Extra 3 – The Days of Being a Cat 3

       I lifted the cat’s paw and made a gesture of wiping, but this cat had too much fur on it.


       The cat’s paws were covered in blood.


       He Qing fished out some kind of medicine that I didn’t know what and gave it to me in a hurry.


       As soon as I ate it, my mouth was full of mint.


       This was so…


       It was a competitor to nutritional supplements.


       It was too bad.


       He Qing knelt down and wiped the blood on my face with a tissue.


       How can I put this?


       fvck! He Qing, stop squatting!


       I can see everything when you squat down!


       He Qing! He Qing! Don’t squat down!


       If you keep squatting down, my nosebleed won’t stop!


       I’m going to bleed to death!


       Wuwuwu, it’s so sexy… I can’t stand it…


       He Qing probably felt that it was inconvenient to squat down and wipe my nosebleed like this, so he picked me up.


       My nosebleed finally stopped, and I don’t think it was because of the medicine at all.


       He Qing dabbed some water and gently wiped my bloodied nose, “What do you think is wrong with you ……”


       “Meow!!! Meow meow meow!!!”


       “Is there too much nutrition in this cat food?”


       “Meow meow meow!”


       Nope! Not at all! It’s just you who are so sexy! He Qing!


       Fortunately, I wasn’t the first cat to die of a nosebleed.


       But I was too happy too soon.


       He Qing wiped me for a long time, but found that my bloodstained fur wouldn’t come off, so he said helplessly, “I can’t wipe it off, I’ll just have to give you a bath, don’t run away this time you little naughty one.”


       What!? He Qing gave such a good benefit like bathing, and this cat usually dared to run away!?


       Wait! A bath!?


       He Qing is going to give me a bath!?


       fvck!? I felt my cat’s head getting hot again.


       He Qing carried me and walked to the bathroom, “I’ll wash you gently, no running away this time.”


       “Meow meow meow!”


       He Qing rubbed my cat’s nose, “You have to take a bath even though you’re purring, otherwise there’s a lot of blood on your fur and you won’t be able to sleep in bed at night.”




       This cat actually slept with my He Qing!?


       He Qing opened the bathroom door and put me in the bathtub, he squatted down at the edge of the tub and picked up the shower.


       The warm water poured over my fur, and a lot of water splashed on He Qing’s body.


       Oh My God……


       Wuwuwu, I don’t want to change back.


       This angle, He Qing from this angle…


       Wuwuwu, it’s so sexy.


       “Eh? Why is your nose bleeding again?”


       Wuwuwu, bleed, bleed me to death.

Guan Lie is taking bleed me to death to a whole new level, lolol

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  1. LicoLico

    Bathing in blood got new meanig xD
    Thank You for the new chapter ♡⁠(⁠˃͈⁠ ⁠દ⁠ ⁠˂͈⁠ ⁠༶⁠ ⁠)

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