Chapter 1

       [Reminder before reading: You’ve come to see this kind of story, so don’t boast noble moral sentiments. If you have to argue about whether or not it reflects practical issues, moral issues, professionalism issues, and a series of high-realistic issues; I suggest to You—there are thousands of famous books in the world, which are better than this one. So you have to know what you are here for when you come to read this kind of story and make sure to let go of your heart of helping the world and saving people. Come have fun and put your mind at ease before continuing to read, otherwise, it is recommended to stop.]


       When I opened my eyes, my surroundings were white, and my mind was as blank as the surroundings.


       The only memory I had was that I was a sentinel and I didn’t even know what my name was.


       A woman dressed in white next to me saw me wake up and happily called out for a group of people in white clothes.


       I opened my eyes and looked for a while. It seemed that some common sense of life came back to my mind.


       I was in the hospital.


       Several doctors looked left and right around me, shone a flashlight into my eyes, and stretched out their fingers to ask me how many it was.


       One of the older doctors asked me, “Do you remember who you are?”


       I shook my head, my neck stiff, “I don’t remember.”


       The old doctor talked a lot with the doctor next to him, but I could only make out the words: “after-effects”.


       Then a bunch of them went out again in a flurry.


       I was left alone in my hospital bed.


       I had no recollection of who I was, and I waited in bed for a long time, but no family member came to see me.


       Who am I?


       An inexplicable trace of grievance welled up in my heart.


       I waited for a few days, but no one came to see me. Instead, the doctor changed me to another ward.


       I went from a single-patient room to a multiple-occupancy room.


       This time I finally had someone to talk to and I wasn’t lonely anymore.


       There were several patients in the multiple-occupancy room, all of whom were sentinels.


       These sentinels were all lying on the bed, and everyone had bandages on their bodies, some wrapped around their heads, some with their arms in a sling, and some had plaster casts on their legs.


       I was worse off, I was covered in bandages.


       I vaguely remembered that the Quantum Beast1The Quantum Beast can be said to be a symbol of a kind of spiritual power (spiritual body) in the sentinel guide story, and it is a variety of animals. The spirit body is similar to the master and has its own consciousness. would reflect the state of the owner.


       I struggled to see, and sure enough, their quantum beasts were near their owner. There was a lizard with a bandaged head, a wolf with a bandaged leg flying in the air, and a bird on crutches.


       I then remembered, where is my own Quantum Beast?


       I felt that it was not in my sea of consciousness, and after searching for a while, I found a white ‘silkworm chrysalis’ sitting next to my pillow.




       The dude with the bandage on his arm seemed to realise that I could move and that I was alive.


       He sat up with his intact arm holding the hospital bed and his bird followed suit with the crutches and moved twice.


       “Hey, buddy, are you awake?” He looked at me, and I knew I must look terrible with bandages all over my body.


       The other two also looked at me.


       To differentiate them, I’ll call the dude with the bandaged arm, One Arm; the dude with the bandage on his head, Brain Hurt, and the senior with the cast on his leg, Cripple.


       Cripple sighed beside him, “Brother, you’ve got a long life, with this bandage all over your body2he was saying how he was still alive even with all the injuries he sustained.”


       I struggled to move my hands to respond to them.


       Brain Hurt seemed worried that I would die if I moved too much, “Big brother, you should hurry up and lie down. Look at you with all these bandages, it’s so hard to stay alive. As long as you take a breath, we will know that you can hear us.”


       One Arm said, “Dude, you’re lucky with that one.”


       Cripple followed and said, “Well, I heard that there was a big brother in the hospital who had it worse. Although he was awarded a First Class Military Honours in this battle, he was seriously injured and lost his memory. A doctor said that this big brother always behaves like this. After losing his memory, he becomes emotionally fragile, and will cry at every turn.”


       Brain Hurt then added, “That’s right. you could say that it was a fine man, who turned into a sissy after the first war.”


       I struggled to speak and tried to fit in with them, “Do you know what his name is?”


       One Arm recalled, “I think his name was Guan Lie?”


       At that moment two doctors came in, they walked over to my bed with their medical records and one asked me, “Guan Lie, how are you feeling?”


       I felt a sudden silence around me.


       A wave of grievance welled up in my heart again, and I couldn’t help but shed tears.


       “Wuwuwu, doctor, I really don’t feel safe here.”

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