Chapter 3

       Barely stuffed, I went back to the bedroom and thought that I would not be so sad if I fell asleep.


      It turned out that there were several boxes of brightly coloured condoms in the bedside table.


       I started to feel sad again.


       Wuwuwu, I’m so poor, why did I dare to have one night stand with people before?


       I worriedly went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was quite tall, so I’m not supposed to be the bottom, right?


       I wiped my tears and touched my asshole. My rear was intact.


       But sadly found that there are two sets of toiletries in the bathroom.


       Wuwuwu, I am so poor like this and I dared to have a long-term fvck buddy.


       Soon it was the next week. During this period, I was afraid to eat and drink enough and only dared to drink some nutritional supplements.


       Because I didn’t know my bank card password.




       I had to save money to fly to the Tower because I didn’t have the password for the garage.


       I rummaged through my bedroom for a decent outfit, took a taxi and flew to the Tower. I showed my badge to the gatekeepers and was taken to a high-end restaurant inside to wait.


       I sat on the chair and stroked the little snake nervously, for fear that I would cry, and I would seemed too sissy.


       The blind date will definitely not take a fancy to me.


       After a while, a man in a trench coat walked in.


       He’s half a head shorter than me.


       He was very good-looking.


       Wuwuwu, I’ve lost my memory, I couldn’t describe him.


       Anyway, the guide was not bad.


       On his shoulder rested a long, fluffy bird with a long tail and a few c0cked feathers on the crown of its head.


       The bird was beautiful too.


       He came over and sat across from me, smiled and asked me gently, “Did you wait long? What do you want to eat?”


       I shook my head, this was a precious guide, I wouldn’t dare have a temper no matter how long I had to wait.


       Moreover, even if he was so gentle, could he take a fancy to me who was so poor?


       Wuwuwu, so sad.


       The little snake on my wrist also seemed to be very fond of the little bird on his shoulder, trying to crawl to the opposite side.


       All I could do was cover my wrist with all my strength.


       The guide on the opposite side called the waiter and ordered a few dishes.


       He even thoughtfully ordered for me too, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pay the bill later and that I wouldn’t have any money left.


       The guide noticed my small movements and asked gently, “Is that your Quantum Beast?”


       The little snake was still bumping its head against my hand, and I said awkwardly, “Yes, it’s a little snake.”


       I held up my wrist and the little snake finally saw the bird head-on, straightened up and kept spitting out its tongue.


       The guide put his hand over his shoulder and the bird jumped onto his fingers.


       Wuwuwu, the guide is so good-looking, he definitely took a fancy to me.


       The guide put the bird on the table and the little snake immediately crawled over to it.


       Surprisingly, the bird didn’t mind it and took its pointed beak and pecked it gently on the snake’s head.


       The guide didn’t seem to reject me as a disgraceful snake.


       He still smiled softly, “My name is He Qing. It seems that my Bird of Paradise likes your little snake very much.”


       I was so moved that I wanted to cry again, “My name is Guan Lie. The little snake in me has never seen the world, don’t mind me.”


       He Qing seemed very happy, “It’s okay, I like the way your little snake wraps around my bird of paradise.”


       Wuwuwu, such a beautiful guide, can you take a fancy to me?

Wuwuwu QAQ

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  1. Ketkai

    Mc is a precious dear 🥺💞

  2. LuoBinghe

    Thank you for translating this story ! I have no idea what the plot is or who is the ml but I am enjoying this novel a lot. Guan Lie is a nice characters and I find adorable that he is a crybaby


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