Chapter 9

       When He Qing woke up, I had been on my knees for three hours.


       He Qing was startled when he saw me, “What are you doing?”


       The little snake also opened its eyes in a daze, and I picked it up and lift it off.


       I pushed it to kneel together next to my knee.


       Little Snake: QAQ???


       The Bird of Paradise flapped its wings and flew to He Qing’s shoulder, looking curiously at me and the snake along with its owner.


       “He Qing, I had a confession to make.” I knelt in a standard way.


       He Qing got off the bed and wanted to help me up, “What are you confessing for? Stand up first, you’re just getting better, kneeling on the floor is not good for your health.”


       Wuwuwu, why is He Qing so nice!


       I didn’t get up, and I just held He Qing’s hand.


       “He Qing I apologise, but you have to believe me, I swear to the Third Galaxy that I will only love you for the rest of my life! If I can’t do that I’ll be struck by five thunderbolts!”


       He Qing covered my mouth, “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t you dare make such a vow. I believe in you, get up first.”


       Wuwuwu, I’m sorry to you, He Qing!


       I can’t believe I made a lifetime promise with my fvck buddy!


       Me: “Wuuuwuuwuu!”


       He Qing let go of my mouth, “Get up first, the ground is cold.”


       I hugged his thigh, “He Qing I’m sorry, I didn’t expect I was such a jerk before I lost my memory! I had a fvck buddy!”


       He Qing didn’t say anything.


       I continued to howl, “I even secretly made a lifetime promise to someone! But I don’t remember! He Qing, you have to believe me! You’re the only one I’ll love for the rest of my life! Really! I only love you now!”


       He Qing also got down on one knee helplessly, “Okay, okay.”


       I took him into my arms, “He Qing! Forgive me!”


       He Qing sighed in my arms, “Guan Lie, you fool.”


       “Wuwuwu, He Qing, I’m a fool! You can beat me and scold me! You must not let me go! I swear!”


       He Qing laughed with a ‘pfft’, “Okay, husband, get up now.”


       “I’m not getting up! I’m not getting up!” I hugged He Qing tightly, afraid that he would regret it if I let go.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing was so nice, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve him.


       I’m just a scumbag.


       He Qing kissed me lightly, “Let’s go to bed first and you can listen to what I have to tell you.”


       I was red-eyed as He Qing pulled me up and tucked me under the covers, and He Qing got under the covers and huddled into my arms.


       I embraced He Qing while sobbing.


       I’m going to make money to support He Qing, wuwuwu.


       He Qing rubbed my temples, “There, you cry every time you lose your memory. I’m not afraid, what are you afraid of?”


       “Wuwuwu, I don’t know why, I just want to cry when I wake up.” I wiped away the tears from my eyes.


       “Wait! Every time you lose your memory? He Qing, do you know me? I will really correct myself in the future!”


       He Qing rubbed against my arms, “Of course I know you.”


       “I’ve known you since the day you became a Sentinel.”


       “I often sneak out from the Tower to find you, and we have spent countless firsts at one time.”


       “We got through bonding heat before you went to the battlefield.”


       “You marked me long ago, and we made an appointment to get married when you returned.”


       “No matter how many times you lose your memory, you will always remember me in the end.”


       “After you were hospitalized, I heard that you were seriously injured, but the Tower is under martial law, so I can’t sneak out to see you.”


       “On the day of the blind date, because I hadn’t seen you for so long that I almost triggered the bonding heat again. Fortunately, I had your kiss.”


       “It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember, this time we’ve registered and I don’t have to sneak out to see you anymore.”


       “No matter how many times you lose your memory in the future, I’ll be there for you to slowly remember.”


       “I love you, Guan Lie.”


       He Qing lay in my arms and told me many things about our old days, the first kiss, the first date, the first bonding, the first marking…


       Those fragments of memory that I had forgotten in the corner seemed to be slowly pieced together.


       “That dating alternate account……of yours” He Qing wanted to laugh when he said it, “The only person up there is me.”


       “You’ve been using the alternate account to contact me secretly for fear of the military department finding out.”


       “Well, stop crying and remember quickly. You are not a crybaby before you lose your memory.”


       “My Major General Guan.”


       The little snake, having escaped death, crawled over and curtly touched the Bird of Paradise with its little tail, and the Bird of Paradise pecked him tenderly.


       That’s great, I’m not a scumbag.


       Wuwuwu, I want to love He Qing for the rest of my life.


       Guan Lie, you bastard, hurry up and remember!

The main story finished until now, good to know that amnesiac fool is a loyal dog, lol
I wonder if the snake actually remembered everything and only Guan Lie losing his memories, no wonder he always cry everytime he ended up in hospital, lolol

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  1. LicoLico

    Finaly the truth cames to light! \⁠(⁠๑⁠╹⁠◡⁠╹⁠๑⁠)⁠ノ I also think that little snake remember everything xD
    Thank You for the new chapter (⁠๑⁠˙⁠❥⁠˙⁠๑⁠)

  2. milui

    Wahh thank you for translating this cute short story! Now I feel like reading Sentinel/Guide stories… Don’t think I’ve tried any? Does anybody here have any suggestions? XD

    • hoenimochi

      Please try B-class guide (manhwa)~
      That series is actually the reason why I really like a sentinel/guide stories~~

      • milui

        Thank you so much for the suggestion! I just binged it and loved it. It was definitely funnier than I thought! Can’t help but want more extras after the ending though…

        • hoenimochi

          there’s also another one that’s short and it’s a smut~
          The name is that guide that is loved iirc~

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