Chapter 8

       He Qing and I began to live happily together.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing is really nice.


       He Qing knew how to cook, and didn’t care about how many sex friends I used to have, and he was still so gentle to me.


       I was so touched.


       I wanted to be good to He Qing for the rest of my life.


       In order to show that I was not someone easy, I sleep on the bed properly and never touch He Qing.


       I would only touch him when He Qing got into heat and wanted to bond with me.


       He Qing was so nice.


       He woke me up gently every morning.


       When my spirit fluctuated violently and my Quantum Beast was restless, He Qing would soothe me delicately with his spiritual tentacles, and his Bird of Paradise would soothe my little snake.


       When I recovered and returned to the military department, everyone in the military department came to congratulate me on having such a good guide as He Qing.


       I swore to the whole galaxy that I would devote my whole life to He Qing.


       What kind of dog shit luck am I getting?


       I thought He Qing and I could live a peaceful life like this.


       But then the unexpected happened.


       One night, I suddenly remembered the password to my alternate account.


       I sat up and even wanted to go out and do boxing.


       The little snake had grown up a bit and was sleeping soundly wrapped around the Bird of Paradise.


       I quietly got out of bed.


       After making sure that He Qing wasn’t awakened by me, I went to the living room and sat on the couch.


       After a set of punches to calm myself down, I turned on my System.


       I logged in to my dating alternate account.


       Whatever I had been through, I wanted to be honest with He Qing.


       After all, I really want to be good to He Qing for the rest of my life.


       I thought I’d see a list full of fvck buddies.


       In the end, there was only one person on the list.


       The remark was Beloved.


       I shuddered and opened the chat log.


       The most recent chat was when I was still in the hospital.


       He texted me often.


       [How are you doing?]


       [How’s the injury?]


       [Is it painful?]


       [I really want to see you, but I remembered our agreement.]


       [The people in the military department said that you were seriously injured and unconscious. I am very worried.]


       [Will you still remember me when you wake up? You forget me every time you lose your memory.]


       [Without me by your side, is the little snake recovering well?]


       [Did you miss me?]


       [I’ve been waiting here for you, waiting for you to marry me.]




       [I heard from the people in the military department that you have been discharged from the hospital.]


       [I believed we’ll see each other soon.]


       [I love you, Guan Lie.]


       My jaw almost dropped to the floor.


       I scrolled back and there was even something I had sent to this ‘Beloved’ before I went to the battlefield.


       I said that I would marry him when I got back.


       Oh My Goddd!


       I fumbled and frantically turned off the System.


       I started looking all over the house for a washboard.


       Only a remote was found in the end.


       Wuwuwu, Will He Qing forgive me if I kneel on the remote control1kneeling down on a washboard became all the Chinese women’s common punishment for their husbands, but since there’s only remote control Guan Lie wanna do it that way, lmao?


       I took the remote control and put it on the floor next to the bed.


       And then I ‘plopped’ myself on my knees.


       Wuwuwu, I wanted to affect He Qing’s heart with my sincerity.

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  1. Ketkai

    Mc is a new level of stupid now 😭 and if ever it weren’t the ml, poor abandoned ex 😅😢 ex would be like the main character in some novels with gong being with another person 😅

    what does ml mean by ‘constantly losing memory’ :0 it’s sad on the ml’s side that mc keeps on forgetting 😩

  2. Kekeke

    OwO thank you so much!

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