gone to study at a university in another place and suddenly returned home without telling them beforehand.

       Suo Yang stood there, and he could vaguely feel the answer he wanted from the other party’s attitude.

       The answer… There was still no answer.

       He still couldn’t enter this home.

       In this case, he didn’t plan to stay too long. He would leave quickly after saying what he wanted to say.

       “I miss you guys very much.” Suo Yang said, “I have come back secretly in the past few years. I don’t dare to meet any of you. I always hide and inquire, taking a glimpse at you before leaving.”

       His mother didn’t speak; she just stood there and looked at him calmly.

       “Maybe you’re still angry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” Suo Yang lowered his head, took a deep breath, and then lifted his head to look at her. “Mom, originally, I didn’t have the courage to stand here, but… I have a boyfriend now. In a while, we are planning to get married. He is the most perfect man I’ve ever met in my life, and we want to be together for the rest of our lives. This is a good thing, the happiest thing for me in many years. I wish I could tell you personally.”

       Suo Yang watched his mother frown.

       “I don’t expect you to accept it, but as your son, I still want to share my happiness with you. I just hope you know that, whether I’m gay or straight, whether I’m by your side or not, you are the people I respect and care about the most.” Suo Yang said, “I sincerely appreciate your care and upbringing over the years, and I genuinely hope to be a son who makes you proud, someone who can take care of you and repay you. However, there are many things we cannot change. I am gay, I am attracted to men, and I am about to marry a man I deeply love. This is my reality, and it is something that cannot and will not change.”

       Suo Yang didn’t know when he started to cry. It was only when he saw his mother turn to go into the house and come back again with a tissue in her hand that he realised that the tears had even wet the front of his coat.

       He had never cried like this, not even when he and Shen Huiming hugged each other at the airport that day because of the aftermath of the disaster.

       Suo Yang’s mother still had a cold expression but handed her son a tissue.

       This surprised Suo Yang.

       “Wipe your tears,” she said, “and don’t stand at my door crying.”

       It wasn’t exactly heartwarming words, but it still meant a lot to Suo Yang.

       He took the tissue, and his hands were shaking as he wiped his tears.

       “Why are you so thin?”

       Before Suo Yang finished wiping her tears, his mother suddenly said in a cold voice, “Didn’t you find a boyfriend? Is this how you live your life?”

       Suo Yang looked at her in disbelief because, to him, these words sounded a concern.

       “I…am okay.” Suo Yang didn’t know what to say for a moment. He was completely unprepared to be cared for by his mother.

       “Have you eaten?” His mother looked at him with a cold expression, “Come in if you haven’t eaten.”

       She turned around and walked into the house, stopped after two steps, turned back and asked him, “Did you bring that boyfriend of yours back?”

       Suo Yang just stood there and didn’t dare to move. He was holding the wet tissue in his hand, and he was still at a loss.

       While he was standing there stupidly, Shen Huiming, who had been listening and waiting, quickly went upstairs.

       Shen Huiming walked behind Suo Yang and bowed slightly, “Hello, Auntie, my name is Shen Huiming.”

       He obviously saw Suo Yang’s mother frowning, but Shen Huiming didn’t particularly care. He had been prepared for potential ridicule when he followed Suo Yang here, and he was even prepared to be beaten.

       However, Shen Huiming felt that there was a low chance that Suo Yang’s parents would hit him. You could often gauge the temperament of parents from their children. He didn’t think Suo Yang’s parents would be the kind to hit people.

       No matter what the other person’s attitude towards him, Shen Huiming would definitely smile today.

       Suo Yang’s mother stood there and looked at Shen Huiming. Before she could speak, a voice came from the room.

       “Who is it?” Suo Yang’s father came out of the house with a spoon in his hand.

       When he saw the child at the door, he was also startled and then stood up straight.

       Suo Yang, “Dad.”

       Suo Yang’s mother turned to his father and said, “He brought a boyfriend back.”

       Suo Yang’s father looked past the two people in the middle, and his eyes fell on Shen Huiming.

       “Hello, Uncle.” Shen Huiming introduced himself again, “My name is Shen Huiming, and I am Suo Yang’s… lover.”

       There was another moment of silence, and Shen Huiming suddenly understood that every family has its own style, and the atmosphere in Suo Yang’s family really made him nervous, tense and embarrassed.

       There were rare moments when Shen Huiming felt uncomfortable. After so many years of doing business, he had encountered all kinds of people and situations, and theoretically, he shouldn’t be afraid of any circumstance. However, it was evident that this time, he was facing a challenging situation.

       But having said that, the reason why it was a challenging situation was only because they were Suo Yang’s parents, and Shen Huiming needed to be more cautious and attentive when facing them.

       He knew very well that he would probably never become a well-liked person in this family, but at least he had to let them know that Suo Yang being with him was something they could trust.

       Suo Yang’s father looked at the two people outside the door carefully and finally said, “Come in and eat.”

       After saying that, he turned and returned to the kitchen.

       Suo Yang and the others still didn’t dare to move, but Suo Yang’s mom urged, “Come in if you want to eat, or close the door and leave.”

       She turned around and walked towards the kitchen. Shen Huiming immediately took Suo Yang’s hand and pulled him into the house.

       The two of them stood in the entrance hall, looking at each other. Suo Yang’s mom suddenly turned around and said, “There are slippers in the shoe cabinet.”

       When she saw the two people holding hands together, she frowned slightly but didn’t say anything else and walked away.

       Suo Yang changed shoes with Shen Huiming, took two steps forward, stood at the entrance and looked into the house.

       All the furnishings had not changed. They were the same as they were when Suo Yang left that year, and they are still the same now.

       Shen Huiming was behind him, raising his hand and gently stroking his back, “It’s quite good. We’ve all entered the door.”

       Suo Yang turned to look at him, nodded, and said softly, “Yes, this is much better than I expected.”

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