Chapter 7

       I thought in horror, it can’t be the position I am in every time I went on a date with my fvck buddy, right?


       I seemed to be hallucinating, and I felt that the top of He Qing’s head was green1there’s a saying that when someone is wearing a green hat, that means their partner is cheating on them. In this case, Guan Lie felt as if He Qing showing that he’s been cheated on by him.


       He Qing looked very comfortable leaning against my arms, his brow was not furrowed, and his eyes were quietly closed.


       After a while, I called out to him softly and cautiously, “He Qing?”


       He Qing remained motionless and breathed steadily.


       He was asleep.


       I began to reflect on myself. I must clean up my act from now on and turn over a new leaf.


       I’m going to work hard to earn more money and buy several nanny robots.


       I’m also going to delete that alternate account from my System.


       I want to have a good life with He Qing.


       I fell asleep thinking about it.


       I had a dream that was terrible for me.


       I dreamt that I was having sex with my fvck buddy.


       My fvck buddy had a long, slender body, legs wrapped tightly around my waist, a thin layer of muscle on my waist, which keeps tightening with my movements, and a very sexy cry.


       His skin was fair, and I hungrily left all kinds of marks on the other person in my dream.


       But I could never see his face.


       I woke up in a cold sweat, and He Qing was still nicely leaning against my arms.


       Little Guan Lie2*cough* his d1ck was not behaving nicely at all.


       He got up.


       I really wanted to send myself to the hospital again. I was holding He Qing in my arms yet still dreamt of having sex with my fvck buddy.


       I’m a scumbag.




       I closed my eyes in pain.


       I dare not move. I was afraid that He Qing would wake up.


       The He Qing in my arms suddenly said, “Did you have a dream?”


       I was so scared that I almost threw He Qing out.


       I said tremblingly, “Oh yeah? I don’t remember much. I probably dreamt about the battle in the Third Galaxy.”


       He Qing said, “Yeah, but you were sleeptalking.”


       I felt a chill down my back, “What did I say?”


       He Qing smiled, “You said baby, am I big?”




       I was so scared that I fell off the bed.


       I directly knelt on the ground, grabbed the little snake, and knelt on the ground with it.


       The little snake looked at me with a bewildered expression, and then at the Bird of Paradise still on the bed.


       I hurriedly confessed, “I swear, I will never mess around with anyone in the future, He Qing, please forgive me, I have lost my memory, I don’t remember anything from before.”


       He Qing smiled again, “Get up, I forgive you.”


       I was moved to tears and climbed into bed again.


       The little snake also climbed up with a dumbfounded look on its face and went off to find the Bird of Paradise again.


       He Qing returned to my arms, “Actually, I would like you to remember, and preferably to remember who that person was.”


       I quickly shook my head, “No, no matter whether I can remember it or not, you’re all I have from now on. Even if I remember it, that person is nothing to me.”


       He Qing rubbed against my shoulder, “Don’t talk too soon, what if you regret it?”


       I wanted to jump up and vow, “I won’t!”


       He Qing laughed again.


       Wuwuwu, how could He Qing be so nice?

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