Extra 4 – The Days of Being a Cat 4

       He Qing hurried to the kitchen to bring the medicine again and fed me carefully.


       I was truly jealous of the cat.


       When the nosebleed stopped, he continued to wash me.


       There was so much water splashed inside his robe……


       I watched as the water dripped and slid across his chest.


       When it was finally done, He Qing took a towel and wrapped it around me and wiped it off.


       He scratched my nose and said, “Go out and play by yourself first, I need a bath, I just got water all over your bath, but you were good today and didn’t run around.”




       He wiped the water off my body, put me on the ground, and opened the door a crack, “Go, go out and play by yourself.”


       I got out through the crack of the door, and when I turned around, He Qing’s bathrobe had already fallen on the floor.


       I dug back in and crouched back to watch He Qing’s back.


       This sexy back, lean waistline, inner buttocks, and long and straight big white legs.


       Well, who the hell wants to get out?


       A little more, a little more stimulation, and I could take it.


       I was holding my breath as I watched He Qing lift her legs and stepped into the bathtub.


       The foam covered He Qing’s body, concealing it.


       Oh My God……


       I couldn’t help sweeping my tail back and forth on the floor as I watched He Qing stood up after taking bath.


       He stepped out of the bathtub and saw me, smiled, then picked up a towel and threw it on my head, “Naughty little one, didn’t you used to not want to stay in the bathroom for one more second?”


       This cat was really stupid. If it were me, I could live in the bathroom and not come out.


       It was dark before my eyes, but my ears could hear every detail of He Qing wearing a bathrobe.


       Are cat ears that good?


       By the time I was carried out of the bathroom by He Qing, I was in a daze.


       This was so damn upsetting.


       I was living in an incubator at the Institute and this cat was at home whoring on my wife so obviously.


       fvck me!


       This is unforgivable!


       He Qing blew my fur dry, making my body warm. After seeing my appearance, he rubbed my fur.


       Yes, that’s right…


       Rub it hard…


       fvck me!


       I am not a cat!


       I was practically assimilated into this cat body and I flickered my tail angrily.


       But I still couldn’t let go of He Qing’s hand.

The author has something to say:

Guan Lie: This cat knows too much.


Cat: Meow meow meow?

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