Extra 1 – The Days of Being a Cat 1

       My memory hadn’t fully returned yet, but since I got together He Qing, my quality of life has skyrocketed like sitting in a mecha1human-operated robot in Japanese manga.


       The little snake had also grown up slowly, that traitor!


       At the same time, I found a problem.


       That was, our cat seemed to have a very good life.


       Let’s put it this way, if I have a human life with He Qing, then the cat has a divine life with He Qing.


       Things started two weeks ago.


       Didn’t I always lose my memory? It’s not that I want to lose my memory, but since my Quantum Beast was an Ilaga python, after a large-scale battle, if the main body was seriously injured, it would shed its skin and return to its infancy state, and I would also lose my memory along with it.


       Not only my other half, He Qing, was troubled by this problem, but the military department also felt very distressed.


       Every time I lose my memory, all the military knowledge had to be retrained.


       The advantage was that there was never any fear of me spilling the beans.


       But it was too labour-intensive and time-consuming, so the military department, in conjunction with the Institute, formulated a surgery for me.


       It required a three-month stay in the Institute’s laboratory, mainly to keep me in an incubation chamber.


       Because it involved military secrets, He Qing, as a family member, could not accompany me.


       The thought of being separated for another three months made me reluctant to part with He Qing.


       I was afraid that he would be too lonely at home by himself without me.


       So I purchased a white kitten to keep He Qing accompany at home.


       He Qing also liked this fluffy kitten, so I went to the research institute with confidence.


       After lying down in the incubator, I quietly closed my eyes.


       Then it didn’t take long for me to wake up.


       I felt like there was a problem with the operation!?


       I looked around and there was no liquid around, just very large pieces of furniture.


       So big that I wondered if I had travelled back in time.


       I remembered a fairy tale on the ancient Blue Planet called something about something travelling to Wonderland, where a little girl suddenly went to a place where everything was mad big.


       I tried to take a couple of steps, and the more I walked, the more I thought the furniture around me looked familiar.


       I looked around for a while, but isn’t this my house?!


       What the hell?


       Just when I was confused, a barefoot appeared in my line of sight, with round toes, pink and tender, and upwards a pair of large white legs, long and straight, with exceptionally smooth skin and a particularly nice feel.


       I could think, as soon as I saw it, of the touch of stroking it and the feel of it clamped to my waist.


       This was He Qing’s leg, and I knew it all too well!


       He Qing squatted down slowly in his bathrobe. It was obvious that he had just taken a shower, his body was still a little damp, his hair was still dripping, and her skin was slightly rosy from the steam.


       He reached out and touched my head, with a smile on his lips, “Waiting for me here?”


       I wanted to say that I am Guan Lie!


       I opened my mouth, “Meow—”




       I was shocked.


       I opened my mouth again in horror, “Meow—!?!?!?!”

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